“The Critics” … Written and Performed by Big Virge

Okay so moving along to track 5 on my new album folks….

“ The Lowhar Files…. “

A track that deals with the eternal issue, of having to deal with those who think that they can criticise, the choices you make, as if it’s any of their business ?!?

Artistically, it’s a known fact that a great many artists who couldn’t make it with their own art, often become art, or music critics, out of some wish to remain connected to the scene.

However, when it comes to friends and acquaintances, it’s a minefield of trying to figure out whether you’re receiving, constructive criticism, that’s founded in truth, and a wish to help you to better yourself and what you do, or, whether you’re being criticised, due to jealousy and hatred ?

So, this track deals with these issues, but also speaks on the ….

“ Silent Critics “ ….

…. who really think they’re slick !

The types who, when it comes to the performing arts, and particularly the modern online generation of companies and groups, now claiming to be about, supporting talent, regardless of how they come to know of it.

They are rarely what they present folks, and that’s no joke !

So, a special mention goes to the spoken word group on Twitter, known as,

… Hammer And Tongue, Cambridge …

…. who, after receiving a mere, 7 or so tweets, that I tagged them in, as this is a fresh spoken word album, decided to respond with …


Now folks, this isn’t bitterness, but a suitable link to these, SILENT CRITICS, that this track speaks of.

I rarely, if ever, have tweeted them before, but rather than ignore the tweets, or block me, or, just say that they weren’t into what I was sending, this is the form of underhanded criticism, that proves that these, Silent Critics exist.

The type of critics who, due to their affiliations, and biases, would rather hide behind this sort of ignorance, than to just be straight up about the fact that they have their preferences, and that they just don’t like what you’re offering.

However, when you think of the very WHITE, and gentrified, image of Cambridge, it’s university, and artistic legacy, you’d think that in this,

“ Black Lives Matter Age “ ….

Especially as Britain is apparently, such a welcoming place to black people, it wouldn’t be too much to indulge some, Black Rhymes right ?

Especially when they aren’t down with grime, violence or ignorance, now wouldn’t you ???


However, they totally personify the types of collectives, that this poem’s subject matter speaks on.

Jokers, who think they’re slick, just like …….

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