“Run Through My Mind” … Written and Performed by Big Virge

So folks, in times like these, it’s clear that lots of things are running through peoples minds, from vaccines to health, to money, security, and the future.

There are a great many things on the horizon, in terms of the societal reset, that has already compelled many people to now adapt to, without question, that have people embracing some very strange things.

Artistically speaking, many artists under the mainstream radar, or self proclaimed artists, are sacrificing their craft, to become nine to fivers.

The super rich are seemingly keen to find ways to further separate themselves from the growing number of impoverished people, as more and more, older, major artists, seem to be passing away.

The next generation of up and coming artists, seem to be compromising themselves to incredibly low levels to get, “ Put On”, as my last couple of posts have been speaking on.

The internet may be availing platforms for podcasts, and the like, to have more people speak their truth about the world, but who’s really listening, when it comes down to it ?

The masses ???

…. or smaller collectives of the diminishing numbers of thinkers, who remain true to the ideal of thinking for themselves, ahead of their devices, or what mass media tells them to believe ?

As ever, there is little room for any kind of straight speak, reaching mainstream airwaves, not that there ever was, but it’s disturbing to hear what’s coming out of the minds of a lot of young people, as well as quite a few elders, who you’d think would know better, than to just accept whatever is presented to them as being their best options for success, or survival, in the new age of Big Tech, especially from world governments now.

The issue of racism is still running through a great many minds, however, it’s proving to be an even more divisive topic now, than ever before, especially between black people.

It is quite apparent though, that America seems to be setting the standard, for race discussion, as if black people in America, are the only ones whose opinions and experiences seem to matter, when it comes to the issue of race discrimination.

A disturbing thing to see, when black people are in places all over the world, like, St. Vincent and The Grenadines, where black lives are not being treated like they matter, unless they’re signing up to all kinds of nonsensical agendas, that the new breed of successful blacks, don’t seem to have any REAL interest in, because they’re out there happily, prostituting themselves for those bits of ink filled paper, that may well prove to be worth a lot less, when digital currencies become more and more influential, and popular.

The rise in Covid infections and deaths in India, is on a lot of peoples minds, as are lockdowns in places like Turkey, where they initially were thought to have the spread of the virus under control.

So finally, what of relationships ?

Well, they’re always a difficult thing to maintain, at the best of times, but when money gets tight, many start to see cracks appear in their apparent love for each other, that they were blissfully ignoring, while things appeared to be going well.

However, as a poet and artist who deals in the realities of life, these are not things that I have time to be focussing on.

The bigger issues of what’s really happening to people in this world, and what the powers that be, are pushing society towards embracing, tend to be the things that are at the forefront of my mind ….

So, even though written a while ago, here are a few things that were, and still do …..

“The Inside Track ” … Written and Performed by Big Virge

So folks, ” The Inside Track “, is a suitable subject to now speak on, having recently spoke on,

“ Keeping It Real “, and then the idea that those who don’t, end up becoming Puppets or Pawns, to be sacrificed in rituals, when they step out of line, in terms of certain, hierarchical structures.

The Inside Track to fame and success, clearly has many variables and many contractual obligations, that go beyond being the best at what you do.

It would seem to be foolish to believe that this isn’t the case. especially when it comes to getting fame.

I’ve had my time of attempting to become a pro sportsman, and having done my creative thing for a while now, have seen just how important it is to have the right connections, to get to be around certain people, or gatekeepers, who can open certain gates, or doors as it were, for you to gain access to the realm where, the big shottas’ are, and where the big money is at.

However, as my last couple of posts have eluded to, there seems to be an incredible level of preferential treatment, that avails such opportunities, and it comes at a price that isn’t always, monetarily driven.

Many seem to be sexually driven, or are driven by restrictions on what you can, or cannot say.

The #MeToo movement, has driven many to now see the industry as being a place filled with rapists, or sexual deviants, which I would certainly not doubt as being the case. However, is it not also then reasonable to think about sexual favours being given by women, to get to certain positions, as it now seems to be being levelled at men ?

