” What Would You Say ? ” … A Poem written and performed by Big Virge

Okay peoples’, so now the Valentines whatever is over… it seems as though the strange vibes continue, pretty much everywhere, but, especially online it seems !

There’s literally, so much, NOT going on, that it’s difficult to know what to say, about anything these days.

The issue of what’s being spread across various social media feeds, is causing quite a quite few folks to start airing some pretty incredible views !

I’m seeing that the movement to being online most of the time, isn’t necessarily serving heads so well !

The internet gangsters, are finding, forum after forum, to spout their vitriol, and hatred at those who are equally as willing, to speak what they think.

The problem with this though, is that a lot of folks are getting their feelings hurt, because they seem to believe, as many folks now seem to, that their opinion is the only one that could possibly be right ?

Errr, nope, in case folks haven’t noticed, there are proving to be, innumerable nuances, that need to be applied to arguments, before claiming your positions on them, to be those that are completely, fact based, or those that actually hold any weight.

I am no stranger to being told that I have a rather high opinion of myself, however, as I’ve made clear, pointing fingers isn’t a wise thing to do, when your accusations have little, to, no grounds, that can be substantiated.

My being a writer who documents what society presents, is a field where assessments have to be made, due to the social observations, that I choose to use as the main inspiration for what I speak about.

I’m not always wrong, or right, in actual fact, these days, i’d rather be wrong, more than i’m right about what I now see, and believe to be what’s going on, in terms of future plans for human beings !

I try not to make personal attacks, even when I am on the receiving end of them, unless they are made, against those who have done so publicly, in a way that marginalises, or demeans people wrongfully.

However, the idea that when you comment on someone’s work, or opinions directly, that you’ll immediately be agreed with, is the height of ignorance, and arrogance.

State your position, and let it be that, and if you receive a response that you don’t like, keep cool, don’t blow gaskets, and either, articulate a response, or simply, agree to disagree and walk away.

There really is no reason to go off on some, passive aggressive, or attention seeking rants, because people don’t agree with your point of view.

Of course everybody can’t react to things in the same way, but in pressurised times like these, it’s wise to take a few deep breaths, and realise that many are just spouting, anything to be heard now, and others are simply going a bit stir crazy, as well as, a little bit too, conspiracy theory happy !

It’s a good time for folks to explore some, meditation time, and to recognise that whatever anger you feel, needs to be vented at those who are causing you to feel angry.

It’s also a time to recognise, that there are millions of people caught in precarious circumstances now.

So, perhaps, try to think of others, before aiming angst at folks, who may not be in the best position to cope currently.

It’s a time to THINK……


…. and to maybe, take an extra second to do so, before you say something that you later regret, or wish you hadn’t said.

Now in a strange way, this all connects to this weeks, spoken word drop, because everybody seems to have an opinion that they want to air these days, about everything and everybody, except themselves.

So, this is an old piece that explores the ideal of what people would say, if they were, now able to talk to themselves in their younger days, knowing what they have actually become ….

[Or, in this case, what I might choose to advise myself to do, and, not do !]

People seem very willing, all of a sudden, to get in peoples faces about pretty much, anything and everything. However, don’t seem so willing to turn the tables on themselves, to look in the mirror, and take a moment to think about what they’ve done, and, how they behave in this life !

It’s a very hard thing to really be honest with yourself, about what, if anything, you would change about yourself, or the paths you have taken, and to, as I have done in this poem, ask yourself …

If you could talk to yourself in your youth, and prepare yourself for how the world is today …..

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“They Try” … Written and Performed by Big Virge

No long ting’ with this, because it’s simple, this was written because of ignorant Mo’ Fo’s and the bullshit….

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“Slam” … Written and Performed by Big Virge

Well people, there are lots of things that relate to the word SLAM.

Spoken Word Poetry, before events were shutdown, due to this virus, for one, but I’ll get back to them, because what a week it’s already been for people being slammed !!!

So firstly, Supreme Court Member, Justice Ruth Ginsberg, aka RBG, has died, which has quickly resulted in President Trump being slammed for his wish to replace her, before the forthcoming election, especially as her apparent last wish, was to not be replaced before the next President is elected !

