” Reason ” … A Poem written & performed by Big Virge

Okay folks …..

It’s that time of the month for some, Big Virge, Poetic Stuff ….

I am a long way from home currently, but it seems that, after the Paris attacks, Gatwick Terror alerts, and more gun massacres in the US, that, reasonable thought processes are being forsaken for, ” Gung Ho’ type “, reactionary responses.

So, as The Pope has been doing his thing in Africa, and Trump doing has been doing his … i.e.

“Running His Gums” …. in the US …..

I’m wondering, where the logic and reason is …. in peoples rhetoric currently ???

Well, it’s time for some reason, Big Virge Styled, that defies all these extremist type attitudes, and I don’t mean, ISIS, ISIL or any other type of group who is deemed to be wreaking havoc across the globe right now …..

Those who know, KNOW, they are far from being the only terrorists out there, in this world of ours …..

I am currently in New Zealand, funnily enough, YET ANOTHER, British Colony, in a place called Queenstown, also like Barbados, to the locals, known as you guessed it …. Little England, due to the volume of Brits who now, live and work here, where, as a Zimbabwe born farmer told me….

“When they came here, the Brits were bloody stupid !!!”

…. when speaking about certain agricultural policies, that they rather foolishly employed, that when thought about, were quickly proven to be as stupid, as much that is being spouted currently, by them and their apparently, ” Special Friends “, across the water !?!

Well, having managed to gain a little Maori culture, in my first few days here, it only seems fitting that I should, this month, share a piece that shows how much respect I have, not only for the GREAT, All Black Rugby team and World Cup Winners for 2015, but also, a culture whose warrior spirit, deals in more than reactionary responses to war …..

Thus, here is a poem that touches on that, and much much … more … !!!

In a time where we are seeing people act in very, irrational ways ….

Take some time out to listen to some thoughts based on, as said ….

Sumthin’ more, than talk of ignorance, terror and war ……

[audio:Reason Recorded at Triple E Studios Barbados.mp3]

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Some Virge opinions of Mauis’ People, and it’s Visitors … written by Big Virge … 29/11/2014

Okay, so, so many things that I wanted to do, but hey, it was a form of holiday for me, so, fuck it, over the last few days, I mostly, kicked back, suffered a bit, due to jet lag and fatigue in the old creaky bones, setting in, and HELL YEAH, some Maui Woweeeeeeee …. !!!!!

So, here’s some thoughts on Maui, it’s people and vibe, as ….

I sit here typing, whilst overlooking the sea, and the outline of one of the neighbouring islands, it would be remiss of me, having been here for thanksgiving, to not, make mention of the issues of race relations, that the Darren Wilson verdict, has brought to the fore.

Maui is indeed, still part of the US of A, and as such, has an abundance of what I would call, ” Apparently “, cool peoples …….

….. and, in this instance,

Yes, I mean Caucasians, who still seem to find a black man with a free and easy afro, and a big physical presence, disturbing to their chi, at best, not unlike the claims of say, a Darren Wilson, type of white guy … ?!?

They clearly, still believe themselves to be, for the most part, a law unto themselves, playing ignorant when they see me, and, just being, typically rude, in how they stare, but, show their guilt, when caught doing so.

I guess the fact that separate protests are occurring across America, in light of the grand jury verdict, not to indict Mr. Wilson.

I think some of the white folk here in Maui, are feeling as though, I might just decide to throttle or shoot a few of them … !!!

” Like “, in a Maui hotel, yeah alright white folks, calm down, I mean SERIOUSLY …

Calm the FUCK, down … !!!!!

I am as disturbed by this ridiculous verdict, as the next person, but, when I see the likes of Wendy Williams, talking bout’ who she’d have round her famous people table, for, ” Thanksgiving Dinner “, it hardly strikes me that, those who’ve, ” Gone Clear !!! “, as it were, REALLY GIVE A DAMN, as Paris Hilton strolls onto her show, and they then start discussing her now, not so blonde, blonde locks … !!!!!

I mean, this, while the stories of incompetence, and nonsensical procedures, continue to surface about, much that surrounds the case against Darren Wilson, which somehow, seemed to be a non-existent case !!!!!

Truth be told, I no longer study these cases, or, white folks, as I once did, because as the Michael Brown case exhibits, things may have changed, but essentially, remain the same, in the minds and beliefs, and value systems of White America.

In the Wailea region of Maui, in driving around, it seems quite apparent, who has the wealth, and who seem to be holding the keys, to the best of the Real Estate, houses on hilltops, with stunning views, and lots of very expensive cars in drives.

