“Puppets” … A Poem written and performed by Big Virge

So, as one gets older, you get to see that things aren’t necessarily as they seem to be, when it comes to those who get to air their views on controversial issues, in public forums.

The idea that people really do, as per my last post, “ Keep It Real “,
is something that needs to be, seriously questioned as being true ?

Many people from mainstream media, are clearly bound by the string pullers, who direct and control what it is, that they get to say, and when, and who they get to say it to !

There are also an abundance of political puppets, at various levels of the political spectrum.

Of course they, and many of their cohorts, would claim that they are not puppets, and many would ask the question,

How do you know that they are a puppet ?

Well, I guess it’s a matter of perspective, however, when people suddenly disappear from vision, or are, “ Blackballed “, for saying something that upset the wrong group, or someone, it’s only reasonable to believe that there are people who wouldn’t dare, cross the line of fire, that comes from stepping outside of accepted narratives.

As an artist who uses words to express my views and opinions, it’s become very clear to me, that there are numerous puppets within the entertainment industry, who seem to be very mindful of not speaking on certain issues, in totally honest and forthright ways.

The subject of Religion warrants strings being pulled on certain vocal chords, as it obviously does with gender now.

The alphabet crowd have considerable pull, in terms of who gets to be in certain positions, and the puppets know that they had better not speak out of turn, or say anything disparaging about their community, or else, face the penalty of disappearing from the public eye, and kissing any career in the media goodbye.

The only way to avoid being a puppet, is to become so rich and powerful, that you can do your own thing, but the question then becomes, what did you have to do to get to have that amount of money, in the first place ?

Even when it comes to the Internet, and peoples claims that they have got their respective online platforms to flourish, without bowing to anyone, the most skeptical amongst us, would still question if certain strings haven’t been attached to you at some point ?

Be you on, Youtube, or on other online channels and platforms, they are all monitored, and unless they benefit from what you’re doing, you can be removed at the touch of a button, if you’re found to breach certain site protocols, or guidelines.

So, to think that the Internet has freed people from being subject to puppet controls, would at best be, clearly somewhat naive !

It would seem nonsensical to believe that people who work their way up the ladder of success, don’t have people telling them, when to speak, and when to keep their mouths shut !

Basic relationships between couples, indulge in this form of puppetry, at a lesser level, but certain men and women, pull strokes, or strings, to get what they want from the other party, so it’s just a part of life.

However, when it comes to art forms like Hip Hop, up until the advent of less controlled interviews, like those now found on platforms like YouTube, certain things that are now being exposed, about the type of strings that are being pulled by powerful individuals, to keep certain heads reigned in, remained unknown !

However, many of these things are now being discussed on camera, be they things connected to sex, or to power moves that restrict individuals from releasing information on their peers, due to the nature of certain compromises that they’ve made, to get to be where they are.

The idea of underground rappers earning their position, seems to have now become something that’s driven by this form of puppetry, becoming a dominant factor in who gets where, and more importantly, how fast.

This may seem to be more like a case of simple compromise, however, once you’ve compromised yourself to the point where you have dirty secrets, that you don’t ever want people to know, then when your strings get pulled by your puppet master, you’re not likely to break those strings when pushed to, do or say things to again, promote a certain narrative, that keeps your image intact.

It all seems crazy to those who buy into, anything that famous people say, but fame like gaining power, clearly comes at a high price, much higher than most people think !

Your life for one, could be jeopardised, but there is also the prospect of what certain things being exposed, could do to your family.

We’ve already seen numerous celebrities, come out of closets in recent times !

So, weren’t they puppets for many years, when it wasn’t acceptable to open their closet doors, that were firmly closed, due to the narrative that once suggested such behaviour to be abhorrent ?

The idea of, keeping it real, is very closely linked to actually, NOT DOING SO, as strange as that may seem to say, however, when you take a close look at how things really work, and listen to those now suggesting that there’s much more to becoming successful, than meets the eye, in terms of gaining A-List Level success.

One has to question the legitimacy of much that certain, famous people, from various walks of, Elite Life, claim to be their position on a variety of subjects ?

As hard as it might be for people to accept, it’s pretty clear to see that a great many of those who we see as being the best, are actually people who have simply become, very good at hiding the strings that guide much that they say and do, because they know that they are simply….

The real power brokers…

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