” A Different Angle ” … A Poem written and performed by Big Virge

So folks, we are living in a world where, different angles of thinking and behaviour, are now proving to have serious affects on us all !

Everything from gender, to opinions, and apparent, scientific evidence about vaccinations, and stances on climate, and of course, of recent, on leaving the people of Afghanistan to their own devices, or those of the Taliban, to rule, after the involvement of American and British armed forces, for so many years !

It’s a crazy time to be alive, and when you see the different types of things that platforms like, TikTok, and others are bringing out of people, it’s hard to know whether to be disturbed, entertained, or just bemused by what people seem to think is the way to garner attention from others ?

In recent conversations, i’ve heard the strangest of angles, or opinions, come out of people’s heads and mouths, that just leave me, flabbergasted, by their thinking, choices, beliefs and values.

There are some very strange frequencies at play in this technological age, that seem to be causing, considerable interference in a great many people’s brain waves !?!

The strain of Corona pressures, and mandates from political leaders, that border on, dictatorial type actions, are certainly not sitting well with everyone, which is understandable to me, due to the constant shifting of goalposts, regarding everything from vaccine passports, to what vaccine shots are safe for adults, let alone for, children to take.

Artistically and creatively, it has always struck me that, people seem to have a need to be fed material, that doesn’t hurt their heads too much, in terms of how a message is conveyed or presented, which I now know only too well, having built an eclectic catalogue of musical works.

However, upon producing what I see as being, a more commercially driven album, with my latest offering,

The Lowhar Files …

I’ve been amazed at the responses I’ve received, especially on tracks that have taken my spoken word recordings to some, very different angles, to say the least, from what I’ve done before.

The interesting and most noticeable factor has been that, the lighter sonic backdrops are what people have happily gravitated towards, whilst in many cases, claiming that they have in no way, watered down the messages I am conveying through the poems, that have been made into songs with hooks, and choruses, that now, in certain cases, dominate the tracks, which to me, do much to destroy the authenticity of the poems in their purest form, so to even call it a spoken word album, is a little disingenuous.

However, as the poems were all recorded in their pure form, I know that it is simply, Spoken Word, chopped up, bar a couple of the tracks, which are stand out tracks, that have been tailored to work the, standard angle of songs, that have catchy hooks for people to cling onto, that allow them to escape from the verses lyrical content, especially if it’s a little too weighty for the heads who simply can’t deal with material that challenges them.

So, having been on a lengthy journey to get to the point where, people are claiming to like, and now appreciate what I do, it’s a strange feeling in all honesty, to see the angles that need to be explored, to get heads to listen to your creative efforts.

I say all of this to introduce this spoken word poem, that is in its pure form, that I wrote early into my artistic journey, when I started to realise, just how tame many like their art to be.

I will never be one who believes in watering down art to appeal to people, but thankfully, that’s not my job, and I’ve found others who, let’s say, know how to work the angles, as it were …

However, as per the title of this poem, and the question it asks, I do still wonder why it is, in a world now exposing the level of nonsense that moulds decisions, from war to politics, to gender now….

Why it is that I, and many other artists, have to embrace the usage of this thing, that goes against the raw manner in which we may want to express ourselves, through our creativity …

This thing that can be defined as being…

* * * * *

“Cadence and Intonation” … A Poem written and Performed by Big Virge

Okay people, time for a quick return to some, pure spoken word !

No reverb or bass lines required, just the sound of a voice, and rhymes chosen, to exhibit the craft that is simply …

Spoken Word Poetry …

However, in looking into what actually makes a good, or great poetry recording, especially when applying music to it, one has to acknowledge how important, Cadence and Intonation are.

Timing, in terms of ones rhyme delivery, is absolutely vital in keeping your listeners engaged, as is intonation.

As a Spoken Word Artist, who goes against the conventional method of recording verses to music, intonation isn’t quite as important as it is for those who record their words to music, which makes the music chosen by producers, in my case, even more important than normal, as well as their interpretation of the tonality of my vocals, because that then becomes a key factor in creating a smooth, fluid synergy, that gives the illusion of a seamless performance, even though the vocals are recorded first !

However, what my method does, is to give me total freedom to express my words, in a very natural manner, so my cadence and vocal inflections, or intonations are much more organic than those who know where their tracks change, or where certain effects will give them cues as to when to ramp up, or to tone down their delivery.

So, as my new musical album, The Lowhar Files, currently percolates in listeners ears, this piece is a quick reminder of the fact that, the original poems in their pure form, have very specific, and precise examples of the subject of this poem, which as said, are pivotal ingredients in giving listeners an engaging and pleasurable listening experience !

Two words that are essential to recordings of any kind, but especially those that indulge in rhyme and verse…..

* * * * *

“Harassment” … A Poem written by Big Virge

So folks, as things start to reopen in various places, something that never seems to be shutdown permanently, is the different forms of harassment, that clearly comes from everyone, from the police, to cancel brigades, men and yes, women too, because harassment is not beyond them either, so don’t get it confused.

I’ve had my derrière pinched by females, and had certain females harass me about touching my hair, so ladies, don’t even go there, because some of you do harass men, and other women too !

However, what is becoming sadly apparent, is the level of harassment that people in power seem to feel, that they can dish out to basically anyone, without feeling any sense of guilt at all.

The idea that, due to being a famous sportsperson, politician, actor or world leader, that this entitles you to harass people without any sense of remorse, or feeling that punishment can come their way, is truly astonishing, in a time where so many are apparently, waking up, from their years of slumber !

So, let’s get right to some of these recent revelations, starting with New York Governor, Andrew Cuomo, who is under serious pressure to resign from the post, that his late father held, due to multiple accusations of sexual harassment, of his co-workers, as well as others apparently ?

He of course, denies any such conduct, but his line of defence being about,

“ Generational “ … and …
“ Cultural “ … Differences,

being the reason for these allegations, is just ridiculous, in all honesty.

A Democrat, whose family have a legacy that connects to politics, as it does to mainstream media, as his brother Chris, works at CNN, but interestingly, having interviewed Andrew on various occasions, conveniently didn’t find a spot for this story on his regular Tuesday night show, upon this news breaking …

Hmmm … one has to wonder why right ?

Well, not if you’re smart and recognise how power players protect those, who are caught with their hands in the cookie jar, or on breasts, necks and asses, as would seem to be the case here !

The figure currently stands at 11 women, who, Attorney General, Letitia James has determined as being victims of his unwanted advances !

The 63 year old is now facing impeachment, and questions over deliberate misinformation regarding Covid deaths and more, dating back to 2020.

The disturbing thing being, it’s taken until he’s 63 , for these things to even have been brought to public attention ?

Just incredible !

This word harassment, has its place within the Covid’ vaccine debate, as those now vaccinated, seem to want to harass those who are not so keen to take shots, or wear masks, to the point where people are fighting on airplanes.

However, in the case of Maxwell Berry, he allegedly grabbed female attendants breasts, and was so abusive on the flight, that he had to be duct taped to his seat !

Like WTF … !?!

Once again, having allegedly made the claim that his parents are worth a couple of million dollars, this seems to have made him feel as if he could do and say, whatever he wanted, to whoever he felt like.

However, he just seems to be a spoilt 22 year old, who due to being white, will probably walk away with a slap on the wrist.

The fact that he’s free on a 1500 dollar bond, and the fact that the FBI, have already declined to pursue, federal felony charges, even though he also punched a male flight attendant, confirm that the term, ” White Privilege “, matters a bit more than black lives and rights !

This is clearly why the rules for harassment, don’t seem to run in quite the same way that they do, for black men, ask Bill Cosby, who could only get a reprieve for his alleged abuses of women, via a legal technicality.

However, I say that to highlight the fact that in his case, he has NOT been cleared of the actual sexual harassment, and rape charges brought against him.

Once again, the power of the mighty dollar, affording him the kind of legal representation that is likely to save the likes of Andrew Cuomo.

Talking of the law, well, Covid’ Lockdowns or not, police harassment has not stopped, and continues to disturb, due to more and more visual evidence of the things that were once seen as being, figments of black peoples imagination.

However, in the case of 30 year old, Declan Jones, from the West Midlands Police, assaults on two different black men in two days, and the kicking and punching of a 15 year old boy, who was not threatening him, being captured on video, would seem to prove otherwise, emphatically, even though he is still denying that he assaulted anyone ?


Incredibly, this happened last year, in April 2020, during the first UK Lockdown !

The sad and ridiculous part is that, Judge Shamim Qureshi, who one could assume to be of Asian descent, chose to use the word,

“ Paranoia “,

…. rather than Racist, in terms of the reason for Mr. Jones actions, due to what he described as an,

“ Unconscious Bias “,

…. because of officer Jones, previous interactions with violent individuals.

An incredible assessment, that falls in line with the type of rhetoric, coming from Priti’ Patel, and her boss BJ Johnson, regarding racism in Britain.

Racial harassment can only be determined to be the case, when a black person dies, seemingly.

At least he has been charged with assault, however, the likelihood of any serious punishment, would seem to be unlikely.

Also, what about the video of the 5 Miami Police officers, that has now surfaced, resulting in them facing criminal charges for again, assaulting a black male, Dalonta Cudrup, who allegedly attacked an officer with a motorised scooter, that he had illegally parked, with kicks to the head, whilst he was on the ground and handcuffed ?

It is then alleged, that they then, also roughed up an individual, 28 year old, Khalid Vaughn, who was filming the first assault, who they then also arrested.

Vaughn was then charged with, wait for it …

Impeding, provoking and YES, HARASSING the now almost, 20 odd officers, whilst filming them from some, 12 – 15 feet away from the fracas.

Charges that were quickly dropped, once the video footage became available….

What a surprise … NOT.

We are in a crazy time, where the slightest infraction with women, can get you charged, or cancelled, as it can when speaking on gender, like it has for rapper, Da Baby, who has quickly apologised for seemingly, harassing LGBTQ sensibilities, for statements made whilst on stage, just this week, but the never ending harassment of black people by police, sees no such punitive threat, that scares, or, stops the police from continually indulging in these, intimidatory, and violent acts.

So, the question one has to ask is, are all these things treated the same way, in this new …

“ Woke “ … modern world ?

Well, clearly not when you are famous, or have huge amounts of financial power, that can secure the right legal representation.

So, this spoken word drop affirms that this is nothing new for black men in particular, and nothing has really been done to stop police harassing us, from when we’re just walking the street, to, going shopping, standing waiting for a friend, or, as was the case in this true story, just trying to get to work in the morning, as I was on this day, when I was the victim of the same old use of police ……

* * * * *

“Danger” … A Poem written and performed by Big Virge

So people, the danger of the Olympics being cancelled, has been averted, regardless of apparent Covid spikes in Japan, and some athletes seemingly arriving in Tokyo, with Covid in tow.

These dangers are in the realms of various sports now, and have hit the Rugby League World Cup, as well as the British Lions, tour of South Africa.

It’s kind of crazy to see countries opening up, on the basis of the apparent protection that vaccinations are giving.

Vaccinations, that apparently circumvent the threat of hospitalisation, or death, but that don’t protect you from catching the new Delta variant of the virus ?

It seems though, that the idea that unvaccinated people are endangering themselves, due to the danger of what the Delta Variant can do, is now the hot narrative, that’s causing heated debate, that presents quite a few questions, that would seem to be dangerous to raise publicly, unless you are a politician, or a member of the mainstream media.

Hmm, well to maintain division of opinion on vaccines, clearly requires some voices who apparently aren’t so keen to go down, good old injection road !!!

However, I think it’s becoming more and more dangerous to buy into the talk of the anti-vaccine crowd.

This would also now seem to apply though, in equal measure to the incessant, daily fear-mongering, that is now part of mainstream media reports, and the pro-vaccine crowds too !

Choices can be dangerous, but should surely be down to the individual, not mandated government policies, or the opinions of media personalities.

Especially now that, due to the danger of the possibility of unvaccinated people, easily passing on the Delta Variant, because of it’s apparently, highly infectious nature, government mandates on maintaining mask wearing, and employment mandates for proof of vaccination, are gathering impetus, due to the likes of President Biden and his British counterpart, good old BJ Johnson !!!

The powers that be are surely not gonna be so foolish, as to let just anyone get to air an alternate opinion on national television, or in the press, unless it serves their needs.

One has to question the value of opinions being aired by people who are being paid by these very same people, who they are claiming to now have issues with, due to the narratives they are pushing regarding Covid.

The truth is becoming a more and more dangerous thing to let loose, so, for all the hoop la that occurs when someone in the mainstream media circle, breaks rank, over something like this pandemic, it’s wise not to fall for talk that indicates a wish to rebel, when these individuals are being welcomed into tv networks, that clearly are all about the narrative of people needing to get vaccinated.

There are a growing number of dangerous subjects to speak on publicly, from movements like #MeToo and #BlackLivesMatter, to the biggest elephant in most rooms now, the issue of gender.

It’s been very interesting to see that the Hungarian Prime Minister, Victor Orban, has taken the dangerous route of passing laws that deny the use of what he defines as, gender propaganda, in terms of imagery placed in books or on television, for children under eighteen, and that he is suggesting that the alphabet gender community, are now proving to be a threat to family values.

Very interesting, as he seems to be just about the ONLY European Leader, to have broken rank and file, to express what would be a dangerous opinion for pretty much anyone else to air !

The majority of people would immediately face being cancelled for doing so now, but all he has faced, thus far, is a fair level of criticism from other European Leaders, that hasn’t resulted in him having to apologise, or step down from his job, like others have had to.

The suggestion that he is using this to gain support from voters, to ensure his re-election to office, is even more interesting.

So, when the subject is politicised, it’s less of a problem, than when someone publicly states that they are not down with the alphabet crowd, because there are so many laws now in place, that would deem such speech as, hate speech, or a criminal act ?

So, once again, the double standards of what CERTAIN people can get away with, is concerning at best, when it comes to free speech.

Therefore, in the spirit of dealing in free speech, this drop deals with the issue of how speaking what you really think, about a great many things in this modern world, when it comes to your career, is incredibly, something that is now fraught with…..

* * * * *

“Apocalyptic Times” … Written and Performed by Big Virge

So folks, it would certainly seem to be a good time to remind people of the, apocalyptic nature, of much that is currently occurring around the world.

The pandemic being, at the forefront of most people minds, even with the apparent rise in confidence, in the value of being vaccinated.

It’s been crazy to see the kind of temperatures that are hitting various places, from Pakistan to Canada, to the west coast of America, and the rather strange heatwaves that seem to be a more frequent part of British Summers now.

However, the sudden floods that accompany them, are drowning the heat rather quickly, and are placing pressures on everything, from travel networks, to hospitals.

Pretty scary right ???

…. until you recognise that flash floods are now hitting regions all over the world, from Belgium to Germany, to China.

It’s pretty shocking to see subways flooded, as has been the case in New York recently.

So it seems that Ms. Thunberg, may indeed have a point regarding climate change, or does she ???

Well, with so many protesting about freedom, and about the climate, amongst other things, like the destruction of family values, which biblically speaking, is written to predict events that are linked to the end of days, when they are being rejected for behaviour that again, biblically speaking, is seen as deplorable, or as acts that go against god’s wishes, if you’re into that sort of stuff, one has to wonder what exactly is going on, and what will be the end result of these things happening more frequently ?

So, whether you’re into religious prophecies or not, one has to surely question, whether what we are seeing is just nature exhibiting it’s power, or, whether these events link to something much more concerning, like humanity heading into a future, like the one this poem vividly depicts as being …..

* * * * *

“Are These Things Right ?” … Written and Performed by Big Virge

So folks, it’s gonna be a hot topic for a while now, i’d imagine ….

Well, behind Covid, Delta, Bravo, re-opening of things and re-closinbg of things …

Blah di Blah … ?!?

The incredible reaction that Marcus Rashford, Jadon’ Sancho and Bukayo Saka have received for missing their penalties in the European Championship Final, against Italy.

Well, I am not even remotely surprised, and can’t believe that it’s right for people to be so angry about the reaction to them, apparently costing England the win.

I say that because, it hardly seems as though it was right for most of the team to be, behind the ball, for the next 110 minutes, after taking a shock lead within the first ten ?

Come on Gareth, win the game from there, and take it away from the Italians, but nope, park the bus, and keep it parked in the hope that, it won’t get broken into ?

Well you’re not likely to get past the finish line, that way now are ya ?!?

So, his tactics were clearly wrong, as were his choices for penalty takers, as he seems quite willing to accept the blame for the loss.

However, this racism issue raising its head so soon after, the report that recently claimed England to be a great model for race integration in white dominated, western nations, only seems to apply……

… Until a black footballer misses a penalty for them in an international game !

Well, in actual fact, if you’re black, in pretty much any game, which does beggar belief, because it’s clear that even in these, Black Lives, and Inclusivity Matters Times, that this isn’t quite right now is it ?

The same can be said for the incredible hypocritical stances, now being taken by, Prime Minister….

“ piccaninies “

Boris Johnson….

…. and Madame….

“ Gesture Politics “

Priti Patel, who are suddenly both claiming, that fans should be ashamed of their racist actions ???

…. when neither of them, were particularly supportive of the team taking a knee, in apparent solidarity against racism, previously.

If that isn’t, “ Gesture Politics “, then i’d like to know what is ?

The kind of talk coming from other political figures, has also shown the disturbing trait of wishing to throw, any kind of stances against racism, under Gareth’s bus rather quickly, from suggestions that Marcus Rashford should maybe get on with practicing penalties, rather than politics, to the standard backtracking of comments, that have been found to be less than supportive of actually, tackling the issue, rather than paying it lip service, whilst being quick to denigrate the kind of positive things that Rashford in particular, has achieved outside of the game.

It’s such a predictable thing, the blatantly wrong behaviour of a …

” small number ” … of England Fans …

who, from vandalising and leaving a trail of disgusting waste in their wake, and that’s BEFORE the game is even played, then swiftly resort to, vitriol and hatred suddenly coming out, that seems to surprise everyone, from the players themselves, to the political commentators, whose hypocrisy is just a wonder to see and hear !

However, these guys are paid very well to be where they are, and as many are now saying, don’t face the kind of exclusion in selection policies, that have been an issue for black players donning the three lions shirt, no matter what sport it is, but especially in the football arena, previously.

If you don’t want the flack guys, refuse to play, you’re getting enough money right ?

It makes more sense than becoming a scapegoat, for a kick of a ball, which cannot be deemed to be the, only reason for a loss, when the team had more than 11 players, have various kicks at the ball, for over 120 minutes !

Now that hardly seems very reasonable, or remotely fair, but, as with racism, which has made me post this piece, that reflects on a young black mans death in England, not so long ago, due to a racist attack.

Anthony Walker … RIP

There is one question that enters my mind, when it comes to these individuals, who don’t seem to have two brain cells that actually work as they should, in their mind.

My question for them is a simple one …..

* * * * *

“Problems” … Written and Performed by Big Virge

So people, quite the last few days it’s been !

Hurricane Elsa caused considerable chaos on her way through Barbados, resulting in me for one, being without power for, essentially a week !!!

It was clearly problematic for the authorities and leadership in Barbados to have been effectively prepared for what is predicted to possibly be, the first of a pretty rough hurricane season this year !

An issue that needs to be looked at, especially when internet access seemed to be more important to get back, than providing energy so that people could preserve food, in the midst of the problematic issue of Covid, literally causing haywire, like the party of the same name, seemingly organised, due to the need for tourism to be maintained, to sustain the economy in Barbados.

An issue that’s causing some problems for locals, who seem a little perturbed at the fact that, tourists can come and still do their thing, whilst locals are being warned of further curfews, and Lockdowns, due to said, Covid-19 !

Incredibly, the Delta Variant seems to have been on the vaccine hit list, somehow, BEFORE it even existed, as suddenly, media outlets are pushing the narrative that infection rates are only rising in regions where, vaccination uptake is low.

Huh… ???
Okay, fair enough.

I’ll say no more on that, for fear of being labelled as one of the, ” Problem People “, who are anti-vaxxers

However, globally, problems are proving to be a very regular vision, from the type of flooding and heatwaves, that if you’re a religious believer, you might say are proving to be Biblical.

I’m not sure about all that, but, there are a number of clearly worrying trends, when it comes to climate, and nature showing it’s distaste for humans being in certain places !

A subject that suitably leads to the …


LOL … that England isn’t quite as good an example of race acceptance, when it comes to black footballers stopping the European Cup from….

“ Coming Home “,

…. as many seemed to believe was about to happen, as a result of Gareth Southgate’s team, reaching the final quite comfortably.

However, the problem is, that when you’re playing for a country whose fans would rather gain illegal entry to the game, than to just watch it on TV, in the midst of a PANDEMIC, who seemingly, hide their true thoughts about black representation for their nation on an international level, that are those that offend their rather, bigoted sense of national pride. ESPECIALLY When These Black Players MISS Penalties, that could be seen as costing them, their desperately wanted, first major international trophy, for well, basically FOREVER !

You have to wonder how comfortable these players could possibly be, when it comes to stepping up to take penalties, for fear of the repercussions, should they miss.

Well the problem of racist attitudes, so soon after such fervour for the, Black Lives Matter Movement, would still seem to be a fairly big one in the so called,

….. UNITED Kingdom …..

Again, LOL !!

However, I’ll get into that more in my next post.

The problems of the world are occurring in many ways, politically and socially, as protests, rioting and looting, is happening in rather too many places for comfort, from Cuba, where it has been a very rare occurrence, to see people in the streets protesting, according to the mainstream media, about a lack of medicine, as in vaccines, as well as food shortages, and discontent with the countries governance in such difficult times, to South Africa too, where, after ex-president, Jacob Zuma’s arrest and imprisonment, unrest has caused volatile clashes, due to his supporters rioting, protesting, or, of course, as Western Media will say, looting !

However, footage of shopping malls did not indicate fake news, it just looks as if they were jacked by the whole town, with absolutely NOTHING left to be taken.


Yeah South Africa’s got em’ !!!

As does the UK and America, with violent acts, as well as flooding in New York and the streets of London, where subways and cars being submerged in water, is indeed causing problems for a lot of folks !

If you were to go from country to country, across the globe, one has to wonder just how many of them are functioning in a relatively, problem free manner ?

A claim that can’t be made for Haiti, after the assassination of President Moise, where his home was raided, and he took numerous bullets before dying, while interestingly, his wife somehow survived the attack, which if the arrests are anything to go by, was done by a rather large number of men !

So of course, we’re hearing all kinds of versions of events, regarding these leaders who are being imprisoned, or killed.

The biggest problem for those of us paying attention, is trying to figure out what’s true from what’s not, when it comes to the explanations being given for why these things are happening.

So, I’ll leave it there, apart from to say that in the case of the Haitian President, could the apparent fact that he was anti vaccines, have anything to do with his sudden removal from power, in such a brutal, violent manner ?

There are so many questions these days, regarding everything from the safety issues surrounding taking vaccines, to the issues surrounding the re-opening, or, locking down of countries !

Matters that, like this spoken word drop, are those now filled with an abundance of……

* * * * *

“Balance” … A Poem written and performed by Big Virge

Okay folks, firstly, hardly good news, but interesting to see that after Derek Chauvin, a British court has found Police Officer, Benjamin Monk, guilty of manslaughter.

The first conviction of this kind for over 35 years !

This says a great deal about the idea of systemic racism, as Mr. Atkinson’s family stated that the case took far too long to even get to trial.

Monk clearly took a very imbalanced approach to his dealing with, Ex-Pro Footballer, Dalian Atkinson, RIP, on the night of his death, having used his stun gun for six times longer than is deemed appropriate in such circumstances.

He then proceeded to kick Mr. Atkinson twice in the head, which lead to blood being found on the laces of his boots !

It has also come to light that he, allegedly, lied about his account of events, hmm, no surprises there eh !

The imbalances of power, and how they are used has even reached a young cheerleader who won her supreme court case against her school, for breaching her right to freedom of speech, due to her ranting on a snapchat post, outside of her being in school !

We are in some crazy times regarding how the law is being applied, regarding freedom of speech, amongst a great many other things, imbalances are clearly a big problem of the modern world of, ” New Normalcy “.

So it seems that things in the world are far from being balanced people !

The shift in presidential power in America, is not necessarily proving to be creating the kind of balance that many had hoped President Biden would bring to the nation, as it is being reported that over 30 cities have seen a marked increase in violent crime, since his arrival in the Whitehouse !

This is clearly the case in terms of everything from race equality and education, to the treatment of migrant children, and the conditions they are being kept in, to vaccination mandates, and protocols being implemented, if we are to believe mainstream media reports.

The same can clearly be said of Boris Johnson’s governance of England, as Dominic Cummings continues to be very vocal, and critical of him, and the likes of Matt Hancock, although Boris himself would appear to be quite unbalanced when in private conversations, that allegedly air his views of his government, and its handling of the Coronavirus Issue, especially!

The balance between re-opening, and containing this increasingly infectious, problematic Delta Variant, is beginning to reach far and wide, from the UK to Australia, where flash Lockdowns seem to now be required to keep states open, that were basically not having to adhere to the kind of things that many countries are still having to deal with.

The situation of keeping every, Euro Football Championship related matter, balanced, is also proving to be difficult with two English players, Ben Chilwell and Mason Mount being forced to isolate, after being in contact Billy Gilmour, the Scottish player who seemingly, passed it on to the English players, having had a positive test himself.

The arguments for and against vaccines are continually creating some very unbalanced exchanges, however, reports of individuals being banned from TV Shows, like Beverly Turner, do not seem to be quite as accurate, or as balanced, as they should be either !

However, the demands of vaccination certifications from employers, seem to be far from working in a balanced manner, as far as those who are not so keen to get injected, because of mandates and policies being approved by commissions, and legal processes that are beginning to surface rather rapidly !

A problem that is also creating considerable debate, and unrest from employees, and parents in various countries, regarding vaccinations being deemed to now be needed for children to receive quickly!

This has all, undoubtedly created economic imbalances all over the world, which are creating inflated prices for basic goods and food.

The travel industry is now also keen to start balancing their books, and are demanding that Lockdowns be stopped, which may well lead to compulsory evidence being required for people to travel, as if it isn’t already.

A requirement, that alongside of quarantine costs, seem likely to continue to be very unbalanced, for those who want to retain some degree of freedom of choice, regarding how, when, and where they decide to travel to, alongside of their wish to be vaccinated or not.

A choice that seems to be becoming, less likely to be one for much longer !

It seems inevitable now, that everyone will eventually have to be vaccinated to do pretty much, anything, as no vaccine has yet to prove itself to be capable of balancing efficacy, with actually stopping the virus, and it’s mutating variants, from spreading !

An increasingly difficult thing to comprehend, considering the continual pushing of vaccines on people, from offering Marijuana, to videos now being made about how great it is to be vaccinated, because once you’ve got yours, you’re free to throw away your masks, and do what you want again, without the fear of infringing a local, central, or, international government mandate, or restriction that’s been put in place.

There are now a great many unbalanced visions, as is the case regarding selection of transgender weightlifter, Laurel Hubbard, from New Zealand, for the women’s Olympic Team, due to her having gone through male puberty, which has already created quite heated debate and a sense of imbalance, when it comes to fairness for the naturally born, female competitors.

Is anything really balanced anymore ???

Well, it would seem that most people are simply choosing to adjust their views, and are trying desperately, to balance their reservations regarding accepting all of these, ” New Normals “.

It’s certainly making it hard these days, for the average person to maintain any sense of real balance, when so much is being turned upside down, in the wake of this virus’s arrival, not that it’s over by any stretch of the imagination !

A scenario that it’s also fair to say, has effected the incredible changes to what people are now, in many instances, being forced to accept, as to how things will, and apparently should be !

Well, love him or hate him, the Trumpster has certainly created a huge shift in terms of balance and imbalances now seen in the world.

So, as this piece expresses, due to its being written and recorded, whilst he was still in office, it’s clearly going to be a difficult thing for many to maintain, but it’s importance cannot, and should not be underestimated, the need for us all, especially those whose lives have been turned upside down, to retain some sense of ……

* * * * *

Okay so things are moving rather quickly, regarding information, or, misinformation, depending on your view of things these days.

We have an abundance, as ever now, of vaccine numbers updates, as more and more people, according to mainstream media, are rolling up their sleeves and taking their jabs !

The Brits, lead by their honourable leader, Boris Johnson, are apparently leading the way with regard to vaccinating people, and of course, heading towards reopening the country, to enable a bigger degree of normalcy, on the 21st of June.

However, the vaccination uptake has been influenced, in no small way, by the repeated message of the increase of infections, in the Indian, “ Delta Variant, “ of the Corona Virus.

The message allegedly being, that the Indian Virus seeks out those not vaccinated, so, if you want to get the country back on its feet, get vaccinated quickly !!!

Like, REALLY Quickly !!!

…. due to an alleged increase in infections of 76 per cent, within the last few days of this Delta Variant !

However, don’t worry people, just infections, not deaths or hospitalisations !!!

Now, is this believable, and more importantly, TRUE ?

It seems questionable at best to me, especially after the Dominic Cummings revelations, about Mr. Johnson and Matt Hancock, and their handling of this situation, from the very beginning, which he seems to be suggesting, has not exactly been quite what they have represented to the British Public.

So, as with this sudden need for vaccines, folks need to remember that businesses are literally, BEGGING Boris Johnson, not to delay the re-opening of the country any longer, and with the Euro Football Championships and Olympic Games being, just around the corner, there is a need to vaccinate with speed, that will of course, have massive economic implications, that have nothing to do with the health of people, especially when these vaccines don’t seem to immunise you from getting infected again !

One would surely have to question the honesty of Boris Johnson’s quotes and public statements, after this whole green light / red light debacle, over nations that were safe to go to, and then suddenly not so safe to go to, which seemed to change, by the time some people had clicked to buy tickets to travel ?!?

This now leads me onto this incredible situation of nurses, allegedly being bullied, and ostracised for speaking out, or, speaking the TRUTH, about their experiences in hospitals, regarding this whole Corona Virus issue.

There seems to be a rise in groups of nurses, and legal groups, suggesting that the suppression of truth is now hurting the careers, and mental well being of a number of nurses in the medical profession !

This denial and restriction of alternate arguments, or truths being heard, has now reached the likes of writer and presenter, Beverly Turner, in the UK, whose refusal to accept that vaccines are the right thing for people to take, has resulted in her, apparently being blocked, and now banned from returning to the,

“ This Morning “, show on ITV …

… due to her heated debate with co-host, Dermot O’Leary and guest, Matthew Right, on the 1st of June.

An interesting thing, when, as per the constant proclamations of the British government, and most of the mainstream media, that the rise in vaccinations looks to be sufficient to re-open the UK, and essentially more places around the world ?

Why is one presenters differing opinion, so disturbing to the success of their plan …

Like … WHY … ?

What are they so frightened of, about her opposition to vaccines ?

Why are they creating so much noise about a variant that clearly isn’t killing people, like the first and second waves of this virus, allegedly did huh ?!?

Especially when, they themselves, much like Dr. Fauci, are now being found to have perhaps, not been totally transparent about the lack of efficacy, that these vaccinations offer, especially with new variants and mutations coming, seemingly at any time.

It does make a thoughtful person, surely wonder, or at least you’d like to think so, right ?

A question that could also be aimed at the English Cricket Board, with regard to their wanting to be seen as wanting to embrace diversity, whilst selecting Ollie Robinson, whose tweets from some ten years ago, suddenly come to light, because of his dropping, N-Bombs, and what many people seem to see as being, light hearted, if somewhat ill advised, Muslim, “ JOKES “, when he was a teenager, on Twitter !

TWIT … LOL !!!

Well, it would seem that the truth has hurt old Ollie’s, international career prospects, as he’s now been suspended for the second test of this summer, against New Zealand, poor lad.

One surely has to question what the truth is, behind making the England, and, New Zealand teams wear, “ Cricket’s for Everyone “, T-Shirts, having picked a guy who was then made to apologise, for his own, admitted racism.

It’s almost as if it was done to keep people divided on this contentious issue, which is evident in the responses to this matter, in online comment feeds.

The defence of his tweets, in some cases, is quite incredible, as are the, PC correct, Cancel Culture stances, that others are taking ?

So essentially, it’s the same old same, when it comes to who gets to speak the truth, and more importantly, what they speak their truth about.

The cancelling of people is an increasingly disturbing trend, which I truly believe, is to eventually constrict, freedom of speech, to the point where the world only receives one form of mainstream narrative !

ONE !!!

There is one simple factor in all of these things, which is the title and subject of this set of spoken words…. that merely confirm, the more and more obvious fact, that, no matter what people in power, or the average person claims ….

* * * * *

So folks, as time moves along, we are now seeing that things aren’t necessarily as they appear to be, from, The Corona Virus to vaccines, to government policies regarding such things, as per Dominic Cummings recent revelations, and accusations about how Boris Johnson initially dealt with the issues of, Herd Immunity, and the strategy to contain the initial, Corona Virus outbreak in the UK.

The debates about race and racism, and it’s history, continue to unearth certain things, that many would have claimed were just,

“Chips on black peoples’ shoulders !” …

Tut Tut … !!!

It’s really amazing how people are often too quick to judge, because of what they’ve been told, rather than researching to find out if, what they’ve been told, actually reflects the, ACTUAL, FACTUAL Truth !

Thus, here we are, with all kinds of conspiracy theories, and different versions of history and current events, that are beginning to turn quite a few heads, in some very strange directions.

Alternative news feeds and websites, are now rising every day, that are making claims about Corona, vaccines, the authenticity of Main Stream Media News Reports, life, and as this poem relates….

* * * * *

“Judgement” … Written and Performed by Big Virge

Okay folks, so a whole year has now passed from George Floyd’s, despicable murder, at the hands and knees of Derek Chauvin, and there’s an abundance of talk about how his murder has changed things, regarding, race and racism in America and the world ?

Well, in attempting to judge such a difficult thing to quantify, one has to surely go beyond the claims of the likes of Candace Owens, as well as many other, black media and entertainment individuals, who are in positions that have garnered them high levels of visibility, and financial remuneration, in times where poor black people are struggling to survive, from the pressures created by this virus, and how it has economically marginalised, black people who are not actors, sports stars, or in big tech jobs.

Derek Chauvin’s judgement of guilty, seems to have suggested to many black people, that finally, justice will be served for black people, in terms of policing and the legal system, in the future.

Okay like REALLY, in what, Alice in Wonderland world are these people living in exactly ?

Let’s just take a look at a few things that have come to light in recent weeks, to see how much has actually, REALLY changed !

Poor judgement was undoubtedly behind the British Study suggesting that the United Kingdom, (a joke of a claim, and name, if ever there was one !?!), for predominantly white populated nations in the Western Hemisphere, is a very good example and model, for how to have worked towards, positive integration, and the management of racism.

Again, as laughable a claim, as it has been for Madame Markle, to be so deeply hurt by the idea that the royal family, may have tolerated, Harry impregnating and marrying her ass, however, are most certainly not particularly welcoming of the idea of their offspring joining the royal clan, as it were !

All since George Floyd died folks !

This also leads me to remind people that, as an African said in a video I saw today, that covered some black individuals thoughts on, what has changed within the year since George Floyds death, the issue of racism, and the incredible pressures and difficulties it places on black people, is a GLOBAL PROBLEM, not just an American One !

An issue that leads me to the death of another George, in Ireland, at the end of 2020, that didn’t seem to matter quite so much to BLM groups, or anyone else seemingly, other than his family and friends in particular, which was that of George Nkencho, who was shot six times on his own doorstep, by Gardai Police, on the 30th December 2020, under what can only be seen as, suspicious circumstances.

The report I saw actually showed the level of insensitivity to his death, when a female, white neighbour was incredibly rude, when an interview was being conducted by the media regarding Mr. Nkencho’s death, with his family, who quickly claimed that the family no longer live there, so should move the interview somewhere else !

Progress and change anyone, again, like REALLY ?

It certainly doesn’t seem so, especially when one of Mr. Nkenchos friends made clear that he suffers racist abuse on a consistent basis in Ireland, and that he and some of his football team mates, actually have to walk some black members of their team home, due to the fear of harassment in areas where these young members actually live !

A truly incredible thing, in 2021, when you think of how much noise the Black Lives Matter movement, has made in the last few years !

A movement that has now got the name of, Sasha Johnson, attached to it, as an activist, who, having allegedly received numerous death threats, was shot in the head, just this last weekend, at a party in Peckham, apparently by four black men, according to the police !

A shooting that has her fighting for her life in critical condition, as I write this !

One can only hope that the leaders of the, American Branch of the movement, is now proving to her family, just how much her life matters, and is providing whatever help, financial or otherwise, that they can to hopefully, save her life !

Especially as, Co-founder of BLM, Patrice Khan Cullors, seems to be living pretty well off the growth of the BLM Movement, which has lead to her buying a number of properties, allegedly in white neighbourhoods, amounting to somewhere between 3 – 4.5 million dollars in the last few years, which suddenly seems to have forced the suspension of a consulting firm she has connections with online at least, just last month.

There has also been, anger and concerns raised by the father of Michael Brown Jnr. who claims that the IBFA, The International Black Freedom Alliance, a group formed as a result of his sons death, has received no money at all, from BLM. Money that was promised to them in the wake of his death at the hands of Police, in Ferguson, which is pretty alarming, considering that BLM is alleged to have generated some 90 million dollars in 2020 alone !

Michael Brown Snr. stated, that for all the young activists who’ve been protesting and putting in the hard work on the ground, they are waiting for 20 million dollars, which he says the IBFA is due, because of what it’s done, not only for his son, but for the BLM Movement.

So, it would seem that there are many judgements being made, as a result of George Floyd’s death, that aren’t exactly working for the betterment of black peoples lives, apart from for a select few, who as said, are those gaining financially, whilst black peoples lives continue to be lost, or marginalised ?

So, quickly back to America, for another life lost at the hands of police, in incredibly shady circumstances again, that of Ronald Greene, whose family was told that he died from a car wreck in 2019, in Louisiana, only for video footage to now surface, where he was stopped, tazered, dragged out of his car, and then subjected to considerable verbal abuse, which lead to his death whilst in police custody, as he was handcuffed, and knelt upon, whilst screaming that he was scared !

So, cover ups too, albeit prior to George Floyd’s death, but this information has only come to light in 2021, via body cam footage of some 46 minutes, which mysteriously, wasn’t able to be found before ?

So, let me ask again, change ???

Like … REALLY ???

Of course, there’s no way I could cover all the instances of wrongdoing, in the last 12 months, simply because there are clearly too many that aren’t even recorded, let alone be done so honestly !

However, let me switch back to the United Kingdom…. LMAOL !!!

…. where a video surfaced just this week, of 24 year old Sharna Walker, throwing a complete, racist fit at a black doorman, Tristan Price, in the West Midlands, having been ejected from the venue, for her obviously, ignorant, drunken behaviour !

The doorman, having had such abuse, on previous occasions, finally decided to make this incident known, via an Instagram post, which has resulted in numerous YouTube videos being posted about this, poor excuse for a female, whose grandmother tried to defend her as not being racist, which Ms. Walker then tried to affirm, by using the claim that is was merely freedom of speech, among other claims, as her excuse for such behaviour.

She even claimed to have been in relationships with black guys too !

The interesting part is that her mother was apparently arrested for being, drunk and disorderly, and physically attacking a pub landlord two years ago !

Nuff said.

The other thing that has upset many commenters on her daughters behaviour, is that none of the bystanders in the video shown, felt the need to chastise, Madame Walker’s outburst, which included using the word, Nigger, at all !


A sad indictment of the fact that, for all the big noise from BLM, after George Floyd’s murder, that very little has ACTUALLY changed !

However, disparaging judgements of black people remain, as even with this Sharna Walker outburst, there are commenters who are quick to suggest that it’s not that bad, and that blacks are doing worse things to white people ?

I myself, was recently accused of being racist, when merely explaining to a white woman, that certain liberals, are proving to be very dangerous types of racists, because they’re the token giving types, who stand with groups like BLM, to appear,
“ Woke “, or, ” Down ” …. for want of a more streetwise word…

…. who are in fact, the type to then act just like Ms. Walker, when a few drinks get in them, or behind closed doors, or when they get into a situation, where heated conversations question their position on race, in black company.

I think that very little has really changed, except for a few more black faces, being seen in high places, however, when questioned on the issues of racism, they remain suitably silent, or reluctant to speak on these issues bluntly, for fear of losing their place, or more importantly, their PAY, from their masters, to escape facing what the average black person faces, on a regular basis !


Racism is alive and well, and that’s my judgement, however, as we’ve seen previously, and alarmingly !

We are now seeing more black people like Candace Owens, who are those who still seem to think that they have the right to judge, black activism as being uppity, and unfounded, because they’re in with the white folks !

We have also seen certain white folks, when it comes to activism, resisting anthems, like Colin Kaepernick’s, or anything that remotely questions the sanctity of white pride, get very judgemental, as if there histories are SQUEAKY CLEAN ?!?!

I think, in fact, KNOW NOT !

