“Money” … Written and Performed by Big Virge

So folks, the jokes on us it seems, as Ministers and Royalty are, and have been Corona Virus Carriers, and we’re mostly on lockdown globally now !!!

Well, as has been said numerous times, when humanity faces huge issues, that have a mass effect on societies, like WAR, for example.

The best thing to do is ….


Yes, health should be the priority for all of us now, (or shouldn’t that have, ALWAYS been ?!?), however, this world revolves around money, and i’d imagine this virus, won’t stop that being the case, no matter how many survive or die !!!

So, from footballers to the self employed, to those losing jobs who have bills to pay, that are not being waived, people are complaining, and governments are on bailout protocols, all over the world, or, are they !?!

As a friend said to me, why aren’t significant bills like rent, mortgages and loans being WAIVED, rather than being SUSPENDED ?!?

If this is a pandemic, who are they expecting to collect these mounting debts from then, huh, the dead !?!

Also, where is all this money and generosity coming from ?!?

Credit crunches and recessions, could clearly be sorted out quickly, with a lil’ government generosity, now couldn’t they right !?!

They seem, all of a sudden, to be able to do it now ???

So, why exactly are we all slaving for these fat cats to live large, when they could just print more, share it around, and not be so fast to want to collect tax, for essentially, NOTHING, in terms of these services, that we apparently get the best of, which are supposed to hinder, or more importantly, stop these things from happening, when they could simply share a little more, with those in need who have less…..

Merely stuff to think on folks, especially now that we’re seeing what they can do to keep people afloat, when they need to !!!!

I dunno folks, things are indeed concerning, however, don’t take your eyes of society’s prize.


If we go cashless, which seems highly likely now, then the powers that be, have, TOTAL CONTROL of the lives of the survivors !!!

Vaccines become chargeable by digital money transactions, and become COMPULSORY, and so on, none of which sits comfortably with me folks!

Anyway, let’s look at this weeks money winners shall we ….

Seemingly, of all companies, cruise companies like, Royal Caribbean and Carnival, after suffering initial drops in value, rocketed back up with the US Stimulus announcement, as have oil companies like BP and Shell !!!

I mean CRUISE Companies, hows that working now huh ?!?

The Self-Employed seem to have forced governments to recognise their need for money in these times, especially as big companies seem to be the first to be seen as needing government help ???

Companies like say, Goldman Sachs, whose CEO, David Soloman, has received a 20 per cent pay raise, worth 2 Million Dollars, a bonus AND stock options, worth somewhere in the region of a further 25 Million Dollars !!!!

In times like THESE, REALLY … !?!

Like WOW, his future must be very secure, what does he and Goldman Sachs know, that the rest of us DON’T eh !!!

So, as we all wait to see how this situation plays out, here’s one final, interesting fact for the week, this week was the FIRST EVER, ALL ELECTRONIC, Trade Session …. !?!

Now take from that what you will, but with people now blatantly overpricing goods, and still demanding rent money and more, it’s not a time to be stuck without cash it seems ….

RATHER Than, to be stuck WITHOUT HEALTH CARE … !?!

Like WTF ….. ?!?

So, having said all this, money is still far too big an issue, in my opinion, for a time like this, if we are to believe what many now believe this to be, a very real, global pandemic !!!

Folks, all I will say is that it’s really NOT a time to be acting funny over this thing we call …

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