Is it all a one sided abuse of power equation ?

Well, I would have to suggest, that I believe that people are being naive to tell themselves, that everybody whose become famous, has done so, solely based on their artistic talents.

It’s pretty clear when, so called, underground artists and art, find their way into mainstream mediums, that many who are deemed as being talented, suddenly look quite mediocre, in comparison to those who have found a different way into the public’s view.

Once again though, even these people have, in Hip Hop Vernacular, had to get…

“ Put On “ …..

…. by someone who had, ” The Inside Track “, in terms of getting them heard, or seen by certain people within underground collectives, where some very shady characters seem to be waiting, and making a living !

As many have said for years and years now, it’s not as simple as just coming down to what creative gifts you have, it’s who you know, and who THEY Know, that plays as big a part, if not the ultimate part in gaining success.

This is not solely within the arts and entertainment worlds, it applies to the corporate, political, and social worlds too !!!

It is a very significant part of life, from the schoolyard to the bedroom, you’ve got to be seen as one of the cool crews, in a lot of instances, to get through.

The level of compromise you are willing to embrace, plays a massive factor in how quickly you get through too !

So, this piece revolves around the issue of how people get on the inside track, and is based around many conversations that i’ve had over the years, with artistic peers, as well as a particular conversation with an individual, who works directly behind the cameras, who had no reservation in telling me that she felt that the group of people who can get you on that inside track, are not necessarily, the best group of folks to get connected to….

So, as I’m at that point, where I can no longer see myself in such collectives, here’s a piece that sends a cursory warning to those thinking it’s all good, because they’ve got a fair amount of talent…

Y’all need to check yourselves, and ease back, and take a REALLY GOOD, LONG LOOK at, what it takes, and more importantly, WHO it may take, for you to get to the spot where you get fame and cash, that avails you a position, where you’re path is cleared, by someone who can get you on …..

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“Puppets” … A Poem written and performed by Big Virge

So, as one gets older, you get to see that things aren’t necessarily as they seem to be, when it comes to those who get to air their views on controversial issues, in public forums.

The idea that people really do, as per my last post, “ Keep It Real “,
is something that needs to be, seriously questioned as being true ?

Many people from mainstream media, are clearly bound by the string pullers, who direct and control what it is, that they get to say, and when, and who they get to say it to !

There are also an abundance of political puppets, at various levels of the political spectrum.

Of course they, and many of their cohorts, would claim that they are not puppets, and many would ask the question,

How do you know that they are a puppet ?

Well, I guess it’s a matter of perspective, however, when people suddenly disappear from vision, or are, “ Blackballed “, for saying something that upset the wrong group, or someone, it’s only reasonable to believe that there are people who wouldn’t dare, cross the line of fire, that comes from stepping outside of accepted narratives.

As an artist who uses words to express my views and opinions, it’s become very clear to me, that there are numerous puppets within the entertainment industry, who seem to be very mindful of not speaking on certain issues, in totally honest and forthright ways.

The subject of Religion warrants strings being pulled on certain vocal chords, as it obviously does with gender now.

The alphabet crowd have considerable pull, in terms of who gets to be in certain positions, and the puppets know that they had better not speak out of turn, or say anything disparaging about their community, or else, face the penalty of disappearing from the public eye, and kissing any career in the media goodbye.

The only way to avoid being a puppet, is to become so rich and powerful, that you can do your own thing, but the question then becomes, what did you have to do to get to have that amount of money, in the first place ?

Even when it comes to the Internet, and peoples claims that they have got their respective online platforms to flourish, without bowing to anyone, the most skeptical amongst us, would still question if certain strings haven’t been attached to you at some point ?

Be you on, Youtube, or on other online channels and platforms, they are all monitored, and unless they benefit from what you’re doing, you can be removed at the touch of a button, if you’re found to breach certain site protocols, or guidelines.

