Keeping it moving with Track 6 from …

The Lowhar Files folks….

…. and it speaks on a subject that we all know about, all too well.
The subject of ….

* * * * *

Okay so moving along to track 5 on my new album folks….

“ The Lowhar Files…. “

A track that deals with the eternal issue, of having to deal with those who think that they can criticise, the choices you make, as if it’s any of their business ?!?

Artistically, it’s a known fact that a great many artists who couldn’t make it with their own art, often become art, or music critics, out of some wish to remain connected to the scene.

However, when it comes to friends and acquaintances, it’s a minefield of trying to figure out whether you’re receiving, constructive criticism, that’s founded in truth, and a wish to help you to better yourself and what you do, or, whether you’re being criticised, due to jealousy and hatred ?

So, this track deals with these issues, but also speaks on the ….

“ Silent Critics “ ….

…. who really think they’re slick !

The types who, when it comes to the performing arts, and particularly the modern online generation of companies and groups, now claiming to be about, supporting talent, regardless of how they come to know of it.

They are rarely what they present folks, and that’s no joke !

So, a special mention goes to the spoken word group on Twitter, known as,

… Hammer And Tongue, Cambridge …

…. who, after receiving a mere, 7 or so tweets, that I tagged them in, as this is a fresh spoken word album, decided to respond with …


Now folks, this isn’t bitterness, but a suitable link to these, SILENT CRITICS, that this track speaks of.

I rarely, if ever, have tweeted them before, but rather than ignore the tweets, or block me, or, just say that they weren’t into what I was sending, this is the form of underhanded criticism, that proves that these, Silent Critics exist.

The type of critics who, due to their affiliations, and biases, would rather hide behind this sort of ignorance, than to just be straight up about the fact that they have their preferences, and that they just don’t like what you’re offering.

However, when you think of the very WHITE, and gentrified, image of Cambridge, it’s university, and artistic legacy, you’d think that in this,

“ Black Lives Matter Age “ ….

Especially as Britain is apparently, such a welcoming place to black people, it wouldn’t be too much to indulge some, Black Rhymes right ?

Especially when they aren’t down with grime, violence or ignorance, now wouldn’t you ???


However, they totally personify the types of collectives, that this poem’s subject matter speaks on.

Jokers, who think they’re slick, just like …….

* * * * *

“Untouchable” … from the new album, The Lowhar Files !!!

Okay folks, this is the third part of the, Tri-Fector of tracks that, inter-relate with a certain, Black James Bond.

The reason being that if he were a poet, he’d clearly be, ” Bulletproof ” …
and would be much like a poetic version of Elliot Ness, in terms of being like this track suggests…

Track 4 from my new album, “The Lowhar Files” … now on general release, at all online retailers !

So, here ya go folks, check out why my altar ego, Big Virge, when it comes to, Spoken Word Rhymes, can make the claim to be….

* * * * *

” The Lowhar Files “… New release NOW AVAILABLE !!! Here’s another fresh track !

Okay folks, so it’s dropped on all major online platforms, and y’all know, if people are digging some of these tracks, they’ll be downloadable, somewhere or other, pretty sharpish !

Such is life, but it’s good to be able to share some more music with y’all.

The albums first two tracks are being well received, as Anthony Lowhar’s production, has brought a fresh dimension to what my spoken word recordings can become.

Funky, Jazzy, Groovy and more, alongside of my usual, thought provoking, hard hitting lyricism.

A very interesting blend worth checking out people, if I do say so myself !

Who isn’t about self promoting now ?

So don’t even go there, because I guarantee, there’ll be something for everyone on this album, from the light to the heavy, to the beautiful, this album will offer a taste of all the above, and maybe a few more things…

So, yup, Itunes, CD Baby, Deezer, Spotify, blah di blah, so at least stream anything you like a few times folks… I only need a few BILLION to get noticed and paid !

Ha Ha….

Anyway, here’s the third track, a little number that, whilst being somewhat braggadocios, also speaks on the serious issues of modern policing, governance and societal violence !

However, poetically speaking, it also shows that Big Virge, being moi, is now…..

* * * * *

“Folks, he’s back and, Hornier than ever, The Black James Bond Lowhar Remix…”

So folks, indeed he has returned for the new album,
” The Lowhar Files “, and Mr. Lowhar has done quite the job on his return !

Funky, groovy, and TOTALLY DIFFERENT to the original version from, Virges’ World, Volume 1 !

So, get your dancing feet ready, for this very upbeat track, that proves a certain Big Virge iteration of James Bond is BACK !

So, take a listen and enjoy this track…

* * * * *

So folks, as much of a shock to me, as much as to anybody else.
Here is the first track from my new album, produced by Anthony Lowhar,

” The Lowhar Files “, which is due for release on the 23rd of August, so, next week Monday I believe….

An excursion into jazzy, funky grooves, with a distinctly, Caribbean Flava’, that adds to the foundational Hip Hop sound, that I love, which prevails on most of the ten tracks on this, my fourth album !

So check out this smooth, groovy number for starters…

Take a listen over here…

ENJOY… The Lowhar Remix of, Poetry or Rap ?

* * * * *

“Troubled Times” … Written and performed by Big Virge

So, what a sumting’ right about now eh folks… ?!?

Well, none of this is a particularly big deal to me, because as I have been told recently, I apparently need to learn more about my black history, before suggesting that black people need to look more, at …. THEMSELVES …. !!!

BEFORE, as the saying goes….