So, i’ll end with how the judgement pendulum doesn’t exactly swing back equally, when it comes to the admitted wrongdoings of white people like say, Joel Greenberg, a married father, and friend of Republican Senator, Matt Gaetz, who had no issue with alleging that, Mr. Gaetz, along with some other guys in their cool, political white club, had all engaged in sex acts with a seventeen year old girl, as he has admitted to doing, and that the same girl had been passed around to other peers, within his collective of associates and friends, for sex !!!

Gaetz denial of any involvement, has seemingly quashed any media frenzy about him dealing in such wrongful behaviour, as an adult male, but hey, if it was an ALLEGATION, against Michael Jackson, the whole world would need to know about that instantly right ?

The double standards remain, as they always have done, but don’t mistake my post as absolving black peoples doing wrong, because we are PEOPLE too, just like everyone else.

However, in reference to what George Floyd’s death has effected, in terms of changing racist attitudes, or practises, i’m afraid that many are simply being swept under rugs, unless they’re caught on camera, or recorded, because when white folks do it, it’s not really a big deal, especially when it’s the Police, but when we do it, it’s the worst thing in the world !?!

So, this piece was written a while before George Floyd’s murder, but it nonetheless, covers relevant topics.

What is the value of them, and more importantly, those who seem to feel that they can pass….

* * * * *

“That Golden Era” … Written and Performed by Big Virge

It’s kind of hard to believe that at 50, I’m already looking back at my life and thinking, that I come from a golden era !!!

Just CRAZY ?!?

In watching the, Lovers Rock Chapter, of Steve McQueen’s, Small Axe Project, the reminiscing of the good old days of lovers dances in peoples homes, the classic tracks like, Kung Fu Fighting and Silly Games, got an immediate nod of approval, as well as some head nodding from me, as I watched the era of holding woman close, to grind and wind up yourself, until you were literally intertwined on the dance floor, brought back a great many sweet memories !

As a cricketer, the great era of West Indies dominance, alongside of international names that will always be classified as, golden era players, the likes of Ian Botham, Imran Khan, Kapil Dev, David Gower, Dennis Lillee, The Chappell Brothers, Thommo’ et al, were all huge inspirations in my life, and moulded my aspirations to play professionally.

The TV Shows, Starsky And Hutch, Roots, Dallas, Remington Steele, Soap, Benson and Spenser For Hire, in its original form, just classic TV.

Finally, the music we grew up on, beyond the likes of Lovers Rock, like the funk of James Brown, Curtis Mayfield, The Meters and more, rocking clubs we’d go to, where smoking was permitted, to the rare groove classics like The Bar Kay’s, Leroy Hutson and Bernard Wright, to Stevie Wonder, Luther Vandross, Barry White and just too many others to mention, to the origins and emergence of Hip Hop, from the likes of Kurtis Blow, Grandmaster Flash and The Furious Five, Doug Lazy, Run DMC, Big Daddy Kane, Rakim and Cypress Hill !

The list is endless, but a truly golden era of style, and music innovation, that then brought us into the, Neo-Soul Movement, that brought D’Angelo, Jill Scott and so many talented, soulful sounds and grooves to our youth !

I know the youth of today will make their claims about whose cool, and golden in their era, however, most people of a certain age, not so far beyond their children, can see the downward spiral of quality, in terms of sport, music, and sadly life in general, on so many levels, beyond Corona, lockdowns, masks and social distancing, which is why this little drop is one to remind, not only my generation, but a few of these youngsters, who do still listen to us older heads, why we will always believe, and know that we may just have come from the last of, what these three words define, in terms of our youthful times and movements….

That Golden Era….

* * * * *

” Reason ” … Written and Performed by Big Virge

So people, as we move forward in life, one would hope that we would all learn to use reason, in ways that benefit our lives positively.

However, many peoples reasons for doing things, are often shrouded in a world of confusion, ignorance, and lies.

In these days and times, one has to wonder as to, what the reasons are behind certain things ?

The obvious one, is the whole conspiratorial view of why Covid’ has come about, where it’s come from, and what the real value is of vaccinations ?

Yes Yes, the apparent, obvious reason, is for peoples well being !

However, if you aren’t quite as willing as the Sheople’, to just believe that this all came about by chance, and that …..

Hey, it’s just one of those things that we have to come to terms with ……
There are some quite reasonable questions to ask, as to why this is all happening ?

The civil unrest that was occurring prior to this virus rising, cannot be disregarded, as locking down countries, certainly put an immediate stop to that, rather sharpish !

Not buying that … ???

Why, because there are still violent acts occurring every day now !

Fair enough, but, what if the vaccination, and, track and trace programmes, are being linked to new tech surveillance models for the future, which will stop those getting away with their ignorance now, due to their ability to trace their future movements, in a more, cost effective, and tech driven manner ?

Isn’t that reasonable to believe, with robot dogs and human looking bots now functioning ?

Isn’t it also reasonable to believe that this same, track and trace technology, that is now in most, if not all smart phones, is to be eventually used to monitor our every movement, every day, all day, enabling total surveillance and, Dystopian Big Brother Living ?

Isn’t that now a reasonable thing to foresee, or is that just crazy thinking ?

Ask George Orwell, or get into some 1984, and reason it out.

Also, what about the race issue becoming so prevalent, since George Floyd’s killing ?

Why has this particular injustice, become such a huge factor in race discussions and divisions, reaching the heights that are clearly now visible, on any social media comment feed concerning racism, because of the nature of Chauvin’s actions being caught on camera ?

Why, when Rodney Kings beating was also caught on camera, and the officers got off ?

Especially when there have since been, countless instances of ridiculous policing, in between times, and still happening, that keeps leading to other black people dying ?

There has to be a bigger reason for this particular situation to now have reached such magnified levels of interest ?

Did the Black Lives Matter movement, just happen to be around to drive the race debate even more, to maybe help to oust Donald Trump from office ?

Why did HE even get into power in the first place huh ?

If there are cabals, and power brokers above the likes of world political leaders, why would they have let Trump gain power at all ?

There must be reasons behind this stuff, like there has to be for suddenly exposing, all these paedophiles in churches, and within school systems globally ?

They’ve clearly been around for, many many years, but yet, only now are they being held accountable ?

Many of these abusers, only now that they’re about to kick the bucket anyway ?

Is there a sudden push of morality, if so, why ?

Oh of course because folk have suddenly become, “ Woke “ !

Give me a break !

So, what about the new gender wave, and #metoo movements.

All of a sudden, guys are the devil, like Noel Clarke ….

DAMN, like WTF dude !?!

…. when it comes to the very natural instinct of wanting to let women know that they either, find them attractive, and want to have sex with them ?

Whats’s the reasoning behind this demonising of men’s natural instincts, to make us all model gentlemen, who always know when and, what words to use, to convey how we feel to the fairer sex ?

Like REALLY ???

All this, while new gender traits are being promoted, that seem to be pushing people away from heterosexual behaviour, there must be a reason, surely ?

It’s being pushed in entertainment, music, education, social media platforms, and basically anywhere where it can reach the mass populous, but especially to the next generations of young adults, incessantly !

Isn’t anyone interested, or at least, questioning the reasons for all this ?


Well, the argument seems to be population control, according to the so called, conspiracy theorists out there ?

Or are they just, THINKERS ???

Unlikely as it is, if you drive men away from women, or simply, wanting to be men, where and who do they now turn to, to get their rocks off, not to women right !!!

Especially with this new breed of, rather extreme feminist, who seems to think that it’s men’s turn to know their place, when dealing with females now !

How much time do people really even have, to look into the possible reasons why, certain things are now moving in the ways that they are ?

It’s a crazy time to be alive, as digital currencies begin to thrive, and there’s a clear drive towards, cashless living !

Are we really living in, a transgender….

… “ Matrix “ …

Ask the Wachowski brothers, err hmm …

Sorry, I mean … SISTERS Now !!!

Well, I don’t know, and these days, really don’t care anymore, because we sadly are living in a society that seems to be refusing to deal in, sound logical reasoning.

In looking back over my 50 years of life, the more I think about people and their behaviour, it’s pretty clear that logic and reason, are not traits that are regularly found in most human beings !

People just do what they want, without much thought, if any at all, in a rather high amount of cases.

From religion to race, to sex, humans do some very strange things, and as time goes on, are allowing the power brokers who run society, to enforce even stranger things, that are going to have, definitive effects on future trends, attitudes, and styles of living.

I say all this to introduce this piece, that asks some questions about the reasons for a lot of things ….

The fact is that, very few people seem to know what’s behind a lot of current, societal movements, let alone their own ?

I like to think of myself as a man who really uses my mind to think, and to apply logic to how I move.

So, this piece looks at the reasons behind a variety of things, and reflects on the reasoning that guides my thinking and actions…

… which is why it’s simply called…

* * * * *

“Run Through My Mind” … Written and Performed by Big Virge

So folks, in times like these, it’s clear that lots of things are running through peoples minds, from vaccines to health, to money, security, and the future.

There are a great many things on the horizon, in terms of the societal reset, that has already compelled many people to now adapt to, without question, that have people embracing some very strange things.

Artistically speaking, many artists under the mainstream radar, or self proclaimed artists, are sacrificing their craft, to become nine to fivers.

The super rich are seemingly keen to find ways to further separate themselves from the growing number of impoverished people, as more and more, older, major artists, seem to be passing away.

The next generation of up and coming artists, seem to be compromising themselves to incredibly low levels to get, “ Put On”, as my last couple of posts have been speaking on.

The internet may be availing platforms for podcasts, and the like, to have more people speak their truth about the world, but who’s really listening, when it comes down to it ?

The masses ???

…. or smaller collectives of the diminishing numbers of thinkers, who remain true to the ideal of thinking for themselves, ahead of their devices, or what mass media tells them to believe ?

As ever, there is little room for any kind of straight speak, reaching mainstream airwaves, not that there ever was, but it’s disturbing to hear what’s coming out of the minds of a lot of young people, as well as quite a few elders, who you’d think would know better, than to just accept whatever is presented to them as being their best options for success, or survival, in the new age of Big Tech, especially from world governments now.

The issue of racism is still running through a great many minds, however, it’s proving to be an even more divisive topic now, than ever before, especially between black people.

It is quite apparent though, that America seems to be setting the standard, for race discussion, as if black people in America, are the only ones whose opinions and experiences seem to matter, when it comes to the issue of race discrimination.

A disturbing thing to see, when black people are in places all over the world, like, St. Vincent and The Grenadines, where black lives are not being treated like they matter, unless they’re signing up to all kinds of nonsensical agendas, that the new breed of successful blacks, don’t seem to have any REAL interest in, because they’re out there happily, prostituting themselves for those bits of ink filled paper, that may well prove to be worth a lot less, when digital currencies become more and more influential, and popular.

The rise in Covid infections and deaths in India, is on a lot of peoples minds, as are lockdowns in places like Turkey, where they initially were thought to have the spread of the virus under control.

So finally, what of relationships ?

Well, they’re always a difficult thing to maintain, at the best of times, but when money gets tight, many start to see cracks appear in their apparent love for each other, that they were blissfully ignoring, while things appeared to be going well.

However, as a poet and artist who deals in the realities of life, these are not things that I have time to be focussing on.

The bigger issues of what’s really happening to people in this world, and what the powers that be, are pushing society towards embracing, tend to be the things that are at the forefront of my mind ….

So, even though written a while ago, here are a few things that were, and still do …..

* * * * *

“The Inside Track” … A Poem written and performed by Big Virge

So folks, ” The Inside Track “, is a suitable subject to now speak on, having recently spoke on,

“ Keeping It Real “, and then the idea that those who don’t, end up becoming Puppets or Pawns, to be sacrificed in rituals, when they step out of line, in terms of certain, hierarchical structures.

The Inside Track to fame and success, clearly has many variables and many contractual obligations, that go beyond being the best at what you do.

It would seem to be foolish to believe that this isn’t the case. especially when it comes to getting fame.

I’ve had my time of attempting to become a pro sportsman, and having done my creative thing for a while now, have seen just how important it is to have the right connections, to get to be around certain people, or gatekeepers, who can open certain gates, or doors as it were, for you to gain access to the realm where, the big shottas’ are, and where the big money is at.

However, as my last couple of posts have eluded to, there seems to be an incredible level of preferential treatment, that avails such opportunities, and it comes at a price that isn’t always, monetarily driven.

Many seem to be sexually driven, or are driven by restrictions on what you can, or cannot say.

The #MeToo movement, has driven many to now see the industry as being a place filled with rapists, or sexual deviants, which I would certainly not doubt as being the case. However, is it not also then reasonable to think about sexual favours being given by women, to get to certain positions, as it now seems to be being levelled at men ?

Is it all a one sided abuse of power equation ?

Well, I would have to suggest, that I believe that people are being naive to tell themselves, that everybody whose become famous, has done so, solely based on their artistic talents.

It’s pretty clear when, so called, underground artists and art, find their way into mainstream mediums, that many who are deemed as being talented, suddenly look quite mediocre, in comparison to those who have found a different way into the public’s view.

Once again though, even these people have, in Hip Hop Vernacular, had to get…

“ Put On “ …..

…. by someone who had, ” The Inside Track “, in terms of getting them heard, or seen by certain people within underground collectives, where some very shady characters seem to be waiting, and making a living !

As many have said for years and years now, it’s not as simple as just coming down to what creative gifts you have, it’s who you know, and who THEY Know, that plays as big a part, if not the ultimate part in gaining success.

This is not solely within the arts and entertainment worlds, it applies to the corporate, political, and social worlds too !!!

It is a very significant part of life, from the schoolyard to the bedroom, you’ve got to be seen as one of the cool crews, in a lot of instances, to get through.

The level of compromise you are willing to embrace, plays a massive factor in how quickly you get through too !

So, this piece revolves around the issue of how people get on the inside track, and is based around many conversations that i’ve had over the years, with artistic peers, as well as a particular conversation with an individual, who works directly behind the cameras, who had no reservation in telling me that she felt that the group of people who can get you on that inside track, are not necessarily, the best group of folks to get connected to….

So, as I’m at that point, where I can no longer see myself in such collectives, here’s a piece that sends a cursory warning to those thinking it’s all good, because they’ve got a fair amount of talent…

Y’all need to check yourselves, and ease back, and take a REALLY GOOD, LONG LOOK at, what it takes, and more importantly, WHO it may take, for you to get to the spot where you get fame and cash, that avails you a position, where you’re path is cleared, by someone who can get you on …..

* * * * *

So, as one gets older, you get to see that things aren’t necessarily as they seem to be, when it comes to those who get to air their views on controversial issues, in public forums.

The idea that people really do, as per my last post, “ Keep It Real “,
is something that needs to be, seriously questioned as being true ?

Many people from mainstream media, are clearly bound by the string pullers, who direct and control what it is, that they get to say, and when, and who they get to say it to !

There are also an abundance of political puppets, at various levels of the political spectrum.

Of course they, and many of their cohorts, would claim that they are not puppets, and many would ask the question,

How do you know that they are a puppet ?

Well, I guess it’s a matter of perspective, however, when people suddenly disappear from vision, or are, “ Blackballed “, for saying something that upset the wrong group, or someone, it’s only reasonable to believe that there are people who wouldn’t dare, cross the line of fire, that comes from stepping outside of accepted narratives.

As an artist who uses words to express my views and opinions, it’s become very clear to me, that there are numerous puppets within the entertainment industry, who seem to be very mindful of not speaking on certain issues, in totally honest and forthright ways.

The subject of Religion warrants strings being pulled on certain vocal chords, as it obviously does with gender now.

The alphabet crowd have considerable pull, in terms of who gets to be in certain positions, and the puppets know that they had better not speak out of turn, or say anything disparaging about their community, or else, face the penalty of disappearing from the public eye, and kissing any career in the media goodbye.

The only way to avoid being a puppet, is to become so rich and powerful, that you can do your own thing, but the question then becomes, what did you have to do to get to have that amount of money, in the first place ?

Even when it comes to the Internet, and peoples claims that they have got their respective online platforms to flourish, without bowing to anyone, the most skeptical amongst us, would still question if certain strings haven’t been attached to you at some point ?

Be you on, Youtube, or on other online channels and platforms, they are all monitored, and unless they benefit from what you’re doing, you can be removed at the touch of a button, if you’re found to breach certain site protocols, or guidelines.

So, to think that the Internet has freed people from being subject to puppet controls, would at best be, clearly somewhat naive !

It would seem nonsensical to believe that people who work their way up the ladder of success, don’t have people telling them, when to speak, and when to keep their mouths shut !

Basic relationships between couples, indulge in this form of puppetry, at a lesser level, but certain men and women, pull strokes, or strings, to get what they want from the other party, so it’s just a part of life.

However, when it comes to art forms like Hip Hop, up until the advent of less controlled interviews, like those now found on platforms like YouTube, certain things that are now being exposed, about the type of strings that are being pulled by powerful individuals, to keep certain heads reigned in, remained unknown !

However, many of these things are now being discussed on camera, be they things connected to sex, or to power moves that restrict individuals from releasing information on their peers, due to the nature of certain compromises that they’ve made, to get to be where they are.

The idea of underground rappers earning their position, seems to have now become something that’s driven by this form of puppetry, becoming a dominant factor in who gets where, and more importantly, how fast.

This may seem to be more like a case of simple compromise, however, once you’ve compromised yourself to the point where you have dirty secrets, that you don’t ever want people to know, then when your strings get pulled by your puppet master, you’re not likely to break those strings when pushed to, do or say things to again, promote a certain narrative, that keeps your image intact.

It all seems crazy to those who buy into, anything that famous people say, but fame like gaining power, clearly comes at a high price, much higher than most people think !

Your life for one, could be jeopardised, but there is also the prospect of what certain things being exposed, could do to your family.

We’ve already seen numerous celebrities, come out of closets in recent times !

So, weren’t they puppets for many years, when it wasn’t acceptable to open their closet doors, that were firmly closed, due to the narrative that once suggested such behaviour to be abhorrent ?

The idea of, keeping it real, is very closely linked to actually, NOT DOING SO, as strange as that may seem to say, however, when you take a close look at how things really work, and listen to those now suggesting that there’s much more to becoming successful, than meets the eye, in terms of gaining A-List Level success.

One has to question the legitimacy of much that certain, famous people, from various walks of, Elite Life, claim to be their position on a variety of subjects ?

As hard as it might be for people to accept, it’s pretty clear to see that a great many of those who we see as being the best, are actually people who have simply become, very good at hiding the strings that guide much that they say and do, because they know that they are simply….

The real power brokers…

* * * * *

“Keep It Real” … A Poem written and Performed by Big Virge

Okay so, I really think that people need to stop talking about being,
“ Woke “, and about, ” Keeping It Real ‘, or, as it is now, Keeping it 100, when they clearly take issue with people doing so, when it comes to THEM, the things that they say and do, and what rules their respective worlds.

The new gender collectives, are the group with the biggest issue of people keeping it real about themselves and their opinions, especially when their words offend their clearly, very thin skins !!!

It’s pretty obvious though, that when you’ve been hiding the apparent truth from yourself, about what gender you SEE Yourself as being, which goes against the natural thing that you were born to be, it’s no surprise that facing the TRUTH is probably gonna be an issue for them ?

However, the bigger issue with the truths that surround these groups and their movements, seems to revolve around those who do not agree with their ideals and beliefs, who are swiftly vilified, to the point where many feel that they simply can’t speak their truth about what they feel about these people.

Sometimes the bullet just has to be bitten, and you have to stand for what you are about, instead of, excuse the pun, bending over to stay in the game….

Tell it to John Carlos, or Steve Biko, and the people who have died for less, so what’s with all this half stepping, and compromising for these groups, that do not half step when they essentially, bully people into silence, submission, or worse still, compliance ?

Either say what you mean, or don’t open your mouth, unless it’s to take what’s coming to you.


It’s becoming clearer and clearer, that the entertainment industry is pretty much ruled, by the alphabet gender communities.

Gina Carano, being the most recent person to have felt their wrath, due to her basically saying, what she wants about the Transgender community, amongst others, and there are countless others who have also been quickly told that they had better rein in their tongues to stay paid, or in the game, that seems to be, everything but real.

The interesting part is that when it comes to Hollywood, the truth is hardly something that can be levelled as being part of a group, who, as quite a few individuals have now said, from talk show hosts, to some actors themselves, is filled with lies, lying, and liars.

It always amazes me now how people act so surprised when white guys and gals in showbiz, are found to be hiding some dark secrets, as if it just couldn’t be possible, however, when black people get exposed and accused of being of a similar ilk, it’s so easily believable ?

The idea that media reporting of such revelations is fair and equal, and 100 per cent truthful, just blows my mind !

This unconscious bias and racism that exists, defines the issues that black people have always faced, and always will, because when we speak our minds, we’re homophobic, or aggressive, or whatever, negative narrative can be used to demonise our views.

However, when it’s white folks who use bigoted, hateful, racist terminology, up until very recently, there was always some excuse for them to say, or do the things that they do ?

The use of Autism recently, to explain the following of Neo Nazis, by Ben Hannam, because he was found to have joined the Metropolitan Police, really took the biscuit, as far as I’m concerned !

This though, also leads me to the other side of that coin, where black people seem to still have this, bee in their bonnet, about how basically, every issue that we face in the modern world, is as a result of something white society has done.

I’ve said it before and i’ll say it again, until black people deal in accountability for our own failings and flaws, we’ll never overpower, or remove white supremacy from being something that, undoubtedly marginalises, and leaves many of us in dire situations, that lead to Deaths.

Deaths like that of Makiyah Bryant, may she rest in peace, that has occurred on the very same day, literally an hour before Derek Chauvin was found guilty of all charges relating to George Floyd’s killing !

Coincidence, or just incredibly bad timing, that another police shooting occurs the day that black people across America were celebrating the removal of one for a considerable time, from public life, dependent on sentencing of course.

It’s clearly too soon to pass any judgment on this teenagers death, however, people better check the footage, before rioting, or immediately laying all blame at the policeman hands.

This incident was due to an altercation between three black women, and a man who attempted to kick one of these females in the head when she was on the ground, as the police arrived, who was then quick to shout,

“She’s just a kid”, upon seeing Ms. Bryant, who was wielding a knife, get shot.

So again, accountability and rational thinking people, things are not always as they seem, and black people under todays, Black Lives Matter Influence, seem to have very short sight, when it comes to what they are doing, to have police become embroiled in their lives to the point where they end up facing being killed or actually being killed.

The request for the police was allegedly made by the young woman who got shot, so they didn’t, in this instance, just run up on them and start acting up, the fracas was between black people before the police had even got there !

As i’ve seen on a recent instagram post, there is a quote that needs to be shown to a lot of black folks right about now, which does not involve the police, which is simply…


It’s a simple thing, that may not stop racist policing or profiling, but might just stop certain situations coming to their attention.

Unpopular as that is to a lot of ignorant black people, it’s my stance, and I could care less who has a problem with it, because many of us do manage to avoid encounters with the police, and even when we do, we know how to avoid these sorts of fatal incidents occurring, which is why we’re still here.

I do think though, that the officer who shot Ms. Bryant, was extraordinarily trigger happy, and certainly could of shot her, in a way that disabled her, without killing her, time will tell though, as per usual.

It certainly was a shocking video, and with the Chauvin trial and verdict coming literally, minutes later, it’s just an incredible thing to have happened, at such a huge moment for Black America.

However, let’s keep it real, when triggers are being pulled in the streets, or specifically, gang neighbourhoods, who’s pulling these triggers, huh who … ?!?

As I saw in a video a few days ago, when, “ G Codes “, demand that blacks who know of other blacks killing, wait for it…… Once again, OTHER BLACKS,


Well, as The Late Great, Bernie Mac articulately stated, comedically,

What kind of bullshit is that ?

“ Your honour, he did that shit, I saw it, lock him up, and throw away the key, and make sure he can’t come and get me ! “

“ New Fools “, was the phrase he used, and he was right.

There are far too many individuals, denying the truth, to stay cool with their peoples’, the money crews, and with the apparently, “ woke “, and, ” down groups “, like …

Huh Hmmm … Black Lives Matter ….

…. and they aren’t the only group to, only come to the surface, when cameras and media turn up, to get themselves to suddenly be seen to be giving a damn !

There are people out there, who are not afraid of being blackballed for calling a spade a spade, or a gay a gay, so why has George Floyd stirred them up so much, when so many have died before, because of phone camera footage … ?

Like REALLY … ?!?

Whatever reset is going on, people need to stop bullshitting about who they claim to love, and recognise the REALITY, of who they sleep with, create families with, do deals with, to get to be where they be, and to stop lying to themselves about what inspires and motivates them !

Just… STOP IT !

We all know that money rules basically, everyone, who isn’t in some remote jungle land, that has yet to be tainted by monetary offers and bribes, or that CREAM right.

So, this drop is one for all these people claiming to keep it 100, who have suddenly become, “ Woke “, when they’ve been keeping their secrets locked in closets, just like these tribes of new gender collectives, who are suddenly, like all the aforementioned people, now apparently ……

* * * * *

” Ridiculous ” … A Poem written by Big Virge

Okay folks, so let’s just get to it, things are truly getting more and more ridiculous, as time goes on now aren’t they ?

We have the case against Derek Chauvin reaching the point, where his defence is now suggesting that his use of force was justified under the condition of …

“ objective reasonableness “

Whatever the hell that means ?

I’m not even gonna go there, because I just wanna see how the system of justice in America, is gonna find a way to absolve Chauvin of his actions, or how they’re going to minimise the charge that he presumably will face, but only time will tell.

However, the even more ridiculous scenario is the one of Daunte Wrights’ shooting, that lead to his death, over an expired tag on his car license plate, as well as his having an outstanding warrant for his arrest.

The ridiculous part of this, is that the officer who killed him, Kim Potter, who had 26 years of experience, mistakenly shot him with her gun, believing it to be her taser !!!

Like WTF ?!?

I repeat, TWENTY SIX Years experience !!!

Experienced in what exactly, because it doesn’t seem to be policing now does it ?!?

Conveniently, she has quickly resigned from her position, as has her police chief, Tim Gannon, over this again, ridiculous act, leading to another black man losing his life for just getting stopped by the police.

What makes it even more ridiculous, is that it’s in a suburb of Minneapolis, where George Floyd was killed !?!

I find it even more ridiculous to see the BBC report, suggesting that it’s a victory for those who once again, have protested outside the Brooklyn Center Police Department.

Mr. Wright is dead, he’s lost to his loved ones, and is not coming back, while Ms. Potter and her boss resign swiftly, to get away from the issue of how this could happen at such an untimely moment, amidst the Chauvin’ trial for the killing of George Floyd !

It truly beggars belief, and for Ms. Potter to state in her, one sentence letter of resignation, that she,

“ loved every minute of being a police officer “,

She couldn’t possibly be any more disrespectful to Mr. Wrights family, and their loss, because that would indicate that she enjoyed, mistakenly killing Mr. Wright !

One can only shake ones head, and wonder where this ridiculously poor standard of policing will end.

However, once again, coming across the water, a Neo-Nazi has been found to have been employed by the police, this time it’s Germany, where 11 members of, as the media likes to call them now, Far Right Group,

“ Gruppe S “,

…. are on trial for plotting what they defined as an attempt to create a civil war in Germany.

The individual connected to the police is only known as, Thorsten W, and he allegedly offered 5000 Euros to the group, for them to buy weapons.

So, with the recent story about, Ben Hannam joining the UK’s Met Police force, whilst being a Neo Nazi, and the claims of Racism in the Royal Family, alongside of Britain claiming to be a great advert for white dominated, Western Nations, in terms of their management of racism in a recent report, what can be any more ridiculous, in terms of the idea that the, Black Lives Matter Movement, is working very well to help stop police from shooting us mistakenly, and more importantly, in ensuring that attitudes towards racism in countries like Germany and Britain, are being checked in positive ways.

Anything ???

I’m sure if you check world news, you’ll find things, but this all takes me back to the Central Park Five, who, after being wrongfully accused of attacking and raping a girl in the park, during a night of unrest, finally were released, and paid millions of dollars, in some vain attempt to make recompense for the injustice and loss of freedom that the American Justice System, imposed on them.

The usual thing to make us believe that justice has been done, is to give the victims a load of money, and then everything’s suddenly fine ?

Never mind the psychological damage that has been done, and the lack of criminal convictions for those who proved, that their application of the legal process was deeply flawed, prejudicial, or driven by racism !

Finally, who exactly is this woman, and BBC Diversity Chief, Miranda Wayland, because she seems to have, via her boss, June Sarpong, been given the green light to go ahead and make what would appear to be some quite ridiculous comments about the validity of Idris Elba’s character of Luther, as being black enough, due to his not having any black friends or eating Caribbean Food, so his characterisation on the BBC Show, just isn’t real ?

So firstly, I believe Luther isn’t a real person, as would be the case in most characters in TV Shows, Ms, Wayland, and furthermore, if he was a real, as Idris has put it, ANGRY black policeman, how many black friends do you expect he would have now eh ?

Would he be playing dominoes with them after work, and would his lighting a few fatties make him more, stereotypically dumbed down, ” Black “, for your ridiculous ass ?

I mean, WTF is wrong with some of todays, black do-gooders, like seriously !?!
She must be secretly wearing these ridiculously skinny tight fitting jeans, that clearly cut off the supply of oxygen to young peoples brains, which suitably leads me
to this, spoken word drop, which covers a few of these issues and more….

…. which is why it is called….

* * * * *

“Expert” … A Poem written and Performed by Big Virge

So, who isn’t an expert these days now eh ?

It doesn’t seem to require much more than a bit of research, googling, or just having an opinion, to be a modern day expert on the woes of the world, all of a sudden ?

You only have to go onto a social media feed, to see people spouting their views on, any, and everything, from creative talents, to the Corona Virus, Policing, or the dreaded subject of Racism.

It is quite disturbing to me, to see how quickly people claim to know what’s right, from what’s wrong these days, that then seems to lead to, subsequent attacks that are then made by others, insisting on the apparent fact, that people haven’t researched, are being biased, or that they are just being stupid, or ignorant.

Thus comes the expert, who knows everything, even though their only information comes from a bias, or a source that works for their bias.

So with Corona, it’s been Dr. Fauci, against the likes of Trump.
A battle that caused all sorts of dissension, and divisive views about everything from, wearing masks to vaccines, social distancing and lockdowns.

So then, in comes President Biden, and suddenly, there’s a little less reluctance to resist the vaccine rollout, and everything connected to Coronas demise !!!

Have the experts changed ?

Nope, but the sway of power and influence, means that whoever the expert is, whose an ally of, said President, the bias is swiftly removed.

How easily people are swayed !

The next monster in most rooms now, is the history, treatment, and current state of affairs, relating to the black race, that is a subject, that is now being extensively covered in documentaries and studies, by an abundance of black historians, scientists, doctors and their ilk, whose reading and information, must again, make them experts right ?

Well, so many who are listening to them, believe these people.

However, questions will always remain as to the validity of arguments that aren’t supported by evidence, because of it being, allegedly whitewashed from history, so, how exact are their expert opinions ?

A question that leads suitably to the individuals involved in this report on racism in modern Britain.

Lead by teachers, ex police, lawyers, business and community leaders, alongside of Samuel Kasumu, Boris Johnson’s main, black matters expert, honcho, community adviser, or, whatever other term could be used, to oversee, not only the report, but in Samuels case, the effort to get black folks reluctant to get vaccinated….


…. by using, NOT Scientists or Medical Professionals, but, a knighted comedian, and actors, to try to convince black communities, via a video, to get with the programme, and get vaccinated as soon as possible !

Oh but wait !!!

As soon as the race report comes out, Mr. Kasumu jumps the Conservative ship, due to its content, firstly, denying institutional racism, and then, suggesting that as white majority nations go.

Britain is the best one to follow in terms of its racial integration, and progression, when it comes to how it’s minimised, racist behaviour….

Except for young, Neo nazis like Ben Hannam, finding his way into the Metropolitan Police,, which according the news report, posted on the, 1st of APRIL, on BBC News, HUH Hmmm,

was as EASY as … ” TICKING A BOX “.

Good job there Britain, especially with the further line of doubt cast on his Nazi tendencies, which can apparently be linked to his being Autistic ?!?

I hope Autism organisations are paying ATTENTION !

Don’t believe me, the article makes it quite clear !


So, why out the door so quickly Samuel ?

Huh … ???

…. Even if you wished to leave some time before the report came out, as had been alleged, why dude ???

HUH … ???

As for the likes of Tony Sewell and Keith Fraser, being an ex teacher and police officer, makes them experts on a subject that would clearly require a lot more input from, young black people in particular, who have been victims of police brutality and racist treatment in recent times.

Mr. Sewell and Mr. Fraser would seem to be less than qualified to speak on a subject that spreads, much farther and wider than their, rather lofty positions in British Institutions !

As was said to me this weekend, when black folks get into positions where they can perhaps influence white folks to at least, look at themselves in a critical way, saying the wrong thing could get you in trouble fast, so it’s difficult to believe that the report, which many seem to think, has once again, swept the issue of racism in the UK, under the rug, has been run by those without personal interests to protect, rather than, as we’re constantly told about this stuff, been run by an independent, suitably neutral, group of individuals.

Experts are hard to find, in any field, let alone in an area where so many factors have to be considered.

It’s hardly a job for a government, whose leader has been found to use, let’s call them, insensitive terms for racial groups, not so long ago….

The other factor that should perhaps be brought up in terms of recent times and attitudes coming to the fore, is BREXIT, isn’t it ?

There might be some interesting stories of the initial and subsequent reactions to the result of Britain saying yes to leaving the EU.

VERY Interesting stories, that would show that racism suddenly found a new home in the HALF of the populous who voted to leave.

Of course, nothing racist came from the leave voters now did it ???

Anyway, I think that the idea of expertise, is one that really needs to be checked by a lot of people now, who perhaps, need to take hard looks at themselves, rather than be so quick to get on high horses, when they are not in the best positions to be casting stones, or aspersions, or offering advice about things that none of us are particularly clear on, like say, taking a vaccine, which may not have killed many people, but has yet to be proven, to not be a danger to some, due to certain side effects, that have now come to light.

I go back to the Chris Rock statement on bad eggs in police forces, when it comes to these vaccinations !

One bad egg, is still, one too many !!!

Especially when there is no recourse, for legal action, if something bad does happen to someone taking a jab !

It’s a crazy time to just be, believing all and sundry about serious issues, experts or not, some things are just not to be taken at peoples’ word.

So, this poem reflects on a few things that i’ve experienced, seen and heard from self proclaimed experts, in recent times, who, as said, should perhaps check themselves, before running their mouths…..

I am thankful to many of them now, because what they’ve all taught me is that, when it comes to what any of us read, have been told, or think that we know, it’s probably not very wise to tell yourself, that you are some kind of….

* * * * *

“April Who ?” … A Poem written and performed by Big Virge

Okay folks, so it’s that time of year, where the first of the month is a time for tricks, or, what we have been lead to believe are, April Fools pranks and jokes….

Well, i’m a little more concerned about the issue of the foolish behaviour, and, fooling of people, that seems to be such a problem within humanity now, because it’s clearly foolish to believe in much that comes out of the media, and government mouths nowadays !

There are fools of all varieties in various places, and they are clearly not shy of exhibiting their foolishness.

I have recently had dealings with a Barbadian Lawyer, who shall remain nameless, who clearly thinks that she’s the smartest cookie, in a pack of nuts, because she’s clearly not as smart as she thinks, in terms of her ability to deceive, and to dupe people into believing her nonsense, so that she can get at their money.

SMH !!!

However, as said, fools like her, are just not worth the effort.

Lawyers are a breed who, generally like to play the fool, when it comes to their dealings with people, regarding money and property, and the list goes on with them, but who are they really fooling…

Clients or Themselves… ?

The idea of friendship too, breeds many a foolish decision, or act, when it comes to business, trust, and the belief that those you believe to be friends, will be there for you in the end, or will simply support you whilst you’re alive.

However, there are also people who seem keen to brandish others as being well, shady at best, when they actually aren’t quite as bad as they seem to believe ?

It’s so crazy to really see how foolish most people are, as you get older and wiser, and start to see things, and people for what they REALLY are, as opposed, to how you’d, LIKE To BELIEVE them to be.

This suitably segue ways to all these vaccines, and the prospect of a summer of things re-openiong, and passports to freedom, once you’ve been vaccinated.

However, the problem seems to be that, as medics and some scientists are suggesting, the prospect of all these variants, and, mutated strains of this Corona thing, becoming more and more advanced, and not necessarily being ever totally negated to the point where everyone can move freely in the knowledge that they can be fully immunised, or made safe from contracting a new strain, or, Corona Remix, as it were, of this disease, is far from certain.

It does seem a little foolish to believe, that things will suddenly be all good in the hood, once everyone, either gets tested, or is vaccinated, because as is readily being claimed now, the virus could return with serious venom, at any time ???

Life is throwing so many angles at people these days, that many are being quickly fooled into believing things, without any substance, to support what they are believing in, or buying into ?

It’s a dangerous time to be playing cards, without the deck being stacked in your favour, and it clearly isn’t wise to be taking risks with your life, for vaccination programmes, that are far from verified as being, totally safe !

I read today, that certain medics now believe that vaccination shots could in the future become, a very regular occurrence, to ensure that people cannot contract new variants of this flu, I mean, where does, or could this all end… ???

Will it ever end … ?

There are many things that are still very unclear, as to where this Corona Virus will steer humanity in the future, so, the re-opening of certain countries, doesn’t seem quite so sound a plan, when others, not so far away, are once again locking down, to apparently contain new variants of this virus, that clearly isn’t ready to go away just yet !

There are also, a few too many people in influential positions, who are neither, scientists or politicians, who are now using their fame, to enforce the movement to get those reluctant to get vaccinated, to do so, as if these people need to be encouraged to take a jab, because they are not thinking of others, or of their own futures. A future in a world where there is much uncertainty, from economic recoveries, to the gathering of crowds at events again, to new tech trends that may well fool us all into going to a place, where the little freedoms we once believed to be, ” Freedom “, become a distant thing of the past.

The internet is a place where people are fooled regularly now, but the bigger prospect of what big tech companies, and political factions may be planning for it’s usage, and restrictive powers, may be something that will create a whole legacy of things that may well do, much more than just restrict peoples freedom of speech.

It could, and already is being used to curb, freedom of monetary movement, with digital transfers becoming more and more prevalent, let alone the whole idea of what surveillance powers it may avail in the end, for those behind how it is used.

What purpose it will serve for them, and most importantly of all, for whom exactly ?

So this weeks drop, throws a little lyrical twist on the ideal that there is one day for people to be fooled, or to act like one.

April the 1st may be that day, however, my view on this is, just hold on for a minute, fools make foolish movements, every single day, somewhere in the world, every second of the day !!!

So, when it comes to the idea of being fooled, and by whom….

The question that enters my mind now, regarding this ideal…

Is ….

* * * * *

“People” … A Poem written and performed by Big Virge

So folks, as time rolls on, more and more issues with people keep coming to light, and sadly we seem to be losing, more and more of those people, who have contributed to this world, in positive, creative ways, far too frequently.

So firstly, as a fellow poet, I must pay respects to Craig “Mums” Grant, most widely known for his role as Poet, in the show, Oz.

A highly talented performer, and seemingly, well respected artist, who died last week.

Respected by the likes of fellow poets and actors, Yasiin Bey and Saul Williams, he was clearly a deeply loved individual, who in no small way, raised the profile of Slam Poetry, and the contemporary usage of language through spoken word.

May you rest in peace poet.

However, something that we could do with resting in peace, seems to be finding more and more ways, and people, who refuse to let it do so.

The ugly head of Racism, continues to find itself into the realms of social, and mass media, be it on Twitter, or Instagram.

This has lead to the likes of Chrissy Teigen, and Thierry Henry, declaring their wish for the platforms, to regulate abuse, and racist content, that they have been victims of receiving.

The racism issue has also come to light recently, with the likes of Rob Lederman’s rather strange and obtuse, comparison of black skin tones, to, toaster settings for his morning toast ?!?

Like WTF … ?!?

He apparently is down with some, mulatto toast, like say, Ms. Berry, but wouldn’t go as far as Gayle King, or Serena Williams shades !

So, he had to go, alongside of his co-hosts, Rich Gaenzler and Chris Klein, receiving suspensions.

Interestingly though, Ms. Berry’s subsequent response and quote, suggesting that, ALL Black Women are beautiful, and worthy of respect, is clearly disingenuous, and far from true, or a reasonable comment to make, but hey, she obviously knows everything about, every black woman on the planet though right ?

Anyhow, moving along, as if this wasn’t enough, in these Black Lives Matter days, we have Matt Rowan, another, American sports announcer, getting quite irate about a team of young female ballers, kneeling during the national anthem, before an Oklahoma High School Basketball game, which clearly offended this…..

…… Married, Baptist, father of two, to the point where he uttered condemnation, and a racist slur, which he later attributed to his, sugar levels spiking, which due to his being diabetic, apparently can make him say inappropriate things !?!

Again, like, really …

People huh ?!?

