“Crisis” … A Poem written and performed by Big Virge

So, is the crisis now over, regarding this Covid’ Virus people, because with the level of alleged, vaccination uptake, one would like to think that the world is now past the worst of it now, wouldn’t you ?

However, HOLD ON just a minute !!!

As has sarcastically been said online this week, what’s next ?

A Reebok Classic Variant, and then a Mexican Wave !?!

It’s clear that there are still problems with these new variants popping up, here and there, especially this, Indian, or, ” Delta Variant “, that seems to have a high transmissibility potential, but ……

Don’t worry folks, our saviour is the vaccines we’re being offered, that are seemingly able to fight the Indian variant off, conveniently in time for the, British Re-opening on the 21st of June, The European Football Championships, and presumably the Olympics in Japan.

Conveniently !

However, there seems to be a crisis of this virus now affecting our youngsters, so yup, it’s time to get our young people vaccinated, even though, as many officials seem to believe, they are the least likely to have major issues from catching the virus.

However, there are those who think it’s critical that we take time to assess the value, and safety of giving these vaccines to young people, because of what they may contain, that could damage them ?

Ahhh, but once again, don’t worry about that parents, these cases of blood clotting and other side affects are very rare, and are not anything that the parents of children, should be worried about !

Well thankfully, I have no children who’ll have to face this issue, but many are clearly concerned, and worried about the possible repercussions of side affects !

It is quite reasonable, and understandable to me, that parents are indeed questioning the issue of child vaccinations, but is it a crisis, well according to those in power, NO !

The issue of racism is of course, still far from being in a crisis free zone, as per the shooting of 6 year old, Coby Daniel, by Ryan Le-Nguyen in Michigan this week, which caused outcry, due to his bail being set at a level, where he was home, almost as quickly as he shot young Coby.

Mr. Nguyen’s being Asian has prompted the question of whether this was a racist attack, but has yet to be discovered, however, the recent loss of the life of 14 year old, Dea-Jean Reid, in Birmingham, England, after an initial reluctance to declare it as a result of racism by the police, has quickly been found to have racism of some kind connected to it, as the young man and his friends were allegedly on the receiving end of racist abuse, before being chased, and Dea-Jean being stabbed to death.

As per usual, according to locals of the area, the police see no racism crisis, in fact they aren’t even willing to see this as, any kind of hate crime, as of yet !

So the issue of racism being in a critical state, is no longer that big of an issue, because of groups like, Black Lives Matter right ?

Well, they also seem to perhaps be in some degree of crisis mode, according to alleged infighting, amongst it’s members !

Surely not !?!

Well, with Patrisse Cullors causing quite the stir with her property portfolio recently, it’s no surprise that there may be some heads turning, regarding the validity of the groups transparency, and appropriation of funds.

The original 10 chapters seem to want proof that the slogan is not just a clever publicity mechanism, to make money out of what is a very serious, and real issue of racism across the globe, that many black people still encounter on a daily basis !

A subsidiary group, called the, BLM 10 Plus, are certainly concerned, and have spoken out, in the wake of news that Ms Cullors is about to resign her position.

Interestingly, it’s also alleged that certain chapters of the original ten groups who voiced their disapproval of how things were being managed back in 2020, were removed from the BLM, Global Network Website !

There is an abundance of this type of thing happening now, so, one has to wonder is there a freedom of speech crisis on the horizon ?

Speak out against the vaccine publicly, your banned, as per Beverley Turner in the UK !

Speak out against vaccine mandates in hospitals, you lose you job, as per the Methodist Hospital in Houston, where a hundred and seventeen nurses are saying that they don’t want to be treated as guinea pigs, in order for them to retain their positions, so have filed a lawsuit to challenge being forced to do so !

The freedom of speech debate also crosses gender lines now too, as Gina Carano has found out, at the expense of her role in, The Mandalorian !

So, is Freedom of Speech under siege from gender fluid groups, as anti vaccination speech is becoming, on main stream media, social media networks, and in scientific and political powerhouses ?

What defines a crisis point in such matters, and more importantly, who, especially when it comes this Corona Virus Vaccine rollout, gets to make the call, that, due to a crisis rate of virus infections, things need to be treated as if in crisis mode ?

These are very dangerous roads that the we are going down, when the mere questioning of things, or speaking on things in ways that disagree with a certain way of being, can create the shutting down of basic human rights, like freedom of speech people !

So, controversial as it may be, when it comes to all these subjects and more, this drop reflects on what, within this crazy modern world, actually constitutes a …

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“Judgement” … Written and Performed by Big Virge

Okay folks, so a whole year has now passed from George Floyd’s, despicable murder, at the hands and knees of Derek Chauvin, and there’s an abundance of talk about how his murder has changed things, regarding, race and racism in America and the world ?

Well, in attempting to judge such a difficult thing to quantify, one has to surely go beyond the claims of the likes of Candace Owens, as well as many other, black media and entertainment individuals, who are in positions that have garnered them high levels of visibility, and financial remuneration, in times where poor black people are struggling to survive, from the pressures created by this virus, and how it has economically marginalised, black people who are not, actors, sports stars, or in big tech jobs.