” Following the beer and getting drunk !!! ”

Of course it’s a terrible thing, that has happened to George Floyd, may he rest in peace !

However, everyone out there rioting, needs to look REAL HARD at themselves, as do those who feel that #Blackout……

…. Whatever it was, should assuage any shame that they might feel, about sitting on their asses, after making money for the same dirty, corrupt system, that allows for what happened to Mr. Floyd, to happen …

Like REALLY Mo Fo’s … REALLY … !?!

… and then thinking that some ridiculous form of symbolism, makes them what …

… ” Woke ” …

… ” Down ” …

Or …..

Some other stupid F’k, when it comes to this stuff, that has run for centuries and CENTURIES, and will continue to, because, with all due respect to our dead, we have bigger fish to fry, like the continual flow of government lies, and people trying to convince themselves, and others, that they don’t !!!

Keep fooling yourselves, as are those protesting, as if, in this world now, everyone out there, is protesting for the SAME THING ?

Again, a foolish ideal, that people need to stop peddling as being something of worth, when it clearly is not.

Being stuck inside for two and half months, doesn’t have anything to do with the riots, and yes I mean the ridiculous one in London, at the moment, as well, huh … ???

Huh … ???

Now I really try not to advocate violence, but it seems to me that people aren’t aiming in the right direction, however, as freedom of expression is being mangled, and manipulated, to suggest that even the slightest expression, could be deemed as being unlawful now, as per Hong Kong, i’m gonna let these angry protestors figure it out for themselves ….

So, we have police, ” apparently “, joining protests now, and black folk are being shown to be hugging police !!!

We even have some appearances on road, of certain A-listers, and donations and the like, coming from all sorts of places !!!

Well, as i’ve said before, it takes a black man to be VIOLATED, to draw such actions, and protest…..

Again, REALLY … ?!?

So, for the well, lets just say, last 75 years, to make it easy, where has all this angst and money been huh … ?!?

I’m not gonna go on, because it really is proving to be quite pointless, but what I will say to end, is this, people need to be more focussed on vaccinations, and corona virus plans, and tests, that will impose more and more restrictions, not only on the times we can move around, but HOW we do …. !!!

Compulsory masks in the UK from mid-june, so, that law will find it’s way to it’s colonies soon enough too, i’m sure !

However, freedom of speech and expression, are being threatened folks, and all this flouting of curfews, etcetera, is actually enabling the forwarding of these agendas, behind locked doors.

Doubt if you will, but remember, Singapore is already employing robot dogs to enforce distancing, which is also a rather big factor in this protest madness !!!

As a friend said to me this week, if by the end of the month, there aren’t massive spikes in Corona Virus infections, well, he’s done with it !!!

I tend to agree, and shall be very interested to see, just how many cases occur, as a result of this increased level of social contact, in very public spaces….. like beaches eh, because let’s not forget about, just how many folks have flouted distancing laws to get to a beach, as soon as lockdown rules were even SLIGHTLY Eased … !!!!!

Anyway, suffice to say, I’m just TIRED of peoples’ bullchhit !!!

Like many others too I think !!!

I don’t care whether these people be, black people, white people, asian people, or alien F’ing people,

Political people, Police, and the rest of these, freaks and fiends, who continue to get away with what they do, while people place all their focus, again ” apparently “, on the death of just one person ….

Mr. Floyd, you are sadly, yet another who should not have been made to suffer, but there are others, that are being mis-treated, as these protests continue !

There are clearly quite a few incidents, that aren’t reaching mainstream news, that still show you what police and their crews are willing to do ….

…. Which is why this piece, written some, SEVENTEEN Years Ago, held weight back then, as it does today, sadly, in many more ways, that explains the dangers of what are truly becoming …..

* * * * *

“The Dark Knight of A Different Type OG Mix” … Produced by Strat Carter

Following on from my last post, who better to follow Dr. King, than the KING of crimefighting and in this case, rhyme writing … !!!

Well, here he is in all his glory ….

No frills, str8 down the pipe, rhymes and bass lines that define the original spoken word version of this dudes moves … !!!!

Enjoy ……

• • • • •

“People Like You” (Original Mix) … Prod by Strat Carter

Okay folks, so, we’re into the swing of 2020, and already it seems that there are a few people who are hitting the news, for some rather ignorant moves.

Rapists, who are drugging people, or in the case of one young lady, Gemma Watts, dressing as the opposite sex, to then make sex attacks, not unlike, Reynhard Sinaga, the male rapist, who was drugging, filming and then, raping men !?!

Like SERIOUSLY, what is wrong with some people eh … !?!

Just CRAZY folks, and that’s no joke.

So, i’m gonna swiftly deal with this Meghan Markle whatever, well, all i’ll say is if you move into the house of colonialists, literally, there are things you should probably be aware of, that you’ll have to undertake.

So, media glare is a problem, but yet, I saw an interesting clip, where hubby, about to meet, Jay Z and Beyonce at some event, was captured speaking to a Disney head, touting for some voiceover work,for his muse …..

like REALLY, that’s quite a hustle !!!

So, it’s alright to USE media, but not when the media want to use you huh ?

So, off to Canada, where security is gonna have to be paid for somehow, by Trudeau and his people, hmm, wonder how Canadian taxpayers REALLY feel about that ?

Good luck with all that, Madame Markle, or is that Saxe-Coburg, or whatever the royal family name actually is ….

Prince Andrew seems to almost be being, summarily dropped from anything linked to the family, in terms of his public life, including the loss of his rather expensive, security teams !!!

