Murder Murder Murder, Kill, Kill, Kill !!! … Written and Performed by Big Virge

Well folks, i’ve said it before and I will seemingly be saying it again and again, when will we humans learn to simply, STOP THE VIOLENCE, learn to calm ourselves down, and learn to deal with people we don’t like, decisions we don’t agree with, and most of all, agree to disagree with each other, and just walk away ?

WHEN … ?!?

This business of Bombing, Knifing, and Shooting people, really serves exactly what purpose, at the end of the day ?

Are consciences cleared when people do these things ?

Do people really feel vindicated, or better, because they’ve taken someone else’s life ?

Like REALLY … ???

I will never make the statement that I won’t end up doing it myself, but I will try my hardest, to avoid ever feeling the need to do so, and would rather lose my own life, than end up feeling so angry, that i’d attempt to take someone else’s !

The world has many ignorant people, in this there is no doubt !

However, I listened to a track recently, that said …

“Militance doesn’t necessarily warrant, or need violence !”

Especially the type that leads to the loss of life !

This is of course, easier said than done for growing numbers, who are suffering from all kinds of ills it seems.

It’s crazy to see and hear about youth violence, basically, every day now, from young rappers who seem to be dying at a rate of at least, one every other day, if not every day, to the street violence that is now occurring, every day, seemingly, every hour of every day, somewhere in this world now.

Countries are barely re-opening, and the violence that seemed to have been quelled, at least to some degree in the outside world, during these lockdowns, has picked up just where it left off, and at disturbingly frequent levels !

Where are the police, when these things occur ?
RARELY, if ever there, to stop these things happening, BEFORE they do ?!?

The cycle is a vicious circle of recurring pain, that is in tune with societal pressures, and restrictions on peoples ability to live well and retain a sense of sanity, that should not be ignored, or dismissed from being a factor in the reasons for these happenings.

America has had an alleged, 11 mass shootings, in the last couple of weeks, that has left seventeen dead, and at least, thirty five injured !

New Zealand, a country that rarely has any instances of mass shootings, or anything else on that level, has recently had a man stab 5 people in a supermarket in Dunedin, and Russia has had to deal with the loss of SEVEN childrens’ lives, as well as two adults, in a shooting at a school in Kazan, that left TWENTY others, who were mostly children, injured.

The increasingly worrying thing is the fact that many of these shootings are being done by young people, one of whom, was behind the recent shooting in Colorado Springs, who, it’s alleged, shot people, because of not being invited to their party !

It’s just crazy to think that something so small, could drive a young person to do something so drastic.

As said, we have to teach our youngsters better, because I can remember many disappointments or exclusions, from parties to girls, that made very angry as a young man, but, kill girls or people because of it, is a thought that would NEVER of even crossed my mind !

There is so much that has changed today, and for the worse, when it comes to the mental state of many young peoples minds.

Finally, speaking of things that really need to end, this Israeli / Palestinian war, is just an incredible thing to continually see, and with the type of coverage that is now availed, via personal camera phone footage, it’s just incredibly sad to see young peoples loss, and the level of hatred that breeds the type of devastation, that’s literally bringing things down.

The same is clearly still an issue in many African nations, like Nigeria, where it is alleged that security levels are diminishing, after at least seven policemen were killed at a checkpoint, at a southern oil hub, in the last couple of weeks !

It’s simply not wise to live in denial of these things, or to keep turning blind eyes, as if you are immune from being caught up in one of these scenarios, because you may find yourself caught up in, as this drop suggests,

… ” some dark times with fading light ” …

We as humans, have to find better ways for us all to co-exist, especially in light of these days and times, of the dreaded, ” C word “, that seems to be the ONLY thing that seems to be alive and kicking, mutating, and travelling around, quite happily ?

It’s a thing that I am just getting, tired of hearing about now, as I am all these events, and tragedies, that seem to just be breeding more and more instances of …..