Derek Chauvin’s judgement of guilty, seems to have suggested to many black people, that finally, justice will be served for black people, in terms of policing and the legal system, in the future.

Okay like REALLY, in what, Alice in Wonderland world are these people living in exactly ?

Let’s just take a look at a few things that have come to light in recent weeks, to see how much has actually, REALLY changed !

Poor judgement was undoubtedly behind the British Study suggesting that the United Kingdom, (a joke of a claim, and name, if ever there was one !?!), for predominantly white populated nations in the Western Hemisphere, is a very good example and model, for how to have worked towards, positive integration, and the management of racism.

Again, as laughable a claim, as it has been for Madame Markle, to be so deeply hurt by the idea that the royal family, may have tolerated, Harry impregnating and marrying her ass, however, are most certainly not particularly welcoming of the idea of their offspring joining the royal clan, as it were !

All since George Floyd died folks !

This also leads me to remind people that, as an African said in a video I saw today, that covered some black individuals thoughts on, what has changed within the year since George Floyds death, the issue of racism, and the incredible pressures and difficulties it places on black people, is a GLOBAL PROBLEM, not just an American One !

An issue that leads me to the death of another George, in Ireland, at the end of 2020, that didn’t seem to matter quite so much to BLM groups, or anyone else seemingly, other than his family and friends in particular, which was that of George Nkencho, who was shot six times on his own doorstep, by Gardai Police, on the 30th December 2020, under what can only be seen as, suspicious circumstances.

The report I saw actually showed the level of insensitivity to his death, when a female, white neighbour was incredibly rude, when an interview was being conducted by the media regarding Mr. Nkencho’s death, with his family, who quickly claimed that the family no longer live there, so should move the interview somewhere else !

Progress and change anyone, again, like REALLY ?

It certainly doesn’t seem so, especially when one of Mr. Nkenchos friends made clear that he suffers racist abuse on a consistent basis in Ireland, and that he and some of his football team mates, actually have to walk some black members of their team home, due to the fear of harassment in areas where these young members actually live !

A truly incredible thing, in 2021, when you think of how much noise the Black Lives Matter movement, has made in the last few years !

A movement that has now got the name of, Sasha Johnson, attached to it, as an activist, who, having allegedly received numerous death threats, was shot in the head, just this last weekend, at a party in Peckham, apparently by four black men, according to the police !

A shooting that has her fighting for her life in critical condition, as I write this !

One can only hope that the leaders of the, American Branch of the movement, is now proving to her family, just how much her life matters, and is providing whatever help, financial or otherwise, that they can to hopefully, save her life !

Especially as, Co-founder of BLM, Patrice Khan Cullors, seems to be living pretty well off the growth of the BLM Movement, which has lead to her buying a number of properties, allegedly in white neighbourhoods, amounting to somewhere between 3 – 4.5 million dollars in the last few years, which suddenly seems to have forced the suspension of a consulting firm she has connections with, online at least, just last month.

There has also been, anger and concerns raised by the father of Michael Brown Jnr. who claims that the IBFA, The International Black Freedom Alliance, a group formed as a result of his sons death, has received no money at all, from BLM. Money that was promised to them in the wake of his death at the hands of Police, in Ferguson, which is pretty alarming, considering that BLM is alleged to have generated some 90 million dollars in 2020 alone !

Michael Brown Snr. stated, that for all the young activists who’ve been protesting and putting in the hard work on the ground, they are waiting for 20 million dollars, which he says the IBFA is due, because of what it’s done, not only for his son, but for the BLM Movement.

So, it would seem that there are many judgements being made, as a result of George Floyd’s death, that aren’t exactly working for the betterment of black peoples lives, apart from for a select few, who as said, are those gaining financially, whilst black peoples lives continue to be lost, or marginalised ?

So, quickly back to America, for another life lost at the hands of police, in incredibly shady circumstances again, that of Ronald Greene, whose family was told that he died from a car wreck in 2019, in Louisiana, only for video footage to now surface, where he was stopped, tazered, dragged out of his car, and then subjected to considerable verbal abuse, which lead to his death whilst in police custody, as he was handcuffed, and knelt upon, whilst screaming that he was scared !

So, cover ups too, albeit prior to George Floyd’s death, but this information has only come to light in 2021, via body cam footage of some 46 minutes, which mysteriously, wasn’t able to be found before ?

So, let me ask again, change ???

Like … REALLY ???

Of course, there’s no way I could cover all the instances of wrongdoing, in the last 12 months, simply because there are clearly too many that aren’t even recorded, before even getting into the ones that are, being recorded with accuracy and honestly !

However, let me switch back to the United Kingdom…. LMAOL !!!

…. where a video surfaced just this week, of 24 year old Sharna Walker, throwing a complete, racist fit at a black doorman, Tristan Price, in the West Midlands, having been ejected from the venue, for her obviously, ignorant, drunken behaviour !

