“Check” … A Poem written and performed by Big Virge

Well folks, peoples’ craziness continues, and Novak Djokovic is our recent prize winner, for showing that his sometimes, quite crazy on court behaviour, has finally exploded, to the point where he hit a ball after a point had ended, that apparently hit a line judge in her throat, because he was upset !?!

Check that temper young man, otherwise, no more slams for you son !!!

Neymar and a few of his footballing compadres at PSG, would seem to also need to learn to check their tempers, as tempers seemed to flair to, Red Card levels, in their second league match of the season, over there in France !

Now it seems that verbal warfare isn’t being checked either, as Cardi B and Candace Owens are getting into it over, Joe Biden support, but interestingly, the idea that people in Hollywood, or those in music who are black, who’ve made millions in America, should stop being hypocritical, due to America being the very same place, that has provided them with their money, and that maybe, members of the public, should stop listening to them….

Hmmm, an interesting, and maybe, valid point !

It also seems as though unity in Ethiopia, is being checked, in no small way, as Prime Minister Ably Ahmed, does not seem to be so popular with those in the Tigray region, who seem ready to militarise their position, to the point where the regional ruling TPLF party, are defying apparent federal governance, to have their own elections, so, much like Obama, before him, who also received a Nobel Peace Prize, war could quite conceivably, quickly be on the horizon, merely a year after Mr. Ahmed has received it ….

Tribalism in Africa, is still clearly to be checked, as it should of been some centuries ago !

So, onto this Corona Virus, and it’s movements, well who knows if it’s spread is being checked or not now !?!

Benjamin Netanyahu clearly isn’t of the opinion it is, so has made Israel the first country to re-impose a nationwide lockdown, so, the virus’s progress, doesn’t seem to have been checked so well there !

It’s also, definitely not being checked in India, where cases seems to be increasing rather quickly !!!

It also seems that some people just cannot check their need to see different shores, which is creating problem after problem, when it comes to which countries people can, or, cannot visit ???

It’s interesting that nobody is protesting at the selfish attitudes of those who are travelling to destinations, without even considering the dangers of apparently being in places where information about the level of virus infections, is not quite as clear cut, as travel operators and governments, might be suggesting one day, that they take a complete U-turn on, the very next !!!

It’s just incredible really, where peoples protestations seem to be focussed ?!?

Not wearing a mask, is apparently, incredibly selfish, but travelling to let’s say, questionable locations, to get a holiday, isn’t, in times like these ?

Huh …. ?!?

Finally, what of poor old Lionel Messi, one minute wanting out of Barcelona, due in no small part i’d imagine, to Bayern Munich’s 8-2 beat down, that left him looking for competition at the highest level elsewhere……. to …

Wait a minute …….


CHECK that Lionel, when your release contract, demands a 700 Million Euro pay off, due to a contractual clause !!!

Good luck with finding a club who can pay that now, or even, before the Corona situation !?!

There’s so much going on in this world right about now, that needs to be checked, that people are simply, refusing to do, like, continued, ignorant policing vibes, as well as highly volatile protesting, that is stretching worldwide !!!

So, I figure it’s a good time to drop this set of Big Virge Spoken Word Rhymes, that reflect on some of the things within my life, for which I now ……

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