“Troubled Times” … Written and performed by Big Virge

So, what a sumting’ right about now eh folks… ?!?

Well, none of this is a particularly big deal to me, because as I have been told recently, I apparently need to learn more about my black history, before suggesting that black people need to look more, at …. THEMSELVES …. !!!

BEFORE, as the saying goes….

” Following the beer and getting drunk !!! ”

Of course it’s a terrible thing, that has happened to George Floyd, may he rest in peace !

However, everyone out there rioting, needs to look REAL HARD at themselves, as do those who feel that #Blackout……

…. Whatever it was, should assuage any shame that they might feel, about sitting on their asses, after making money for the same dirty, corrupt system, that allows for what happened to Mr. Floyd, to happen …

Like REALLY Mo Fo’s … REALLY … !?!

… and then thinking that some ridiculous form of symbolism, makes them what …

… ” Woke ” …

… ” Down ” …

Or …..

Some other stupid F’k, when it comes to this stuff, that has run for centuries and CENTURIES, and will continue to, because, with all due respect to our dead, we have bigger fish to fry, like the continual flow of government lies, and people trying to convince themselves, and others, that they don’t !!!

Keep fooling yourselves, as are those protesting, as if, in this world now, everyone out there, is protesting for the SAME THING ?

Again, a foolish ideal, that people need to stop peddling as being something of worth, when it clearly is not.

Being stuck inside for two and half months, doesn’t have anything to do with the riots, and yes I mean the ridiculous one in London, at the moment, as well, huh … ???

Huh … ???

Now I really try not to advocate violence, but it seems to me that people aren’t aiming in the right direction, however, as freedom of expression is being mangled, and manipulated, to suggest that even the slightest expression, could be deemed as being unlawful now, as per Hong Kong, i’m gonna let these angry protestors figure it out for themselves ….

So, we have police, ” apparently “, joining protests now, and black folk are being shown to be hugging police !!!

We even have some appearances on road, of certain A-listers, and donations and the like, coming from all sorts of places !!!

Well, as i’ve said before, it takes a black man to be VIOLATED, to draw such actions, and protest…..

Again, REALLY … ?!?

So, for the well, lets just say, last 75 years, to make it easy, where has all this angst and money been huh … ?!?

I’m not gonna go on, because it really is proving to be quite pointless, but what I will say to end, is this, people need to be more focussed on vaccinations, and corona virus plans, and tests, that will impose more and more restrictions, not only on the times we can move around, but HOW we do …. !!!

Compulsory masks in the UK from mid-june, so, that law will find it’s way to it’s colonies soon enough too, i’m sure !

However, freedom of speech and expression, are being threatened folks, and all this flouting of curfews, etcetera, is actually enabling the forwarding of these agendas, behind locked doors.

Doubt if you will, but remember, Singapore is already employing robot dogs to enforce distancing, which is also a rather big factor in this protest madness !!!

As a friend said to me this week, if by the end of the month, there aren’t massive spikes in Corona Virus infections, well, he’s done with it !!!

I tend to agree, and shall be very interested to see, just how many cases occur, as a result of this increased level of social contact, in very public spaces….. like beaches eh, because let’s not forget about, just how many folks have flouted distancing laws to get to a beach, as soon as lockdown rules were even SLIGHTLY Eased … !!!!!

Anyway, suffice to say, I’m just TIRED of peoples’ bullchhit !!!

Like many others too I think !!!

I don’t care whether these people be, black people, white people, asian people, or alien F’ing people,

Political people, Police, and the rest of these, freaks and fiends, who continue to get away with what they do, while people place all their focus, again ” apparently “, on the death of just one person ….

Mr. Floyd, you are sadly, yet another who should not have been made to suffer, but there are others, that are being mis-treated, as these protests continue !

There are clearly quite a few incidents, that aren’t reaching mainstream news, that still show you what police and their crews are willing to do ….

…. Which is why this piece, written some, SEVENTEEN Years Ago, held weight back then, as it does today, sadly, in many more ways, that explains the dangers of what are truly becoming …..

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“Mad Talent” … Produced by Anthony Lowhar

So folks, time to go further into Virges’ World Vol. 2, with this tune that speaks on the arts, artists and just what can be defined as talent ….

Well, as the title of the track suggests, I now know that I definitely have …..

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“Run Through My Mind” … Produced by Strat Carter

So folks, time just seems to be flying by right now, weeks swiftly moving into the next, almost as if time isn’t quite in sync, as per the 14 HOUR Power Cut that was island wide in Barbados this week, just CRAZY to think that in this day and age, that, back up generators aren’t functioning in a manner that prohibits an entire day, where essentially, nothing could be done ?!?

IMF money, obviously doesn’t stretch to power provision eh folks ….

Anyway, as this weeks track from Virges’ World 2 suggests, there are a few things running through my mind currently.

Certain news stories are just too crazy, to avoid my attention, like the one that suggested that a hospital drug mix up, created Werewolf symptoms of hair growth in babies in Spain … !!!

I mean drug mix up … SERIOUSLY, WTF is going on there !!!