The doorman, having had such abuse, on previous occasions, finally decided to make this incident known, via an Instagram post, which has resulted in numerous YouTube videos being posted about this, poor excuse for a female, whose grandmother tried to defend her as not being racist, which Ms. Walker then tried to affirm, by using the claim that is was merely freedom of speech, among other claims, as her excuse for such behaviour.

She even claimed to have been in relationships with black guys too !

The interesting part is that her mother was apparently arrested for being, drunk and disorderly, and physically attacking a pub landlord two years ago !

Nuff said.

The other thing that has upset many commenters on her daughters behaviour, is that none of the bystanders in the video shown, felt the need to chastise, Madame Walker’s outburst, which included using the word, Nigger, at all !


A sad indictment of the fact that, for all the big noise from BLM, after George Floyd’s murder, that very little has ACTUALLY changed !

However, disparaging judgements of black people remain, as even with this Sharna Walker outburst, there are commenters who are quick to suggest that it’s not that bad, and that blacks are doing worse things to white people ?

I myself, was recently accused of being racist, when merely explaining to a white woman, that certain liberals, are proving to be very dangerous types of racists, because they’re the token giving types, who stand with groups like BLM, to appear,
“ Woke “, or, ” Down ” …. for want of a more streetwise word…

…. who are in fact, the type to then act just like Ms. Walker, when a few drinks get in them, or behind closed doors, or when they get into a situation, where heated conversations question their position on race, in black company.

I think that very little has really changed, except for a few more black faces, being seen in high places, however, when questioned on the issues of racism, they remain suitably silent, or reluctant to speak on these issues bluntly, for fear of losing their place, or more importantly, their PAY, from their masters, to escape facing what the average black person faces, on a regular basis !


Racism is alive and well, and that’s my judgement, however, as we’ve seen previously, and alarmingly !

We are now seeing more black people like Candace Owens, who are those who still seem to think that they have the right to judge, black activism as being uppity, and unfounded, because they’re in with the white folks !

We have also seen certain white folks, when it comes to activism, resisting anthems, like Colin Kaepernick’s, or anything that remotely questions the sanctity of white pride, get very judgemental, as if there histories are SQUEAKY CLEAN ?!?!

I think, in fact, KNOW NOT !

So, i’ll end with how the judgement pendulum doesn’t exactly swing back equally, when it comes to the admitted wrongdoings of white people like say, Joel Greenberg, a married father, and friend of Republican Senator, Matt Gaetz, who had no issue with alleging that, Mr. Gaetz, along with some other guys in their cool, political white club, had all engaged in sex acts with a seventeen year old girl, as he has admitted to doing, and that the same girl had been passed around to other peers, within his collective of associates and friends, for sex !!!

Gaetz denial of any involvement, has seemingly quashed any media frenzy about him dealing in such wrongful behaviour, as an adult male, but hey, if it was an ALLEGATION, against Michael Jackson, the whole world would need to know about that instantly right ?

The double standards remain, as they always have done, but don’t mistake my post as absolving black peoples doing wrong, because we are PEOPLE too, just like everyone else.

However, in reference to what George Floyd’s death has effected, in terms of changing racist attitudes, or practises, i’m afraid that many are simply being swept under rugs, unless they’re caught on camera, or recorded, because when white folks do it, it’s not really a big deal, especially when it’s the Police, but when we do it, it’s the worst thing in the world !?!

So, this piece was written a while before George Floyd’s murder, but it nonetheless, covers relevant topics.

What is the value of them, and more importantly, those who seem to feel that they can pass….

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“People” … A poem written and performed by Big Virge

So folks, as time rolls on, more and more issues with people keep coming to light, and sadly we seem to be losing, more and more of those people, who have contributed to this world, in positive, creative ways, far too frequently.

So firstly, as a fellow poet, I must pay respects to Craig “Mums” Grant, most widely known for his role as Poet, in the show, Oz.

A highly talented performer, and seemingly, well respected artist, who died last week.

Respected by the likes of fellow poets and actors, Yasiin Bey and Saul Williams, he was clearly a deeply loved individual, who in no small way, raised the profile of Slam Poetry, and the contemporary usage of language through spoken word.

May you rest in peace poet.

However, something that we could do with resting in peace, seems to be finding more and more ways, and people, who refuse to let it do so.

The ugly head of Racism, continues to find itself into the realms of social, and mass media, be it on Twitter, or Instagram.

This has lead to the likes of Chrissy Teigen, and Thierry Henry, declaring their wish for the platforms, to regulate abuse, and racist content, that they have been victims of receiving.

The racism issue has also come to light recently, with the likes of Rob Lederman’s rather strange and obtuse, comparison of black skin tones, to, toaster settings for his morning toast ?!?

Like WTF … ?!?

He apparently is down with some, mulatto toast, like say, Ms. Berry, but wouldn’t go as far as Gayle King, or Serena Williams shades !

So, he had to go, alongside of his co-hosts, Rich Gaenzler and Chris Klein, receiving suspensions.

