” Party “… A poem written & performed by Big Virge

Well folks, following on from my previous post about Fools and their Foolishness, it’s clear that Brexit’ negotiations may prove to be, a little frosty, from the EU’s perspective, but hey, Theresa May never struck me as a particularly easy woman to have to negotiate with, as she immediately reminded me of a Certain, ” Iron Lady “, by the name of Thatcher….. upon my first sight of her !!!!!!

However, there are party shifts, from members of the public, who of course are individual parties …

…. to possible, European shifts, as elections shine a light on the underlying issues of a Union that, CLEARLY was, (Never Really) …. That Unified …. ???

Or… was it … ?!?

Well, the Party does, “seem to be over”, with regard to Britain and their status amongst their European friends ….

Did I say friends … !?!

I mean …. counterparts of course !!!!

(Maybe not, quite so FRIENDLY, and ” Seem ” … being a very important word, in all the public shenanigans they feed the masses…….)

However, parties of all kinds are taking issue with Mr. Trump and his policies too, as they have been and continue to do, towards Jacob Zuma, and notably now, in Venezuela too …..

Noticing a trend folks ???

Well, Barbados has it’s political issues too, but, the people here, are a little less bothered by them, or again, are they ???

Well, much like the beginning of this poem suggests, i’ve had my fill of pretty much, ALL of these parties and partying now …..

Well, who wants to be the old man in the club eh ….. ?!?

Certainly NOT… Britain anymore, that’s for sure …. LOL ….. !!!!!!

….. and this piece takes a swipe, if a slightly, facetious one, at all these various parties, political or otherwise …..

Take a listen …….

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Too-ings and Goings …. written by Big Virge 13/02/2017

Yes Yes people ……

So, as I sit here watching horses frolicking with each other, here in Barbados, much has been going on over the last couple of months ….

Well, first and foremostly, my debut album has finally dropped, production from Strat Carter & Anthony Lowhar, and that heavy, vocal lyricism, that is synonymous with the name Big Virge ….

The album is called VIRGES’ WORLD … and is available on an adundance of online platforms, but CD Baby is where it was released first ……

Hip Hop styled, but do not confuse what you hear as being that, nope, this is a SPOKEN WORD Album, just with different paces of speech, it’s Poetry.

So, don’t be dismissing, try and give the ish’ a listen, you might be surprised by what you find resides in this poets mind …..

Fresh, Real, Raw …. and built from my core values of honesty, straight talk, Phat beats, and yes, some offensive lyrics, to those who cannot work with Real Talk…..

….. which leads me to Brexit’ and The Trumpster’……

Well, having just returned from a London trip, I can safely say that Brexit has enforced the British drive to create themselves, a breed of Modern Slave, who clearly are only brave, behind polling cards, that define what resides in their hearts, which would seem to be to conform and follow the political whatevers…. ??? …. who seem to be doing, quite nicely thank you, regardless of what Brexit’ has done to the UK’s economy, and the general way that the country runs.

Movements towards a cashless society, less general dealings with people, and more with computers, and systems driven by technology ……

However, with all this tech, to drive in London, has become the complete opposite of what it once was …. Now you have cameras tracking your every move, 20 mile an hour speed limits, in areas once free for the brave to drive at speed, for fun, or simply to get where you needed to, if your were running a little late ….

Work home work, for most …. chasing that pound, even though it doesn’t get you far, unless you’ve got plenty of them, right about now !!!!!

In the space of a few months, the country has changed dramatically, and as a friend suggested to me, in basically 5 years, the populous of London alone, would seem to have doubled !!!!!

Parking is a complete nightmare, and costs an arm and a leg, with restrictions in place, here, there and everywhere ….. !!!!!

It’s pretty crazy, and looks like being a rough old ride, until this Brexit situation gets resolved !

Mainly because of the apparent cost of being the first to start, what may be a trend of countries exiting, what many claim to be a bureaucratic nightmare, being the EU, and it’s money train of freeloading MP’s & MEP’s, who apparently, have been getting fed like fat cats, for quite some time now !!!!

