“There’s So Few Left !!!” … A Poem written & performed by Big Virge

Hmmmmm ….

How to introduce this …. ???

Well, I guess, simply by saying ….

It’s TRUE …. ya know ….

There really do seem to be …

So Few Left …. !!!
as per this poem …..

[audio:There’s So Few Left Recorded at Triple E Studios Barbados.mp3]

Recorded at Triple E Studios, Barbados

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“Double Standards” … A Poem written by Big Virge 29/11/2013

Yes Yes people ….. !!!

Well, it’s time to get … SERIOUS … once again people !

This subject of … ” Double Standards ” …. could be a book, rather than a poem, but, ya know sometimes, it takes something to happen in life, to inspire such a work, as the one I now post …..

To give you some background to where this has come from …..

A White guy I know, yes that’s right, I said it ….

He is WHITE, was showing himself to be supportive of UKIP / EDL, type ideals, in reference to Englands’, rising Islamophobia, and general distrust of immigrants, unless of course, they’re Aussies, South Africans, or Kiwis, and I don’t mean Maoris or Aborigines either ….

This individual, who used to live behind my London home, upon seeing that I actually take these matters, which of course, encompass British Racism, VERY SERIOUSLY !

…. took it upon himself, after referring to some kind of friendship, we apparently had, which was a figment of his Very, CLEARLY, vivid imagination…………

….. to drop the kind of lines, that, define the hypocrisy, and …

” Double Standards ”

…. that are prevalent in, Far Too Many, White Brits, especially when it comes to their,

” Oh So PRECIOUS ” …. Cun’ …

Ooopps, typo ….. COUNTRY !!!!!!!

…… So, he then took it upon himself, to advise me that he wasn’t aware that I was Englands’ version of Martin Luther King, and that I seemed quite happy to be in England, whilst I could live there & get paid … !!!!!

Well, as I then, quickly, had to explain to him, I would of left long ago, had my mother not needed me, due to my father leaving her, upon finding out that she had Multiple Sclerosis, which, this white boy should of been aware of, due to the …. VERY CLEARLY MARKED … DISABLED PARKING BAY … in front of our home, that he used to walk past, to go for a drink in the pub next to my house !!!!!

He then chose to apologise for his … ” Oversight ” …


Thus, this poem is, not only, a response to his rather, fast mouth, that clearly opens, before his brain pathways, allow any thought waves to be received !

It’s also a message to everyone, firstly, the black actors, complaining about not getting their trinkets for being, paid liars, by their white, puppet masters ?!?

Now, I know people don’t like to think these things, but logically, what are actors exactly ?

Well, let’s look at slaves, for a sec, shall we ?

They would of been, and in certain cases, still are directed, as to when to do things, and, more importantly, when they could, or should speak right ?

So, exactly how does that differ to having a director, who could quite conceivably, be a black, house negro, dictating his masters wishes, (being Hollywood), to the lesser, black slaves right, (The Actors) ?

So, how does it differ, well today ….

It’s the … LEVEL of PAY, that they now receive, right ……..

Think about it ……

Now, i’m not saying people should stop acting, or, making TV Programmes or films, because I like a good performance, like the next person, however, people need to recognise what they are watching, a person presenting a facade, to make you buy into the act they present, to make you believe, they are something, they are NOT !!!!!

Sound familiar at all people ???

I think it probably does for most of you, from friends, to partners, to politicians, leaders and business associates, and ESPECIALLY ….. ENTERTAINERS, who spend much of their lives, in front of cameras, or, behind microphones !!!!!

So, be they white or black, as Danny DeVito recently said, they all work for a rather, ” Elite Club “, of racists, in a country that has founded itself, on acts of Terrorism, against people of colour, from the moment they, as ……

Wait for it …………….

IMMIGRANTS …. !!!!!!