If he’s done nothing wrong, what’s the problem exactly ?

Meanwhile, there’s been more news and allegations about his pal, Jeffrey Epstein, allegations that suggest that he used The US Virgin Islands, for his trafficking, and sexual abuse of young girls !!!

A privately owned island, where he shuttled girls in by helicopter no less, no doubt, pay for out of his ridiculous, estimated 577 Million Dollar Fortune ….

Just WOW …. which leads me to this incredible story of police negligence in Manchester, regarding multiple cases of sexual abuse young children were put through, that were seemingly ignored, and suitably swept under rugs, for the police force to try to absolve themselves of dismissing the SERIOUS abuses that these young people were put through ?

A cover up, that may well have worked, had it not been exposed by former officer, turn whistleblower, Margaret Oliver.

Apparently, car crime and burglaries, were more important to senior Manchester Police Officers ?!?

Like WTF … ?!?

One child died as a result of being injected with Heroin, by a 50 year old man who then further abused her, which encompassed doing, unspeakable things to her genitalia !!!

So, one doesn’t really have to wonder as to why Prince Andrew, has only seen a reduction in his security, rather than trial and prison, for embracing the type of man, and clearly young women, that Jeffrey Epstein entertained him with ….

It’s truly astounding how accountability is only seen to be an issue for those within the British Law System, who they deem to be dealing in criminal activity.

Rather than those who CLEARLY ARE ….

It seems that Royalty, and for the most part, police, are not to be placed in such categories, well, not until many MANY Years, after their crimes !!!

These days, most folk could go on and on, about issues of this and other kinds, affecting innocent people, all over the world, while the guilty, when they are from, certain ilks of society, just walk free, and do as they please ….

So, this weeks tune comes from Virges’ Word 2 …..

Sadly, not the optimum mix, but a sweet tune nonetheless, that asks of these individuals, who are now clearly being shown to either be, above the law, or, entitled to break the rules that the rest of us apparently, CAN’T …

What Is It … with …

• • • • •

” My View ” Produced by Chris Peden

So guys, quite the start we’re having to this 12 month cycle !

The Iran US deal, well hey, it’s just like George Carlin said, there’s gonna be some dick swinging this year, by leaders who are immediately on the charge, as far as making movements, that are disturbing societal peace, if there’s ever been such a thing, so, i’ll just leave them to their warring.

This rapist story about the guy in Manchester, who was seemingly, freely drugging, raping and filming men, on some HUNDRED PLUS occasions !!!!!

Yeah that was 100 PLUS … !!!
In fact, it appears to be almost 200 … !?!


INSANE, and incredible that it took SO LONG, to find out about this member of the LGBT community, let’s not forget, getting on like rape was food ?!?

Sick INDEED, i’ve only been to Manchester a couple of times in my life, and now it’s clear that there was good reason !

Talking of good reason, I have to mention Barbara Pinkney, the 70 year old black woman, from Bradenton, Florida, who was tasered THREE TIMES, when police claimed that they were looking for her grandson, who they said was there at the time, and due to Florida State Law, they required no warrant to enter.

Well, upon her refusal, it all kicked off, and officer, sorry, Deputy Jason Riley is suggesting that, although the young man was not found at the property, that this was because of his grandmothers actions.

Just CRAZY, and she possibly faces a SIX Year sentence, if convicted of charges levelled at her, this all on the 30th of December !!!

Just WHOA … !!!!!

So, this leads me onto further stories from the UK, where MI5 have been given, ” Carte Blanche “, regarding their agent and informants ability to, and I quote ….

Commit, ” MURDER, TORTURE, KIDNAP and other SERIOUS CRIMES “, in defence of national security !!!

PLEASE Take Note of what you are reading, especially when read in direction connection to the story of the woman, being tasered in her own home in America.

The view of the powers that be, seems to be very DEFINITIVELY, giving unrestricted powers, that are based on ambiguous policies, that could be interpreted whichever way a good lawyer would, to absolve the authorities and their agents, of any blame in contentious situations …. ?!?

DANGEROUS times folks, I kid you NOT !!!

So, my final view of recent news took me to an interesting stat, regarding the number of youth exclusions from schools in England in 2019, due to racism, which apparently is up 40 per cent in the last decade, yes FOURTY … !!!

Some of these are instances with children as young as eight years old !!!

The suggestion is that it’s not across the whole country, however, this is still another worrying statistic, in a time where the leadership of the country, seems to be crusading for sovereignty and a nationalist agenda, that could be deemed as fuelling racist attitudes.

However, to hear about it rising to the point where children are having to be excluded because of it in ……

2020 ….

It’s not the 1800’s now is it …..

Things change but remain the same, so, on that note, here’s the opening track from the soon to be released ….

ON THE VIRGE album folks …..

Nothing Samey about this, it’s an excursion that takes in views of much of the modern world, and our interactions within it, so take a listen, cos’ this is just the beginning ……..

Stay SAFE out there people !!!

• • • • •

“They Try” … Produced by Strat Carter

These days, there seem to be a growing number of people, who seem to feel, that they can try and test ya ?

It’s done now in so many ways, that I had to address these ignoramuses, by letting them know in no uncertain terms on this track, that I ain’t the one to try it with, because I for one, am now studying peoples moves, and subtle tactics to upset my balance, and now WON’T Have It !!!

So, this track is just for them, because of the fact that constantly …..