Figures in the Billions, being thrown around, possibly up to 600 Billion, being touted as the cost for Britain’s departure from the EU !!!

Well, who knows, or really cares …. Brexit’ voters ….. ???

Well, i’d say not, when looking at the basic costs of living in the UK right about now !!!!!

Anyways, it is what it is, but America, well, Donald has started as he suggested he would, creating mayhem, executive orders, that are being revoked by the legal system, and just like England, creating difficulties and concerns for companies, whose employees now, are not sure whether they are coming or going, it’s all good fun ….

Well, maybe not fun, but it certainly is a time of much change and as a friend said to me recently, there is a DISTINCT, change in the wind, and time will definitively tell, where it is, the world is now heading, and if the new US Presidents’ initial movements are anything to go by, the blasé attitudes that many have chosen to exhibit, and live by in recent times, are about to be turned upside down …… or are they ???

Well, Mr. Trump has already seen that he can be stumped by those who surround him, as in, congress, the senate, and the same people who seemed to have given him the job, who, when they rally together, are a force that even he, has to respect and bow to, well so far at least …..

This is all, simple proof of the fact that these Presidents are merely puppets for the world to focus on, while the agendas that have long since been discussed as the next wave of change, are being initiated and mobilised …..

Brexit’ and Trump, are diversions for bigger things to be put into place, in my opinion, like the rise of nationalism, from Europe to the US, and the NOT SO, United, United Kingdom … LMAOL

….. and as I read yesterday, South Africas’ ANC, and rival political factions, like the EFF (Economic Freedom Fighters), are far from finding ways to agree to disagree. There was fighting in the room, as Jacob Zuma attempted to give his, ” State of The Nation ” speech.

Well, how appropriate a title, the, ” State of affairs “, over there, may well be a pre-cursor for much that will occur over the next 18 months or so !!!

Let’s hope not, but hope, like Mr. Obamas … ” Change ” … would seem to have been a ruse, to make people believe that the Political Process, could actually step away from scandal, corruption and war …. and work for the benefit of the masses ….

If Obama did that for you, well, I think you need to wash the sleep out of your eyes and recognise that, as much as we have a larger number of people who are perhaps, less uncomfortable with integration and the rising of one nation, the nationalists like Mr. Trump, and his friends, like Theresa May from the UK, are not about to let that become a trend that will work for Twitter or any other media platform that feeds the masses …..

So indeed, it shall be an interesting 2017, with a great many more ……

Too-ing’s & Goings …….

” Virges’ World ” ….. is available here …..


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So, who are the REAL Teefs’ … ? written by Big Virge 6/10/2015

Okay so, not so many blog posts these days, unless something,
REALLY …. Stirs me to write sumthin’ … !!!!!

Well, apart from having some kind of Alcatrazesque, barbed wire security protection, placed alongside the front of the property next door to where I currently rent … due to my evidently, NOT SO …. ” Diplomatic “, neighbours from England, who still, some months after moving in, treat me like some kind of freak of nature, not worthy, to be found anywhere near their ilk … SMH !!!!!

Anyway, get it CLEAR Fukwits … I RENT … so, targeting me, really makes no sense when the wealthy people, are the white folks who surround me !!?!!

Anyhow, i’ve been fortunate that things of a violent, or, pilfering nature, have been far enough away from my place of residence, for me to have not felt, particularly uncomfortable, with much that has been going on here, of recent.

However, coming out of my place in the early afternoon, on Monday, it was somewhat shocking & disturbing, to find the majority of my rear windscreen, either on the ground, or, on my backseat, due to somebody attempting to send me a message, that, was either, supposed to scare me, or, some fool, attempting to rob something of value, that was left in my car ?

Well, UNLUCKY … you punk !!!!!

I’m not foolish enough to do that again, having already had a jacket lifted, presumably, due to me perhaps, leaving the car open, with a jacket in plain sight, or, some such foolishness.

Once bitten … Twice … DENIED … !!!!!

Well, the damage was truly shocking … !!!