…. went and STOLE land, to claim for their own, to then, import black slaves, to labour for them, to profit in ways, that, set up legacy of … well …

I’d say ….. ” Double Standards ” ……

Let’s not forget the Oregon situation, and how it’s being handled by the police, regarding, FEDERAL LAWS … !!!!!!

…. that are seemingly, being BROKEN … !!!!!!

…. by a set of well, for want of a better phrase, gun toting, trailer park, rednecks, as opposed to the way the police handled the citizens of Baltimore & Ferguson, whose vindication for their behaviour, was due to the loss of life, NOT LAND, or the rights to use …… Again ……


Oh and one last thing, one of the … BIGGEST … !!!!!!

Double Standards ….

…. that seems to see, little sign of changing, is the attitude of black people, towards black people who have, ” The Minerals “, to speak out against the system, that they claim, is still oppressing them ….

…. and is responsible for their lot !!!

Well, i’m not foolish enough to think that, it has had, no effect !

However, if the mere sound of a black voice speaking the truth about it, FRIGHTENS their arse, to the point where they immediately, show you that,

” You should be careful what you say, because they will come for you ! ”

The double standard they live by, may well be the one that they then quote, as being the reason any black who has done so previously, ends up dead, invariably in, dubious circumstances …… ?!?!?

Well, if they have to stand, pretty much, alone, it’s no surprise that in 2016, we are still making, petty stands, to gain a yard, to be driven back three …..

The COWARDICE, Yeah I said it … !!!

COWARDICE …. !!!!!!

… and, inability to, TRULY UNIFY as … A MOVEMENT !!!!!!

…. makes it pretty easy for the powers that be, to continue to do, what they’ve now been doing for Centuries, to live and maintain the double standards that they, not only live by, but the double standards that the masses live by, that, in the case of black people, can leave us dead, or fighting each other, or worse still, fighting over fame and fortune, rather than, fighting for equality as well as social & spiritual development, that helps us to grow as a unified people, who stand together, to ensure that the legacy of slavery, does not allow our lives to be taken and then deemed by the law, to be done so, with impunity ….

and more importantly, to stop white guys like the one who inspired this, running their chops, as if we should’t run ours when they get found out to be continuing with the very same wicked actions, that defend their …….

“Double Standards” …….

Well, my mind and body are neither penned, or, dead yet, but if speaking the truth is the cause of either, occurring in my future, well, as I said to a black man here in Barbados who, upon hearing a track of mine, exhibited the same attitude I spoke about above,

Remember ….

TRUE CREATIVITY, does not cower into a corner due to FEAR, and if it does, it’s simply not REAL …

and like the title of the poem states, stands buy …. ” Double Standards ” …..

You have been WARNED !

This is for : Stephen Lawrence, Christopher Alder, Anthony Walker, Trayvon Martin, their families, and all the others who have suffered, or, lost their life due to police, racism, or the racists who take pride in using the colour of a persons skin, to justify taking life !!!

So, do yourself the favour of NOT Listening, if The Truth, FRIGHTENS You, or, offends you, to the point of some, ignorant reaction …..

which probably proves that you also live by ….

Double Standards !!!!!!

Okay …. Rant Over …. !!!!!!!

Now, only click play if your … HARD ENOUGH, as the Brits’ like to say okay ……. !!!!!


[audio:Double Standards Mixed at Shoestring Studios Barbados.mp3]

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So Fiji People … written by Big Virge 12/12/2015

So …. Fiji people !!!

Well, my journey was not even complete, and I was due to hit, Christmas Island, before hitting Fiji … !!!!!

However, due to some very extreme conditions !!!

I was stuck in Honolulu Airport, having been told my flight had not left the island, and would be delayed for at least 2 and a half hours !!!!

Well, as air turbulence is never fun, I didn’t fancy a flight through weather that had grounded flights, so, was glad to be lounging around, waiting for news, and then met an English guy, who, much like myself, was on his way via numerous flights, to one of his destinations, Hong Kong, so, I gave him my tailors details in Hong Kong, as he wanted a 24 hour, tailor made suit, Hong Kong style !

