Systemic Racism explained, from a white perspective …..

Maybe hearing it from a white person, might make the naysayers and dismissers of the issue …..

THINK ….. at least for a second …..

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They’ve got a cheek man !!!!

Those who know me well, would probably say I’m a miserable old girl but the truth is that unlike most people nowadays, I don’t run from speaking about things that P**S me the F**k off like getting speeding camera tickets for not even being ten miles an hour above the speed limit when driving around late at night when the roads are clear !!!!

These cheeky sods have got the cheek to be talking about requiring money for this and that, and then losing peoples’ personal statistics, shooting innocent men on the underground where the CCTV cameras (ofcourse paid for through peoples tax revenue) conveniently didn’t work, when it came to showing how the cops shot Charles de Menezes (RIP).

Money for the olympics, money for national security, money for this and money for that !!!! but yet services are diminishing, jails are overcrowded, immigrants are causing problems, yet, the Home Office seems incapable of not only tracking the immigrant crims but keeping a track on the amount of them now coming in !!!
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