“The Rise” … Written and Performed by Big Virge

So folks, here we go again, full blown lockdowns, are once again, on the rise, across the globe.

However, the rise of anger regarding these lockdowns, should not be underestimated.

The Dutch seem to be quite upset about being kept locked away, and have taken to the streets, to vent their frustrations, as they are in Lebanon, Israel and, various European Nations, by all accounts, with the French reacting with thousands hitting the streets to protest against laws that, may just stop any form of public criticism of police, being allowed, a very serious law, which, in amongst all these protests for, other apparently, ” Conscious Causes “, is something that’s, really worthy of serious protest, in my view, as this seems to be the kind of law that is one that may become one that’s global, which is something to indeed, be showing serious resistance to !!!

Meanwhile, of course, passive Bajans, seem to be more concerned about maintaining tourism, rather than showing anger at the manner in which, visitors are being treated, and allegedly being given freedoms, that local folks don’t seem to be able to get ?

As well as the idea that, local village shops should now close, which is certain to anger folks, who have already seen business slows, due to this virus.

Furthermore, the idea of the Barbados Government, being able to find funds to get testing units, to now come to peoples’ house, is certainly concerning, and angers me for one, I have no problem making that clear.

I’ll get tested when I need to, thank you very much, rather than, just because the same people who didn’t seem to want to ensure visitors who may have tested negative, were kept locked away, and unable to pass on, what may have been missed, upon initial tests, it’s really quite the invasion on people lives, and is really, quite ridiculous in my opinion !

There is the rise of more and more anger, regarding poor levels of financial support, being given to employees, whose incomes are either being limited, or simply stopped, due to these lockdowns creating, more and more financial pressures.

The Australian Open’s Tennis Players, being given preferential treatment, regarding their being able to travel to Australia, to participate in the tournament, has also caused considerable anger from Australians, trapped abroad, who’ve been told that they can’t travel home yet, due to, whatever Covid, ” this and that “, related issues, the nation is facing, according to the government, especially as quite a few players, now seem to be testing positive !

Like WTF … ?!?

The issue of racism amongst footballers, seems to have reached a head again, this time between, Ibrahimovic and Lukaku, during the Milan derby game this week, where Zlatan apparently told Romelu to,

“ Go do your voodoo “, as well as saying he was a, “ Little Donkey”.

Romelu though, apparently made comments about Zlatan’s wife and moms, whilst swearing at him, which was caught on camera.

Zlatan was later sent off.

The issue of the racist usage of social media, regarding footballers, has also once again risen it’s ugly head, for both, Anthony Martial, and Axel Tuanzebe, which apparently has disgusted Manchester United this week !

Hmmm, well, all this disgust doesn’t seem to be backed up with the type of action, that would send a very serious message to those who seem to think, that they can hide behind their keyboards, whilst hurling racist commentary on players…

Why, because of a poor, TEAM performance ?!?

Again, like WTF … !?!

Simply, do something that’s, LONG Lasting, that really threatens these, so called fans ability, to have their freedom !

Platitudes are clearly proving to be just that.

As for Twitter, yeah, if they can ban, Trump, well, ban these fukwits’ too, and let’s see them face some kind of SERIOUS, penal, punitive measure.

I mean, with Aussie Cricket Fans, allegedly, recently running racist talk on Indian players, are we to really believe that all these race issues, that the, black lives matter movement, should apparently be, hindering, are behind us ?

It would seem not, however, the anger surrounding lockdowns, and the apparent double standards, that have certainly been exposed in Barbados, of recent, are a little more concerning, as are the subsequent effects of the Brexit’ deal in the UK, which seem to indicate, that good old Boris, didn’t quite make a deal, that benefits British Companies, or the country’s economy, as many had initially hoped to be the case.

Finally, what of Mr. Bidens, New America ?

Well, it’s clear that it’s too early to tell, however, one has to wonder when warnings are being issued about the possible rise in, anti-government sentiments, possibly causing domestic acts of terrorism, from Trump supporters.

There is also the rising threat of vaccines being made mandatory, which, although seemingly being accepted by most, as the only way to now go, is still clearly angering some folks !

So, this weeks set of spoken words, having been written and recorded, a while before Covid’ came to be, indicate that it’s no surprise to me, that in these days and times, that, anger amongst folks, for various reasons ….

