“Cadence and Intonation” … Written and Performed by Big Virge

Okay people, time for a quick return to some, pure spoken word !

No reverb or bass lines required, just the sound of a voice, and rhymes chosen, to exhibit the craft that is simply …

Spoken Word Poetry !

However, in looking into what actually makes a good, or great poetry recording, especially when applying music to it, one has to acknowledge how important, Cadence and Intonation are.

Timing, in terms of ones rhyme delivery, is absolutely vital in keeping your listeners engaged, as is intonation.

As a Spoken Word Artist, who goes against the conventional method of recording verses to music, intonation isn’t quite as important as it is for those who record their words to music, which makes the music chosen by producers, in my case, even more important than normal, as well as their interpretation of the tonality of my vocals, because that then becomes a key factor in creating a smooth, fluid synergy, that gives the illusion of a seamless performance, even though the vocals are recorded first !

However, what my method does, is to give me total freedom to express my words, in a very natural manner, so my cadence and vocal inflections, or intonations are much more organic than those who know where their tracks change, or where certain effects will give them cues as to when to ramp up, or to tone down their delivery.

So, as my new musical album, The Lowhar Files, currently percolates in listeners ears, this piece is a quick reminder of the fact that, the original poems in their pure form, have very specific, and precise examples of the subject of this poem, which as said, are pivotal ingredients in giving listeners an engaging and pleasurable listening experience !

Two words that are essential to recordings of any kind, but especially those that indulge in rhyme and verse…..

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” The Truth Hurts ” … Written and Performed by Big Virge

Okay so things are moving rather quickly, regarding information, or, misinformation, depending on your view of things these days.

We have an abundance, as ever now, of vaccine numbers updates, as more and more people, according to mainstream media, are rolling up their sleeves and taking their jabs !

The Brits, lead by their honourable leader, Boris Johnson, are apparently leading the way with regard to vaccinating people, and of course, heading towards reopening the country, to enable a bigger degree of normalcy, on the 21st of June.

However, the vaccination uptake has been influenced, in no small way, by the repeated message of the increase of infections, in the Indian, “ Delta Variant, “ of the Corona Virus.

The message allegedly being, that the Indian Virus seeks out those not vaccinated, so, if you want to get the country back on its feet, get vaccinated quickly !!!

Like, REALLY Quickly !!!

…. due to an alleged increase in infections of 76 per cent, within the last few days of this Delta Variant !

However, don’t worry people, just infections, not deaths or hospitalisations !!!

Now, is this believable, and more importantly, TRUE ?

It seems questionable at best to me, especially after the Dominic Cummings revelations, about Mr. Johnson and Matt Hancock, and their handling of this situation, from the very beginning, which he seems to be suggesting, has not exactly been quite what they have represented to the British Public.

So, as with this sudden need for vaccines, folks need to remember that businesses are literally, BEGGING Boris Johnson, not to delay the re-opening of the country any longer, and with the Euro Football Championships and Olympic Games being, just around the corner, there is a need to vaccinate with speed, that will of course, have massive economic implications, that have nothing to do with the health of people, especially when these vaccines don’t seem to immunise you from getting infected again !

One would surely have to question the honesty of Boris Johnson’s quotes and public statements, after this whole Green / Amber / Red light debacle, over nations that were safe to go to, and then suddenly not so safe to go to, which seemed to change, by the time some people had clicked to buy tickets to travel ?!?

This now leads me onto this incredible situation of nurses, allegedly being bullied, and ostracised for speaking out, or, speaking the TRUTH, about their experiences in hospitals, regarding this whole Corona Virus issue.

There seems to be a rise in groups of nurses, and legal groups, suggesting that the suppression of truth is now hurting the careers, and mental well being of a number of nurses in the medical profession !

This denial and restriction of alternate arguments, or truths being heard, has now reached the likes of writer and presenter, Beverly Turner, in the UK, whose refusal to accept that vaccines are the right thing for people to take, has resulted in her, apparently being blocked, and now banned from returning to the,

“ This Morning “, show on ITV …

… due to her heated debate with co-host, Dermot O’Leary and guest, Matthew Right, on the 1st of June.

An interesting thing, when, as per the constant proclamations of the British government, and most of the mainstream media, that the rise in vaccinations looks to be sufficient to re-open the UK, and essentially more places around the world ?

Why is one presenters differing opinion, so disturbing to the success of their plan …

Like … WHY … ?

What are they so frightened of, about her opposition to vaccines ?

Why are they creating so much noise about a variant that clearly isn’t killing people, like the first and second waves of this virus, allegedly did huh ?!?

Especially when, they themselves, much like Dr. Fauci, are now being found to have perhaps, not been totally transparent about the lack of efficacy, that these vaccinations offer, especially with new variants and mutations coming, seemingly at any time.

It does make a thoughtful person, surely wonder, or at least you’d like to think so, right ?

A question that could also be aimed at the English Cricket Board, with regard to their wanting to be seen as wanting to embrace diversity, whilst selecting Ollie Robinson, whose tweets from some ten years ago, suddenly come to light, because of his dropping, N-Bombs, and what many people seem to see as being, light hearted, if somewhat ill advised, Muslim, “ JOKES “, when he was a teenager, on Twitter !

