“Judgement” … Written and Performed by Big Virge

Okay folks, so a whole year has now passed from George Floyd’s, despicable murder, at the hands and knees of Derek Chauvin, and there’s an abundance of talk about how his murder has changed things, regarding, race and racism in America and the world ?

Well, in attempting to judge such a difficult thing to quantify, one has to surely go beyond the claims of the likes of Candace Owens, as well as many other, black media and entertainment individuals, who are in positions that have garnered them high levels of visibility, and financial remuneration, in times where poor black people are struggling to survive, from the pressures created by this virus, and how it has economically marginalised, black people who are not, actors, sports stars, or in big tech jobs.

Derek Chauvin’s judgement of guilty, seems to have suggested to many black people, that finally, justice will be served for black people, in terms of policing and the legal system, in the future.

Okay like REALLY, in what, Alice in Wonderland world are these people living in exactly ?

Let’s just take a look at a few things that have come to light in recent weeks, to see how much has actually, REALLY changed !

Poor judgement was undoubtedly behind the British Study suggesting that the United Kingdom, (a joke of a claim, and name, if ever there was one !?!), for predominantly white populated nations in the Western Hemisphere, is a very good example and model, for how to have worked towards, positive integration, and the management of racism.

Again, as laughable a claim, as it has been for Madame Markle, to be so deeply hurt by the idea that the royal family, may have tolerated, Harry impregnating and marrying her ass, however, are most certainly not particularly welcoming of the idea of their offspring joining the royal clan, as it were !

All since George Floyd died folks !

This also leads me to remind people that, as an African said in a video I saw today, that covered some black individuals thoughts on, what has changed within the year since George Floyds death, the issue of racism, and the incredible pressures and difficulties it places on black people, is a GLOBAL PROBLEM, not just an American One !

An issue that leads me to the death of another George, in Ireland, at the end of 2020, that didn’t seem to matter quite so much to BLM groups, or anyone else seemingly, other than his family and friends in particular, which was that of George Nkencho, who was shot six times on his own doorstep, by Gardai Police, on the 30th December 2020, under what can only be seen as, suspicious circumstances.

The report I saw actually showed the level of insensitivity to his death, when a female, white neighbour was incredibly rude, when an interview was being conducted by the media regarding Mr. Nkencho’s death, with his family, who quickly claimed that the family no longer live there, so should move the interview somewhere else !

Progress and change anyone, again, like REALLY ?

It certainly doesn’t seem so, especially when one of Mr. Nkenchos friends made clear that he suffers racist abuse on a consistent basis in Ireland, and that he and some of his football team mates, actually have to walk some black members of their team home, due to the fear of harassment in areas where these young members actually live !

A truly incredible thing, in 2021, when you think of how much noise the Black Lives Matter movement, has made in the last few years !

A movement that has now got the name of, Sasha Johnson, attached to it, as an activist, who, having allegedly received numerous death threats, was shot in the head, just this last weekend, at a party in Peckham, apparently by four black men, according to the police !

A shooting that has her fighting for her life in critical condition, as I write this !

One can only hope that the leaders of the, American Branch of the movement, is now proving to her family, just how much her life matters, and is providing whatever help, financial or otherwise, that they can to hopefully, save her life !

Especially as, Co-founder of BLM, Patrice Khan Cullors, seems to be living pretty well off the growth of the BLM Movement, which has lead to her buying a number of properties, allegedly in white neighbourhoods, amounting to somewhere between 3 – 4.5 million dollars in the last few years, which suddenly seems to have forced the suspension of a consulting firm she has connections with, online at least, just last month.

There has also been, anger and concerns raised by the father of Michael Brown Jnr. who claims that the IBFA, The International Black Freedom Alliance, a group formed as a result of his sons death, has received no money at all, from BLM. Money that was promised to them in the wake of his death at the hands of Police, in Ferguson, which is pretty alarming, considering that BLM is alleged to have generated some 90 million dollars in 2020 alone !

Michael Brown Snr. stated, that for all the young activists who’ve been protesting and putting in the hard work on the ground, they are waiting for 20 million dollars, which he says the IBFA is due, because of what it’s done, not only for his son, but for the BLM Movement.

So, it would seem that there are many judgements being made, as a result of George Floyd’s death, that aren’t exactly working for the betterment of black peoples lives, apart from for a select few, who as said, are those gaining financially, whilst black peoples lives continue to be lost, or marginalised ?

