“Energy” … Written and Performed by Big Virge

Okay folks, so the energies surrounding this Corona Virus health issue, are indeed proving to be varied, and extreme, depending on where you are in the world !

Barbados has people masking up, so the fakers energy is indeed, being even better concealed than ever before !

As you go across the waters, the energies of protest are rising, as people seem to have had enough of being stuck at home, while others seem, quite happy to do so !!!

I guess, depending on your financial situation, home energies will differ, from household to household, which is not to say that having money, means a happy home for couples and families in isolation, because that’s clearly not the case according to figures on domestic issues, from physical abuses to relationships failing, because a great many relationships actually work, due to the fact that, prior to this situation, a lot of couples, and or marriages, didn’t avail the time in each other’s company, that these lockdowns have now done !

Of course the issues surrounding money, are also creating energies of varying levels.

Generosity and kindness on the one side, while greed and insensitivity, follow right behind !

As I have already expressed, greedy energies are not to be dismissed folks, payment holidays and suspensions are NOT the same as grants, that apparently, don’t have to be paid back ….

Well, the energy of authenticity and truth, regarding these issues, may well affect poorer crews, in more adverse ways than they might like !

Much like the corrupted energies of law enforcement, who seem in certain cases, to be taking the energy of power tripping, a lil’ too far !!!

So, if certain people thought that they were above police abuse, like say journalists, well they might want to think again, as it seems that even they, if they are deemed to be in the wrong place at the wrong time, are being told that they are endangering, well, in one case in the UK, deemed to be killing people, by their mere presence in certain policing matters !!!

Martial Law anyone … ???

Well, I have a few words on this subject, as do politicians on this global issue. However, as ever, certain leaders are proving themselves to have energies that aren’t necessary working in favour of, firstly, the medical teams working on stopping the spread of this disease, or the masses who are for the most part, being kept in the dark about developments, which doesn’t seem to quite be, how such information is being spread to their corporate friends, and more importantly, their investments !!!

Finally the rise of technological energies, is truly an amazing thing to see … !?!

From the elderly in care homes, to empty art galleries, there is a shift in energy, from dealing with human beings, to dealing with robots and artificial intelligence, to avail a virtual experience of leaving the house, or for some degree of human interaction ……

I’ll leave this post on that note, because as wondrous as all these technological wonders are becoming, there is a little something that is being diminished rapidly….

The basic use of our energy for human interaction….

So this weeks piece covers the theme of …..

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