• • • • •

“Run Through My Mind” … Produced by Strat Carter

So folks, time just seems to be flying by right now, weeks swiftly moving into the next, almost as if time isn’t quite in sync, as per the 14 HOUR Power Cut that was island wide in Barbados this week, just CRAZY to think that in this day and age, that, back up generators aren’t functioning in a manner that prohibits an entire day, where essentially, nothing could be done ?!?

IMF money, obviously doesn’t stretch to power provision eh folks ….

Anyway, as this weeks track from Virges’ World 2 suggests, there are a few things running through my mind currently.

Certain news stories are just too crazy, to avoid my attention, like the one that suggested that a hospital drug mix up, created Werewolf symptoms of hair growth in babies in Spain … !!!

I mean drug mix up … SERIOUSLY, WTF is going on there !!!

I am current;y enjoying the Bumpy Johnson series with Forrest Whittaker taking on the role of …

” The Godfather of Harlem ” …..

…. and it shows why the mafia ties that existed back in Bumpys day, would still seem to be in full effect, from Sicily to New York, as recent Cosa’ Nostra’ arrests in Palermo, Italy, have shown that the mafia hasn’t just disappeared, in fact, it would seem that they are probably as strong as ever, when it comes to their international dealings, with property being confiscated by the FBI and Italian Police.

Properties that are as far a field as the Dominican Republic, New Jersey, Philly and New York, where the names, Gambino and Inzerillo, are still to be feared !

So, swiftly moving along, what about the death of pen and paper, for future examinations which will be technology driven ?

I have never been one who believes in technology being the ultimate tool for taking humanity forward, in fact, due to my embracing it for varying reasons, I truly believe that it will be the end of us all, if we continue to become so reliant on that, which we have created, that in the end, humans become obsolete !

Well, this is one very questionable step towards that eventuality, in my opinion, as tech run tests have already proven to be flawed, as information has been lost, pertaining to said examinations already !

We have so much going on these days, with impeachment news, election news, and, Prince Andrew news, oh, i’ll get to him and this sinister connection between Jeffrey Epstein and underage girls soon enough, but for now, i’ll end this post with the news of Mark D’arcy Smith having a banana with a bill on it, being sent to a Wetherspoons’ table he and a friend were drinking at, in Bromley, South East London, this week ?!!!?

So, in talking of tech, the order was apparently made by use of an app, that somehow, was made by a person who was clearly in the pub, saw the table number, and made the order ….

Hmmm, should be easy enough to find the persons involved right ???

Not according to Wetherspoons, who of course, having apologised, have now stated that it is outside of their control, what gets ordered and sent to customers….

Cop Out at all….

If they did nothing wrong, as they claim, no need to apologise right …

Well that, alongside of more Yeovil football fan arrests for racism against Haringey players, in a recent game, leads me back to this weeks piece ….

People wonder why racism is still such a hot topic for British Blacks, and black people in general, however, it should never be treated as a minor issue, in the minds of those not receiving it, because there are those of us, who, as the poem states in no uncertain terms, like Mr. Smith suggested, who know of British Scorn, due to our colour, and believe you me, we are not all able to just brush it off and get on with our lives….. !!!

So, here are a few other things that also ……

• • • • •

“Jealousy” … Prod by Chris Peden

So, as we move onward, toward 2020.

It’s an interesting time to assess people, as jealousy seems to rule a great deal, in terms of how people deal with each other nowadays.

So, this piece, having been written a long time before I really got to see how this phenomena of jealousy, shows itself within creative circles, speaks on how jealousy, can really manifest itself in people, especially, sadly, in artists, whose insecurities can destroy the very creativity that they claim to cherish.

It’s a minefield of egos, insecurities, and bravado, which is why I wrote this piece, from the forthcoming, ” On The Virge” album.

So this track reflects on artists and artistry, as well as a few other things, that have clearly fed the increase of this thing within society.

* * * * *

” The Good Guys ” … Prod by Chris Peden

So, here we go again … !!!

This time, back to Texas, but this time, the manner of the shootings has to be seriously concerning !!!

Police stop …
White dude says …

“Uh Uh …
I’m gonna shoot ya !”

… and then, drives around …….

… just shooting at people, “ Apparently “ … RANDOMLY … !!!

We shall see, but DAMN …

Like REALLY … ?!?

What’s it gonna take for the gun debate to deal with the incredible loss of life, due to the freedom to bear arms, states like San Francisco, to declare the NRA to be a Domestic Terroist Group, which has happened recently … ???

I mean, this is a REALLY SERIOUS ISSUE Now, that needs to be managed, from all perspectives, law enforcement, and public usage !!!

However, let’s move into these two, absolutely incredible, law enforcement stories !!!

How about LA Cop, Angel Reinosa, who has no problem, FABRICATING, being shot by a sniper !?!

This dude is just WRONG, he cuts holes in his shirt with a scissors, and then, his boss, somehow misses that he’s telling porkies’, and addresses the media to state that his officer has been shot, only to retract later ….

Like WTF … ?!?

…. and Finally ….

How about these two coppers, whose story goes like this, they arrest a female suspect, and clearly coerce her into having sex with YES … BOTH of them, in the van, to avoid being processed !?!

Eddie Martins and Richard Hall, who, due to a loophole in the law, that allowed cops to do this with suspects, if it was, “ Consensual Sex “ …. walked out of court proceedings free from any charges, like say …

PERVERSION of Justice … !!!!!

The loophole has NOW been rectified apparently !?!