So, to think that the Internet has freed people from being subject to puppet controls, would at best be, clearly somewhat naive !

It would seem nonsensical to believe that people who work their way up the ladder of success, don’t have people telling them, when to speak, and when to keep their mouths shut !

Basic relationships between couples, indulge in this form of puppetry, at a lesser level, but certain men and women, pull strokes, or strings, to get what they want from the other party, so it’s just a part of life.

However, when it comes to art forms like Hip Hop, up until the advent of less controlled interviews, like those now found on platforms like YouTube, certain things that are now being exposed, about the type of strings that are being pulled by powerful individuals, to keep certain heads reigned in, remained unknown !

However, many of these things are now being discussed on camera, be they things connected to sex, or to power moves that restrict individuals from releasing information on their peers, due to the nature of certain compromises that they’ve made, to get to be where they are.

The idea of underground rappers earning their position, seems to have now become something that’s driven by this form of puppetry, becoming a dominant factor in who gets where, and more importantly, how fast.

This may seem to be more like a case of simple compromise, however, once you’ve compromised yourself to the point where you have dirty secrets, that you don’t ever want people to know, then when your strings get pulled by your puppet master, you’re not likely to break those strings when pushed to, do or say things to again, promote a certain narrative, that keeps your image intact.

It all seems crazy to those who buy into, anything that famous people say, but fame like gaining power, clearly comes at a high price, much higher than most people think !

Your life for one, could be jeopardised, but there is also the prospect of what certain things being exposed, could do to your family.

We’ve already seen numerous celebrities, come out of closets in recent times !

So, weren’t they puppets for many years, when it wasn’t acceptable to open their closet doors, that were firmly closed, due to the narrative that once suggested such behaviour to be abhorrent ?

The idea of, keeping it real, is very closely linked to actually, NOT DOING SO, as strange as that may seem to say, however, when you take a close look at how things really work, and listen to those now suggesting that there’s much more to becoming successful, than meets the eye, in terms of gaining A-List Level success.

One has to question the legitimacy of much that certain, famous people, from various walks of, Elite Life, claim to be their position on a variety of subjects ?

As hard as it might be for people to accept, it’s pretty clear to see that a great many of those who we see as being the best, are actually people who have simply become, very good at hiding the strings that guide much that they say and do, because they know that they are simply….

The real power brokers…

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“Keep It Real” … A Poem written and Performed by Big Virge

Okay so, I really think that people need to stop talking about being,
“ Woke “, and about, ” Keeping It Real ‘, or, as it is now, Keeping it 100, when they clearly take issue with people doing so, when it comes to THEM, the things that they say and do, and what rules their respective worlds.

The new gender collectives, are the group with the biggest issue of people keeping it real about themselves and their opinions, especially when their words offend their clearly, very thin skins !!!

It’s pretty obvious though, that when you’ve been hiding the apparent truth from yourself, about what gender you SEE Yourself as being, which goes against the natural thing that you were born to be, it’s no surprise that facing the TRUTH is probably gonna be an issue for them ?

However, the bigger issue with the truths that surround these groups and their movements, seems to revolve around those who do not agree with their ideals and beliefs, who are swiftly vilified, to the point where many feel that they simply can’t speak their truth about what they feel about these people.

Sometimes the bullet just has to be bitten, and you have to stand for what you are about, instead of, excuse the pun, bending over to stay in the game….

Tell it to John Carlos, or Steve Biko, and the people who have died for less, so what’s with all this half stepping, and compromising for these groups, that do not half step when they essentially, bully people into silence, submission, or worse still, compliance ?

Either say what you mean, or don’t open your mouth, unless it’s to take what’s coming to you.


It’s becoming clearer and clearer, that the entertainment industry is pretty much ruled, by the alphabet gender communities.

Gina Carano, being the most recent person to have felt their wrath, due to her basically saying, what she wants about the Transgender community, amongst others, and there are countless others who have also been quickly told that they had better rein in their tongues to stay paid, or in the game, that seems to be, everything but real.