TWIT … LOL !!!

Well, it would seem that the truth has hurt old Ollie’s, international career prospects, as he’s now been suspended for the second test of this summer, against New Zealand, poor lad.

One surely has to question what the truth is, behind making the England, and, New Zealand teams wear, “ Cricket’s for Everyone “, T-Shirts, having picked a guy who was then made to apologise, for his own, admitted racism.

It’s almost as if it was done to keep people divided on this contentious issue, which is evident in the responses to this matter, in online comment feeds.

The defence of his tweets, in some cases, is quite incredible, as are the, PC correct, Cancel Culture stances, that others are taking ?

So essentially, it’s the same old same, when it comes to who gets to speak the truth, and more importantly, what they speak their truth about.

The cancelling of people is an increasingly disturbing trend, which I truly believe, is to eventually constrict, freedom of speech, to the point where the world only receives one form of mainstream narrative !

ONE !!!

There is one simple factor in all of these things, which is the title and subject of this set of spoken words…. that merely confirm, the more and more obvious fact, that, no matter what people in power, or the average person claims ….

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“The Black James Bond” … written and performed by Big Virge

So folks, 2021, here we go, and like most I guess, this 2020 holiday season, has been on a very low key, and tone for me.

I am not a big one for it anyway, however, have always indulged in a few drinks and parties over the years, but thankfully at 50, i’m content with my own company, and less frolicking, so I took in some, ” Wonder Woman 1984 “, for some light entertainment, and boy was that LIGHT, and not in a particularly good way !

I mean, all due respect to Madame Jenkins, but like really, as many are suggesting, Pedro Pascals’ villain, was like a poor caricature of The Don, and i’d rather watch and listen to him do his Presidential thing, to be honest !

I have never been a fan of Gal Gadot being Wonder Woman, simply because she doesn’t even have the kind of body that would befit an Amazonian Warrior, One, and secondly, she just doesn’t do much more, than look pretty from certain angles.

The rather strange plot of wishes being what she was fighting in this, was well, weak at best.

Kristen Wigg’s Cheetah, again, Meh … just not hot, even when she was supposed to be, and nothing to write home about in her performance, however, I think much of this was a result of a poor script and story.

The only thing that warmed my heart a little bit, was the post credit appearance of Linda Carter, who, although obviously aged, still brought a little something to it, which was about all that really worked for me, in the entire film.

The movie really was a disappointment, and as much as we can all see that, Wonder Woman is an iconic, female hero, the overtones of female power, were just a little too much, and felt very forced at times.

So overall, I have to say that it was a very disappointing experience, even the flying scenes, and effects were just poorly executed, and lacked any sense of being believable, or particularly warranted.

Hopefully, the next Justice League will give her a little more well, Oomph, for want of a better word.

However, The Mandalorian, on the other hand, now, that Pedro performance was much more entertaining, and watchable, even though his face was covered for the majority of it, and Grogu, presumably, a distant relative of the one and only Yoda, was suitably cute, that I think that, even to a grown man like me, I was quite willing to watch his tiny lil’ ass waddle around !

As heroic characters go, The Mandalorian was working it throughout the entire second season, and Jon Favreau, alongside of the likes of George Lucas, and a string of different directors, created a landscape that was not only, visually impressive, but indulged in some impressive fight scenes, and choreography.

Carl Weathers and Gina Carano, did their thing too, and to see, Temuera Morrison, reprise his role as Boba Fett, was a pleasant surprise, as was the addition of Ming-Na Wen, and of course, the return of a digitally enhanced, Luke Skywalker, which was a much needed thing, after his rather ridiculous usage, in the recent debacle of Star Wars movies.

The only character who didn’t really rock my world, was that of Giancarlo Esposito, whose villain seemed a little forced, and somewhat bland, in comparison to say, Peter Cushing, or Ian McDiarmaid’s Emperor.

So, an interesting holidays viewing, that left me with a wish to see exactly where Favreau will take the series in the future.

Talking of the future, well bwoy’, what a start to 2021 we are having eh… ?

A National Lockdown in the UK again, which does not bode well at all, and as far as Barbados is concerned, the mutated strain seems to have been allowed to come to the island, and to go on parties, bus crawls and into the prison.

SMH …..

Also, the sudden death of horse trainer, JP McManus’s daughter, has to also concern folks somewhat, who are not just drinking and waltzing around as if, due to 2020 being a thing of the past, that the issues surrounding this mutated strain of Corona, are in the past too, who are acting like fools who need to be schooled.

So, it seems as if the world may well need a hero in 2021…
Maybe like this one, who is a personal fav’ of mine…

So this time, no bass line or beat in tow, just a straight down the pipe, Big Virge, Spoken Word Flow, to start the year, from my alternate persona of ….

The Black James Bond folks … ENJOY … !!!

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” I Use It Like ” … Produced by Strat Carter

Okay folks, as we approach the release of the, ” On The Virge ” album, it’s time to drop another tune from Virges’ World Vol. 2 ….

Everybody out there rhyming now, claiming that they nice and that they drop ish’ right ….

Well this is what ….

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