“Punch” … Written and performed by Big Virge

Okay folks so, the struggle continues into 2021, and quite a few things, as well as people, seem to be packing, quite the punch, as things continue to move, even if, in very guarded ways.

Curfews and Lockdowns continue globally, to seemingly, increase and grow, due to the punch that the old, and, NEW Corona Strains, seem to be delivering, to institutions like the NHS, in the UK, to everyone from sports organisations, events and teams, to prison institutions, and tourists in Barbados, from what’s being said to be true.

However, one has to wonder how much punch the truth is packing these days ?

Moving along suitably to, The Don, and his SECOND, Yup …
SECOND Set of Impeachment Problems !!!

Like WTF … ?!?

Just CRAZY, but you’ve got to laugh, when taking close looks at the Capitol Hill Assault, and the subsequent apologies, and reactions, of those now being shamed and named, for the public to see …

Tut Tut Tut …

All TOUGH and apparently Righteous, on the day, but not so much, now that people are getting to air their views, and opinions on these again, apparently, righteous actions, that once again, were acts of protest, and, civil unrest right ???

However, when black folks were protesting about, black people DYING, that’s right, DYING, as a result of ASSAULTS, and MURDERS, perpetrated by law enforcement, rather than throwing their toys out of their prams, because an election result didn’t go their way … ???

We were destroying neighbourhoods, acting violently, like some inhuman breed, were the type of things being said, if I’m not mistaken right ?!?

Hmmm, now when you look at these occurrences, and make comparisons, on such a basis, it seems that the only thing that really packed a punch, as a result of these disturbances, has been media commentaries, and the Democrats, and Republicans, getting to oust Donald, and the boost of vaccination drives, and fear of death, due to what ???

Our new friend, the Corona Virus…. ?!?

Huh … !?!

Interestingly, the one thing that isn’t really packing a punch, is boxing anymore, Floyd about to take on a youtuber’, says it all, and don’t even try to tell me about Fury vs Joshua….

They can punch each other as much as they want, not really interested.

However, the continued punch of dubious actions, by the likes of, ex Aussie Cricket Captain, Steve Smith, and alleged racist fans, in Sydney, do interest me, as do the platitudes, from Cricket Australia Heads, who like their British Cousins, keep talking about their, ZERO TOLERANCE policies against racism, that don’t seem to actually, be stopping anyone who is racist, from running their stupid gums, when they get drunk ?!?

Nuff’ said.

Finally, what about poor old, Bruce Willis eh, tut tut, put your mask on Bruce old boy, or you’ll get into trouble now, especially when pictures go viral of you flaunting the rules to shop ….

…. which leads me to the final punch, that is a lil’ more disturbing, for people already looking over their shoulders, regarding things like rising costs, due to this Brexit Deal, and the further closure of businesses, some as big as Debenhams, who have announced that certain stores will not re-open, once this lockdown is over !

There are also a number of small businesses, that seem to already be suffering, as things have begun in 2021, and a report is suggesting that, somewhere in the region of 250,000 businesses, are under serious threat of closing, due to the lockdown in the UK.

Oh and, just one more, quite pertinent thing, the efficacy punch of these vaccines, which seem to be varying from as high as 95%, to, as disturbingly low as 55%, for certain vaccines being rolled out in places like Brazil, that are coming out of where … ?

CHINA, of all places …

It’s a bit of a lottery out there, when it comes to their ability to protect, or to do more, to fight off this virus it would seem … ???

Punches are being thrown in all sorts of directions currently, so, it’s not a bad time to drop a few rhymes, that reflect on those who have tried to punch above their weight, in their dealings with me, over the years, as well as reflecting on some of the TRULY GREAT Names, from yesteryear, who, within the realm of Professional Boxing, really did pack a …..

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