The interesting part is that when it comes to Hollywood, the truth is hardly something that can be levelled as being part of a group, who, as quite a few individuals have now said, from talk show hosts, to some actors themselves, is filled with lies, lying, and liars.

It always amazes me now how people act so surprised when white guys and gals in showbiz, are found to be hiding some dark secrets, as if it just couldn’t be possible, however, when black people get exposed and accused of being of a similar ilk, it’s so easily believable ?

The idea that media reporting of such revelations is fair and equal, and 100 per cent truthful, just blows my mind !

This unconscious bias and racism that exists, defines the issues that black people have always faced, and always will, because when we speak our minds, we’re homophobic, or aggressive, or whatever, negative narrative can be used to demonise our views.

However, when it’s white folks who use bigoted, hateful, racist terminology, up until very recently, there was always some excuse for them to say, or do the things that they do ?

The use of Autism recently, to explain the following of Neo Nazis, by Ben Hannam, because he was found to have joined the Metropolitan Police, really took the biscuit, as far as I’m concerned !

This though, also leads me to the other side of that coin, where black people seem to still have this, bee in their bonnet, about how basically, every issue that we face in the modern world, is as a result of something white society has done.

I’ve said it before and i’ll say it again, until black people deal in accountability for our own failings and flaws, we’ll never overpower, or remove white supremacy from being something that, undoubtedly marginalises, and leaves many of us in dire situations, that lead to Deaths.

Deaths like that of Makiyah Bryant, may she rest in peace, that has occurred on the very same day, literally an hour before Derek Chauvin was found guilty of all charges relating to George Floyd’s killing !

Coincidence, or just incredibly bad timing, that another police shooting occurs the day that black people across America were celebrating the removal of one for a considerable time, from public life, dependent on sentencing of course.

It’s clearly too soon to pass any judgment on this teenagers death, however, people better check the footage, before rioting, or immediately laying all blame at the policeman hands.

This incident was due to an altercation between three black women, and a man who attempted to kick one of these females in the head when she was on the ground, as the police arrived, who was then quick to shout,

“She’s just a kid”, upon seeing Ms. Bryant, who was wielding a knife, get shot.

So again, accountability and rational thinking people, things are not always as they seem, and black people under todays, Black Lives Matter Influence, seem to have very short sight, when it comes to what they are doing, to have police become embroiled in their lives to the point where they end up facing being killed or actually being killed.

The request for the police was allegedly made by the young woman who got shot, so they didn’t, in this instance, just run up on them and start acting up, the fracas was between black people before the police had even got there !

As i’ve seen on a recent instagram post, there is a quote that needs to be shown to a lot of black folks right about now, which does not involve the police, which is simply…


It’s a simple thing, that may not stop racist policing or profiling, but might just stop certain situations coming to their attention.

Unpopular as that is to a lot of ignorant black people, it’s my stance, and I could care less who has a problem with it, because many of us do manage to avoid encounters with the police, and even when we do, we know how to avoid these sorts of fatal incidents occurring, which is why we’re still here.

I do think though, that the officer who shot Ms. Bryant, was extraordinarily trigger happy, and certainly could of shot her, in a way that disabled her, without killing her, time will tell though, as per usual.

It certainly was a shocking video, and with the Chauvin trial and verdict coming literally, minutes later, it’s just an incredible thing to have happened, at such a huge moment for Black America.

However, let’s keep it real, when triggers are being pulled in the streets, or specifically, gang neighbourhoods, who’s pulling these triggers, huh who … ?!?

As I saw in a video a few days ago, when, “ G Codes “, demand that blacks who know of other blacks killing, wait for it…… Once again, OTHER BLACKS,


Well, as The Late Great, Bernie Mac articulately stated, comedically,

What kind of bullshit is that ?