I’ve now heard everything, from using a simple spark plug, which would be able to shatter the glass, to, as a couple of Black Barbadians have said to me, it not being, too far fetched to believe that, due to the area I live in, one of the white folks in the area, (maybe my neighbours ???) … deciding to pay some little street urchin to do it, to try to get me to leave …. !!!!!

….. to ….

the idea that my alarm, which clearly didn’t go off … only working, where the sensors are placed, which is along the side, rather than throughout the vehicle ?!?

Well, either my thief is a Toyota specialist, or he just had a moment of enlightenment !!!

My feeling is that this was a very early hours, smash & grab, like 4.30 – 5-30 a.m, type of time, as the nocturnal man I’ve become, would of been up, right up to 3.30 fa sure, on the night in question.

Anyway, it is what it is, someone attempted a move, it’s success, well, damage to a car … ???

Well done … Jackass !!!!!

However, what it has exposed is how the REAL THIEVES of this world, work their magic, without ever really being challenged by the, ever so dumbed down, programmed, slave mentality thinking, sheople of todays’ world.

Now the individual I spoke with at, Brydens’ Insurance, was indeed, a very cool individual, so, in fairness to them, to protect their identity, they shall remain nameless, but, upon conversation with said individual, it was evident just how these snakes of todays’, corporate industry, especially insurers, be ripping people off, left right and centre !!!!!

Now Camrys’ are rare in Barbados, and for some reason, hold some degree of status here, well that status is reflected in the insurance costs people !!!!!

So, you’d expect the allegedly, most advanced, of the Caribbean islands, would have things in place to effect, immediate, and speedy actions and repairs right ?

Errr WRONG !!!!!

Firstly, Nassco are on some fukry’ policy, that basically means, parts are very rarely available immediately, presumably, to save them costs on storage … ???

Again … FOR THEM … to save costs !!!!!

They choose to keep stock levels, ” low “, which, translates into, customers being made to wait, in this case, 3 ENTIRE, F’ing weeks, for a windscreen replacement to be sourced !!!?!!!

Do planes not transport people in a day, or lets say, from Japan, in a couple of days now !?!

So, let’s be real for, just for a sec’ … Camrys’ are popular cars in the … wait …

US of A, just a few hours, across the Rasshole’ water !!!!!

So, can someone explain to me, why a customer of a company that has a site in the centre of Barbados, cannot obtain a part, faster than three weeks, without having to pay some, triple the price fee, to get it ???

Does that seem very advanced … ???

Errr …. NOT in my book, but hey, part of the stupid f’ing reasoning is … Toyotas are such reliable cars, that parts are rarely needed …..

Didn’t know windscreens had a functional role, other than to complete the car, so, that it’s Hmmm … COMPLETE … !?!?!

NOT … !!! … so it drives better, or, performs better, but, so that all the other parts that are functional, and, drivability dependent, can be allowed to do so, with some degree of comfort.

What kind of ass is that nonsense … ?!?

Okay, so, moving on, the insurers, Brydens, have a clause in their policy that only allows for vehicle replacements to only be availed until the 2000 dollar excess is used up …..

Hmmm, fair enough, but when, as per this instance, there is an exceptional circumstance, that is nothing to do with the driver, but, the f’ing idiot people at Toyota here, that cost and inconvenience, is then put on the customers plate, rather than the company who has a relationship with the insurance company, that provides business for them, in such circumstances.

Are y’all with me so far … ???

Okay, let’s continue … so, of course my first question to, said individual, at Brydens was,

Can’t you guys hurry up the Toyota guys, to ensure that I don’t need a hire car for more than two weeks.

Then, the truth started to come out about storage, and cutting costs, and oh yes … Differing opinions, bordering on extensive discussions, which sound like arguments, regarding their willingness to, shake a leg, with some speed, for the customers benefit ….

Barbados is renowned for the INCREDIBLY, bad customer service … !!!!! … ESPECIALLY, if you’re NOT WHITE, are black, and were born elsewhere, even if your parents were born and raised Bajans … ?!?

However, this is not a totally fair reflection of all the people you may have to deal with, some, like said individual, at Brydens, was very frank and honest about the way things work here.