Even Though The Don’s now gone, is on…..

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“I Declare War” … Written and Performed by Big Virge

First things first, just so shocking and sad, RIP Chadwick Boseman, just such incredible news, at just 43, with so much presumably lying before him, artistically speaking !

However, moving on, as another black man is essentially gunned down, in as cowardly a fashion as you could imagine, by a policeman, being shot in the back !

Jacob Blake, who incredibly, is still alive, having been shot SEVEN Times, will survive, even if in his now paralysed state, he’s hand cuffed to his hospital bed !?!

It’s pretty clear that protests or not, certain cops, care not for whatever it is that the, BLM Movement, supposedly represents ?

So, Wisconsin is now having street wars, as protests and unrest have arisen, due to this shooting incident, protests, that are now hitting nations across Europe, due to more and more people, becoming restless, and now beginning to take issue with the social distancing measures, that the leaders of the world, keep stressing, ” Need to be maintained ! “, to stop the spread of this virus, that’s already on the warpath again, as spikes and surges are occurring in various countries now.

The issues of oil spillages, lyrics in songs, and political corruption, involving brutal policing of white people, are also now causing protests, that are fuelling various levels of street wars throughout the world now.

Things are pretty crazy right about now, without any doubt !!!

However, it seems that some people, simply do not listen, or pay close attention.

So, shout as much as they try, their cries for less police brutality, seem to be falling on deaf ears, much like any kind of artistry, that deals in more than booty shaking, sex driven material, that’s being displayed in videos for tunes, or violent, ignorant lyricism, in tunes that are basically, youth driven, it leaves a lot of guys like me, both inside and out of the industry, feeling frustrated and angry, because, conscious, thought provoking, subject driven lyricism, has far too much thought in it, apparently, to be sellable to the dumbed down minds of modern times.

Both young and old, and those in between, seem unwilling to recognise that there are talented artists whose sharpness, when it comes to what they talk about, borders on some, algorithmic, premonition type ish’ … !!!

Finally, as we enter the final stages of this years US Election, the war of words has been fuelled significantly by The Don, in calling Joe Biden WEAK, and a threat to American security, and it’s future economic prospects.

Meanwhile, it’s interesting how quietly the whole Brexit’ situations seems to be progressing … ???

I think people need to be very careful right about now, as to what wars they are focussing on, because once again, JK Rowling is causing a stir, by rejecting awards because of the criticism she’s receiving for her Transgender comments, amongst other things seemingly.

There are many things going on in this world, that may not be hitting media front pages, because they are not what the media wants people to be focussed on…..

It’s a time to keep your mind and thoughts clear, before getting caught up in wars that either, have no cause, or those that are basically, proving to be pointless….

So, without further ado, this weeks drop is aimed at all these industry fools, politicians, police and their crews, who refuse to recognise, those of us who deal in TRUTH …

Especially now that societies decline continues, and is breeding more and more protests, as well as much more…..

It’s time for me to make it perfectly clear … that right about now …

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“Troubled Times” … Written and performed by Big Virge

So, what a sumting’ right about now eh folks… ?!?

Well, none of this is a particularly big deal to me, because as I have been told recently, I apparently need to learn more about my black history, before suggesting that black people need to look more, at …. THEMSELVES …. !!!

BEFORE, as the saying goes….

” Following the beer and getting drunk !!! ”

Of course it’s a terrible thing, that has happened to George Floyd, may he rest in peace !

However, everyone out there rioting, needs to look REAL HARD at themselves, as do those who feel that #Blackout……

…. Whatever it was, should assuage any shame that they might feel, about sitting on their asses, after making money for the same dirty, corrupt system, that allows for what happened to Mr. Floyd, to happen …

Like REALLY Mo Fo’s … REALLY … !?!

… and then thinking that some ridiculous form of symbolism, makes them what …

… ” Woke ” …

… ” Down ” …

Or …..

Some other stupid F’k, when it comes to this stuff, that has run for centuries and CENTURIES, and will continue to, because, with all due respect to our dead, we have bigger fish to fry, like the continual flow of government lies, and people trying to convince themselves, and others, that they don’t !!!

Keep fooling yourselves, as are those protesting, as if, in this world now, everyone out there, is protesting for the SAME THING ?

Again, a foolish ideal, that people need to stop peddling as being something of worth, when it clearly is not.