“ Your honour, he did that shit, I saw it, lock him up, and throw away the key, and make sure he can’t come and get me ! “

“ New Fools “, was the phrase he used, and he was right.

There are far too many individuals, denying the truth, to stay cool with their peoples’, the money crews, and with the apparently, “ woke “, and, ” down groups “, like …

Huh Hmmm … Black Lives Matter ….

…. and they aren’t the only group to, only come to the surface, when cameras and media turn up, to get themselves to suddenly be seen to be giving a damn !

There are people out there, who are not afraid of being blackballed for calling a spade a spade, or a gay a gay, so why has George Floyd stirred them up so much, when so many have died before, because of phone camera footage … ?

Like REALLY … ?!?

Whatever reset is going on, people need to stop bullshitting about who they claim to love, and recognise the REALITY, of who they sleep with, create families with, do deals with, to get to be where they be, and to stop lying to themselves about what inspires and motivates them !

Just… STOP IT !

We all know that money rules basically, everyone, who isn’t in some remote jungle land, that has yet to be tainted by monetary offers and bribes, or that CREAM right.

So, this drop is one for all these people claiming to keep it 100, who have suddenly become, “ Woke “, when they’ve been keeping their secrets locked in closets, just like these tribes of new gender collectives, who are suddenly, like all the aforementioned people, now apparently ……

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“Ridiculous” … A Poem written and performed by Big Virge

Okay folks, so let’s just get to it, things are truly getting more and more ridiculous, as time goes on now aren’t they ?

We have the case against Derek Chauvin reaching the point, where his defence is now suggesting that his use of force was justified under the condition of …

“ objective reasonableness “

Whatever the hell that means ?

I’m not even gonna go there, because I just wanna see how the system of justice in America, is gonna find a way to absolve Chauvin of his actions, or how they’re going to minimise the charge that he presumably will face, but only time will tell.

However, the even more ridiculous scenario is the one of Daunte Wrights’ shooting, that lead to his death, over an expired tag on his car license plate, as well as his having an outstanding warrant for his arrest.

The ridiculous part of this, is that the officer who killed him, Kim Potter, who had 26 years of experience, mistakenly shot him with her gun, believing it to be her taser !!!

Like WTF ?!?

I repeat, TWENTY SIX Years experience !!!

Experienced in what exactly, because it doesn’t seem to be policing now does it ?!?

Conveniently, she has quickly resigned from her position, as has her police chief, Tim Gannon, over this again, ridiculous act, leading to another black man losing his life for just getting stopped by the police.

What makes it even more ridiculous, is that it’s in a suburb of Minneapolis, where George Floyd was killed !?!

I find it even more ridiculous to see the BBC report, suggesting that it’s a victory for those who once again, have protested outside the Brooklyn Center Police Department.

Mr. Wright is dead, he’s lost to his loved ones, and is not coming back, while Ms. Potter and her boss resign swiftly, to get away from the issue of how this could happen at such an untimely moment, amidst the Chauvin’ trial for the killing of George Floyd !

It truly beggars belief, and for Ms. Potter to state in her, one sentence letter of resignation, that she,

“ loved every minute of being a police officer “,

She couldn’t possibly be any more disrespectful to Mr. Wrights family, and their loss, because that would indicate that she enjoyed, mistakenly killing Mr. Wright !

One can only shake ones head, and wonder where this ridiculously poor standard of policing will end.

However, once again, coming across the water, a Neo-Nazi has been found to have been employed by the police, this time it’s Germany, where 11 members of, as the media likes to call them now, Far Right Group,

“ Gruppe S “,

…. are on trial for plotting what they defined as an attempt to create a civil war in Germany.

The individual connected to the police is only known as, Thorsten W, and he allegedly offered 5000 Euros to the group, for them to buy weapons.

