” What Would You Say ? ” … A Poem written and performed by Big Virge

Okay peoples’, so now the Valentines whatever is over… it seems as though the strange vibes continue, pretty much everywhere, but, especially online it seems !

There’s literally, so much, NOT going on, that it’s difficult to know what to say, about anything these days.

The issue of what’s being spread across various social media feeds, is causing quite a quite few folks to start airing some pretty incredible views !

I’m seeing that the movement to being online most of the time, isn’t necessarily serving heads so well !

The internet gangsters, are finding, forum after forum, to spout their vitriol, and hatred at those who are equally as willing, to speak what they think.

The problem with this though, is that a lot of folks are getting their feelings hurt, because they seem to believe, as many folks now seem to, that their opinion is the only one that could possibly be right ?

Errr, nope, in case folks haven’t noticed, there are proving to be, innumerable nuances, that need to be applied to arguments, before claiming your positions on them, to be those that are completely, fact based, or those that actually hold any weight.

I am no stranger to being told that I have a rather high opinion of myself, however, as I’ve made clear, pointing fingers isn’t a wise thing to do, when your accusations have little, to, no grounds, that can be substantiated.

My being a writer who documents what society presents, is a field where assessments have to be made, due to the social observations, that I choose to use as the main inspiration for what I speak about.

I’m not always wrong, or right, in actual fact, these days, i’d rather be wrong, more than i’m right about what I now see, and believe to be what’s going on, in terms of future plans for human beings !

I try not to make personal attacks, even when I am on the receiving end of them, unless they are made, against those who have done so publicly, in a way that marginalises, or demeans people wrongfully.

However, the idea that when you comment on someone’s work, or opinions directly, that you’ll immediately be agreed with, is the height of ignorance, and arrogance.

State your position, and let it be that, and if you receive a response that you don’t like, keep cool, don’t blow gaskets, and either, articulate a response, or simply, agree to disagree and walk away.

There really is no reason to go off on some, passive aggressive, or attention seeking rants, because people don’t agree with your point of view.

Of course everybody can’t react to things in the same way, but in pressurised times like these, it’s wise to take a few deep breaths, and realise that many are just spouting, anything to be heard now, and others are simply going a bit stir crazy, as well as, a little bit too, conspiracy theory happy !

It’s a good time for folks to explore some, meditation time, and to recognise that whatever anger you feel, needs to be vented at those who are causing you to feel angry.

It’s also a time to recognise, that there are millions of people caught in precarious circumstances now.

So, perhaps, try to think of others, before aiming angst at folks, who may not be in the best position to cope currently.

It’s a time to THINK……


…. and to maybe, take an extra second to do so, before you say something that you later regret, or wish you hadn’t said.

Now in a strange way, this all connects to this weeks, spoken word drop, because everybody seems to have an opinion that they want to air these days, about everything and everybody, except themselves.

So, this is an old piece that explores the ideal of what people would say, if they were, now able to talk to themselves in their younger days, knowing what they have actually become ….

[Or, in this case, what I might choose to advise myself to do, and, not do !]

People seem very willing, all of a sudden, to get in peoples faces about pretty much, anything and everything. However, don’t seem so willing to turn the tables on themselves, to look in the mirror, and take a moment to think about what they’ve done, and, how they behave in this life !

It’s a very hard thing to really be honest with yourself, about what, if anything, you would change about yourself, or the paths you have taken, and to, as I have done in this poem, ask yourself …

If you could talk to yourself in your youth, and prepare yourself for how the world is today …..

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” I’m Used To Them Now ” …. Prod by Strat Carter

Yes Yes Folks …… !!!!!

Well, the apparent beginning of another year is upon us, in fact, in certain parts of the world, it’s already 2018 …. !!!

Well, here in Bim’, it’s a cool one on the East Coast.

Breezy but lovely, so, it’s time for my last musical post for 2017 from Virges’ World ….. Vol 1

Soon to be followed by Virges World ….. Vol 2

….. and a further project, that has already drawn a lil’ interest, in industry ears, so, keep em’ peeled in 2018 for some more cool grooves from Big Virge folks, via Strat Carter, whom I must congratulate on the arrival of his first child !!!!

…..having giving birth to a number of cool tunes for the two Virges’ World albums ….. !!!!!

Bless You and Yours Bro, and Thanks for all your creative output on my words !

However, as life moves on, changes abound, and like the title of this piece …..

I’m Used To them Now ……

Take a listen …..

and I hope the next 12 months in your world, Glisten, and like me, you see your dreams, hopes and aspirations come to Fruition ….. !!!!!!

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” Open Season ” … Prod by Strat Carter

Well, it seemingly, isn’t currently a subject, that’s hitting the headlines, but it’s a subject that never really leaves the minds of black people ….

and, following on from my previous post, it seems that as this piece relates, we still have to be very mindful of our place, when dealing with the ….

Good ol’ ….

Boys In Blue ……

Well, these words deserve a place, way up in these ignorant feds’, who still seem to think that when they see us, we’re a target for them to aim at, as if it’s ….