Being stuck inside for two and half months, doesn’t have anything to do with the riots, and yes I mean the ridiculous one in London, at the moment, as well, huh … ???

Huh … ???

Now I really try not to advocate violence, but it seems to me that people aren’t aiming in the right direction, however, as freedom of expression is being mangled, and manipulated, to suggest that even the slightest expression, could be deemed as being unlawful now, as per Hong Kong, i’m gonna let these angry protestors figure it out for themselves ….

So, we have police, ” apparently “, joining protests now, and black folk are being shown to be hugging police !!!

We even have some appearances on road, of certain A-listers, and donations and the like, coming from all sorts of places !!!

Well, as i’ve said before, it takes a black man to be VIOLATED, to draw such actions, and protest…..

Again, REALLY … ?!?

So, for the well, lets just say, last 75 years, to make it easy, where has all this angst and money been huh … ?!?

I’m not gonna go on, because it really is proving to be quite pointless, but what I will say to end, is this, people need to be more focussed on vaccinations, and corona virus plans, and tests, that will impose more and more restrictions, not only on the times we can move around, but HOW we do …. !!!

Compulsory masks in the UK from mid-june, so, that law will find it’s way to it’s colonies soon enough too, i’m sure !

However, freedom of speech and expression, are being threatened folks, and all this flouting of curfews, etcetera, is actually enabling the forwarding of these agendas, behind locked doors.

Doubt if you will, but remember, Singapore is already employing robot dogs to enforce distancing, which is also a rather big factor in this protest madness !!!

As a friend said to me this week, if by the end of the month, there aren’t massive spikes in Corona Virus infections, well, he’s done with it !!!

I tend to agree, and shall be very interested to see, just how many cases occur, as a result of this increased level of social contact, in very public spaces….. like beaches eh, because let’s not forget about, just how many folks have flouted distancing laws to get to a beach, as soon as lockdown rules were even SLIGHTLY Eased … !!!!!

Anyway, suffice to say, I’m just TIRED of peoples’ bullchhit !!!

Like many others too I think !!!

I don’t care whether these people be, black people, white people, asian people, or alien F’ing people,

Political people, Police, and the rest of these, freaks and fiends, who continue to get away with what they do, while people place all their focus, again ” apparently “, on the death of just one person ….

Mr. Floyd, you are sadly, yet another who should not have been made to suffer, but there are others, that are being mis-treated, as these protests continue !

There are clearly quite a few incidents, that aren’t reaching mainstream news, that still show you what police and their crews are willing to do ….

…. Which is why this piece, written some, SEVENTEEN Years Ago, held weight back then, as it does today, sadly, in many more ways, that explains the dangers of what are truly becoming …..

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“Revolutions of My Mind” … Written & Performed by Big Virge

So, as the craziness continues across the globe, it seems as though protesting is the current, hot trend.

Hong Kong protests have lead to live ammunition being shot at protestors, and the banning of wearing masks by protestors, who are now being charged for doing so.

Iraq protests have allegedly, left at least a hundred people dead, and 6000 more injured !!!

Anti-Brexit protests & Climate Change protests, continue to gather pace, as does the ignorant rhetoric that’s coming from leaders, like the current UK PM, Mr. BJ Johnson !!!

Another interesting protest, that hasn’t quite got the level of attention, that other protests are receiving, is the Maori protest against the celebration of Cooks landing in New Zealand !

As a man whose spent time in New Zealand, it’s an intriguing one, as I saw the value placed on Maori Culture, by the white immigrants who are now part of the country, however, the fact that an individual who caused so much, pain and disruption, to the indigenous peoples of this land, is still deemed to be worthy of celebration, says much for the fact that there are those who still see the negative impact of James Cooks landing, and will not just allow such things to be seen as acceptable, in celebrating New Zealand’s past.

This, of course, relates directly to the issue of racism, in todays world, so, will the England Football Team, actually walk off a field of play, if they get racist abuse in the next round of Euro Qualifiers ?

Talk is cheap, and actions, or protests, as it were, are what REALLY speak, or do they ???

…. in a time where the likes of Trump, and his cohorts, are facing protests of an impeachment type, that they seem quite happy to dismiss as nonsense, much like Boris Johnson, regarding his dealings, and, personal relationship with Jennifer Arcuri, and the dangers of having a no deal scenario, end Britain’s current relationship with the EU, one has to wonder what REAL Effect, these inquiries and stands, are having ???

