“Ridiculous” … A Poem written and performed by Big Virge

Okay folks, so let’s just get to it, things are truly getting more and more ridiculous, as time goes on now aren’t they ?

We have the case against Derek Chauvin reaching the point, where his defence is now suggesting that his use of force was justified under the condition of …

“ objective reasonableness “

Whatever the hell that means ?

I’m not even gonna go there, because I just wanna see how the system of justice in America, is gonna find a way to absolve Chauvin of his actions, or how they’re going to minimise the charge that he presumably will face, but only time will tell.

However, the even more ridiculous scenario is the one of Daunte Wrights’ shooting, that lead to his death, over an expired tag on his car license plate, as well as his having an outstanding warrant for his arrest.

The ridiculous part of this, is that the officer who killed him, Kim Potter, who had 26 years of experience, mistakenly shot him with her gun, believing it to be her taser !!!

Like WTF ?!?

I repeat, TWENTY SIX Years experience !!!

Experienced in what exactly, because it doesn’t seem to be policing now does it ?!?

Conveniently, she has quickly resigned from her position, as has her police chief, Tim Gannon, over this again, ridiculous act, leading to another black man losing his life for just getting stopped by the police.

What makes it even more ridiculous, is that it’s in a suburb of Minneapolis, where George Floyd was killed !?!

I find it even more ridiculous to see the BBC report, suggesting that it’s a victory for those who once again, have protested outside the Brooklyn Center Police Department.

Mr. Wright is dead, he’s lost to his loved ones, and is not coming back, while Ms. Potter and her boss resign swiftly, to get away from the issue of how this could happen at such an untimely moment, amidst the Chauvin’ trial for the killing of George Floyd !

It truly beggars belief, and for Ms. Potter to state in her, one sentence letter of resignation, that she,

“ loved every minute of being a police officer “,

She couldn’t possibly be any more disrespectful to Mr. Wrights family, and their loss, because that would indicate that she enjoyed, mistakenly killing Mr. Wright !

One can only shake ones head, and wonder where this ridiculously poor standard of policing will end.

However, once again, coming across the water, a Neo-Nazi has been found to have been employed by the police, this time it’s Germany, where 11 members of, as the media likes to call them now, Far Right Group,

“ Gruppe S “,

…. are on trial for plotting what they defined as an attempt to create a civil war in Germany.

The individual connected to the police is only known as, Thorsten W, and he allegedly offered 5000 Euros to the group, for them to buy weapons.

So, with the recent story about, Ben Hannam joining the UK’s Met Police force, whilst being a Neo Nazi, and the claims of Racism in the Royal Family, alongside of Britain claiming to be a great advert for white dominated, Western Nations, in terms of their management of racism in a recent report, what can be any more ridiculous, in terms of the idea that the, Black Lives Matter Movement, is working very well to help stop police from shooting us mistakenly, and more importantly, in ensuring that attitudes towards racism in countries like Germany and Britain, are being checked in positive ways.

Anything ???

I’m sure if you check world news, you’ll find things, but this all takes me back to the Central Park Five, who, after being wrongfully accused of attacking and raping a girl in the park, during a night of unrest, finally were released, and paid millions of dollars, in some vain attempt to make recompense for the injustice and loss of freedom that the American Justice System, imposed on them.

The usual thing to make us believe that justice has been done, is to give the victims a load of money, and then everything’s suddenly fine ?

Never mind the psychological damage that has been done, and the lack of criminal convictions for those who proved, that their application of the legal process was deeply flawed, prejudicial, or driven by racism !

Finally, who exactly is this woman, and BBC Diversity Chief, Miranda Wayland, because she seems to have, via her boss, June Sarpong, been given the green light to go ahead and make what would appear to be some quite ridiculous comments about the validity of Idris Elba’s character of Luther, as being black enough, due to his not having any black friends or eating Caribbean Food, so his characterisation on the BBC Show, just isn’t real ?

So firstly, I believe Luther isn’t a real person, as would be the case in most characters in TV Shows, Ms, Wayland, and furthermore, if he was a real, as Idris has put it, ANGRY black policeman, how many black friends do you expect he would have now eh ?

Would he be playing dominoes with them after work, and would his lighting a few fatties make him more, stereotypically dumbed down, ” Black “, for your ridiculous ass ?

I mean, WTF is wrong with some of todays, black do-gooders, like seriously !?!
She must be secretly wearing these ridiculously skinny tight fitting jeans, that clearly cut off the supply of oxygen to young peoples brains, which suitably leads me
to this, spoken word drop, which covers a few of these issues and more….

…. which is why it is called….

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The Service Levels of Today …. via …. Liat Airways !!!!! … ” SMH ?!? “

Okay, well, as a man raised inna England, who has now experienced West Indian service, Bajan style, for about a year now, this is NOT, AT ALL, Surprising ….

However, a quick dig at an English Company, that has shown me where much of these attitudes now stem from ….

F’ing Banks man … !!!!!

If y’all looking at these f’ing monkey cunt, Halifax Bank, adverts, over the last few years with their, condescending use of this, ” Black Mister Magoo “, character, to indicate how warm, friendly and helpful they are ….


They are as arrogant, obnoxious and fast, to run by their own rules, when you don’t happen to fit into how they like to do things, even when you have explained the issue and why it’s occurred ….

Much like … ah yes …. “LIAT” … !!!!!

Who do they think they are, issuing challenges to the likes of Virgin … ???

Good luck with that, YOU FUKWITS !!!!!

Why do so many people in these islands, think that, ” Wrong & Strong “, is the way to go … ???

Annnndddd … THEY REALLY be … Believing their own, “Pish” ??!??

I believe that there are people here in the West Indies, who know & recognise the value of GOOD SERVICE & humility in the face of … INEPT Practises & Thinking ….

….. but, WHERE THE FUCK ARE THEY !!!!!

Liat needs to go, suck pon a lime …. !!!!!

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