A capella

Track from the, ” On The Virge “, album…

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“Enough” … Performed & Written by Big Virge

Okay folks, so, quite the interesting few weeks it’s been, Barca putting the smack down on Liverpool, in no uncertain terms, only to feel The Anfield Massive, rock their world with an equally impressive 4-0 home victory, to send them through to another Champions’ League Final !!!

Incredible, but the job still has to be finished, so hopefully Jurgen can get his tactics right, and dismiss Spurs, but I wouldn’t like to put money on this one, two adventurous teams, with plenty of options, so, it’ll be an interesting final fa’ sure methinks !!!!!

Judd Trump doing the same to John Higgins, to win his first World Championship, congrats to him, he’s avoided becoming the new, Jimmy White, by making sure he got the BIG ONE, at least once.

However, away from sport, well of course, The Avengers Endgame Finale, has come and gone, but wow, what a response, and appropriate ending to a very lengthy series of 22 movies, that are all linked, in some way or t’other, to each another !

I think a very impressive job has been done by the cast, and Russo Brothers, of actually pulling it off.

However ……

UNLIKE The British Voting Public, the fans, of which I am one, have certainly NOT had enough, so, hope there will be more, well crafted, fantasy stuff to come from the Marvel Universe !!!

However, back to the world of politics and politicians doing everything, but, pleasing those who choose to embrace them, as the right folks to guide their respective nations to a life of peace, prosperity and happiness.

YEAH RIGHT … !!!!!

It’s clear from voting patterns, that many have had enough, from Britain to France, to Venezuela, where things really are pretty crazy !

Africans in South Africa are in the midst of more elections, although other parts of Africa are still seemingly, having issues with rigging, bully tactics, and violence, in the appointment of leaders.

The Israelis and Palestinians continue to prove that they haven’t yet, had enough of attacking one another, in more and more senseless acts of violence, and of course, The Trumpster is still Trumping any kind of conviction for his alleged, illicit practices, to gain his position of power, Mueller Report or NOT …. although it seems that one or two parts of the legal establishment, may have had enough of the Presidents efforts to block things coming to light, that perhaps need to be the subject of more judiciary hearings !

Indonesians also seem to have had enough of political wrangling, which has lead to alleged usage of live bullets on protestors, by the Indonesian forces, just CRAZY !!!

Even Drake is suggesting, ENOUGH with the disrespecting of each other by artists … Huh Hm ….

I think he’s in the wrong part of the music realm, to be making such requests ….

Brooks Koepka has definitely NOT, had enough of winning, and did a stellar job in retaining the PGA Championship, congratulations to him !

…. and of course, the ongoing racism debate in England, which is being seen as a problem, that, the powers that be, are not and have not, done enough to eradicate ….

Interestingly, the Brits have also been told, ENOUGH with your claim, to hold on to lands that should perhaps, be in other nations hands, thus, The Chago Islands, according to The UN, should go back to the Mauritians.

The word … ” Decolonisation ” … seems to be being thrown around, much to the concern of the Brits, and notable allies, in a landslide vote that saw 100 plus countries support Mauritius’s claim to the land, which has of course been used as a military base for British & American armed forces ….

I dunno about decolonisation, however, if this is as suggested by the Brits, a dangerous precedent, well, let the danger continue, if it’s purpose is to continue the empires demise, which does appear to be happening, even if, only in minimal ways, long may it continue in my view ….

…. which leads me back to Britain, and this incredible situation where, Prime Minister, Theresa May, is constantly being called out as a failure, who should now remove herself from office, resignations, and subtle positioning, by her apparent …

” Colleagues ” ….. Huh Hm …..
To … Usurp her position !!!

Yawn Yawn YAWN …

BORING ………………

However, the signs are there, that people are beginning to recognise the error of their ways, in supporting these ministers, who they are slowly, but surely, beginning to have …

Like This Weeks Poem Suggests, on various levels ….


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