So, upon giving him the details, then found out that yeah, the delay would be for 3 hrs of so, but, that this was due to the weather, so, we would be flying straight into Fiji !

Good news for me, as the flight time would be reduced by the time of the delay, so, all should work well !!!

Okay, so finally i’m on my Fiji airways flight, upon a very sweet little Airbus, and due to the flight diversion, found aisles of seats empty, so, could stretch my long self out thankfully !!!

The attendants were very professional, and the flight went very smoothly, and I ended up getting two dinners, which, for a change, were more than edible and were actually quite tasty for aircraft food !!!!

Presumably, prepped Fijian style ….

So, was looking forward to landing, and upon doing so, found customs to be quite stern, to the point where, in the end, I had my luggage opened up for a check, for the FIRST TIME EVER … !!!

However, having read about Fijis policies on bringing goods into the island, was cool about it, as the guard did his job without going overboard …

So, late as it was, my transfer company were awaiting my arrival, and thus, my Fijian experience was beginning … And let me tell you, these are some cool ass people !!!!

Smiles and a HUGE … Bula – (Hello) – Welcome !!!!!

So, after the jokes started, due to my head, virtually, hitting the ceiling in their office, my Hindu driver started the hours drive to my resort, The Outrigger !!!!

Well all I can say is …

WOW … !!!

Again, a massively warm greeting from the bell hops, complimentary ice tea, and off to my accommodation, a Bure Hut, traditional Fiji styled accommodation, and yes, it is a HUT !!!!

A Straw roof, and basically, a luxury wooden outhouse on the grounds of what I was later to find out, is a 43 acre, deluxe complex, for the 5 star traveller !!!

Now I don’t say that to f’ing brag, as it was merely part of my stop and go plan to get to New Zealand, without, extensive flight times !!!!

Well, BIG respect to My agent, Elaine, back in England at Eton Travel, who was not playing with her hotel selections for my trip !!!

It was by then, like, 10.30 pm, sort of time, and after a long day waiting around, the hammock outside the Bure, was too good to resist .. !!!!

However, smart man I am, I locked myself out of the Bure’ immediately !!!!

Now, having been driven to this, remotely located hut, on what was essentially a golf cart, I had to make the trek, in the dark, back up to the front reception, a good 10 minute hike up a rather steep hill !!!!!

Anyway, once I ordered room service for some food, I chilled and hit the hay finally !!!

Upon waking up, it occurred to me that my booking was for an Ocean View, which I didn’t have, so, went to distress some management … !!!

Well, the vibe of the staff was so warm and merry, that I was quite calm when I spoke to this, soft spoken, but, very apologetic, Fijian man, who was like,

“We’ll sort everything today !”

…. and then explained that the Bure was actually an upgrade, due to my late arrival !!!

More fool me eh, but hey, a chance to see two styles of room in a 3 night stay !!!

Why not …. ?!?

So, off for a massage, Balinese style …. and what a spa, again, needed a golf cart ride to get to this spa, located at the peak of the resort !!!!

A wedding had just taken place, so I sneaked a picture of the bride and groom, in full cultural dress, which had the bride saying … ” and who is this dude !!! ” as I snapped before asking !!!!

Anyway, off I went to this spa, that was like, a floor out of Bruce Lees’, Game of Death movie !!!!!

Phenomenal views and a suitably, comparable massage !!!!

Now fully relaxed, down to my room to chill and get my plan for the next day in order !!!!

A cultural jet boat ride, that stops for tourists to meet villagers who live by the banks of the longest river in Fiji, the Sigatoka’ river, was just the ticket !!!

So, off to bed and, an early start, but only for food, as the tour started at 12.30 in the afternoon.

Well, need I say that the food in the resort was, TOP DOLLAR !!!

The tour popped into the town of Sigatoka briefly, before heading out to the river where off roading was also available, on a beautiful day !!!!