Well ……

Open Season ……

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Too-ings and Goings …. written by Big Virge 13/02/2017

Yes Yes people ……

So, as I sit here watching horses frolicking with each other, here in Barbados, much has been going on over the last couple of months ….

Well, first and foremostly, my debut album has finally dropped, production from Strat Carter & Anthony Lowhar, and that heavy, vocal lyricism, that is synonymous with the name Big Virge ….

The album is called VIRGES’ WORLD … and is available on an adundance of online platforms, but CD Baby is where it was released first ……

Hip Hop styled, but do not confuse what you hear as being that, nope, this is a SPOKEN WORD Album, just with different paces of speech, it’s Poetry.

So, don’t be dismissing, try and give the ish’ a listen, you might be surprised by what you find resides in this poets mind …..

Fresh, Real, Raw …. and built from my core values of honesty, straight talk, Phat beats, and yes, some offensive lyrics, to those who cannot work with Real Talk…..

….. which leads me to Brexit’ and The Trumpster’……

Well, having just returned from a London trip, I can safely say that Brexit has enforced the British drive to create themselves, a breed of Modern Slave, who clearly are only brave, behind polling cards, that define what resides in their hearts, which would seem to be to conform and follow the political whatevers…. ??? …. who seem to be doing, quite nicely thank you, regardless of what Brexit’ has done to the UK’s economy, and the general way that the country runs.

Movements towards a cashless society, less general dealings with people, and more with computers, and systems driven by technology ……

However, with all this tech, to drive in London, has become the complete opposite of what it once was …. Now you have cameras tracking your every move, 20 mile an hour speed limits, in areas once free for the brave to drive at speed, for fun, or simply to get where you needed to, if your were running a little late ….

Work home work, for most …. chasing that pound, even though it doesn’t get you far, unless you’ve got plenty of them, right about now !!!!!

In the space of a few months, the country has changed dramatically, and as a friend suggested to me, in basically 5 years, the populous of London alone, would seem to have doubled !!!!!

Parking is a complete nightmare, and costs an arm and a leg, with restrictions in place, here, there and everywhere ….. !!!!!

It’s pretty crazy, and looks like being a rough old ride, until this Brexit situation gets resolved !

Mainly because of the apparent cost of being the first to start, what may be a trend of countries exiting, what many claim to be a bureaucratic nightmare, being the EU, and it’s money train of freeloading MP’s & MEP’s, who apparently, have been getting fed like fat cats, for quite some time now !!!!

Figures in the Billions, being thrown around, possibly up to 600 Billion, being touted as the cost for Britain’s departure from the EU !!!

Well, who knows, or really cares …. Brexit’ voters ….. ???

Well, i’d say not, when looking at the basic costs of living in the UK right about now !!!!!

Anyways, it is what it is, but America, well, Donald has started as he suggested he would, creating mayhem, executive orders, that are being revoked by the legal system, and just like England, creating difficulties and concerns for companies, whose employees now, are not sure whether they are coming or going, it’s all good fun ….

Well, maybe not fun, but it certainly is a time of much change and as a friend said to me recently, there is a DISTINCT, change in the wind, and time will definitively tell, where it is, the world is now heading, and if the new US Presidents’ initial movements are anything to go by, the blasé attitudes that many have chosen to exhibit, and live by in recent times, are about to be turned upside down …… or are they ???

Well, Mr. Trump has already seen that he can be stumped by those who surround him, as in, congress, the senate, and the same people who seemed to have given him the job, who, when they rally together, are a force that even he, has to respect and bow to, well so far at least …..

This is all, simple proof of the fact that these Presidents are merely puppets for the world to focus on, while the agendas that have long since been discussed as the next wave of change, are being initiated and mobilised …..

Brexit’ and Trump, are diversions for bigger things to be put into place, in my opinion, like the rise of nationalism, from Europe to the US, and the NOT SO, United, United Kingdom … LMAOL

….. and as I read yesterday, South Africas’ ANC, and rival political factions, like the EFF (Economic Freedom Fighters), are far from finding ways to agree to disagree. There was fighting in the room, as Jacob Zuma attempted to give his, ” State of The Nation ” speech.

Well, how appropriate a title, the, ” State of affairs “, over there, may well be a pre-cursor for much that will occur over the next 18 months or so !!!

Let’s hope not, but hope, like Mr. Obamas … ” Change ” … would seem to have been a ruse, to make people believe that the Political Process, could actually step away from scandal, corruption and war …. and work for the benefit of the masses ….

If Obama did that for you, well, I think you need to wash the sleep out of your eyes and recognise that, as much as we have a larger number of people who are perhaps, less uncomfortable with integration and the rising of one nation, the nationalists like Mr. Trump, and his friends, like Theresa May from the UK, are not about to let that become a trend that will work for Twitter or any other media platform that feeds the masses …..

So indeed, it shall be an interesting 2017, with a great many more ……

Too-ing’s & Goings …….

