“The Inside Track ” … Written and Performed by Big Virge

So folks, ” The Inside Track “, is a suitable subject to now speak on, having recently spoke on,

“ Keeping It Real “, and then the idea that those who don’t, end up becoming Puppets or Pawns, to be sacrificed in rituals, when they step out of line, in terms of certain, hierarchical structures.

The Inside Track to fame and success, clearly has many variables and many contractual obligations, that go beyond being the best at what you do.

It would seem to be foolish to believe that this isn’t the case. especially when it comes to getting fame.

I’ve had my time of attempting to become a pro sportsman, and having done my creative thing for a while now, have seen just how important it is to have the right connections, to get to be around certain people, or gatekeepers, who can open certain gates, or doors as it were, for you to gain access to the realm where, the big shottas’ are, and where the big money is at.

However, as my last couple of posts have eluded to, there seems to be an incredible level of preferential treatment, that avails such opportunities, and it comes at a price that isn’t always, monetarily driven.

Many seem to be sexually driven, or are driven by restrictions on what you can, or cannot say.

The #MeToo movement, has driven many to now see the industry as being a place filled with rapists, or sexual deviants, which I would certainly not doubt as being the case. However, is it not also then reasonable to think about sexual favours being given by women, to get to certain positions, as it now seems to be being levelled at men ?

Is it all a one sided abuse of power equation ?

Well, I would have to suggest, that I believe that people are being naive to tell themselves, that everybody whose become famous, has done so, solely based on their artistic talents.

It’s pretty clear when, so called, underground artists and art, find their way into mainstream mediums, that many who are deemed as being talented, suddenly look quite mediocre, in comparison to those who have found a different way into the public’s view.

Once again though, even these people have, in Hip Hop Vernacular, had to get…

“ Put On “ …..

…. by someone who had, ” The Inside Track “, in terms of getting them heard, or seen by certain people within underground collectives, where some very shady characters seem to be waiting, and making a living !

As many have said for years and years now, it’s not as simple as just coming down to what creative gifts you have, it’s who you know, and who THEY Know, that plays as big a part, if not the ultimate part in gaining success.

This is not solely within the arts and entertainment worlds, it applies to the corporate, political, and social worlds too !!!

It is a very significant part of life, from the schoolyard to the bedroom, you’ve got to be seen as one of the cool crews, in a lot of instances, to get through.

The level of compromise you are willing to embrace, plays a massive factor in how quickly you get through too !

So, this piece revolves around the issue of how people get on the inside track, and is based around many conversations that i’ve had over the years, with artistic peers, as well as a particular conversation with an individual, who works directly behind the cameras, who had no reservation in telling me that she felt that the group of people who can get you on that inside track, are not necessarily, the best group of folks to get connected to….

So, as I’m at that point, where I can no longer see myself in such collectives, here’s a piece that sends a cursory warning to those thinking it’s all good, because they’ve got a fair amount of talent…

Y’all need to check yourselves, and ease back, and take a REALLY GOOD, LONG LOOK at, what it takes, and more importantly, WHO it may take, for you to get to the spot where you get fame and cash, that avails you a position, where you’re path is cleared, by someone who can get you on …..

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