Interestingly though, Ms. Berry’s subsequent response and quote, suggesting that, ALL Black Women are beautiful, and worthy of respect, is clearly disingenuous, and far from true, or a reasonable comment to make, but hey, she obviously knows everything about, every black woman on the planet though right ?

Anyhow, moving along, as if this wasn’t enough, in these Black Lives Matter days, we have Matt Rowan, another, American sports announcer, getting quite irate about a team of young female ballers, kneeling during the national anthem, before an Oklahoma High School Basketball game, which clearly offended this…..

…… Married, Baptist, father of two, to the point where he uttered condemnation, and a racist slur, which he later attributed to his, sugar levels spiking, which due to his being diabetic, apparently can make him say inappropriate things !?!

Again, like, really …

People huh ?!?

There is also a suggestion that race issues within British Policing, may set some very dangerous precedents, according to leader of police chiefs, Martin Hewitt, who says this may cause a problem in the effectiveness of policing of black communities.

A problem that he wants to change after, wait for it …

“ Generations of history “, that have created mistrust of the police, to the point where black people don’t want to join, or report crimes to the good ol’ boys in blue.

Especially with recent figures suggesting that, British Black People, are victims of stop and search policies, NINE Times more than their white counterparts ?!?

Like … NINE Times … !?!

Platitudes folks, and more platitudes, like those from sporting bodies, like UEFA, to all these broadcasting networks, who seem to be employing and paying these racist people, until oops, they make a slip up that gets caught on air, or in the case of say, Sharon Osbourne, only after ELEVEN Years of being on a show, like, “ The Talk “, is she suddenly found to have allegedly been, abusive, to the point of, allegedly again, being ………

Wait for it …. Racist …..

Well would you Adam and Steve it !?!

Again, after ELEVEN Years ………..


How could this possibly be ?

Have the programme mangers, sponsors, advertisers and broadcast networks, only just become,

“ Woke “ …. ?!?

Is it possible that they could have been unaware, or asleep so long, like, a whole ELEVEN Years ?!?

Well, one would have to believe so, according to her time on the show now wouldn’t you ?

Sadly, this weeks final news pick is this, as reported, cowardly killing of dozens of people in Mozambique, allegedly perpetrated by militants, in Palma, where there is a logistics hub for international gas projects.

Civilians and a number of foreign nationals have been forced to flee, after beheadings and killings sent shock waves through the Cabo Delgado province.

Children have been killed there, as they have in Myanmar, in what can only be described as violent, militarised acts of the worst kind !

In times where we are still seeing crazy amounts of Covid Infection news, and allegations of misinformation about reported numbers of cases, and deaths, in nations like Mexico, one has to wonder what is wrong with some people ?

It’s been a pretty rough week on a personal level for me, because of the personal pressures, and ignorance of some people, who seem to feel as if they can make rather rash verbal attacks, that lack any foundation, other than because they feel that they should air a view, regardless of the validity of their apparent problem, with what you may, or may not have said, or done.

People these days aren’t proving to be much fun anymore, however, when it comes down to it, only now that things aren’t so good, but have they really ever been ???

A question for another time, but as I age, it’s becoming more and more apparent, how nonsensical people are becoming, and how nonsensical it is, to have ever believed that people can ever truly unite, or get on for long periods of time, before finding reason to argue, or become disrespectful, as per a lot of social media posts now.

The rhetoric, and apparent, factual assessments of human beings from past times, now seem to be, more and more unbelievable, when you see the traits, that are basically showing us all, the individual characteristics and flaws that define …

Being HUMAN ….

…. particularly when looking at our behaviour as a supposedly, evolved, and superior breed of creature, to the others on the planet …

It begs the question, as does this weeks poetic drop, in amongst the positive attributes that we do exhibit as a breed …

What really is it, about …..

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“The Rise” … Written and Performed by Big Virge

So folks, here we go again, full blown lockdowns, are once again, on the rise, across the globe.

However, the rise of anger regarding these lockdowns, should not be underestimated.

The Dutch seem to be quite upset about being kept locked away, and have taken to the streets, to vent their frustrations, as they are in Lebanon, Israel and, various European Nations, by all accounts, with the French reacting with thousands hitting the streets to protest against laws that, may just stop any form of public criticism of police, being allowed, a very serious law, which, in amongst all these protests for, other apparently, ” Conscious Causes “, is something that’s, really worthy of serious protest, in my view, as this seems to be the kind of law that is one that may become one that’s global, which is something to indeed, be showing serious resistance to !!!

Meanwhile, of course, passive Bajans, seem to be more concerned about maintaining tourism, rather than showing anger at the manner in which, visitors are being treated, and allegedly being given freedoms, that local folks don’t seem to be able to get ?

As well as the idea that, local village shops should now close, which is certain to anger folks, who have already seen business slows, due to this virus.

Furthermore, the idea of the Barbados Government, being able to find funds to get testing units, to now come to peoples’ house, is certainly concerning, and angers me for one, I have no problem making that clear.