” Virges’ World ” ….. is available here …..


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And Now, the Fun Times Begin…. written by Big Virge … 10/11/2016

So, as expected, a week of upsets and surprises has now been completed by Donald J Trump, winning the US Election over Hilary Clinton … !!!!!

So, the fun times begin ….

Orrrrrrrrr …. NOT …. ?!!!?

…. dependent upon, how much media rhetoric you’ve bought into, or again, NOT, as the case may be ….

So, having watched BBC Coverage of most of the results coming in, and listening to the comments being dropped by political commentators, and financial experts, it was immediately evident, that, obviously, the black guests who were, Clinton supporters, were stuck in some bubble, of, ” Clinton Love “, without Monica Lewinsky … LOL …

… that had them in some delusional frame of mind, regarding the results, especially after a relatively fast start for Hilary in quite a few states, but as the night wore on, a lot of talk was suddenly backtracking, and looking for reasons as to why the landslide, that, it actually became, came to pass ….

Now I use the term, landslide, loosely, as it was a matter of decimal percentage points in Key sates like Florida, Trayvon country, which was quite interesting, as they had 99% of the vote in for quite some time with Trump in front, before they’d confirm that the projection had him ACTUALLY, winning … ???

…. which had me thinking, rigging could so easily be done in Elections.

Emily Maitlis, Andrew Neil and others were pontificating, giving us Historical references, to Reagan and further back, but none could, ” Apparently “, quite believe what was happening …..

Well, hate to bust their white bubbles, but hey, YEAH, ” White America “, confirmed their wish I think, to see, Black Lives Matter ideals, diminished, and more importantly, to have a white face back in power, who actually, has been a breath of fresh air, compared to the calm, calculating rhetoric of another Democrat, who clearly does not have her finger on the pulse of Americas psyche, much like, her predecessor !

Or … The Pre-Election Polls … !?!

… as the polls showed leanings towards a Clinton win, pretty much, up to polling day, especially after the FBI suddenly dropped their investigation into her emails …. yet AGAIN … YAWN …. !!!!!

… only for it to be, suddenly changed … ???

… by the end of the night.

A shift, which allies itself to the comment that was made by one of the pundits, who stated that polling may now become obsolete, because it had become clear that what many people said, may not quite have been reflective of their REAL FEELINGS, about Donald Trump.

Forked-tongue for dinner anyone … ???

It really has been laughable, how the apparent, ” Liberals ” … which, may well become a name synonymous with, covert racists, continued to try to explain how this is … NOT … middle America !

Whatever they or that … is … ???

According to them, it’s working class, ” Urban “, country folk, who have been swayed by Mr. Trumps message, indeed, this may well be true, but something tells me that more … Again, ” Apparently “, moderate thinkers, of ALL colours, ended up feeling as though Donald was their only hope, well …

The Empire may well have just … Struck Back … !!!!!

…. in ways that they, may not be able to conceptualise, or recognise, as time goes by, but, for now, there is a massive part of Americas’ Electorate, who are quite happy to see, a man labelled as a .. Bigot, Sexist, Groper, and, Highly Volatile individual, take the reins of power for the Western, Free World …

Hmmmm … is this 2016 or 1916 ???

Well, either way, things have changed, but remain the same, the name Trump, will now not only be synonymous with Plazas, Hotels & Skyscrapers, but with Whitehouse papers, and deeds now …..

Scared anyone … ???

Well, i’ve seen people now talk all sorts of things in just a couple of days, the first one, conveniently being, 9/11 2016 …….

Do any of you believe in … Coincidence ???

Anyway, conspiracy theories aside, could the vote have been rigged ???

Well, Donald did warn everyone, but he just didn’t say, that, it may well have long since been rigged for HIM … !!!!!

Anywho’ … moving on, NAACP members were spoken to, white collar workers, Evangelists and countless others, from senior, former FBI people, to, Latinos, who seemed quite happy to have got one of them in congress ….

Small steps eh, but realistically, beyond the public, who clearly, in many cases, lied to the pollsters, about who they were REALLY, gonna vote for !

There were, other, curve balls thrown into the mix, from a massive reduction, apparently, in black voter turnout, to the composition of who voted for who …..

Well, amazingly …..


Apparently, lots of white women voted for Donald, as did white males, however, the younger whites, and of course, sons and daughters of immigrants, seemed less inclined to fall in line with Mr. Trump.

Statistics that should not shock, but, should be taken note of …. The idea that, only rednecks from the urban areas of America are Trumps supporters, have now been scuppered, once and for all.

In America now, it must be quite an interesting environment to be in, as one of the panelists proved, when asked who she voted for, there will, i’m sure, be many who will never show that their allegiance was to this, much maligned man, who actually, when you compare him to say Palin or McCain, is probably, on par with, if, not so bad right … ???

