“Keep It Real” … A Poem written and Performed by Big Virge

Okay so, I really think that people need to stop talking about being,
“ Woke “, and about, ” Keeping It Real ‘, or, as it is now, Keeping it 100, when they clearly take issue with people doing so, when it comes to THEM, the things that they say and do, and what rules their respective worlds.

The new gender collectives, are the group with the biggest issue of people keeping it real about themselves and their opinions, especially when their words offend their clearly, very thin skins !!!

It’s pretty obvious though, that when you’ve been hiding the apparent truth from yourself, about what gender you SEE Yourself as being, which goes against the natural thing that you were born to be, it’s no surprise that facing the TRUTH is probably gonna be an issue for them ?

However, the bigger issue with the truths that surround these groups and their movements, seems to revolve around those who do not agree with their ideals and beliefs, who are swiftly vilified, to the point where many feel that they simply can’t speak their truth about what they feel about these people.

Sometimes the bullet just has to be bitten, and you have to stand for what you are about, instead of, excuse the pun, bending over to stay in the game….

Tell it to John Carlos, or Steve Biko, and the people who have died for less, so what’s with all this half stepping, and compromising for these groups, that do not half step when they essentially, bully people into silence, submission, or worse still, compliance ?

Either say what you mean, or don’t open your mouth, unless it’s to take what’s coming to you.


It’s becoming clearer and clearer, that the entertainment industry is pretty much ruled, by the alphabet gender communities.

Gina Carano, being the most recent person to have felt their wrath, due to her basically saying, what she wants about the Transgender community, amongst others, and there are countless others who have also been quickly told that they had better rein in their tongues to stay paid, or in the game, that seems to be, everything but real.

The interesting part is that when it comes to Hollywood, the truth is hardly something that can be levelled as being part of a group, who, as quite a few individuals have now said, from talk show hosts, to some actors themselves, is filled with lies, lying, and liars.

It always amazes me now how people act so surprised when white guys and gals in showbiz, are found to be hiding some dark secrets, as if it just couldn’t be possible, however, when black people get exposed and accused of being of a similar ilk, it’s so easily believable ?

The idea that media reporting of such revelations is fair and equal, and 100 per cent truthful, just blows my mind !

This unconscious bias and racism that exists, defines the issues that black people have always faced, and always will, because when we speak our minds, we’re homophobic, or aggressive, or whatever, negative narrative can be used to demonise our views.

However, when it’s white folks who use bigoted, hateful, racist terminology, up until very recently, there was always some excuse for them to say, or do the things that they do ?

The use of Autism recently, to explain the following of Neo Nazis, by Ben Hannam, because he was found to have joined the Metropolitan Police, really took the biscuit, as far as I’m concerned !

This though, also leads me to the other side of that coin, where black people seem to still have this, bee in their bonnet, about how basically, every issue that we face in the modern world, is as a result of something white society has done.

I’ve said it before and i’ll say it again, until black people deal in accountability for our own failings and flaws, we’ll never overpower, or remove white supremacy from being something that, undoubtedly marginalises, and leaves many of us in dire situations, that lead to Deaths.

Deaths like that of Makiyah Bryant, may she rest in peace, that has occurred on the very same day, literally an hour before Derek Chauvin was found guilty of all charges relating to George Floyd’s killing !

Coincidence, or just incredibly bad timing, that another police shooting occurs the day that black people across America were celebrating the removal of one for a considerable time, from public life, dependent on sentencing of course.

It’s clearly too soon to pass any judgment on this teenagers death, however, people better check the footage, before rioting, or immediately laying all blame at the policeman hands.

This incident was due to an altercation between three black women, and a man who attempted to kick one of these females in the head when she was on the ground, as the police arrived, who was then quick to shout,

“She’s just a kid”, upon seeing Ms. Bryant, who was wielding a knife, get shot.

So again, accountability and rational thinking people, things are not always as they seem, and black people under todays, Black Lives Matter Influence, seem to have very short sight, when it comes to what they are doing, to have police become embroiled in their lives to the point where they end up facing being killed or actually being killed.

The request for the police was allegedly made by the young woman who got shot, so they didn’t, in this instance, just run up on them and start acting up, the fracas was between black people before the police had even got there !

As i’ve seen on a recent instagram post, there is a quote that needs to be shown to a lot of black folks right about now, which does not involve the police, which is simply…


It’s a simple thing, that may not stop racist policing or profiling, but might just stop certain situations coming to their attention.

Unpopular as that is to a lot of ignorant black people, it’s my stance, and I could care less who has a problem with it, because many of us do manage to avoid encounters with the police, and even when we do, we know how to avoid these sorts of fatal incidents occurring, which is why we’re still here.

I do think though, that the officer who shot Ms. Bryant, was extraordinarily trigger happy, and certainly could of shot her, in a way that disabled her, without killing her, time will tell though, as per usual.

It certainly was a shocking video, and with the Chauvin trial and verdict coming literally, minutes later, it’s just an incredible thing to have happened, at such a huge moment for Black America.

However, let’s keep it real, when triggers are being pulled in the streets, or specifically, gang neighbourhoods, who’s pulling these triggers, huh who … ?!?

As I saw in a video a few days ago, when, “ G Codes “, demand that blacks who know of other blacks killing, wait for it…… Once again, OTHER BLACKS,


Well, as The Late Great, Bernie Mac articulately stated, comedically,

What kind of bullshit is that ?

“ Your honour, he did that shit, I saw it, lock him up, and throw away the key, and make sure he can’t come and get me ! “

“ New Fools “, was the phrase he used, and he was right.

There are far too many individuals, denying the truth, to stay cool with their peoples’, the money crews, and with the apparently, “ woke “, and, ” down groups “, like …

Huh Hmmm … Black Lives Matter ….

…. and they aren’t the only group to, only come to the surface, when cameras and media turn up, to get themselves to suddenly be seen to be giving a damn !

There are people out there, who are not afraid of being blackballed for calling a spade a spade, or a gay a gay, so why has George Floyd stirred them up so much, when so many have died before, because of phone camera footage … ?

Like REALLY … ?!?

Whatever reset is going on, people need to stop bullshitting about who they claim to love, and recognise the REALITY, of who they sleep with, create families with, do deals with, to get to be where they be, and to stop lying to themselves about what inspires and motivates them !

Just… STOP IT !

We all know that money rules basically, everyone, who isn’t in some remote jungle land, that has yet to be tainted by monetary offers and bribes, or that CREAM right.

So, this drop is one for all these people claiming to keep it 100, who have suddenly become, “ Woke “, when they’ve been keeping their secrets locked in closets, just like these tribes of new gender collectives, who are suddenly, like all the aforementioned people, now apparently ……

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