“Never To Be Forgotten” … A Poem written and performed by Big Virge

So folks, as our, ” appointed “, month of black history has essentially come and gone, there are so many names and things, that relate to black history, that really need to be noted, and not forgotten !

From the inventors who allegedly, had their inventions and creativity stolen, to slavery and, an infinite number of things, that define black peoples struggles, victories, and most important of all to me, accountability for our actions, and how we treat one another !

It’s easy to point fingers, and apportion blame to other people, or circumstances, for the positions you find yourself in.

However, one has to be honest with yourself about the choices you make, that lead to things occurring in our lives.

There is so much debate about the reasons behind, why black people as a populous, find themselves in the positions we are in today, but the big question is….

What is the REAL TRUTH ?

Well, in recent weeks, I have been watching, “ HIDDEN COLOURS “, a very interesting, 5 part docu-series of films, that covers black history, white supremacy, and much much more, which I suggest, would be a worthwhile watch for anyone who seeks to know more about black peoples’ past, as well as our current position in Western Society.

The series of films has black professors, activists, researchers and more, sharing their views, knowledge, and feelings about our plight, our strengths, and incredible resilience in still being here, fighting against systems that are still compromising, killing, and oppressing black peoples’ ability to live, as we would like.

There is much that will enlighten, uplift, and disturb people, of all
colours, much like the incredible story of Chairman Fred Hamptons’, rise and demise, due to a certain, Bill O’Neal, who was the FBI Informant, who infiltrated the Black Panthers, rose up through the ranks, and eventually contributed, in no small way, to Fred Hamptons assassination, who just happened to be, that’s right … BLACK … !?!

I have to say that I thoroughly enjoyed the movie, and it’s performances from Daniel Kaluuya, as Hampton, to Dominique Fishback’s performance as his partner, Deborah Johnson, now known as, Akua Njeri, who mothered his son, Fred Hampton Jnr’, who is alive today, and who now runs the Black Panther Cubs, an extension of the original Panthers organisation, who were both consulted, after extensive, lengthy meetings, for the making of the film, to the supporting cast, and the very chilling, and well executed performance, by Lakeith Stanfield, as the Judas of the films title, Bill O’Neal.

A quick mention has to be made for Martin Sheen’s turn as, J Edgar Hoover, and Jesse Plemons, who plays Roy Mitchell, the agent who recruited, and then, used and abused O’Neal, to eventually please Hoover, and seal the deal, by ensuring that Hampton was murdered, before returning to prison, due to, as Hoover essentially put it,

“Hampton being a threat to the white way of life “.

An incredible movie to have come out, and be seen at a time where, Black Lives, apparently matter, and we’re getting our customary, ridiculous MONTH, to recognise black history.

I could go on and on about the incredible tales of black woe, and success, but this weeks poem reflects on, merely a few of those, who the majority of black people choose to ignore and forget, and those who, most white and asian people generally, could care less about.

Chairman Fred Hampton to me, who died far too young, much like Stokely Carmichael, was an incredible spirit, with the type of vision for a better world, that I could get down with, and to this day, will never forget….

So, on that note, this weeks spoken word drop is for those, at least in my belief…..

Who are…..

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