Well, I like Trump, and am glad he has won, however, NOT, for the reasons you might think though, I like the fact that he can be labelled as things without reservation, as opposed to past Presidents, who like, Nixon & Clinton, were deemed to be squeaky clean, until found out, and proven otherwise, indeed, where’s the dirt on BO ?!?

Well, I guess his initials are where that lies …. Ha Ha ….

… and …

What of Jay & Queen Bey, and even Mary J … will they have been singing and rapping for Mrs. Clinton last night eh … ???

Probably not, but one thing they’ll be remembered for, is their support for The LOSER … that she is … !!!!!!

….. whose name will now go down as, TWICE, trying but failing, to secure a place alongside Bills’ name, in the list of US Presidents.

So, do Black Lives Matter now ?!?

… or, have they now been proven, in the majority of cases to be clowns, who continue to be CLOWNED !!!!

and prove themselves to be, complicit with, providing a shield for what AMERICA, REALLY IS …. A country that, actually, has NO … African Americans, they disgrace the name Africa, by placing America next to it … and that;s my view.

Much like these terms, Afro-Caribbean, etcetera etcetera, the coon fest, has reached new heights, it would seem, in 2016 …..

Give them some, small piece of status, fame, money, and a place alongside high profile whites, and their African …. becomes redundant, seemingly, very quickly …..

Colin Kaepernick’ has brought this subject to the fore, as has this election, in terms of …. who the, lets’ say, black people are…. who have no shame in supporting the system that now has given them, in some cases, some very nice chains, to inscribe their names upon, like good little slaves …..

Yeah I said it, fuck it, what they gonna do, call Trump to sort me out … !?!

Good Luck with THAT … !!!!!!

They are all over the place, from Facebook to social media platforms all over the internet, and, further afield ……

So, who will ACTUALLY, leave America now, and who will stay eh … ???

I’m sure a good few were joking, but, to think that famous people are claiming to be so incensed, by the idea of being in an America run by Trump, that they will go to Spain, Canada and elsewhere ….. is quite laughable ….. !!!

So, Obamas’ America, and the America that most have grown up in, benefited from, and shown love for, wasn’t so bad then ….. ?!?!?

YET …..

It’s the SAME AMERICA, that has produced a Trump President in 2016, once again …. NOT …. 1916, but 2016 …. ?!?

The Hypocrites are gonna get found out now, the cash cow that fed them, is now, all of a sudden, in trouble ???

The double standards, and, two faced nature of quite a number of American people, can no longer be seen as people complaining for … NO REASON …

Names like Giulianii, will now return to mainstream politics, and positions of considerable influence, the same Mayor Giuliani, who faced no such backlash from Celebs’, when it came to policies he implemented, that essentially, would appear to be ones, that his pal, Donald, would stand by, as being effective and positive policies, in terms of New Yorks’ and Americas’, National security …..

Hmmmm …..

Well, today i’ve read and seen stories about, physical and, verbal abuse, from college students to elderly white Americans, who are doing nothing more than releasing, that which we all have been made to believe, has been diminished in the White, American Psyche …..

Errrr …. WRONG …. !!!

As the saying goes, if you’re on a long straight road, and you get off your bus, when it no longer is in view, does it just disappear, well, this ain’t Hollywood, so, NO … Mo’ Fo’s ….. NO ….. !!!

The Co-insequential sequence of events should not be disconnected to England and Brexit, both have bred changes of leader, and both have merely reminded, the wise heads among us, of the facts, while the rest, who were walking around feeling good, because their delusions fed them ideals of equality, are now crying FOUL, when there is NO …. Foghorn Leghorn in view ….. !!!!!

If you wanted change, maybe you should of made some cash, so that you’d have some now, rather than buying the ….

Oh, the worlds moving forward, because Obama gained power, and promised some ….

Well, they’ve got some now !!!!!

and before people start jumping on Baracks’ back,

He … DIDN’T ….

…. actually say, when the change would come, but now it has, well, it’s time to take a stance, and make sure you stand alongside those, who TRULY, have your back, before you face the type of racism, or, economic woes, that will NOT BE ….

…. something that the… ” Illuminati ” … whatever …. !!!!

…. or, as I now prefer, Hierarchy of Donald and his buddies, will be suffering, due to, not only the colour, and abundance of their money, but also, it would seem now, because of the colour of their skin …..

and hence, for the rest of us ….

It’s clear that now, and for the next few ….

The Fun Times … Begin ………………………… !!!!!

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You gotta love it … !!! … written by Big Virge 28/11/2013

It’s taking quite a lot these days for me to, str8 blog, as it were …

Ya know what, you gotta love, “Facehook”, don’t ya !?!

It gives people, the option, to stay connected to, trends, events, and in some cases, find, long lost friends … !!!!

Well, I say, “Facehook”, because, some of these people, who determine, THEMSELVES, to be, “Your Friends”, recognise, from say, a couple of posts that a person makes, that, actually, They and You, are really on, “VERY DIFFERENT PAGES !!!”.

I found this out yesterday, and today, when I suddenly, realised that, someone who met me in recent times, had unfriended me !!!!