I’ll get tested when I need to, thank you very much, rather than, just because the same people who didn’t seem to want to ensure visitors who may have tested negative, were kept locked away, and unable to pass on, what may have been missed, upon initial tests, it’s really quite the invasion on people lives, and is really, quite ridiculous in my opinion !

There is the rise of more and more anger, regarding poor levels of financial support, being given to employees, whose incomes are either being limited, or simply stopped, due to these lockdowns creating, more and more financial pressures.

The Australian Open’s Tennis Players, being given preferential treatment, regarding their being able to travel to Australia, to participate in the tournament, has also caused considerable anger from Australians, trapped abroad, who’ve been told that they can’t travel home yet, due to, whatever Covid, ” this and that “, related issues, the nation is facing, according to the government, especially as quite a few players, now seem to be testing positive !

Like WTF … ?!?

The issue of racism amongst footballers, seems to have reached a head again, this time between, Ibrahimovic and Lukaku, during the Milan derby game this week, where Zlatan apparently told Romelu to,

“ Go do your voodoo “, as well as saying he was a, “ Little Donkey”.

Romelu though, apparently made comments about Zlatan’s wife and moms, whilst swearing at him, which was caught on camera.

Zlatan was later sent off.

The issue of the racist usage of social media, regarding footballers, has also once again risen it’s ugly head, for both, Anthony Martial, and Axel Tuanzebe, which apparently has disgusted Manchester United this week !

Hmmm, well, all this disgust doesn’t seem to be backed up with the type of action, that would send a very serious message to those who seem to think, that they can hide behind their keyboards, whilst hurling racist commentary on players…

Why, because of a poor, TEAM performance ?!?

Again, like WTF … !?!

Simply, do something that’s, LONG Lasting, that really threatens these, so called fans ability, to have their freedom !

Platitudes are clearly proving to be just that.

As for Twitter, yeah, if they can ban, Trump, well, ban these fukwits’ too, and let’s see them face some kind of SERIOUS, penal, punitive measure.

I mean, with Aussie Cricket Fans, allegedly, recently running racist talk on Indian players, are we to really believe that all these race issues, that the, black lives matter movement, should apparently be, hindering, are behind us ?

It would seem not, however, the anger surrounding lockdowns, and the apparent double standards, that have certainly been exposed in Barbados, of recent, are a little more concerning, as are the subsequent effects of the Brexit’ deal in the UK, which seem to indicate, that good old Boris, didn’t quite make a deal, that benefits British Companies, or the country’s economy, as many had initially hoped to be the case.

Finally, what of Mr. Bidens, New America ?

Well, it’s clear that it’s too early to tell, however, one has to wonder when warnings are being issued about the possible rise in, anti-government sentiments, possibly causing domestic acts of terrorism, from Trump supporters.

There is also the rising threat of vaccines being made mandatory, which, although seemingly being accepted by most, as the only way to now go, is still clearly angering some folks !

So, this weeks set of spoken words, having been written and recorded, a while before Covid’ came to be, indicate that it’s no surprise to me, that in these days and times, that, anger amongst folks, for various reasons ….

Even Though The Don’s now gone, is on…..

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” A Fine Line ” … A Poem written and performed by Big Virge

So, in the week where the one and only, Sean Connery has died, may he rest in peace !

This weeks piece of Big Virge, Spoken Word Poetry, makes reference, all be it briefly, to the movie, “Just Cause”, a classic thriller in which he starred, alongside Blair Underwood and Ed Harris, who was quite brilliant, as a total psycho, in what I’d say was a fine film !

However, extraordinarily fine lines, seem to now be affecting everything from the, US Presidential Election, which Joe Biden now seems to have won, to lockdown measures, and the constant stresses that the Corona Virus is placing on economies, and people’s mental well being !

There seem to be more, immediate lockdown protests, all be they small, than the first time around, as well as voting protests in America, where the threat of violence is walking a very fine line of possibly kicking off, however that to me, at this point, still doesn’t seem likely, in any totally extreme way, no matter what media outlets are trying to say !

The fine margins or lines, that to me, haven’t been so fine, that are coming from news media, seem to be incredibly biased, as well as highly confusing, if you were to be following these things much more, due to being at home !

It’s no surprise that some people are losing their minds, when it comes being confined, as well as trying to decipher, the utter madness that is filling news headlines !

The usual issues of just, trying to live life, for many now, are now on tighter lines, than they have been for a while, to simply, maintain a degree of stability, or for many, unlike anything that they’ve ever seen or felt before !!!

So, it seems that much is in store, when it comes to future laws, and things being enforced, that may just require more than courts to sort out, and I think that this is now, a very real scenario for a while to come, WITHOUT ANY DOUBT !!!

So, even though being written, many years before the world has gotten to this crazy place, there are few fine rhymes in this weeks offering, which is called…….

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Planes, Trains and Automobiles… Written and Performed by Big Virge

So folks, as things continue to well, open up, like, possible SECOND WAVES … ?!?