Life jackets on, and off we went in what appeared to be a rickety boat, only to find it had a Lexus engine, and a very cool driver, who ran jokes, as well as giving us, informative, local historical knowledge, as we flew past locals swimming in the river, cattle grazing, and horses being washed, or chilling on the river banks !!!


These villagers are some of the oldest in Fiji with families going back generations, subsistence farming, and it was incredibly humbling to be allowed into their antithesis of the materialistic western world !!!!

Especially as, historically, these people were once cannibals, who didn’t take kindly to visitors, especially, Europeans, with fast hands, who chose to disrespect them, and their culture !!!!!

Chief Ori’, our chief for the day, was quiet and unassuming, as he guided us round the Koroua’ Village, where 18 families lived, in his bare feet !

A Fijian, steeped in his people’s heritage, who explained everything, from how his grandfather moved there many years before, from further up the river, to how all the families were descendants of his offspring !!!!!

From Wooden to brick houses, and of course, a church, were what constituted their village ….

Incredible to think that in 2015, that people still live in such simplistic, but to me, naturally rich ways !!!!

We were then advised as to the ritual we were about to become part of … The local, welcome ritual, to meet the elders, in what to most would be, essentially, a community hall to Western folk !!!

This was to have Kava, a local drink, which is a very traditional drink, made from a root, that, to say the least, had quite an effect, as I was to find out later on that night !!!!

Somewhat like a hallucinogen !!!

The ceremony felt, very spiritual, and the energy and vibe of the village men was serious, until we were formally welcomed, after we each had to introduce ourselves by name, and say what we each did.

… and, for those women complaining about equality, the lady who was with us, had to enter last, interestingly, which seemed to be a very serious requirement !!!

Certain things should to me not be seen as demeaning, they just are, and maybe some women should recognise that these things are not chauvinistic, but for certain peoples, have historical relevance, from a cultural perspective, not just here in Fiji !!!!

Worth thinking about …..

Anyway, we were then treated to food, all from the village, grown and produced by the villagers !!!!!

It was all, incredibly humbling, as it was clear that this food was somewhat of a feast, laid on especially for us, as visitors !!!!

Of course, a financial offering was later asked for, from us, as these tours have now reached a point where, we as tourists, help the villagers, from that perspective, so that they can use the money to buy certain materials that benefit the town, and it’s people when dealing with those living in the more modernised world as it were, that may help, without hopefully, changing their way of living too much.

We were then invited to join in a celebratory dance, as much as a fond farewell, as it was, a celebration of our being there, which was ably enhanced by the men, playing guitar and singing, while some of the elder women came out and got their groove on with us !!!

A great way to end the experience, Chief Ori’ then escorted us outside, where the children with rugby ball in hand, had our chief for the day, due to his age, Craig, from Australia, running, line out practice with them, as fine a final memory, as the day had been !!!!

Then, back to the boat for some, 360 spins, ably done by our driver, who drenched my ass at the back of the boat, but, that was great fun … !!!!!

He was clearly, well trained, and it was all very safe, but was a great way to end the day !!!!

The youngster who was in our party, quickly coming to the back of the boat, to indulge in the drenching, as we headed back to base !!!

The youngster later, was running nuff’ talk on me, in the bus back, as I found out this little Australian, was quite cheeky, and clearly, was very intrigued with everything from, where I was from, to where I was staying, to my hair, and my teeth, which were in his opinion, apparently yellow !!!!

I think he suitably embarrassed his mum and dad, who were, apparently, staying in the room, next to me, at the hotel !!!!!

So, having not even reached New Zealand yet, i’m now completing this post, as i’m heading back to Fiji, sadly, for a fleeting stop, on my way home ….

However, Fiji, due to its people, and the spiritual energy of the country, that I managed to experience, will always have a very special place in my heart ….. !!!

And the word … ” BULA ” … Will always bring a smile to my face ….

And, one day …. with The creators blessing, I will come back to this place, and make it a holiday to remember …. just like the wonderful three days I had, first time around ….