There is also a suggestion that race issues within British Policing, may set some very dangerous precedents, according to leader of police chiefs, Martin Hewitt, who says this may cause a problem in the effectiveness of policing of black communities.

A problem that he wants to change after, wait for it …

“ Generations of history “, that have created mistrust of the police, to the point where black people don’t want to join, or report crimes to the good ol’ boys in blue.

Especially with recent figures suggesting that, British Black People, are victims of stop and search policies, NINE Times more than their white counterparts ?!?

Like … NINE Times … !?!

Platitudes folks, and more platitudes, like those from sporting bodies, like UEFA, to all these broadcasting networks, who seem to be employing and paying these racist people, until oops, they make a slip up that gets caught on air, or in the case of say, Sharon Osbourne, only after ELEVEN Years of being on a show, like, “ The Talk “, is she suddenly found to have allegedly been, abusive, to the point of, allegedly again, being ………

Wait for it …. Racist …..

Well would you Adam and Steve it !?!

Again, after ELEVEN Years ………..


How could this possibly be ?

Have the programme mangers, sponsors, advertisers and broadcast networks, only just become,

“ Woke “ …. ?!?

Is it possible that they could have been unaware, or asleep so long, like, a whole ELEVEN Years ?!?

Well, one would have to believe so, according to her time on the show now wouldn’t you ?

Sadly, this weeks final news pick is this, as reported, cowardly killing of dozens of people in Mozambique, allegedly perpetrated by militants, in Palma, where there is a logistics hub for international gas projects.

Civilians and a number of foreign nationals have been forced to flee, after beheadings and killings sent shock waves through the Cabo Delgado province.

Children have been killed there, as they have in Myanmar, in what can only be described as violent, militarised acts of the worst kind !

In times where we are still seeing crazy amounts of Covid Infection news, and allegations of misinformation about reported numbers of cases, and deaths, in nations like Mexico, one has to wonder what is wrong with some people ?

It’s been a pretty rough week on a personal level for me, because of the personal pressures, and ignorance of some people, who seem to feel as if they can make rather rash verbal attacks, that lack any foundation, other than because they feel that they should air a view, regardless of the validity of their apparent problem, with what you may, or may not have said, or done.

People these days aren’t proving to be much fun anymore, however, when it comes down to it, only now that things aren’t so good, but have they really ever been ???

A question for another time, but as I age, it’s becoming more and more apparent, how nonsensical people are becoming, and how nonsensical it is, to have ever believed that people can ever truly unite, or get on for long periods of time, before finding reason to argue, or become disrespectful, as per a lot of social media posts now.

The rhetoric, and apparent, factual assessments of human beings from past times, now seem to be, more and more unbelievable, when you see the traits, that are basically showing us all, the individual characteristics and flaws that define …

Being HUMAN ….

…. particularly when looking at our behaviour as a supposedly, evolved, and superior breed of creature, to the others on the planet …

It begs the question, as does this weeks poetic drop, in amongst the positive attributes that we do exhibit as a breed …

What really is it, about …..

* * * * *

“The Drag Down” … Written and performed by Big Virge

Okay folks, so, another week passes, and sadly, so have both, Yaphet Kotto, from the one and only, Black Villain Themed Bond Movie,

“ Live And Let Die “,

A trailblazer, and door opener, for many black actors who followed, and the…

One And Only … Marvellous Marvin Hagler !!!


A true boxing great, and by almost all accounts, a very cool dude outside of the ring.

Two black men, who, in my opinion, should be held up as icons, and black men who should be celebrated, and shown as positive role models for young black people !

However, there are a few in the modern era, who at best, need to be, as it were,
VERIFIED, before being given props for doing what they do.

Swiftly moving on, I was told this week that I apparently, have a problem with my skin colour, which has never been said to me before, but interestingly, it came from a lighter skinned black person, which was, quite the attempted, drag down !?!

However, the idea that every black person whose making money, and has gained some kind of … “ Societal Success “ …

… should be celebrated, I do have a problem with, and if that means that I hate my own skin colour, because I’ll call the kettle black, when it is, then so be it, because as I’ve said before, I deal in truth and accountability.

You make a mistake, acknowledge it, don’t pass the buck, or lie.

The reason I say this, is because we do have BLACK LIARS.

SHOCK HORROR … I said it, it’s true !

Just watch, JUDAS and The Black Messiah, for, ACTUAL, FACTUAL PROOF !!!

It’s a sad state of affairs, when you can’t call out your own people, for things that they do, that you don’t agree with, without having yourself be dragged down by, so called, woke, or conscious black peoples, because they just don’t like to hear THE TRUTH ?

Like SERIOUSLY … ?!?

Grow some !!!

…. and stop hiding behind, some subtle, infantile attack, like the playboy in the playground, trying to impress the stupid chicks, because that is played out.

Talking of which, there is a video floating around youtube, that speaks a little on, Jermaine Fowler, who plays Eddie Murphy’s son in the new, Coming 2 America flick, that seems to be affirming that, he is yet another black actor, who has dressed in drag, to some shockingly convincing effect, and that unsurprisingly, his mother is apparently now, a lesbian !

This video then goes on to, drag down these black men in Hollywood for dressing in drag, or as women for roles.

Wesley Snipes, Eddie Murphy, Ving Rhames, and the list goes on, and sadly on …. !!!

Add in, that noticeably, this movie chose to remind us that Arsenio Hall, had done so in the original too, which does make one think about the dragging down of black masculinity in today’s entertainment world, at any, or basically, every opportunity.

Oh and before folks start, save the, SO WHAT, It’s acting rhetoric, because everything that is put out into the world creates an energy, that transmits through those that see it, be they, adults or children.

It’s not about hating, it’s actually about being informed, and recognising the truth about people, and maybe how they get to be where they are.

It’s also something, that I personally do not believe, is good for children to see of any race, however, as I’m black, for black children especially.

As a lot of heads are now saying, each to their own, but people should recognise and know, that if others don’t wanna go down that road, neither they, nor their children should be coerced, or forced into doing so, but I digress.

The dragging down of truth speakers, and free speaking in today’s world, is an increasingly disturbing issue in my eyes, especially as a free speaking, and thinking artist, with cancel nonsense being, here, there and basically, everywhere now, it’s a subject that clearly is relevant to the recent apology by Nick Cannon, to the White Jewish populous, for his sitting with Professor Griff, within the last year, to basically claim to be an, ” Original Jew “, because he apparently felt, that he should let White Jewish people know that they were,

Faking The Funk…

… in terms of their TRUE IDENTITY, which Professor Griff concurred with, and has received adverse press for before, when referring to Jews in what was deemed as being, a negative, or, anti-semitic way, by not only, the American Media, but by Chuck D himself, allegedly, who then again, allegedly, expelled him from the group for a time, over it.

It seems that this was all sorted out within Public Enemy, however, Nick Cannon has, as said, suddenly stepped away from this issue, and has now retained a show, that he had been previously removed from, and has now, even sat with a Rabbi, who essentially called his original statement, abhorrent, anti-Semitic, and hateful.

This has subsequently lead to, DL Hughley waging in, to apparently attack Professor Griff for his position too !

Now this week I saw a recent Instagram Video, where Professor Griff was cool, but called both Cannon and Hughley,


…. and have now seen an earlier response video to DL Hughley, where he goes in on Hughley, for bowing to his white masters, and also asks, what exactly Hughley meant when saying, ” The Steak ain’t worth the sizzle. ”

Professor Griff basically, drags him down a couple of pegs, off of his apparent, pedestal of success !

I think that it is fair to say that, Professor Griff is a STAND UP Black Man, a musical icon, and a Truth Speaker.

However, can the same be said of Cannon, Hughley, and a plethora of these, young black modern day successes, who in many ways, owe their ability to have success in the entertainment industry, to the likes of Professor Griff ?

Now can they … ???

…. when they dress as women, or bow to their, Hollywood Owners for a pay cheque, or, quickly turn on, and drag down their own peers, when there are lines that they have toed, that their peers, and apparent friends, flat out,


Again, can it really be said that they are straight up individuals ?!?

I get it, if you’re Black in America, and make large amounts of money, this must mean that you’re cool, and have earned it righteously, like if you, let’s say, marry royalty ….

This automatically then means, that you’re someone to be looked up to …

Like REALLY … ?!?

I think that some black folks are getting a little too caught up in, the bright lights, fancy cars, big houses and dollar bills, and getting themselves confused.

The earning of money …..

One of the biggest factors in black divisions, and enslavement, should suddenly be seen as being, what makes you RIGHTEOUS … ???

Like … RIGHTEOUS … !?!

It’s the standard that most, if not almost all of us live by now, I get that, and have made mine, and have spent mine, because when I die, it will not be what defines me.

There are very few forms of making it, if any at all now, that are not tainted, so, let’s not be issuing plaudits to everyone whose made a dollar, into a million, just because they have, because we don’t know every last thing that they may have done, to get it folks, and that’s not a joke !

Think on it……..

Furthermore, when people drop bombs on you that speak the truth, that you don’t like, don’t throw your toys out of your pram, because you don’t like what you like to dish out, being thrown back in your face, because it seems to be the case, more and more these days, that people are being incredibly hypocritical, when it comes to dishing out, what this weeks Spoken Word drop covers….

The dragging of peoples names and characters, through the mud, because you can’t, as Jack said,


As I was told today, by a Ghanaian brother, the old African expression, still holds plenty of weight …

” A Speaker of Truth, has no friends … ”

Nuff’ said, which seems to be why, in Professor Griff’s case, and recently in mine, we are always subject to, the views of individuals who like to employ the use of….

* * * * *

“Chat” … Written and Performed by Big Virge

So folks, here we go with a quick post on some bits and bobs for the week.

I have very little interest in Royalty, but it seems that Madame Markle … or is that, Saxe-Coburg now ?

…. is stirring the pot again, whilst she and hubby Harry, chatted away with good ol’ Oprah, for a heart to heart, about her experiences thus far, as a Royal.

Well firstly it seems that she’s a little, ” Too Dark “, for certain members of Her Majesty’s Staff, or is that, extended family, who apparently, are quite concerned about the couples offsprings, skin colour !

SHOCK HORROR, that those who may well have ironed the Nazi costume Young Harry wore to a party, when he was 20, would think such a thing ?!?

As Meghan herself expressed in her chat with Oprah, she DIDN’T DO ANY research, AT ALL, into the family she was about to marry into ???

Well, as cold as it sounds, I have, ZERO SYMPATHY for, the suicidal and lonely place she claims to have been in !!!


So, what happened to hubby, was he not a consoling shoulder for her to cry and lean on … ???

Or, was he busy getting rid of his, Nazi Regalia, from their presumably, expansive closets !

I mean, people are being forced to wear masks to live, and this is news ?!?

Meanwhile, Gina Carano’ can’t compare Nazi attitudes to being related to, her treatment by Disney in her online chat, and seemingly, the groups who are online, who are now, AGAIN attempting to BULLY someone, for speaking their truth, that doesn’t sit well with their version of morality ?

However, we should all be very concerned about a family who have, utilised slavery to basically, end up with a member of their family, well…….

A woman of well, slightly darker skin than theirs ….

Hmmm, does anyone see the irony here, I guess it’s just me ?

Anyway, there’s a lot of chat these days, that’s making very little sense to me, from personal conversations I’m having with certain people, to online chats and social media chats that are proving to be increasingly prejudiced, biased and of course, racist.

Gotta quickly mention the chat coming from, ex-players and media from England, in amongst this rise in nonsensical chat, due to theirs on the apparently, TERRIBLE Wickets, that England’s Cricketers, ended up being embarrassed upon, whilst losing the series to Virats’ India.

Well, to borrow what I saw on another bloggers’ page…

How long exactly, have the English, immorally lived and colonised, good lo’ India ?!?

A couple hundred years maybe… ???

So, exactly why are they not aware that they need to bring batsmen, who are at their best on turning wickets, and against spin, and, a set of spinners who turn it miles, to play in India, on pitches that are played on by, BOTH Teams ?!?

If you lose the toss, and it costs you the game, then petition for a different way to start the game then, and see how far you get with that tactic !!!

It’s the same old chat, that doesn’t deal in any sense of looking in the mirror, and facing up to the simple, RAW TRUTH….

…. which in this case was, NOT GOOD ENOUGH, and got beaten heavily because of it.

Diverting topic quickly, my chat on the series is mainly reserved for, Rishabh’ Pant, looks like an interesting future he has, the force is strong with him !

Anyway, back to the chat surrounding vaccinations, and the apparent freedoms that they will now be giving to those who’ve received their doses happily.

It still seems very confusing to me, especially when the threat of Covid, is still being said to be, far from over or under control ???

I dunno folks, but to me, much of society and humanity, is proving to be, One BIG JOKE right about now !

Case in point being, the Piers Morgan walk out on GMB…

No comment on that, other than … LOL.

…. which leads me finally, to the fact that, the chat that is coming out of some peoples mouths is not only, highly questionable, but seriously hypocritical, no royalty being mentioned …

Huh Hmmm …

So, this weeks post is a short one, as I am really not one for foolish, or idle chatter, but the subject of this poem is as appropriate as it could be, for the subject of this weeks blog post, because what it reflects on is people, and all of their….

Well, as said, particularly in these days times ….

Increasingly RIDICULOUS …

* * * * *

“Never To Be Forgotten” … A Poem written and performed by Big Virge

So folks, as our, ” appointed “, month of black history has essentially come and gone, there are so many names and things, that relate to black history, that really need to be noted, and not forgotten !

From the inventors who allegedly, had their inventions and creativity stolen, to slavery and, an infinite number of things, that define black peoples struggles, victories, and most important of all to me, accountability for our actions, and how we treat one another !

It’s easy to point fingers, and apportion blame to other people, or circumstances, for the positions you find yourself in.

However, one has to be honest with yourself about the choices you make, that lead to things occurring in our lives.

There is so much debate about the reasons behind, why black people as a populous, find themselves in the positions we are in today, but the big question is….

What is the REAL TRUTH ?

Well, in recent weeks, I have been watching, “ HIDDEN COLOURS “, a very interesting, 5 part docu-series of films, that covers black history, white supremacy, and much much more, which I suggest, would be a worthwhile watch for anyone who seeks to know more about black peoples’ past, as well as our current position in Western Society.

The series of films has black professors, activists, researchers and more, sharing their views, knowledge, and feelings about our plight, our strengths, and incredible resilience in still being here, fighting against systems that are still compromising, killing, and oppressing black peoples’ ability to live, as we would like.

There is much that will enlighten, uplift, and disturb people, of all
colours, much like the incredible story of Chairman Fred Hamptons’, rise and demise, due to a certain, Bill O’Neal, who was the FBI Informant, who infiltrated the Black Panthers, rose up through the ranks, and eventually contributed, in no small way, to Fred Hamptons assassination, who just happened to be, that’s right … BLACK … !?!

I have to say that I thoroughly enjoyed the movie, and it’s performances from Daniel Kaluuya, as Hampton, to Dominique Fishback’s performance as his partner, Deborah Johnson, now known as, Akua Njeri, who mothered his son, Fred Hampton Jnr’, who is alive today, and who now runs the Black Panther Cubs, an extension of the original Panthers organisation, who were both consulted, after extensive, lengthy meetings, for the making of the film, to the supporting cast, and the very chilling, and well executed performance, by Lakeith Stanfield, as the Judas of the films title, Bill O’Neal.

A quick mention has to be made for Martin Sheen’s turn as, J Edgar Hoover, and Jesse Plemons, who plays Roy Mitchell, the agent who recruited, and then, used and abused O’Neal, to eventually please Hoover, and seal the deal, by ensuring that Hampton was murdered, before returning to prison, due to, as Hoover essentially put it,

“Hampton being a threat to the white way of life “.

An incredible movie to have come out, and be seen at a time where, Black Lives, apparently matter, and we’re getting our customary, ridiculous MONTH, to recognise black history.

I could go on and on about the incredible tales of black woe, and success, but this weeks poem reflects on, merely a few of those, who the majority of black people choose to ignore and forget, and those who, most white and asian people generally, could care less about.

Chairman Fred Hampton to me, who died far too young, much like Stokely Carmichael, was an incredible spirit, with the type of vision for a better world, that I could get down with, and to this day, will never forget….

So, on that note, this weeks spoken word drop is for those, at least in my belief…..

Who are…..

* * * * *

“What Would You say ?” … A poem written and performed by Big Virge

Okay peoples’, so now the Valentines whatever is over… it seems as though the strange vibes continue, pretty much everywhere, but, especially online it seems !

There’s literally, so much, NOT going on, that it’s difficult to know what to say, about anything these days.

The issue of what’s being spread across various social media feeds, is causing quite a quite few folks to start airing some pretty incredible views !

I’m seeing that the movement to being online most of the time, isn’t necessarily serving heads so well !

The internet gangsters, are finding, forum after forum, to spout their vitriol, and hatred at those who are equally as willing, to speak what they think.

The problem with this though, is that a lot of folks are getting their feelings hurt, because they seem to believe, as many folks now seem to, that their opinion is the only one that could possibly be right ?

Errr, nope, in case folks haven’t noticed, there are proving to be, innumerable nuances, that need to be applied to arguments, before claiming your positions on them, to be those that are completely, fact based, or those that actually hold any weight.

I am no stranger to being told that I have a rather high opinion of myself, however, as I’ve made clear, pointing fingers isn’t a wise thing to do, when your accusations have little, to, no grounds, that can be substantiated.

My being a writer who documents what society presents, is a field where assessments have to be made, due to the social observations, that I choose to use as the main inspiration for what I speak about.

I’m not always wrong, or right, in actual fact, these days, i’d rather be wrong, more than i’m right, about what I now see, and believe to be what’s going on, in terms of future plans for human beings !

I try not to make personal attacks, even when I am on the receiving end of them, unless they are made, against those who have done so publicly, in a way that marginalises, or demeans people wrongfully.

However, the idea that when you comment on someone’s work, or opinions directly, that you’ll immediately be agreed with, is the height of ignorance, and arrogance.

State your position, and let it be that, and if you receive a response that you don’t like, keep cool, don’t blow gaskets, and either, articulate a response, or simply, agree to disagree and walk away.

There really is no reason to go off on some, passive aggressive, or attention seeking rants, because people don’t agree with your point of view.

Of course everybody can’t react to things in the same way, but in pressurised times like these, it’s wise to take a few deep breaths, and realise that many are just spouting, anything to be heard now, and others are simply going a bit stir crazy, as well as, a little bit too, conspiracy theory happy !

It’s a good time for folks to explore some, meditation time, and to recognise that whatever anger you feel, needs to be vented at those who are causing you to feel angry.

It’s also a time to recognise, that there are millions of people caught in precarious circumstances now.

So, perhaps, try to think of others, before aiming angst at folks, who may not be in the best position to cope currently.

It’s a time to THINK……


…. and to maybe, take an extra second to do so, before you say something that you later regret, or wish you hadn’t said.

Now in a strange way, this all connects to this weeks, spoken word drop, because everybody seems to have an opinion that they want to air these days, about everything and everybody, except themselves.

So, this is an old piece that explores the ideal of what people would say, if they were, now able to talk to themselves in their younger days, knowing what they have actually become ….

[Or, in this case, what I might choose to advise myself to do, and, not do !]

People seem very willing, all of a sudden, to get in peoples faces about pretty much, anything and everything. However, don’t seem so willing to turn the tables on themselves, to look in the mirror, and take a moment to think about what they’ve done, and, how they behave in this life !

It’s a very hard thing to really be honest with yourself, about what, if anything, you would change about yourself, or the paths you have taken, and to, as I have done in this poem, ask yourself …

If you could talk to yourself in your youth, and prepare yourself for how the world is today …..

* * * * *

So folks, here we go again, full blown lockdowns, are once again, on the rise, across the globe.

However, the rise of anger regarding these lockdowns, should not be underestimated.

The Dutch seem to be quite upset about being kept locked away, and have taken to the streets, to vent their frustrations, as they are in Lebanon, Israel and, various European Nations, by all accounts, with the French reacting with thousands hitting the streets to protest against laws that, may just stop any form of public criticism of police, being allowed, a very serious law, which, in amongst all these protests for, other apparently, ” Conscious Causes “, is something that’s, really worthy of serious protest, in my view, as this seems to be the kind of law that is one that may become one that’s global, which is something to indeed, be showing serious resistance to !!!

Meanwhile, of course, passive Bajans, seem to be more concerned about maintaining tourism, rather than showing anger at the manner in which, visitors are being treated, and allegedly being given freedoms, that local folks don’t seem to be able to get ?

As well as the idea that, local village shops should now close, which is certain to anger folks, who have already seen business slows, due to this virus.

Furthermore, the idea of the Barbados Government, being able to find funds to get testing units, to now come to peoples’ house, is certainly concerning, and angers me for one, I have no problem making that clear.

I’ll get tested when I need to, thank you very much, rather than, just because the same people who didn’t seem to want to ensure visitors who may have tested negative, were kept locked away, and unable to pass on, what may have been missed, upon initial tests, it’s really quite the invasion on people lives, and is really, quite ridiculous in my opinion !

There is the rise of more and more anger, regarding poor levels of financial support, being given to employees, whose incomes are either being limited, or simply stopped, due to these lockdowns creating, more and more financial pressures.

The Australian Open’s Tennis Players, being given preferential treatment, regarding their being able to travel to Australia, to participate in the tournament, has also caused considerable anger from Australians, trapped abroad, who’ve been told that they can’t travel home yet, due to, whatever Covid, ” this and that “, related issues, the nation is facing, according to the government, especially as quite a few players, now seem to be testing positive !

Like WTF … ?!?

The issue of racism amongst footballers, seems to have reached a head again, this time between, Ibrahimovic and Lukaku, during the Milan derby game this week, where Zlatan apparently told Romelu to,

“ Go do your voodoo “, as well as saying he was a, “ Little Donkey”.

Romelu though, apparently made comments about Zlatan’s wife and moms, whilst swearing at him, which was caught on camera.

Zlatan was later sent off.

The issue of the racist usage of social media, regarding footballers, has also once again risen it’s ugly head, for both, Anthony Martial, and Axel Tuanzebe, which apparently has disgusted Manchester United this week !

Hmmm, well, all this disgust doesn’t seem to be backed up with the type of action, that would send a very serious message to those who seem to think, that they can hide behind their keyboards, whilst hurling racist commentary on players…

Why, because of a poor, TEAM performance ?!?

Again, like WTF … !?!

Simply, do something that’s, LONG Lasting, that really threatens these, so called fans ability, to have their freedom !

Platitudes are clearly proving to be just that.

As for Twitter, yeah, if they can ban, Trump, well, ban these fukwits’ too, and let’s see them face some kind of SERIOUS, penal, punitive measure.

I mean, with Aussie Cricket Fans, allegedly, recently running racist talk on Indian players, are we to really believe that all these race issues, that the, black lives matter movement, should apparently be, hindering, are behind us ?

It would seem not, however, the anger surrounding lockdowns, and the apparent double standards, that have certainly been exposed in Barbados, of recent, are a little more concerning, as are the subsequent effects of the Brexit’ deal in the UK, which seem to indicate, that good old Boris, didn’t quite make a deal, that benefits British Companies, or the country’s economy, as many had initially hoped to be the case.

Finally, what of Mr. Bidens, New America ?

Well, it’s clear that it’s too early to tell, however, one has to wonder when warnings are being issued about the possible rise in, anti-government sentiments, possibly causing domestic acts of terrorism, from Trump supporters.

There is also the rising threat of vaccines being made mandatory, which, although seemingly being accepted by most, as the only way to now go, is still clearly angering some folks !

So, this weeks set of spoken words, having been written and recorded, a while before Covid’ came to be, indicate that it’s no surprise to me, that in these days and times, that, anger amongst folks, for various reasons ….

Even Though The Don’s now gone, is on…..

* * * * *

“Punch” … A Poem written and Performed by Big Virge

Okay folks so, the struggle continues into 2021, and quite a few things, as well as people, seem to be packing, quite the punch, as things continue to move, even if, in very guarded ways.

Curfews and Lockdowns continue globally, to seemingly, increase and grow, due to the punch that the old, and, NEW Corona Strains, seem to be delivering, to institutions like the NHS, in the UK, to everyone from sports organisations, events and teams, to prison institutions, and tourists in Barbados, from what’s being said to be true.

However, one has to wonder how much punch the truth is packing these days ?

Moving along suitably to, The Don, and his SECOND, Yup …
SECOND Set of Impeachment Problems !!!

Like WTF … ?!?

Just CRAZY, but you’ve got to laugh, when taking close looks at the Capitol Hill Assault, and the subsequent apologies, and reactions, of those now being shamed and named, for the public to see …

Tut Tut Tut …

All TOUGH and apparently Righteous, on the day, but not so much, now that people are getting to air their views, and opinions on these again, apparently, righteous actions, that once again, were acts of protest, and, civil unrest right ???

However, when black folks were protesting about, black people DYING, that’s right, DYING, as a result of ASSAULTS, and MURDERS, perpetrated by law enforcement, rather than throwing their toys out of their prams, because an election result didn’t go their way … ???

We were destroying neighbourhoods, acting violently, like some inhuman breed, were the type of things being said, if I’m not mistaken right ?!?

Hmmm, now when you look at these occurrences, and make comparisons, on such a basis, it seems that the only thing that really packed a punch, as a result of these disturbances, has been media commentaries, and the Democrats, and Republicans, getting to oust Donald, and the boost of vaccination drives, and fear of death, due to what ???

Our new friend, the Corona Virus…. ?!?

Huh … !?!

Interestingly, the one thing that isn’t really packing a punch, is boxing anymore, Floyd about to take on a youtuber’, says it all, and don’t even try to tell me about Fury vs Joshua….

They can punch each other as much as they want, not really interested.

However, the continued punch of dubious actions, by the likes of, ex Aussie Cricket Captain, Steve Smith, and alleged racist fans, in Sydney, do interest me, as do the platitudes, from Cricket Australia Heads, who like their British Cousins, keep talking about their, ZERO TOLERANCE policies against racism, that don’t seem to actually, be stopping anyone who is racist, from running their stupid gums, when they get drunk ?!?

Nuff’ said.

Finally, what about poor old, Bruce Willis eh, tut tut, put your mask on Bruce old boy, or you’ll get into trouble now, especially when pictures go viral of you flaunting the rules to shop ….

…. which leads me to the final punch, that is a lil’ more disturbing, for people already looking over their shoulders, regarding things like rising costs, due to this Brexit Deal, and the further closure of businesses, some as big as Debenhams, who have announced that certain stores will not re-open, once this lockdown is over !

There are also a number of small businesses, that seem to already be suffering, as things have begun in 2021, and a report is suggesting that, somewhere in the region of 250,000 businesses, are under serious threat of closing, due to the lockdown in the UK.

Oh and, just one more, quite pertinent thing, the efficacy punch of these vaccines, which seem to be varying from as high as 95%, to, as disturbingly low as 55%, for certain vaccines being rolled out in places like Brazil, that are coming out of where … ?

CHINA, of all places …

It’s a bit of a lottery out there, when it comes to their ability to protect, or to do more, to fight off this virus it would seem … ???

Punches are being thrown in all sorts of directions currently, so, it’s not a bad time to drop a few rhymes, that reflect on those who have tried to punch above their weight, in their dealings with me, over the years, as well as reflecting on some of the TRULY GREAT Names, from yesteryear, who, within the realm of Professional Boxing, really did pack a …..

* * * * *

So folks, 2021, here we go, and like most I guess, this 2020 holiday season, has been on a very low key, and tone for me.

I am not a big one for it anyway, however, have always indulged in a few drinks and parties over the years, but thankfully at 50, i’m content with my own company, and less frolicking, so I took in some, ” Wonder Woman 1984 “, for some light entertainment, and boy was that LIGHT, and not in a particularly good way !

I mean, all due respect to Madame Jenkins, but like really, as many are suggesting, Pedro Pascals’ villain, was like a poor caricature of The Don, and i’d rather watch and listen to him do his Presidential thing, to be honest !

I have never been a fan of Gal Gadot being Wonder Woman, simply because she doesn’t even have the kind of body that would befit an Amazonian Warrior, One, and secondly, she just doesn’t do much more, than look pretty from certain angles.

The rather strange plot of wishes being what she was fighting in this, was well, weak at best.

Kristen Wigg’s Cheetah, again, Meh … just not hot, even when she was supposed to be, and nothing to write home about in her performance, however, I think much of this was a result of a poor script and story.

The only thing that warmed my heart a little bit, was the post credit appearance of Linda Carter, who, although obviously aged, still brought a little something to it, which was about all that really worked for me, in the entire film.

The movie really was a disappointment, and as much as we can all see that, Wonder Woman is an iconic, female hero, the overtones of female power, were just a little too much, and felt very forced at times.

So overall, I have to say that it was a very disappointing experience, even the flying scenes, and effects were just poorly executed, and lacked any sense of being believable, or particularly warranted.

Hopefully, the next Justice League will give her a little more well, Oomph, for want of a better word.

However, The Mandalorian, on the other hand, now, that Pedro performance was much more entertaining, and watchable, even though his face was covered for the majority of it, and Grogu, presumably, a distant relative of the one and only Yoda, was suitably cute, that I think that, even to a grown man like me, I was quite willing to watch his tiny lil’ ass waddle around !

As heroic characters go, The Mandalorian was working it throughout the entire second season, and Jon Favreau, alongside of the likes of George Lucas, and a string of different directors, created a landscape that was not only, visually impressive, but indulged in some impressive fight scenes, and choreography.

Carl Weathers and Gina Carano, did their thing too, and to see, Temuera Morrison, reprise his role as Boba Fett, was a pleasant surprise, as was the addition of Ming-Na Wen, and of course, the return of a digitally enhanced, Luke Skywalker, which was a much needed thing, after his rather ridiculous usage, in the recent debacle of Star Wars movies.

The only character who didn’t really rock my world, was that of Giancarlo Esposito, whose villain seemed a little forced, and somewhat bland, in comparison to say, Peter Cushing, or Ian McDiarmaid’s Emperor.

So, an interesting holidays viewing, that left me with a wish to see exactly where Favreau will take the series in the future.

Talking of the future, well bwoy’, what a start to 2021 we are having eh… ?

A National Lockdown in the UK again, which does not bode well at all, and as far as Barbados is concerned, the mutated strain seems to have been allowed to come to the island, and to go on parties, bus crawls and into the prison.

SMH …..

Also, the sudden death of horse trainer, JP McManus’s daughter, has to also concern folks somewhat, who are not just drinking and waltzing around as if, due to 2020 being a thing of the past, that the issues surrounding this mutated strain of Corona, are in the past too, who are acting like fools who need to be schooled.

So, it seems as if the world may well need a hero in 2021…
Maybe like this one, who is a personal fav’ of mine…

So this time, no bass line or beat in tow, just a straight down the pipe, Big Virge, Spoken Word Flow, to start the year, from my alternate persona of ….

The Black James Bond folks … ENJOY … !!!

* * * * *

So people, ‘it’s the season to be, LOCKED DOWN, apparently … SMH
Being jolly would seem to be a world of folly, for 2020 !!!

Anyway, my post this week, deals with the now, very popular phrase of being, “ On Point “, which sadly, little now seems to be, from people, to trade deals, to government policies, and the touchy subjects of mask wearing, and vaccines !

I have to quickly mention that people need to mind their manners, when it comes to this mask wearing thing, because, when so many are still refusing to wear them, rather than run your mouths, because you believe everything surrounding this virus. People need to recognise that many are complying out of politeness, and a degree of respect for others.

However, when a mask isn’t worn as you might choose to, don’t get it confused, you don’t have the right to demand anything.

You DON’T !!!

As said, just because you choose to adhere to every rule that governments issue, that they continue to break ! Everybody else doesn’t see things that way, and running your mouth may result in more than getting a person irate !

So I suggest that you think, or just walk away to a safer place, before you get into something that your mouth and mask, can’t keep you safe from !

Cheesus’, do we have some Sheople in this world, who clearly do not move in ways that define the phrase, on point !

Talking of which, this new strain, that mutates, is yet again, proof that this whole thing doesn’t seem to be being, handled particularly well, by Boris, Matt Hancock, and the ministers of the UK, now does it folks !?!

Borders being shut down, and the sudden appearance of, Tier 4 restrictions, which have cut off any chance of families enjoying Christmas, as they originally suggested would be the case, which is now leading to a seemingly, muted celebration of the arrival of 2021, that once again, hardly seems to indicate that things are on point, in how it’s all being managed.

Thus, this new upgrade, or Corona Remix, seems to have already reached South Africa, of all places … SMH …

Watch out for the dub plate version, which will likely be released in the New Year folks !

Yes I am being facetious, because this whole thing is becoming, more and more of a joke to me !

The lorry drivers in Dover, in the UK, are also being left to a rather inept handling of the effects of this travel ban, that is denying many the chance to be with their families, which is just crazy, and again is, far from being on point.

Let alone the chaos it’s causing with traffic being backed up, that’s causing gridlock for Dover locals, who are trying to run basic errands, and to see those they want to, before the lockdown holiday begins.

The most disturbing stories of the last few days though, relate to a certain, Detective Sergeant, Stephen Redgewell of the Metropolitan Police, who seems to have had, no concept of being on point, when it came to, maintaining appropriate behaviour towards colleagues, on both, sexual and, racial grounds, which has caused an Asian officer, to sue The Metropolitan Police, for sexual harassment and discrimination, due to allegedly receiving, HUNDREDS… of inappropriate messages, over a two year period !!!

Like WTF … ?!?

Conveniently, he retired in 2018, having allegedly had sex with a dominatrix at the HQ of The Met !

This has of course been, conveniently swept under the excuse of,

“ had he not resigned, he would of been fired “,

Well, so much for all this, “ Racism needs to go talk “,

…. that keeps coming out of the mouths of those, who seem to, constantly found to be, employing racists and bigots, from the police, to sports management, and government ?!?

All this talk of ZERO TOLERANCE, is clearly, NOT On Point, even remotely !

It’s incredible to keep hearing and reading about the lack of any substantiated evidence, that their rhetoric is anything but, cheap and worthless ! A word that can also be clearly applied to the incredible statistic, that 80,000 crimes were failed to be recorded by the Greater Manchester Police Force in, ONE YEAR !!!

No wonder Andy Burnham, the mayor of Manchester, was so insistent that the government should give him more money to manage the Covid Lockdown Restrictions imposed on Manchester !

He must have a lot of people to pay off !!!

Allegations of cover ups and neglect, that has lead to peoples deaths, have caused Burnham to publicly apologise for the failings, and the, horrifically poor service that the Greater Manchester Police, seem to have felt was acceptable, and yes you’ve guessed it, the Chief Constable, through this period, Ian Hopkins, resigned immediately upon the realisation that this report was about to expose the failings !

Huh, interesting, as he was due to retire in the Autumn of 2021 anyway !

The words, On Point, are clearly again, words that can’t even be remotely related to the dealings of Burnham, Hopkins, or seemingly, a very large proportion of the police in Greater Manchester !

Just unbelievable, if you’re one who places faith in policing, which leads me to the unbelievable reign, and apparent ending to President Trumps time in office !

He is suddenly, seemingly wanting to place a weighty increase to the debt levels of America, by vetoing the stimulus package for America’s unemployed, and demanding that it goes from 600 dollars a week, to giving 2000 dollars a week, being dished out to America’s jobless !

However, the more disturbing thing is the people he’s now pardoning, who seem to be everyone from, corrupt officials and people who lied to the FBI, under oath, to these Blackwater Guards, who appeared to take their military responsibilities, just a little too far, when KILLING Iraqi Civilians … !?!

I mean, seriously, are any of these so called, leaders and protectors of our, freedoms and rights, doing anything that even remotely resembles, this ideal of being, “ On Point “, because it sure doesn’t look like it to me ?

Thus, the only things that appear to be moving in such a manner, is the Brexit’ Trade Deal that, all of sudden, works for the EU and UK, and the roll out of all these Vaccines, even though Covid19, as said, is apparently, bringing out new remixes of itself, every few weeks, and is apparently, already touring overseas !!!

Just incredible folks, what a year 2020 has been, and it ain’t over yet !!!

Anyway, this little ditty of mine, reflects on my wish, through my rhymes and thoughts on life, to always be as close to, if not to always be, these two simple words, that clearly seem to be, beyond the majority of folks in today’s world ….

However, they are two words that I suggest that, as we move into the future, are those that people need to recognise as being good ones to follow, and to try to always be …

…. And the words are these….

* * * * *

So folks, as the issues of lockdowns and social distancing continue to cause difficulties for everyone, from children, to couples, to families, it seems that divorces and separations, much like after 9/11, are once again rising, if we are to believe reports coming out of the media, and certain law firms, that are claiming to have seen a significant rise in enquiries about the divorce process.

It has also been claimed that there are number of women, who are just waiting until this whole Corona situation is stabilised, alongside of the economic situation, to then go on their merry way, and to make a fresh start !

Well, as per usual, money would seem to dictate why divorces have become a hot topic, in difficult times ….

Love does not conquer all it would seem ???

Thus, a load of false declarations are clearly made at alters, because as soon as external forces falter, divorce seems to be the first option that many are drawn to.

Like really … WTF … ?!?

There are of course, those partnerships where compromises are made to try to keep sinking ships afloat, however, as jobs continue to go, and businesses continue to fold, pressures in homes rise, so, it’s no surprise that, all of a sudden cracks start to appear, when people have to spend more time in each other’s company !

So again, much like the now, famous song asked….

“ Where Is The Love “, people ?!?

It’s an interesting dynamic, that has far reaching effects, because what this virus has also done, is to separate minds, as opinions differ, on everything form wearing masks, to theories about vaccines, to thoughts about the seriousness of this situation.

There are those who are clearly keen to get to whatever new normal they foresee, while there are, of course, numerous people who are seemingly, unsure as to the validity of much that is being presented, as being the best way forward.

Personally, I have found that the stresses that are often underplayed by people, are affecting mind states in adverse ways, when certain things become apparent, like the lack of certainty, regarding certain policies, especially when, everyone from celebrities to politicians, seem to have no problem breaching what we are all being told are punishable movements, that breach the same rules that are being used to rule and clearly confuse, a great many people !

So, in truth, I have to say that it is quite reasonable for these separations to be an issue in such confusing times, be they, over social issues or those of a more intimate nature, the benefit of keeping ones thoughts and opinions to yourself, cannot simply be seen, as dipping ones head in the sand.

Sometimes, to separate yourself from the issues of the world, and more importantly, from peoples opinions, and underlying stresses and denials, is an act of self preservation, rather than those of disillusioned souls.

So, this piece, even though written, a long time before Corona brought it to the fore, speaks on the subject of divorce, due to those feelings that dictate a need to …..

* * * * *

So folks, what a couple of weeks it’s been … !?!

I’ll start with this story of the sudden resignation from political duties, of Josef’ Szajer, the Hungarian, MEP Minister, found to be partying in the midst of Covid Restrictions …

Tut Tut TUT … !!!

However, more interestingly, considering he was allegedly at a gay sex party, where only men were present, some, who were naked upon the police entering, and the fact that he’s friendly with the Hungarian PM, as well as being one of the founders of the, Anti-LGBT, Fidesz party, whose leader, Viktor Orban, apparently stands firmly for family values !

Well, what a load of twisted perceptions and deceit, seem to be surrounding this dude, especially as it was claimed that he hurt himself, as he was caught trying to escape discovery, via an outside drainpipe !!!

Okay now, like, WTF … ???

I mean, some white folks really be on some, DIFFERENT Stuff, like the other deeply disturbing story of the, Swedish Mother, who it’s alleged, has kept her son, basically imprisoned in her apartment, for over 25 years, to the point where his body had sores, he’s toothless, and is now unable to speak !?!

Again like, WTF People ?

However, according to famous, European Historians and Scientists, we black folks have always been the savages of the human race ?

Yeah okay, well Sweden’s version of Norman Bates, was apparently living in a stench ridden apartment, where urine and god knows what else, was found inside !

Now this was all inside of a building, that from the outside, looks like a normal block of flats.

The interesting part is how one of the neighbours, beyond thinking things smelt a bit funny, didn’t clock that the son had, essentially, gone missing for over 28 years !!!

Just CRAZY, and a clear indication, that white folks aren’t quite as compassionate as they’d like the rest of the worlds races to believe, indeed, sometimes their behaviour is just, downright unbelievable !!!

Talking of white crazy, the sudden rolling out of this, TWO DOSE BioNTech/Pfizer Vaccine, should surely be raising some concerns in the folks who, aren’t quite so keen to take a vaccine that seems to have bypassed, the standard and previously necessary protocols, for such an incredibly serious proposition, as prescribing something to fight off the rise of this Corona Disease, that’s killing lots of peeps, and apparently filling hospital wards, especially as the recent lockdowns, seem to have reduced infection rates ?

Or have they … ???

One other thing that doesn’t seem to ring very true to this being an approved and safe vaccine, is the apparent need for ex-presidents and politicians to take their injections publicly ???