This however, does not excuse the standards that seem to be accepted, as acceptable, when they are so far from being that !!!!!

Is this what makes tourists say, “They love the place” … ???

…. because they can return to the dark ages for a while whilst being pampered and complimented by the good ol’, slaves of Barbados in the sun ???

Doesn’t seem like the tourist board have their priorities straight !!!

It is an, Absolute Disgrace, that in 2015, insurance payments that can amount to large amounts of money, do not get sourced to cover an unfortunate incident, like having your rear windshield smashed by some street villain ….. !!!!!

Insignificant as it is, in the bigger issues of peoples lives, it is not something that should be swept under the carpet.

Poor people suffer, due to inabilities to better their surroundings from a financial perspective, those of us, slightly further up the ladder, work hard & save, so that we can pay to elevate ourselves from having to struggle, or live in, not so pleasant, environments, but then, as has been established from rap to corporate business, this does not necessarily avail a blissful existence.

Mo’ Money … Mo’ Problems … !!!!!
as per, Notorious B.I.G.

So, before people get it twisted, there is a need for some perspective, but, these thieving companies should be exposed for the practises they employ, that do not benefit their customers, whether they do or don’t have lots of money, or, the right skin colour/connections etcetera …..

So, let me guess, the Toyota windscreens are so, Bad Ass, they just fix themselves, when the villains go, and we drivers never know any better !!!!!

Errrr NOT …. so, I get sorted with a replacement, which is not a 1600CC vehicle, as specified as being the only vehicles my policy avails.

Now i’m all for favours, but, come on now, it shouldn’t be, as a favour, or, due to my challenging the words of the policy, that I receive, a vehicle befitting of my size, but, one comparable to the car I drive, that I pay these teefs’, money to insure.

Okay so, great, got the car organised, but remember, only for two weeks, so, it’ll have to go back, if it takes three weeks to facilitate the repair to mine !!!

Leaving me, without a vehicle … !!?!!

Ahhhhh, but if I get my wallet out, that can be sorted … as if I don’t pay a yearly fee which may not even, as is the case for most, be drawn upon during the year we pay cover for ???

Errrr again, UNACCEPTABLE … !!!!!

How much teefing’ is going on here exactly ???

My car, which was the victim of a robbery attempt, has lost nothing, except a windshield for a few weeks !!!!!

Hold on though, wait …….

The vehicle I have been provided with, will still have an excess that I will have to pay for !!! …. and oh, hold on once more, due to the hire company … (Venture, opposite the airport), providing you with a full tank of fuel, and therefore, asking that the vehicle be returned, with a full tank, I have to pay them a 100 dollar deposit, just in case it isn’t returned full up !!!!!

Wow, trust issues or what ?!?

Insurance & Hire companies in Bim’, as well as Nassco, have got some way to go to match the service levels found in other parts of the world, that really are ADVANCED, in terms of this stuff.

…. and, as Lexus is part of Toyota, these guys should be held to standard, as Lexus DO NOT PLAY, when it comes to service, and I know this from personal experience, which makes the way that Nassco operate here, an embarrassment to their good name, in my view !!!!!

The likes of Lexus, being the benchmark for, excellent service, with a smile, that does not deviate, until you, the customer, is TOTALLY HAPPY … !!!!!

Teefin’ goes on with them, like any other corporate institution, i’m sure, but, they have at least recognised, that wherever possible, if they can stretch to accommodate, they should and do, for their customers.

I have just received my hire car, so, am not yet aware of whether i’m to have such courtesies extended to me, due to the situation I have found myself in, through doing nothing other than parking outside where I live !!!

If this is … ” Advanced ” … Barbados … ???

DAMN … !!!!!

Y’all need to check wha’ part you reach, with your advancements, because POOR policing, seems to have allowed for this to happen, POOR business practises, are delaying a speedy and efficient service, and, excesses are costing me money, that shouldn’t even be on the radar, according to what Brydens has already had out of my ass, for at least, a year and half of no claims being made, and that is no small amount of money, let me tell ya !!!!!