However, onwards and upwards once again, as I head New Zealands’ way, as I now land in Nadi safely, via Fiji airways, once again !!!!

and there you have it …..

That was …

Fiji People … !!!!!

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Now THIS … is some poetry !!!!!

Something for the, ” Blinkered Fools “, who believe that following a flag or some form of patriotism, will in the end, allow them to feel as though they are worth something ….

This might just change their minds, a lil’ bit, at least !!!!!

Pure GENIUS !!!!!

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The Road to Hana … written by Big Virge 27/11/2014

….. and my final blog post covering my trip to Maui, well, it has to speak on the AMAZING …….

” Road to Hana ! “ 

Okay so, to end my Hawaii journal, more good stuff now peoples’ ….

…. and I do mean … GOOD STUFF !!!

The road to Hana is a Maui excursion that actually has a T-Shirt named after it, which I am now proud to say I own … !!!

…. and the T-Shirt gives a very clear indication of just how extraordinary the journey is, and the reason is because the T-Shirt states, in no uncertain terms ….

” I survived the road to Hana !!! ” 

So, to give you a clue as to why it says that, well, if you’ve ever watched, Ice Truckers, or, any of those shows that give you visions of … The Most Dangerous roads in the World … !!!

Well, this is clearly, one of those roads !!!!

Blind spots and bends, as well as single lane bridges, and parts of this road, that two cars, simply, cannot pass !!!

However, it is a road filled with wonder, from black sand beaches, to caves where, figures from this islands past, allegedly hid, to avoid all sorts of horrific things !

One particular spot has a clear water pool that is basically, part of a cavern. So, it’s a fresh water pool. Extremely clear, as well as being, SERIOUSLY COLD !!!
Cold enough for me, from just looking at it, to keep my black ass out of it !!!

Anyway, this road happens to be, one of those roads, that, if you’re a little too cocky…. Well, bad things can happen to ya !!!!

This part of Maui, is filled with forests of green, hiking trails, and waterfalls galore, from smaller versions, to some breathtaking visions, that seem to just appear out of the side of these, precipitous hillsides, to cascade into pools of water, that are now used, through expansive irrigation, to feed the huge sugar cane cultivation, that is a massive part of Mauis’ economy, and sugar exports. 

There I was thinking the Caribbean had the lions’ share of sugar exports, until hearing of the massive crop of sugar cane that is grown and harvested in Maui, that can grow up to 18 ft or so, and requires, huge amounts of water to ensure a fruitful yield !!!

Anyway, I digress, the road to Hana is indeed, as picturesque, as it is dangerous !!!!

The plant life, which in many cases, has been brought into the island, is varied, colourful, and in some cases, has proven to be invasive, to the point where some plants have had to be removed due to their wish to overrun, their fellow, brothers and sisters, like the worst kind of corporate styled, takeover !

Anyways, the usage of the waterfalls, and, subsequent water flows by the East Maui Irrigation company, is indeed impressive, considering the terrain that they have to navigate the water through …. and it is when you see their trucks driving along this road, that you realise the dangers of driving through this area, with any level of irresponsibility !!!

Do it … At Your PERIL !!!!!!!

…. Especially, once you pass through the quaint area of Hana, which is home to a very small community, a very small school and NO HOSPITAL !!!

Airlift bizness be running, to help anyone who is in need of any SERIOUS ATTENTION, in a hurry !!!!

Pretty crazy, but, this is how remote this part of Maui is. I cannot define it in words, as hard as I might try, but, believe me when I say, you need to see it, and should probably let an expert drive you, before you play … “Billy Big Bollocks”, and hire a Mustang or some other fancy ride to prove to yourself, or your partner, how cool you are ….. as you may just find yourself looking, rather weak, when you are being tailgated by locals who treat this road, like a regular city road, even when, bends twist acutely, and then overlook, extreme drops, not all into water either !!!!!

