Must be me !!!! … written by Big Virge on the 26/11/07

“MUST BE ME !!!!” . . . . but, I have to say, it seems interesting to me, that, having watched both the BBC, and, ITV news today, the story that seems to be, repeatedly being, pushed on people these days is the ever increasing youth crime rate, and the fear amongst youths, not only in terms of attacks, but, also in terms of speaking out, or, confronting their assailants because of repercussions which in some cases can prove to be fatal !!!

Joe Frazier is in town and has met with a police / boxing club, in London, advocating the putting down of weapons by young people, presumably in favour of venting their frustrations in the ring !!!

A good idea in principle, clearly, but I do take issue with a comment made within the report, about the fact that, only, “Cowards”, take to pulling weapons to resolve disputes !?!

Yes I believe this to be true cos I’m from the old school, but, the reason I take issue with this is . . . . now stay with me on this !!!!

…. if that’s the case, why are soldiers and police armed to the hilt, when it comes to dealing with public / foreign disputes then, eh !!!?!!!

Ofcourse ministers and congressmen are not ofcourse, Joe Frazier, but, have clearly got no problem with him coming to England to spread words, that seemingly, they should be taking note of and acting upon accordingly !

Far be it for me to suggest that the, “Honourable Men”, in combats, or, the Even More ….

“Honourable”, Boys in Blue, are “COWARDS”, who hide behind guns but something doesn’t quite add up !?!

” MUST BE ME !!!! ”

Police are given, ” Taser Guns ! “, amongst other types to keep the peace, yet, teenagers, according to our also …..

Very Honourable, news teams (!?!)

…. should not use them to defend themselves ?

It seems apparent that many carry weapons (NOT SOMETHING I AGREE WITH !!!!) because they are less than trusting of police support, action, or, their attempts to reduce the threats of violence from those, needing protection from it !!!!

It would seem a bit of a quandary because ofcourse, there are many of you, i’m sure, who would say, “but how do we stop violent individuals with weapons from committing violent crime then ?”

Maybe stop the production / selling of guns altogether eh ?

Well it is ofcourse a bit late for that now, isn’t it ?

Well, yes it is . . . ! ! !

….. but, when listening to those who control, talk of threats to national safety, maybe people need to look at where these problems all stemmed from before jumpin’ on the old bandwagon of . . . .

“more police and more powers for them, are needed to make things better !?!”

Are those living on council estates/projects in agreement ?

A question worth pondering … ??? …

…. if you take your thoughts a little further than, the gates of your home in safe surburbia.

I also have to air a quick gripe about the idea, that, an individual can get help for something denied to the masses, because of costs, if their story is given news coverage, if they can do it for one, then shouldn’t all get the same treatment ?!?!?

….. because it seems that, if your case is highlighted say, like the boys in, “Bowling for Columbine”, then anything is possible, but, if no-one hears about your problem ……

” Ah well, NO help for you !?! ”

I guess like they say, until it happens to them, most people don’t care about issues surrounding them everyday, that, have not yet touched them. A “risky” policy methinks, in todays world, be aware because when you need help, I hope you’ll be willing to accept that, no-one may care, when it comes to your issue !

Forward thinking is a blessing, something that may well be a serious requirement as times are a changing, and, not necessarily for the greater good !!!!!

So, i’ll leave you with this thought for now, are you one who is above being caught in the crossfire, or, are you one who can see, “The Mire”, and is trying to elevate your level of compassion and thought to a place a little higher !!!! ? !!!!

Peace y’all

The Virge

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2 Responses to “Must be me !!!! … written by Big Virge on the 26/11/07”

  1. dave Says:
    November 26th, 2007 at 6:59 pm

    thank god the trained police have control of the weapons, even if they are only taser guns. just walked home and the police drove past in their van, loads of them inside.

    i thought what the fook do you want? they did not want anything because i was just walking home. they drove past. i felt safe. i did not get mugged spat at or abused.

    who would spit mug or abuse me. no one as the police were patroling the street.

    i know that there are bad police, but out of a hundred how many people will say that they have been abused. strange. how many people will say that their ‘peers’ mates have said worse.

    if there is a law that you do not like then voice your oppinion and vote or campaign. there is no value in nodding your head. you must stand up get up. VOTE

    who votes? that is your option. they might be swats or whats you on about, but that is the way it is a changing.

    be realistic there is always a bigger car, house or holiday. is that what you want to be remembered by, your car or the mortgage that you have paid off taken off or taxed.


    Do you want to be a principle! An example. Do unto others. if you have the right way then show us the way by example.

    what is it you DO to change the situation. Dont say it do it.

    peace and love, do not be afraid to spend your time on others who are not so fortunate than you.

    Maya Angaluo said that the rich man can give his money to charity, but every man can give his time. you can not buy back your time, so spend it wisely

    have a look at yourself and see what you are doing.

    one love the DS

  2. dave Says:
    November 26th, 2007 at 7:07 pm


    another thing! train the police to teach us how to be safe. Not to arrest us for enjoying oneself.

    give us an alternative, let us drive your car with the flashing lights use the tasar on our mates in the play ground. but not to kill, bully or contain.

    it must be easier to have a rave or activity within the community than to break them. Chief Inspector.


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