It all seems a little crazy to me, but hey, i’m no longer about anything that is government driven, by white guys whose crazy behaviour and deceit, as per …

Mr. Gay Party, Anti LGBT Hungary ……

…. whose disregard for, Corona Virus Restrictions, and honesty regarding his sexual behaviour, is indeed, pretty damned crazy !?!

I’ve had my days of being around crazy white peeps’, and have definitely been, privy to certain things that have shown me the things that go on, behind the closed doors of certain white folks, that are conveniently hidden, behind the false perceptions that they provide, especially in their working lives !

However, in the private lives of certain, MONEY Whites, I can honestly say that I have now seen some things, that are TRULY BEYOND BELIEF !!!

So this weeks spoken word piece is a TRUE STORY, about a day at a property on the West Coast of Barbados, that is essentially, built on the beach, with, such a grouping of white peoples … !!!

So, as said, this is a TRUE story, (EVERY LAST WORD !) …

…. that was my last experience of seeing, just how crazy and wild, certain white folks can prove to be, especially when they are those who’ve had a few drinks, and are around money guys !!!

Much like this piece, they can really act … FUNNY !!!

So this set of rhymes is about,


SMH/LOL… !!!

* * * * *

“One of Those Days” … A Poem written and Performed by Big Virge

Okay so, the vaccine progression is now moving along in a manner, that would indicate that we will all be facing, THAT Day when, we’ll either be co-opted, forced or freely given vaccines, to prevent the spread of this Corona Disease, in the not too distant future !

These are indeed, some very strange days and times, where businesses are being downsized, as are people’s lives, in various ways.

So, lockdowns are being enforced, and then withdrawn, in England’s case, within a matter of weeks, for that, SPECIAL Day, being Christmas, which is supposed to be, one of those days where connection to loved ones, is all in the spirit of things !

However, advisement has already come, that suggests that elders should not be hugged or kissed by younger relatives, to ensure that if anyone happens to have the virus, they don’t endanger their relative, or as Professor Chris Whitty, England’s Chief Medical Officer has said….

“ If you want them to survive or be hugged again.”

Like WTF … ?!?

So, Christmas warrants the easing of lockdowns, because it’s Christmas, essentially …. even though, the tier system that has recently been imposed, will return, pretty much as soon 2021 begins… ?

Okay so, now the Corona Virus will happily take a break to let everyone do everything, except, be physically close to their families, even when inside the bubbles that have been specified as being okay to jump into, for that Special Day ?

Okay nuff’ said.

So, what of the disturbing end to MIchel Zercer’s day in Paris, last weekend, where due to his not wearing a mask, he was accosted, beaten and racially abused in his own music studio, for several minutes by four Parisian Policemen, who apparently upon hearing the word, “ Camera “, suddenly discontinued their brutal assault !

One of those days that I’m sure Mr. Zercer will find very difficult to forget !

Ethiopians are also in the midst of some difficult days, because unrest and dissension, over Abiy Ahmed’s ruling parties controls over Mekelle, in the Northern Tigray region, is causing international concern, because the TPLF are vowing to continue fighting army troops, who Ahmed claims have taken, full control.

Of course, Donald Trump is having a lot of days that aren’t so great now. as Joe Biden’s transition into power, would seem to be, at the very least, beginning to sink into The Don’s head, regardless of his continued attempts to suggest that he’s been cheated, and, unfairly treated. A sentiment that seems to be resonating in various places, over everything from racism, to economic pressures, and of course this Corona Virus Vaccine, which is being deemed as the thing that may make for better days, for a lot of people, due to them suddenly becoming available and ready to be rolled out for the masses !

Well, it seems it won’t be long now, before we see what this means, and whether these vaccines prove to be as reliable as they are being claimed to be ?

Finally, Mr. Maradona’s days of living are over, so, Argentina in particular has had, one of those days where much sadness and reflection, has dominated the minds of many there, and globally, so RIP Diego, thanks for the memories…..

Dave Prowse too, the figure inside the costume that brought us Darth Vader, has left us for the next realm, a sad day indeed, for many a Star Wars fan, because up until the recent appearance of Thanos’, on the Big Screen, there have been very few villains with such an imposing aura, and, on screen presence, so RIP Big Fella, you may not have spoken in the role, but your part in the Star Wars Universe, will forever be etched into Star Wars Fans memories…..

…. which leads me into this weeks spoken word offering, which outlines the memory of a day in the life of my times here in Barbados, which, contrary to its title, is not quite what it seems, as I poetically wrote about what it was like to be in Barbados, and have …..

* * * * *

” A Fine Line ” … A Poem written and performed by Big Virge

So, in the week where the one and only, Sean Connery has died, may he rest in peace !

This weeks piece of Big Virge, Spoken Word Poetry, makes reference, all be it briefly, to the movie, “Just Cause”, a classic thriller in which he starred, alongside Blair Underwood and Ed Harris, who was quite brilliant, as a total psycho, in what I’d say was a fine film !

However, extraordinarily fine lines, seem to now be affecting everything from the, US Presidential Election, which Joe Biden now seems to have won, to lockdown measures, and the constant stresses that the Corona Virus is placing on economies, and people’s mental well being !

There seem to be more, immediate lockdown protests, all be they small, than the first time around, as well as voting protests in America, where the threat of violence is walking a very fine line of possibly kicking off, however that to me, at this point, still doesn’t seem likely, in any totally extreme way, no matter what media outlets are trying to say !

The fine margins or lines, that to me, haven’t been so fine, that are coming from news media, seem to be incredibly biased, as well as highly confusing, if you were to be following these things much more, due to being at home !

It’s no surprise that some people are losing their minds, when it comes being confined, as well as trying to decipher, the utter madness that is filling news headlines !

The usual issues of just, trying to live life, for many now, are now on tighter lines, than they have been for a while, to simply, maintain a degree of stability, or for many, unlike anything that they’ve ever seen or felt before !!!

So, it seems that much is in store, when it comes to future laws, and things being enforced, that may just require more than courts to sort out, and I think that this is now, a very real scenario for a while to come, WITHOUT ANY DOUBT !!!

So, even though being written, many years before the world has gotten to this crazy place, there are few fine rhymes in this weeks offering, which is called…….

* * * * *

“Action” … A Poem written by Big Virge

So folks, here we go, Election Action is grabbing hold of America, and clearly the worlds attention, in what may well be one of the most important elections in both, American, and World History, simply because of the actions that are likely to occur, if we believe what is being said, by the right and left wings of American Media !

The whingers’ of the left, are of course panicking about whether or not, Donald Trump will follow his talk up, with actions that could cause the type of political, and public turmoil, that could come from his refusing to leave office, if he ends up losing, which the right wing media seems to now be saying, is actually much less likely than suggested, after the first Presidential Debate !

There is also, the seemingly foreboding issue, of guns being seen around voting centres, and the actions that could result, from a Trump Loss, which allegedly, has been seen, days before the serious collating and counting begins, an incredible thing to even imagine, let alone see in an election in 2020 ?

Could voters be suppressed, and stopped from voting, like REALLY, with people wielding weapons, in an alleged, FIRST WORLD Democracy ???

There are also the claims of Election Rigging, coming from the Trump Camp, that could result in the unthinkable action, and reinforce his refusing to leave office, if he is declared as the loser, which would be unprecedented, and one has to wonder if he would dare to try and do such a thing, and what actions he would have to undertake, to maintain such a position ?

Is it possible that Civil Unrest, and violence, due to an election result, could grab hold of America ?

Surely not, but we’re getting close now, and the next few days will tell a very interesting story, for years to come, it would seem, or is it all just hype ???

Nature is also acting in volatile ways in various places, from the UK to the USA, to the Philippines and beyond, where Typhoons, Hurricanes, Floods, High Winds and Bush Fires are doing their thing and forcing people to evacuate their homes, just to survive the powers of nature’s elements !

Talking of powers, we now have European powers, across the continent, enforcing lockdowns, that are resulting in public actions, that aren’t necessarily, dealing in blind submission, to what, more and more people seem to be seeing as a blatant restriction of basic freedoms, and the ability to simply make a living, that is resulting in civil unrest and violence, from Spain to Italy, and protests in England !

Actions that, aren’t quite as accepting as they were when the first set of lockdowns were imposed !

So, these second lockdown actions, are not being received quite as submissively as the first, it would seem, so, what will this mean ?

Infection spikes, and death tolls that spiral out of control, or revolts of the type, that prove conspiracy theorists right ???

One has to wonder, as infection rates apparently rise rapidly in numbers, according to medics and scientists all over the world.

Well, all I will say is that whatever happens, I believe that according to the ridiculous manner in which this virus situation has been handled, from day one, and the clear lack of any kind of righteous leadership across the globe, regarding transitions of power, which don’t seem to be running very smoothly, from Africa to Europe, to North America currently, that the people of the world may now need to seriously decide, whether it’s time to mobilise in more ways than through, street protests and the like, and whether to stop buying into the media train of what has truly become, a complete circus of madness, and dismiss supporting these, actors and rappers, who seem to be aligning themselves with the very system that the art form of Hip Hop, originally came about to stand against, and like my poetic offering for the week suggests, take to, what may just amount to, some Very SERIOUS …

* * * * *

“Control” … Written and Performed by Big Virge

So folks, with the final American Presidential Debate now over, what a role reversal, at least until the LATTER part of it, from a much more CONTROLLED, Donald Trump, less interruptions, and a much calmer, level of general behaviour, and a much more, low key level of disrespect being thrown, on a personal basis.

It will now be very interesting to see how those who apparently are still to vote, will take to his more, controlled, public debate version of himself.

Time will tell, however, control of gunfire in Nigeria, well, not so much huh’, to the point where Queen Beyoncé, has apparently received criticism, from Nigerians, for her rather controlled reaction, which seems to have come a little too late for some of them.

The timing could not be worse, with everyone harping on about, Black History Month, and the issue of race and the black vote, now being deemed as being, so important in the result of the 2020 US election.

Hmm … Black Lives Matter anyone ?!?

I haven’t heard a huge deal being made, about black police openly killing Nigerians for protesting against police violence, and brutality via these, SARS, or Special Anti Robbery Squads ?!?

What happened, activists lost their tongues, like these Nigerians lost their LIVES, or is it ONLY when white police kill us, that our lives matter, just a question ???

Well, it’s all much of a muchness to me these days, unlike the incredible lack of control, apparently shown by Journalist, Jeffrey Toobin, who, whilst zooming this week in a meeting with other, media professionals, was apparently seen to be masturbating, seemingly from another call he had running at the same time ?!?

I mean, this is an individual who has been, well paid, to share his views on political policies, and the like ?!?

I mean, like really … !?!

A man who can’t even keep such a thing to a place where it’s not seen, whilst, supposedly dealing with serious matters, doesn’t exactly breed confidence in opinions that he has shared previously, well, not to me at least !

Finally, we have the increased level of controls, occurring across Europe, that are once again, restricting peoples movements, and creating dissent from certain regional leaders, due to a lack of financial assistance, that would help to control, business and, job losses !!!

Boris isn’t proving to be the most controlled leader in terms of his actions to keep the spread of Coronavirus under control !

Restrictions that apparently, could now be maintained through the next six months, are indeed causing concerns, and volatile reactions that have politicians referring to each other as, “ SCUM “, or, “ CORRUPT “, which aren’t exactly the type of descriptions, that inspire confidence ?!?

These controls are not those that breed a balanced and positive future, or diet, for the poor families now happy to receive food donations, well, not to my mind !

However, many seem to be happy to be controlled, by things that they don’t know the whole story about, and are being told about, by people who are again, in many cases now seen as being, SCUM, who are CORRUPT !

Interesting times, and this weeks spoken word drop, reflects on the more concerning lack of discipline, that seems to be more prevalent than ever, within, not only political leaders, but the general populous too, simply because many now refuse to show restraint, and the ability to, be it verbally or physically, show some level of ….

* * * * *

“They Try” … Written and Performed by Big Virge

No long ting’ with this, because it’s simple, this was written because of ignorant Mo’ Fo’s and the bullshit….

* * * * *

“Claims” … Written and Performed by Big Virge

So folks, here we go, we’re getting closer and closer to the big election, being that of the next US President, and this one has, as ever, encompassed a great many claims.

Claims of voter rigging, and ballot fraud, by the current President !

Political claims of all sorts, that have created a number of defamatory comments, regarding everything from, tax evasion, to those of the usual, lies and deceit, that have become, synonymous with politics of the modern age, and of course, support for racist white supremacists, aimed at The Don !

However, this particular claim,in these times of, Black Lives Matter movements, has led to all sorts of critical commentary, and claims from, certain media outlets, and personalities, who were essentially, wishing for the, non-existence of President Trump, because of his apparently, abhorrent, debate behaviour, to them suddenly, upon hearing the claim that, this same, essentially, terrible man, had contracted Covid from one of his aides, Hope Hicks, then claiming to …

WISH HIM WELL, because hey ….

Let’s not forget ….
…. that this AGAIN …

TERRIBLE, ABHORRENT Individual, be he, a white supremacist or not, doesn’t deserve to die !?!

Okay so, this is where the idea of what people CLAIM, is now becoming more and more of an issue, because, how can anyone trust people, who make such vehement claims, that suddenly change, in a heartbeat, because of, again, in this instance, claims that actually cannot be fully substantiated, because hey, looky’ look …

…. it seems as though, The Don, has not only recovered amazingly quickly, especially for a man of his age, but is now apparently, not carrying a threat of transmitting his Covid Infection, to anyone else ?

I mean, come on now folks SERIOUSLY !!!

I’m seeing and experiencing this double standard, in too many places and people these days !

It’s becoming apparent, that people have made a number of claims, from being above and beyond the controls of government policies, to literally, becoming so controlled by things like, social distancing and wearing masks, that it’s clear that they have always been, hypocritical, when it comes to what they, “ CLAIM “, and how they actually behave !

This covers everything from getting paid, to apparently, caring for others needs, or being willing to help others, outside of their family and close circles, in times of serious need !

It’s truly a sad thing to see, just how weak and submissive, that the majority of the mass populous really be, which points to the fact that most have actually, ALWAYS BEEN, and will continue to be !

This is sadly applicable, to those who run and work for, big companies, to those running private businesses, that are clearly suffering now, due to this thing, Covid, whatever it is ?

The big issue though, is the claim that Covid surges, now once again, warrant lockdown measures, that will once again, force curfews, and businesses to close. Heavier policing powers, and all sorts of policy arrangements, that will apparently, help those losing jobs and money, due to this second, Corona wave, when the first one still seems to be riding high ?!?

Just crazy folks, CRAZY !?!

So, this weeks piece, as with many of these recordings, was done a long time before any of this madness came to pass, however, the subject matter is just as relevant now, as it was then, in various ways…

The increasing problem of figuring out, who is telling the truth, in terms of all the things, ridiculous or otherwise, that they choose to …

…… “ CLAIM “ ……


* * * * *

“Pass or Fail ?” … A Poem written and performed by Big Virge

So folks, it’s that time again, Election Season, and a complete lack of decency or reason, is now being paraded, to gain, or lose voters in America !

Therefore, this weeks piece covers the issue of passing or failing, in what you do as an individual, or an organisation.

We firstly have a Scottish MP, Margaret Ferrier, travelling and basically, ferrying around the Corona Virus, whilst being positive for Covid19 ?!?

So, Immediate FAIL ?

Prime Minister, Boris BJ Johnson, clearly proving that he’s unaware of his own Covid policies ???

Err FAIL BORIS … !!!

Mixed messages about this, clearly are not acceptable for something so deadly !!!

Hmmm … ?!?

Boris’s father having a picture taken of him shopping WITHOUT wearing a mask !!!

Errr … FAIL … !?!

The 10 PM closing of pubs, bars and restaurants policy, being breached by the bar, sorry, “ CANTEEN “, that is used by ministers and lords in Westminster, although, after being exposed, this has suddenly been changed !!!

Well that’s clearly a FAIL … !!!

One rule for one, and a completely different set for the rest !!!
Uh Uh … like WTF … ?!?

Students being allowed to go to University Campuses, only to be quarantined within weeks of returning, and then, over in Coventry, a party being held on campus, that broke all distancing rules, and quarantine restrictions …

Again FAIL !!!

Are you seeing the trend here folks, not so many passes in areas where they would appear to be DESPERATELY NEEDED, according to our leaders … ???

Again Hmmmm ….

Over in India, the issue of the rapes and abuses of those of a LOWER CASTE, or, DARKER Skins, as in The Dalits or, “ UNTOUCHABLES “, is raising its ugly head again, after the death of a woman in Balrampur, due to allegedly being, gang raped !!!

This has understandably caused protests, that are gaining global attention, again, this hatred of darker skins, is something that, for generation after generation, sees no palpable change, that is felt by the victims of this treatment !!!

Again FAIL !!!

On the football/soccer field in America, incredibly, over two consecutive weeks, it seems that the, San Diego Loyals players, have faced, firstly racist abuse, and now, homophobic abuse, resulting in the team leaving the field !!!

So, FAILS regarding both issues, that again, are apparently, oh so important in America currently !

This of course leads me to the final, monster issue of the week, the first Election debate between Joe and The TRUMPETER !

What a show that was, and well, from white supremacy, to, just abiding the rules, The Don has apparently, FAILED MASSIVELY, according to the media, who really do seem, HELL BENT on destroying their PRESIDENTS chances of winning again.

Well, obviously, it’s clear that this man has a world of issues, and an ego so huge, that it can barely fit in the Whitehouse, let alone a TV studio !

However, the rhetoric coming from the likes of MSNBC, Fox and others, seems to be filling peoples heads with, hypocritical attacks, especially from blacks, who, don’t seem to want to see that Americans, just like their British cousins, have hardly shifted their racist ways, and have basically, NEVER held themselves, or previous leaders accountable, for their lack of effort, to TRULY EXTINGUISH, Racism, from policing to employment, to the ideal of what these countries racist policies have done to black people in particular, let alone the Native Americans, who seem conveniently forgotten, in today’s apparently, “ WOKE “, climate !!!

However, for some of these blacks, as ever, a bit of fame, money, and a chance to run, well, controlled and processed speech, makes these black media people feel, as if they are part of a progressive society.

Like … WTF … ?!?

All this, when the President and Prime Ministers of the USA and UK today, are Boris And The DON …

Like REALLY, I mean REALLY … ?!?


Seriously now, what the f’k is going on ???

Trump was somehow, NOT defeated, the first time around, in America’s progressive society, and Boris Johnson, who seems to operate as a law unto himself, got voted into power ?!?

One really does have to wonder where peoples heads are at, but there is, as ever, a growing level of confusion being promoted, and pushed into peoples’ minds, that many seem to be buying into ?!?

Folks are FAILING, on too many levels now, and it’s hard to now give anyone a pass for, how they’re acting or thinking nowadays !!!

So, this weeks post looks at a few of the things that, may just have lead us to being, in the RIDICULOUS position, that most people are now in !!!

Now, I have to add an addition to when this post was originally written, because now Hope Hicks has given The Don, and his wife, wait for it ……

The CORONA VIRUS, and of course now, between politicising this, the media on all sides, are, all of sudden, wishing this, apparently, Racist, Bigoted, In DENIal President, a quick return to good health ???

Well, more on this in the coming weeks, but my immediate thoughts on these HYPOCRITES, is …

FAIL … !!!!!

This world’s people are becoming, so incredibly messed up, and confused, that this weeks question is simply …

* * * * *
“Slam” … Written and Performed by Big Virge

Well people, there are lots of things that relate to the word SLAM.

Spoken Word Poetry, before events were shutdown, due to this virus, for one, but I’ll get back to them, because what a week it’s already been for people being slammed !!!

So firstly, Supreme Court Member, Justice Ruth Ginsberg, aka RBG, has died, which has quickly resulted in President Trump being slammed for his wish to replace her, before the forthcoming election, especially as her apparent last wish, was to not be replaced before the next President is elected !

Subsequently, the President has once again, openly slammed Joe Biden, for various things, as well as the Chinese, for allowing the spread of this Corona Virus, at the UN General Assembly, which hasn’t actually been assembled at all, because of again, this virus.

A virus that has now slammed business doors, and others, shut, due to the rise and surge in virus infections, across most of Europe this week !

This in turn, has caused UK Health Minister, Matt Hancock, to be slammed by journalists and MP’s alike, over his seemingly, confusing, and nonsensical approach to providing testing for people in the UK, who now seem to be slamming the government for not ensuring that this, track and trace technology, has been effectively rolled out, rather than having people have to use postcodes, as far away as in Scotland, just to get a local test in say, LONDON !?!

Meanwhile, Boris Johnson is still being slammed for his wanton disregard for the political process, and the dishonouring of agreements made, that set how the Brexit deal, or possible, NO DEAL, can now be effected, as it’s getting close to the time for Brexit, to finally come to pass.

I also saw a very interesting documentary on the apparent, murder of SPC, Vanessa Guillen, RIP, where the army investigation team at the Fort Hood Training Base, has been slammed for, not only its investigation, but the manner in which her accused killer, Aaron Robinson, was allowed to escape when being interviewed, which then led to him committing suicide, before they were able to recapture him !

There seems to be an incredible amount of this type of thing happening right now, where politicians, leaders and people are literally being slammed, or damned, criticised, or whatever word you want to use, for various reasons.

Today, I found myself being slammed as being a man who has a hateful streak, with some sort of superiority complex, simply because of poetry i’ve written !

So, in a week which has shown the world to be having basic freedoms be, slammed back into lockdowns and curfews of sorts, all over the world, I think it’s a good time to share this piece of spoken word poetry, that will indeed, indicate that, maybe I do have issues with feeling creatively superior to others, in a field where this would seem to be, THE EXACT point of these Slam Competitions, being, for poets to prove just who is the superior wordsmith, which I actually see as being ridiculous, in trying to judge a persons written thoughts, objectively !

So, as this seems to be becoming a regular part of how people respond to decisions, or things that they don’t like ….

This is a poem that expresses my thoughts on these spoken word competitions, that are now called a poetry …..

* * * * *

“I Declare War” … Written and Performed by Big Virge

First things first, just so shocking and sad, RIP Chadwick Boseman, just such incredible news, at just 43, with so much presumably lying before him, artistically speaking !

However, moving on, as another black man is essentially gunned down, in as cowardly a fashion as you could imagine, by a policeman, being shot in the back !

Jacob Blake, who incredibly, is still alive, having been shot SEVEN Times, will survive, even if in his now paralysed state, he’s hand cuffed to his hospital bed !?!

It’s pretty clear that protests or not, certain cops, care not for whatever it is that the, BLM Movement, supposedly represents ?

So, Wisconsin is now having street wars, as protests and unrest have arisen, due to this shooting incident, protests, that are now hitting nations across Europe, due to more and more people, becoming restless, and now beginning to take issue with the social distancing measures, that the leaders of the world, keep stressing, ” Need to be maintained ! “, to stop the spread of this virus, that’s already on the warpath again, as spikes and surges are occurring in various countries now.

The issues of oil spillages, lyrics in songs, and political corruption, involving brutal policing of white people, are also now causing protests, that are fuelling various levels of street wars throughout the world now.

Things are pretty crazy right about now, without any doubt !!!

However, it seems that some people, simply do not listen, or pay close attention.

So, shout as much as they try, their cries for less police brutality, seem to be falling on deaf ears, much like any kind of artistry, that deals in more than booty shaking, sex driven material, that’s being displayed in videos for tunes, or violent, ignorant lyricism, in tunes that are basically, youth driven, it leaves a lot of guys like me, both inside and out of the industry, feeling frustrated and angry, because, conscious, thought provoking, subject driven lyricism, has far too much thought in it, apparently, to be sellable to the dumbed down minds of modern times.

Both young and old, and those in between, seem unwilling to recognise that there are talented artists whose sharpness, when it comes to what they talk about, borders on some, algorithmic, premonition type ish’ … !!!

Finally, as we enter the final stages of this years US Election, the war of words has been fuelled significantly by The Don, in calling Joe Biden WEAK, and a threat to American security, and it’s future economic prospects.

Meanwhile, it’s interesting how quietly the whole Brexit’ situations seems to be progressing … ???

I think people need to be very careful right about now, as to what wars they are focussing on, because once again, JK Rowling is causing a stir, by rejecting awards because of the criticism she’s receiving for her Transgender comments, amongst other things seemingly.

There are many things going on in this world, that may not be hitting media front pages, because they are not what the media wants people to be focussed on…..

It’s a time to keep your mind and thoughts clear, before getting caught up in wars that either, have no cause, or those that are basically, proving to be pointless….

So, without further ado, this weeks drop is aimed at all these industry fools, politicians, police and their crews, who refuse to recognise, those of us who deal in TRUTH …

Especially now that societies decline continues, and is breeding more and more protests, as well as much more…..

It’s time for me to make it perfectly clear … that right about now …

* * * * *

“Vibes” … Written and Performed by Big Virge

So folks, we have a world now, full of vibes, creating all kinds of craziness, in this world that we live in !

From Beirut Bombs, to the usual issues of corruption in politics, creating social unrest, violence, and more and more protests, all over the world !

The vibes around race, are going from reminiscing, and reinvigorating the idea of black beauty, that stemmed from movements in the 60’s and 70’s, to the current vibes that are causing certain DJ’s, to quit working for the BBC, due to their airing, N Bombs, that were allegedly spoken, by the individuals who chose to attack a Black NHS Worker, in a hit and run in Bristol !

Well firstly, if it was said, what’s the problem exactly ?

As for once, there’s some accurate, honest British News Reporting, on racism issues !

As usual, it seems as though, certain black people are very confused about things, unlike the young man who chose to, KNOCKOUT, this abuse giving white guy, on a train in London yesterday, as he and his friends left the train.

Quite the right cross, my young brother’ … !!!!

Anyway, it seems to be alright to get paid by these institutions, like the BBC, that have happily paid people to promote the type of crap, that makes blacks look like idiots, from time to time !

However, when a racist attack occurs, the truth should be blurred from ears and eyes ???

As said, vibes that make very little sense to me !

However, as Black Issues continue to reach more and more people, the confusion seems to be increasing, as is the case with gender, and of course, the Corona Situation, which seems to be under control one minute, and then … Out of Control, the next !!!

So now, examination results are causing stress, because of assessed, ” PROJECTED Results “, that students may, or may not of gotten, had the virus not rocked education, like everything else this year ?

Things are just SO CRAZY, right about now, from race to getting paid, as redundancy vibes start to affect, more and more lives …

Well … APPARENTLY … ?!?

So, as we are in a time of much sadness, anger and madness …

This week’s piece takes me back to a less crazy time, however, one where I was equally as inclined to write, as I am now, although, for a change, this was a night where everything was nice ….

SO NICE, that this is a piece, that we could do with more of, in these days and times, that drops cool rhymes, that reflect on happiness and more POSITIVE …

……… “ Vibes “ …….

* * * * *

“We Can’t All Be” … Written and Performed By Big Virge

So, as these strange times continue to roll on, we have a number of people speaking on, a rather large variety of things now !

The Corona situation seems to be breeding talk that is seemingly, actionable one day, regarding travel, and the nations that are safe to visit, or, receive visitors from….

…. to the very next day, being the VERY SAME Places, that are then spoken of as being, “ HOTSPOTS “, to the point where people have found that their, overly eager reactions, to being able to travel, due to such talk, may have been a little premature !

It seems as though there are still plenty of people, with money to waste, just to apparently, get away ….

From WHAT, I’m really not sure ?

… when the virus is far from seemingly, being controlled ?!?

So, some holiday makers have been stranded to the point where, delayed returns, and reinforced quarantine measures, will now infringe upon their work and life commitments !

There have been, just INSANE, knee jerk reactions, from clearly, stir crazy folks, due to lockdowns and the subsequent talk, from leaders who are clearly misleading people, with their, ridiculous, Corona rhetoric ?!?

Across the waters in America, we have the obvious debates, about statues etcetera, raging, and constantly being a subject of current conversations and debates, surrounding race !

Well, the race debate is reaching countries all over the place now, and it’s not going down so well with certain heads in the US, especially when it comes to kneeling, or standing, during anthem ceremonies !

Individuals such as New Orleans Saints, Quarter Back, Drew Brees, to the likes of ex, Chicago Bears Head Coach, Mike Ditka, have made it clear, that those who take issue with standing for the anthem, should not only be ashamed, but as per, Mike Ditka in particular, should feel free to leave America and not return, if they have such a big problem with it !

Drew Brees, on the other hand, is now making, apology after apology, for what has earned him a heavy, social media, public backlash, for his initial stance.

So, it’s a strange time, when it comes to basic, freedoms of speech, when social media accounts are being banned for inflammatory or misleading comments on race, gender or the Corona Virus, including Tweets from President Trump ?!?

Well, if people can’t read between the lines here, then soon, reading is ALL they’ll be doing, because to me, these restrictions are being imposed to stop, average folk from speaking out against injustices, beyond those being highlighted currently !

You only have to ask those in Hong Kong, who are now being treated as if they’re hardened criminals, for merely protesting against, what is essentially, a Chinese War being waged, on Political Criticisms and Free Speech !

FREE SPEECH People !!!

DO NOT Underestimate, the way that things are heading, we’ve already been subject to an enforced, global lockdown, so it only seems reasonable, that after all these protests, that, speech freedoms will be next thing to face, such restrictions and controls … ?!?

As an expressive writer, I have a SERIOUS PROBLEM with what I hope to be wrong about, but doubt that I am !

Thus, I can’t speak on this subject, without again, mentioning the issue that JK Rowling has got caught up in, regarding Transgender People, which is now a hot debate for women’s sport too, as well as politicians, like, Labour MP, Rosie Duffield, whose stance and tweets, on the issue of treatment for … individuals with Cervical Cancer, seems to have upset Transgender people, for well, whatever reason, but, what’s interesting is that, she caught the backlash, seemingly, after she liked a tweet by PIERS MORGAN, no less, who suggested that this was a question for … WOMEN !!!

The SAME Piers Morgan, who literally, publicly vilified a man for not wanting to see, gay men dancing together on Strictly Come Dancing, because of the issues it would cause for families watching it together ….

So, the confusion continues…. regarding this, rather hot topic, of Gender Agendas, and opinions that don’t sit so well with the LGBT community, especially when made by public figures ?!?

We also have the likes of Ronnie O’Sullivan, suggesting that players are being treated like, ” Lab Rats “, for this years World Snooker Championships, which has drawn criticism from other players, let alone organisers.

Finally, once again, the incredibly touchy subject of Jewish People, and how, NO ONE, from the likes of Ex, Labour Party Leader, Jeremy Corbyn, to the likes of Grime Artist, Wiley, can seemingly say, ANYTHING, remotely offensive about them, without facing public condemnation, and loss of an abundance of things, from leadership, in Corbin’s case, to management support in Wileys’.

I have to say, considering that it would seem that Wiley has worked with, and for, Jewish people who have funded, sponsored and promoted him, as well as sat in discussions with him, about their history and attitudes, that his Twitter outburst, was not necessarily the smartest move he’s ever made, even if, as he claims, he’s not frightened of what they can, or will, now try to do to him and his career !

I guess he’s made enough money now, however, his immediate dropping by his management company, may prove to be an interesting factor in how his future endeavours go !

I was told on a walk by the beach in Barbados a while ago, that NO ARTIST, especially if they’re black, gains success without Jewish support.

Wiley must be different, because he seems to now, care less about them,

Hmm, Interesting ……

Especially as Alan Sugar, for whom this has not been the first time, has again, made rather stereotypically, ignorant comments about a suit that, of all people, Ian Wright was wearing while being a guest pundit, on television this week, which could be deemed as being racist ? However, whether they could or couldn’t be, he doesn’t seem to have been treated with anything like the same disgust as Wiley received ….

Black Lives Matter … ?!?
Double Standards … ???

… because his comments were meant in, ” JEST “, ….

Huh, well we all know how the saying goes,
about things said in apparent … ” Jest ” …

So what stirred Wileys’ outburst, that never came, while he was on his way up, no dig, just wondering… ???

… because, as Professor Griff can attest, such outbursts tend to have blacks facing, BIG problems for making comments that could be, EVEN SLIGHTLY Construed as being, Anti Semitic !!!

So, this weeks piece speaks on the very CLEAR BIAS and INEQUALITY, that applies to black mouths, be they from the NAACP, to the music industry, because movements like, Black Lives Matter, don’t seem quite so keen to highlight, and speak on just how much oppression, black people have received, as a result of Jewish influence in these, same, corridors of power, that apparently have created a culture of systemic racism, that warrant the protests now in view !

It’s a pot that’s always stewed, well hidden away from view, in my opinion, but it just goes to prove, that whether it be, in public forums, or in the realm of artistry …..

…. that there is a VERY REAL, and DISTURBING TRUTH …

…. which is that, when it comes to speech, especially from,

Black Creative People ….
Our being able to speak in ways that are TRULY FREE …

Is something that ….


* * * * *

Planes, Trains and Automobiles… Written and Performed by Big Virge

So folks, as things continue to well, open up, like, possible SECOND WAVES … ?!?

The issue of travel is now coming up, as airlines and the tourism industries want to get their travellers and revenue back, it seems confusing, when certain parts of the world are seeing spikes, surges and the next wave of Corona Infections, which should be no surprise, considering the volume of policy breaches, that have arisen, due to protests, illegal parties, and let’s not forget, certain public figures …


To wear the very same masks, that they seem to NOW want EVERYONE to wear !!!!

Anyway, as it seems that the likes of DRAKE, no less, has found his way to Barbados, in times where America has seen lockdowns re-imposed, one has to wonder who has been travelling, when perhaps they shouldn’t of been, like say, Nigel Farage, for one, whose travelling to and from America, doesn’t seem to have made him go into quarantine or isolation ?

Also, it does seem as though, those in the financial hierarchies of this world, are partying just like those that are being deemed as holding illegal events, by various government parties across the globe ?

Hypocrisy anyone … ???

Well, as things like this aren’t so easy to prove, i’ll move on to the subject that no longer seems to require any proof, because we all know it’s true, which is the issues black folk face when travelling around, be they in, cars, trains or automobiles !!!

So, now police are being apparently held to account, for the mistreatment of Olympic Athletes, as has happened recently in London, to how they treat many of us, for just using our feet, and the threats that then ensue, due to police attitudes ….

Well, this piece was written LONG BEFORE, anyone had even thought of Black Lives … Mattering to anyone … and I DO MEAN ANYONE … !!!!

So, as times moves on, and adjustments are made to how people can travel, especially with, masks on their faces ?!?

This piece reflects on what it’s like for us, darker skinned folks, when it come to our travelling on ….

* * * * *

“Unite” … Written and Performed by Big Virge

Well, in these days and times of such HUGE DIVIDES, I figure it’s a good time to reflect on the ideal of unity, and why it has really always been, a destination beyond humanity’s reach !

So, where to start ?

Well, this week I guess … and then trace it back.

So I’ll quickly deal with the LGBTQ group, and the way that okay, they may well have found ways to unite, but as Dave Chappelle suggested, maybe they’re not quite as unified as they’d like the rest of us to believe ?!?

Thus, JK Rowling taking issue with the cancel culture, due to backlash for comments on Transgender people, is a very relevant and interesting case, because it’s pretty clear that actors within her own Harry Potter franchise, as with most actors, are totally down with the LGBTQ movement !!!

So, to now be taking issue with, even one portion of their group, can only further divide, rather than unite, however, I can see why, because, as I will say to my dying days, NOBODY’s ABOVE, facing hate or opposition, to positions they choose, or apparently, naturally take to !!!

Ha Ha … !!!

Excuse the pun, but to literally tell people that, to have a differing opinion, could see them fined, or jailed, or indeed ostracised, to the point where they lose work … IS …


Cancel me if you like, because I already know what that feels like, because of my dark skin, which leads me conveniently, to this,

Black Live Matter Movement …

… and The INCREDIBLE Divisions, that it’s causing, that are very disturbing, and quite frightening, in terms of what it’s stirring !

However, that was already a pot that was HOT, that has long been on the brink of boiling over !

So, the divisions it’s fuelling are those between ideals that the LGBTQ and BLM movements, are not only, EXHAUSTING the alphabet, but that there are folks who do not see them as being in same ball park !

… and let’s not even bring the religious folks into this, who are preaching love, but sticking to their teachings, in most cases, regarding the Adam and Eve vs Adam and Steve and Genevieve and Eve constructs, that, are now driving heterosexual beliefs into the corner with Lil’ Jack Horner !

So, of course public figures are entering the BLM movements debate, and the always controversial, Don Lemon, has got into it with the actor, Terry Crews, who seems to have disturbed Mr. Lemons’ …

“ Politically Correct “ … position, regarding the movements ideals and mission.

Well i’ve always felt that this is some ridiculous, token movement, that does not stand by its words, because it DOESN’T say that Black Lives Matter, ” ONLY when police take our lives or mistreat us, or that it’s only about, white supremacy, within America only !”

The hypocrisy lies in the lack of protests in black neighbourhoods where gangs of blacks, and individuals, choose to shoot to kill the SAME Black Lives, that DON’T seem to matter at all, to the likes of Mr. Lemon, in terms of having any relation to this movement.

Personally I see and agree with, where Mr. Crews is coming from, and think that the idea that, since George Floyds death, that no black lives that have been destroyed and taken, by others with the very same skin type, should matter, is deeply disturbing and incredibly divisive.

I have just one further point on this, which is that Mr. Crews is ABSOLUTELY RIGHT, when saying that we need to start holding ourselves ACCOUNTABLE, for doing the racists job for them, in FAR TOO MANY INSTANCES, over absolute FOOLISHNESS, like Pride and Pure IGNORANCE.

This leads me to the incredibly emotional confession by ex-cricketer, Michael Holding, when letting the world know about the fact that his own mothers’ family refused to speak to her, due to her wanting to marry a man, who apparently was just … TOO DARK, for them to be comfortable with, so again, let’s not gloss over the internal divisions that black people have, and continue to indulge in, that are truly destructive and divisive !!!

There doesn’t appear to be so much unity over in Europe either right now, which of course leads me to Brexit’, which has been on the back burner since Covid right ?

Well, if you are keeping an eye on negotiations, the divisions over how this should now be effected, are STILL there folks, and we already know how Brexit has divided Brits …. !!!

So finally to, this Corona situation, which is leading to all kinds of craziness, as lockdowns have eased, only for certain countries to have seen infection rates increase that have forced …

“ Localised Lockdowns “ …

Whatever that now means … ?!?

…. because there are videos and debates springing up, of fights, both physical and verbal, over the wearing of masks and observing distancing measures, to the point where in Serbia, the government is now facing serious, volatile protests over lockdown measures currently !!!

It’s all a matter of perspective to me now, because even if you don’t believe that this virus is real, there are many who DO !!!

…. and as the world does not revolve around, any one individual, contrary to the views of certain political crews !

So, people need to respect the fact that many are following the guidelines, therefore, when in public places, others should really do the same !!!

If you don’t agree, then, stay at home, or, only move with those who don’t give a rats !!!!

However, don’t expect others to hold your views, because as i’ve recently seen, on a personal level, not being able to peacefully and respectfully…

“ Agree To Disagree “ …

Does EVERYTHING EXCEPT, breed Unity …

So, with all these fights and divides, riding HIGH … !!!
This weeks Spoken Words from moi … Big Virge …

Deal with the vibe, which is clearly still, very far from being within sight …

A vibe that could see …

Our human kind ….

TRULY, once and for all….

* * * * *

“Industry” … Written and Performed by Big Virge

So, as things continue to find their place in the…

“ NEW NORMAL “ …..

…. which now seems to be indulging in a lot of, ” Black Lives, This and That ….

It’s truly incredible to now hear some of the stories from whites and blacks, about the issues they’ve had with racism, that much like the #MeToo brigades, were not things they chose to display, as soon as they occurred ???

The case of Alexandra Burke, is an interesting one, because it seems that, prior to winning, whatever she won, that subsequently, she’s had a number of things said, and asked of her, like,

BLEACHING her skin….

… to make her more appealing to her white fanbase !!!

Like, REALLY … ???

… Which, of course, due to FEAR, she only now feels as though she can let the world know about !?!

Also, the type of music she’s put out, has also been subject to some questionable comments and suggestions, as to how to make it more accessible to white minds !!!


Obviously, as I’ve recently posted, it would seem that maybe, Ricky Gervais was right, when assessing that a very illustrious crowd of entertainers, at a prestigious awards show….

Were, Huh Hmmm …

All racist anyway !!!

However, what it also indicates is that a lot of these, so called artists, are simply, products to be put to market, but only to CERTAIN MARKETS, which they seem to happily, comply with, without any problem.

So, it’s a little rich to be suggesting that these things were, soul destroying….

Etcetera, Etcetera….

…. when pay checks were accepted, ahead of standing for something BIGGER, like our wishes to simply be ourselves, especially on artistic stages !?!

Furthermore, are we supposed to believe that these individuals have been making any kind of effort, to bring other black talents to the fore ???

Hardly seems likely now, does it … ???

