Santana does … ” Don’t Blush Baby ” …

Couldn’t resist …..

Jokes galore up in dis’ one ….. b’cos the whole scenario was ….


SMH / LOL ……

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” Reason ” … A Poem written & performed by Big Virge

Okay folks …..

It’s that time of the month for some, Big Virge, Poetic Stuff ….

I am a long way from home currently, but it seems that, after the Paris attacks, Gatwick Terror alerts, and more gun massacres in the US, that, reasonable thought processes are being forsaken for, ” Gung Ho’ type “, reactionary responses.

So, as The Pope has been doing his thing in Africa, and Trump doing has been doing his … i.e.

“Running His Gums” …. in the US …..

I’m wondering, where the logic and reason is …. in peoples rhetoric currently ???

Well, it’s time for some reason, Big Virge Styled, that defies all these extremist type attitudes, and I don’t mean, ISIS, ISIL or any other type of group who is deemed to be wreaking havoc across the globe right now …..

Those who know, KNOW, they are far from being the only terrorists out there, in this world of ours …..

I am currently in New Zealand, funnily enough, YET ANOTHER, British Colony, in a place called Queenstown, also like Barbados, to the locals, known as you guessed it …. Little England, due to the volume of Brits who now, live and work here, where, as a Zimbabwe born farmer told me….

“When they came here, the Brits were bloody stupid !!!”

…. when speaking about certain agricultural policies, that they rather foolishly employed, that when thought about, were quickly proven to be as stupid, as much that is being spouted currently, by them and their apparently, ” Special Friends “, across the water !?!

Well, having managed to gain a little Maori culture, in my first few days here, it only seems fitting that I should, this month, share a piece that shows how much respect I have, not only for the GREAT, All Black Rugby team and World Cup Winners for 2015, but also, a culture whose warrior spirit, deals in more than reactionary responses to war …..

Thus, here is a poem that touches on that, and much much … more … !!!

In a time where we are seeing people act in very, irrational ways ….

Take some time out to listen to some thoughts based on, as said ….

Sumthin’ more, than talk of ignorance, terror and war ……

[audio:Reason Recorded at Triple E Studios Barbados.mp3]

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Tings wha …. !!!!! Inity Fire y’all ….

Yes Yes …..

A Most Appropriate Video, for the current economic climate in Bim ….. !!!!!

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You gotta love it … !!! … written by Big Virge 28/11/2013

It’s taking quite a lot these days for me to, str8 blog, as it were …

Ya know what, you gotta love, “Facehook”, don’t ya !?!

It gives people, the option, to stay connected to, trends, events, and in some cases, find, long lost friends … !!!!

Well, I say, “Facehook”, because, some of these people, who determine, THEMSELVES, to be, “Your Friends”, recognise, from say, a couple of posts that a person makes, that, actually, They and You, are really on, “VERY DIFFERENT PAGES !!!”.

I found this out yesterday, and today, when I suddenly, realised that, someone who met me in recent times, had unfriended me !!!!

Why ???

Well, I guess he knows, and he’d probably say that, “Well, Your Attitude Virge, is very Negative and Disrespectful, to people in general, and, to my country !!!”

Hmmmmmm the, “Last Bit”, is where it all begins, the issue of racism, is still a very, “Touchy One”, for, “Most People”, for obvious reasons, but, when the shoe is thrown out of the box, as in, ” EXPOSURE “. of racist attitudes and tendencies, from, in this case, English folks,

“Oh, I am fed up with hearing about it !!!”, is the type of reply, that seems to prevail ???

… as if we, black folks, should STOP !!!

… frying that chip on our shoulder, and just, swallow our pain, and shut our mouths about it, when it is clear that, it has NOT, gone away, even in 2013 !!!!!

As I now live on old, “Plantation”, land, where as a rasta’ yute, told me yesterday, black Folks, “COULD NOT COME TO !!!”, in the, ” Good Ol’ Days !!!!! “.

Oh, I should just, FORGET, about that right !!!
Especially when, their legacy is connected, directly, to England ?!!!?

Oh, okay then, funny that, when, I don’t see, that many black folks living up in here, even now !!!!!

However, who can afford to rent, the BIGGER properties, up in here, oh, “British High Commission”, peoples’ !?!

Hmmmmmm so, how much change has actually occurred in the last couple of hundred years, not that much, it would seem ??

Meantime, war vets’ who have died since, way back whenever !!!!!

We should, celebrate, and pay homage to them, even today ?!?