Why ???

Well, I guess he knows, and he’d probably say that, “Well, Your Attitude Virge, is very Negative and Disrespectful, to people in general, and, to my country !!!”

Hmmmmmm the, “Last Bit”, is where it all begins, the issue of racism, is still a very, “Touchy One”, for, “Most People”, for obvious reasons, but, when the shoe is thrown out of the box, as in, ” EXPOSURE “. of racist attitudes and tendencies, from, in this case, English folks,

“Oh, I am fed up with hearing about it !!!”, is the type of reply, that seems to prevail ???

… as if we, black folks, should STOP !!!

… frying that chip on our shoulder, and just, swallow our pain, and shut our mouths about it, when it is clear that, it has NOT, gone away, even in 2013 !!!!!

As I now live on old, “Plantation”, land, where as a rasta’ yute, told me yesterday, black Folks, “COULD NOT COME TO !!!”, in the, ” Good Ol’ Days !!!!! “.

Oh, I should just, FORGET, about that right !!!
Especially when, their legacy is connected, directly, to England ?!!!?

Oh, okay then, funny that, when, I don’t see, that many black folks living up in here, even now !!!!!

However, who can afford to rent, the BIGGER properties, up in here, oh, “British High Commission”, peoples’ !?!

Hmmmmmm so, how much change has actually occurred in the last couple of hundred years, not that much, it would seem ??

Meantime, war vets’ who have died since, way back whenever !!!!!

We should, celebrate, and pay homage to them, even today ?!?

… while the families of victims, of ridiculous, bombing campaigns and attacks, or should I say, INVASIONS, into lands where they, WERE NOT INVITED, are still having to find ways to overcome, not only their family losses, but, additionally, their loss of …

” IDENTITY ” … !!!!!

A thing that has, Extensive Repercussions, that clearly, can last for generations !!!!!

The funny thing is that, a place like Facebook, has become for some, a place to, PARADE, Flags, and their pride for, what were, and are, essentially, contract killers, who, in the case of say, Christopher Alder, seemed to have had a contract, that, was FLAWED, as he died, or, was more than likely, MURDERED, on a police station floor, while policemen laughed and roared, monkey taunts !!!!!

Can we black folks post & express about it, without being called, “Haters of the UK”, where this happened ???

“Oh, we should, again, talk about it in private, don’t dare try to expose the wicked, horrific dealings, of the upper echelons of the Union Jack !!!! which as the song said, never had, and STILL doesn’t, have any black in it !!!!!

Man …… !!!!

Loss of, ” Friends “, or, comments that then define the, callous & ignorant levels of some, English Minds, comes to pass,

“Why didn’t you get the fuck out before then !!!”

Hmm, forgetting that, in some cases, we don’t all, just leave our, “Loved Ones”, in my case, my mother !!!

… to be left in the hands of white peoples’ care, who seem to like to keep, Dead Black Soldiers bodies, after they’ve told the family, that they have buried their son & brother, for some, ten years after, the ACTUAL BURIAL !!!!!

… as was the case for Mr. Christopher Alder, RIP, who, after being, “Allegedly”, buried, was held, in their care, for essentially, TEN YEARS, without any reason being given, up to now, that makes any kind of sense !!!!!

I suggest these, smart-mouthed fellas, put their tea cups down, and try smelling the coffee, without the milk in it, for a change !!!

I was very reluctant to join Facebook, but, now I actually, enjoy using it, if, for nothing more, than to see, who does or doesn’t share, REAL SHIT !!!, and who uses it for, “Banter”, as if that’s a … “Positive Way” … to indulge in a social network, that, if used appropriately, could perhaps, start movements, like say, Twitter Campaigns, although, obviously filled with, “Twits”, mostly !!! LOL !!!

That are, apparently, beyond government controls !!!

The Double Standards and Bullshit of people, REALLY, comes to light, in a way, that, can clear up any, bogus relationships, that exist, in maybe, one of the parties minds, about the level of connection/closeness, that they may, or may not, have …. ???

There is INDEED, a difference between, “Acquaintances”, and, “Friends” … !!!!!


I have, ” Friends “, on Facebook, who, have threatened to rob me, come in my home, and been so selfish, as to drink out mans’ drink, to the point where, they, only barely, managed, to beg for a bucket to puke in, and, of course !!!

The “covert”, watchers, of what I post, who are sitting there, waiting for their opportunity, to make their, Sneak Attack, off some other cuntholes’ back !!!!!

Am I pissed or stressed ???
NO … !!!

I just have a brain, and intellect, which, allied to my basic levels of common sense, allow me to express my point of view with intelligence and deference, to, these peoples’, crude moves.

Friends, well, FOOLS, I’m glad to lose !!!

“TRUE FRIENDS”, recognise truths, and deal with them !!!!!

or, do the right thing, ” Agree to Disagree “, and move on, if possible, but, when a person expresses to you, due to your views, that, you should unfriend them, just be REAL with yourself, and, do it people !!!

