“Separate” … Written and Performed by Big Virge

So folks, as the issues of lockdowns and social distancing continue to cause difficulties for everyone, from children, to couples, to families, it seems that divorces and separations, much like after 9/11, are once again rising, if we are to believe reports coming out of the media, and certain law firms, that are claiming to have seen a significant rise in enquiries about the divorce process.

It has also been claimed that there are number of women, who are just waiting until this whole Corona situation is stabilised, alongside of the economic situation, to then go on their merry way, and to make a fresh start !

Well, as per usual, money would seem to dictate why divorces have become a hot topic, in difficult times ….

Love does not conquer all it would seem ???

Thus, a load of false declarations are clearly made at alters, because as soon as external forces falter, divorce seems to be the first option that many are drawn to.

Like really … WTF … ?!?

There are of course, those partnerships where compromises are made to try to keep sinking ships afloat, however, as jobs continue to go, and businesses continue to fold, pressures in homes rise, so, it’s no surprise that, all of a sudden cracks start to appear, when people have to spend more time in each other’s company !

So again, much like the now, famous song asked….

“ Where Is The Love “, people ?!?

It’s an interesting dynamic, that has far reaching effects, because what this virus has also done, is to separate minds, as opinions differ, on everything form wearing masks, to theories about vaccines, to thoughts about the seriousness of this situation.

There are those who are clearly keen to get to whatever new normal they foresee, while there are, of course, numerous people who are seemingly, unsure as to the validity of much that is being presented, as being the best way forward.

Personally, I have found that the stresses that are often underplayed by people, are affecting mind states in adverse ways, when certain things become apparent, like the lack of certainty, regarding certain policies, especially when, everyone from celebrities to politicians, seem to have no problem breaching what we are all being told are punishable movements, that breach the same rules that are being used to rule and clearly confuse, a great many people !

So, in truth, I have to say that it is quite reasonable for these separations to be an issue in such confusing times, be they, over social issues or those of a more intimate nature, the benefit of keeping ones thoughts and opinions to yourself, cannot simply be seen, as dipping ones head in the sand.

Sometimes, to separate yourself from the issues of the world, and more importantly, from peoples opinions, and underlying stresses and denials, is an act of self preservation, rather than those of disillusioned souls.

So, this piece, even though written, a long time before Corona brought it to the fore, speaks on the subject of divorce, due to those feelings that dictate a need to …..

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