… while the families of victims, of ridiculous, bombing campaigns and attacks, or should I say, INVASIONS, into lands where they, WERE NOT INVITED, are still having to find ways to overcome, not only their family losses, but, additionally, their loss of …

” IDENTITY ” … !!!!!

A thing that has, Extensive Repercussions, that clearly, can last for generations !!!!!

The funny thing is that, a place like Facebook, has become for some, a place to, PARADE, Flags, and their pride for, what were, and are, essentially, contract killers, who, in the case of say, Christopher Alder, seemed to have had a contract, that, was FLAWED, as he died, or, was more than likely, MURDERED, on a police station floor, while policemen laughed and roared, monkey taunts !!!!!

Can we black folks post & express about it, without being called, “Haters of the UK”, where this happened ???

“Oh, we should, again, talk about it in private, don’t dare try to expose the wicked, horrific dealings, of the upper echelons of the Union Jack !!!! which as the song said, never had, and STILL doesn’t, have any black in it !!!!!

Man …… !!!!

Loss of, ” Friends “, or, comments that then define the, callous & ignorant levels of some, English Minds, comes to pass,

“Why didn’t you get the fuck out before then !!!”

Hmm, forgetting that, in some cases, we don’t all, just leave our, “Loved Ones”, in my case, my mother !!!

… to be left in the hands of white peoples’ care, who seem to like to keep, Dead Black Soldiers bodies, after they’ve told the family, that they have buried their son & brother, for some, ten years after, the ACTUAL BURIAL !!!!!

… as was the case for Mr. Christopher Alder, RIP, who, after being, “Allegedly”, buried, was held, in their care, for essentially, TEN YEARS, without any reason being given, up to now, that makes any kind of sense !!!!!

I suggest these, smart-mouthed fellas, put their tea cups down, and try smelling the coffee, without the milk in it, for a change !!!

I was very reluctant to join Facebook, but, now I actually, enjoy using it, if, for nothing more, than to see, who does or doesn’t share, REAL SHIT !!!, and who uses it for, “Banter”, as if that’s a … “Positive Way” … to indulge in a social network, that, if used appropriately, could perhaps, start movements, like say, Twitter Campaigns, although, obviously filled with, “Twits”, mostly !!! LOL !!!

That are, apparently, beyond government controls !!!

The Double Standards and Bullshit of people, REALLY, comes to light, in a way, that, can clear up any, bogus relationships, that exist, in maybe, one of the parties minds, about the level of connection/closeness, that they may, or may not, have …. ???

There is INDEED, a difference between, “Acquaintances”, and, “Friends” … !!!!!


I have, ” Friends “, on Facebook, who, have threatened to rob me, come in my home, and been so selfish, as to drink out mans’ drink, to the point where, they, only barely, managed, to beg for a bucket to puke in, and, of course !!!

The “covert”, watchers, of what I post, who are sitting there, waiting for their opportunity, to make their, Sneak Attack, off some other cuntholes’ back !!!!!

Am I pissed or stressed ???
NO … !!!

I just have a brain, and intellect, which, allied to my basic levels of common sense, allow me to express my point of view with intelligence and deference, to, these peoples’, crude moves.

Friends, well, FOOLS, I’m glad to lose !!!

“TRUE FRIENDS”, recognise truths, and deal with them !!!!!

or, do the right thing, ” Agree to Disagree “, and move on, if possible, but, when a person expresses to you, due to your views, that, you should unfriend them, just be REAL with yourself, and, do it people !!!

Don’t leave a name on your friend page, who you know in your heart, you have a problem with, because of their views/attitude, etcetera etcetera …..

As said, what I am beginning to love about the web, is it’s social networks, trolls aside, because people really, seem to believe that, they can say what they want, without repercussion.

I recognise, more than most, the level of danger I bring to myself, by speaking my mind, but, as I read in another poets words, called, “Herbaliser”, from London,

“It is a bold step for a man to admit his truths,
Esspecially when tarnished with clues.
In this world, why is it hard to tell truths?”

Well, if … “Facehook”, is anything to go by …

because certain truths, are clearly, too painful
for, certain people to take, especially when,
they believed that, it would seem, in my case,
that my brain would refrain, from using, “Their News”,
to CLEARLY explain, that, views they hold
about how great their country is …

Define, to me, that things haven’t changed
They remain the same, when it comes to race
and what they, pay attention to
and, more importantly,
what should be, conveniently,
swept under the carpet
and locked away !!!!!

Double Standards, CLEARLY EXIST !!!

when I am told,
“I should button my lip !”
when it comes to things
that EXPOSE, The English,
for their, dirty tricks
and, how their worst, live …

It must be me,
who is the, ” Racist ”

You gotta love it !!!!!

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