So, with the recent story about, Ben Hannam joining the UK’s Met Police force, whilst being a Neo Nazi, and the claims of Racism in the Royal Family, alongside of Britain claiming to be a great advert for white dominated, Western Nations, in terms of their management of racism in a recent report, what can be any more ridiculous, in terms of the idea that the, Black Lives Matter Movement, is working very well to help stop police from shooting us mistakenly, and more importantly, in ensuring that attitudes towards racism in countries like Germany and Britain, are being checked in positive ways.

Anything ???

I’m sure if you check world news, you’ll find things, but this all takes me back to the Central Park Five, who, after being wrongfully accused of attacking and raping a girl in the park, during a night of unrest, finally were released, and paid millions of dollars, in some vain attempt to make recompense for the injustice and loss of freedom that the American Justice System, imposed on them.

The usual thing to make us believe that justice has been done, is to give the victims a load of money, and then everything’s suddenly fine ?

Never mind the psychological damage that has been done, and the lack of criminal convictions for those who proved, that their application of the legal process was deeply flawed, prejudicial, or driven by racism !

Finally, who exactly is this woman, and BBC Diversity Chief, Miranda Wayland, because she seems to have, via her boss, June Sarpong, been given the green light to go ahead and make what would appear to be some quite ridiculous comments about the validity of Idris Elba’s character of Luther, as being black enough, due to his not having any black friends or eating Caribbean Food, so his characterisation on the BBC Show, just isn’t real ?

So firstly, I believe Luther isn’t a real person, as would be the case in most characters in TV Shows, Ms, Wayland, and furthermore, if he was a real, as Idris has put it, ANGRY black policeman, how many black friends do you expect he would have now eh ?

Would he be playing dominoes with them after work, and would his lighting a few fatties make him more, stereotypically dumbed down, ” Black “, for your ridiculous ass ?

I mean, WTF is wrong with some of todays, black do-gooders, like seriously !?!
She must be secretly wearing these ridiculously skinny tight fitting jeans, that clearly cut off the supply of oxygen to young peoples brains, which suitably leads me
to this, spoken word drop, which covers a few of these issues and more….

…. which is why it is called….

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Expert .. Written and Performed by Big Virge

So, who isn’t an expert these days now eh ?

It doesn’t seem to require much more than a bit of research, googling, or just having an opinion, to be a modern day expert on the woes of the world, all of a sudden ?

You only have to go onto a social media feed, to see people spouting their views on, any, and everything, from creative talents, to the Corona Virus, Policing, or the dreaded subject of Racism.

It is quite disturbing to me, to see how quickly people claim to know what’s right, from what’s wrong these days, that then seems to lead to, subsequent attacks that are then made by others, insisting on the apparent fact, that people haven’t researched, are being biased, or that they are just being stupid, or ignorant.

Thus comes the expert, who knows everything, even though their only information comes from a bias, or a source that works for their bias.

So with Corona, it’s been Dr. Fauci, against the likes of Trump.
A battle that caused all sorts of dissension, and divisive views about everything from, wearing masks to vaccines, social distancing and lockdowns.

So then, in comes President Biden, and suddenly, there’s a little less reluctance to resist the vaccine rollout, and everything connected to Coronas demise !!!

Have the experts changed ?

Nope, but the sway of power and influence, means that whoever the expert is, whose an ally of, said President, the bias is swiftly removed.

How easily people are swayed !

The next monster in most rooms now, is the history, treatment, and current state of affairs, relating to the black race, that is a subject, that is now being extensively covered in documentaries and studies, by an abundance of black historians, scientists, doctors and their ilk, whose reading and information, must again, make them experts right ?

Well, so many who are listening to them, believe these people.

However, questions will always remain as to the validity of arguments that aren’t supported by evidence, because of it being, allegedly whitewashed from history, so, how exact are their expert opinions ?

A question that leads suitably to the individuals involved in this report on racism in modern Britain.

Lead by teachers, ex police, lawyers, business and community leaders, alongside of Samuel Kasumu, Boris Johnson’s main, black matters expert, honcho, community adviser, or, whatever other term could be used, to oversee, not only the report, but in Samuels case, the effort to get black folks reluctant to get vaccinated….


