” Chat ” … Written and Performed by Big Virge

So folks, here we go with a quick post on some bits and bobs for the week.

I have very little interest in Royalty, but it seems that Madame Markle … or is that, Saxe-Coburg now ?

…. is stirring the pot again, whilst she and hubby Harry, chatted away with good ol’ Oprah, for a heart to heart, about her experiences thus far, as a Royal.

Well firstly it seems that she’s a little, ” Too Dark “, for certain members of Her Majesty’s Staff, or is that, extended family, who apparently, are quite concerned about the couples offsprings, skin colour !

SHOCK HORROR, that those who may well have ironed the Nazi costume Young Harry wore to a party, when he was 20, would think such a thing ?!?

As Meghan herself expressed in her chat with Oprah, she DIDN’T DO ANY research, AT ALL, into the family she was about to marry into ???

Well, as cold as it sounds, I have, ZERO SYMPATHY for, the suicidal and lonely place she claims to have been in !!!


So, what happened to hubby, was he not a consoling shoulder for her to cry and lean on … ???

Or, was he busy getting rid of his, Nazi Regalia, from their presumably, expansive closets !

I mean, people are being forced to wear masks to live, and this is news ?!?

Meanwhile, Gina Carano’ can’t compare Nazi attitudes to being related to, her treatment by Disney in her online chat, and seemingly, the groups who are online, who are now, AGAIN attempting to BULLY someone, for speaking their truth, that doesn’t sit well with their version of morality ?

However, we should all be very concerned about a family who have, utilised slavery to basically, end up with a member of their family, well…….

A woman of well, slightly darker skin than theirs ….

Hmmm, does anyone see the irony here, I guess it’s just me ?

Anyway, there’s a lot of chat these days, that’s making very little sense to me, from personal conversations I’m having with certain people, to online chats and social media chats that are proving to be increasingly prejudiced, biased and of course, racist.

Gotta quickly mention the chat coming from, ex-players and media from England, in amongst this rise in nonsensical chat, due to theirs on the apparently, TERRIBLE Wickets, that England’s Cricketers, ended up being embarrassed upon, whilst losing the series to Virats’ India.

Well, to borrow what I saw on another bloggers’ page…

How long exactly, have the English, immorally lived and colonised, good lo’ India ?!?

A couple hundred years maybe… ???

So, exactly why are they not aware that they need to bring batsmen, who are at their best on turning wickets, and against spin, and, a set of spinners who turn it miles, to play in India, on pitches that are played on by, BOTH Teams ?!?

If you lose the toss, and it costs you the game, then petition for a different way to start the game then, and see how far you get with that tactic !!!

It’s the same old chat, that doesn’t deal in any sense of looking in the mirror, and facing up to the simple, RAW TRUTH….

…. which in this case was, NOT GOOD ENOUGH, and got beaten heavily because of it.

Diverting topic quickly, my chat on the series is mainly reserved for, Rishabh’ Pant, looks like an interesting future he has, the force is strong with him !

Anyway, back to the chat surrounding vaccinations, and the apparent freedoms that they will now be giving to those who’ve received their doses happily.

It still seems very confusing to me, especially when the threat of Covid, is still being said to be, far from over or under control ???

I dunno folks, but to me, much of society and humanity, is proving to be, One BIG JOKE right about now !

Case in point being, the Piers Morgan walk out on GMB…

No comment on that, other than … LOL.

…. which leads me finally, to the fact that, the chat that is coming out of some peoples mouths is not only, highly questionable, but seriously hypocritical, no royalty being mentioned …

Huh Hmmm …

So, this weeks post is a short one, as I am really not one for foolish, or idle chatter, but the subject of this poem is as appropriate as it could be, for the subject of this weeks blog post, because what it reflects on is people, and all of their….

Well, as said, particularly in these days times ….

Increasingly RIDICULOUS …

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