Subsequently, the President has once again, openly slammed Joe Biden, for various things, as well as the Chinese, for allowing the spread of this Corona Virus, at the UN General Assembly, which hasn’t actually been assembled at all, because of again, this virus.

A virus that has now slammed business doors, and others, shut, due to the rise and surge in virus infections, across most of Europe this week !

This in turn, has caused UK Health Minister, Matt Hancock, to be slammed by journalists and MP’s alike, over his seemingly, confusing, and nonsensical approach to providing testing for people in the UK, who now seem to be slamming the government for not ensuring that this, track and trace technology, has been effectively rolled out, rather than having people have to use postcodes, as far away as in Scotland, just to get a local test in say, LONDON !?!

Meanwhile, Boris Johnson is still being slammed for his wanton disregard for the political process, and the dishonouring of agreements made, that set how the Brexit deal, or possible, NO DEAL, can now be effected, as it’s getting close to the time for Brexit, to finally come to pass.

I also saw a very interesting documentary on the apparent, murder of SPC, Vanessa Guillen, RIP, where the army investigation team at the Fort Hood Training Base, has been slammed for, not only its investigation, but the manner in which her accused killer, Aaron Robinson, was allowed to escape when being interviewed, which then led to him committing suicide, before they were able to recapture him !

There seems to be an incredible amount of this type of thing happening right now, where politicians, leaders and people are literally being slammed, or damned, criticised, or whatever word you want to use, for various reasons.

Today, I found myself being slammed as being a man who has a hateful streak, with some sort of superiority complex, simply because of poetry i’ve written !

So, in a week which has shown the world to be having basic freedoms be, slammed back into lockdowns and curfews of sorts, all over the world, I think it’s a good time to share this piece of spoken word poetry, that will indeed, indicate that, maybe I do have issues with feeling creatively superior to others, in a field where this would seem to be, THE EXACT point of these Slam Competitions, being, for poets to prove just who is the superior wordsmith, which I actually see as being ridiculous, in trying to judge a persons written thoughts, objectively !

So, as this seems to be becoming a regular part of how people respond to decisions, or things that they don’t like ….

This is a poem that expresses my thoughts on these spoken word competitions, that are now called a poetry …..

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“I Declare War” … Written and Performed by Big Virge

First things first, just so shocking and sad, RIP Chadwick Boseman, just such incredible news, at just 43, with so much presumably lying before him, artistically speaking !

However, moving on, as another black man is essentially gunned down, in as cowardly a fashion as you could imagine, by a policeman, being shot in the back !

Jacob Blake, who incredibly, is still alive, having been shot SEVEN Times, will survive, even if in his now paralysed state, he’s hand cuffed to his hospital bed !?!

It’s pretty clear that protests or not, certain cops, care not for whatever it is that the, BLM Movement, supposedly represents ?

So, Wisconsin is now having street wars, as protests and unrest have arisen, due to this shooting incident, protests, that are now hitting nations across Europe, due to more and more people, becoming restless, and now beginning to take issue with the social distancing measures, that the leaders of the world, keep stressing, ” Need to be maintained ! “, to stop the spread of this virus, that’s already on the warpath again, as spikes and surges are occurring in various countries now.

The issues of oil spillages, lyrics in songs, and political corruption, involving brutal policing of white people, are also now causing protests, that are fuelling various levels of street wars throughout the world now.

Things are pretty crazy right about now, without any doubt !!!

However, it seems that some people, simply do not listen, or pay close attention.

So, shout as much as they try, their cries for less police brutality, seem to be falling on deaf ears, much like any kind of artistry, that deals in more than booty shaking, sex driven material, that’s being displayed in videos for tunes, or violent, ignorant lyricism, in tunes that are basically, youth driven, it leaves a lot of guys like me, both inside and out of the industry, feeling frustrated and angry, because, conscious, thought provoking, subject driven lyricism, has far too much thought in it, apparently, to be sellable to the dumbed down minds of modern times.

Both young and old, and those in between, seem unwilling to recognise that there are talented artists whose sharpness, when it comes to what they talk about, borders on some, algorithmic, premonition type ish’ … !!!