I am current;y enjoying the Bumpy Johnson series with Forrest Whittaker taking on the role of …

” The Godfather of Harlem ” …..

…. and it shows why the mafia ties that existed back in Bumpys day, would still seem to be in full effect, from Sicily to New York, as recent Cosa’ Nostra’ arrests in Palermo, Italy, have shown that the mafia hasn’t just disappeared, in fact, it would seem that they are probably as strong as ever, when it comes to their international dealings, with property being confiscated by the FBI and Italian Police.

Properties that are as far a field as the Dominican Republic, New Jersey, Philly and New York, where the names, Gambino and Inzerillo, are still to be feared !

So, swiftly moving along, what about the death of pen and paper, for future examinations which will be technology driven ?

I have never been one who believes in technology being the ultimate tool for taking humanity forward, in fact, due to my embracing it for varying reasons, I truly believe that it will be the end of us all, if we continue to become so reliant on that, which we have created, that in the end, humans become obsolete !

Well, this is one very questionable step towards that eventuality, in my opinion, as tech run tests have already proven to be flawed, as information has been lost, pertaining to said examinations already !

We have so much going on these days, with impeachment news, election news, and, Prince Andrew news, oh, i’ll get to him and this sinister connection between Jeffrey Epstein and underage girls soon enough, but for now, i’ll end this post with the news of Mark D’arcy Smith having a banana with a bill on it, being sent to a Wetherspoons’ table he and a friend were drinking at, in Bromley, South East London, this week ?!!!?

So, in talking of tech, the order was apparently made by use of an app, that somehow, was made by a person who was clearly in the pub, saw the table number, and made the order ….

Hmmm, should be easy enough to find the persons involved right ???

Not according to Wetherspoons, who of course, having apologised, have now stated that it is outside of their control, what gets ordered and sent to customers….

Cop Out at all….

If they did nothing wrong, as they claim, no need to apologise right …

Well that, alongside of more Yeovil football fan arrests for racism against Haringey players, in a recent game, leads me back to this weeks piece ….

People wonder why racism is still such a hot topic for British Blacks, and black people in general, however, it should never be treated as a minor issue, in the minds of those not receiving it, because there are those of us, who, as the poem states in no uncertain terms, like Mr. Smith suggested, who know of British Scorn, due to our colour, and believe you me, we are not all able to just brush it off and get on with our lives….. !!!

So, here are a few other things that also ……

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“Voice” … Produced by Strat Carter

So, as we seem to have a lot of voices from all corners of this world, claiming that they deserve to be heard, I figure it’s as good a time as any, to show that I have a pretty good one to listen to ….

Mellifluous and Smooth, as is this weeks Start Carter Groove …..

It’s a cool one folks, unlike a lot of those voices making unnecessary noises these days !!!

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“Here It Is !” … Produced by Strat Carter

Okay folks, time for this weeks musical drop, as it’s time to move on to Virges’ World Vol. 2 ….

A further foray into the blending of spoken word poetry, with Hip Hop styled beats…….

I am the first to say that it probably isn’t as well put together as the first Virges’ World effort, however, as ever, there are mitigating circumstances with musical endeavours, but, this opener is one of the better tunes that came from it.

Thanks again, to my man Strat’, for producing the track …..

Needs no explanation, as the title and the lyrics will do all that for you !

So Simply ….

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“Mad Talent” … Prod by Anthony Lowhar

Yes Yes People …..

Keeping it moving with another track from Virges World Vol. 2.

This one is my take on the abundance of CRAP that has infiltrated the creative realm of music, and more importantly, the lyricism that makes Great Music …. GREATER, by saying things that have something more to offer people, than the nonsensical mumblers and others, who seem quite happy to desecrate artistry, for a quick fix of money, pussy, or notoriety.

Of course things move on, but as I have heard a couple of well known musicians, recently tell politicians, if, from a societal perspective, we seem to be regressing, I wonder how much of this is due to the music that is now being fed to young people …..

An interesting question which this tune addresses in no small way.

Thanks to Anthony L… on production …..

This piece here, is INDEED FILLED with …

… ” Mad Talent ” … !!!!!!

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” They Try ” … Prod by Strat Carter (Explicit)

Yes Yes People …..

Keeping it moving with more Big Virge Music !

Back to Virges’ World Vol. 2 …. for this Strat Carter produced number, we had a lot of fun in discussing & finalising the production for this, the effects are very deliberate on this track, not that the others haven’t been, but, it was interesting what each of us heard and how it all came together, in the end.

Having been shown some of the stuff deemed worthy of the recent VMA’s, especially from our young crop of so called, Hip Hoppers …..

Well, suffice to say, they’re doing they’re thing in the new age of what’s HIP, in Hip Hop, uh hmmm ….

My thoughts on a lot of these young cats, be they Kendrick Big, or, not so, are basically where this track starts, but moves as ever, into multiple areas of where people be trying REAL HARD, to prove they are …. ” Whatever ” ….

Well, sadly for me, they really AREN’T …

Trying hard enough to produce that good stuff, as expressed in this piece ……

Check it out here …..

Available on iTunes etcetera ……

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