The only Excess that needs to be addressed, is the excessive, buck passing, and robbery of customers, who are paying for services, that, hmmmm … they need to be availed … let’s say, for arguments sake … within 3 weeks !!!!!!

It’s such a shame that an island as beautiful as this, with, some highly intelligent and resourceful people, could be resigned to stick to the dubious standards of a greedy few, who manage, as well as be, stuck in the rut of subservience, which is followed, religiously, by the majority of employees, who are either, robotic clones, or, amazingly, attitude filled, inept, or, unreliable workers.

However, to just make a final point on the original issue, robbery, and the general vibe of things in Bim’ currently.

Well, even the pick up driver for my vehicle , was quick to state that, the robbery is indicative of the problems the underbelly of Barbados, currently face, and, just how hard it has become to trust anyone anymore. As he stated, he leaves work, leaves people alone, and is happiest when he can close his front door to the world, due to the ignorance, and, criminality that is getting closer and closer to home.

These are global issues to me, but, I live in a very small part of it now, so, it would be a lie to say, I am not somewhat disturbed, however, if we do not stop these corporate thieves from stealing from the coffers, that we all pay into, for services, and for government agencies to provide safe environments for us to live in, these acts of reckless, lawlessness, may be an increasing problem, that, cannot be so easily nullified !

I have hopefully dealt with, an exception to the rule at Brydens, but, as they told me, it’s those above, who have to be persuaded to do what, essentially, should require … NO PERSUASION …

As for my vehicle return ….

I guess like Bob done say …..

“I’m still waiting ……”

Chuh …..

Barbados in 2015 ….. !!!

Pride & Industry … ???

Hmmm LOTS of Pride alright, but even more … TOMFOOLERY …

Chuupse …..

Teefing going on fa sure, but there are a number of Teefs’, who are not breaking into cars, they’re the ones who sit on Corporate Boards, demanding we pay, exorbitant amounts for parts, and then, pay pretty high rates of insurance, for the same cars, that cover about as much as dey’ ass !!!!!

Chuh’ …..

If you’re wondering how these companies make money, well, i’ve been advised there is somewhere in the region of a 500% mark up on parts, which has to be added for them to apparently make a profit, because the 212% duty, on new vehicles is crippling, but, not as much as the tasty handouts that the Government seem to be making on all things motor vehicle related on this island !!!

The same ministers who seem to be able to spend 300 thousand dollars, and more, to buy themselves and their family members, Mercedes, Range Rovers, and the like !!!!!

If only the villains would aim their aspirations higher ….. they might feed themselves for a year by just teefin’ a wheel and tire, from some of the TRULY, High fliers ….

Not that i’d encourage that sort of thing … of course … !!!!!

Bless up y’all. and don’t just take what they offer, ask and enquire, as to what you are entitled to, and check to see, whether there are companies offering better deals that suit you and your needs ….

Don’t let them play you like a fool … be shrewd, or as the individual at Brydens defined me as being … PRUDENT … in your dealings with these companies !!!!!

Bless, stay safe and good out there ……

The Virge …..


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“Is It Such A Crime ?” … A Poem written by Big Virge 26/3/2006

Is it … ” Such a Crime ” … ?
to … ” Speak Your Mind ” … ?

Because ….

it … Seems to be …
if you’re … NOT WHITE …

I hear this, said …
So Many … times … !!!

“Virge, you scare folks !
with words you rhyme !”

and that’s … NO JOKE … !!!

but … words I … “Quote” …
are … NOT … The Type … !!!

to … ” Start A Fight ” … !!! …

but may … ” Unsettle ” … ?!?
Those who … ” Settle ” …
to … “hide” … behind …
A … “LIE FILLED” … life … !!!

Can Someone … DEFINE … ?
Why it’s …. ” Such A Crime ” …. ?
to ….. ” Criticize ” ……
…. ” Political ” …. types …. !?!