Don’t leave a name on your friend page, who you know in your heart, you have a problem with, because of their views/attitude, etcetera etcetera …..

As said, what I am beginning to love about the web, is it’s social networks, trolls aside, because people really, seem to believe that, they can say what they want, without repercussion.

I recognise, more than most, the level of danger I bring to myself, by speaking my mind, but, as I read in another poets words, called, “Herbaliser”, from London,

“It is a bold step for a man to admit his truths,
Esspecially when tarnished with clues.
In this world, why is it hard to tell truths?”

Well, if … “Facehook”, is anything to go by …

because certain truths, are clearly, too painful
for, certain people to take, especially when,
they believed that, it would seem, in my case,
that my brain would refrain, from using, “Their News”,
to CLEARLY explain, that, views they hold
about how great their country is …

Define, to me, that things haven’t changed
They remain the same, when it comes to race
and what they, pay attention to
and, more importantly,
what should be, conveniently,
swept under the carpet
and locked away !!!!!

Double Standards, CLEARLY EXIST !!!

when I am told,
“I should button my lip !”
when it comes to things
that EXPOSE, The English,
for their, dirty tricks
and, how their worst, live …

It must be me,
who is the, ” Racist ”

You gotta love it !!!!!

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“Outspoken” … A Poem written by Big Virge 20/11/2005

Wow, people are happy to run theirs, but, when you run yours, all of a sudden, you’re out of line and have … GONE TOO FAR …. ?!?

Well, just for them … !!!!!

Folks ….
People … ” Aren’t Joking ” … !!!
when they say i’m ……

….. ” OUTSPOKEN ” …. !!!!!

Sometimes …
I say things …
that leave people …
… ” Broken ” … !!!!!!!!

Some people have … ” cried ”
because of the way …
I speak about … ” Life ”

“Suffering” … “Pain” … and …
Dealing with …. ” Strife ” …. !!!

But ….
Things that I say …
are … ” Simple Reflections ” …
on things … in my sight …

Sometimes they are … ” WRONG ” … !!!
Sometimes they are …. ” RIGHT ” …. !!!!!

But ….
Speaking my mind
should not be a … ” Crime ” … !!!!!

My words are … ” Designed ”
to … ” Simply ” … ” Invite ” …
A place within … ” Darkness ” …
where … ” CLARITY SHINES ” … !!!!!
and … LIGHT … is … DEFINED … !!!!!

Words I now … write …
are simply … Inclined …
to … ” Lyrically Dine ” …
recline and be … ” Primed ”

to do … what is … ” WISE ”
and pay … ” CLOSE ATTENTION ” … !!!
to …. ” REALITY’S ” … Signs … !!!

On … How To Live …
A … ” POSITIVE LIFE ” … !!!!!

I’d rather … DO THAT … !!!
than live life to … Fight … ?!?

I’m NOT … in a rush …
to lay down and … DIE … !!!!!

Since I was a kid …
I’ve always been quick …
to air … My Opinions …
and speak about … things …

I LOVE TO … Enlist … !!!
The use of … ” EXPRESSION ”
It’s … CLEARLY … A Gift … !!!
and now an … ” OBSESSION ” … !!!!!

Poems … KEEP COMING … !!!
just like a … ” PROCESSION ” … !!!!!

But some … Do Not Like … !!!
The words I … ” Recite ” … !!!
and don’t like the sight …
of … My Lips … by a mic … !!!!!

But Hey …
That’s Okay … !!!

They … REALLY … Miss Out …
at the … End of the day … !!! …

My Wordplay … has …
….. ” SUBSTANCE ” …..

“EVEN” ……
when I … RAGE … !!!!!

But … NEVER … indulges …
in … ” Inciting ” … HATE … !!!!!!

But ….
CLEARLY … reflects …
My Mood … when … IRATE … !!!!!

But …..
My Moods …
Like … The Weather …
Show … CHANGE …
… ” Everyday ” … !!!!!

I can’t be the same
and always be … ” TAME ”

Those who want that …
Like … ” Controlling Brains ” … !!!!!

and clearly … are people …
who … NEED TO … REFRAIN … !!!!!!!
from trying to …. ” LIMIT ” ….
what people …. ” Should Say ” …. !!!

We Need to be … ” Mindful ” …
of those who … Relay …
A message that … ” Glorifies ”
….. ” Deviant ” …. ways …. !!!!!!

Those who … ” Spread Hate ”
and … ” Murderous Traits ”


But …
That’s just … “My View” …
at the …. end of the day …. !!!

Freedom of Speech …
is … ” BEAUTY ” … to me … !!!

NOT … Trying to Teach … !!!
or … Trying to Preach … !!!

We … ALL … have a mouth
I’d rather use … ” SPEECH ” … !!!
than … ” Physical Clouts ” …
“That” … Knock People … Down … !!!!!

“Brainpower” …. FEEDS ….
Off … wordplay that … ” Speaks ”
to … ” Souls Within People ” …
who choose … NOT TO SEE … !!!!!