Money, over artistic integrity, seems to be a very prevalent problem with black artists, as I listen to Macka B explain about the recognition, that, of course there’s a need for money, but, that it shouldn’t and can’t influence what he produces artistically.

A rare individual indeed, it would seem, within the …

…. “ Industry “ ….

…. that, as said, seems to have a rather large number of questionable white folks, whose jokes and pranks, when it comes to blacks, go way beyond being offensive, in many cases.

I also want to say that, much like the statue removal nonsense, do entertainment groups think that pulling programmes NOW, that could be deemed inappropriate for people to see, that have made them and the performers money, and have been shown for years and years on screens globally, now means that they’ve eradicated the type of decision makers, who okayed the material at the time …..

I think NOT !!!

These people and groups, are becoming worse than the, ” Cancel Brigades “, whose political correctness, seems to be filled with hypocrisy, and hypocrites, because as anyone with any sense knows, just because you push people, or their ideologies underground, it doesn’t mean that, that’s where they stay !!!

I am one who now, wholeheartedly believes that freedom of speech is WAY MORE IMPORTANT, than trying to control what people are, or how they think, because certain things cannot be changed by anyone, OTHER than the person who holds the opinion or attitude, it’s simple really, i’d rather know who the racists are, than to be walking into rooms, thinking people are cool, only to be treated like a fool.

The crazy thing about all these retractions, and apologies, etcetera, is that these people seem to think that this is some kind of confessional process, that absolves them of all their racist sins…..

Well, NOT on my MF’ing watch… !!!

What you did before, is not something to be just ignored, because it suits who you are trying to be NOW, Uh Uh … !!!

DON’T Even Try It … !!!

Thus, this weeks piece doesn’t focus on the issue of race within the entertainment industry, but the things that I for one, have encountered, that have shown me that it really isn’t about talent, as much as it is about, fitting in with the racists, or compromising your very being, especially if you are black, to get into what is finally being made clear to see, as a highly biased, prejudiced and dare one say, racist, and above all, deeply manipulative…..

* * * * *

“What I’m Seeing” … Written and Performed by Big Virge

Well folks, the, “ New Normals “, are taking shape all over the place, and certain things are quickly reoccurring !!!

Mass shootings in Africa, Nigeria apparently losing 59 lives in a village attack in the middle of the day, in recent weeks, whilst quarantine issues are now affecting, most of the continent !

The situation in Minneapolis, which has of course been flared by police brutality, that has lead to a very disturbing video being shared, that clearly shows what is tantamount to murder, that of George Floyd, R.I.P. !!!!

Barely weeks into what is being dubbed as the, ” New Normal “, old ones for certain groups, are right back to where they were !!!

As I write, a power cut has, for the second time in a few weeks, at about roughly the same time, now occurred ….

Hmmm ….

Anyway, the national guard have been called out in Minneapolis, due to rioting, well, ” ALLEGED “. rioting, because there are videos already floating around, suggesting that this is a ploy, to convince people of the need for the National Guard, when in actual fact, there are allegations of individuals of law enforcement, themselves, pretending to be rioters, and damaging property, whilst, guess what, MASKED UP ….

So, of course, the Black Live Matter folks, are rising all over the globe, especially in the UK now….

Hmmm ….

Well, as I said recently, it’s amazing how these white guys who think they’re down, are now having their statues torn down and urinated on, by these oh so civil and righteous Brits, who no longer have racists….

Tell that to the groups who thought it was time to come out to protect their white pride, for want of a better phrase !

So, believe what you will, but believe this for sure, there are already speeches being made by law officials, that are trying to vindicate the choking of this man, by an officer, recorded, kneeling on his neck, as he exclaims that he’s unable to breathe !


As are the attempts to pass laws to basically, curb freedom of speech, especially those that indulge in political criticisms, of various governments !!!

From Social Media Companies, to Hong Kong’s Streets, and a few other places, where this worrying trend is gathering pace !

People thought the virus was bad, well, they clearly aren’t thinking of the aftermath !!!!

Things like tax changes for self employed people, for one, that indicate that “ Grants “, that have been issued, may not have to be paid back, DIRECTLY, however, subsequent changes will INDIRECTLY ensure that they will have to pay them back, in ways that will have long term affects, on their future earning potential !

An issue that is likely to be touching more folks than less in the not too distant …


… that’s now being touted as how life will be ….

Thus, the things that were an issue before, are certainly in different places now ! However, that’s because the lockdown and virus, on various levels, has enabled the political advancement of policies, that don’t embrace people’s freedoms, but in fact, place conditions on, and restrict them subtly, but most definitely, more extensively !!!

The word, ” FREEDOM “, is one that’s being thrown around as lockdowns ease now, but honestly, how exactly does allowing people to see six people at a time, become being …

… “ FREE “ …

Hmm, well what I see, as per this weeks piece, are a lot of freedoms being erased, a lot of social issues that were a problem, returning, but becoming heightened, and the majority of people being forced into routines that are stringent, and are everything but availing ….


As if societies across the globe have EVER, given that to people, as if it’s something to be GIVEN, at all …..

Well, the power cut has ended now, so, power has returned fairly swiftly, but as with much these days, I wonder what the REAL causes behind these things, actually are now !!!

A swift tech update maybe, but for what exactly … ???

Conspiracy theory, no, just a question … ???

Like those that should be asked of a certain, Dominic Cummings and his boss BJ, who seems quite happy to dismiss anything suggesting that there is any issue with his lockdown, day trips, which indicates a clear double standard, especially now that the police are said to believe that they would of asked Mr. Cummings to return home, had they caught him on the road at the time !?!

Another interesting question has now been asked of Jimmy Fallon regarding his wearing black face, which he’s swiftly apologised for, on SNL, where Billy Crystal, amongst others, have also performed in Blackface too !!!

That’s SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE folks, so some stuff to think on, as there is now, with all these actors, comedians and entertainment folk, who all, NOW seem to be incredibly apologetic, about profiting in various ways, from either mimicking and playing black characters, to the type of practical jokes that could in all honesty, kill black folks….

So jokes… ???

Well YES… when it comes to these people, and their apologies, but when it comes to the shows that they’ve done….


… and what about their bosses and, the bodies that govern the standards of what is allowed to be aired huh … ???

Racist much…. ???

Well, the thoughts in this weeks piece, reflect on what I was seeing before all this Corona craziness, and the things that i’m definitely seeing again now … !!!

Stay strong out there folks, both MENTALLY and Physically …

Oh and just one more thing for people to think on, because here’s one thing i’m NOT SEEING….


Black lives Matter Protests and Marches, that stand in support of their African-American Brothers and Sisters….

Worth thinking about ….

Big Virge out of here for now …. !!!

* * * * *

“Opinions” … Written and Performed by Big Virge

Okay, so the world appears to be SLOWLY, re-opening, however, there are lots of things that have also become open to, restructuring, thus, open to an abundance of opinions !

Opinions obviously, about the Corona Virus, it’s origins and it’s likely devastation… (or not), if you believe The Don, or interestingly, certain Tanzanian Ministers, who seem quite happy to say that folks should congregate to pray and to PARTY, because according to them, the virus is beaten !?!

Opinions eh … ???
DIFFERENT Opinions … !!!

As a man who errs on the side of anything coming from governments, being, at best, agenda driven politricks’, it’s an interesting thing to see and hear the opinions of different leaders at this time.

It’s also interesting to see what creative heads are putting to paper or text, because the spectrum seems to be quite wide.

Some are looking for the sunny side, obviously….

However, the more thoughtful heads are questioning most things that we are being fed by the media and the net, conspiracy theories are flying around with opinions, that, in certain cases, seem to be re-iterating the same things, high profile paedophile rings, being amongst them !

Thus, the questions stirring opinions, are things like, how to restart economies, and this is where the politicians are airing a volume of opinions, which seem to be more important than protective equipment for health workers, accurate testing, a vaccine, and the whole issue of how distancing and quarantine measures can be implemented ?

However, what is the deal with these old white American Politicians eh ???

I mean, Joe Biden has really stirred it up regarding black voters, and what it apparently means to be black in America, when it comes to our political allegiances !!!

So, even in times like these, political opinion is taking up more news headlines than those who die from this … “ Virus “ … !?!

Like … REALLY … ?!!!?

How about this … ???

All political agendas get put on hold until a definitive, and proven cure is found for this …. “ Pandemic “ ….

Huh … ?!?

As they would seem to be insignificant, compared to the spread of this, ” Virus “, which should also surely be, much more important than, who leads after all this, if we are to believe what we are being told by those within political folds, pretty much, all over the world now !

As if they know that this isn’t gonna truly be a pandemic that lasts, and will then in turn, threaten all human life as we know it, one to think on … ???

Of course though, these are just MY opinions, and as I have been, and can be an asshole, just like everyone else, and opinions are frequently associated with them, (Assholes, that is !!!) ….

This weeks spoken word offering, shares a few more of my opinions of these A-Holes & More…..

* * * * *

“Need” … Written and Performed by Big Virge

Okay so, quick question folks !

If the needs of the many, outweigh the needs of the few !
What exactly is the deal with this Corona Flu … ???

Huh…. HUH …. ?!?

Well, it would seem that the need for certain things is diminishing, however, only for other needs to be fulfilled !!!

Thus, the need for full blown lockdowns is easing, however, this is due to an apparent need to restart the global economy !!!

This, now being placed above peoples health, when their is no cure, or, accurate way to precisely diagnose the causes, and therefore the possible recurrence of this, ” Virus “, from happening, which in turn, opens the door for the continued threat of this global pandemic resurfacing, just as quickly as it came ???

Does none of this seem strange to people …. ???

Like … NOT AT ALL … !?!

Well, people need to remember how this affected us all, before accepting new strategies that humanity again, apparently needs ?

…. like, over zealous police, apps that now, track and map those who’ve got, or, had the virus !!!!

… Or is that to just, TRACK PEOPLE … ?!?

Think on that ones folks ………

There are lots of cloaks and daggers being brandished at the moment, like those surrounding vaccines, and road tests that don’t exactly seem to be quite as, fully operational, in the way that they should be, especially in England ?!?

I am also hearing of people going to what seem like, very scarcely populated hospitals … ?!?

Hmmm, and yet doctors are OVERRUN, to the point where some are taking their own lives … ???

Doesn’t seem right somehow, as it doesn’t, that, LITRES of oxygen were used to help Bojo’ Johnson to get back on his feet !!!

So, essentially, that oxygen which could have helped, MORE VULNERABLE people, was given to him, why because he’s PM … ???

Well at least we know whose important and needed, and who simply isn’t now !

Industries like the airline industry are no longer quite so important to guys like, Billionaire Warren Buffet anymore, as he has made an early declaration, that the travel industry is about to be shaken up, and not in ways that make it easy to make profits, so, funds and investments have been withdrawn post haste, again, apparently ……

However, certain airline heads have merely suggested that there’ll now be a need for, ” CREATIVE Pricing Strategies ” … ???

…. which in my version of their language, simply means radical price increases for flights, as if being quarantined, for days at an end in airports, isn’t gonna be bad enough !!!

Well, with all this going on, it’s time for the world to get back to work, in this new age of slavery !!!!

Yeah I said it, people being tagged by apps, working and schooling being conducted online, and even, staggered time zones for age groups to move around, as will be the case in Spain !!!

However, already, the media is reporting of issues, relating to the easing of lockdown measures, which in Spain, as well as Germany, are already being touted as causing, mini resurgences of new infections, so, who knows what the next level of apparent societal needs, will be, that are imposed on people … ???

It’s such a crazy time in human history that this weeks Big Virge verse, speaks on the vital subject of what humanity and the world as a whole, according to the powers that be, will now most definitely …

* * * * *

” Developments ” … A Poem written and Performed by Big Virge

So folks, what’s going on ???

Well, a lot of staring at walls and each other, inside of homes, seems to be the new lil’ … !!!

So a lot of shutdowns are all around now !

It’s a truly incredible thing, to see just how quickly this situation has lead to people isolating ???

These developments of course, have come from governments, and have upped the ante for law enforcement, who are developing a taste for invading folks places, if they’re not obeying what they’ve been told to do !!!

This then leads to the development of reactionary behaviour, from certain members of the public, who aren’t having it, as in this staying at home, and distancing thing !!!

So some are spitting and coughing at law enforcement, and some are apparently, resorting to licking food in supermarkets, to avail more for THEMSELVES … !?!

Takes me back to a guy I was at school with … RIP Marc’ … !!!

The licking of your Twix Chocolate Sticks, will long live in my memory, now more than ever !

However, the development of RELIABLE information, regarding what’s happening in hospital wards, is a whole different thing !!!

Anyways, the development of a number of works on what’s going on are forthcoming, as inspiration flows when stuff like this, has become so prevalent in everyone’s thoughts and discussions …..

However, it can’t and should not be our ONLY Focus, tough as that is to realise in these times, so i’ll keep dropping liks’, long since recorded …..

So, as this weeks post speaks on developments that are arising from this current state of affairs ….

It’s time to look back at a few of my ……

* * * * *

” Money ” … Written and Performed by Big Virge

So folks, the jokes on us it seems, as Ministers and Royalty are, and have been Corona Virus Carriers, and we’re mostly on lockdown globally now !!!

Well, as has been said numerous times, when humanity faces huge issues, that have a mass effect on societies, like WAR, for example.

The best thing to do is ….


Yes, health should be the priority for all of us now, (or shouldn’t that have, ALWAYS been ?!?), however, this world revolves around money, and i’d imagine this virus, won’t stop that being the case, no matter how many survive or die !!!

So, from footballers to the self employed, to those losing jobs who have bills to pay, that are not being waived, people are complaining, and governments are on bailout protocols, all over the world, or, are they !?!

As a friend said to me, why aren’t significant bills like rent, mortgages and loans being WAIVED, rather than being SUSPENDED ?!?

If this is a pandemic, who are they expecting to collect these mounting debts from then, huh, the dead !?!

Also, where is all this money and generosity coming from ?!?

Credit crunches and recessions, could clearly be sorted out quickly, with a lil’ government generosity, now couldn’t they right !?!

They seem, all of a sudden, to be able to do it now ???

So, why exactly are we all slaving for these fat cats to live large, when they could just print more, share it around, and not be so fast to want to collect tax, for essentially, NOTHING, in terms of these services, that we apparently get the best of, which are supposed to hinder, or more importantly, stop these things from happening, when they could simply share a little more, with those in need who have less…..

Merely stuff to think on folks, especially now that we’re seeing what they can do to keep people afloat, when they need to !!!!

I dunno folks, things are indeed concerning, however, don’t take your eyes of society’s prize.


If we go cashless, which seems highly likely now, then the powers that be, have, TOTAL CONTROL of the lives of the survivors !!!

Vaccines become chargeable by digital money transactions, and become COMPULSORY, and so on, none of which sits comfortably with me folks!

Anyway, let’s look at this weeks money winners shall we ….

Seemingly, of all companies, cruise companies like, Royal Caribbean and Carnival, after suffering initial drops in value, rocketed back up with the US Stimulus announcement, as have oil companies like BP and Shell !!!

I mean CRUISE Companies, hows that working now huh ?!?

The Self-Employed seem to have forced governments to recognise their need for money in these times, especially as big companies seem to be the first to be seen as needing government help ???

Companies like say, Goldman Sachs, whose CEO, David Soloman, has received a 20 per cent pay raise, worth 2 Million Dollars, a bonus AND stock options, worth somewhere in the region of a further 25 Million Dollars !!!!

In times like THESE, REALLY … !?!

Like WOW, his future must be very secure, what does he and Goldman Sachs know, that the rest of us DON’T eh !!!

So, as we all wait to see how this situation plays out, here’s one final, interesting fact for the week, this week was the FIRST EVER, ALL ELECTRONIC, Trade Session …. !?!

Now take from that what you will, but with people now blatantly overpricing goods, and still demanding rent money and more, it’s not a time to be stuck without cash it seems ….

RATHER Than, to be stuck WITHOUT HEALTH CARE … !?!

Like WTF ….. ?!?

So, having said all this, money is still far too big an issue, in my opinion, for a time like this, if we are to believe what many now believe this to be, a very real, global pandemic !!!

Folks, all I will say is that it’s really NOT a time to be acting funny over this thing we call …

* * * * *

” Virgelements ” … Written and Performed by Big Virge

So folks, it’s a time where we have a variety of elements affecting the very fabric of what society is, and what it is now heading towards becoming.

So, I obviously can’t talk about current news, without mentioning the Corona Virus, which apparently, could reach pandemic type levels, if not quickly contained !

Hmm, shouldn’t that of been the case in the first bloody place ?!?

Well, thankfully, for a change, it appears that we black folks are not the primary target for elimination !!!

Shocking I know, but not when you assess who is, the Chinese, a growing superpower, economically, which is a very important element, that shouldn’t be dismissed in this whole, rather strange, sudden outbreak, which is of course, dependent, on what sources you choose to believe as being true ???

So, one has to look at the movements of the Chinese into foreign territories like Africa, in recent times, which, Western Governments have always fought to control, as the continent has so much for them to benefit from, financially !!!

Does the timing not seem, suitably convenient to make the Chinese the enemy of people, globally, due to what they may now be carrying around with them ?

Africans had better watch out, as we know the Chinese are now a prevalent element in Africa’s now, growing, foreign populous !

So, who does this outbreak benefit ?

Well, clearly the US and UK Economies, whose Brexit move has worried business people and financiers across the British Isles, and with trade deals being of high importance now, if trade routes and of course, contact with the Chinese is deemed untenable, guess what ?

Trump, Boris and their pals, surely benefit, in no small way !!!

Yeah, conspiracy type thinking, however, in these days and times, why would fake news not relate to this particular situation … ???

Stuff to think on is all, of course be careful folks, but recognise where the biggest threat lies, and it’s not in Chinese people, solely, or individuals from Singapore, like the young man who was attacked in London this week, by a group of youths who racially abused, and beat this young man, who was told during the attack …

“I don’t want your corona virus in my country !”,

by one of his assailants !!!

Nice … NOT … !!!

As is the element of stock piling of goods, to then sell them at exorbitant prices !!!

Toilet rolls for a thousand dollars anyone ?

One guy in Australia got caught out by a news crew, who awaited his arrival to make a sale.

However, upon arrival, he then quickly suggested that the money was for an operation, when he saw the news crew lying in wait for his ass (Excuse The Term) !!!

Yeah RIGHT …. !!!

So, there are signs of panic, and we don’t even know how serious it is yet … ?!?

… other than that, it seems that the high fliers, who do plenty of business in China, seem to be the best folk to steer clear of currently, as is the case with Italy, Iran and China obviously !

It’s just incredible to see the greedy, criminal elements in people, surfacing so quickly, when something, that could become seriously dangerous to us all, is in its infancy ?!?


It’s also a bit scary, when this kind of scenario was written about in no small way, in Dean Koontz’s book, “ The Eyes of Darkness “.

Thus, talking of darkness, it looks like the ladies will remain in the dark, when it comes to running America, as Elizabeth Warren has found that her run for office, will not get her to the Whitehouse !

Ah well, I’m sure there’s some cooking that she can do somewhere, that’ll fill up her time !

As in ….. “ Cook up “ …..

…. some more political rhetoric !

(before the feminist, #metoo brigades, start to gang up on me !)

So finally, let me briefly speak on Chris Matthews, seasoned TV Presenter in America, who has found himself in hot water for making what would have been deemed by most, as compliments many moons ago, that are now seen as sexually, unacceptable comments !

Okay so, we get it now, the emasculation of men is another element within this modern world, that is now, DEMANDING MORE RESPECT from men, for the ladies !!!

Cool cool, but, where does the line stop exactly then ladies ???

…. because you know what will happen when men become too scared to compliment women right !

When they receive little or … NO ATTENTION … !!!

They’ll be the first ones to start complaining about the lack of,


Mark my words … !!!!

So, for a lot of guys, by now becoming whatever variant of metrosexual male, that the feminist movement seems to now want us to be, we’ll be walking on eggshells, just to get some !!!!

How crazy people have become ?!?

…. and the fundamental elements that make us what we are, may well be the things that people end up craving for, but hey, us older archaic thinkers, have no place in today’s world it seems …

Well, there are a few elements that I’d like to discuss this week, and as everybody seems to be creating fresh definitions of themselves, this weeks piece comprises of….

My own version of what are known as elements …

However, these are ….

* * * * *

“Be Careful What You Do !” … Written and Performed by Big Virge

Well folks, I obviously can’t drop a post this week, without at least briefly mentioning the virus of all viruses !!!

So, no coronas all round any more !?!

Well, at least for a change, black folks are not the main victims of things that clearly work against the interests of the people ….

So far at least … !!!

Anyway, enough about that, as there’ll be plenty said about it over the net few weeks and months, it seems ……

So, moving on to the stuff that the powers that be, would clearly prefer us not to focus on, as once again, news of past abuses finally comes to light for the public to see !!!

Paedophile cover ups for ministers in Westminster, by the police, that date back to the years of Margaret Thatcher, David Steele and the likes of Cyril Smith. Names from the past, who it seems, had knowledge of allegations of abuses by their colleagues, that they chose to ignore !!!

So, it seems that these abusers, didn’t have to be careful, when it came to their actions and subsequent manoeuvres, that were kept suitably hidden, until now !!!

Incredible, but not even shocking anymore, when it comes to the incredible double standards that apply to political heads, royalty and the rich and famous, who like Weinstein, only seem to face prison, when they’re basically, ready for the grave anyway ?!?

So, it’s becoming very clear that they do not seem to have to be, quite as careful as the rest of us, when it comes to their shady movements !

However, the lockdown appears to be happening in various places now, and NO, I don’t mean the Corona Virus Type of lockdown !

I mean the type that now has university staff at UCL in London, being told that relationships with students is not to happen anymore.

Especially it seems, as a Cambridge Professor, who has conveniently stepped down from his position, has been found to have, again, seemingly covered up for a colleague, accused of inappropriate sexual advances to students !

So, this all sounds great, but shouldn’t this have been in place in SCHOOLS FIRST, because most university students are of an age, where sexual activity isn’t as big of a problem, as it has proven to be within the teaching profession, with minors in SCHOOLS !!!

Further news has now affirmed that facial recognition technology is in full effect in London, even if Londoners only received 2 hours notice of it coming into effect !!!

A NYC city fashion show has found themselves in hot water for making models wear, what some have suggested to be racially offensive accessories, I mean really, in 2020 … WTF … ?!?

Talking of WTF type actions, hows about the Tanzanian Government official, who has threatened that people will face arrest for posting videos that show the poor state of the country !?!

I mean, how much of this type of nonsense will modern governments be allowed to now get away with ….

It seems that it’s only those of us who are below certain levels of society, who will have to be careful what we do, while the elite hierarchies and or, illuminati, for want of a better word, do not ?

Yet another set of these double standards that are becoming more and more prevalent in modern society !!!

However, this weeks piece looks at the continual dangers that black people face in a time where the right is on the rise, and, as per the police paedophile cover up story, one has to wonder about how policing of black people in particular, is likely to go, with the Trump & Johnson show, about to go on the road, as it were !!!

However, it would seem that quite a few young artists from Stormzy to Dave, are not afraid to suggest that Boris, like his party, is blatantly racist !!!

Well, it’s clear that as I recently suggested, that those of us below the upper echelons of society, not only now, need to …

” Be Careful What We Say ….

But that, as we move into the age of the Corona Virus Problem, Johnson Politics in the UK, and a possible second term in office for The Trumpster, that most of us, but especially, young black males, and sadly, as was the case at a Florida school last year, six year old black girls, now need to also ….

* * * * *

“Depression” … Written and Performed by Big Virge

So, another crazy week in this world of ours ….

Today’s news confirms, that Harvey Weinstein is at the very least now, a convicted sexual predator !

Depressing times are coming for the old fella, as escaping jail doesn’t look likely, before his passing, but time will tell.

As I’ve always maintained, the argument that fear stopped these women from bringing his indiscretions to light immediately, will never sit well with me, but much like the LGBT, and #MeToo movements, a heavy backlash would now seem to face anyone who’d dare question the validity of their arguments, or position.

Well, my argument is still the same, why is no-one asking these women about, the women they allowed to subsequently, have to face this abuser ???

It’s just a QUESTION … ?!?

Not everyone buys the arguments presented, as to why it was so difficult for these women, who seem to have gone on, in many cases, to have successful careers, to stop this man from doing what he’s now been convicted of doing, by speaking up about his abuses, immediately.

So, moving on, A German Mass Shooting, that seems to have been racially motivated, and more craziness, as another crowd of people have had to face a car being driven into them, where children have been amongst the injured !!!

It’s easy to look at the world now, and get depressed, but, what is depression really ???

An inability to deal with the realities of the world, or simple denial of that, which is part of your world, that makes you uncomfortable ???

Well, denial in my opinion, is very closely linked to depression, as said, reality, if you’ve embraced a fantasy existence, may well cause a level of depression, that is very difficult to recover from !!!

However, as this weeks piece will show, from impeachment denial, to weather fronts that are causing floods in the UK, and around the globe, these are things that definitely do not feed happiness and positivity into people’s thinking.

Face the truth, and refuse to run from it, learn from life’s lessons, and maybe just maybe, you might find that this helps you to avoid the woes of …..

* * * * *

“Be Careful What You Say !” … Written and Performed by Big Virge

So, another week has come and gone, as has Ex UK Chancellor, Sajid Javed, barely weeks before what would appear to be a very important budget, for the UK and beyond !!!

Mr. Javid is not alone though, as a certain Andrew Sabinsky, due to tweets made that exposed certain views about Eugenics, pregnancies and of course, race, has made his position untenable, in the current, cancel climate.

A rare occurrence for a parliamentarian, however, as he was only a recently appointed advisor, he has proven to be expendable, even though he hasn’t been criticised for his opinions, in any way, by Boris Johnson, or the Conservative Party, in any major way.

The story that has really caught my attention though, is the one that has shown what can happen when you upset the alphabet genders, in tweets you decide to share publicly !!!

However, interestingly here, as the accused is an ex-policeman, Harry Miller, who is now a businessman who clearly knows his way around the law, has somehow been found to have been the VICTIM of disproportionate actions, or, as has been quoted,

“disproportionate interference with the claimants right to freedom of speech.”

by the police, who, having received the complaint, sent an officer to the office of Mr. Miller, who was accused of a transphobic tweet, on the grounds of his tweets being a …

“Non crime hate incident.”

Hmmm, now this is interesting, considering the level of vitriol and criticism, anytime someone black says anything deemed to be, disrespectful of the alphabet community ?

Especially as the judiciary of England and Wales state that

“free speech includes not only the inoffensive,but the irritating, the contentious, the eccentric, the heretical, the unwelcome and the provocative, and that the freedom only to speak inoffensively is not worth having.”

So, this topic can’t be covered, without mention of Israel Folau, who, although losing his contract with Australian Rugby, for suggesting that, hell awaits members of said community, then fought his case on religious grounds, got a money settlement, and is now playing his rugby elsewhere.

So, is this another racist agenda, as retired ultra orthodox, Jewish Judge, Gavriel Krausz, made it clear that Jewish teachers should be prepared to take their own life, before teaching LGBTQ matters to children, as it’s an abomination !

I don’t believe he’s been thrown under the bus for such shocking statements, as many others seem to be ???

So, back to Harry Millers case, where Justice Julian Knowles, even went as far as to suggest that Humberside police acted as if they were Gestapo, or Stasi, in some kind of Orwellian society, which is completely alien to how Britain is… or has ever been !!!

Hmmm … ?????

In fact, according to Article 10, of the European Convention of Human Rights, the police violated the rights to freedom of speech, for Mr. Miller.

So, does this article not apply to the rest of us, or to the parents who have fought against the compulsory teaching of LGBTQ lifestyles to children, as one Muslim parent has definitely been threatened with fines or even imprisonment, for making his feelings known publicly ?!?

This has become a touchy subject for anyone who uses their ability to speak freely on the matters of the world, to get paid today. However, there do seem to be quite a few imbalances in how such outbursts, especially via social media, are treated, as per Kevin Hart, as just one example !

Double Standards seem to surround this subject, but, freedom of speech is the only thing that seems to be being restricted, due to what exactly … ???

…. people being offended by an opinion or comment, that doesn’t sit well with them, well they should try being black in this ridiculously, lopsided world, when it comes to ministers, leaders, sports fans, players and administrators alike, who’ve been disrespectful to black people in particular, right up to today !!!

People are being bullied into submission, regarding this issue, except for ….

Hmm, ex policeman, or toe the line, media people … ?!?

Something clearly does not add up, and needs to be addressed in a more rational and reasonable way.

If we are to be in an era where upsetting people can affect your ability to earn, or speak freely, then the likes of Trump and Boris, need to, not only face judiciaries, over their often, offensive statements, but should be removed from positions of office, where what they say can evidently, influence millions of people !!!

It’s clear that, as it’s always been, the rules get switched to suit, except for black people, unless we join the rank and file of those who claim to now be victimised.

Freedom of speech … ???

Well, maybe for some, but for the rest us it’s clear that we still have to …..

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“Are You Ready ?” … Written and Performed by Big Virge

So, as we get into the year, it’s pretty clear that a lot of things are gonna shock in the next few months, from ridiculous tax increases, like the apparent, 666 per cent tax rise on postal duties, now imposed by the Barbados government, which has then been accented, by PM Mia Mottley, who has then affirmed that there will most likely be, further tax increases, in the not too distant future.

There’s work being done where I reside currently, and it’s evident from speaking to one of the more proficient and skilled workers i’ve spoken to in Barbados, that, the levels of greed and the disparity between, what the rich and wealthy receive, not only in terms of treatment, but tax breaks, is growing in ways that, have clearly never been fair, and are now worsening.

A simple conversation with a taxi driver also affirmed that what is happening, not just in Barbados, but globally, is something people had better be prepared for, as things are indeed, about to become, very unbalanced, economically !

So, Boris is also exhibiting a wish to deal with things in his own, rather unbalanced way, from sending these Jamaican Criminals back home, even if it’s not legal, to funding things that he himself is suggesting will be costly and a little difficult !

Brexit whatever, going on, whilst the streets of England now keep proving that people clearly aren’t ready for what may attack from behind, or what they are likely to see amongst young people with grievances in the streets !!!

As said in my last post, the rise in anti-immigrant, essentially racist, political rhetoric, seems to be continuing to rise, and when the Church of England is being labelled as Institutionally Racist by The Archbishop of Canterbury, it should concern, regardless of whatever, apparent strides, are being made in the fake world of Hollywood, regarding diversity.

So, this weeks piece reflects on much of the hypocrisies, that clearly, lie behind Western Governance, from war to religion, to race, and a few bits more, but as with much that would appear to be on the way, from Africa to China, to the UK…..

My question is this …. ARE YOU READY …. ???

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“Illusions” … Written & Performed by Big Virge

So, first things first ….

The Don gets off !

No impeachment, so, once again it’s, off to the Whitehouse races, for one of the most, polarising leaders of modern history.

Well, as per previous posts, i’m not surprised, due to the fact that, in my view, it’s an illusion to believe that any part of the legal system is truly what it claims to be.

So, this leads me to the rise in right wing movements in Europe, and clearly beyond, in terms of Trumps America !!!

Immigration restrictions increased to limit, Nigerian, Eritrean, Sudanese and Tanzanian Nationals from entering America.

Thus, it’s no surprise that parties like the AfD in Germany, Vox in Spain, and The League in Italy, are making strides towards increasing their followings !

The illusion of separation between parties, has also been exposed in recent years, especially with these, so called liberals.

So, it’s again, no surprise to find that, this week in Germany, Thomas Kemmerich, an apparently Liberal politician, has been found to be benefitting from alliances with right wing groups to gain a share of power, which is no different to the recent coalition between the Liberals and Conservatives in the UK, in recent times, and so on !

So, quickly over to South Africa, to the disturbing news of illegal minors being killed and left in the street, which isn’t so uncommon, as the reports suggest that 60 die EVERY DAY in South Africa, so it’s a big illusion that the new, Post Apartheid South Africa, is really, that much better than the old !

We’re in a time where Democratic Politicians, who apparently, can claim to be the, middle of the road thinkers, are no longer approved of, by their die hard followers, from Corbyn in the UK, to the Democrats in America.

So, there are quite a few illusions in society that are being exposed for what they truly are, like the Phillip Schofield confession to actually being gay, even though building the facade of being a family man with a wife and children, over many years, which just goes to show that, living a lie, isn’t alien to famous people, and the dangerous part of such deceptions, is that when it comes to legal proceedings that involve, royalty, or these incredibly wealthy guys, there are numerous falsehoods and illusions that surround them ….

So, this weeks piece looks into some of these …..

* * * * *

“Double Standards” … Written and Performed by Big Virge

So folks, I will start this weeks web post with my condolences to those mourning the loss of Kobe Bryant !

A truly tragic and sad loss, no matter what you think of him, his past, on and off the court, you cannot deny the Basketball Genius that was Kobe Bryant !

Taken from this world, far too quickly, in my personal opinion, simply from the standpoint of what he could of passed on to the next generations of Basketball players.

Simply …..

R.I.P. Kobe !

So, swiftly moving on, because the double standards seem to be running rife, right about now, from the reports of congressmen and senators, sleeping or actually playing games during this debacle of an impeachment, which doesn’t look at this point, as though The Don will be impeached.

The shocking news to most Democrats, that Bernie Sanders may hold some views, regarding female leadership of America, that won’t get him many female votes !

WHAT am I saying ?!?

If the current President is an ass grabbing, boasting individual, actually voted into office, having confessed to this publicly, well, we now know that anything can happen !

However, Bernie’s alleged suggestion, which he of course, denies, is one that suggests a woman could not become the President !

SHOCK HORROR, an old white dude doesn’t really think that highly of women, well you know where this is going folks, double standards, clearly from his female supporters, as well as himself.

Further evidence of this, has been the slamming, yet again, at an award show, for the lack of respect for black music !!!

Well maybe, instead of pandering to these, allegedly, corruptly run institutions, we should really start investing in supporting our own, with OUR OWN shows and awards, however, PROPERLY Funded and run, instead of cursing those, who have evidently, made these black entertainers, as rich and famous as many have now become, to even be airing such views !

These protests, just don’t wash with me anymore, which leads me to the TCF bank in Detroit, that refused Mr. Sauntore Thomas, an ex US Air Force Veteran, the right to deposit a cheque he received for,

WAIT for it …….

Race Discrimination from his previous employer …..

…. only to find that a female, African American Employee, by all accounts, decided that maybe a few calls should be made, whilst Mr. Thomas was made to wait, only to find out that, not only was he gonna be denied the right to deposit his cheque, but that he was to be, subsequently questioned about fraud by the police, who had been secretly called, but suddenly, upon finding out the truth, dropped their investigation !

Black Lives what …. ???

Yeah OKAY Folks…..

Well as his lawyer has confirmed, it’s just another case of the recurring issue of …. ” Banking While BLACK “, which seems to still be an offence in certain institutions, due to their training and treatment of black customers, just INCREDIBLE !!!!!

We also have the issue of Ugandan Climate Activist, Vanessa Nakate’s fresh claim of media racism, due to being cropped out of a photo, that she was actually in, with Greta Thunberg no less, that Associated Press felt, due to a BUILDING being BEHIND her, that her presence would be DISTRACTING.

Hmmm, nice work guys, no double standards there then either right ?

Finally, not so much a case of double standards, but to me one of incredibly bad standards, which is the news that students at Sheffield University, are to be paid, basically ten pounds an hour to help stop micro aggressions, i.e RACIST Language, that is the type of subtle swipe at people of a different race, that many find offensive.

Hmmm ….

These students are to be called … ” Race Equality Champions ” …

Well, if as I keep getting told, the youngsters of Britain are not remotely racist anymore, why the sudden need to deal with, in terms of racist speech, what is now being said to be an apparently, COMMON OCCURRENCE, for many foreign students, who also claim to be treated as cash cows for universities across the country.

The classic British Double Standard that the Brits love to maintain, of it’s worse elsewhere, because they refuse to acknowledge the stench of their colonialist ideals and legacy, that just cannot be removed from a nation, that is so proud of having such roots, even in todays world.

So, this piece deals mainly with England, as it’s where I was grown, but it speaks on the global double standards that are a growing problem for foreigners, of varying shades and degrees, in most places, funnily enough EXCEPT for, white people ….

So, it’s time to talk about their …..

* * * * *

” I Have One Too ” … Written and Performed by Big Virge

On Martin Luther King day, a piece that pays respect and homage to the, ” I Have A Dream “, speech ….

… made by Dr. Martin Luther King !

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” The System Really Is ” … Written & Performed by Big Virge

Well, after all the pomp and ceremony of the last Royal Wedding, look at where it’s now heading … ?!?

AWAY from the family, off to Canada, and essentially, OUT of the Royal Family !!!

When they say things move fast these days, they really AREN’T Kidding folks, it’s just CRAZY !!!

So, with all due respect, what does Madame Markle have between her legs, that has got poor Harrys head so wrapped up in it, that he’s prepared to denounce his title !!!

Just WOW … !!!!!

Well, at least it looks as though Canada’s costs for keeping them, may have just been resolved, pay for em’ yourselves, would appear to be how things should now go, but only time will tell.

So, swiftly moving on, what a story Dark Water tells folks, it’s my movie recommendation for anyone, who can deal with true stories, that expose the levels of corporate corruption, that affect peoples health and consequently, their lives !!!

It is a movie that opens eyes and minds to the horrific usage of PFAS drugs, one of which is known as PFOA, otherwise known as C8, or what are known as Forever Chemicals, of which it is said that there are OVER 4000 different types !

Dupont, being the company that discovered Teflon,

By Lab ACCIDENT … !!!!!

…. have kept secret, the dangers of chemical compounds used, that were evidently, then dumped into peoples water, in this case, in West Virginia.

However, it has subsequently been found to be contaminating the water in America, and international water supplies, as well as products from clothing, to numerous products that people either place on their skin, or in their bodies.

This is a film about corporate crime, at it’s most deceitful and destructive, all for, what ….

You guessed it ….

MONEY … What a surprise …

NOT !!!!!!!

In these days and times, as people continue to do their do, one has to wonder, how many truly realise the levels of system driven abuses, from those spoke about in my last post, where police are letting children be abused, and then refusing to open up, about their failings, to these incredibly corrupt companies !

DuPont and 3M, being just two, who have knowingly, released poisons into the environment, regardless of the human cost !

Toxins and poisons, that have now been proven to blacken and essentially, rot teeth, to those that cause various cancers that kill human beings !

Livestock deaths, due to the toxins from the waste, being ingested by these animals, and the blatant usage of the leverage of employment, to try to stop communities who have been, and still are victims, from trying to bring these companies to courtrooms, and inevitably, to some degree of justice and punishment.

Their own company, in the case of Dupont especially, has also suffered staff illnesses and deaths, which are of course, allegations they are still trying to deny, even though the lawyer who took up the case, Rob Bilott, is still here today, to tell people his version of the truth, which is indeed, a very dark and disturbing tale of corporate and government deceptions, that have gone on for well over 50 years now, if not longer.

This is an incredible story, and one that may just cause the type of movements, that could cause corporate businesses a lot of problems, if they’ don’t clean up their act, because peoples children and families, are being treated as being expendable, in the pursuit of corporate power !

Rob Bilott has fought Dupont, for over twenty years, and as he says, still hasn’t won, in terms of stopping the usage of these forever chemicals, in basic things that most people use.

Mark Ruffalo and Nathaniel Rich deserve mentions here, firstly Rich, who wrote the article,

“The Lawyer Who Became Dupont’s Worst Nightmare”,

An article which inspired Ruffalo to want to find out more and inevitably, bring the story to screen !

Based on what is exposed in the movie, it’s a must watch for people who give a damn about, more than making money.

Indeed, Mr. Bilott’s book about this is called, ” Exposure “, which would appear to be one, worth a read !

Thus, this weeks piece speaks on the bigger issue here, which is how the system, as it were, really works, or DOESN’T, in this particular case, for the benefit of the masses.

It speaks on how systemic agendas, hang the poorer, average folks, out to DIE, when it fills their pockets, and how people, really are seen as commodities that can be abused, and used, as long as they satisfy their needs !

Corporate bosses, lobbyists, and people deemed to work for the peoples interest, at health organisations, and scientific research groups, who, as Bilott suggests, are all in it together, no matter the weather, or problems they create.

Thus, in broadening the scope of what the system really is ….

This weeks piece speaks on exactly that ….


• • • • •

” The Dark Wars ” … Written and Performed by Big Virge
So folks, here we go into another year … !!!

So, as we have left 2019, we also leave the Skywalkers to fade into the void of space …

As a die hard fan from The 77 New Hope debut, it was a highly anticipated movie for me, however, like many, it seems I have to say that the fandom has a fair case in the criticisms that many are levelling at Disney especially !!!

Firstly, and swiftly, let me deal with the ridiculous levels of Identity Politics, that in many ways, seem forced and unnecessary, in my opinion !