In times like … THESE …

” FREEDOM ” … of … SPEECH …
is … NEEDED … just like poetry … !!!

if we’re to … ” Ease ‘ …
” Pain and Misery ” … !!! …
and crimes of … More …


“Murders” … “Rapes” … !!!
Crimes … based on … Race … !!!
and Crimes … Inclined …
To Keep … ” The Masses ” …

…………. “blind” ………….

Like Those … in … ” Folds ” …
who make ….. Mistakes …..

Do THEY … ” Pay A Toll ” … ?
for … CASH … THEY TAKE …

” Mistakes ” …
THEY SAY …… !!!

That …..
Pay for … ” Homes ” … ?!?

“It was merely, a loan,
from a chap I know !
No more questions now,
i’ve got to go !!!”

“A chap you know ?!?
can’t we know his name !?!”

“Are you insane ?
is it such a crime ?
for you to find,
that, friends of mine,
help out, in times
of financial strain !?!”

“Of course not sir !
but don’t divert,
what is his name ?
and did he donate ?
to your friends campaign ?
Need I ask you again !?!
the question is
what is his name ???
Let me make it plain !
Are you quite sure
he hasn’t bought
A Peerage, and,
is now a lord ?”

“I will not answer
any more ! What
do you take, politicians for ?
Anyone would think,
our dealings, stink !”

“Well, no more than
a poor street whore
is it such a crime
to want to know more ?”

Could this be why
Government guidelines
are trying to stem
peoples’ questions !?!

If …..
Free Speech … ” Ends ” …

What’ll happen to … THEM … ???
and ……. ALL THEIR …….
” Pre-Planned ” … arguments … ?!?

It seems that … THEY …
will …. carry on ….
Airing …. views ….
Even if … They’re wrong … !?!

Isn’t that … A Crime … !???!

It would seem … NOT … !!!

So …..
How can it be a … ” Crime ” …
to …. ” Speak Your Mind ” …. ?!?

Especially when ….
You’re Proven … RIGHT … !!!

I find this … ATTITUDE …
at …. ” Poetry Nights ” …. ?!?

if you speak about … ” Your Life ” …
that seems to be …. FINE …. !!!!! ….

Or Express … FRUSTRATION … !!!
at the … State of The … NATION … !!!

Through words you write ….

If you are … WHITE …
and they make folks …

…….. SMILE …….. !!!

But …..
if you’re … BLACK …
and make … ” Attacks ” …

On Racists … or …
On … Western Plans …

You’re treated like …
An ….. ALIEN …… !!!!!

It must be … A Crime …
to be a ….. BLACK MAN ….. !???!

Especially when ….
you have … A MIND … !!!!!

Inclined to … WRITE …
” Poetic Rhymes ” …
that spread … ” Insight ” …

” But, SOME BLACKS DO !!! ”

“Well, if that’s true,
let me ask you who
Mr. Zephaniah ???
Okay, that’s one !
But, he’s spent time,
inside prison !!!”
I’m talking about
a black without
a history, of
dodgy deeds !!!”

I think you’ll find … ?
THAT MAN … is … ME … !!!

NO … Prison Time … !!!
has … Big Virge … SEEN … !!!

But ….
May Well … do … !!! ? !!!
for words I speak …

Even when …
My Record’s … CLEAN … !!?!!

Well ….
Clean … ENOUGH … !!!

…. ” Cuffed ” …. !!!!!
for … ” Slapping a girl ” …

……… MY MUM …….. !!!!!

and ….. ” Driving Drunk ” ……

But ….

Both … ” Misdemeanours ” …
were … just the … ONCE … !!!!!
and like …. ” Benjamin ” ….
were when … I was … YOUNG … !!!!!

But …
The Point … i’m trying to make …
is … Black … ” Americans ” …
are … Deemed to be … GREAT … !!!!!

For …
Taking a … STANCE …
Against … ” Racial ” … HATE … !!!!!

WHICH … ” English Black ” … ?!!!? …
Can … Make The Claim … THAT …

They’ve Gained … RESPECT … !!!
for … Taking … THAT STANCE … !?!

What does that say … ?
about those who … CLAIM … !!!

THAT …….

“Blacks are treated,
as every other race,
on, English Shores !!!”