Oh Great…

Errrmmm ….

A Little LATE, for this woman, who had to go to hospital to get the DNA, that confirmed that YES, they DEFINITELY did what they were accused of ……..

However, faced NO PENALTY for doing ….

Much like the story behind the new Keira Knightley movie “ Official Secrets “, that will depict the story of Katherine Gun, who exposed the, rather loosely sent out e-mail, that affirms how Tony Blair and George Bush, to get their, ” War In Iraq “, seemed quite happy to attempt to bribe, smaller UN Nations into providing the backing for them to get the votes through the UN Council, that would enable them to invade Iraq.

Corruption Anyone … ???

…. which leads me into this months track from the forthcoming, “ On The Virge “ album, due for release, later this year ….

In these days and times, it’s a question for the wise ….

Written LONG AGO, but reflecting on how, essentially, not enough, if anything has actually been done to stop them from recurring ….

…. and to ask the question ….

Who REALLY Are ……

* * * * *

“Subject Matter” … Prod by Chris Peden

Okay folks, moving along with more music from the forthcoming,

” On The Virge “, album, here is the musical version of my previous post….

Production by Chris Peden ……

It’s def’ got something ….

So, give it a listen ….

….. and Remember, it’s not about what you ingest, it’s about the QUALITY of what you choose to feed your minds ….

• • • • •

“Punch” … Produced by Chris Peden

So folks, onto the third track from the soon to be released, Living On The Virge EP.

The fact that many people these days, are attempting to punch above their weight class, in no small part, inspired this set of words, that have now had some, rather crazy Revvvvveeerrrrrbbbb added, amongst other things, to make this track …..

Thinking about the apparent, upcoming Big Fights in the Heavyweight Division, and then thinking of the Great Fighters mentioned in this track, kinda affirms my belief, that, things just ain’t as good as they used to be …..

So, as said, CRAZY as the music is, the lyrics are far from being so …..

So, put this on blast, and reminisce with me as I associate this business of lyricism, with some great fighters from the past……

* * * * *

“Mad Talent” … Prod by Anthony Lowhar

Yes Yes People …..

Keeping it moving with another track from Virges World Vol. 2.

This one is my take on the abundance of CRAP that has infiltrated the creative realm of music and more importantly, the lyricism that makes Great Music …. GREATER, by saying things that have something more to offer people, than the nonsensical mumblers and others, who seem quite happy to desecrate artistry, for a quick fix of money, pussy, or notoriety.

Of course things move on, but as I have heard a couple pf well known musicians , recently tell politicians, if from a societal perspective, we seem to be regressing, I wonder how much of this is due to the music that is now being fed to young people …..

An interesting question which this tune addresses in no small way.

Thanks to Anthony L… on production …..

This here is INDEED … ” Mad Talent ” … !!!!!!

* * * * *

” Party ” … Produced by Chris Pedem

So folks, the World Cup Party has run it’s course !!!

France were basically worth the title, although the final wasn’t the greatest, contrary to the barefaced lies that a lot of these well paid commentators are churning out.

The dollar definitely dictates more than foreign policy, it dictates so much now, that it’s pretty crazy to see ” Allegedly ” … TOP CLASS Footballers, prove themselves to be anything but, worth the price tags they carry around with them now.

Neymar being one of those, and the less said about Brazils’ effort the better.

Don’t get me wrong, there were as ever, some truly OUTSTANDING Goals, however, to say this was one of the best World Cups’ of all time … ???

I think there are more and more people who are in need of some Thanos Treatment, because they’re making it very hard for those of us who call things as we see them, to do so, without being labelled some kind of killjoy.

It’s not that at all, but if England under Gareth Southgate of all managers, could get to the Semi Final, then maybe people need to just check this idea of how great this World Cup actually proved itself to be.

Not so great, more like adequate, is more the vibe i’m working with from what I saw.

However, hooliganism seemed to be almost non-existent !!!

Whatever is being said about Vladimir, his boys and organisers do not mess about, as was proven by the Russian Team, when suitably motivated it would seem, as well as the various parties tasked with making things run smoothly.

Since my last post, Kim, Vlad and The Queen have all spent time with the Trumpster’, as of course did Piers Morgan, his great mate, who got to chill with The US President on Air Force One !

Meanwhile Brexit’ talks are getting hotter and hotter, and parties have left Theresa’s cabinet, parties working for Oxfam have been found to be partying a little too much with certain, young Haitians … !!!!!!

Barbados now has a new party running the country, or does it … ???

The LGBT Party and Rainbow Flags have quickly found their place amongst Bajans, under our first, Lesbian Prime Minister, which of course, most people are now saying, shouldn’t, and, doesn’t matter !

Funny that, for such a religiously, conservative country …. ???

Well again, ” Apparently “… ?!?

I wonder is that the same kind of matter, that, Black Lives’, have claimed as their own ???

… Or …

The type that denies a man, any sense of dignity, upon his recognition and acceptance, that he has some black in him, as was found out by, Officer Cleon Brown in Michigan, who then filed a claim against the force for it’s racist attitude to his announcement of his black portion, which, immediately had him referred to as Kunta, as in the Roots Slave Character ….

” Lovingly ‘ , by one of his colleagues … !?!

However, the case seemed to uncover that some rather racist comments were made by Officer Brown HIMSELF, upon receiving the news … ???

Be careful what you are … ” Party to ” … folks.

Ask Macron, or some of the interior Ministers of Italy, who unashamedly are adopting very, i’ll say, right wing attitudes towards migrants.

