“Problems” … Written and Performed by Big Virge

So people, quite the last few days it’s been !

Hurricane Elsa caused considerable chaos on her way through Barbados, resulting in me for one, being without power for, essentially a week !!!

It was clearly problematic for the authorities and leadership in Barbados to have been effectively prepared for what is predicted to possibly be, the first of a pretty rough hurricane season this year !

An issue that needs to be looked at, especially when internet access seemed to be more important to get back, than providing energy so that people could preserve food, in the midst of the problematic issue of Covid, literally causing haywire, like the party of the same name, seemingly organised, due to the need for tourism to be maintained, to sustain the economy in Barbados.

An issue that’s causing some problems for locals, who seem a little perturbed at the fact that, tourists can come and still do their thing, whilst locals are being warned of further curfews, and Lockdowns, due to said, Covid-19 !

Incredibly, the Delta Variant seems to have been on the vaccine hit list, somehow, BEFORE it even existed, as suddenly, media outlets are pushing the narrative that infection rates are only rising in regions where, vaccination uptake is low.

Huh… ???
Okay, fair enough.

I’ll say no more on that, for fear of being labelled as one of the, ” Problem People “, who are anti-vaxxers

However, globally, problems are proving to be a very regular vision, from the type of flooding and heatwaves, that if you’re a religious believer, you might say are proving to be Biblical.

I’m not sure about all that, but, there are a number of clearly worrying trends, when it comes to climate, and nature showing it’s distaste for humans being in certain places !

A subject that suitably leads to the …


LOL … that England isn’t quite as good an example of race acceptance, when it comes to black footballers stopping the European Cup from….

“ Coming Home “,

…. as many seemed to believe was about to happen, as a result of Gareth Southgate’s team, reaching the final quite comfortably.

However, the problem is, that when you’re playing for a country whose fans would rather gain illegal entry to the game, than to just watch it on TV, in the midst of a PANDEMIC, who seemingly, hide their true thoughts about black representation for their nation on an international level, that are those that offend their rather, bigoted sense of national pride. ESPECIALLY When These Black Players MISS Penalties, that could be seen as costing them, their desperately wanted, first major international trophy, for well, basically FOREVER !

You have to wonder how comfortable these players could possibly be, when it comes to stepping up to take penalties, for fear of the repercussions, should they miss.

Well the problem of racist attitudes, so soon after such fervour for the, Black Lives Matter Movement, would still seem to be a fairly big one in the so called,

….. UNITED Kingdom …..

Again, LOL !!

However, I’ll get into that more in my next post.

The problems of the world are occurring in many ways, politically and socially, as protests, rioting and looting, is happening in rather too many places for comfort, from Cuba, where it has been a very rare occurrence, to see people in the streets protesting, according to the mainstream media, about a lack of medicine, as in vaccines, as well as food shortages, and discontent with the countries governance in such difficult times, to South Africa too, where, after ex-president, Jacob Zuma’s arrest and imprisonment, unrest has caused volatile clashes, due to his supporters rioting, protesting, or, of course, as Western Media will say, looting !

However, footage of shopping malls, did not indicate fake news, it just looks as if they were robbed by the whole town, with absolutely NOTHING left to be taken, which has lead to white militia groups forming, to protect their businesses, land and property, with loaded weapons !


Yeah South Africa’s got em’ !!!

As does the UK and America, with violent acts, as well as flooding in New York and the streets of London, where subways and cars being submerged in water, is indeed causing problems for a lot of folks !

If you were to go from country to country, across the globe, one has to wonder just how many of them are functioning in a relatively, problem free manner ?

A claim that can’t be made for Haiti, after the assassination of President Moise, where his home was raided, and he took numerous bullets before dying, while interestingly, his wife somehow survived the attack, which if the arrests are anything to go by, was done by a rather large number of men !

So of course, we’re hearing all kinds of versions of events, regarding these leaders who are being imprisoned, or killed.

The biggest problem for those of us paying attention, is trying to figure out what’s true from what’s not, when it comes to the explanations being given for why these things are happening.

So, I’ll leave it there, apart from to say that in the case of the Haitian President, could the apparent fact that he was anti vaccines, have anything to do with his sudden removal from power, in such a brutal, violent manner ?

There are so many questions these days, regarding everything from the safety issues surrounding taking vaccines, to the issues surrounding the re-opening, or, locking down of countries !

Matters that, like this spoken word drop, are those now filled with an abundance of……

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