Finally, as we enter the final stages of this years US Election, the war of words has been fuelled significantly by The Don, in calling Joe Biden WEAK, and a threat to American security, and it’s future economic prospects.

Meanwhile, it’s interesting how quietly the whole Brexit’ situations seems to be progressing … ???

I think people need to be very careful right about now, as to what wars they are focussing on, because once again, JK Rowling is causing a stir, by rejecting awards because of the criticism she’s receiving for her Transgender comments, amongst other things seemingly.

There are many things going on in this world, that may not be hitting media front pages, because they are not what the media wants people to be focussed on…..

It’s a time to keep your mind and thoughts clear, before getting caught up in wars that either, have no cause, or those that are basically, proving to be pointless….

So, without further ado, this weeks drop is aimed at all these industry fools, politicians, police and their crews, who refuse to recognise, those of us who deal in TRUTH …

Especially now that societies decline continues, and is breeding more and more protests, as well as much more…..

It’s time for me to make it perfectly clear … that right about now …

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“Unite” … Written and Performed by Big Virge

Well, in these days and times of such HUGE DIVIDES, I figure it’s a good time to reflect on the ideal of unity, and why it has really always been, a destination beyond humanity’s reach !

So, where to start ?

Well, this week I guess … and then trace it back.

So I’ll quickly deal with the LGBTQ group, and the way that okay, they may well have found ways to unite, but as Dave Chappelle suggested, maybe they’re not quite as unified as they’d like the rest of us to believe ?!?

Thus, JK Rowling taking issue with the cancel culture, due to backlash for comments on Transgender people, is a very relevant and interesting case, because it’s pretty clear that actors within her own Harry Potter franchise, as with most actors, are totally down with the LGBTQ movement !!!

So, to now be taking issue with, even one portion of their group, can only further divide, rather than unite, however, I can see why, because, as I will say to my dying days, NOBODY’s ABOVE, facing hate or opposition, to positions they choose, or apparently, naturally take to !!!

Ha Ha … !!!

Excuse the pun, but to literally tell people that, to have a differing opinion, could see them fined, or jailed, or indeed ostracised, to the point where they lose work … IS …


Cancel me if you like, because I already know what that feels like, because of my dark skin, which leads me conveniently, to this,

Black Live Matter Movement …

… and The INCREDIBLE Divisions, that it’s causing, that are very disturbing, and quite frightening, in terms of what it’s stirring !

However, that was already a pot that was HOT, that has long been on the brink of boiling over !

So, the divisions it’s fuelling are those between ideals that the LGBTQ and BLM movements, are not only, EXHAUSTING the alphabet, but that there are folks who do not see them as being in same ball park !

… and let’s not even bring the religious folks into this, who are preaching love, but sticking to their teachings, in most cases, regarding the Adam and Eve vs Adam and Steve and Genevieve and Eve constructs, that, are now driving heterosexual beliefs into the corner with Lil’ Jack Horner !

So, of course public figures are entering the BLM movements debate, and the always controversial, Don Lemon, has got into it with the actor, Terry Crews, who seems to have disturbed Mr. Lemons’ …

“ Politically Correct “ … position, regarding the movements ideals and mission.

Well i’ve always felt that this is some ridiculous, token movement, that does not stand by its words, because it DOESN’T say that Black Lives Matter, ” ONLY when police take our lives or mistreat us, or that it’s only about, white supremacy, within America only !”

The hypocrisy lies in the lack of protests in black neighbourhoods where gangs of blacks, and individuals, choose to shoot to kill the SAME Black Lives, that DON’T seem to matter at all, to the likes of Mr. Lemon, in terms of having any relation to this movement.

Personally I see and agree with, where Mr. Crews is coming from, and think that the idea that, since George Floyds death, that no black lives that have been destroyed and taken, by others with the very same skin type, should matter, is deeply disturbing and incredibly divisive.

I have just one further point on this, which is that Mr. Crews is ABSOLUTELY RIGHT, when saying that we need to start holding ourselves ACCOUNTABLE, for doing the racists job for them, in FAR TOO MANY INSTANCES, over absolute FOOLISHNESS, like Pride and Pure IGNORANCE.