The issue of travel is now coming up, as airlines and the tourism industries want to get their travellers and revenue back, it seems confusing, when certain parts of the world are seeing spikes, surges and the next wave of Corona Infections, which should be no surprise, considering the volume of policy breaches, that have arisen, due to protests, illegal parties, and let’s not forget, certain public figures …


To wear the very same masks, that they seem to NOW want EVERYONE to wear !!!!

Anyway, as it seems that the likes of DRAKE, no less, has found his way to Barbados, in times where America has seen lockdowns re-imposed, one has to wonder who has been travelling, when perhaps they shouldn’t of been, like say, Nigel Farage, for one, whose travelling to and from America, doesn’t seem to have made him go into quarantine or isolation ?

Also, it does seem as though, those in the financial hierarchies of this world, are partying just like those that are being deemed as holding illegal events, by various government parties across the globe ?

Hypocrisy anyone … ???

Well, as things like this aren’t so easy to prove, i’ll move on to the subject that no longer seems to require any proof, because we all know it’s true, which is the issues black folk face when travelling around, be they in, cars, trains or automobiles !!!

So, now police are being apparently held to account, for the mistreatment of Olympic Athletes, as has happened recently in London, to how they treat many of us, for just using our feet, and the threats that then ensue, due to police attitudes ….

Well, this piece was written LONG BEFORE, anyone had even thought of Black Lives … Mattering to anyone … and I DO MEAN ANYONE … !!!!

So, as times moves on, and adjustments are made to how people can travel, especially with, masks on their faces ?!?

This piece reflects on what it’s like for us, darker skinned folks, when it come to our travelling on ….

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“What I’m Seeing” … Written and Performed by Big Virge

Well folks, the, “ New Normals “, are taking shape all over the place, and certain things are quickly reoccurring !!!

Mass shootings in Africa, Nigeria apparently losing 59 lives in a village attack in the middle of the day, in recent weeks, whilst quarantine issues are now affecting, most of the continent !

The situation in Minneapolis, which has of course been flared by police brutality, that has lead to a very disturbing video being shared, that clearly shows what is tantamount to murder, that of George Floyd, R.I.P. !!!!

Barely weeks into what is being dubbed as the, ” New Normal “, old ones for certain groups, are right back to where they were !!!

As I write, a power cut has, for the second time in a few weeks, at about roughly the same time, now occurred ….

Hmmm ….

Anyway, the national guard have been called out in Minneapolis, due to rioting, well, ” ALLEGED “. rioting, because there are videos already floating around, suggesting that this is a ploy, to convince people of the need for the National Guard, when in actual fact, there are allegations of individuals of law enforcement, themselves, pretending to be rioters, and damaging property, whilst, guess what, MASKED UP ….

So, of course, the Black Live Matter folks, are rising all over the globe, especially in the UK now….

Hmmm ….

Well, as I said recently, it’s amazing how these white guys who think they’re down, are now having their statues torn down and urinated on, by these oh so civil and righteous Brits, who no longer have racists….

Tell that to the groups who thought it was time to come out to protect their white pride, for want of a better phrase !

So, believe what you will, but believe this for sure, there are already speeches being made by law officials, that are trying to vindicate the choking of this man, by an officer, recorded, kneeling on his neck, as he exclaims that he’s unable to breathe !


As are the attempts to pass laws to basically, curb freedom of speech, especially those that indulge in political criticisms, of various governments !!!

From Social Media Companies, to Hong Kong’s Streets, and a few other places, where this worrying trend is gathering pace !

People thought the virus was bad, well, they clearly aren’t thinking of the aftermath !!!!

Things like tax changes for self employed people, for one, that indicate that “ Grants “, that have been issued, may not have to be paid back, DIRECTLY, however, subsequent changes will INDIRECTLY ensure that they will have to pay them back, in ways that will have long term affects, on their future earning potential !

An issue that is likely to be touching more folks than less in the not too distant …


… that’s now being touted as how life will be ….

Thus, the things that were an issue before, are certainly in different places now ! However, that’s because the lockdown and virus, on various levels, has enabled the political advancement of policies, that don’t embrace people’s freedoms, but in fact, place conditions on, and restrict them subtly, but most definitely, more extensively !!!

The word, ” FREEDOM “, is one that’s being thrown around as lockdowns ease now, but honestly, how exactly does allowing people to see six people at a time, become being …

… “ FREE “ …

Hmm, well what I see, as per this weeks piece, are a lot of freedoms being erased, a lot of social issues that were a problem, returning, but becoming heightened, and the majority of people being forced into routines that are stringent, and are everything but availing ….


As if societies across the globe have EVER, given that to people, as if it’s something to be GIVEN, at all …..

Well, the power cut has ended now, so, power has returned fairly swiftly, but as with much these days, I wonder what the REAL causes behind these things, actually are now !!!

A swift tech update maybe, but for what exactly … ???

Conspiracy theory, no, just a question … ???

