“Are These Things Right ?” … Written and Performed by Big Virge

So folks, it’s gonna be a hot topic for a while now, i’d imagine ….

Well, behind Covid, Delta, Bravo, re-opening of things, and re-closinbg of things, of course…

Blah di Blah … ?!?

The incredible reaction that Marcus Rashford, Jadon’ Sancho and Bukayo Saka have received for missing their penalties in the European Championship Final, against Italy.

Well, I am not even remotely surprised, and can’t believe that it’s right for people to be so, apparently angry, about the reaction to them, costing England the win, when that clearly was not the case, because this is just the English way right … ???

I say that because, it hardly seems as though it was right for most of the team to be, behind the ball, for the next 110 minutes, after taking a shock lead within the first ten ?

Come on Gareth, win the game from there, and take it away from the Italians, but nope, park the bus, and keep it parked in the hope that, it won’t get broken into ?

Well, you’re not likely to get past the finish line, that way now are ya ?!?

So, his tactics were clearly wrong, as were his choices for penalty takers, as he seems quite willing to accept the blame for the loss.

However, this racism issue raising its head so soon after, the report that recently claimed England to be a great model for race integration in white dominated, western nations, only seems to apply……

… Until a black footballer misses a penalty for them in an international game !

Well, in actual fact, if you’re black, in pretty much any game, which does beggar belief, because it’s clear that even in these, Black Lives, and Inclusivity Matters Times, that this isn’t quite right now is it ?

The same can be said for the incredibly, hypocritical stances, now being taken by, Prime Minister….

“ piccaninies “

Boris Johnson….

…. and Madame….

“ Gesture Politics “

Priti Patel, who are suddenly both claiming, that fans should be ashamed of their racist actions ???

…. when neither of them, were particularly supportive of the team taking a knee, in apparent solidarity against racism, previously.

If that isn’t, “ Gesture Politics “, then i’d like to know what is ?

The kind of talk coming from other political figures, has also shown the disturbing trait of wishing to throw, any kind of stances against racism, under Gareth’s bus rather quickly, from suggestions that Marcus Rashford should maybe get on with practicing penalties, rather than politics, to the standard backtracking of comments, that have been found to be less than supportive of actually, tackling the issue, rather than paying it lip service, whilst being quick to denigrate the kind of positive things that Rashford in particular, has achieved outside of the game.

It’s such a predictable thing, the blatantly wrong behaviour of a …

” small number ” … of England Fans …

who, from vandalising and leaving a trail of disgusting waste in their wake, and that’s BEFORE the game is even played, then swiftly resort to, racist, vitriol filled attacks, and hatred suddenly coming out, that seems to surprise everyone, from the players themselves, to the political commentators, whose hypocrisy is just a wonder to see and hear !

However, these black guys are paid very well to be where they are, and as many are now saying, don’t face the kind of exclusion in selection policies, that have been an issue for black players donning the three lions shirt, no matter what sport it is, but especially in the football arena, previously.

If you don’t want the flack guys, refuse to play, you’re getting enough money elsewhere now right ?

It makes more sense than becoming a scapegoat, for a kick of a ball, which cannot be deemed to be the, only reason for a loss, when the team had more than 11 players, have various kicks at the ball, for over 120 minutes !

Now that hardly seems very reasonable, or remotely fair, but, as with racism, which has made me post this piece, that reflects on a young black mans death in England, not so long ago, due to a racist attack.

Anthony Walker … RIP

There is one question that enters my mind, when it comes to these individuals, who don’t seem to have two brain cells that actually work as they should, in their mind.

My question for them is a simple one …..

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