The lack of a serious police presence, is a sure sign that, well, these areas don’t suffer from having the likes of me, frequent their comfort zone, but, for a few days, every so often ….

Well, that zone has been blown for a couple of weeks, due to my being here, i’m glad to say !!!

The Polynesian locals, for the most part, have been GREAT, ” IN THE HOTEL ” !!!

Outside of the hotel realm, well, they’ve not been, quite so welcoming, although, I was advised that they are apparently, not so keen on tourist overload, from wishing to retain, the cool surf spots, for themselves, to general dealings with tourists, which I have found interesting.

There are a lot of mainland, white americans, living and working in Maui, from serving you food, to running tour boats and other tours, from Helicopter Tours down, as it were.

As with most tour guides, they put the … ” BIG SMILE ” … on, and do their, “Whatever you need sir”, bit.

Hmmmm, well, it’s hard to question, or judge, their integrity with it, but, due to the protests across America, regarding the Wilson/Brown case, I can’t help but feel that, some were making extra efforts, to appear, non-prejudicial, while others have been helpful, just because it’s their job, to do so.

The most amazing attitudes i’ve seen, have come from asians, and by this I mean, what appear to be Indians, NOT, Native American, and, what I believe to have been, Muslims.

My recent dealing with Muslims, form the states, has left me in no doubt, that their distaste for us black folks, runs deeper than they want people to believe, so, there have been no shocks when I have seen certain, asian heads, look at me like the dirt of their, Salwar Kameez !!!!!

Bwoy, do they show their disgust, and contempt, in their eyes, for a black person, who, according to their idiotic perceptions, could not possibly look like I do, and afford to be where they are, or, worse still, get treated with the same level of respect by staff, as them.

The less said about them, the better, I think ….

All i’ll say is that, they really need to check themselves, with all their judgemental vibes, and, glares, because as much as they think, them and the white folks be cool, they probably aren’t quite as cool, as they think.

Okay, that aside, the amount of asians, as in oriental and polynesian women with white guys, well, once again, no surprises there, i’ve seen enough of that scenario, but, not one of these women, have I seen, be as indulgent in some black dicky, as Bajans like to say !!!

It’s all good though, as I get older, the more I see why such relationships seem more likely to work, than those where black guys are with these women.

So, in conclusion to this brief post, I will say that i’ve enjoyed my time here, have been looked after by the majority of staff, be they, white or polynesian, but, cannot say with any surety, that, it’s all good in the hood, regardless of your skin tone here.

The whiter you are, the more likely you are, to get, i’m gonna say, ” Reasonable Treatment.

Although, a young lady from Alaska, of all places, originally … !!! … who was my personal masseuse, for one afternoon, was quick to point out the non-receptive vibe from locals to tourists, or those who’ve moved from mainland America, to live there, as being quite normal, and something you have to adjust to.

She was also explaining how she and her boyfriend, live up in the hills, no running water, as the waterways where she lives provide fresh water which is use by locals to ways etcetera, basically full on outdoor, country living !!!!!

Cane spiders as big as your hand running around and jumping … !!!!!


…. but she also explained that, until the locals had recognised that they ere not there to invade, but to live and share with them, they had actually destroyed a pipe her boyfriend had built to funnel water to their home !!!!!

So, as she said, unless you were born and raised there, the locals can be quite stand-offish and protective of their land.

However, not in a UKIP or F’ing KKK, type of way, I cruised around a huge shopping mall, and found that local people would look at me, but hey, it’s till part of the US, so, I am no big deal to them, as said, it would mostly be the white folks, who’d exude a level beyond just acknowledging a taller than average black dude, being in their presence.

Interestingly though, one of the Restaurant Managers at the Hotel, said to me, after I expressed to him, that, some of his staff have treated me, especially well.

His comment, which is the one I guess, most folks would like to hear when venturing abroad, was …

“Well Virge, that’s because you’re a nice person !”

Gotta shout out Jenna, Mel & Tom !!!!!!

If only he knew what I was really like …. Ha Ha …

and on that note, a couple more days here, and then, the lengthy trip back to Barbados.

Damn, I never thought that, having lived in England for so long, that, i’d ever be saying, i’m leaving one paradise type location, having been there for a vacation, to be heading home, to essentially, another one !!!!!

I guess, good things do eventually happen to … GOOD PEOPLE … !?!

Once again, my thanks and blessings go out to Tom, Mel, Jenna & Brian, and all those who have made my time, enjoyable at the hotel.

They have provided proof to me, that, Maui has it’s selection of cool peoples …. and cool vibes ….

Peace out, time for a final drive ……



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