“How It Really Can Go” … Written and Performed by Big Virge

So folks, as time moves along, we are now seeing that things aren’t necessarily as they appear to be, from, The Corona Virus to vaccines, to government policies regarding such things, as per Dominic Cummings recent revelations, and accusations about how Boris Johnson initially dealt with the issues of, Herd Immunity, and the strategy to contain the initial, Corona Virus outbreak in the UK.

The debates about race and racism, and it’s history, continue to unearth certain things, that many would have claimed were just,

“Chips on black peoples’ shoulders !” …

Tut Tut … !!!

It’s really amazing how people are often too quick to judge, because of what they’ve been told, rather than researching to find out if, what they’ve been told, actually reflects the, ACTUAL, FACTUAL Truth !

Thus, here we are, with all kinds of conspiracy theories, and different versions of history and current events, that are beginning to turn quite a few heads, in some very strange directions.

Alternative news feeds and websites, are now rising every day, that are making claims about Corona, vaccines, the authenticity of Main Stream Media News Reports, life, and as this poem relates….

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