“My Mans'” … Written and Performed by Big Virge

So folks, this last few days has shown the world a lot of new things, as to what the future may, or may not bring, from a possible, Pfizer Vaccine, that seems to be the one that world governments are jumping on, as the one that will be rolled out, as the Pfizer team seem to be readily accepted, as the good guys in the fight against Corona, which in time, it seems that we shall see !

However, there now seem to be a few companies with workable vaccines, which leads me to thinking, that as ever, if all these companies just worked say, TOGETHER, wouldn’t that have availed a quicker resolution, and have worked out better ?

Well, clearly not in this world of divisions !

A suitable word to lead me to the US Election result, and how it’s still causing concerns, as, ” The Don “, apparently still feels as if he’s being cheated out of his Presidential Status !

So, no smooth transition, or acceptance of defeat, seems likely just yet.
However, what this has once again bred, is the discrediting of people, from his own Whitehouse Team, who in many cases, have apparently contracted the virus, according to the mainstream media, who, he sees as not being with him, or his pursuit of this result being overturned.

Meanwhile, President Elect, Biden, seems to be formulating his team of people, who’ll be the ones he’ll entrust to help him, if and when he does, get to occupy the Whitehouse come January !

There’s also talk of, compulsory vaccine appropriation in New York, and Covid Infection rates, sharply rising in various places once again !

It’s a time where allegiances, and loyalties are being put to some very stern tests, so I figure it’s a time to drop something positive, in terms of the various people I have, and haven’t met who have been inspirations to me, be they, women and men, from so many walks of life, that I had to put them into some rhymes, because of what they’ve done for me over the years, which is why, I will always see these people as being …

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