…. by using, NOT Scientists or Medical Professionals, but, a knighted comedian, and actors, to try to convince black communities, via a video, to get with the programme, and get vaccinated as soon as possible !

Oh but wait !!!

As soon as the race report comes out, Mr. Kasumu jumps the Conservative ship, due to its content, firstly, denying institutional racism, and then, suggesting that as white majority nations go.

Britain is the best one to follow in terms of its racial integration, and progression, when it comes to how it’s minimised, racist behaviour….

Except for young, Neo nazis like Ben Hannam, finding his way into the Metropolitan Police,, which according the news report, posted on the, 1st of APRIL, on BBC News, HUH Hmmm,

was as EASY as … ” TICKING A BOX “.

Good job there Britain, especially with the further line of doubt cast on his Nazi tendencies, which can apparently be linked to his being Autistic ?!?

I hope Autism organisations are paying ATTENTION !

Don’t believe me, the article makes it quite clear !


So, why out the door so quickly Samuel ?

Huh … ???

…. Even if you wished to leave some time before the report came out, as had been alleged, why dude ???

HUH … ???

As for the likes of Tony Sewell and Keith Fraser, being an ex teacher and police officer, makes them experts on a subject that would clearly require a lot more input from, young black people in particular, who have been victims of police brutality and racist treatment in recent times.

Mr. Sewell and Mr. Fraser would seem to be less than qualified to speak on a subject that spreads, much farther and wider than their, rather lofty positions in British Institutions !

As was said to me this weekend, when black folks get into positions where they can perhaps influence white folks to at least, look at themselves in a critical way, saying the wrong thing could get you in trouble fast, so it’s difficult to believe that the report, which many seem to think, has once again, swept the issue of racism in the UK, under the rug, has been run by those without personal interests to protect, rather than, as we’re constantly told about this stuff, been run by an independent, suitably neutral, group of individuals.

Experts are hard to find, in any field, let alone in an area where so many factors have to be considered.

It’s hardly a job for a government, whose leader has been found to use, let’s call them, insensitive terms for racial groups, not so long ago….

The other factor that should perhaps be brought up in terms of recent times and attitudes coming to the fore, is BREXIT, isn’t it ?

There might be some interesting stories of the initial and subsequent reactions to the result of Britain saying yes to leaving the EU.

VERY Interesting stories, that would show that racism suddenly found a new home in the HALF of the populous who voted to leave.

Of course, nothing racist came from the leave voters now did it ???

Anyway, I think that the idea of expertise, is one that really needs to be checked by a lot of people now, who perhaps, need to take hard looks at themselves, rather than be so quick to get on high horses, when they are not in the best positions to be casting stones, or aspersions, or offering advice about things that none of us are particularly clear on, like say, taking a vaccine, which may not have killed many people, but has yet to be proven, to not be a danger to some, due to certain side effects, that have now come to light.

I go back to the Chris Rock statement on bad eggs in police forces, when it comes to these vaccinations !

One bad egg, is still, one too many !!!

Especially when there is no recourse, for legal action, if something bad does happen to someone taking a jab !

It’s a crazy time to just be, believing all and sundry about serious issues, experts or not, some things are just not to be taken at peoples’ word.

So, this poem reflects on a few things that i’ve experienced, seen and heard from self proclaimed experts, in recent times, who, as said, should perhaps check themselves, before running their mouths…..

I am thankful to many of them now, because what they’ve all taught me is that, when it comes to what any of us read, have been told, or think that we know, it’s probably not very wise to tell yourself, that you are some kind of….

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“April Who ?” … Written and Performed by Big Virge

Okay folks, so it’s that time of year, where the first of the month is a time for tricks, or, what we have been lead to believe are, April Fools pranks and jokes….

Well, i’m a little more concerned about the issue of the foolish behaviour, and, fooling of people, that seems to be such a problem within humanity now, because it’s clearly foolish to believe in much that comes out of the media, and government mouths nowadays !