Some of the drops are straight onto cliff faces, and, volcanic rocks sharp enough to cut you in a thousand places, very quickly i’m sure !!!!

However, there are some great food spots and a very cool winery, from which I can now, highly recommend, the … Maui Blanc, which soothed my palette, near to the end of the drive, which, with all the stops, took the best part of a day, which again confirms, the expansive nature of this road, which, even had some areas that are named after African Planes, of an apparently, similar vein.

A bit cheeky i’m thinking, as everything from the symbol used by locals, to basically say, ” Hang Loose “, called, ” The Shaka “, to the culture of this island, would, much like many other places on this globe, when you assess them, have directly connectable themes, to ancient African Culture and heritage.

It’s actually, quite hard to belief that they don’t, especially when observing how they are used !!!

The road to Hana, as with much of Maui, has this spiritual feel and energy to it, that emanates through its landscapes, and historical tales. However, from a religious perspective, there were visions of different religious variables, of course, Catholic and Christian influences, and, rather large crosses, in certain hillsides, betray a past that defines the invasive nature of foreign religions, even in places as remote as Hana.

There was one church that is defined as being, ” Congregational “, which, seems to indicate an all accepting nature, but, once I see, Protestant or Christian faiths, being mentioned, seems to be quite the paradox, as neither denomination, defines all encompassing, or, inclusive, to me.

However, as the story of this particular church was related to us by our driver, Dave, it became apparent that this church, indeed, has the blessings of the …

” Most High ” …

as, many years before, it was the ONLY building, to survive a Tsunami, that hit the area, and demolished, pretty much everything else !!!!!

Pretty Incredible, and seemingly ….

Divinely Holy !

… having entered, it felt very eerie, if somewhat, awe inspiring, to imagine that, such a building withstood one of the most destructive forces of nature, and trust me, the waters surrounding this area, crash into the shore, with enormous power, at the best of times, let alone what would of been, the worst of times !!!

Okay so, moving on, this is one of those remote places in the world where the super rich, in some cases, have bought land, and, built secluded properties, for personal retreats, Oprah, being one of those people, apparently, for one of her dogs, she built a home for her dog trainer to take care of her dog/s, as there is some issue with bringing animals in and out of Maui !!!

Well, that’s when you know you are wealthy, when you can buy a home, in the hills, to avoid not having to have a pet being held in quarantine, when you fly in … ?!?

…. and, on that note, I will leave you with the thought of picturesque visions of sunsets from hilltops and mountainous regions, that truly define what, ” The Road to Hana “, exhibits.

It is a day excursion, that leaves you with some, stunning visual and culinary tastes.

I shouldn’t say apparently, but, one of those sights, was watching one of the drivers, basically, cliff dive off one of the sides of a waterfall, into a pool of water, that isn’t even that deep !!!!!

A memory that i’ll always keep.

“The Road to Hana”, people ….

NOT …. for the faint hearted, but, if you really want to take in what Maui has to offer, visually, it’s one you’ve, ABSOLUTELY, got to see … !!!!!

Aloha from me …

The Brother … Big V …


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“What Do You See ?” … (The words) … A Poem written by Big Virge 7/3/2005

So … What do you see … ?
when … you look at yourself … ?

Do you see an … ” Image ” … ?
or a … ” Picture of Health ” … ?

or the …
” Fakest ” … of people
who’d rather see … ” Wealth ” … ?

Dunno bout’ … you … ?

but …
I see … A Brother …
who’s from a … ” Hard School ” … !!!

A school of … ” Hard Knocks ” …
Surrounded by ….. ” FOOLS ” ….. !!!!!!

Some … who’ve been drowned …
in this … ” Western Whirlpool ” … !!!!

See … it’s easy to blame
My Problems on … ” Colour ” …
but these days … I feel …
like … problems i’ve got …
come from sisters and brothers …
who live for … ” THEMSELVES ” …

REGARDLESS … of colour … !!!!!