Tokenism, from a race perspective, an overtly feminist agenda, that was so over the top and OP, (Over Powered, for those who don’t know), that even members of these communities, surely, have to squirm just a lil’ bit, at how these agendas are being flouted, even in Star Wars ???

Thus, a same sex kiss was just thrown in to ensure the alphabet genders get into the mix too, even if done at the end, in the background of the victory celebrations scene !

Is this what we’ve come to really, movie makers being the ones fighting for varied causes and movements, that the movements themselves, should surely be taking care of … controversial view, well, I don’t think so, merely, a quizzical thought about what seems to now have become the norm in a lot of todays’ entertainment ???

Moving on, it’s pretty clear that when J.J. Abrams became,

” Jar Jar Abrams ” …. in the view of vloggers’, that problems were abundant with the movie, and sadly this proved to be the case for me, upon seeing The Rise of Skywalker, which had proven to be more like the DEATH, of an incredibly successful franchise !

The non-appearance of its creator, George Lucas, at the movies premiere, speaks more than volumes, it speaks of an incredible disrespect for the thinking, writing and processes that developed the original trilogy.

As many are saying the movie appears to have tried to correct much of what The Last Jedi presented in its story, and thus seemed to be trying to do two movies in one !

Essentially, we are given a treasure hunt, which leads to the finale, which incorporates, a Truly NONSENSICAL, return to life for The Emperor, who we all thought died a long time ago in a screenplay far away !!!

Well, Disney has proven to have had their eyes on the money, ahead of providing a story that firstly, MADE SENSE, with a suitable continuity, which could bring the saga to a satisfying end !

Suffice to say, without even attempting to explain the ridiculous plot, i’ll take from things said by more avid Star Wars fans.

So, Palpatine surviving his fall to apparent death in the, ” Return of The Jedi ” …

Immediate FAIL …

Simply WTF …. ?!?

However, his reappearance guaranteed an audience though right ???

“Can you hear the Disney Money Train ?!?”

It’s clearly a case of follow the money for the decision making by Disney on that one, which ultimately covers the majority of gripes that I and others, have with how this then played out ….

Eventually it also has become clear that honestly, the casting was fair to middling regarding Ridley, Boyega, Driver and Isaac.

I get that they can only work with what they’re given, but over the three movies, they’ve basically failed in creating a dynamic that worked as a new collective, and definitely nothing like as effective as the Luke, Han, Leia, threesome.

So, fundamentally, a poor set of remakes, however, as far as for making easy money, because of the franchises legacy …..

It would appear to have been a win for Disney, especially on the basis of new products to market to new fans !

I just hope this is not indicative of where movies are heading, but much like society, collecting fast bucks ahead of earning it for good work, would seem to be the way forward.

A lot of show, without much substance, again, much like society these days, so, as much as this will obviously upset the racist fans, this version of what could now be done, would probably be better than the one we’ve just been handed !!!

So, here we go folks into 2020, and as much as people try to deny, we’re heading into a dark time where, the title of this piece may well reflect how things are about to be internationally, for most societies !!!


I wrote the bulk of this,
BEFORE the current Iran Situation !!!

Anyway, here are some wars that might just be a better option, than the ones we’ve actually got now !!!


The Virge ….

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“Gifted” … Written and Performed by Big Virge

So folks, as the season of gift giving, and good will, is the flavour still …..

Here’s a lil’ lyrical gift for the season from Big Virge

• • • • •

“Mad Talent” … Written and Performed by Big Virge

In a world where so many are now making their claim to be the headline name, when it comes to lyrical talents, and beyond !

I figure it’s time that I make mine, with these rhymes that have been designed to clarify that, just because a guy doesn’t have that MAINSTREAM SHINE, it really doesn’t mean that they HAVEN’T got, as this poem makes CLEAR …..

• • • • •

“They Seem To Be Afraid ?” … Written and Performed by Big Virge

So here we go folks, another joke of an election is about to reach fever pitch !

So, the apparently righteous warrior, being Jeremy Corbyn, a man who seems to be, about as stand up a guy as we’ve seen for a while, is up against the British Trump, ol’ BJ Johnson !

As I’ve said all along, I can’t see how a Corbyn win serves the world well, but hey, who knows, all I know is that he would be a very interesting PM.

However, what I also think is that, this Anti-Semitism situation, which seems to be the main thing that everybody is on his back about, could prove to be very important.

It would be foolish to think that Jewish support isn’t key for any PM or President, and, as they seem to be the ones with all the media power, and money, it’s gonna be interesting to see if this issue proves to be the stumbling block that ol’ JC can’t step over, or break !!!

I’ll quickly dismiss the Lib Dems’ and The REST, of having any chance of doing anything, other than cause the odd disturbance with a shock win, here of there.

So, BOJO is desperately seeking to solidify his position as PM, and then of course, to deliver Brexit !!!

This Brexit matter is also, another key factor in Labour having any hope of winning, as the referendum left them in the awkward position, of knowing that the majority of the British Public, disagrees with Jeremy, and quite a few labour MP’s.

So, this could also prove to be the bridge that Jeremy can’t cross with the British Public, being happy to follow, even if events of the last few years may have opened some minds to maybe, look at being part of the EU differently ….

Time will tell …….

On the other side of this fence is Nigel Farage, who, with a few others, has caused quite a stir, with party switches and constituency tactics, that could scupper Labour wins in marginal constituencies !

So, it seems reasonable to believe that Boris can win, especially with the type of Political Backstabbing, and shenanigans, that now rule the Political Spectrum, both in the UK and abroad, which of course leads me to the protracted, impeachment proceedings that seem to have Trump running scared, much like BJ, from interviews and basic questions, that the electorate should surely be entitled to have answers to !!!

Thus, i’ll look into a few other factors, without getting too much into this game of politricking, which could also result in yet another coalition government in the UK !!!

How about the prospect of that, Swinson, Corbyn and BJ, being forced to work together, now that would scare a number of political commentators and party members i’m sure !!!

I really do think though, having spoken to an English buddy of mine, who lives in London today, that the general public sentiment is that they are once again, stuck between a rock and a hard place, but, should remember that if the voting system is legitimate, and not rigged, that they have the final say, and should vote with their brains … !!!

NOT …. out of some sense of blind allegiance to nationalism, or ignorance, regarding the prospect of open borders, which would increase the numbers, who are the BIG Monster in the room, for the election, IMMIGRANTS and of course, Immigration ….

However, the electorate this time around, must look at the lack of transparency that is plaguing, not only BOJO, but issues within Corbyn’s party, that are suitably dismissed, or swept away, much like President Trump is trying to do with this impeachment process …..

It would be wise not to let these politicians blinker their thinking, because at the end of the day …

As this weeks poem relates and states ….

Considering their position on the world stage, why exactly, when it comes to answering basic questions … ?

Do …… ?

* * * * *

“Elite” … Written and Performed by Big Virge

Okay folks, so we are times where it’s clear that these, ” Men “, who are part of the …

” Elite ” …

… are not as squeaky clean as they have led people to believe, from royalty to presidencies to those who are …. or were wealthy, in the case of Jeffery Epstein !!!

So, Prince Andrew …

Tut Tut Tut … !!!!

Renowned playboy and stud of the current, Royal Crop, but, wait just a second, abuse of his position … ???

“ Letting The Team Down “, quotes, as if fraternising with the likes of Epstein, and young, possibly, UNDER AGE girls, who were being lined up for what would seem to be sexually driven liaisons !!!

Well as i’ve said, where are the feminist marches to Buckingham Palace, calling for his head, and the #MeToo movements, when they’re REALLY supposed to get their noses up in certain mens faces eh … ?!?

If companies and organisations that Prince Andrew once endorsed, or had alliances with, are cutting ties with him, why isn’t there more uproar huh … !?!

One has to wonder …. ???

…. Oh, because he’s royalty, or because he’s part of an elite club, where the likes of Trump, Boris and Benjamin Netanyahu are members !!!

It doesn’t seem like such a cool club to be in now though does it ?!?

However, there are some other things to consider here, like the women who surround, and even marry these men !

These elite guys have always got women around them, who don’t seem to have any knowledge, and, don’t seem to take any issue with the movements of these elite guys ….

Let’s check that for a sec ……

NO KNOWLEDGE of…. Ermmm REALLY ….. ?!!!?


Well, as a lot of these documentaries and movies are showing these days, it seems quite RIDICULOUS to believe that these wives and mistresses, have no clue about these men, other than when they’re sexing them, but hey, when you dig for gold, you get dirty don’t ya !!!

Thus, Netanyahu. and The Don, impeachment and corruption cases, lies and a plethora of ridiculous tales about who said what, and or, demanded what, or, who took what for a few favours that their position could avail, for everyone from, evidently, child abusers, to huge corporations, looking for a foot into countries for business purposes, like say, Jennifer Arcuri in Boris Johnson’s case, who isn’t such a happy little lady now is she … all of a sudden !!!

Why … ???

…. because she feels like she was treated like some, well, you know what, for a one night stand !!!

Whatever Luv’ … !!!

It’s quite a collective of incredibly shady, and, ignorant people !

Between the likes of Trump, Johnson and Netanyahu, who can possibly make an accurate assessment of their characters ?

However, racism, prejudice and abuses of power, would seem to be reasonable things to be suggesting that they have embraced, or, have at least been party to, much like Prince Andrew ….

Tut TUT TUT …. !!!!!

Royalty doing naughty things with women ….

Who’d of thunk it … ?!?

Well, if you check history, you might find that those in Royal Shoes, have been dealing in some rather, debauched behaviour, over the years, and in fact, that this very same behaviour is why they are now holding the positions they do, because of details they hold on families that might just tear down certain countries…

It’s all fun and games for the hierarchies of society, however, these recent allegations and stories of their behaviour, away from the limelight, has a few peeps looking a little bit closer at what is to be …

” Elite ” ….

So, here’s my poetic take on this word, and what it probably means, and has always meant to truly join those who claim to be ……

* * * * *

” Apocalyptic Times ” … Written and Performed by Big Virge

So folks, as we approach the festive, people aren’t exactly showing, so much good will, from Ice Hockey Commentator, Don Cherry, who has been sacked due to making, ” YOU PEOPLE “, references, to those not supporting the poppy parades etcetera, for war vets, well, I must be one of, ” Those People “, who will no longer be bullied into going along with something that historically, wasn’t exactly undertaken for,

” My Peoples’ ” … benefit, yes I deal in humanity first now, but let’s not make that mistake of assessing the likes of Mr. Cherry, as holding even, remotely similar views, so as per the broadcaster …

CARRY YOUR ASS, Monsieur Cherry !!!

A sentiment, not unlike those recently sent to Bolivian Mayors and Politicians, who are losing power, hair and a great deal more, it seems, as political unrest rises in Bolivia, which leads me to, impeachment and the UK Election !

Pure madness and a lot of subtle, and NOT SO Subtle tricks, are being employed by President Trump, Farage and Boris !!!

Now there’s three stooges who would of been as good as Curly, Larry and Moe, with regard to their shenanigans !!!!!

Another school shooting in LA this week, I mean, seriously, when are gun laws gonna be tightened, because at this rate, the youngsters will be filling graves much faster than their elders, but, as a woman on question time in the UK, recently explained, rather vehemently, it ain’t supposed to go this way !!!

However, my post this week, looks more at the incredibly frequent occurrences of natural phenomena, that are now creating havoc with peoples’ lives, from the poor to the rich globally !!!

Even Lewis Hamilton, with his 200 plus flights a year, is suggesting that things desperately need to change !

Interesting indeed, coming from an F1 Racing Car Driver !?!

Fires blazing in Australia and California, flooding in England and Venice, a place renowned for it’s water ways being a great tourist attraction, well, not for a while now it would seem.

Meanwhile, where rain is needed, it doesn’t seem to be coming, parts of Africa and Asia, are needing rain for crop production, which seems to align itself to the recent, Euro Heatwave, which has now brought masses of rain to balance the books as it were.

However, as we are now seeing that, Greta Thunbergs’ thoughts on these matters, are proving to hold weight, all over the place !!!

Apocalyptic … ???

Well, not just yet, but as Ms. Thunberg hits the seas to continue her global appearances, one has to wonder where the next natural disaster will come from ???

There’s so much more of concern in our world right now, however, they do seem somewhat insignificant, in comparison to the idea of us actually facing, as this piece suggest ….

• • • • •

“Just Some of The Top Stuff” … Written and performed by Big Virge

Yes Yes Folks, so, another week of wonder in this world of ours ?

It’s now been established that Boris Johnsons’, suspension of parliament, and advice to the queen, was apparently, ” Unlawful “, whatever that means in this ever changing political landscape ?

The same one that now appears to have impeachment of The Don, in America, in it’s sights. However, as some seem to be suggesting, it has taken rather a long time for the Democrats to pull this move, so you’ll excuse my lack of faith in this attempt, resulting in anything, because, as with Boris, these guys seem to find so many loopholes to resolve their troubles, that it hardly seems as if, ” Supreme Courts “, actually hold any REAL Power.

In these days and times, they now just seem to be, part of the,

” Grand Show “, of lies and deceit, that’s put on for the public, while they continue to rule the world, how they want !

Time will tell, so, in keeping this post short, I’ll swiftly move to the BBC, and the apparent disciplining of breakfast TV Presenter, Naga Munchetty, who, for letting it be known on the show, that President Trumps references to, going back to wherever, certain folks should go, could be deemed and probably has been, by numerous people of colour, as being Yup … RACIST …

…. to which, the BBC have reminded Ms. Munchetty, that, according to POLICY, Yes, POLICY … She should essentially,

KEEP Her Opinions, to HERSELF, as she’s gone beyond the BBC’s guidelines on such matters.

WOW …..

I’d quite like to see the contracts that these people sign, cos’ that’s the kind of stuff that would make someone resign right ???

Well, maybe not, we shall see, however, there has again, apparently been, some indignation from other journalists, both, black and white, which also seems quite hypocritical, as most of these media outlets, clearly have quite similar policies, when one thinks about how the media, in general, deals with race issues.

A subject that now leads me to my final thoughts of the week, having heard Susannah Reid, attempt, vainly, to suggest that maybe, a little sympathy, and acknowledgement that, Mr BlackFace Canada, aka Prime Minister Trudeau, has shown remorse now, so, shouldn’t be seen in such a harsh light, for his partying days, and apparent, FREQUENT requirement to colour his face in some vain attempt to be ….

What … ???
Well RACIST Right … !!?!!

Just kiddin’, but, someone should be asking him, what exact purpose, this behaviour was supposed to bring from his partying peers, who no doubt, probably aren’t so far away from political, or financial circles of influence now eh ???

Stuff to think on folks ….

Anyway, this is the same individual, who seemingly, is horrified, when anyone says anything about, well you know who, the alphabet crowd, because according to her, which is where her hypocrisy seems to rear it’s ugly head, if it was in the past, and people have shown a level of discomfort about it today, shouldn’t that be okay ???

Doesn’t that apply to Kevin Hart too then ???

Especially as, his indiscretion, was just a joke, not that i’m defending him, but hey, play the game the same, and we’ll all be okay, but, these double standards are a disgrace in todays world, in my honest opinion.

So, again, let me re-iterate, it’s okay for politicians, even when it’s to do with their, abhorrent and incredibly disrespectful attitudes towards race, in their PUBLIC DISPLAYS ….

Yeah OKAY Right … SMH … !!!!!

These media people are proving to be, equally as questionable these days, in terms of their, apparent, moral stances, that change like the wind, especially when it comes to ….

Their fame and fortune being diminished ?!?

Well, Mr. Trudeau’s claim, NOT TO REMEMBER …

HOW MANY TIMES He did it … !?!?!

…. would seem to lay waste to her ridiculous suggestion, but hey, one rule for them right, and the rest of us have to just, allow for them, well, not when it comes to the roster of current PM’s and Presidents, NOT A CHANCE ….. !!!!!

… and That’s MY STANCE.

So, with no further ado, a quickie for the week, which, as short as it is, is also a biting assessment of this, new political class, who seem to be taking all comers on, as if nothing can counter what they do now, or, what they have done in the past …..

I’ll get to President Trumps Impeachment shortly ….

But for now folks, take a listen, as this is …..

* * * * *

“Smile” … A poem written & performed by Big Virge

So, as quickly as I can express on the woes of dealing with certain black folks, the issues of dealing with white folks in todays world, also concerns, and their ridiculous attempts to reduce knife crime, need to be addressed in better ways than these ridiculous campaigns, of adverts and knife free boxes, being placed in chicken shops in England, which, of course, has pretty much immediately, led to someone being stabbed to death in one !?!

Good work there white folks ?

As expressed in my last post, the footballers are really getting abused, behind the safety of anonymous social media accounts. However, to think that the Italians have got individuals, who, having seen the ridiculous levels of racism from stands in Italy, has, after a lengthy career in the media, dropped the banana clanger, in referring to Lukaku being stopped !!!

…. Like, WOW dude, 80 or not, Mister Luciano Passirani, is clearly in need of some, Ron Atkinson type education, on how to eradicate such ignorance from his thinking, but, the question now is, can that really ever be done with people who have clearly been bred, to think in these incredibly disrespectful, and, hateful ways ?!?

It is what it is I guess, however, when guys like Peter Beardsley, who has played with, numerous black players, is dropping monkey bombs, ” allegedly “, on young black players, one has to wonder whether change is something, that can be truly effected in racist people, especially when, former players like John Barnes, Andy Cole and Les Ferdinand defend them, who are all black ?!?

It’s just crazy !!!

As it has been for individuals in Italy, to suggest that, monkey chants are a mark of FEAR, and Respect for the talents of black players.

Incredibly, Inter fans, where Lukaku is now playing, have subsequently sent a letter in support of the same Cagliari fans, who are proving to be the, Monkey Chant Champions, of Italy currently.

Now, that there is some, Giuliani, ” The truth isn’t always true”, type bullshit, from Inter fans, the media, and of course the Cagliari fans, who have no remorse for this type of taunting, clearly.

I guess it’s part and parcel of football, and these black guys are now on substantial paydays, so, they should just smile and keep quiet about it, as many have done for, far too long clearly !

So, of course, I cannot lead into this piece without mentioning, poor old Justin Trudeau !!!

Blackface anyone … ???

I must admit though, that I saw a comment online, that did interest, when he ran for the presidency for the first time, how come these pictures didn’t surface then huh ???

NOT … that i’m giving excuses for him, or any other, apparently,

” Liberal “, white soul, who happens to be trying to forward agendas, that reduce the likelihood of such shameful behaviour, from other white folks …..

Hmmm, doesn’t exactly make the liberals look any better than the fascists, who they always seem to be decrying, but have actually done, basically nothing, to stop, in real terms.

The germ of racism, runs deep in a lot of white peeps’, and maybe it’s time for black minds, to be a little more cautious in who they ally themselves to, in some vain attempt, to affect a change in this disease, that is a MAJOR Part of Society, no matter what these liberals say, especially those, who in recent times, have joined forces with, essentially, right wing parties, to take, uh hmmm … SHARE power, in a world where divisions, are on the increase.

So, what have they done to advance the cause that will, remove these racists from positions of power ?!?

Not so much it seems, and I think, as much as humour is as good a tool as any, to wake up heads, I don’t think Lenny henry showed any degree of smarts, when joking about himself being Trudeau at a ROYAL Television Society event, this week ?!?

An event that he was attending to discuss the problem of, yup, you’ve guessed it …

” Diversity ” …. !!!

What a joke, but, not the type that I find funny at all, in these days and times of increased ignorance, and divisive behaviour !!!

So, this weeks piece, speaks on why it isn’t so easy, for those of us who smell the stench of racism, lies and deceit in society, to let money, fame, or, some hot piece of ass, be the things that enable us to put on a brave face and to …..

Continue to …..

* * * * *

” The Saga ” … Written & Performed by Big Virge

Okay folks, well, this has been, one of those weeks for me, sadly !

Resulting in the loss of some, really cool material, that I was hoping to unleash on the world in the next few, however, this is a case of … THAT …

” NIGGA’ Ish’ ” …. which, as Xzibit says,

” Makes black folks sweat ya, harder than the one time ! ”

… Or …

In other words, just leave things in that FUBAR state, that leaves man irate, but in my case, quick to escape the bullpish’, that was evidently coming, so, sometimes you gotta give thanks for an early warning about the true nature, behind, certain negroes behaviour and attitudes.

In truth, I blame MYSELF, more than any other parties, for making the FATAL Mistake, of thinking that because you and a man strike it off at the beginning, that we are on the same frequency !!!!!

Let this be a warning to you young’n’s … !!!

Make SURE, if you can, the type of man you are about to build a relationship with, because there are clearly, some decent folk around, but, in these days and times, i’d take a long long ….

LONG Look, at whoever it is you’re thinking of connecting with !

So, this has lead me to thinking about this, ” Nigga’ Bizness’ “, and how it affects Black People, because it clearly does, when the two, cross paths !!!

This apparent, ” Xenophobic Behaviour “, that seems to be continuing between, some South Africans and Nigerians, has of course, led to certain other nations, boycotting, or basically picking sides in who is right or wrong ?!?

As i’ve already said, ONE CONTINENT … Equals … ONE PEOPLE !

So, in a world where the likes of Trump and BJ Johnson, hold large amounts of influence, in the mere opening of their mouths, this stuff is simply ….

….. FEEBLE ….. !!!!!!

…. as is,
Attacking football players homes, for missing penalties ?

Umara Bangura, from Sierra Leone, has been a recent victim of apparent, ” Football Fans Anger “, however, this wasn’t done, in some exhibition of racism, as has been the case with …..

Hmmmm …….

Paul Pogba, Marcus Rashford, Tammy Abraham, Yakou Meite and Romelu Lukaku, at Cagliari, whose fans have been keen to let monkey chants be heard, upon multiple occasions, when black players have approached to take penalties against them !!!

OH NO … !!!!!

Bangura got this treatment, an attack on his home no less, from Sierra Leone fans ?

So, it’s probably safe to say, that they were mostly, if not, ALL Black !!!!!

It’s … Too SERIOUS a problem, on a racist level, for black players globally, for THIS NIGGA’ Bullshit, to be running in AFRICA !?!

Meanwhile, on the political front, I really don’t have the time to get into their back stories, but, suffice to say, President Trumps’ … ” African American “, aka, Gregory Cheadle, has suddenly woken up it seems, and feels quite affronted by the presidents, continually charged rants, about, people of colour, on various fronts, which has him, now aiming for congress, having failed on multiple occasions previously, as his apparent, Republican Friends, have not been as affronted, as he has been, over their leaders verbal tirades, that seem to be based on race … ???

I mean, who can say, ask Kanye eh ???

Oh, I should just say, that from being, ” My African American “, as The Don, once claimed Mr. Cheadle to be, publicly ….

He apparently now, doesn’t know him ?

That’s some, Nigga’ Ish’ right there, in my opinion !!!

Finally, we have Sam Gyimah’, over in England, switching teams like a Trans’ Wannabee’, from the Conservatives, all of sudden, over Brexit, and a few policy attitudes, that made him feel like an outcast, at times, within his party of preference, to the, Liberal Democrats … ???

Hmmm, maybe, just maybe ….. ???

He should of checked through their history, a little more judiciously … !!!

I mean, I get it folks, from NBA Players to F1 Champs and Media now, we have quite a few, darker faces in some lofty places these days, fa’ sure … !!!

However, the level of Coonery, YEAH, I called it that !!!

… that seems to be required, to get to these spots, seems more and more off, as time goes on !

These political puppets, and pawns, are of particular concern, because they don’t seem to have the power to influence a cleaner, let alone a policy, like say, the clearly, racist policy, that is still affecting Windrush Migrants !!!

This leads me back to my week, and the piece i’m sharing, so, i’m warning you … !!!

If you’re …

Mr. or Mrs.

” Black Live Matter ” …
” Black Pride ” …
” Black Power ” …

or, Black Whatever, this is probably, just for you !

…. because, this has been one of those weeks where i’m simply …

TIRED of …..

• • • • •

So, ” What Does It Really, Mean To You ?” … Written & Performed By Big Virge

Okay folks, so like WOW !?!

First Things FIRST …..

Condolences and thoughts go to those in the Bahamas, whose lives have been ruined by the devastation of Hurricane Dorian … !!!!!

Thankfully, brushed past Barbados, in a less heightened state, but saw the level of fear that such natural phenomena can bring, even when they don’t hit … !!!!!

Anyway ….

What On Earth is going on in this world of ours ?!?

Well, it would seem to me as though the iron fist of governance, is spreading its wings, just about everywhere !?!

Gotta start with Boris and the incredible moves he’s pulling to get the type of Brexit’ deal, that is frightening, even his own MP’s ?!?

This has immediately led to petitions, and demonstrations by people who are far from impressed with his seemingly, blatant disregard for due, Democratic Processes, to drive how this Brexit’ matter gets done and dusted ???

NOT GOOD Folks !!!

TRUST ME On That … !!!!

However, the machine keeps churning along, regardless of the issues that will clearly have, massive knock on effects, whichever way things pan out.

However, the political ranglings of the last two days, have really shown, just how manipulative politicians can be, especially when it comes to interpretations of the law, and how they can be, circumnavigated !!!

Okay, so off to Kashmir, where the unrest over this land is again, not quite as insignificant as maybe, people are thinking …..

Then we have the Hong Kong situation, which seems to be getting more and more volatile, as protests continue, and go global, volatility, that is in no small way, partly due to Anti – Protester … Protesters … ?!?

And …..

Military, as well as police actions, now including water cannons in Hong Kong !!!

Africa … ???

Well, the usual nonsensical stuff, as in, nations from the same continent, allowing colonial labels to stop them, from seeing each other as AFRICANS, First and FOREMOST … !!?!!

…. ahead of being say, Nigerians, or South Africans, which seems to be creating, continued ….



XENOPHOBIC actions, based upon an anger, being aimed at said nations people, creating businesses, in what are foreign lands, according to these nationalists, who are making these attacks !!!

In times like these …

As if black people don’t face enough pressures from the world at large !

However, as per, Mr. Chappelle’s observations, in his latest stand-up, “ Sticks and Stones “, which throws some very, well aimed darts into the realm of being PC, in todays’ world, and this ever increasing confusion as to who is who, and who can say what to who, and continue to move freely … !?!

Y’all know where I’m heading, if not,
check it out for yourselves … !!!

There’s SO MUCH MORE Madness that is happening, I could go on and on, but won’t ….

Simply because, the vibe seems to be one of revolution against, the type of controls that are being applied socially, however, interestingly, from certain segments of his show, against artistry, even from an entertainers perspective, whose art is comedic, as in, not meant to be taken too seriously … ???

Hmmm …..

As I’ve been suggesting to people, for a while now, this is a dangerous time, where speaking your mind, even articulately, when speaking on sex, especially now … Or … Governance, has wide repercussions for us all, as Boris Johnson’s actions, in particular show !

We now have leadership, and movements, who only seem concerned about THEIR OWN Agendas, and because of their power, seem to think that they can dictate everything, from, politically fractious actions, to what you express artistically, especially when it comes to the LGBT …

However, I’ll leave you with one of Mr. Chappelles’ gems….

Why is it so problematic to say …

… “ Faggot “ …

As he was told long ago, whilst doing the Chappelle Show.

However, it’s not such an issue,
when it comes to saying … “ Nigga’ “ …

THOUSANDS of times … !!!
…. when you really check it, to make people laugh …. !?!

It’s a question that the LGBT populous, who we now know, are the main architects of much that is seen as … “ Entertainment “ …

Well …..

In my opinion, art, like expression, should be FREE …..

Even if it offends, because you know what … ?!?


And You …

and, Neither SHOULD YOU … !!!

So, on that note, as people across the globe, continue to revolt, over different issues ……

My question this week is …..

* * * * *

“Public Order” … Written and Performed by Big Virge

Okay so, this weeks post covers a number of things, however, as civil unrest and tensions continue to surface globally, I think it’s an appropriate time to reflect on what, Public Order means, and what it may stand for, as time goes on.

The yute’s are continuing to do their do in England, and now government employees are being stabbed as well, as has happened this week in Westminster !

However, it seems that police are now facing, the kind of mistreatments, that they have been dealing out to people for years !

Maybe not with machetes, or cars, but, what they have done with truncheons and guns, equates to much that has broken many families hearts !

So, yup, the machete attack in Leyton, on a policeman by a 50 year old …

YES FIFTY, must certainly be disturbing a few police nerves !?!

It also says much about the level of contempt, that many seem to now be developing towards the good ol’ police, which has brought about a police death this week.

The Boris Johnson, knee jerk reaction, has of course been to state an increase in policing numbers, and what seems to be a 5 point plan to reduce the increasing crime problem in England, which will of course, require, increased levels of …

… “ Stop & Search “ …

What a surprise ?!?

Yawn ….. NOT ….. !!!!!

Then, there is the suggestion that attack’s on parents by children, is on the increase, and just to put things in perspective regarding murder rates, Cape Town has recently been assessed to be having 8 murders EVERY DAY, yes EIGHT !!!

So, when it comes to UK Youth, if you create laws that hinder parents abilities to discipline their own children, again, it’s no surprise that we now have a generation of youth, who, rarely show any respect to anyone, let alone those older than them !!!

Talking of respect, or the current, lack thereof, three stories that indicate just how disrespectful people are becoming. The first being the alleged, Eric Trump assault, where he was spat upon by a restaurant employee !

Then, how about the Indian man, who, due to being disappointed at not getting a Jaguar for his birthday, decided to push the BMW, he did get, into a river !?!

Spoilt much …. ?!?

The third has to be the most disturbing, where a restaurant employee in Paris, has been shot by a customer, who was unhappy at the length of time it took for him to get served ?!?

Just CRAZY … !!!?!!!

However, in this modern world, the powers that be, can’t seriously complain about beds that they have happily made, that were made, incredibly injudiciously, which cannot be disassociated from the type of behaviour that is now being displayed, by more and more people these days !

It’s just crazy, the lack of respect for life, that seems to reside in a lot of folks now, another example of which, has been the burning of Nathalie Crichlow, here in Barbados !!!

Now, although the Barbados Police Force, are trying to say there is no evidence of foul play, it doesn’t exactly seem like an electrical fault is simply, what caused her death ???

If this is to do with a relationship, it’s clear that men need to chill the fuck out, when it comes to women and their children, because it’s just, cowardly weakness, that many are exhibiting, when problems arise with the ladies these days !!!

Talking of children, it seems that these Europeans, seem to have REAL PROBLEMS with recognising how to deal with young people ?

Paedophiles seem to be all over Europe, with Denmark now being exposed for an extensive period of unchecked, child abuse, within their institutions for young people, to the extent where the current PM has felt the need to make a public apology to many of the victims, who made clear, that the effects of this, disgusting treatment of minors, extends way beyond their youth !!!

Something that should be SERIOUSLY considered, when these sick individuals get caught, and are sentenced.

However, the apology seems to have come from the fact that police, as well as government departments, seem to have dealt more, in PROTECTING, these child abusers !?!?!

A disturbing part of this story is that there are allegations of children being given LSD, to stop them bed wetting, by a former psychiatrist and Danish MP, Bjorn Elmquist ?!!!?

SICK INDEED … !!!!!!!!!!!!

As is President Trumps claim that, Colin Kaepernick should be re-hired by an NFL Team ….

If he’s … GOOD ENOUGH … ?!?

I think he probably means, REPENTANT or … White Enough, good luck with that Mr. President ?!?

The final stories that prove that there is not only, a lack of order being shown by members of the public these days, but, also in many places where governance is sparking tensions. As the Hong Kong protests, and the Kashmir dispute between Pakistan & India show.

A dispute which has again, re-ignited tensions, that should have surely been resolved by now, once and for all !!!

These though, notably, are regions that have both had, British Colonialism be a part of their respective histories !!!!

These days it’s clear that order, in terms of people’s choices and behaviour, is becoming less and less important ….

I am no Rasta, however, recognise the value of placing order, high on the list of ones personal priorities, to maintain balance within our existence.

However, this weeks piece questions these same institutions, who have proven themselves to lack any kind of order, from children to economics, to suicide watches for prisoners like Epstein, which leads me to policing, and this weeks piece ….

A serious assessment of the plans that I think are likely to, soon affect millions of people globally, when it comes to …..

* * * * *

” Subject Matter ” … Written & Performed by Big Virge

So Nice, I had to post it twice, with a slightly different pre-amble ….

So folks, we move along in these crazy times, with more crazy things happening !?!

The first one being, England winning the Cricket World Cup ?

Well, I have to say that the ending was far from convincing, not only from a cricketing perspective, but also from an officiating one too, anyway, I have nothing further to say about all that…..

Whatever it was ?!?

The deal this week is, that i’m sharing a piece written a while ago, that covers the ol’ faithful for black folks now, well, it was for a while at least….

Black Lives Matter !!!

Hmmm, yeah okay, well, I know for now, that, mine does to ME, but to others, well, i’m not banking on ANYONE, being a good soul, and helping me in a time of need, and that goes for ALL Creeds & Colours of people.

Cynic … ???

Well, I think not, just being practical, because if we start with this individual, Jeffrey Epstein !!!

Weinstein, Epstein …

Anyone seeing a trend here folks … ???

Anyway, this dude is like, allegedly, Sex TRAFFICKING no less, having been convicted of solicitation of a minor, and allegations of more … BEFORE … !?!

Plea deals his way out of that one, only to now be found to not be such a … ” Terrific Guy ” …

As Donald Trump has previously, suggested him to be ?!?

Now, this dude counts the likes of Bill Clinton & Prince Andrew, no less, among his FRIENDS.

Again folks, any trends recurring in your minds about these hierarchic circles … ???

Moving on, gotta quickly mention this woman in England, calling for a WHITE DOCTOR, who left A & E,

YES Accident and EMERGENCY …. Only to go home and write a complaint, about not getting one … !?!

… Like okay, the next time she goes in, and it’s a life threatening scenario, I hope there are no white doctors available again, and we’ll see how she does with that attitude then … !!!

Same ol … Same ol folks …

I also read quite an interesting article about a young woman who infiltrated, one of these, white facist online groups, who is suggesting that their usage of online platforms to gain support, isn’t necessarily something that should be ignored.

I mean, these things happen repeatedly, rises of this kind and that kind, from essentially, racist groups, and now of course, as has been the case with The Trumpster’ tonight ….

The US Congress,

” Symbolically “, condemn ….

Let me REPEAT …

” SYMBOLICALLY ” … go look it up, if you don’t know what it means …..

…. because, in a matter like this, it essentially doesn’t even, really give a slap on the wrists, to this individual, who is now attacking congresswomen, notably of colour, for expressing what he determines to be, Anti-American Views, when criticising the inhumane treatment of … ” Illegals ” … under the current administration.

It’s weirdly like the situation with, Ex Ambassador to the US, Kim Darroch, whose e-mails got leaked, exposing his rather blunt assessment of a shambolic Trump Presidency & administration, which lead to him resigning because of some of the well, incendiary comments made about good old Don !!!

Firstly though, it should be noted, that he was due to retire this year ANYWAY … !!!

So, maybe it was a case of well …..

I’m gone soon anyway, so let me be honest, for a change !

MAYBE …. ???
…. is all i’m saying folks … ???

Talking of maybe’s, well renowned Reggae artist, Tony Rebel has spiced up things, by suggesting that, Gay Dancehall artists, should just come out and let the world know, which has opened a can of worms and speculation, as to who could, or couldn’t be gay, amongst the scene ???

Well, Eek A Mouse seems to have taken to quite the method to either, affirm his status and position, or maybe, just use the furore, to advertise himself to the world again ….

I wouldn’t even try to say what, however, it seems that the vibe is that the LGBT Community are showing their power, by again, managing to neuter, freedom of expression, by stopping Sizzla’ from performing at a show in America.

So, the vibe is that their agenda matters, more than artistry that is honest and free …..

Or …. is it … ???

If, as has been suggested, they obviously know who is who within Jamaica’s artists, and that some of these same artists may well have been those, slamming same sex movements … ?

Then, that’s an interesting one huh folks … !?!

JAMAICA, No less … ?!?

Well, the devil may wear a red dress, but right now a lot of undressing of individuals, is going on, and this will be an interesting subject to follow, fa sure …..

However, do any of these things, REALLY Matter, and why are certain subjects, so much more important than others eh … ???

Well, this weeks piece, covers an abundance of these topics & more ….

So, here’s the acapella, musical track, soon to follow ….

So folks, here’s some different …

Subject Matter … to feed your ears and minds !!!!!

• • • • •

“The Politics of Things” … Written & Performed by Big Virge

The Politics of Things

So folks, another week passes, and plenty is happening !

Boris “ BJ “ Johnson, finds himself in a two horse race to become Brit PM, against Jeremy Hunt, already under some suspicion of vote rigging, (Sound Familiar !?!) whilst apparently having a bit of a domestic at home, where a neighbour claims to have heard a female in some distress !!!

Well, If we are to believe the …

“ Get Off… “, screams, that may have been from his current partner, Carrie Symonds.

One could understand, it is Boris Johnson, after all !!!!!

Bad choice of man Carrie !

So, no sympathy here, especially as he’s going through a divorce, and apparently, has quite the wandering eye, when it comes to the ladies !!!

Further suggestions of Cocaine use, as well as comments coming out from his past, where we black folks are apparently, inferior, and just wards of white chiefs, suggest that his politics will fall perfectly in line with Donald, who figured he’d threaten Iran with military strikes, over a drone !

Tut Tut Donald, a hardened businessman should know, not to pull cards, that, you aren’t willing to play !!!

Dangerous times, when guys like these two, may prove to be the partnership from Hell, for Migrants, people of colour, and amazingly, women !!!

This of course, just goes to show that a fat, bank balance, quells some women’s need for a strong, good looking man, to lie down with. They literally, in the case of Boris, like a fat guy, who is as bigoted, as he is rude, as long as his bank balance is full !

Spoilt … ???

Well, it does seem so, a Bullingdon Club Boy Too !!!!!

A group with some shady tales, surrounding their movements, as well as being a group that David Cameron was also part of too !!!

Nothing good can come from a Johnson / Trump relationship, in my view, which leads me to the news that, Democrat front runner, Joe Biden, also has a history of affiliating himself with, blatant racists, who he claims, he chose to work with, because it makes sense to try to work with those, who you disagree with, and that his buddy, James Eastland, was not,

“That Bad A Guy.”

This same guy, who made these comments at a segregationist rally, not so long ago !

“In every stage of the bus boycott we have been oppressed and degraded because of black, slimy, juicy, unbearably stinking n*****s.” According to Robert Caro’s Master Of The Senate, Eastland went on to urge the crowd to “abolish the Negro race” with “guns, bows and arrows, slingshots, and knives.”

Oh and let’s not forget that Mr. Biden was Mr. Obama’s Vice President !

We are in very strange times, when neither he, nor Donald Trump, feel any need to apologise for embracing bigots, or, in the case of Trump, embracing, death penalty calls, for young black men, who were eventually proven to be innocent of crimes, that seem to have had confessions, coerced by police, in the case of the, Central Park Five, because he says, “ The boys pleaded guilty !”, even though, as said, their confessions were obtained under extreme circumstances and pressure, from the aforementioned, police officers !

It’s a crazy old time, politically, from The West to Africa, and even as far afield as Hong Kong !

Protest after protest, against what the title of this weeks piece affirms, as being the way that this world is run …..

A system that is as fractured, as it is biased, because of essentially ….

The Politics If Things ….

Take a listen …..

• • • • •

As Ava has shown, we get this a little too much ! ” When They See Us ” …

So folks, as previously stated, I’ve been feasting my eyes on some incredible pieces of visual art, that have reflected some very disturbing truths, about the issues that black people face in the United States, care of Ava Duvernay, Jay Z and, of all people, Harvey Weinstein !

However, in the case of the story told, that of Kalief Browder, RIP.

This is visual art, that takes you into a life & death story, that is done tastefully, and respectfully, but in a brutally honest way, so, say & think what you like about Jay & Harvey, in this instance, one has to credit them with taking people into a world, too often dismissed as non-existent, by those whose privilege, allows them to be, so quick to question the injustices that the system they embrace and benefit from, dishes out to the not so privileged.

Much like the critics of these films, apparent ….

“ Anti-White Agenda “ …..

Like SERIOUSLY … !?!

DENIAL is also …

One HELLUVA’ Drug,

However, the movies, “ 13th “, about the US Prison & Judicial System, and the much talked about, “ When They See Us “, are outstanding pieces of real life stories, put to film.

Accurate, for the most part, from what is shown, and, wonderfully shot and acted, by the main cast.

It’s engaging, disturbing and, for many, a very hard watch, but, one that EVERYBODY, regardless of race, gender or status….

NEEDS TO WATCH, in my opinion, because as said, we darker folks and marginalised communities, have had this stuff twisted and misrepresented, for long enough !!!

It’s NOT Some ….

Chip on our shoulders,
Figment of our imagination, Bullpish’ … !!!!!

We ARE Demonised !
We ARE Vilified !
We ARE Hated !
We ARE Mistreated !
We Are WRONGLY Imprisoned !