There are a great many protest movements now, but these days i’m wondering, where they are leading us to, and what these movements are actually going to do ???

My protests are poems, so, this weeks piece, deals more with revolutions, as this seems to be the ultimate aim of all these protests.

However, the revolutions i’m dealing with here, are the types that are simply ….

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So, ” What Does It REALLY, Mean To You ?” … Written & Performed by Big Virge

Okay folks, so like WOW !?!

First Things FIRST …..

Condolences and thoughts go to those in the Bahamas, whose lives have been ruined by the devastation of Hurricane Dorian … !!!!!

Thankfully, brushed past Barbados, in a less heightened state, but saw the level of fear that such natural phenomena can bring, even when they don’t hit … !!!!!

Anyway ….

What On Earth is going on in this world of ours ?!?

Well, it would seem to me as though the iron fist of governance, is spreading its wings, just about everywhere !?!

Gotta start with Boris and the incredible moves he’s pulling to get the type of Brexit’ deal, that is frightening, even his own MP’s ?!?

This has immediately led to petitions, and demonstrations by people who are far from impressed with his seemingly, blatant disregard for due, Democratic Processes, to drive how this Brexit’ matter gets done and dusted ???

NOT GOOD Folks !!!

TRUST ME On That … !!!!

However, the machine keeps churning along, regardless of the issues that will clearly have, massive knock on effects, whichever way things pan out.

However, the political ranglings of the last two days, have really shown, just how manipulative politicians can be, especially when it comes to interpretations of the law, and how they can be, circumnavigated !!!

Okay, so off to Kashmir, where the unrest over this land is again, not quite as insignificant as maybe, people are thinking …..

Then we have the Hong Kong situation, which seems to be getting more and more volatile, as protests continue, and go global, volatility, that is in no small way, partly due to Anti – Protester … Protesters … ?!?

And …..

Military, as well as police actions, now including water cannons in Hong Kong !!!

Africa … ???

Well, the usual nonsensical stuff, as in, nations from the same continent, allowing colonial labels to stop them, from seeing each other as AFRICANS, First and FOREMOST … !!?!!

…. ahead of being say, Nigerians, or South Africans, which seems to be creating, continued ….



XENOPHOBIC actions, based upon an anger, being aimed at said nations people, creating businesses, in what are foreign lands, according to these nationalists, who are making these attacks !!!

In times like these …

As if black people don’t face enough pressures from the world at large !

However, as per, Mr. Chappelle’s observations, in his latest stand-up, “ Sticks and Stones “, which throws some very, well aimed darts into the realm of being PC, in todays’ world, and this ever increasing confusion as to who is who, and who can say what to who, and continue to move freely … !?!

Y’all know where I’m heading, if not,
check it out for yourselves … !!!

There’s SO MUCH MORE Madness that is happening, I could go on and on, but won’t ….

Simply because, the vibe seems to be one of revolution against, the type of controls that are being applied socially, however, interestingly, from certain segments of his show, against artistry, even from an entertainers perspective, whose art is comedic, as in, not meant to be taken too seriously … ???

Hmmm …..

As I’ve been suggesting to people, for a while now, this is a dangerous time, where speaking your mind, even articulately, when speaking on sex, especially now … Or … Governance, has wide repercussions for us all, as Boris Johnson’s actions, in particular show !

We now have leadership, and movements, who only seem concerned about THEIR OWN Agendas, and because of their power, seem to think that they can dictate everything, from, politically fractious actions, to what you express artistically, especially when it comes to the LGBT …

However, I’ll leave you with one of Mr. Chappelles’ gems….

Why is it so problematic to say …

… “ Faggot “ …

As he was told long ago, whilst doing the Chappelle Show.

However, it’s not such an issue,
when it comes to saying … “ Nigga’ “ …

THOUSANDS of times … !!!
…. when you really check it, to make people laugh …. !?!

It’s a question that the LGBT populous, who we now know, are the main architects of much that is seen as … “ Entertainment “ …

Well …..

In my opinion, art, like expression, should be FREE …..

Even if it offends, because you know what … ?!?


And You …

and, Neither SHOULD YOU … !!!

So, on that note, as people across the globe, continue to revolt, over different issues ……

My question this week is …..

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