“We Can’t All Be” … Written and Performed By Big Virge

So, as these strange times continue to roll on, we have a number of people speaking on, a rather large variety of things now !

The Corona situation seems to be breeding talk that is seemingly, actionable one day, regarding travel, and the nations that are safe to visit, or, receive visitors from….

…. to the very next day, being the VERY SAME Places, that are then spoken of as being, “ HOTSPOTS “, to the point where people have found that their, overly eager reactions, to being able to travel, due to such talk, may have been a little premature !

It seems as though there are still plenty of people, with money to waste, just to apparently, get away ….

From WHAT, I’m really not sure ?

… when the virus is far from seemingly, being controlled ?!?

So, some holiday makers have been stranded to the point where, delayed returns, and reinforced quarantine measures, will now infringe upon their work and life commitments !

There have been, just INSANE, knee jerk reactions, from clearly, stir crazy folks, due to lockdowns and the subsequent talk, from leaders who are clearly misleading people, with their, ridiculous, Corona rhetoric ?!?

Across the waters in America, we have the obvious debates, about statues etcetera, raging, and constantly being a subject of current conversations and debates, surrounding race !

Well, the race debate is reaching countries all over the place now, and it’s not going down so well with certain heads in the US, especially when it comes to kneeling, or standing, during anthem ceremonies !

Individuals such as New Orleans Saints, Quarter Back, Drew Brees, to the likes of ex, Chicago Bears Head Coach, Mike Ditka, have made it clear, that those who take issue with standing for the anthem, should not only be ashamed, but as per, Mike Ditka in particular, should feel free to leave America and not return, if they have such a big problem with it !

Drew Brees, on the other hand, is now making, apology after apology, for what has earned him a heavy, social media, public backlash, for his initial stance.

So, it’s a strange time, when it comes to basic, freedoms of speech, when social media accounts are being banned for inflammatory or misleading comments on race, gender or the Corona Virus, including Tweets from President Trump ?!?

Well, if people can’t read between the lines here, then soon, reading is ALL they’ll be doing, because to me, these restrictions are being imposed to stop, average folk from speaking out against injustices, beyond those being highlighted currently !

You only have to ask those in Hong Kong, who are now being treated as if they’re hardened criminals, for merely protesting against, what is essentially, a Chinese War being waged, on Political Criticisms and Free Speech !

FREE SPEECH People !!!

DO NOT Underestimate, the way that things are heading, we’ve already been subject to an enforced, global lockdown, so it only seems reasonable, that after all these protests, that, speech freedoms will be next thing to face, such restrictions and controls … ?!?

As an expressive writer, I have a SERIOUS PROBLEM with what I hope to be wrong about, but doubt that I am !

Thus, I can’t speak on this subject, without again, mentioning the issue that JK Rowling has got caught up in, regarding Transgender People, which is now a hot debate for women’s sport too, as well as politicians, like, Labour MP, Rosie Duffield, whose stance and tweets, on the issue of treatment for … individuals with Cervical Cancer, seems to have upset Transgender people, for well, whatever reason, but, what’s interesting is that, she caught the backlash, seemingly, after she liked a tweet by PIERS MORGAN, no less, who suggested that this was a question for … WOMEN !!!

The SAME Piers Morgan, who literally, publicly vilified a man for not wanting to see, gay men dancing together on Strictly Come Dancing, because of the issues it would cause for families watching it together ….

So, the confusion continues…. regarding this, rather hot topic, of Gender Agendas, and opinions that don’t sit so well with the LGBT community, especially when made by public figures ?!?

We also have the likes of Ronnie O’Sullivan, suggesting that players are being treated like, ” Lab Rats “, for this years World Snooker Championships, which has drawn criticism from other players, let alone organisers.

Finally, once again, the incredibly touchy subject of Jewish People, and how, NO ONE, from the likes of Ex, Labour Party Leader, Jeremy Corbyn, to the likes of Grime Artist, Wiley, can seemingly say, ANYTHING, remotely offensive about them, without facing public condemnation, and loss of an abundance of things, from leadership, in Corbin’s case, to management support in Wileys’.

I have to say, considering that it would seem that Wiley has worked with, and for, Jewish people who have funded, sponsored and promoted him, as well as sat in discussions with him, about their history and attitudes, that his Twitter outburst, was not necessarily the smartest move he’s ever made, even if, as he claims, he’s not frightened of what they can, or will, now try to do to him and his career !

I guess he’s made enough money now, however, his immediate dropping by his management company, may prove to be an interesting factor in how his future endeavours go !

I was told on a walk by the beach in Barbados a while ago, that NO ARTIST, especially if they’re black, gains success without Jewish support.

Wiley must be different, because he seems to now, care less about them,

Hmm, Interesting ……

Especially as Alan Sugar, for whom this has not been the first time, has again, made rather stereotypically, ignorant comments about a suit that, of all people, Ian Wright was wearing while being a guest pundit, on television this week, which could be deemed as being racist ? However, whether they could or couldn’t be, he doesn’t seem to have been treated with anything like the same disgust as Wiley received ….

Black Lives Matter … ?!?
Double Standards … ???

… because his comments were meant in, ” JEST “, ….

Huh, well we all know how the saying goes,
about things said in apparent … ” Jest ” …

So what stirred Wileys’ outburst, that never came, while he was on his way up, no dig, just wondering… ???

… because, as Professor Griff can attest, such outbursts tend to have blacks facing, BIG problems for making comments that could be, EVEN SLIGHTLY Construed as being, Anti Semitic !!!

So, this weeks piece speaks on the very CLEAR BIAS and INEQUALITY, that applies to black mouths, be they from the NAACP, to the music industry, because movements like, Black Lives Matter, don’t seem quite so keen to highlight, and speak on just how much oppression, black people have received, as a result of Jewish influence in these, same, corridors of power, that apparently have created a culture of systemic racism, that warrant the protests now in view !

It’s a pot that’s always stewed, well hidden away from view, in my opinion, but it just goes to prove, that whether it be, in public forums, or in the realm of artistry …..

…. that there is a VERY REAL, and DISTURBING TRUTH …

…. which is that, when it comes to speech, especially from,

Black Creative People ….
Our being able to speak in ways that are TRULY FREE …

Is something that ….


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