This leads me to the incredibly emotional confession by ex-cricketer, Michael Holding, when letting the world know about the fact that his own mothers’ family refused to speak to her, due to her wanting to marry a man, who apparently was just … TOO DARK, for them to be comfortable with, so again, let’s not gloss over the internal divisions that black people have, and continue to indulge in, that are truly destructive and divisive !!!

There doesn’t appear to be so much unity over in Europe either right now, which of course leads me to Brexit’, which has been on the back burner since Covid right ?

Well, if you are keeping an eye on negotiations, the divisions over how this should now be effected, are STILL there folks, and we already know how Brexit has divided Brits …. !!!

So finally to, this Corona situation, which is leading to all kinds of craziness, as lockdowns have eased, only for certain countries to have seen infection rates increase that have forced …

“ Localised Lockdowns “ …

Whatever that now means … ?!?

…. because there are videos and debates springing up, of fights, both physical and verbal, over the wearing of masks and observing distancing measures, to the point where in Serbia, the government is now facing serious, volatile protests over lockdown measures currently !!!

It’s all a matter of perspective to me now, because even if you don’t believe that this virus is real, there are many who DO !!!

…. and as the world does not revolve around, any one individual, contrary to the views of certain political crews !

So, people need to respect the fact that many are following the guidelines, therefore, when in public places, others should really do the same !!!

If you don’t agree, then, stay at home, or, only move with those who don’t give a rats !!!!

However, don’t expect others to hold your views, because as i’ve recently seen, on a personal level, not being able to peacefully and respectfully…

“ Agree To Disagree “ …

Does EVERYTHING EXCEPT, breed Unity …

So, with all these fights and divides, riding HIGH … !!!
This weeks Spoken Words from moi … Big Virge …

Deal with the vibe, which is clearly still, very far from being within sight …

A vibe that could see …

Our human kind ….

TRULY, once and for all….

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“Need” … Written and Performed by Big Virge

Okay so, quick question folks !

If the needs of the many, outweigh the needs of the few !
What exactly is the deal with this Corona Flu … ???

Huh…. HUH …. ?!?

Well, it would seem that the need for certain things is diminishing, however, only for other needs to be fulfilled !!!

Thus, the need for full blown lockdowns is easing, however, this is due to an apparent need to restart the global economy !!!

This, now being placed above peoples health, when their is no cure, or, accurate way to precisely diagnose the causes, and therefore the possible recurrence of this, ” Virus “, from happening, which in turn, opens the door for the continued threat of this global pandemic resurfacing, just as quickly as it came ???

Does none of this seem strange to people …. ???

Like … NOT AT ALL … !?!

Well, people need to remember how this affected us all, before accepting new strategies that humanity again, apparently needs ?

…. like, over zealous police, apps that now, track and map those who’ve got, or, had the virus !!!!

… Or is that to just, TRACK PEOPLE … ?!?

Think on that ones folks ………

There are lots of cloaks and daggers being brandished at the moment, like those surrounding vaccines, and road tests that don’t exactly seem to be quite as, fully operational, in the way that they should be, especially in England ?!?

I am also hearing of people going to what seem like, very scarcely populated hospitals … ?!?

Hmmm, and yet doctors are OVERRUN, to the point where some are taking their own lives … ???

Doesn’t seem right somehow, as it doesn’t, that, LITRES of oxygen were used to help Bojo’ Johnson to get back on his feet !!!

So, essentially, that oxygen which could have helped, MORE VULNERABLE people, was given to him, why because he’s PM … ???

Well at least we know whose important and needed, and who simply isn’t now !

Industries like the airline industry are no longer quite so important to guys like, Billionaire Warren Buffet anymore, as he has made an early declaration, that the travel industry is about to be shaken up, and not in ways that make it easy to make profits, so, funds and investments have been withdrawn post haste, again, apparently ……

However, certain airline heads have merely suggested that there’ll now be a need for, ” CREATIVE Pricing Strategies ” … ???