Spike Lee ranted about it not so long ago, but something as ridiculous as Brexit’, has bred a mentality that America had no problem embracing, and it isn’t unreasonable to suggest that much of Europe, whether publicly or behind closed doors, seem to be not as far left of, as many might claim, thus, I had to re-record this piece and drop it one more time before anything is finalised, if it actually ever will be when it comes to Brexit’ !!!!!

Please people, as is said in this piece, these days, prob more than ever before, you REALLY Need to Party … SMARTLY … !!!!!

Soon to be released off the, ” On The Virge Album “, where these words have received some very different treatment, musically, so, take a listen folks …..

Bless up folks, and stay safe out there …

The Virge ….

* * * * *

“I Use It Like” … Produced by Strat Carter

Another Jazzy number put together for me by Strat Carter ….

So, this is how we use it when it’s put to music !!!
from Virges’ World Vol. 2

* * * * *

” Voice ” … Prod by Strat Carter

So folks, moving on to the next musical production from Virges’ World Vol. 2 ….

However, I have to quickly voice my respect for Mr. Zidane and his Madrid man on an excellent performance to win YET ANOTHER Champions League trophy.

I am Liverpool supporter, so am obviously disappointed in their loss but it was a good run, and Jurgen has managed to find something that with a bolstered level of quality, should avail some success, however the voices of disapproval will be ringing in Karius’s ears at grounds all over, after that monumental blunder, that basically ended Liverpools’ hopes …. !!! ? !!!

Ah well, I look at it as a case of Form against Class and Class wins out, most of the time, as it did tonight.

Whatever Gareth Bale was on tonight, Liverpool could do with some of it !!!!!

One of the greatest goals i’ve ever seen in a Champions’ league final, that will have his name etched into Footballing folklore, which brings me back to this months track, one which yeah, denounces some of the voices now heard, that maybe shouldn’t be, amongst todays crop of Grime, Trap & Mumble Dummies out there claiming to be worth listening to … ???

Well, just for them and you, here’s a voice that, as expressed in this piece, is Top Choice, when placed alongside the right kind of bass lines …..

A cool, smooth Strat Carter produced groove, and some lyricism that’s worth a listen …..

Short sweet and to the point ….

Check out this Voice Joint ………..

* * * * *

” Here It Is ” … Produced by Strat Carter

Yes Yes People ….

So, as I cool out to some Dexter Gordon, it’s time for me to share some fresh music from Mr. Strat Carter, that’s accompanied by … Some Big Virge Rhymes ….

The vibes are just cool,
as we keep it kinda, old skool’,
with some Flava’s that are new ….

The first track from Virges World… Music & Verse Vol. 2 …….

So, these … ” Industry ” … heads say, that …

” Ya gotta keep your tunes fresh, and up to date, for people to relate ! ” …

Well to me, that’s dependent on how true to what you love, you REALLY are … !!?!!

That being said though, there are movements on the third and probably, final instalment of music and verse from Big Virge, that has succumbed to some, differently styled stuff, that’s gonna surprise a few, but, will show a willingness to experiment and show some creative diversity, on my part.

So, as it’s more on what could be seen as, ” Industry Type Levels “, it’s a departure from what Virges’ World 2 offers to you.

However, as it seems that industry timescales provide nothing, but delays and whatevers’, for why ish’ gets held up, album 3 won’t be around anytime soon …..

So for now, catch a couple grooves, with some poignant subject matter, that, relates in no small way, to much that we are seeing in this world today, from Brexit’ to Policing, to simply dealing with people these days, there’s a dose of it all up in this album …..

A cool follow up to Vol. 1 ….

…. even though, not quite to the standard i’d of wanted, but hey, nothing’s perfect in this world, so take a listen to a piece of mine …..

So …..

as this lil’, opening track states ……….

Here It is …….

* * * * *

” It’s Incredible ” … Prod by Strat Carter

Well peeps’ it’s that time to drop the last piece of the ….

Virges’ World Debut Album ….

This is a Banging Track, filled with some pretty incredible flows, and lyrics.

Literally inspired, as per it’s beginning, by seeing a fit woman doing her thing, exercising on Bims’, South Coast Boardwalk, one sunny afternoon …..

The Ladies uh …..
On So Many levels, quite the inspiration … !!!!!

So check this out, because it goes way beyond a chance encounter with a hottie, it goes to some incredible places …..

Some Incredible Rhymes …

for these … Incredible Times … !!!!

* * * * *

” So They Say ” … Prod by Strat Carter …

Well, the vibes are very PRO … The Ladies …these days now, aren’t they …. ???

Feminism movements on the rise, as well as, admissions of all kinds, from a lot of high flying, male executives, to the point where they are losing their jobs, or, at least walking, in certain cases, having had their fun, but NOW showing the remorse, and apparent conscience, that they had no problem ignoring, when they were doing, whatever they were doing to these ladies, that they apparently, shouldn’t of been …… !!!!!

Bad Boys … !!!!!
Bad Boys … !!!!!

Well, there are various sides to these types of stories, as I have found in my life, there most definitely, tend to be, with regard to ladies movements, especially those that have sexual connotations.

Of course, the smart men who want the puss to be all up in their world talking bout’

…. How they, “Love the way you connect with our movement !” …. type ish’, not realising that these smooth Mo Fo’s, be running game like we’ve always done, to get us some ….

