“Cadence and Intonation” … Written and Performed by Big Virge

Okay people, time for a quick return to some, pure spoken word !

No reverb or bass lines required, just the sound of a voice, and rhymes chosen, to exhibit the craft that is simply …

Spoken Word Poetry !

However, in looking into what actually makes a good, or great poetry recording, especially when applying music to it, one has to acknowledge how important, Cadence and Intonation are.

Timing, in terms of ones rhyme delivery, is absolutely vital in keeping your listeners engaged, as is intonation.

As a Spoken Word Artist, who goes against the conventional method of recording verses to music, intonation isn’t quite as important as it is for those who record their words to music, which makes the music chosen by producers, in my case, even more important than normal, as well as their interpretation of the tonality of my vocals, because that then becomes a key factor in creating a smooth, fluid synergy, that gives the illusion of a seamless performance, even though the vocals are recorded first !

However, what my method does, is to give me total freedom to express my words, in a very natural manner, so my cadence and vocal inflections, or intonations are much more organic than those who know where their tracks change, or where certain effects will give them cues as to when to ramp up, or to tone down their delivery.

So, as my new musical album, The Lowhar Files, currently percolates in listeners ears, this piece is a quick reminder of the fact that, the original poems in their pure form, have very specific, and precise examples of the subject of this poem, which as said, are pivotal ingredients in giving listeners an engaging and pleasurable listening experience !

Two words that are essential to recordings of any kind, but especially those that indulge in rhyme and verse…..

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