…. which in my version of their language, simply means radical price increases for flights, as if being quarantined, for days at an end in airports, isn’t gonna be bad enough !!!

Well, with all this going on, it’s time for the world to get back to work, in this new age of slavery !!!!

Yeah I said it, people being tagged by apps, working and schooling being conducted online, and even, staggered time zones for age groups to move around, as will be the case in Spain !!!

However, already, the media is reporting of issues, relating to the easing of lockdown measures, which in Spain, as well as Germany, are already being touted as causing, mini resurgences of new infections, so, who knows what the next level of apparent societal needs, will be, that are imposed on people … ???

It’s such a crazy time in human history that this weeks Big Virge verse, speaks on the vital subject of what humanity and the world as a whole, according to the powers that be, will now most definitely …

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Developments … Written and Performed by Big Virge

So folks, what’s going on ???

Well, a lot of staring at walls and each other, inside of homes, seems to be the new lik’ … !!!

So a lot of shutdowns are all around now !

It’s a truly incredible thing, to see just how quickly this situation has lead to people isolating ???

These developments of course, have come from governments, and have upped the ante for law enforcement, who are developing a taste for invading folks places, if they’re not obeying what they’ve been told to do !!!

This then leads to the development of reactionary behaviour, from certain members of the public, who aren’t having it, as in this staying at home, and distancing thing !!!

So some are spitting and coughing at law enforcement, and some are apparently, resorting to licking food in supermarkets, to avail more for THEMSELVES … !?!

Takes me back to a guy I was at school with … RIP Marc’ … !!!

The licking of your Twix Chocolate Sticks, will long live in my memory, now more than ever !

However, the development of RELIABLE information, regarding what’s happening in hospital wards, is a whole different thing !!!

Anyways, the development of a number of works on what’s going on are forthcoming, as inspiration flows when stuff like this, has become so prevalent in everyone’s thoughts and discussions …..

However, it can’t and should not be our ONLY Focus, tough as that is to realise in these times, so i’ll keep dropping liks’, long since recorded …..

So, as this weeks post speaks on developments that are arising from this current state of affairs ….

It’s time to look back at a few of my ……

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“Be Careful What You Say !” … Written and Performed by Big Virge

So, another week has come and gone, as has Ex UK Chancellor, Sajid Javed, barely weeks before what would appear to be a very important budget, for the UK and beyond !!!

Mr. Javid is not alone though, as a certain Andrew Sabinsky, due to tweets made that exposed certain views about Eugenics, pregnancies and of course, race, has made his position untenable, in the current, cancel climate.

A rare occurrence for a parliamentarian, however, as he was only a recently appointed advisor, he has proven to be expendable, even though he hasn’t been criticised for his opinions, in any way, by Boris Johnson, or the Conservative Party, in any major way.

The story that has really caught my attention though, is the one that has shown what can happen when you upset the alphabet genders, in tweets you decide to share publicly !!!

However, interestingly here, as the accused is an ex-policeman, Harry Miller, who is now a businessman who clearly knows his way around the law, has somehow been found to have been the VICTIM of disproportionate actions, or, as has been quoted,

“disproportionate interference with the claimants right to freedom of speech.”

by the police, who, having received the complaint, sent an officer to the office of Mr. Miller, who was accused of a transphobic tweet, on the grounds of his tweets being a …

“Non crime hate incident.”

Hmmm, now this is interesting, considering the level of vitriol and criticism, anytime someone black says anything deemed to be, disrespectful of the alphabet community ?

Especially as the judiciary of England and Wales state that

“free speech includes not only the inoffensive, but the irritating, the contentious, the eccentric, the heretical, the unwelcome and the provocative, and that the freedom only to speak inoffensively is not worth having.”

So, this topic can’t be covered, without mention of Israel Folau, who, although losing his contract with Australian Rugby, for suggesting that, hell awaits members of said community, then fought his case on religious grounds, got a money settlement, and is now playing his rugby elsewhere.

So, is this another racist agenda, as retired ultra orthodox, Jewish Judge, Gavriel Krausz, made it clear that Jewish teachers should be prepared to take their own life, before teaching LGBTQ matters to children, as it’s an abomination !