Chris Rock drops some bombs about his previous marriage, in his stand-up show, ” Tambourine “, about how his own behaviour, of course, with … OTHER WOMEN …

Who, let me guess, had NO IDEA, that he was married, or, who the fuk he was … ?!!!?

Played their part in, his relationship’s demise !

Suffice to say, the point i’m making is that, hey, when it comes to matters of …..

Huh Hmmmm ….

” Relations ” ….

…. of varying degrees, between, women and men, both sexes need to hold our respective, hands up, and say ……

Hey, that’s some F’d up ish’, but we were both contributors to this bull …..

Men for well, being MEN … !!!!!

(Did u say what I did there ?
… think about it …)

and Ladies, well,

… for finding yourselves in, awkward scenarios, with, unwanted lotharios …. !!!
and for, blaming yourselves for things, which you clearly can’t blame yourselves for ……

Right ….. ???

(Did you see what I did there … ?
Man, it sucks to be honest sometimes !!! LOL !!!)

However, EVEN MORE IMPORTANTLY, for denying the truth, to the point where you then left other women to suffer, similar fates, due to your own fears and worries over …. careers etcetera …. ?!?

Let me AFFIRM that, I am also stating that, certain situations ….. are clearly beyond womens’ control, because some men are just, dangerous, deceitful asses, when it comes to their sexual wants and desires …. !!!!!

However, ladies, ladies ladies …..

You’re only now proving, how poor your decision making can be, when it comes to us guys, again, hate to say it, but y’all know it’s true, as do we, so be cool, and don’t get your knickers in a twist because of real lyrics ….

Like those that are in this month’s Big Virge Verse, put to music ……

Mister Strat Carter, was in a very creative mode, when he made this track off the, Virges’ World album debut …..

Check it out …..

* * * * *

” The Black James Bond ” … Prod by Strat Carter

Well, after Idris Elba’s, recent suggestion, that the world is ready for a Black or Female Bond ……

WTF …. ???

I think it’s time to once again throw this guys name into the mix …….

* * * * *

” I’m Used To Them Now ” …. Prod by Strat Carter

Yes Yes Folks …… !!!!!

Well, the apparent beginning of another year is upon us, in fact, in certain parts of the world, it’s already 2018 …. !!!

Well, here in Bim’, it’s a cool one on the East Coast.

Breezy but lovely, so, it’s time for my last musical post for 2017 from Virges’ World ….. Vol 1

Soon to be followed by Virges World ….. Vol 2

….. and a further project, that has already drawn a lil’ interest, in industry ears, so, keep em’ peeled in 2018 for some more cool grooves from Big Virge folks, via Strat Carter, whom I must congratulate on the arrival of his first child !!!!

…..having giving birth to a number of cool tunes for the two Virges’ World albums ….. !!!!!

Bless You and Yours Bro, and Thanks for all your creative output on my words !

However, as life moves on, changes abound, and like the title of this piece …..

I’m Used To them Now ……

Take a listen …..

and I hope the next 12 months in your world, Glisten, and like me, you see your dreams, hopes and aspirations come to Fruition ….. !!!!!!

* * * * *

” People Like You ” ….. Co-Produced by Anthony Lowhar & Big Virge

Okay folks, moving along through the Virges’ World, Debut Album …..

This month’s tune has a hard beat, and, much within it, that defines a growing number of people in this world of ours, in my opinion.

Fukholes’ ….. from leaders, to ministers, sports people to actors, and their co-horts, who seem to be, VERY FREE with themselves, when it comes to their sexual wants and desires, even if they’re not welcomed by those they want !!!

Political backstabbing, as per usual, even if, for a change, it’s down there in Zimbabwe.

Mugabes’ reign, finally comes to end, well, many a perspective has been expressed, and for a change, i’m gonna keep mine to myself for another time.

Now, as for Netflix and DC Bods, involved in superhero productions,

I think there are quite few of them in this poem, who are up in the production of some of the crap that they’re shooting, for the viewing public to endure ….

Uh Hmmm … ENJOY of course … !!!!!!

Fundamentally, the types of people referred to in this piece will sadly, always be around, and sadly, may well be in positions of influence and power, however, the bod who inspired this piece, was just a loud mouthed Jamaican, not averse to abuses of his own, who, one day drove my pen to get to express what I think about him and them, so just for him and THEM …..

If you are one of these people ……

and CUT OUT Your Fukry …. !!!!!

As said, here is a beat, you can nod your head to and ENJOY !!!!!

Stay cool, and level ….. out there people ….


Big Virge

* * * * *

” Open Season ” … Prod by Strat Carter

Well, it seemingly, isn’t currently a subject, that’s hitting the headlines, but it’s a subject that never really leaves the minds of black people ….

and, following on from my previous post, it seems that as this piece relates, we still have to be very mindful of our place, when dealing with the,

Good ol’ ….

Boys In Blue ……

Well, these words deserve a place, way up in these ignorant feds’, who still seem to think that when they see us, we’re a target for them to aim at, as if it’s ….

Well ……

Open Season ……

* * * * *

” Hardcore ” … Prod by Strat Carter (Explicit)

Okay so, back to some music from Virges’ World ….

and somehow, when applying these words to the world at large, as it’s currently running ….

Well, Mr. Trump is …. AS EVER, going on in a Hardcore Manner, in terms of his language, and attacks, on everyone from Steph Curry, to Colin Kaepernick, and those who’ve suddenly realised that maybe just maybe, Colin has a point !