A world where we … STOP …
Our … ” Freedom of Speech ” …

“Music” … is … SO GREAT …
when … ” Wordplay ” … Relates …
A Feeling … that … ” TOUCHES ” …
and … ” Sensually ” … Clutches …
” Something ” …. ” Deep Inside ” … !!!
And … ” Helps Pain ” … subside … !!!!!

This is …. One Reason ….
I Now … LOVE TO WRITE … !!!!!

because my … ” Expression ”
HELPS … ” Channel Aggression ”
and helps me to … ” STRENGTHEN ”
My use of …. ” Expression ” ….

My … ” OUTSPOKEN ” … Nature
Has … brought me …
My … ” Troubles ” … !!!!!

But …
Has been …. ” My Saviour ” …. !!!
and keeps me from … ” FORCES ”
” DARKER ” … than … Vader’s … !!!
GREEN … is the colour …
of YES … ” My Light Sabre ” … !!!!!

GREEN … as in … ” Country ”
where … Animals Roam …
“Expressing” … themselves …
in …. ” EVERY ” …. Zone ….

We sit and … Watch Them …
when they use … ” Expression ”

” The Vision ” … of them …
Behind … A Zoo Fence … !!!

Don’t get it … ” Confused ”
I’m simply … Suggesting …
That … Airing Our Views …
is … ” SURELY ” … A Thing …
We should … NOT REFUSE … !!!

“EVEN” … when people …
say things … That Abuse … !!!

because you then … KNOW …
if you …. Can Be … COOL …

and … Even if … NOT …
may help you to … Choose …

A … ” Positive Way ” …
to … RESOLVE … Your Issues … !!!

“Being” … OUTSPOKEN …
is NOT … Always Good … !!!!!

But ….
Does … Help a person …
to … give you … ” Some Clues ”
on what … Fuels … Their Mood …
and … May … Give you … PROOF …
of what … They’re Into …

I Now … Prefer … THAT … !!!
than being with … ” Those ” …
who simply …. ” Sit Back ” …. !!!
and wait for the ….. Chance …..
to make … an … ” ATTACK ” … !!!!!

What is it … THEY LACK … ?
That … Makes them … DO THAT … ?!?

Some folks are … like this …
and that’s just a … FACT … !!!!!

These are the … people …

Whose words i’m now …
….. ” Quoting ” …..

and NO …
I’m NOT … JOKING … !!!!!

These are the people ….
who say …. ” Virgil’s ” ….

…. ” OUTSPOKEN ” …. !!!!!!!!

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Well, at least Mr. Zimmerman has been Good for Sumthin’ !!! … written by Big Virge 14/7/2012

The title to this post is because he’s inspired me to write some more, about, my recent visit to the US, and reminded me of much that I heard in the U.S.

…. Not Florida, but, Philadelphia, which according to various stories that I was told, in my interactions, is a state filled with, Police Brutality & Corruption !!!!!

One evening, whilst in company, a woman came into the group and immediately changed the vibe of the gathering, as she spoke about feeling pressured into going to court the next day, regarding an incident, which she proceeded to tell us, from ofcourse, “Her side of the story”, involved her and a young boy, who, she didn’t know, being arrested & searched for drugs, which were not found, as she & the youth had none, only to be dragged out of the squad car, to be then beaten by 7 out of 8 officers, whilst the female officer, officer number 8, stood and watched !!!!!

The BIG problem with this, is that ….

Oh, stupid Mutha fuckers didn’t know that she was pregnant !!!!!

She lost the child !

As the judge initially told them, “This young lady better not be troubled before this gets to court as you are on charges of murder, remember that !!!!!”

The captain of the station where these fukkers were from, personally came to apologise to the woman, who, sadly, in my opinion, was not taking this matter seriously enough, until I and a few other men started to explain to her the gravity of her position, and that, she should be doing everything possible, to not only get financially compensated, but, to use this as an opportunity to expose these officers for their behaviour, so that others would have a level of awareness, if not protection, from such …..

“Po Po’, practices.

Unbelievable, but true, however, it seemed that she was highly fearful of reprisals, beyond the law, by said officers, or their fraternity …. which …. links suitably to, guess who, Mr. Zimmerman !!!

Is it something about the name George that America likes, that means that they can get away with all kinds of wickedness, and pay no price for it ?!?

Zimmerman and Georgie Bush, seem to have got away with murderous acts in the name of ….

“Defence of their territory !”

So, realistically, this … ” Stand Your Ground “, Florida Law, should avail freedom for people, fearing the police, as most people of colour do, to, shoot them without fear of punitive measures from the states judicial system, under the grounds of self-defence … ???

…. or is that, just for, … Fairer-Skinned Folks, as plenty of white folks will be running the, “Ahhh but Zimmerman’s Mexican !!!!”, rhetoric.

It is interesting to me though, having found myself in a neighbourhood, that is predominantly white, in Barbados, how my neighbours, in over a year, have yet to introduce themselves, other than from a very …. ” Safe Distance !!!”