I don’t believe he’s been thrown under the bus for such shocking statements, as many others seem to be ???

So, back to Harry Millers case, where Justice Julian Knowles, even went as far as to suggest that Humberside police acted as if they were Gestapo, or Stasi, in some kind of Orwellian society, which is completely alien to how Britain is… or has ever been !!!

Hmmm … ?????

In fact, according to Article 10, of the European Convention of Human Rights, the police violated the rights to freedom of speech, for Mr. Miller.

So, does this article not apply to the rest of us, or to the parents who have fought against the compulsory teaching of LGBTQ lifestyles to children, as one Muslim parent has definitely been threatened with fines or even imprisonment, for making his feelings known publicly ?!?

This has become a touchy subject for anyone who uses their ability to speak freely on the matters of the world, to get paid today. However, there do seem to be quite a few imbalances in how such outbursts, especially via social media, are treated, as per Kevin Hart, as just one example !

Double Standards seem to surround this subject, but, freedom of speech is the only thing that seems to be being restricted, due to what exactly … ???

…. people being offended by an opinion or comment, that doesn’t sit well with them, well they should try being black in this ridiculously, lopsided world, when it comes to ministers, leaders, sports fans, players and administrators alike, who’ve been disrespectful to black people in particular, right up to today !!!

People are being bullied into submission, regarding this issue, except for ….

Hmm, ex policeman, or toe the line, media people … ?!?

Something clearly does not add up, and needs to be addressed in a more rational and reasonable way.

If we are to be in an era where upsetting people can affect your ability to earn, or speak freely, then the likes of Trump and Boris, need to, not only face judiciaries, over their often, offensive statements, but should be removed from positions of office, where what they say can evidently, influence millions of people !!!

It’s clear that, as it’s always been, the rules get switched to suit, except for black people, unless we join the rank and file of those who claim to now be victimised.

Freedom of speech … ???

Well, maybe for some, but for the rest us it’s clear that we still have to …..

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“Illusions” … Written & Performed by Big Virge

So, first things first ….

The Don gets off !

No impeachment, so, once again it’s, off to the Whitehouse races, for one of the most, polarising leaders of modern history.

Well, as per previous posts, i’m not surprised, due to the fact that, in my view, it’s an illusion to believe that any part of the legal system is truly what it claims to be.

So, this leads me to the rise in right wing movements in Europe, and clearly beyond, in terms of Trumps America !!!

Immigration restrictions increased to limit, Nigerian, Eritrean, Sudanese and Tanzanian Nationals from entering America.

Thus, it’s no surprise that parties like the AfD in Germany, Vox in Spain, and The League in Italy, are making strides towards increasing their followings !

The illusion of separation between parties, has also been exposed in recent years, especially with these, so called liberals.

So, it’s again, no surprise to find that, this week in Germany, Thomas Kemmerich, an apparently Liberal politician, has been found to be benefitting from alliances with right wing groups to gain a share of power, which is no different to the recent coalition between the Liberals and Conservatives in the UK, in recent times, and so on !

So, quickly over to South Africa, to the disturbing news of illegal minors being killed and left in the street, which isn’t so uncommon, as the reports suggest that 60 die EVERY DAY in South Africa, so it’s a big illusion that the new, Post Apartheid South Africa, is really, that much better than the old !

We’re in a time where Democratic Politicians, who apparently, can claim to be the, middle of the road thinkers, are no longer approved of, by their die hard followers, from Corbyn in the UK, to the Democrats in America.

So, there are quite a few illusions in society that are being exposed for what they truly are, like the Phillip Schofield confession to actually being gay, even though building the facade of being a family man with a wife and children, over many years, which just goes to show that, living a lie, isn’t alien to famous people, and the dangerous part of such deceptions, is that when it comes to legal proceedings that involve, royalty, or these incredibly wealthy guys, there are numerous falsehoods and illusions that surround them ….

So, this weeks piece looks into some of these …..

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” I Have One Too ” … Written and Performed by Big Virge

On Martin Luther King day, a piece that pays respect and homage to the, ” I Have A Dream “, speech ….

… made by Dr. Martin Luther King !

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