There are fools of all varieties in various places, and they are clearly not shy of exhibiting their foolishness.

I have recently had dealings with a Barbadian Lawyer, who shall remain nameless, who clearly thinks that she’s the smartest cookie, in a pack of nuts, because she’s clearly not as smart as she thinks, in terms of her ability to deceive, and to dupe people into believing her nonsense, so that she can get at their money.

SMH !!!

However, as said, fools like her, are just not worth the effort.

Lawyers are a breed who, generally like to play the fool, when it comes to their dealings with people, regarding money and property, and the list goes on with them, but who are they really fooling…

Clients or Themselves… ?

The idea of friendship too, breeds many a foolish decision, or act, when it comes to business, trust, and the belief that those you believe to be friends, will be there for you in the end, or will simply support you whilst you’re alive.

However, there are also people who seem keen to brandish others as being well, shady at best, when they actually aren’t quite as bad as they seem to believe ?

It’s so crazy to really see how foolish most people are, as you get older and wiser, and start to see things, and people for what they REALLY are, as opposed, to how you’d, LIKE To BELIEVE them to be.

This suitably segue ways to all these vaccines, and the prospect of a summer of things re-openiong, and passports to freedom, once you’ve been vaccinated.

However, the problem seems to be that, as medics and some scientists are suggesting, the prospect of all these variants, and, mutated strains of this Corona thing, becoming more and more advanced, and not necessarily being ever totally negated to the point where everyone can move freely in the knowledge that they can be fully immunised, or made safe from contracting a new strain, or, Corona Remix, as it were, of this disease, is far from certain.

It does seem a little foolish to believe, that things will suddenly be all good in the hood, once everyone, either gets tested, or is vaccinated, because as is readily being claimed now, the virus could return with serious venom, at any time ???

Life is throwing so many angles at people these days, that many are being quickly fooled into believing things, without any substance, to support what they are believing in, or buying into ?

It’s a dangerous time to be playing cards, without the deck being stacked in your favour, and it clearly isn’t wise to be taking risks with your life, for vaccination programmes, that are far from verified as being, totally safe !

I read today, that certain medics now believe that vaccination shots could in the future become, a very regular occurrence, to ensure that people cannot contract new variants of this flu, I mean, where does, or could this all end… ???

Will it ever end … ?

There are many things that are still very unclear, as to where this Corona Virus will steer humanity in the future, so, the re-opening of certain countries, doesn’t seem quite so sound a plan, when others, not so far away, are once again locking down, to apparently contain new variants of this virus, that clearly isn’t ready to go away just yet !

There are also, a few too many people in influential positions, who are neither, scientists or politicians, who are now using their fame, to enforce the movement to get those reluctant to get vaccinated, to do so, as if these people need to be encouraged to take a jab, because they are not thinking of others, or of their own futures. A future in a world where there is much uncertainty, from economic recoveries, to the gathering of crowds at events again, to new tech trends that may well fool us all into going to a place, where the little freedoms we once believed to be, ” Freedom “, become a distant thing of the past.

The internet is a place where people are fooled regularly now, but the bigger prospect of what big tech companies, and political factions may be planning for it’s usage, and restrictive powers, may be something that will create a whole legacy of things that may well do, much more than just restrict peoples freedom of speech.

It could, and already is being used to curb, freedom of monetary movement, with digital transfers becoming more and more prevalent, let alone the whole idea of what surveillance powers it may avail in the end, for those behind how it is used.

What purpose it will serve for them, and most importantly of all, for whom exactly ?

So this weeks drop, throws a little lyrical twist on the ideal that there is one day for people to be fooled, or to act like one.

April the 1st may be that day, however, my view on this is, just hold on for a minute, fools make foolish movements, every single day, somewhere in the world, every second of the day !!!

So, when it comes to the idea of being fooled, and by whom….

The question that enters my mind now, regarding this ideal…

Is ….

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