“I Declare War” … Written and Performed by Big Virge

First things first, just so shocking and sad, RIP Chadwick Boseman, just such incredible news, at just 43, with so much presumably lying before him, artistically speaking !

However, moving on, as another black man is essentially gunned down, in as cowardly a fashion as you could imagine, by a policeman, being shot in the back !

Jacob Blake, who incredibly, is still alive, having been shot SEVEN Times, will survive, even if in his now paralysed state, he’s hand cuffed to his hospital bed !?!

It’s pretty clear that protests or not, certain cops, care not for whatever it is that the, BLM Movement, supposedly represents ?

So, Wisconsin is now having street wars, as protests and unrest have arisen, due to this shooting incident, protests, that are now hitting nations across Europe, due to more and more people, becoming restless, and now beginning to take issue with the social distancing measures, that the leaders of the world, keep stressing, ” Need to be maintained ! “, to stop the spread of this virus, that’s already on the warpath again, as spikes and surges are occurring in various countries now.

The issues of oil spillages, lyrics in songs, and political corruption, involving brutal policing of white people, are also now causing protests, that are fuelling various levels of street wars throughout the world now.

Things are pretty crazy right about now, without any doubt !!!

However, it seems that some people, simply do not listen, or pay close attention.

So, shout as much as they try, their cries for less police brutality, seem to be falling on deaf ears, much like any kind of artistry, that deals in more than booty shaking, sex driven material, that’s being displayed in videos for tunes, or violent, ignorant lyricism, in tunes that are basically, youth driven, it leaves a lot of guys like me, both inside and out of the industry, feeling frustrated and angry, because, conscious, thought provoking, subject driven lyricism, has far too much thought in it, apparently, to be sellable to the dumbed down minds of modern times.

Both young and old, and those in between, seem unwilling to recognise that there are talented artists whose sharpness, when it comes to what they talk about, borders on some, algorithmic, premonition type ish’ … !!!

Finally, as we enter the final stages of this years US Election, the war of words has been fuelled significantly by The Don, in calling Joe Biden WEAK, and a threat to American security, and it’s future economic prospects.

Meanwhile, it’s interesting how quietly the whole Brexit’ situations seems to be progressing … ???

I think people need to be very careful right about now, as to what wars they are focussing on, because once again, JK Rowling is causing a stir, by rejecting awards because of the criticism she’s receiving for her Transgender comments, amongst other things seemingly.

There are many things going on in this world, that may not be hitting media front pages, because they are not what the media wants people to be focussed on…..

It’s a time to keep your mind and thoughts clear, before getting caught up in wars that either, have no cause, or those that are basically, proving to be pointless….

So, without further ado, this weeks drop is aimed at all these industry fools, politicians, police and their crews, who refuse to recognise, those of us who deal in TRUTH …

Especially now that societies decline continues, and is breeding more and more protests, as well as much more…..

It’s time for me to make it perfectly clear … that right about now …

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