“Are THEY, QUITE SURE ?!!!?”

I’m NO … Malcolm X … !!!
But … DO HAVE … ” A Cause ” … !!!

My cause … ” DEPLORES ” … !!!!!!!
These … ” Government Laws ” …

cos’ … if you’re …
Black and … POOR …
You’re gonna …
SUFFER … for SURE … !!!!!

Even if …. You’re … NOT …
Police now …. “Plot” ….
to … ” Shoot You Down ” … !!!!!

or … Question you … ?
Even if … ” They Doubt ” …

THAT … You … ” ARE ” …
“THAT” … ” Drug Dealer ” … !?!

OR ……. ” The One ” ……..
who STOLE … ” That Car ” … !!!!!

Laws They … PASS …
are now … ” Pure Farce ” … !!!!

It seems … they’ve moved …
But …. NOT TOO FAR …. !!!!!!!

Away … from keeping …
Us ……….. Apart ……….

Ask Yourself … WHY … ???
are They … ” Inclined ” …. ?

to … “RESTRICT” … those …
Who … EXPOSE … Lies … ?!? …

” Creatively ” …
or … ” Otherwise ” …

Through …..
Simply Saying ….
What’s IN … ” Their Mind ” … !?!

ask yourself … ” WHY ” … ?

” Is It Such A Crime ? ”

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YOU’VE GOT TO LAUGH . . . . I SUPPOSE . . . . ! ? ! . . . . written by Big Virge 11/12/2007

Well, all I can say is . . . .
What a day . . . . ! ? ! . . . . .
The news is simply, . . .
Full of . . . . “JOKES” . . . . !

TECHNOLOGY’S, in the news again !

A SAT NAV, system on a coach, directed the driver to the wrong town !!!

Unfortunately, as the coach was destined for a town in … FRANCE !!!
It would seem a bit funny that the coach ended up in . . . . . . . . . .

WAIT FOR IT . . . .

. . . . . “BELGIUM” . . . . ! ! ! . . . . .

Looks like the passengers, “Shopping trip !”, was cut rather short, and turned out to be a “PAID FOR” . . . . technological tour, of a place they, DIDN’T PAY TO SEE … !!!

So much for the benefits of technology in this instance !!!

A fourty year old woman is feared drowned, because she dived into a river in Dorset, to save, her dog !!!

Now saving your pet is … ONE THING … !!!!
Putting, “YOUR LIFE”, on the line, to do it,
Now that’s, SOMETHING ELSE !!!!!!

“FUNNY” . . . . . ! ? ! . . . . .
The values some people place on things ?!?

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Must be me !!!! … written by Big Virge on the 26/11/07

“MUST BE ME !!!!” . . . . but, I have to say, it seems interesting to me, that, having watched both the BBC, and, ITV news today, the story that seems to be, repeatedly being, pushed on people these days is the ever increasing youth crime rate, and the fear amongst youths, not only in terms of attacks, but, also in terms of speaking out, or, confronting their assailants because of repercussions which in some cases can prove to be fatal !!!

Joe Frazier is in town and has met with a police / boxing club, in London, advocating the putting down of weapons by young people, presumably in favour of venting their frustrations in the ring !!!

A good idea in principle, clearly, but I do take issue with a comment made within the report, about the fact that, only, “Cowards”, take to pulling weapons to resolve disputes !?!

Yes I believe this to be true cos I’m from the old school, but, the reason I take issue with this is . . . . now stay with me on this !!!!

…. if that’s the case, why are soldiers and police armed to the hilt, when it comes to dealing with public / foreign disputes then, eh !!!?!!!

Ofcourse ministers and congressmen are not ofcourse, Joe Frazier, but, have clearly got no problem with him coming to England to spread words, that seemingly, they should be taking note of and acting upon accordingly !

Far be it for me to suggest that the, “Honourable Men”, in combats, or, the Even More ….

“Honourable”, Boys in Blue, are “COWARDS”, who hide behind guns but something doesn’t quite add up !?!

” MUST BE ME !!!! ”

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