It’s easy to jump on the bandwagon when a man of The Presidents’ ilk, runs some Extraordinarily, INFLAMMATORY Language, and attitudes in the public domain, as North Korea’s leadership would certainly attest to.

As for the weather, well if you haven’t been paying attention, HARDCORE Damage has been wreaked by Hurricane after Hurricane, and yes, the region of the Caribbean is still in the midst of them, so, don’t think that it’s all good as we leave what is deemed as being, the Hurricane Season.

A little more humility and thought, rather than, hardcore reactions …..
might just be the order of the day, for a while, but in the meantime, My Hardcore vibes, with the handy work on production of Mr. Strat Carter, are a little less disturbing, if, none the less worthy of the title …..

Take a listen …….

* * * * *

The Knight still rides ….. written & performed by Big Virge

So, as the months go on of this rather crazy 2017, it’s time to drop the final album cut, for The Dark knight of A Different Type ….

Right about now, he’s a busy fella, trying to stop all dee furry’ going on all over this world of ours right now …. !!!!!

But ….

He at least has some hard beats to move with ….. !!!!!

On production duties, Mr. Strat Carter, and, Mr. Anthony Lowhar, alongside of my vocals ….

An old school sound for an old school type of crimefighter, and, in this case, rhyme writer …. !!!!!

Take it for a spin ….

* * * * *

He’s Back … The … ” Character Assassin ” … Prod by Strat Carter

Okay guys, much has been happening of late, but nothing i’ll get too into, just yet …..

Anyways, back to Album Tracks form the Big Virge Debut …..

Virges’ World …. Music & Verse Vol. 1

Production works are still going on from the man behind this one ….
Strat Carter ….

Love this piece, and have to say, it inspired an interesting beat ….

Take a listen …… and
Check the lyricism …… !!!

* * * * *

Writers’ Block … Prod by Strat Carter

Well currently, one thing’s for CERTAIN Folks,
when it comes to the US Press and Media,

They don’t seem to have any of this thing, when it comes to writing about President Trump,

and all the blockages he keeps facing ….

Well, this piece of verse, set to some more sweet,
Strat Carter production, proves that it’s one thing I definitely …

Ain’t Got … !!!!!

Writers’ What … ?!?
When it comes to …. REAL writers’ ….

I Think …. NOT.

* * * * *

Poetry or Rap ? … Prod by Strat Carter

So folks,

I have Finally achieved one of my goals !

That of … Immortalising …
some of my thoughts and verse
for the world to hear

This is a very cool, calm introduction
to the album …..

Virges’ World …

Music & Verse Vol. 1

Available on Spotify, iTunes …. Blah Blah ….

which, as you get deeper and deeper into,
grows in moods, and styles of tune ….

Poetry has become so much

So here’s what some
of my poetry becomes
with bass and drums

and beats that … Bump …

* * * * *

The Dark Knight rides again … Written & Performed by Big Virge

BUT ……

… pon’ a rhythm this time, befitting of his status
as, The Man who rhymes, with more power than ….. Galactus ….. !!!

Ben who … ???

There is, yet another, Grey-Haired, Dark Knight …. of a Different Type ….
whose rhymes fight crime !

Batman … AIN’T EVER …
had this much flava’ !!!!!

No enhanced vocals or over the top effects, just a cool groove,
and The Dark Knight, explaining his moods & moves …..

Don’t sleep, give it a listen …….. it won’t disappoint !

Produced & Mixed by Anthony Lowhar
An Interpolation of the original composition, produced by Strat Carter

* * * * *

A Mid-Month, Bonus Share from The V

Spoken Word Poetry from a Londoner, meshed with a Bajan beat … !!!!
Mellifluous & Musical – (Look it up if you don’t know what it means Mo Fo’s !)

Been Messing with some sounds to go with some words from my mouth ….

This is a sample of how Barbadian producers … ” Get Down ” …

with a poet whose raw …. and as the poem says, somewhat ….

Hardcore !

Interesting result, to say the least !!!!!

• • • • •

As there is plenty of good, Reggae Music and Poetry, within this show ….
Makes sense for it to be posted in here…..

Massive shout out to, ” Reggae Surge “, and, My girl, ” Supa Tang ! “

A very cool afternoon in the G-Town Radio studio, chilling, chatting & expressing ….

Def … worth a listen folks ….

if I do say so myself !!!!!

* * * * *

” A Fine Line ” … written and performed by Big Virge

NOT RAP !!!!!

But, rhythm placed behind a poet reciting his words, in this case, the words of … Big Virge !!!!!

Enjoy and take it in ….

Some, Pretty Good ish’ …
if I do say so myself !!!!! LOL !!!

Production handled by Discreet Flavaz

Rough cut mix provided by Shoestring Studios, Barbados

[audio:A Fine Line (DF Mix) (Mixed at Shoestring Studios Barbados).mp3]

Construction – Produced by The Predestined One (RIP)


Deep – Produced by Hidden Hand

Character Assassin – Produced by Hidden Hand

People – Produced by Hidden Hand

Why Do People Do It? – Produced by Discreet Flavaz

Direct – Produced by The Predestined One

My A-Z Guide To Life Love & Sex – Produced by Discreet Flavaz

Why Do People Do It ? – Produced by The Predestined One

Deep – Produced by The Dark Doktahz

The Dok’s Have Me Thinking …. Produced by The Dark Doktahz

• • • • •

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    .. ( I’ve been working on some progressive material myself Have a watch/listen when U get the chance.. big change from the last time U heard me..

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