Like those that should be asked of a certain, Dominic Cummings and his boss BJ, who seems quite happy to dismiss anything suggesting that there is any issue with his lockdown, day trips, which indicates a clear double standard, especially now that the police are said to believe that they would of asked Mr. Cummings to return home, had they caught him on the road at the time !?!

Another interesting question has now been asked of Jimmy Fallon regarding his wearing black face, which he’s swiftly apologised for, on SNL, where Billy Crystal, amongst others, have also performed in Blackface too !!!

That’s SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE folks, so some stuff to think on, as there is now, with all these actors, comedians and entertainment folk, who all, NOW seem to be incredibly apologetic, about profiting in various ways, from either mimicking and playing black characters, to the type of practical jokes that could in all honesty, kill black folks….

So jokes… ???

Well YES… when it comes to these people, and their apologies, but when it comes to the shows that they’ve done….


… and what about their bosses and, the bodies that govern the standards of what is allowed to be aired huh … ???

Racist much…. ???

Well, the thoughts in this weeks piece, reflect on what I was seeing before all this Corona craziness, and the things that i’m definitely seeing again now … !!!

Stay strong out there folks, both MENTALLY and Physically …

Oh and just one more thing for people to think on, because here’s one thing i’m NOT SEEING….


Black lives Matter Protests and Marches, that stand in support of their African-American Brothers and Sisters….

Worth thinking about ….

Big Virge out of here for now …. !!!

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” Depression ” … A Poem written & performed by Big Virge

So, another crazy week in this world of ours ….

Today’s news confirms, that Harvey Weinstein is at the very least now, a convicted sexual predator !

Depressing times are coming for the old fella, as escaping jail doesn’t look likely, before his passing, but time will tell.

As I’ve always maintained, the argument that fear stopped these women from bringing his indiscretions to light immediately, will never sit well with me, but much like the LGBT, and #MeToo movements, a heavy backlash would now seem to face anyone who’d dare question the validity of their arguments, or position.

Well, my argument is still the same, why is no-one asking these women about, the women they allowed to subsequently, have to face this abuser ???

It’s just a QUESTION … ?!?

Not everyone buys the arguments presented, as to why it was so difficult for these women, who seem to have gone on, in many cases, to have successful careers, to stop this man from doing what he’s now been convicted of doing, by speaking up about his abuses, immediately.

So, moving on, A German Mass Shooting, that seems to have been racially motivated, and more craziness, as another crowd of people have had to face a car being driven into them, where children have been amongst the injured !!!

It’s easy to look at the world now, and get depressed, but, what is depression really ???

An inability to deal with the realities of the world, or simple denial of that, which is part of your world, that makes you uncomfortable ???

Well, denial in my opinion, is very closely linked to depression, as said, reality, if you’ve embraced a fantasy existence, may well cause a level of depression, that is very difficult to recover from !!!

However, as this weeks piece will show, from impeachment denial, to weather fronts that are causing floods in the UK, and around the globe, these are things that definitely do not feed happiness and positivity into people’s thinking.

Face the truth, and refuse to run from it, learn from life’s lessons, and maybe just maybe, you might find that this helps you to avoid the woes of …..

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“Be Careful What You Say !” … Written and Performed by Big Virge

So, another week has come and gone, as has Ex UK Chancellor, Sajid Javed, barely weeks before what would appear to be a very important budget, for the UK and beyond !!!

Mr. Javid is not alone though, as a certain Andrew Sabinsky, due to tweets made that exposed certain views about Eugenics, pregnancies and of course, race, has made his position untenable, in the current, cancel climate.

A rare occurrence for a parliamentarian, however, as he was only a recently appointed advisor, he has proven to be expendable, even though he hasn’t been criticised for his opinions, in any way, by Boris Johnson, or the Conservative Party, in any major way.

The story that has really caught my attention though, is the one that has shown what can happen when you upset the alphabet genders, in tweets you decide to share publicly !!!

However, interestingly here, as the accused is an ex-policeman, Harry Miller, who is now a businessman who clearly knows his way around the law, has somehow been found to have been the VICTIM of disproportionate actions, or, as has been quoted,

“disproportionate interference with the claimants right to freedom of speech.”

by the police, who, having received the complaint, sent an officer to the office of Mr. Miller, who was accused of a transphobic tweet, on the grounds of his tweets being a …

“Non crime hate incident.”

Hmmm, now this is interesting, considering the level of vitriol and criticism, anytime someone black says anything deemed to be, disrespectful of the alphabet community ?

Especially as the judiciary of England and Wales state that

“free speech includes not only the inoffensive, but the irritating, the contentious, the eccentric, the heretical, the unwelcome and the provocative, and that the freedom only to speak inoffensively is not worth having.”

So, this topic can’t be covered, without mention of Israel Folau, who, although losing his contract with Australian Rugby, for suggesting that, hell awaits members of said community, then fought his case on religious grounds, got a money settlement, and is now playing his rugby elsewhere.

So, is this another racist agenda, as retired ultra orthodox, Jewish Judge, Gavriel Krausz, made it clear that Jewish teachers should be prepared to take their own life, before teaching LGBTQ matters to children, as it’s an abomination !

