” Money ” … Written and Performed by Big Virge

Keeping it moving with Track 6 from …

The Lowhar Files folks….

…. and it speaks on a subject that we all know about, all too well.
The subject of ….

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“Untouchable” … from the new album, The Lowhar Files !!!

Okay folks, this is the third part of the, Tri-Fector of tracks that, inter-relate with a certain, Black James Bond.

The reason being that if he were a poet, he’d clearly be,

” Bulletproof ” …

…. and would be much like a poetic version of Elliot Ness, in terms of being like this track suggests…

Track 4 from my new album, “The Lowhar Files” … now on general release, at all online retailers !

So, here ya go folks, check out why my altar ego, Big Virge, when it comes to, Spoken Word Rhymes, can make the claim to be….

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” The Lowhar Files “… New release NOW AVAILABLE !!! Here’s another fresh track !

Okay folks, so it’s dropped on all major online platforms, and y’all know, if people are digging some of these tracks, they’ll be downloadable, somewhere or other, pretty sharpish !

Such is life, but it’s good to be able to share some more music with y’all.

The albums first two tracks are being well received, as Anthony Lowhar’s production, has brought a fresh dimension to what my spoken word recordings can become.

Funky, Jazzy, Groovy and more, alongside of my usual, thought provoking, hard hitting lyricism.

A very interesting blend worth checking out people, if I do say so myself !

Who isn’t about self promoting now ?

So don’t even go there, because I guarantee, there’ll be something for everyone on this album, from the light to the heavy, to the beautiful, this album will offer a taste of all the above, and maybe a few more things…

So, yup, Itunes, CD Baby, Deezer, Spotify, blah di blah, so at least stream anything you like a few times folks… I only need a few BILLION to get noticed and paid !

Ha Ha….

Anyway, here’s the third track, a little number that, whilst being somewhat braggadocios, also speaks on the serious issues of modern policing, governance and societal violence !

However, poetically speaking, it also shows that Big Virge, being moi, is now…..

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“Folks, he’s back and, Hornier than ever, The Black James Bond Lowhar Remix…”

So folks, indeed he has returned for the new album,
” The Lowhar Files “, and Mr. Lowhar has done quite the job on his return !

Funky, groovy, and TOTALLY DIFFERENT to the original version from, Virges’ World, Volume 1 !

So, get your dancing feet ready, for this very upbeat track, that proves a certain Big Virge iteration of James Bond is BACK !

So, take a listen and enjoy this track…

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