” A Different Angle ” … A poem written and performed by Big Virge

So folks, we are living in a world where, different angles of thinking and behaviour, are now proving to have serious affects on us all !

Everything from gender, to opinions, and apparent, scientific evidence about vaccinations, and stances on climate, and of course, of recent, on leaving the people of Afghanistan to their own devices, or those of the Taliban, to rule, after the involvement of American and British armed forces, for so many years !

It’s a crazy time to be alive, and when you see the different types of things that platforms like, TikTok, and others are bringing out of people, it’s hard to know whether to be disturbed, entertained, or just bemused by what people seem to think is the way to garner attention from others ?

In recent conversations, i’ve heard the strangest of angles, or opinions, come out of people’s heads and mouths, that just leave me, flabbergasted, by their thinking, choices, beliefs and values.

There are some very strange frequencies at play in this technological age, that seem to be causing, considerable interference in a great many people’s brain waves !?!

The strain of Corona pressures, and mandates from political leaders, that border on, dictatorial type actions, are certainly not sitting well with everyone, which is understandable to me, due to the constant shifting of goalposts, regarding everything from vaccine passports, to what vaccine shots are safe for adults, let alone for, children to take.

Artistically and creatively, it has always struck me that, people seem to have a need to be fed material, that doesn’t hurt their heads too much, in terms of how a message is conveyed or presented, which I now know only too well, having built an eclectic catalogue of musical works.

However, upon producing what I see as being, a more commercially driven album, with my latest offering,

The Lowhar Files …

I’ve been amazed at the responses I’ve received, especially on tracks that have taken my spoken word recordings to some, very different angles, to say the least, from what I’ve done before.

The interesting and most noticeable factor has been that, the lighter sonic backdrops are what people have happily gravitated towards, whilst in many cases, claiming that they have in no way, watered down the messages I am conveying through the poems, that have been made into songs with hooks, and choruses, that now, in certain cases, dominate the tracks, which to me, do much to destroy the authenticity of the poems in their purest form, so to even call it a spoken word album, is a little disingenuous.

However, as the poems were all recorded in their pure form, I know that it is simply, Spoken Word, chopped up, bar a couple of the tracks, which are stand out tracks, that have been tailored to work the, standard angle of songs, that have catchy hooks for people to cling onto, that allow them to escape from the verses lyrical content, especially if it’s a little too weighty for the heads who simply can’t deal with material that challenges them.

So, having been on a lengthy journey to get to the point where, people are claiming to like, and now appreciate what I do, it’s a strange feeling in all honesty, to see the angles that need to be explored, to get heads to listen to your creative efforts.

I say all of this to introduce this spoken word poem, that is in its pure form, that I wrote early into my artistic journey, when I started to realise, just how tame many like their art to be.

I will never be one who believes in watering down art to appeal to people, but thankfully, that’s not my job, and I’ve found others who, let’s say, know how to work the angles, as it were …

However, as per the title of this poem, and the question it asks, I do still wonder why it is, in a world now exposing the level of nonsense that moulds decisions, from war to politics, to gender now….

Why it is that I, and many other artists, have to embrace the usage of this thing, that goes against the raw manner in which we may want to express ourselves, through our creativity …

This thing that can be defined as being…

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