“Apocalyptic Times” … Written and Performed by Big Virge

So folks, it would certainly seem to be a good time to remind people of the, apocalyptic nature, of much that is currently occurring around the world.

The pandemic being, at the forefront of most people minds, even with the apparent rise in confidence, in the value of being vaccinated.

It’s been crazy to see the kind of temperatures that are hitting various places, from Pakistan to Canada, to the west coast of America, and the rather strange heatwaves that seem to be a more frequent part of British Summers now.

However, the sudden floods that accompany them, are drowning the heat rather quickly, and are placing pressures on everything, from travel networks, to hospitals.

Pretty scary right ???

…. until you recognise that flash floods are now hitting regions all over the world, from Belgium to Germany, to China.

It’s pretty shocking to see subways flooded, as has been the case in New York recently.

So it seems that Ms. Thunberg, may indeed have a point regarding climate change, or does she ???

Well, with so many protesting about freedom, and about the climate, amongst other things, like the destruction of family values, which biblically speaking, is written to predict events that are linked to the end of days, when they are being rejected for behaviour that again, biblically speaking, is seen as deplorable, or as acts that go against god’s wishes, if you’re into that sort of stuff, one has to wonder what exactly is going on, and what will be the end result of these things happening more frequently ?

So, whether you’re into religious prophecies or not, one has to surely question, whether what we are seeing is just nature exhibiting it’s power, or, whether these events link to something much more concerning, like humanity heading into a future, like the one this poem vividly depicts as being …..

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