But ….
DON’T … Get Me Wrong … !!!
being black … can be … TOUGH … !!!!!

cos’ …
white folks just … ” Use Us ” …
and place us … ” In Cuffs ” …

But ….
People are People … !!!

Some Blacks … do the stuff …
that leads me to … ” Thinking ” …

Some blacks …
You … CAN’T TRUST … !!!!!

” Ashes to Ashes ” …
or … ” Dust to Dust ” …
when I look at myself …
Sometimes … I just … CUSS … !!!

Why am I … in this form … ?!?
Why am I … not the norm … ?!?

and …
What’s with these … ” Racists ” … ???
who wish I …. ” Wasn’t Born ” …. ?!?!?

Is what you see … REAL … ???
or … do you … “conceal” …
The Truth … from yourself …

While you eat …
” Wagon Wheels ” … !?!?!

That line …
Was a … Joke … !!!

But …..
That verse … ” Provokes ” …


for … ALL of you folks … !!!

This here … is a poem …
That’s Searching for … TRUTH …

So …
Are you … ” Pretentious ” … ?
or …. Are you just … YOU … ?

and ….

What does that mean … ?!?
Can you … DEFINE YOU … !?!

or …

Are you a … ” Victim ” … ?

Redundant of … PROOF …

that …
What you … ” Believe ” …
Confirms you as … TRUE … !!!!!

TRUE … in your actions
TRUE … in your thoughts
TRUE … in the luxuries

that you have … sought … ???

See …
These are the questions
” WE ALL ” … have to face … !!!

But … do you face them … ?
in the … ” Cold Light of Day ” … ?

Or …
Do you see them … ?
But Still …….. “shy away” …

Then … jump on a train …
for a … ” Quick ” … away day …

But ….
That’s NOT … The Ticket … !!!

These are … ” Poetic Lines ” …
with … No Need to … ” Picket ” … !!!

It’s … PAINFUL … I know …
to … ” Spiritually ” … go …
to the … ” Depth of ” …

….. ” Your Psyche ” …..

Without some … ” New Nikes ” … !!!

Are you laughing … ” Politely … ?
or maybe … you might be … ?

Listening …….. silently ……………….

cos’ that line … just might be … ?
PIERCING …. ” Your Psyche ” ….

You …
Don’t … have to like me …
I’m … ” Used to that now ” …

But … Liking Yourself …
is … ” What I’m About ” … !!!

cos’ …
If you like … YOU … !!!

You’ll like … ” Others Too ” … !!!
and this will ….. ” Pass on ” ………..
to those who have … ” Youth ” …

cos’ they …
to make the right moves …
and then … ” Our Society ” …
Might just …. IMPROVE …. !!!!

A poem … like this …
can cover … So Much …

Not just ….
” Such and Such ” …

But …
” Deep-Rooted ” … FEARS … !!!
We … ALL … Need To Touch … !!!

Like ….

What’s … REALLY … in you ?
What’s … REALLY … in me ?

How … doing these things …
can … set our minds … FREE … !!!

FREE of …….. Constraints ….
That … ” Control ” … how we be …

FREE … to create …
A world … ” Full of Peace ” …

” Freedom ” … to greet …
EVERYBODY … we meet …
from … London to Paris …
to … ” Sesame Street ” …

Now …
This … ” Final Verse ” …
Should … make this … COMPLETE … !!!


ACCEPT …. in yourself ….
The cards … You Have Dealt … !!!

and when you’ve done this …
Take a … ” Look at Yourself ” …

and …
If you feel … FREE … !!!

Have a … ” Smile to Yourself ” … !!!!!

” Stretch Out ” …
Like A …. TREE …. !!!

Be … Who You Be …
for …. ETERNITY …. !!!!!!

and this …
I am … Hoping … ???
will make you … HAPPY … !!!

Then … REMEMBER ME … !!!

The Brother … BIG V …
and … REMEMBER … This Piece …

Called ……

” What Do You See ? ”

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