“Crisis” … A Poem written and performed by Big Virge

So firstly, let me say that I hope that the crisis is over for Christian Eriksen, because that was some pretty scary stuff to see anywhere, let alone on the field of a European Championship Football match, so, I wish him a hopefully, healthy, and speedy recovery !

Anyway, my first question in this post is, is the crisis finally now over, regarding this Covid’ Virus people, because with the levels of alleged, vaccination uptake, one would like to think that the world is now past the worst of it, now, wouldn’t you ?

However, HOLD ON just a minute !!!

As has been sarcastically said online this week, what’s next ?

A Reebok Classic Variant, and then a Mexican Wave !?!

It’s clear that there are still problems with these new variants popping up, here and there, especially this, Indian, or, ” Delta Variant “, that seems to have a high transmissibility potential, but ……

Don’t worry folks, our saviour is the vaccines we’re being offered, that are seemingly able to fight the Indian variant off, conveniently in time for the British Re-opening, on the 21st of June, The European Football Championships, and presumably the Olympics in Japan.

Conveniently !

However, there seems to be a crisis of this virus now affecting our youngsters, so yup, it’s time to get our young people vaccinated, even though, as many officials seem to believe, they are the least likely to have major issues from catching the virus ?

Meanwhile, there are those who think it’s critical that we take time to assess the value, and safety of giving these vaccines to young people, because of what they may contain, that could damage them ?

Ahhh, but once again, don’t worry about that parents, these cases of blood clotting, and other side affects are very rare, and are not anything that the parents of children, should be worried about !

Well thankfully, I have no children who’ll have to face this issue, but many are clearly concerned and worried, about the possible repercussions of side affects !

It is quite reasonable, and understandable to me, that parents are indeed questioning the issue of child vaccinations, but is it a crisis, well according to those in power, NO !

The issue of racism is of course, still far from being in a crisis free zone, as per the shooting of 6 year old, Coby Daniel, by Ryan Le-Nguyen in Michigan this week, which caused outcry, due to his bail being set at a level, where he was home, almost as quickly as he shot young Coby.

Mr. Nguyen’s being Asian, has prompted the question of whether this was a racist attack, but has yet to be discovered.

However, the recent loss of the life of 14 year old, Dea-John Reid, in Birmingham, England, after an initial reluctance to declare it as a result of racism by the police, has quickly been found to have racism of some kind, being connected to it, as the young man and his friends were allegedly on the receiving end of racist abuse, before being chased, and Dea-John being stabbed to death.

As per usual, according to locals of the area, the police see no racism crisis, in fact they aren’t even willing to see this as, any kind of hate crime, as of yet !

So, the question of racism being in a critical state, is no longer that big of an issue, because of groups like, Black Lives Matter, right ?

Well, they also seem to perhaps be in some degree of crisis mode, according to alleged infighting, amongst it’s members !

Surely not !?!

Well, with Patrisse Cullors, causing quite the stir with her property portfolio recently, it’s no surprise that there may be some heads turning, regarding the validity of the groups transparency, and appropriation of funds.

The original 10 chapters seem to want proof that the slogan is not just a clever publicity mechanism, to make money out of what is a very serious, and real issue, of racism across the globe, that many black people still encounter on a daily basis !

A subsidiary group, called the, BLM 10 Plus, are certainly concerned, and have spoken out, in the wake of news that Ms Cullors, is about to resign her position.

Interestingly, it’s also alleged that certain chapters of the original ten, who voiced their disapproval of how things were being managed back in 2020, were removed from the BLM, Global Network Website !

There is an abundance of this type of thing happening now, so, one has to wonder, is there a freedom of speech crisis on the horizon ?

Speak out against the vaccine publicly, your banned, as per Beverley Turner in the UK !

Speak out against vaccine mandates in hospitals, you lose you job, as per the Methodist Hospital in Houston, where a hundred and seventeen nurses are saying that they don’t want to be treated as guinea pigs, in order for them to retain their positions, so have filed a lawsuit to challenge being forced to do so !

The freedom of speech debate also crosses gender lines now too, as Gina Carano has found out, at the expense of her role in, The Mandalorian !

So, is Freedom of Speech under siege from gender fluid groups, as anti vaccination speech is becoming, on main stream media, social media networks, and in scientific and political powerhouses ?

What defines a crisis point in such matters, and more importantly, who, especially when it comes this Corona Virus, Vaccine rollout, gets to make the call that, due to a crisis rate of virus infections, things need to be treated as if in crisis mode ?

These are very dangerous roads that the we are going down, when the mere questioning of things, or speaking on things in ways that disagree with a certain way of being, can create the shutting down of basic human rights, like freedom of speech people !

So, controversial as it may be, when it comes to all these subjects and more, this drop reflects on what, within this crazy modern world, actually constitutes a …

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