So, quickly back to America, for another life lost at the hands of police, in incredibly shady circumstances again, that of Ronald Greene, whose family was told that he died from a car wreck in 2019, in Louisiana, only for video footage to now surface, where he was stopped, tazered, dragged out of his car, and then subjected to considerable verbal abuse, which lead to his death whilst in police custody, as he was handcuffed, and knelt upon, whilst screaming that he was scared !

So, cover ups too, albeit prior to George Floyd’s death, but this information has only come to light in 2021, via body cam footage of some 46 minutes, which mysteriously, wasn’t able to be found before ?

So, let me ask again, change ???

Like … REALLY ???

Of course, there’s no way I could cover all the instances of wrongdoing, in the last 12 months, simply because there are clearly too many that aren’t even recorded, before even getting into the ones that are, being recorded with accuracy and honestly !

However, let me switch back to the United Kingdom…. LMAOL !!!

…. where a video surfaced just this week, of 24 year old Sharna Walker, throwing a complete, racist fit at a black doorman, Tristan Price, in the West Midlands, having been ejected from the venue, for her obviously, ignorant, drunken behaviour !

The doorman, having had such abuse, on previous occasions, finally decided to make this incident known, via an Instagram post, which has resulted in numerous YouTube videos being posted about this, poor excuse for a female, whose grandmother tried to defend her as not being racist, which Ms. Walker then tried to affirm, by using the claim that is was merely freedom of speech, among other claims, as her excuse for such behaviour.

She even claimed to have been in relationships with black guys too !

The interesting part is that her mother was apparently arrested for being, drunk and disorderly, and physically attacking a pub landlord two years ago !

Nuff said.

The other thing that has upset many commenters on her daughters behaviour, is that none of the bystanders in the video shown, felt the need to chastise, Madame Walker’s outburst, which included using the word, Nigger, at all !


A sad indictment of the fact that, for all the big noise from BLM, after George Floyd’s murder, that very little has ACTUALLY changed !

However, disparaging judgements of black people remain, as even with this Sharna Walker outburst, there are commenters who are quick to suggest that it’s not that bad, and that blacks are doing worse things to white people ?

I myself, was recently accused of being racist, when merely explaining to a white woman, that certain liberals, are proving to be very dangerous types of racists, because they’re the token giving types, who stand with groups like BLM, to appear,
“ Woke “, or, ” Down ” …. for want of a more streetwise word…

…. who are in fact, the type to then act just like Ms. Walker, when a few drinks get in them, or behind closed doors, or when they get into a situation, where heated conversations question their position on race, in black company.

I think that very little has really changed, except for a few more black faces, being seen in high places, however, when questioned on the issues of racism, they remain suitably silent, or reluctant to speak on these issues bluntly, for fear of losing their place, or more importantly, their PAY, from their masters, to escape facing what the average black person faces, on a regular basis !


Racism is alive and well, and that’s my judgement, however, as we’ve seen previously, and alarmingly !

We are now seeing more black people like Candace Owens, who are those who still seem to think that they have the right to judge, black activism as being uppity, and unfounded, because they’re in with the white folks !

We have also seen certain white folks, when it comes to activism, resisting anthems, like Colin Kaepernick’s, or anything that remotely questions the sanctity of white pride, get very judgemental, as if there histories are SQUEAKY CLEAN ?!?!

I think, in fact, KNOW NOT !

So, i’ll end with how the judgement pendulum doesn’t exactly swing back equally, when it comes to the admitted wrongdoings of white people like say, Joel Greenberg, a married father, and friend of Republican Senator, Matt Gaetz, who had no issue with alleging that, Mr. Gaetz, along with some other guys in their cool, political white club, had all engaged in sex acts with a seventeen year old girl, as he has admitted to doing, and that the same girl had been passed around to other peers, within his collective of associates and friends, for sex !!!

Gaetz denial of any involvement, has seemingly quashed any media frenzy about him dealing in such wrongful behaviour, as an adult male, but hey, if it was an ALLEGATION, against Michael Jackson, the whole world would need to know about that instantly right ?

The double standards remain, as they always have done, but don’t mistake my post as absolving black peoples doing wrong, because we are PEOPLE too, just like everyone else.

However, in reference to what George Floyd’s death has effected, in terms of changing racist attitudes, or practises, i’m afraid that many are simply being swept under rugs, unless they’re caught on camera, or recorded, because when white folks do it, it’s not really a big deal, especially when it’s the Police, but when we do it, it’s the worst thing in the world !?!

So, this piece was written a while before George Floyd’s murder, but it nonetheless, covers relevant topics.

What is the value of them, and more importantly, those who seem to feel that they can pass….

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