And Then ….
After All This,

If we manage to survive,
We ARE then … Left to DIE !!!!

Yet, Even With All This …..

We’re still able to somehow find, the strength, resolve & determination, to find ways, and individuals, who are willing to face the harsh realities of our existence, and then, present them to the world, regardless of all the obstacles placed in front of them …..

I’ll leave it at that, because this all leads to the piece i’m sharing, as a result of watching these films …

Written long before seeing these movies, this piece is a very serious reflection on what, dark skin undoubtedly, does to a lot of people, upon first sight, before they even take the time to delve into what may lie beneath …..

So, as apt a title as …

“When They See Us “ … is …

The title of my piece, is as obscure as it is appropriate, for the, never ending trials that go ….


The name calling, and Truly IGNORANT levels of hatred !!!

These are the issues that are not so easily confronted, and overcome !

Systemic, Institutional Racism, via policies, laws, and those enforcing those laws, that, as the movies and this piece, will explain …..


STILL involve people of colour, YES BLACK PEOPLE, from prison guards, to judges, to district attorneys, and, dare I say it, those in hierarchies, way above these puppets, who are truly, poor excuses for people !!!!

Be you white or black, or somewhere in between, I make NO APOLOGIES, for any offence caused by what you have read or hear, if you choose to ….

Because …..

Regardless of our …

“ Apparent Progress “ …..

The TRUTH is CLEAR …..

….. When you choose to wipe the sleep from your eyes, and state of mind …..

We darker skinned folks are STILL..


• • • • •

“Enough” … Performed & Written by Big Virge

Okay folks, so, quite the interesting few weeks it’s been, Barca putting the smack down on Liverpool, in no uncertain terms, only to feel The Anfield Massive, rock their world with an equally impressive 4-0 home victory, to send them through to another Champions’ League Final !!!

Incredible, but the job still has to be finished, so hopefully Jurgen can get his tactics right, and dismiss Spurs, but I wouldn’t like to put money on this one, two adventurous teams, with plenty of options, so, it’ll be an interesting final fa’ sure methinks !!!!!

Judd Trump doing the same to John Higgins, to win his first World Championship, congrats to him, he’s avoided becoming the new, Jimmy White, by making sure he got the BIG ONE, at least once.

However, away from sport, well of course, The Avengers Endgame Finale, has come and gone, but wow, what a response, and appropriate ending to a very lengthy series of 22 movies, that are all linked, in some way or t’other, to each another !

I think a very impressive job has been done by the cast, and Russo Brothers, of actually pulling it off.

However ……

UNLIKE The British Voting Public, the fans, of which I am one, have certainly NOT had enough, so, hope there will be more, well crafted, fantasy stuff to come from the Marvel Universe !!!

However, back to the world of politics and politicians doing everything, but, pleasing those who choose to embrace them, as the right folks to guide their respective nations to a life of peace, prosperity and happiness.

YEAH RIGHT … !!!!!

It’s clear from voting patterns, that many have had enough, from Britain to France, to Venezuela, where things really are pretty crazy !

Africans in South Africa are in the midst of more elections, although other parts of Africa are still seemingly, having issues with rigging, bully tactics, and violence, in the appointment of leaders.

The Israelis and Palestinians continue to prove that they haven’t yet, had enough of attacking one another, in more and more senseless acts of violence, and of course, The Trumpster is still Trumping any kind of conviction for his alleged, illicit practices, to gain his position of power, Mueller Report or NOT …. although it seems that one or two parts of the legal establishment, may have had enough of the Presidents efforts to block things coming to light, that perhaps need to be the subject of more judiciary hearings !

Indonesians also seem to have had enough of political wrangling, which has lead to alleged usage of live bullets on protestors, by the Indonesian forces, just CRAZY !!!

Even Drake is suggesting, ENOUGH with the disrespecting of each other by artists … Huh Hm ….

I think he’s in the wrong part of the music realm, to be making such requests ….

Brooks Koepka has definitely NOT, had enough of winning, and did a stellar job in retaining the PGA Championship, congratulations to him !

…. and of course, the ongoing racism debate in England, which is being seen as a problem, that, the powers that be, are not and have not, done enough to eradicate ….

Interestingly, the Brits have also been told, ENOUGH with your claim, to hold on to lands that should perhaps, be in other nations hands, thus, The Chago Islands, according to The UN, should go back to the Mauritians.

The word … ” Decolonisation ” … seems to be being thrown around, much to the concern of the Brits, and notable allies, in a landslide vote that saw 100 plus countries support Mauritius’s claim to the land, which has of course been used as a military base for British & American armed forces ….

I dunno about decolonisation, however, if this is as suggested by the Brits, a dangerous precedent, well, let the danger continue, if it’s purpose is to continue the empires demise, which does appear to be happening, even if, only in minimal ways, long may it continue in my view ….

…. which leads me back to Britain, and this incredible situation where, Prime Minister, Theresa May, is constantly being called out as a failure, who should now remove herself from office, resignations, and subtle positioning, by her apparent …

” Colleagues ” ….. Huh Hm …..
To … Usurp her position !!!

Yawn Yawn YAWN …

BORING ………………

However, the signs are there, that people are beginning to recognise the error of their ways, in supporting these ministers, who they are slowly, but surely, beginning to have …

Like This Weeks Poem Suggests, on various levels ….


* * * * *

” The World is Fine ” … Written & Performed by Big Virge
So folks, as per the title of the post, let me just say that …

It REALLY IS Ya Know … !!!!!

I am not, and probably will never be a huge environmentalist, simply because of the ridiculous levels of hypocrisy that seem to follow those, claiming to be the biggest supporters of change, that would benefit this world that we live on.

I’m not even gonna waste time to start calling names, because there are far too many individuals, who are blatant hypocrites, and those who perhaps, are a little more careful in keeping their indiscretions hidden !

However, let’s just look at our good friends, the politicians who CLAIM to give a damn ……


Monetary factors begin to sway their visions of being,

” A TRUE Friend of The Earth ” …..

Who the people can believe in … !!!!!

Well, I think the first port of call should be their chauffeurs, and someone should ask them, just how environmentally friendly their employers are when it comes to their cars, and their fuel emissions, and that’s before we get to flights, jets. etcetera etcetera !!!

Pop Stars …. ?

Yeah RIGHT, like they aren’t professional liars and hypocrites, for the most part !!!

Then of course, The PROTESTORS, who stage these gatherings that, apparently, effect some degree of change in politicians, or ministers in the UK, who couldn’t manage to gain a double figure turn out for environmental debates, in parliament chambers, as was recently exposed in the UK … !?!

It’s all a lot of HOT AIR …. and that is NO PUN Folks !!!!!

It all looks good until you realise, that, like most things in this world, money dictates how things are dealt with, as has recently been shown in the Notre Dame situation !

It’s clear that the super rich have their specific causes that they REALLY Feel, are worthy of generous donations from them, which, if you apply it, in this case, could resolve INNUMERABLE Issues, linked to climate change …..

Well, couldn’t it …. ???

Just a thought folks, so, here’s my two cents on this subject, that caused such a stir in London recently, when the, Extinction Rebellion Demonstrations, which were in no small way, influenced by our younger generations, actually did disrupt how things functioned in London, well, for a few days eh … !!!

It’s back to the same ol same now then though, isn’t it … ?!?

So, not quite the same ol’ same from me, but a few thoughts on the environment, ecosystem, and the ecology that continues to damage, that which nurtures our very existence …. ?!?

Take a listen :

* * * * *

In A Week of Comebacks, ” Thought ” … written and performed by Big Virge 18/4/2019

Yes Yes Folks, well, it’s been a few, but i’ve been busy doing my do, prepping a few jewels to now start sharing with you !

And I DO MEAN BUSY … !!!

And …..

This has a brought about a rather impressive level of creativity, from some of the older heads I have connected with, so, contrary to my own belief, all things being equal, there will be a couple of comeback tracks from Big Virge, which will be bringing me back to my TRUE Musical Preferences, of Soulful Music, with the odd snap of Boom Bap Hip Hop, and some other liks’ here and there, so, DON’T SLEEP, there is a LOT MORE music to come from Big Virge !

So, this connects me to the rather incredible comebacks of Tottenham, for one, Tut Tut Pep’, just make sure you continue to make those Mis-Steps, as it would be the comeback of all comebacks, for Liverpool to get to the place that has proven to be beyond them for far too long !

TOP SPOT in the Premiership Title Race, and they do look like a team, that, dare I say it, barring injuries or anything crazy happening, are a team worthy of completing what has been a fairly smooth season thus far, that has shown them to be resilient, and able to win the games that before, were literally proving to be the Banana Skins, denying them glory.

We shall soon see ………………..

Finally then, and by no means least, is the comeback of all, this past Sunday, when a certain, Eldrick ” TIGER ” Woods, returned to the Major Winners Golf Circle, with a literal, MASTERS’ Display, to ward off the young pups, who, for a while may have felt as if the game was theirs to take over.

Well fellas, THINK AGAIN … !!!

I have been, like many others, critical of Mr. Woods off course shenanigans, however, when it comes to his skills with clubs in hand, I could not have been more upset at the prospect of him never winning a major again, so, box ticked, props to ya Tiger … !!!

It was a truly, astonishing achievement, and may you go on and sneak past Mr. Nicklaus to become the indisputable, Greatest Golfer of All Time !!!!!

So, what do I return with … ???

Well, nothing quite as astounding as Tiger’s comeback, however, talking of astounding things, it would be remiss of me to not speak on Brexit’, and the crazy mess that Britain is proving itself to be becoming ….

Deadline Missed, Extensions and Cross Party Talks are supposed to do what exactly, make all this seem worthwhile ?

Well, Good Ol’ Theresa is soldiering on, I dunno bout comeback, but, there’s been a whole lot of Backtracking and Backstabbing going on, so it’s time for me to take a few pot shots at another issue that seems to have conveniently, stopped being so regularly spoken about, that being, the Grenfell Fire, and the farcical leadership, that no-one seems to be able to get rid off, like a bad case of well, something that ….

You REALLY Could Do WITHOUT … !!!

So folks, here we go, a little poetic flow from Big Virge, for the week, with MUCH More to come ….

BELIEVE ME … !!!!!

But for now, i’ll leave you with some Big Virge ….

…. Thought ….

* * * * *

” Don’t Get Carried Away ” … Written and performed by Big Virge

So folks,

All the best for the coming 12 month cycle !

It certainly looks like it could be a rough one, especially with, what increasing looks like a Hard Brexit, or, a NO Deal Brexit, coming the worlds way !

I think the Japanese PM, Shinzo Abe, has hit the nail on the head this week, when saying that the either, or scenarios, are not good looks for the rest of us !

Crazy price hikes, to varying degrees, if trade embargoes become a bigger issue than they already look like becoming !

Also, if the free movement of people is stifled, due to ridiculous attitudes towards sovereignty, and, border controls, then what happens ????

Well, apart from the obvious rise in nationalism, and right wing thinking, how does that translate into how services are run, and how the general governance of the country shifts, because it would clearly have to …..

It seems pretty clear now, that whatever governance comes, it’s gonna get testy, and cause further problems, when government policy could have resolved this a long time ago, by being stricter with regard to immigration laws, and I don’t mean the Windrush’ type of thinking and basically, racist policies !

I mean the employment of a system that meant that the actual Government Policy on it, made it clear, and more importantly, unable for THEM to make these laws, in order for THEM to benefit from cheap labour, that works well for their own purposes, ministers who want cleaners, nannies, gardeners, etcetera ….. Who would essentially be their, ” Modern Slaves ” !

Meanwhile, placing increased stress on those whose livelihoods, subsequently become pressured, due to the sheer volume of people trying to, not only, sneak into the country, but to then, also get work, which in turn, creates angst and the type of attitudes that lead to the result of the referendum on staying in Europe in the first place !!!

It’s such a mess, that it’s become, as some politicians are now saying, a national embarrassment !!!

Meantime, MP’s across parties are shouting about Theresa Mays’ lack of good judgement, and an inability to recognise that she cannot deliver what the people want, as if the rest of them could … when a 52/48 split was the result ???

Can’t please all the people, ALL The Time right ???

… which leads me to my first piece of the year, because it’s pretty clear to anyone looking on now, that the British Political System is BROKEN, and that, much like America, it now finds itself being scrutinised, and criticised, rather too frequently now, by it’s voters, because they neither have faith in the leadership, or the opposition, as per the impasse and shutdown of Americas’ Government over, ” THE WALL “, and No i’m NOT talking about the Pink Floyd Tune !!!!

So, whilst Theresa takes liks’ from basically, ALL SIDES currently !!!

Jeremy Corbyn is making, NO CONFIDENCE calls, and all sorts, to apparently get a general election ASAP !

However, one has to wonder if he did gain power, how that would play out in a world where Britains’, apparently, ONLY … ” Special Relationship “, is with America !!!

So, how’d y’all think Mr. Corbyn and The Trumpster’ would get along eh, and what THAT would mean for both economies and national relations …. ???

I don’t think it would be pretty, so, I wrote this piece a while ago, after local election results had people all stoked about what Jeremy could bring to the political table of fables in the United Kingdom …..

… and I have to say that a lot of people got, CARRIED AWAY, when perhaps they should of been more prudent ….

So, this month’s reflection of the current, Political Debacle that is currently running Britain, is simply called ….

DON’T Get Carried Away … !!!!!

and Those are SERIOUS Words relating to the SERIOUS Times that I believe 2K19 will provide …..

Take time and use your minds folks, because this Brexit’ thing really ISN’T a joke, and the effects of whatever happens will most definitely have effects across the globe !!!

• • • • •

” Balance ” … A Poem written & performed by Big Virge

Yes Yes Folks, so what’s been occurring, or should that be RECURRING !?!

Brexit’ … !!!!!

Trump Administration resignations, and of course, allegations of inappropriate behaviour towards women and children, from charities like Oxfam, to the likes of Bill Cosby, who the system, amongst a plethora of others, have finally collared, for his indiscretions against at least one of his many accusers.

The other news that seems to be a recurrent thing of recent times, is the volume of natural phenomena, wreaking havoc across the globe !

There has been loss of life in quite a few places, as a result of Typhoons, Hurricanes and flooding, here, there and pretty much everywhere, from here in Barbados, where the south coast, recently took a pounding, to mudslides in Uganda, that have taken at least 40 lives !

Then, we of course have the Florida situation, where Hurricane Michael did it’s thing, ripping through Mexico beach, and Panama City, leaving at least 30 dead, and a considerable amount still unaccounted for !

Indonesia too, taking a literal pounding from a Tsunami and Earthquake that has sadly taken the lives of many children, and hundreds of people. Mass burials and a recovery that is proving to be very difficult, due to poor levels of communication availability, and issues with aid getting to those it needs to reach, very sad and difficult times for the people of Indonesia !

Hurricane Leslie has managed to cause flooding in Portugal, and Spain, and even Wales has been flooded, due to Storm Callum !

It’s crazy to see so much imbalance in the world, nature is one thing, but when people are being accused, left right and centre, of everything from harassment to rape …

Without CLEAR Proof …

One has to wonder where the balance is, in this world now.

It’s a crazy time, but hey, if you’re not falling victim to any of these things, you’re okay right, well, i’d rather see less of these issues, and more balance in peoples assessment of things, especially, all this apparent misogyny, and abuse of the ladies.

I mean, now Cristiano Renaldo is being accused too, I guess the #MeToo Movement may have an alternate strain soon, where men are saying, well damnit, I’ve been accused too !!!!!

Whatever happened to Kevin Spacey eh ???

Isn’t Jail somewhere that he should face, instead of being supported by the likes of Dame Judi Dench ?!?

… and how has Brett Kavanaugh managed to get to be on the Supreme Court in the US, even with the same type of accusations as Bill and numerous others uh … ?!?

The scales don’t seem to be so balanced when it comes to President Trump and his cronies eh … ???

The President can get away with calling poor ol’ Stormy D, ” Horseface ” … having won the lawsuit she filed against him for defamation ???

She may have to balance herself on her back, just a bit more, to pay the Presidents legal expenses !!!

My point being, that it truly seems to be a world that is finding more ways to imbalance itself, than to find some balance that enables us to all be clear on what’s okay or not, when it comes to the realms of what we say, and, how we say things to each other.

Truly CRAZY, so I think this month, i’ll share some views on Balance, or the lack thereof, in people these days …..

So, my last words for this post are simply these …

STAY BALANCED Folks …. before you sink your boat !!!

* * * * *

“Sick” … Written & Performed by Big Virge

Yes Yes Peoples’ ….

So what’s cracking’ …

Well, Serena’s cool, at the recent US Open Final, and what a furore this has created, as well as some rather offensive artistic offerings, in Australia !!!

Surprised, NO …

Sickened, well a little, these days it takes a lot to actually sicken me.

I recently saw Sicario 2, and without spoiling it for those yet to see it, expect some visual sickness, reflective of the issues surrounding control, and movements around the Mexico / US Border.

So much stuff going on that could sicken stomachs, that it’s amazing to see that people just carry on, without too much thought about the sick things that are happening in this world of ours.

So, rather than select a thousand instances, the last couple of things i’ll touch on are the story of a 12 year old who went into his school in Iowa, intent on shooting a teacher, IN THE FACE, no less !!! Only to find that the gun’s safety was still on !!!!!

THAT …. in Iowa …. !!!!

…. while, in the UK, Celebrity Big Brother House, a Certain, Roxanne Pallett, pulled some, sick idea of an attempt to define male harassment, when basically, fully embellishing what was a simple moment of well, ” Playfulness “, from one of her male housemates, only for it to blow up in her face, because in this instance, everything was captured for the world to see.

#MeToo eh girls … ???

Well, as Ms. Pallett has found out, you better be telling THE TRUTH about Male Abuse !

NOT ….

Your Version of events, as this incident has shown all of us who have seen the recent flood of accusations of male abuse, unsurprisingly, come from the whole Hollywood fraternity, from essentially nowhere, to not necessarily jump to every accusers defence, quite as speedily as many have been doing !!!

My point being, that with such a SERIOUS Thing as physical abuses of women being essentially ABUSED, by this lil’ … ” Actress ” … just goes to show that the sickness of abuse isn’t as straightforward as that of the abuser, immediately being labelled as being a nasty piece of work !

Sometimes, those claiming these, same abuses, are even worse, because lying about something that affects so many women, who consistently say that it’s an INCREDIBLY DIFFICULT thing to bring to peoples attention, is indeed pretty sick in my opinion !!!

As said, the world is filled with much worse things, but essentially, we live in a pretty sick period of human existence !!!

and sometimes, just sometimes, that sickness comes out in artists vision of the world that we live in …

So, with no further ado, written a while ago, and i’m not sure whether I feel any better or worse about the state of things, but, know that these words will always sicken, because they will always reflect some part of the world we live in.


* * * * *

” Cooler ” … A Poem written & performed by Big Virge

So guys what a hot few weeks it’s been eh ?

Wildfires, heatwaves, the world cup, and a variety of hot topics continually arising, that should be causing, at least the odd raised eyebrow, in terms of what is being revealed, or NOT, as the case may be.

So, this month’s little ditty will cover a few things, from last years Grenfell Fire, and the reaction to it, to the continual revelations of Hollywood abuses, and the reactions to them, that continue to heat up, as more and more female stars release information that will have a lot of producers and big movers, loosening their collars, due to the heat of allegations surfacing, and, resurfacing, from the past. Kathleen Turner being the latest to have certain people, looking over their shoulders, right about now.

As per usual, the Donald Trump show continues to simmer, until he gets his nose out of joint, over say, Lebron James, or NFL Players continuing to kneel, or, refusing to stand for the American Anthem before games. The issues of trade, and of course, his rather high profile meetings of recent, which should apparently, be cooling down tempers and the need for nuclear arms.

The Catholic Church, seemingly, abusing children just about everywhere they’ve been, with quite the level of protection, from members of their church to police not taking matters seriously, upon notification of child abuses, that have also been kept under the radar at some schools for decades, coming to light.

It’s definitely been a hot summer, but, not just due to the weather.

Even Tiger Woods has found his golf clubs hotting up, as he gets very close to returning to the major winners circle, at the PGA in St Louis.

The Zimbabwe election situation has caused tempers to hot up due to disputes over the legality of President Emmerson Mnangagwas’ election win. South African land appropriation, and a number of other issues in the African Continent.

The Ben Stokes case is hotting up, as did his temper clearly, as the story seems to keep changing regarding his position in the argument that led to him, as he claims, protecting a couple of gay guys from facing abuse …..

Hmmmm, something doesn’t quite add up about that whole scenario, much like the issue of race, as another white nationalist rally is heading to Washington, whilst racist graffiti has been sprayed on a house in Rochdale, where a black family were excited about moving in, so, that debate is still hot for those who aren’t part of the fraternity of famous black folks, who are now not so keen to raise the issue because of the green in their pockets, that has them feeling comfortable.

Well, as this poem suggests, we all could do with a cooling down, or maybe an exhibition of more coolness, when some of these issues confront us.

It’s been a hot summer for sure, but, unlike rain, some of these other hot issues may require some other cures.

Anyway, take a listen and enjoy, and stay cool folks !!!

Bless Up



* * * * *

” Party Redux ” … A Poem written & performed by Big Virge

So folks, the World Cup Party has run it’s course !!!

France were basically worth the title, although the final wasn’t the greatest, contrary to the barefaced lies that a lot of these well paid commentators are churning out.

The dollar definitely dictates more than foreign policy, it dictates so much now, that it’s pretty crazy to see ” Allegedly ” … TOP CLASS Footballers, prove themselves to be anything but, worth the price tags they carry around with them now.

Neymar being one of those, and the less said about Brazils’ effort the better.

Don’t get me wrong, there were as ever, some truly OUTSTANDING Goals, however, to say this was one of the best World Cups’ of all time … ???

I think there are more and more people who are in need of some Thanos Treatment, because they’re making it very hard for those of us who call things as we see them, to do so, without being labelled some kind of killjoy.

It’s not that at all, but if England under Gareth Southgate of all managers, could get to the Semi Final, then maybe people need to just check this idea of how great this World Cup actually proved itself to be.

Not so great, more like adequate, is more the vibe i’m working with from what I saw.

However, hooliganism seemed to be almost non-existent !!!

Whatever is being said about Vladimir, his boys and organisers do not mess about, as was proven by the Russian Team, when suitably motivated it would seem, as well as the various parties tasked with making things run smoothly.

Since my last post, Kim, Vlad and The Queen have all spent time with the Trumpster’, as of course did Piers Morgan, his great mate, who got to chill with The US President on Air Force One !

Meanwhile Brexit’ talks are getting hotter and hotter, and parties have left Theresa’s cabinet, parties working for Oxfam have been found to be partying a little too much with certain, young Haitians … !!!!!!

Barbados now has a new party running the country, or does it … ???

The LGBT Party and Rainbow Flags have quickly found their place amongst Bajans, under our first, Lesbian Prime Minister, which of course, most people are now saying, shouldn’t, and, doesn’t matter !

Funny that, for such a religiously, conservative country …. ???

Well again, ” Apparently “… ?!?

I wonder is that the same kind of matter, that, Black Lives’, have claimed as their own ???

… Or …

The type that denies a man, any sense of dignity, upon his recognition and acceptance, that he has some black in him, as was found out by, Officer Cleon Brown in Michigan, who then filed a claim against the force for it’s racist attitude to his announcement of his black portion, which, immediately had him referred to as Kunta, as in the Roots Slave Character ….

” Lovingly ‘ , by one of his colleagues … !?!

However, the case seemed to uncover that some rather racist comments were made by Officer Brown HIMSELF, upon receiving the news … ???

Be careful what you are … ” Party to ” … folks.

Ask Macron, or some of the interior Ministers of Italy, who unashamedly are adopting very, i’ll say, right wing attitudes towards migrants.

Spike Lee ranted about it not so long ago, but something as ridiculous as Brexit’, has bred a mentality that America had no problem embracing, and it isn’t unreasonable to suggest that much of Europe, whether publicly or behind closed doors, seem to be not as far left of, as many might claim, thus, I had to re-record this piece and drop it one more time before anything is finalised, if it actually ever will be when it comes to Brexit’ !!!!!

Please people, as is said in this piece, these days, prob more than ever before, you REALLY Need to Party … SMARTLY … !!!!!

Soon to be released off the, ” On The Virge Album “, where these words have received some very different treatment, musically, so, watch out for that post folks, soon to come …..

Bless up folks, and stay safe out there …

The Virge ….

Party ….

* * * * *

“Standards” …. The Vocal … A Poem written and performed by Big Virge 4/12/2012

So what’s the word people ?

World Cup Fever is now over, and what a World Cup it was … !!!

However, i’ll leave that subject to one of my next posts, suffice to say though, it’s been a hot summer in various places and standards are indeed, showing themselves to be diminishing in many areas.

From wild fires where people are losing their homes and lives, with very little assistance until after the fact, to fires that may well become a very hot topic, like the recent Ted Talk on how Paedophilia should perhaps be viewed now.

Again, a subject that needs further discussion, but for now i’ll get back the usual poor standards, policing and safety for black people after the tragic death of Nia Wilson in Oakland.

Poor standards of conduct and behaviour, leading to sexual abuses by members of Oxfam in Haiti, and paramedics basically letting black people suffer and die in America, because of profiling, like the case of Nicole Galloway RIP, that leads some of them to believe that being black somehow means that, you couldn’t possibly have the money to pay for your medical insurance, which therefore means in their minds…..

“No money, NO RIDE, and no-one willing to save your life !?!?!”

Crazy and CRAZIER Times …. ?!?

We seem to be accepting pretty much anything as being reasonable nowadays.

Well, I think we might wanna just check on our standards, just a little bit, and recognise that without any, what exactly could this world become ???


* * * * *

“The Company You Keep” … Written and Performed by Big Virge

Yes Yes People,

So, World Cup fever is upon us, The Russkies’, have the chance to host, and I wonder what kind of hosts Vlad’ and his men will be eh ….

Time will tell, but it’s a time you are going to need be VERY WISE, in the company you keep, methinks !!!

Like say, Tommy Robinson … ???

Who seems to have caused quite the stir !!!

Obviously a man who holds very strong views regarding immigrants and their behaviour, but maybe he should check his company and more importantly, what they have become reputed for, hateful speech and criminal deeds, and yet some white folks are INCENSED, that he should be judged so harshly, or at all, considering the way the immigrant paedophiles have behaved.

Hmmmm, pot calling kettle at all, anyways, moving on, what can one say about this week, Donald and Kim, finally together, to show the world the love they have for each other and a De-Nuclearised World … !!!!!

Phew, dunno bout you, but I was getting worried there for a minute …

…………… and if you believe that, then you probably believe that something meaningful was achieved between these two leaders, who were basically goading each other into some kind of instigation of war, not so long ago, if i’m not mistaken … ?!!!?

Ho’ Hum ….
Well, President Trump really is something !

Whatever you feel about him, he certainly does switch things up, on the REGULAR … !!!

Can’t finish this post without saying congrats to the Warriors !!!!!

4-0 …. Brooms were being brought out quite early …. LOL ….

So, it would seem that Lebron’ might just be removing himself from his current company of teammates, I wonder if he’s thinking about going to Golden State …… LOL ……. ???

Anyway folks enjoy the World Cup, if you’re gonna be following, but this piece is a SERIOUS One, on the perils of keeping bad company …..

Stuff to think on in these dangerous times ……

Peace and Guidance

The Virge …..
and, Come On Brazil, get with the programme this time !!!!!!!

[Audio:The Company You Keep.mp3]

* * * * *

” Punch ” … A Poem written and performed by Big Virge

Well folks, another month has passed, and as usual currently, just enough crazy things have happened to leave me feeling, a little punch drunk, with all that I am hearing & seeing to be standard actions in this world of ours.

Politicians backstabbing and deceiving one another !!!

Elections coming here in Barbados, and many seem to be saying the same as was said by quite a few people in the US, before Donald Trump became President.

If Freundel’s crew retain power here, heads are talking about Canada as a safe haven.

Well, what I will say is that on the surface, it looks like one of the better countries to be in at the moment.

However, is anywhere really safe and prosperous these days ?

America and England do not exactly offer safe havens to go, unless you are willing to ignore the social issues that currently surround living in either country currently.

Money Money Money though, still has people acting funny !

Desperation is almost like a new breathing apparatus for the majority, as prices continue to rise, whilst wages are not rising at quite the same pace.

Trouble’s a brewing, and as said, the political ring has the Punch Drunk feeling being thrown around, however, Meghan & William did their thing over the weekend, with a whole heap of pomp and ceremony.

It’s always interesting to me, to see how celebrities who claim to represent art that should influence peoples’ perceptions of say, everything from Capitalism, to, Historical Wrongs that have been suitably covered up, yet, they are quick to accept an invitation from one of the biggest, if not THE BIGGEST, family of colonialists, who, in no small way have contributed to not only, the inequalities of this world, through their legacies of brutality, greed and receipt, but have profited in ways that make their money seem much more dirty, than any that’s being laundered currently.

It’s incredible that, so soon after the acknowledgement that Windrush Migrants were deemed to basically, not exist, presumably because of their lack of economic benefit to the country now, that, no-one was at the Royal Wedding, protesting the idea of William, grabbing himself, a bit of colour to create an image of acceptance, for people of colour, even within the royal family !?!

It’s pretty amazing really, when you add in, the current, ” Brexit ” vibe, and the, ” Hostile Environment “, that was supposed to be the policy towards todays’ immigrants, trying to get to stay in the UK.

As said, it’s all getting a bit too much for my brain to cope with, so, let me get back to the piece i’m sharing this month.

Well, having watched a pretty decent fight between Adonis Stevenson & Badou Jack any Light Heavyweight last night, which for a change, ended with a controversial verdict, that actually, wasn’t that controversial.

No Knockout Punches were thrown, that landed, but there were some brutal shots that were taken, that warrant a rematch after the draw decision which
allows Stevenson to keep his belt for now.

So, for boxing fans, this month’s piece speaks on more than boxing, but pays homage to some of the great fighters, who have inspired me over the years, in more ways that one.

They may be premier athletes, but, I think i’ve done enough now, to prove that i’m a premier wordsmith, and this piece will definitively explain why …..

Simply, because as the poem states, when it comes to my wordplay ….

It Definitely has a Heavyweight ….

” Punch ” ….

Check it out …..

* * * * *

” Pretenders ”

So, quite the month it’s been people ….

All kinds of industry awards for film and music, pretenders to thrones being disappointed, whilst other pretenders to thrones, getting their props, from their peers.

In Hollywood, it’s such a farcically, perverted place, that it’s hard to truly believe that awards are given to individuals, solely based upon the quality of their, respective works, or merely because they sucked the right persons whatever, these days … !!!!!

Politically, well it seems that the Brits’ have got their noses out of joint over, alleged, covert, Russian Misbehaviour, on British Soil … ???

Now, this in turn, has garnered support from a lot of nations apparently … ???

…. and of course, the US, via it’s President, has let Vladimir, and his foreign diplomats know, that they apparently are no longer welcome, where they once were.

Also, the North Korea situation has been hitting headlines, as it appears that recent exchanges between America and North Korea, that were quite tempestuous, were no more than a lot of hot air, as, not only has Kim Jong Un, met with the Chinese Premier, President Xi Jinping, but apparently, he’s now cool with The Trumpster’, and other leaders, who seem to rather quickly be joining the queue to talk with a man who, barely months ago, was being labelled as a dangerous, out of control, tyrannical leader ….. ???

Something isn’t quite adding up people ….. ???

As comedian, George Carlin would i’m sure of suggested, the viagra seems to have worn off, and dick swinging has stopped for a while at least, so that the limp dick leaders of this world, can prove that, ” Pretense “, is indeed, along with those little pills, their greatest ally.

Also, the word is that, Donald will never get to build his wall, to keep the Mexicans out, as he so vehemently claimed he would do, on his way to the Whitehouse !

(which, as a sidetone, quickly reminds me, is Guantanamo still open ???)

Okay back to Americas’ current big shot caller ….

It also seems that he won’t get to bed, a certain, Stormy Daniels, ever again, as their relations have become somewhat strained now !

LMFAOL ….. !!!!!!

…. and of course, there’s been the customary firing of members of Donalds’, US Administration, continues to baffle and bemuse the people who keep believing that these people, that he chooses, are actually supportive of the somewhat beleaguered President.

Seems like a great many PRETENDERS, are out there, which finally leads me to the admission by David Warner, Cameron Bancroft & The Australian Cricket Captain NO LESS, Steve Smith, that the pretence of them being decent, honest, fair cricketers, has been nothing more than a rather LARGE VENEER, that also has led to their, poor old coach, Darren Lehmans’ sudden resignation, after apparently being backed by the Australian Cricket Board …… just days before ….. ???

The same Darren Lehmann who had to apologise for using racist language with regard to Sri Lankan opposition, not so many years ago, who was also quick to join Yorkshire, a county who were seemingly pressured into reversing their policy of basically, not having anybody from outside of Yorkshire, be part of their team, especially if they had a bit too much colour …. !!!!!

You had to be of Tendulkar, or Richie Richardson Levels, to have even have had a chance back in those days, let’s not forget !!!!!

Hmmmm, nice blokes these lot and it sounds like there are a great many pretenders in Australia, maybe not just confined to the upper echelons of Aussie Cricket !!!!!!

It’s so laughable that it’s seriousness may be being dismissed, as nothing more than a blot on the landscape of Australian Sportsmanship,

It’s only Ball Tampering after all, so what, they just got caught for a change … !!!!!

However, one should not dismiss the level of vitriol aimed at anyone who wasn’t whiter than the whitest cricket ball, if they were accused of cheating, without any admission of guilt, previously.

The South Africans can hardly get too upset, as Hansie Cronjes name, has to be quickly brought up, when it comes to deceitful actions surrounding cricket, in the past.

In a world seemingly filled with so many liars, cheats and thieves, this month’s piece reflects on this pastime that seems to be so popular amongst so many bods’ on this planet of ours, including just one name i’ll mention from the poem, a certain Ryan Lochte, whose behaviour in Brazil not so long ago, with other US Olympic swimmers, should serve as a very important reminder of how white pretenders get treated in comparison to us darker folks, when we are foolish enough to get caught doing things that we perhaps, shouldn’t ……

So, as much a warning as an assessment of the Pretenders we all have to face at various point in our lives ….

Check it out ……..

and remember folks, HONESTY, is the best policy, however,

ONLY BEFORE, you decide not to be !!!!!

NOT ….. The other way round !!!!!


* * * * *

” Keep It Real !!! ” … Written and Performed by Big Virge

Okay folks so, it’s that time for me to drop some more, rhyme driven insights, on the world, and how we humans deal with living in it …..

So this month’s spoken word offering deals with a NOT SO Popular, or frequently used saying from back in the day …..

Hip Hop Inspired, in many ways, ” KEEPING IT REAL ” ….. has been used in so many ways now, that it goes WAY Beyond, those three words …..

These days, it’s pretty clear why the saying doesn’t hold as much what ???

I guess …. ” Swag ” …. in the world we live in today.

(Excuse my mis-appropriation of the term young’ guns !!!)

Simply, because the majority of people clearly, DO NOT, keep things real, from their talk, to their actions …….

A worrying trend when you look at the fact that we are a long way down the line of human history, so, I for one, would like to think that people would recognise the value of ACTUALLY, ” Keeping It REAL “, from beginning to end……

However, there are some issues with doing so now aren’t there … ???

The threat of some kind of public law being broken, to the point where imprisonment, at the least, could come your way !!!

Like say, Irish Landlord, Fergus Wilson, check his story out.

He’s been, Keeping It WRONG, on SO MANY LEVELS … !!!!!!

A Very Wealthy, and Prominent landlord in the United Kingdom !!!

He’s kept it VERY REAL, when telling one of his letting agents to stop, ” Coloured People “, from renting his homes, which he seems to think is okay, but that’s a whole different deal !
He has denied being racist, of course, and chose to defend himself in court, where he was advised to ditch such a policy, as it is discriminatory !!!!!

Now, I was told a long time ago, better the devil, or, racist you know, than the one that you don’t !!!

Mr Wilson’s assertion, that his comment about curries stinking out his properties, is “Political Correctness gone mad”, may not actually be, that far off the mark, but hey, that’s the way these days, you gotta be careful what you say right ?!?

Unless of course, you happen to be a President, or, any other description of a world leader ???

Hmmm … and how real are they eh ???

A question for another day, but, another one is, when one of these, ” Leaders “, starts to REALLY, ” Keep It Real “, in their talk, what do the masses choose to do ?

CRUCIFY them, for exposing who they really are …

(Unless You’re Bill Clinton of course ?!?)

….. Or, as seems to be the case now, be accused, from the ladies perspective mainly, of abusing them for, being well, REAL, even if it is in some VERY SLEAZY, and Disrespectful ways …. !!!!!

Depending on where your moral compass lands though right ???

So, quickly, let me just drop a view views on these harassment cases, from HollyWOOD, cos’ NUFF WOOD, LOL …. Seems to be being, thrown about that world, as it does, Britain’s corridors of power !!!!!

Surprised, well, I have to say that it’s about time we heard some folks, ” Keep It REAL, when it comes to what goes on, in Political Offices like Whitehall, and elsewhere.

It’s clear that homosexuality isn’t alien to Politics, but the disturbing nature of quite a few MP’s, arrangements to get sex, and now, their treatment of women, does indeed, leave much to be desired.

However, back to Hollywood, as much as I will at some point be thrown under the bus for expressing this view …. but, it’s my truth, in terms of how I see these accusations.

Okay so, yeah, I have to believe that certain accusations have been dismissed firstly, by the police in certain cases, because there are instances that have come to light, that have indicated that they have done this with paedophile claims and others, over the years, however, there has to be some assessment of where these claims are coming from …..

Actors and ACTRESSES …..

AKA as …. Pretenders, or one could go as far as to say …..

PROFESSIONALLY TRAINED, Highly Paid Liars …. !!!!!

YEAH, I Said It …. LIARS ….. !!!!!!

Now, let me MAKE CLEAR, I am NOT suggesting, that every claim that has been made, is some kind of lie, however, what I am saying, is that in an industry based on ….

ElevATING the level of ATTENTION, an individual receives, I Repeat, ATTENTION, that people receive, and clearly, YEARN FOR, for their ability to again, ” PRETEND “, to be something, or, SOMEONE Else……

Well, one has to at least, question, the volume that have … ALL OF A SUDDEN, started to spring up, from here, there and everywhere, Cosby, Weinstein, Louis CK, Kevin Spacey, and a number of Politicians, to start with … ???

Have you noticed a theme with these people though ……

Well, let me point you in a few directions ….. with a few questions … ???

Poverty …. Ummmmm’ NAH …..
NONE of the ACCUSED are, some Tramp of Road !!!
A Reputation for Honesty & Integrity … Errmmm’, Note I Said POLITICIANS as well so Uh Uh.

Wealth ….. Ummmmm’ ….. Well HELL YEAH ….. !!!!!!!
Power …… Ummmmm’ ….. NO BRAINER ….. Well HELL YEAH ….. !!!!!!!

Influence ….. Well, in terms of career, all the above could certainly be said to have at least got connections to the fast lane to fame, or, a route to power … !!!!!


” FAME “, is a very, SIGNIFICANT one in these scenarios !!!!!

and finally, the time lapse between these TERRIBLE Things, Including RAPE, being declared, as what occurred !!!!!!

Now, as said, the victims will, in many cases state that, as previously suggested, they were NOT, taken seriously !

As said, it’s ridiculous, in my view, to think that this didn’t happen to a good set of victims, however, if my … PERSONAL SPACE, was imposed upon like that, there is NO F’ing WAY … I REPEAT …..

NO F’ING WAY….. !!!!!!

I’m gonna let that lie for 20 years, and then because of some new wave of impersonal messaging, sent via modern tech, use THAT, as a platform to wage some kind of … ” Bandwagon War “, against something, that, as claimed, was such a TERRIBLE Thing, that it DESTROYED MY LIFE, as some have suggested it has done …..

Even though ???

….. in the case of these Hollywood Victims, they not only, ” Kept MUM “, as in, “quiet”, but then, CONTINUED to work in this industry, where, as now seems to be the case, this type of behaviour is prevalent, due to the predatory nature of it’s members.

Hollywood is a very, ” Special Club “, and i’m pretty sure that women KNOW THAT, who join it, child stars get a pass, however, Mummy and Daddy of said stars, not so much !

Don’t play dumb, when you read the stories, hear the rumours, and see certain things going on …. KEEP IT REAL eh ….. ?!?

ESPECIALLY with, your children … !!!!!!

However, a quick word for those accused, as a man who, in a working environment, has been accused of sexual harassment once, here is why I hold the views I do, and can say what I have previously.

A Young Female, let’s say, tried this, ” Harassment Claim “, because she WASN’T, getting the attention she CLEARLY WANTED, from me, but when she did, it became an issue when I explained that, in her case, walking about, exposing your thong in an office, encourages such thinking in Red-Blooded, young males, who unlike Weinstein and them, are tall and muscular.