It’s crazy funny to me, or, as Mos Def has said, ” It’s So SERIOUS, i’m Laughing “, because, as much as recent occurrences in this area, suggest a level of need for such neighbourhood watches as per the Zimmerman case, here in Bim. The manner of some of the white folks when first seeing me, even now, does have me now thinking, could I of ended up being shot, if I happened to be walking through here at the wrong time of night by some, “Trigger Happy” ….

” American History X “, wannabe ???

Well, fortunately, hooded garms, aren’t so much of a need here, due to the weather, but, bwoyyyyy, wit some of these, actually, not so secretive, racists, i’m beginning to wonder … ???

Sadly for me though, it has been those of a similar skin tone, who, actually make me glad that I am where I am, due to none of these white folks openly threatening to shoot or rob me, because I apparently, deserve to be !!!!!

Words like those, have though, come from, ” My People ??? “.

…. maybe …. not so much like me … ???

…. but, having been on the receiving end of such talk and attitudes, it isn’t so hard to see why a lot of white people view black people as a threat, and, in many ways, a strain of humanity, that, needs to be kept away from them !!!

However, back to Philly, and let me show you how it can be translated in their actions, which proves their stance to be as f’ckd up, as that of blacks, who feel that, due to another black persons progression, they need to be dragged back to where they seem, happy to be.

I walk in to one of the, Radisson Hotels’ toilets in Philly, on my recent visit, to see a white guy, visibly disturbed by my appearance, but, he relaxed, “A little”, upon seeing that I wasn’t about to rob him … ?!?

…. only to have, two rather merry … (inebriated) … older white guys walk in to see us at the urinals, which then was quickly followed by one of them loudly proclaiming to their white compadre, “Careful he don’t rob you !!!”.

The … “Truth Juice”, had clearly got the better of him, now, I could ofcourse, now be in prison for decapitating his ignorant ass, but, upon looking at the first white guys face, it was as if his eyes were saying,

“Damn it you redneck fuck, I was thinking it, but, you had to go there didn’t ya !?!”.

Who was the worst racist … ???

…. well, debatable, but, my non-reaction, is to retain my freedom, so that I can pass on the FACT, that, such attitudes have never been removed, perhaps because of judicial decisions like this, “Not Guilty”, Zimmerman bullpish !!!!!

I’m gonna cut this one here, as today, on a thread I started, a comment was placed on it by a young white guy, who seemed unabashed in stating that, “He doesn’t care whether Zimmerman is guilty or not, because racism has been placed above the law !”.

… which is a JOKE, in his view.

Well, when I see such attitudes being so brazenly shown, especially by white peeps, it reminds me of these things …..

How many of them … FEAR … Immigration checks, when travelling ?!?

… or, “Stop and Search”, from Po Po ???
… or Beatdowns, to the degree that the young woman I met in Philly, went through ???

…. but, more important than all of these things is this, how many of these, “PC Laws”, are written by … Black People, for the benefit of … Black People, in countries where, “These Laws”, do not relate, ONE IOTA, to the indigenous people of countries like, The …. let me stress ….

UNITED …. States of America …. huh …. ??? ! ???

Even in places like Barbados, as much as there are black figureheads now, their doctrine seems to follow those of the colonialists, who whipped their forefathers into shape.

As I was recently told, about the coastguard here, apparently, when someone calls for help due to difficulties in the waters,

Why would the first question be … ???

“Are they tourists … !???!”

People… People… People… SMH SMH SMH !!!!!

When will we learn to get past being open, and, more important than that,

“Impartial and Logical”, regarding things that, CLEARLY, are not right …. !!!!!

Like Mr. Zimmerman, not being found guilty of … ANYTHING … when he still has the blood of a young mans murder, on his hands ……

Think about it …….

Riots and protests now ….. for what ….. ???

To fuel more need for, Hard-Hitting Policing and law changes that impinge even further on, civil liberties ….

Good luck with that people ….. !!!!!

What a crazy place the U.S, has become, under the guise of … ” Change “, under the Obama administration ….

What a joke !!!!!!!!!

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They’ve got a cheek man !!!!

Those who know me well, would probably say I’m a miserable old girl but the truth is that unlike most people nowadays, I don’t run from speaking about things that P**S me the F**k off like getting speeding camera tickets for not even being ten miles an hour above the speed limit when driving around late at night when the roads are clear !!!!

These cheeky sods have got the cheek to be talking about requiring money for this and that, and then losing peoples’ personal statistics, shooting innocent men on the underground where the CCTV cameras (ofcourse paid for through peoples tax revenue) conveniently didn’t work, when it came to showing how the cops shot Charles de Menezes (RIP).

Money for the olympics, money for national security, money for this and money for that !!!! but yet services are diminishing, jails are overcrowded, immigrants are causing problems, yet, the Home Office seems incapable of not only tracking the immigrant crims but keeping a track on the amount of them now coming in !!!
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