“Run Through My Mind” … Written and Performed by Big Virge

So folks, in times like these, it’s clear that lots of things are running through peoples minds, from vaccines to health, to money, security, and the future.

There are a great many things on the horizon, in terms of the societal reset, that has already compelled many people to now adapt to, without question, that have people embracing some very strange things.

Artistically speaking, many artists under the mainstream radar, or self proclaimed artists, are sacrificing their craft, to become nine to fivers.

The super rich are seemingly keen to find ways to further separate themselves from the growing number of impoverished people, as more and more, older, major artists, seem to be passing away.

The next generation of up and coming artists, seem to be compromising themselves to incredibly low levels to get, “ Put On”, as my last couple of posts have been speaking on.

The internet may be availing platforms for podcasts, and the like, to have more people speak their truth about the world, but who’s really listening, when it comes down to it ?

The masses ???

…. or smaller collectives of the diminishing numbers of thinkers, who remain true to the ideal of thinking for themselves, ahead of their devices, or what mass media tells them to believe ?

As ever, there is little room for any kind of straight speak, reaching mainstream airwaves, not that there ever was, but it’s disturbing to hear what’s coming out of the minds of a lot of young people, as well as quite a few elders, who you’d think would know better, than to just accept whatever is presented to them as being their best options for success, or survival, in the new age of Big Tech, especially from world governments now.

The issue of racism is still running through a great many minds, however, it’s proving to be an even more divisive topic now, than ever before, especially between black people.

It is quite apparent though, that America seems to be setting the standard, for race discussion, as if black people in America, are the only ones whose opinions and experiences seem to matter, when it comes to the issue of race discrimination.

A disturbing thing to see, when black people are in places all over the world, like, St. Vincent and The Grenadines, where black lives are not being treated like they matter, unless they’re signing up to all kinds of nonsensical agendas, that the new breed of successful blacks, don’t seem to have any REAL interest in, because they’re out there happily, prostituting themselves for those bits of ink filled paper, that may well prove to be worth a lot less, when digital currencies become more and more influential, and popular.

The rise in Covid infections and deaths in India, is on a lot of peoples minds, as are lockdowns in places like Turkey, where they initially were thought to have the spread of the virus under control.

So finally, what of relationships ?

Well, they’re always a difficult thing to maintain, at the best of times, but when money gets tight, many start to see cracks appear in their apparent love for each other, that they were blissfully ignoring, while things appeared to be going well.

However, as a poet and artist who deals in the realities of life, these are not things that I have time to be focussing on.

The bigger issues of what’s really happening to people in this world, and what the powers that be, are pushing society towards embracing, tend to be the things that are at the forefront of my mind ….

So, even though written a while ago, here are a few things that were, and still do …..

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