I don’t believe he’s been thrown under the bus for such shocking statements, as many others seem to be ???

So, back to Harry Millers case, where Justice Julian Knowles, even went as far as to suggest that Humberside police acted as if they were Gestapo, or Stasi, in some kind of Orwellian society, which is completely alien to how Britain is… or has ever been !!!

Hmmm … ?????

In fact, according to Article 10, of the European Convention of Human Rights, the police violated the rights to freedom of speech, for Mr. Miller.

So, does this article not apply to the rest of us, or to the parents who have fought against the compulsory teaching of LGBTQ lifestyles to children, as one Muslim parent has definitely been threatened with fines or even imprisonment, for making his feelings known publicly ?!?

This has become a touchy subject for anyone who uses their ability to speak freely on the matters of the world, to get paid today. However, there do seem to be quite a few imbalances in how such outbursts, especially via social media, are treated, as per Kevin Hart, as just one example !

Double Standards seem to surround this subject, but, freedom of speech is the only thing that seems to be being restricted, due to what exactly … ???

…. people being offended by an opinion or comment, that doesn’t sit well with them, well they should try being black in this ridiculously, lopsided world, when it comes to ministers, leaders, sports fans, players and administrators alike, who’ve been disrespectful to black people in particular, right up to today !!!

People are being bullied into submission, regarding this issue, except for ….

Hmm, ex policeman, or toe the line, media people … ?!?

Something clearly does not add up, and needs to be addressed in a more rational and reasonable way.

If we are to be in an era where upsetting people can affect your ability to earn, or speak freely, then the likes of Trump and Boris, need to, not only face judiciaries, over their often, offensive statements, but should be removed from positions of office, where what they say can evidently, influence millions of people !!!

It’s clear that, as it’s always been, the rules get switched to suit, except for black people, unless we join the rank and file of those who claim to now be victimised.

Freedom of speech … ???

Well, maybe for some, but for the rest us it’s clear that we still have to …..

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” My View ” Produced by Chris Peden

So guys, quite the start we’re having to this 12 month cycle !

The Iran US deal, well hey, it’s just like George Carlin said, there’s gonna be some dick swinging this year, by leaders who are immediately on the charge, as far as making movements, that are disturbing societal peace, if there’s ever been such a thing, so, i’ll just leave them to their warring.

This rapist story about the guy in Manchester, who was seemingly, freely drugging, raping and filming men, on some HUNDRED PLUS occasions !!!!!

Yeah that was 100 PLUS … !!!
In fact, it appears to be almost 200 … !?!


INSANE, and incredible that it took SO LONG, to find out about this member of the LGBT community, let’s not forget, getting on like rape was food ?!?

Sick INDEED, i’ve only been to Manchester a couple of times in my life, and now it’s clear that there was good reason !

Talking of good reason, I have to mention Barbara Pinkney, the 70 year old black woman, from Bradenton, Florida, who was tasered THREE TIMES, when police claimed that they were looking for her grandson, who they said was there at the time, and due to Florida State Law, they required no warrant to enter.

Well, upon her refusal, it all kicked off, and officer, sorry, Deputy Jason Riley is suggesting that, although the young man was not found at the property, that this was because of his grandmothers actions.

Just CRAZY, and she possibly faces a SIX Year sentence, if convicted of charges levelled at her, this all on the 30th of December !!!

Just WHOA … !!!!!

So, this leads me onto further stories from the UK, where MI5 have been given, ” Carte Blanche “, regarding their agent and informants ability to, and I quote ….

Commit, ” MURDER, TORTURE, KIDNAP and other SERIOUS CRIMES “, in defence of national security !!!

PLEASE Take Note of what you are reading, especially when read in direction connection to the story of the woman, being tasered in her own home in America.

The view of the powers that be, seems to be very DEFINITIVELY, giving unrestricted powers, that are based on ambiguous policies, that could be interpreted whichever way a good lawyer would, to absolve the authorities and their agents, of any blame in contentious situations …. ?!?

DANGEROUS times folks, I kid you NOT !!!

So, my final view of recent news took me to an interesting stat, regarding the number of youth exclusions from schools in England in 2019, due to racism, which apparently is up 40 per cent in the last decade, yes FOURTY … !!!

Some of these are instances with children as young as eight years old !!!

The suggestion is that it’s not across the whole country, however, this is still another worrying statistic, in a time where the leadership of the country, seems to be crusading for sovereignty and a nationalist agenda, that could be deemed as fuelling racist attitudes.

However, to hear about it rising to the point where children are having to be excluded because of it in ……

2020 ….

It’s not the 1800’s now is it …..

Things change but remain the same, so, on that note, here’s the opening track from the soon to be released ….

ON THE VIRGE album folks …..

Nothing Samey about this, it’s an excursion that takes in views of much of the modern world, and our interactions within it, so take a listen, cos’ this is just the beginning ……..

Stay SAFE out there people !!!

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