So, off she trots to her boss to give the big sob story ???

Now, him being, one of those males who adheres more to being feminine, than being manly, without question, decides to run to TOP MANAGEMENT, one of whom I had been told, was a bit of a racist, to expose my e-mails to this well, female … who, if I had flipped the script, could of accused of Harassment, due to various, more subtle ways of doing so ?!?

However, of course, My Job and Career, if such a thing was affirmed, could have been irreparably damaged, but, concede to the threat ???

Uh Uh …

I told my boss, do whatever, my position is the same as the e-mails state, fire me if they see it her way !!!

Now, one has to remember the pressure that such a claim puts on a brain, but hey, I continued to work for a while with this hanging, only to be told a week or so later, that, having read my mails, the BIG Bosses, apparently told my boss that,

“Virgil is right and to be honest, we’re glad he told her straight, so, tell him we’re dismissing her claim, and he has nothing to worry about !”

Now I get that there were a lot of males in this scenario, but hey, the first one who heard the claim, didn’t blink, before pushing it higher up the office management chain, without question !!!

So, back to the Hollywood lot, a good few of these women are older now, ad may even be seeking some attention to regain some spotlight, it’s not beyond reason to think that this could apply to some of these claimants, and, as for the guys, well, guys are probably equally, if not, more likely to keep quiet for fear of what that will say about them, let alone, the idea that another male abused them sexually, so there is more to the idea that …… Anyone …. !!!!!

…… be they, the female in my scenario, who may I note, in the same office, a year or so later, ended up working on my floor, and quickly made peace with me, as soon as I approached and suggested that we, ” Play Nice ! “.

In her case, just a bit of attention sorted her in the end.

However, there is proof that people, and, in this case, yes I mean predominantly women, can say or do things to cover their own, poor movements & choices, because it’s not been unusual to hear certain victims state that they didn’t say anything, due to the FEAR of what it might do to their career … ?!?

… which again. leads anyone with some common sense, to see that the level of … ” Apparent Abuse “, was and has been known about, and evidently, seen as acceptable within the Hollywood Ringer ….

up to now at least …..

and thus, this month’s piece, explains how I see the fraudulent manner in which, such an APPARENTLY, RIGHTEOUS expression, has been ABUSED, by more than actors and actresses, and their fraternity of FAKERS, but by, ” Road Man “, ” Gyal “, and basically, pretty much everyone who dared to run the phrase, as if they ever lived their life in it’s entirety by …

” Keeping It real ” ….

I Think NOT.

…. and the way that Evidence & Accusations keep surfacing currently, it’s pretty clear that the expression has drifted into the backwaters……

…… because ………

” Keeping It Real ” …. is being … SLAUGHTERED … !!!!!

So, take a listen,
if you think you’re righteous enough …. ?!?

[audio:Keep It Real Recorded at Triple E Studios Barbados.mp3]

* * * * *

” Know Your Place ” (Explicit) … written & performed by Big Virge

Okay folks, so another month and another load of very strange stuff going on !

The whole NFL kneeling situation has got very testy, with the President becoming quite colourful in his use of language, regarding the Kaepernick followers, who, in all honesty, do seem to have jumped on board his ship, a little late, in my opinion.

The increased rhetoric from a President who could clearly care less about, what opinions people have, from the press, to his own staff, and of course, people of colour, has, all of a sudden, even got players, outside of the NFL kneeling as well now, as if that’s gonna change the attitudes of patriots and racists alike …. I think not.

Hertha Berlin players took a knee today, in an apparent stand of ….. ???

Oops ….. ???

KNEE of solidarity with the NFL players, who are wanting a change of mentality, towards what exactly ?

Flag waving patriotism, National Anthems, Police Brutality, or the basic, racism that appears to be, a standard, for how people of colour are treated, generally by, fairer complexioned folk.

Now this, “People of Colour” Phrase, is one I cannot relate to, as firstly, as the old joke goes, nobody shows more colours than white folks when they shows us shades of blue red, brown and ever other colour under the sun !!!!!

However, NOT all people of colour feel liks’, quite like BLACK People, but yet, Chloe Bennett, sorry, Wang, from Marvels Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D, is now suggesting that the level of racism in Hollywood and the UNITED States, affected her ability to use her actual name !!!!!

All of these scenarios link themselves to the idea of yup, you guessed it ….

Knowing Ya RASSHOLE Place people !!!!!!

I mean, the NFL thing has got a bit silly now, and the players do have rather large amounts of money to enter, political arenas, if they want to don’t they ???

…. instead of facing head injuries, etcetera, that could leave them worse off than a police beating !!!!!

Well, maybe not, but …..

Black folks getting their noses out of joint, need to check themselves, and recognise their role in affecting change, in a world which is essentially, governed, by the spoils from systems that, support the sentiments of anthems, like those of the US and the UK ….. a la …

Rule Britannia ….

English folks will apparently, never ever be slave eh ?

Yeah right !!!!

Similarly, the girls are on the charge again, Bill Cosby having, kinda sneaked off the radar because, OH NO, A Big WHITE, Hollywood producer has been harassing, multiple actresses, over an extensive period of time …. basically being, his time as an Exec … !!!!!!

Shock Horror …. SURELY NOT ….. !!!!!!

Okay so, here we go, us terrible men, and oh wait, no-one believes women when they claim sexual abuse, so, that means we should believe them now ???

Just a question ?

Harsh as it may seem, how does a little man like Weinstein, get away with causing so much pain to these women, who, so many have looked up to, for what exactly ?

Well, before I get the feminists on my ass, you ladies need to think it through, and decide whether, so much sympathy should be being handed out to women who clearly seemed to know their place before……

Keeping their mouths shut for jobs and money, when maybe they should of been opening them as much as other parts of their body have been ….. to protect the sisterhood that they claim outweighs any amount of pay ……. or job security …… ???

One to think on ….

Theresa May allegedly wants ignorance and intolerant individuals to, ” Know Their Place “, in Britain…….

Huh Hmm, the less said about that, the better ….. and of course, I have to mention the Girl Guides apparently becoming, Boy Scouts ???

…. which has clearly stirred some, considerable consternation ….

Now, other than Bruce ??? Caitlin ???

I dunno …… that Jenner Fella, being named woman of the year, last year, in certain peoples eyes …. this has to be one of the most absurd things of the last few months …. ?!?!?

The world has indeed gone, ” PC Crazy “, as well as completely irrational, on so many levels now !?!

Let the girls be girls, and the boys be boys eh ….

and on that note….

Come on people, like this piece says ….

” Know Your Place ” … !!!!!

[audio:Know Your Place.mp3]

* * * * *

“Point The Finger” … Written & performed by Big Virge

Yes Yes People !!!

So, what’s going on in your world right now ?

Well, having just watched a very interesting movie about Botswanas’ not so distant history, of race driven shenanigans, that included, quite a bit of finger pointing by the British & South African Governments, ” A United Kingdom “, is a film that serves as a great reminder of the danger of pointing fingers, without justification, especially when yours are clearly, NOT SO CLEAN …. !!!!!!!

Fast forward to today, and there’s so much to think on these days, that connect to …..

” Fingers Being Pointed ” …..

…. that has led to much that we see in the world today.

Especially the modern political landscape of today, as pressures increase, safety concerns continue to disturb, from Migrants apparently, causing problems to Italy’s Southern Coastlines, to Brexit’ talks continuing to apparently, falter ….

…. and talking of faltering ….

NOT, that it was a failure, but sadly, it doesn’t look as though we’ll get to see Mr. Usain Bolt, pointing his arms and fingers to the air in celebration of a major championship 100 metre victory again ….

Ah well, such is life, but I have to quickly give props to this legendary athlete, for all his achievements on the track, and hopefully now, what he should translate into an, off the track legacy, that will not only help Jamaica, in multiple ways, but also, young athletes all over the world, to be inspired to achieve, something even comparable to the, ” Lightning Mans’ “, achievements.

Well done Usain, great career man !!!

However, back to this idea of pointing fingers, well, The Trumpster’ is hiring and firing as quickly as he can point his fingers clearly, Korea are pointing fingers at the US, as are Russia now, and Venezuela and Brazil, seem to have a lot of pointing going on, of much more than fingers sadly ….

and Of Course, one cannot forget the Grenfell Tower Blaze survivors, who are also pointing fingers at the UK Government and wanting, not only answers, but a place to lay their heads, after what now seems to be accepted as Corporate Manslaughter, so, I wonder whether judges will have the balls to point some MP’s to Jail, with no chance of getting Bail, or, a …

” Get Out of jail Free ” … card … !?!

Unlikely …… !!!

… as it seems to be unlikely that Barbadians will do anything more than, walk and talk about, how tight things now are in this island paradise, because of Prime Minister Freundel Stuart, pointing to who knows what, to ensure his legacy of governance is not forgotten, for quite some time …..

So, for this month, as there does seem to be a lot of this going on, right about now ……

Some verse worth pondering before you join the brigades doing it ……

I suggest you check YOURSELF, before thinking you can do it …..

[audio:Point The Finger.mp3]

* * * * *

” It’s Incredible ” … written & performed by Big Virge

Well Well peoples’ …..

Incredible times since my last post ….. !!!!!

Too many things going on, to mention any particular one event, as being THAT Incredible, compared to the next, however, just a few things that did catch my attention ….

Bill Maher running some, ” House Nigger “, talk, as a JOKE of course … on US TV.

Yup… Pretty Incredible …
SMH … !!!!!!

Then, Ice Cube, being the one to chastise and seemingly … EDUCATE him, about it’s usage by white folks ….

Just as Incredible …

Congressman being shot at in the US, while playing Baseball at a Park …

Yup… Pretty Incredible …

The shooter, being some rather disgruntled, old fella, ending up dead before any questions could be asked of him…..

Not quite so Incredible, but hey … it’s America so ….

Got to mention, Pakistan winning the ICC Champions Trophy, in England, having defeated the same, apparent favourites …. LOL ….

Err NOT … on their way, and actually beating the best one day side, India, in the final … Congrats to them ….

Incredible achievement …. !!!!!

Anyway, moving on, Johnny Depp running, Kill The Trumpster’ talk … !!!

Well, on the basis of recent reports about his behaviour towards, ex wife, Amber Heard, and his, allegedly being, a rather unstable and abusive character when he’s ready ….

Not so Incredible again, but hey, interesting, nonetheless ….

Captain Jack may in actual fact be … QUITE MAD …. !!!!!

Talking of flicks, Wonder Woman’s big screen arrival, and dominance ….

Well, having seen it in Grenada in an ICE BOX of a Cinema !!!!!
(Now, HOT, YES it may be, but, ease back on the air con nuh’ man ! Film me ah try fee watch, NOT … catch cold doing it 2 rahted’ … LOL … !!!!!)

Well, all I can say is, Whoo Rasshole WOO, for the Feminists …. !?!

Yeah, some reasonable action, but seriously, yet another hero, I mean…

” Heroine ” of course, Killing …. to preserve peace … ???

Well, she certainly likes kicking some ass !!!?!!!

Plotwise, and cast wise, well, this I found more interesting than the film, when it all played out, and I had time to assess it all.

So, Ex Israeli Defence Force girl, being Gadot, takes on the role of the…

” Righteous Warrior ” ……

Huh Hmmm … Any Coinkeydink’ in how she managed to get cast as an, AMAZON, Warrior Princess … who is ultimately AGAIN …

Righteous … ?!?

I also AGAIN, say, AMAZON … ???

Well, if Hollywood has issues with whitewashing characters/stories, they clearly didn’t see it here !!!

…. However, Ms. Gadot is fairly pleasing on the eye,

…. for …. white audiences right … ???

but hey, if she can lift a Goddess Warriors’ Sword, then I should get a go at being the next Bond 2 rass …. LOL ???

However, her first ally, outside of her home, in the movie, is wait … ?

An American Soldier …. again ….

Any coinkeydink with the ACTUAL … USA/Israel relationship … ???

A little concerning, until, after all’s said and done, Terrible Germans getting blamed for being such AWFUL, Murderers and Propagators of War, we find out that the, ” GOD OF WAR “, Ares, as defined in the flick, is actually ….. Wait for it ……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………

British … !!!!!

ENGLISH … in fact !!!!!!

So, the man in the movie who claims to have, CHECK IT …..

Manipulated humans from various places, to wage war, because that’s what we are apparently good for, comes from Good Ol’ England …. ?!!!?

I’d say the way that the film connects nations and vibrations of a violent, deceitful and wicked type, is … when you look at the world at large ….


However, it’s just a comic book, fictional tale, put trough the Hollywood Machine, so, nothing to read into there …..

Okay ….
Yeah Right …. !!!!!

All this, while Manchester, London Bridge & where, Finsbury Park of all places … !!!!!!

Received TERROR Attacks of varying degrees, and from various creeds it would seem …..

Theresa May made an election Boo Boo, and didn’t re-inforce her majority, but has ended up calling on Northern Irelands DUP, to gain some kind of majority for her Brexit talks etcetera to get through the Houses in Westminster, after her parties, election debacle !!!!!

Yup … Pretty Incredible … !!!!

But Wait … The last of the things i’ll mention for now, has to be the INCREDIBLE SCENES, that saw Grenfell Tower, in West London, basically become a towering inferno …. !!!!!!

Well, there’s nothing, remotely funny about the loss of homes, livelihoods and lives….

However, a lot of … ” Funny Business ” … would seem to encompass everything, from initial media coverage, to discoveries of flammable, REJECTED material, being used in the building, that was allegedly sanctioned by Government, and some clearly, very shady, cold hearted companies, who could clearly have cared less for the residents !

Even The Queen went to view the aftermath ….. !!!

INCREDIBLE … Indeed, and all this before I even get to Africa and other incidents overseas, in the past few weeks ….

Well Finally, I had an Incredible time in Grenadas’ … Island of Spice, so, gladly, i’ve been far away from such sights and scenes …..

So with such Incredible times, it only seems right for me to make this month’s post, some … Incredible Rhymes …..

Check them out ….
and be careful out there people …. !!!!!

[audio:It’s Incredible Recorded at Triple E Studios Barbados.mp3]

* * * * *

“April Who ? ” … written & performed by Big Virge
Yes Yes People !!!

Well, i’m back to sharing some thoughts on this crazy world of ours…..

…. from more political wrangles to, Nuclear tests, Brexit of course, the French Election, and North Korean moves to, President Trumps’, first 100 or so days in office, there has been much that could be deemed as foolish, of recent …….

So, as the month of April ends……

It struck me a while ago, that it seems a little unfair to give the burden of encompassing all the Fools on this earth, and their Foolish actions, one day of acknowledgment … being April the 1st ?!?

…. when it’s pretty clear now, that Foolishness runs 24/7, somewhere on this earth, within someones’ movements, actions or behaviour …..

So, this month’s little ditty gets into this day, and the fools of this earth, and suggests that April shouldn’t really have to carry the load, all on her own ……

So, take a listen…..
and don’t feel bad, if you deserve a fools cap …..

We’ve all been there at some time or another …..

[audio:April Who Recorded at Triple E Studios Barbados.mp3]

* * * * *

” I Really Love Sex ” … written & performed by Big Virge

Following on from my previous post, in a month deemed to be … ” Poetry Month ” … by, Certain, US Poets, a few years back, it only makes sense to share something that defines my Passion & LOVE, for, using words to create, rhythmic, cryptic, Exquisite, ” Poetic Turns ” … !!!!!

So, in a similar vein to, Commons’ Classic, Ode to Hip Hop,

I Used to Love H.E.R.

This is my, Ode to Poetry ….

Saucy title, but hey, why not … ???

Enjoy !!!!

…. as this piece hopefully shows, how much I ENJOY, as well as a thousand other adjectives, writing and creating stuff that could be deemed as being a little bit …… Poetic …..

So here is ….


[audio:I Really Love Sex.mp3]

* * * * *

” I Go ” … A poem written & performed by Big Virge

So folks, another month of 2016 gone, and we approach the end of the year, and the beginning of a new one, that will, as ever, be filled with many comings and goings …..

Obama goes … as Trump comes to the Whitehouse, Brexit’, well, who knows whether it’s coming or going, and if so, exactly how it will be effected … ???

Today, the indication is that there will be a new Italian PM, in 2017 ???

A lot of footballers are coming to the table, to expose the incredible levels of apparent, player abuse by British coaches !!!!!

Right wing movements across Europe, bar Austria, of all places, are on the go, and seemingly, on the rise …..

A third of Austria’s populous voting for a Far Right group, should not though, be overlooked !

Racism is definitely on the go, as ever, and immigration may well be the next thing to go, in terms of borders being open, to those escaping Syria in particular, but, I think that this is an excuse to keep more than Syrians, or more importantly, Muslims out of Europe …. and if Trump has his way, out of America too …..

Fidel gone, so who knows where Cuba will end up, in the coming months and years ???

Oh and just one quick mention of the case that has, somehow, found it’s way to being a mistrial … ?!?

…. that of, the shooting of Walter Scott by a certain, Officer Slager, as described in the piece, Open Season, which I posted recently …..

Looks like Officer Slagers’ case will be, yet another, to go on the list of cases against the police, that have left the victims family without any sense of justice, or respect for the fact, that, their loved one was essentially, gunned down in cold blood, by one charged with the duty to … ” Serve & Protect ” …

YEAH RIGHT … !!!!!

So many things going on …..

I figure that it’s time for me to explain and show, some of the places that I have been and will continue to …. Go …….

So, here are some of the places that ……..

[audio:I Go.mp3]

* * * * *

Election Week, so, a good time to speak on … ” Cliques ” … A Poem written and performed by Big Virge …

So, after last month, speaking on the lack of certain things, this month I speak on something, we could probably do with a few less of ……

Now, I never really was one for, fitting into them …..

Of course, like most young men, I ran with a crew or two, but, always felt that the dynamic held, hidden agendas, ulterior motives, and invariably, a lot of suckers and, lying Motha’ F’kers …..

Not much has changed in my opinion, from artistry, to a great many things in this world …..

So, for this subject, even though I wrote this, basically, ten years ago, it’s content is pertinent and relevant, especially as it’s been quite a year for the exposure of many of these collectives, The BREXIT Cliques, JOKERS … !!!!!

The FIFA Cliques, of the seemingly, money grabbing, embezzling, deceitful members, of it’s hierarchy ….

The Drug Cheat Cliques, and their cohorts ….

The … INCREDIBLY Deceitful, Ryan Lochte, Clique … Tut Tut Tut ….

The Paedophile Cliques of the BBC and seemingly, much further afield in the, apparently, not so … ” Uni ted ” … Kingdom ?!?

(Again – JOKERS !?!)

The EU Clique ….

The … Of course, “Black Lives Matter” ….
and …. ” ALL Lives Matter ” … Cliques …

ISIS, Terrorist Cliques, and the cliques that, THREATEN, Western Freedoms & Liberties…. whatever they are ….

Which of course, brings me to … The Police …

A Clique who work to preserve our freedoms and safety, well, if you believe that, then you are probably part of the Trump, and ….

Hold on … Wait a minute, Clinton Cliques too … !!!!!!

So, for most people, it would seem that, they fit into one or t’other of these cliques ….

I’m happy to be part of a … “very small clique” … !!!

Well, a virtually, non-existent one, who wants to use artistry to expose these Fukwits …. for what they are … SHEEP … or, better defined, SHEOPLE’, who bleat, more than they, claim their …


So, as we are in the heat of US, Presidential Election week, in the, again, CLEARLY ….

NOT SO …. Uni ted …..
States of America …..

Due to their, Democrat & Republican Cliques,
(Both being, JOKERS who embrace the use of … BIG GUNS, BOMBS and, BIGGER EGOS !!!)

This piece would seem to fit perfectly with much that we’ve seen in 2016 …. and sadly, throughout, human history …

” Cliques ” …..

[audio:Cliques Recorded at Triple E Studios.mp3]

Recorded at Triple E Studios, Barbados

* * * * *

“There’s So Few Left !!!” … A Poem written & performed by Big Virge
Hmmmmm ….

How to introduce this …. ???

Well, I guess, simply by saying ….

It’s TRUE …. ya know ….

There really do seem to be …

So Few Left …. !!!
as per ….. This Poem …..

[audio:There’s So Few Left Recorded at Triple E Studios Barbados.mp3]

Recorded at Triple E Studios, Barbados

* * * * *

So, August 2016’s subject is … ” Hair ” … written & performed by Big Virge

All i’ll say is this …

It is Truly … INCREDIBLE, to believe & see that, in AFRICA … !!?!!


The matter, of black peoples’ HAIR, is even being mentioned in discussions of how we should present ourselves, in this,

” APPARENT ” ….. Post Apartheid, Mandela legacy, South Africa !

So ….
ONCE AGAIN, for 2016 ….

This stuff is …
BEYOND A … F’ing Joke ….. !!!!!!

However, it is no surprise, surprisingly … to me, with my well … ?!?

Hair …. !!?!!

…. and the all too frequent, disrespectful, name calling comments, that I can barely remember, let alone mention, regarding the aforementioned, Hair … smh …

Blacks, Whites & Asians alike, as this piece states, have no shame in running talk on how mine, and clearly, other black peoples’ hair, grows free ….

Untidy … to them … maybe … ???
Unclean … well ladies, …

I’ll take that, pepsi challenge, that’s it’s cleaner than a lot of y’all …

Pussies … !!!!!

LOL … !!!!!!!

and y’all, UPP-ity … Black Girls … turning up your noses to my kind of wild styled hair, well, you best not be running that, straight FAKE Horse, or, Indian Hair, that ain’t yours alright !!!!!

Anyhow …

Here it is … ” Hair ” …

A lil’ sumthin’ I wrote whilst treading Philadelphia’s streets, whilst on holiday, a few years ago ….

Recorded at CMI Studios, Barbados

* * * * *

” Patience ” … A Poem written & performed by Big Virge

All I will say is …..

The way people seem to be behaving these days, due to their shades, and varying …. ways …..

A lot of folks could probably do with, A LOT OF THIS, from themselves and certain, influential heads …..

The poem speaks on these things, in what it expresses …. and more …..

Once …. and …. FOR ALL.

[audio:Patience Recorded at Triple E Studios Barbados.mp3]

Recorded at Triple E Studios, Barbados

* * * * *

“Pass or Fail” … A Poem written and performed by Big Virge

Sadly ….

Methinks ….
There are more fails than passes these days ….. !!!!!

However, a bit of fun, intertwined with this month’s, social commentary ….
from, The Brother …. Big Virge ….

Enjoy !

[audio:Pass or Fail Recorded at Triple E Studios Barbados.mp3]

Recorded at triple E Studios, Barbados

* * * * *

“Fight For What’s Right” … written by Big Virge 7/4/2005

A small homage to Prince, comes at the end of this piece, written many years ago, but the fight continues …..

[audio:Fight For What’s Right Recorded at Triple E Studios Barbados.mp3]

Recorded at triple E Studios, Barbados

* * * * *

“Brutal” … A Poem written & performed by Big Virge

Okay people, so, as a follow up to my last post ….

Here’s proof that people, in fact, sadly, mostly those claiming to be artists, are PUSSIES … !!!!!

YUP …. I said it ….

PUSSIES … !!!!!

They are normally quick to run for cover, when heads speak freely about the world and it’s woes, or better still, people and their willingness to be penned in like sheep !!!

It’s incredible how they, and obviously, those who claim to appreciate, freedom of expression and artistry, are quick to distance themselves from anything that is remotely, anti-establishment …..

or ….

Art that has, NOT BEEN DONE, for people to say that … “They Love It !”

or, even worse still …..

because it’ll get them a pay cheque ….

These are the same fuck-holes, who are quick to claim that they …

” Keep It Real ” … with their art ?

Hmmm …. What a CROCK !!!

Imma’ hit that, ” Keep It Real ” … subject, down the line, but, as said in my two previous posts …

If Donald Trump can wantonly, speak on things in such an unabashed fashion, and not have to deal with the ….

“Expression Police” … as it were …

…. who want to restrict, and deny exposure, to the type of artistry, that this kind of piece represents, one where frank and honest assessments are expressed, that can actually be validated, rather than debated, and then dismissed as some kind of conspiratorial nonsense …..

Then … SO CAN I … !!!!!

So, once again ….

Pussholes’ …..
should leave this alone … !!!!!!

The rest of you, well, I hope you pay close attention to what you hear, and pass this on to those who you know, can deal with talk that is REAL !!!!!

…. because ….

compared to Trump, Cameron & the rest of their ilk of Political Figureheads ….

These words are actually, contrary to the title,

FAaaaaaaaaaaRRRRRRRRRR ……… from being …….


[audio:Brutal Recorded at Triple E Studios Barbados.mp3]

Recorded at Triple E Studios, Barbados

* * * * *

“Double Standards” … A Poem written & Performed by Big Virge

Yes Yes people ….. !!!

Well, it’s time to get … SERIOUS … once again people !

This subject of … ” Double Standards ” …. could be a book, rather than a poem, but, ya know sometimes, it takes something to happen in life, to inspire such a work, as the one I now post …..

To give you some background to where this has come from …..

A White guy I know, yes that’s right, I said it ….

He is WHITE, was showing himself to be supportive of UKIP / EDL, type ideals, in reference to Englands’, rising Islamophobia, and general distrust of immigrants, unless of course, they’re Aussies, South Africans, or Kiwis, and I don’t mean Maoris or Aborigines either ….

This individual, who used to live behind my London home, upon seeing that I actually take these matters, which of course, encompass British Racism, VERY SERIOUSLY !

…. took it upon himself, after referring to some kind of friendship, we apparently had, which was a figment of his Very, CLEARLY, vivid imagination…………

….. to drop the kind of lines, that, define the hypocrisy, and …

* * * * *

“Evolvers” … A Poem written and performed by Big Virge

Yes Yes People ….. !!!

Having had a very calm, and quiet festive, after my …

Adventurous December … !!! … to, Pacific Coastlines and Landscapes, my first poetic offering of the year, is hopefully as inspiring, as it is, thought provoking ….

But in a more, PROGRESSIVELY EVOLVED Manner, than much that has been happening over the last few weeks …. !!!

From Paris to Nigeria bombings, to, US Madness, of a judicial & violent nature, to the, let’s say, not so evolved rhetoric, coming from the likes of Donald Trump, and his competition for the Whitehouse seat !!!!!

Anyway, from top to bottom, this is now, one of my favourites, and covers much that has occurred, and seemingly continues to occur within the ecology of Human Development …..

Take time with this one folks … !!!!!

because ….

Even if the word, ” Evolvers “, doesn’t actually exist in the Oxford, Posh Dictionary, it’s now, one of MY OWN, and what it’s inspired, reflects on much that happens in this crazy world of ours ….

Everyday …..

BELIEVE IT … !!!!!

[audio:Evolvers 3 Recorded at Triple E Studios Barbados.mp3]

Recorded at Triple E Studios, Barbados

* * * * *

Reason … A Poem written & performed by Big Virge

Okay folks …..

I am a long way from home currently, but it seems that, after the Paris attacks, Gatwick Terror alerts, and more gun massacres in the US, that, reasonable thought processes are being forsaken for, ” Gung Ho’ type “, reactionary responses.

So, as The Pope has been doing his thing in Africa, and Trump doing has been doing his … i.e.

“Running His Gums” …. in the US …..

I’m wondering, where the logic and reason is …. in peoples rhetoric currently ???

Well, it’s time for some reason, Big Virge Styled, that defies all these extremist type attitudes, and I don’t mean, ISIS, ISIL or any other type of group who is deemed to be wreaking havoc across the globe right now ….

Those who know, KNOW, they are far from being the only terrorists out there, in this world of ours …..

I am currently in New Zealand, funnily enough, YET ANOTHER, British Colony, in a place called Queenstown, also like Barbados, to the locals, known as you guessed it …. Little England, due to the volume of Brits who now, live and work here, where, as a Zimbabwe born farmer told me….

“When they came here, the Brits were bloody stupid !!!”

…. when speaking about certain agricultural policies, that they rather foolishly employed, that when thought about, were quickly proven to be as stupid, as much that is being spouted currently, by them and their apparently, ” Special Friends “, across the water !?!

Well, having managed to gain a little Maori culture, in my first few days here, it only seems fitting that I should, this month, share a piece that shows how much respect I have, not only for the GREAT, All Black Rugby team and World Cup Winners for 2015, but also, a culture whose warrior spirit, deals in more than reactionary responses to war …..

Thus, here is a poem that touches on that, and much much … more … !!!

In a time where we are seeing people act in very, irrational ways …

Take some time out to listen to some thoughts based on, as said ….

Sumthin’ more, than talk of ignorance, terror and war ……

[audio:Reason Recorded at Triple E Studios Barbados.mp3]

Recorded at Triple E Studios, Barbados

* * * * *

Sex and Texts … Written and Performed by Big Virge (Explicit Language)

In keeping in tune with, my last poem about the old, relationship game … some further reflections on some past, personal, and, not so personal, experiences …..

However, this piece deals with some of the, newer things, we seem to have incorporated into our relationship dealings, sexual and otherwise ….

audio:Sex and Texts VP Mix Recorded at Triple E Studios Barbados .mp3]

Recorded at Triple E Studios, Barbados

* * * * *

“So They Say” … A Poem written by Big Virge 15/10/2007

Now ladies

Just REMEMBER … !!!!!

” If the cap FITS … !!! ‘

and that ….

Once you cherry done get … BURST … !!!!!

… that like Peter Tosh said, you’re just a …

” Brand New Second Hand ” …

Don’t start attacking me, cos’ i’m an HONEST … man … !!!!!

So ….

BEFORE …. you start to run your lips pon’ dis’ ….

Take the time to LISTEN … and THINK, before responding …. !!!!!

Cos’ if ya don’t …

Well, it’s CLEAR that these words of verse, refer to you … !!!!!

and … for a change, if they do, keep your cool …. FACE THE TRUTH … and be Honest with YOURSELF, about your moves … !!!!!

and who you’ve … SCREWED … !!!!!

before your closets start rattling …. LOL

Recorded at Triple E Studios, Barbados

* * * * *

The Black James Bond … (Street Version !) … written 29/11/2005 Performed by Big Virge

Okay so….

I’m much less inclined to share my views of how things run currently, because people are either in “Denial-Land” … or, are in some, “Self-Righteous”, fury land, where their only form of response are retorts of well… for want of a better word, ” Spiteful ” … in nature

But, as insignificant as it is in the grand scheme of the madness that continues toe ensue, across the globe, in various ways

Has their been some kind of Ku Klux re-union, that has avoided the all seeing eye of the media. because, once again, migrant talk seems to be incessantly, spoken about, from the people, who migrated, then dictated how nations should be, in lands where they were, essentially …

INVADERS, and I don’t mean of the space kind, although, these days, it really does seem like some white folks are chameleons, shape-shifters, and the most devious kind of bullshit spitters … !!!!

This time, it’s Bond, and one of it’s new writers, a certain, Jewish chap, by the name of Anthony Horowitz, who according to Wikipedia, was ….

…. born in Paddington, London, into a wealthy Jewish family, and in his early years lived an upper-middle class lifestyle. ”

who seems to have the low down on who and what’s … ” Street ” … and thus, made reference in a Daily mail interview, to the fact that, NOT ONLY, is Idris Elba, too street to play Bond, but also, not, ” Suave Enough ” ….

Amazingly, having read the news this morning, I now see that he has apologised now ….

Hmmmm …..

Why because,

FOOT in Mouth of White man, is causing him to be deemed a racist ????

So, it seems, he still doesn’t wanna say what’s really on his mind ……. !!!

Poor … Oops,

That should be, WEALTHY, Confused, Mr. Horowitz …

Folks, his background is worth checking out, if Wikipedia is accurate, regarding the echelons of society, this individual comes from …..

Now I am NO ADVOCATE, for a Black Bond, but, Anthony Horowitz needs to shut his claat Fo’ REAL !!!!!

Let’s get this straight … !!!

Idris is … ” Sorry ” … “Too Street” …

and apparently, NOT … “Suave Enough ” ?!?

LMFAOL ….. !!!

What a joke !

Just say he’s, ” Too Black ” … man, cut the bullchit’, and let’s cut to the chase.

Oh and obviously, when I say … TOO BLACK, i’m being, FACETIOUS … !!!

Just the ol’, Willie Lynch Syndrome, kicked in, for a sec there …. !!!!!!

So, Mr. Horowitz has written, having been, ” COMMISSIONED “, by the “Fleming Estate”, NO LESS … !!!!

I REPEAT …. The Fleming Estate !!!!

…. some new, Bond script / book or crutch …. ” Trigger Mortis ” ….

GREAT … !!!

Adrian Lester is okay apparently ?

…. but, Idris is some different shade of dark, that is less acceptable, and INSANELY, somehow, less capable of playing Bond ….

Sounds a bit like the classic, English Racists line and defence …..

“Your alright mate, but, it’s the other blacks that are f’ckd up !!!!!” …. Bullchite !!!!!

What an ass !!!!!

…. who needs it handed back to him, so he can eat the shit he be talking man !!!

He may have actually sealed the deal now, with his ignorant statement and sudden apology, as if, as he claims, due to his … ” Clumsily ” … delivered, use of language, which, hmmm … i’m pretty sure he makes plenty of money, for doing.

I hope Idris gets the Rasshole’ role now, because that should be lots of fun on set, for, ” Mr. Horodick’ ” … if his Trigger Mortis gets made into a film … as he tries to explain how he would like Idris to be a little, ” Whiter “, when saying lines, that, ANY actor, worth their pay cheque, should be able to deliver, and tailor, to exhibit the qualities of said, character ….

I got something for him though … PRICK … !!!!!

So what now …. ?!?

…. because Hulk Hogan and Trump and all the other, bigoted white folks, are now returning to just expressing their bigotry, for all to see, he felt he could run such Ignant’ talk …. ???

To be fair, i’m about more frankness, but, this is the worst kind of racism/racist…

The one that tries to shield itself behind, Political Incorrectness, or Correctness, and then makes the whole,

“It wasn’t meant like that” …. bullchit claim

Eedyats’ like him, would get my respect if they’d just, wear their Klan Hoods out in the open, for us to see, and run their talk, cos’ at least I and the rest of us, would know what we’re dealing with …..

Make him gwaarn …

I got sumtin’ for he and his breed of … ” Ignant Ass People “, who seem to be all too prevalent in amongst this entertainment and arts industry, that is so accepting, all of sudden, of us, darker skinned peoples …..

I think … NOT …. !!!!!

I know that the ladies got to have an opinion on this Fukry … cos’ now he’s the … ” Hot Ticket ” … I know many would love to see Mr. Elba play the, Great White, Fictional Legend …. !!!!!

Are any of the people who rule Hollywood, told, when they go to roles, or provide scripts, that, they are hmmmm ….

“Too Jewish” … I wonder … ????

Chuh ….., as per the below post/s …

The Double Standards continue …..

So, here it is folks…..

I never thought of it, when writing it, ten odd years ago, as, anything more than throw away words about this, ABSOLUTELY RIDICULOUS Ideal, but hey, I was merely the vessel ….

So, if he thinks Idris is Street, well, like Jack says in the original Batman reboot…..

“Wait til’ he gets a load of me !”

Additional vocals provided by Strat Carter

[audio:The Black James Bond Recorded at Triple E Studios Barbados.mp3]

Recorded at Triple E Studios, Barbados

* * * * *

“Troubled Times” … A poem written and performed by Big Virge

Well, this is not a new piece, by any means, but, it would seem to be a piece that, sadly, transcends time, and is as poignant and relevant, now, as it could be, for each of the last 5 decades, as it probably could, further back through modern history, with regards to the policing of black people, that, seems to consistently lead to black deaths in their custody …. that we are made aware of ….

Those that, ” We are made aware of ” … !!!!

…. because it’s all good and well, talking about the people you hear about, but, it would be wise to acknowledge that there have been individuals, who are victims of cover ups, and lies, that the judiciary seems to find, quite acceptable, as excuses for, these POOR EXCUSES, for police officers !!!!!!

Sandra Bland & Sam Dubose are the latest names to hit the headlines, but, let’s not forget Eric Garner, Michael Brown & Freddie Gray, whose murder, seems to have fuelled more violence on Baltimores’ streets !!!!!

The final name i’ll add here is … Walter Scott, who suffered, what was essentially, a horrific execution, for a faulty tail light !!?!!


…. let me just say this to all the, smart-mouthed, English people, who seem to think that the police in England, are divorced from their American cousins … ???

Well, the two countries don’t have a … ” Special Relationship “, for no reason !

Remember, the heritage of most, White Americans, as I keep finding out on my travels ….

If you ask them, upon meeting them, where their families originate from, you may just be surprised by, just how many have ….

YES, that’s right, European / BRITISH Connections … and that’s FACT !

So, i’ll just make mention of Mark Duggan, Smiley Culture and Christopher Alder … RIP …. to remind them of the same, ridiculous stories, that attempt to cover the racism, and brutality, that also leads to black deaths at the hands of UK Police……

It’s a disgrace … !!!!!

….. and they, as peacekeepers’, have as much to do with the decay of basic, civil rights, for people of colour, as well as, the rise in violent, street crime, that again, is not some figment of peoples’ imagination, it’s a very REAL PROBLEM, that needs to be addressed….. !!!

So, i’ll let the poem say the rest.

The list of names below, and those above, are VERY REAL INDICATIONS of …

Troubled Times ….. !!!!!

Trayvon Martin
Raymond Allen – 34
Dante Prince – 25
Nehemiah Dillard – 29
Wendall Allen – 20
Shereese Francis – 30
Rekia Boyd – 22
Kendrec McDade – 19
Ervin Jefferson – 18

[audio:Troubled Times Recorded at Triple E Studios Barbados.mp3]

Recorded at Triple E Studios, Barbados

* * * * *

“Denial” … A poem written and performed by Big Virge

Oh and…. before anyone starts running the ….

“Oh, he’s obviously got a problem with gays !”, type rhetoric….

Well, this piece was actually written on the 29/06/2005

A whole 10 Years ago !

My position was clear then, as it is now, and much like all the other groups who are spoken about, within this piece, if they want to be accepted and treated EQUALLY, like everyone else ….

Well, accept that everybody ISN’T, necessarily down with the Gay Movement ….

and that some of us are not just gonna fall in line with the ….

“Oh, You’ve Gotta show support for the gays”, vibes, that are currently riding …


Anyway, let’s get to the bigger issue of denial in peoples’ attitudes ….

As the poem states, it is a BIG F’ing Problem …. and if you are one who takes offence to things you hear in this, well, you would seem to have a cap to wear that has on it’s peak, in …


D E N I A L …..

Get over yourselves, and face what you know to be true, not only about yourself, but, more importantly, the world around you …..

[audio:Denial Recorded at Triple E Studios Barbados.mp3]

Recorded at Triple E Studios, Barbados

* * * * *

” Class ” … A Poem written & performed by Big Virge

Having asked last month, what it takes/means, to be …. ” Hardcore ” ….

This month, my question is about the idea of having, ” Class ”

So, here are some of my questions about this thing we call …..

[audio:Class VP Mix Recorded at Triple E Studios Barbados.mp3]

Recorded at Triple E Studios, Barbados

* * * * *

In Just A Few Seconds – written & performed by Big Virge

(Recorded at Shoestring Studios, Barbados)


Mixed at Shoestring Studios, Barbados

* * * * *

“This One’s Not” – written & performed by Big Virge

(Recorded at Shoestring Studios, Barbados)

A “Lil’ Somethin'” …. for a change …


* * * * *

Inspiration – written and performed by Big Virge

(Recorded at Shoestring Studios, Barbados)

Be INSPIRED …. !!!

* * * * *

Trial – written and performed by Big Virge (For Stephen Lawrence R.I.P.)

(Recorded at Shoestring Studios, Barbados)

* * * * *

The Dark Knight of A Different Type – written and performed by Big Virge

(Recorded at Shoestring Studios, Barbados)

* * * * *

Reggae Surge Show hosted by Supa Tang with Special Guest …. Me …. Big V

* * * * *

(Facebook) Is this what you really have one for…?!? – written and performed by Big Virge

(Recorded at Shoestring Studios, Barbados)

* * * * *

Difference – written and performed by Big Virge

Recorded at Jabrock Productions, London

Mixed at Shoestring Studios, Barbados

* * * * *

Propaganda and Lies – written and performed by Big Virge

Recorded at CMI Studios, Barbados

* * * * *

Myspace – written and performed by Big Virge

Recorded by The Dark Doktahz, London

Recorded by The Dark Doktahz

Mixed at Shoestring Studios, Barbados

* * * * *

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  1. Mick Cassidy Says:
    April 23rd, 2009 at 12:49 pm

    Hey big man, loving what you,ve done to the site.
    Content as good as ever…keep up the good work. Faith.

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    This is my first time i visit here. I found so many entertaining stuff in your blog, especially its discussion. From the tons of comments on your articles, I guess I am not the only one having all the enjoyment here! Keep up the good work.

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    November 23rd, 2011 at 1:07 pm

    I really like it when men and women arrive with each other and share opinions, wonderful weblog, maintain it up.

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