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“On Point” … A Poem written and performed by Big Virge

So people, ‘it’s the season to be, LOCKED DOWN, apparently … SMH
Being jolly would seem to be a world of folly, for 2020 !!!

Anyway, my post this week, deals with the now, very popular phrase of being, “ On Point “, which sadly, little now seems to be, from people, to trade deals, to government policies, and the touchy subjects of mask wearing, and vaccines !

I have to quickly mention that people need to mind their manners, when it comes to this mask wearing thing, because, when so many are still refusing to wear them, rather than run your mouths, because you believe everything surrounding this virus. People need to recognise that many are complying out of politeness, and a degree of respect for others.

However, when a mask isn’t worn as you might choose to, don’t get it confused, you don’t have the right to demand anything.

You DON’T !!!

As said, just because you choose to adhere to every rule that governments issue, that they continue to break ! Everybody else doesn’t see things that way, and running your mouth may result in more than getting a person irate !

So I suggest that you think, or just walk away to a safer place, before you get into something that your mouth and mask, can’t keep you safe from !

Cheesus’, do we have some Sheople in this world, who clearly do not move in ways that define the phrase, on point !

Talking of which, this new strain, that mutates, is yet again, proof that this whole thing doesn’t seem to be being, handled particularly well, by Boris, Matt Hancock, and the ministers of the UK, now does it folks !?!

Borders being shut down, and the sudden appearance of, Tier 4 restrictions, which have cut off any chance of families enjoying Christmas, as they originally suggested would be the case, which is now leading to a seemingly, muted celebration of the arrival of 2021, that once again, hardly seems to indicate that things are on point, in how it’s all being managed.

Thus, this new upgrade, or Corona Remix, seems to have already reached South Africa, of all places … SMH …

Watch out for the dub plate version, which will likely be released in the New Year folks !

Yes I am being facetious, because this whole thing is becoming, more and more of a joke to me !

The lorry drivers in Dover, in the UK, are also being left to a rather inept handling of the effects of this travel ban, that is denying many the chance to be with their families, which is just crazy, and again is, far from being on point.

Let alone the chaos it’s causing with traffic being backed up, that’s causing gridlock for Dover locals, who are trying to run basic errands, and to see those they want to, before the lockdown holiday begins.

The most disturbing stories of the last few days though, relate to a certain, Detective Sergeant, Stephen Redgewell of the Metropolitan Police, who seems to have had, no concept of being on point, when it came to, maintaining appropriate behaviour towards colleagues, on both, sexual and, racial grounds, which has caused an Asian officer, to sue The Metropolitan Police, for sexual harassment and discrimination, due to allegedly receiving, HUNDREDS… of inappropriate messages, over a two year period !!!

Like WTF … ?!?

Conveniently, he retired in 2018, having allegedly had sex with a dominatrix at the HQ of The Met !

This has of course been, conveniently swept under the excuse of,

“ had he not resigned, he would of been fired “,

Well, so much for all this, “ Racism needs to go talk “,

…. that keeps coming out of the mouths of those, who seem to, constantly found to be, employing racists and bigots, from the police, to sports management, and government ?!?

All this talk of ZERO TOLERANCE, is clearly, NOT On Point, even remotely !

It’s incredible to keep hearing and reading about the lack of any substantiated evidence, that their rhetoric is anything but, cheap and worthless ! A word that can also be clearly applied to the incredible statistic, that 80,000 crimes were failed to be recorded by the Greater Manchester Police Force in, ONE YEAR !!!

No wonder Andy Burnham, the mayor of Manchester, was so insistent that the government should give him more money to manage the Covid Lockdown Restrictions imposed on Manchester !

He must have a lot of people to pay off !!!

Allegations of cover ups and neglect, that has lead to peoples deaths, have caused Burnham to publicly apologise for the failings, and the, horrifically poor service that the Greater Manchester Police, seem to have felt was acceptable, and yes you’ve guessed it, the Chief Constable, through this period, Ian Hopkins, resigned immediately upon the realisation that this report was about to expose the failings !

Huh, interesting, as he was due to retire in the Autumn of 2021 anyway !

The words, On Point, are clearly again, words that can’t even be remotely related to the dealings of Burnham, Hopkins, or seemingly, a very large proportion of the police in Greater Manchester !

Just unbelievable, if you’re one who places faith in policing, which leads me to the unbelievable reign, and apparent ending to President Trumps time in office !

He is suddenly, seemingly wanting to place a weighty increase to the debt levels of America, by vetoing the stimulus package for America’s unemployed, and demanding that it goes from 600 dollars a week, to giving 2000 dollars a week, being dished out to America’s jobless !

However, the more disturbing thing is the people he’s now pardoning, who seem to be everyone from, corrupt officials and people who lied to the FBI, under oath, to these Blackwater Guards, who appeared to take their military responsibilities, just a little too far, when KILLING Iraqi Civilians … !?!

I mean, seriously, are any of these so called, leaders and protectors of our, freedoms and rights, doing anything that even remotely resembles, this ideal of being, “ On Point “, because it sure doesn’t look like it to me ?

Thus, the only things that appear to be moving in such a manner, is the Brexit’ Trade Deal that, all of sudden, works for the EU and UK, and the roll out of all these Vaccines, even though Covid19, as said, is apparently, bringing out new remixes of itself, every few weeks, and is apparently, already touring overseas !!!

Just incredible folks, what a year 2020 has been, and it ain’t over yet !!!

Anyway, this little ditty of mine, reflects on my wish, through my rhymes and thoughts on life, to always be as close to, if not to always be, these two simple words, that clearly seem to be, beyond the majority of folks in today’s world ….

However, they are two words that I suggest that, as we move into the future, are those that people need to recognise as being good ones to follow, and to try to always be …

…. And the words are these….

“Separate” … Written and Performed by Big Virge

So folks, as the issues of lockdowns and social distancing continue to cause difficulties for everyone, from children, to couples, to families, it seems that divorces and separations, much like after 9/11, are once again rising, if we are to believe reports coming out of the media, and certain law firms, that are claiming to have seen a significant rise in enquiries about the divorce process.

It has also been claimed that there are number of women, who are just waiting until this whole Corona situation is stabilised, alongside of the economic situation, to then go on their merry way, and to make a fresh start !

Well, as per usual, money would seem to dictate why divorces have become a hot topic, in difficult times ….

Love does not conquer all it would seem ???

Thus, a load of false declarations are clearly made at alters, because as soon as external forces falter, divorce seems to be the first option that many are drawn to.

Like really … WTF … ?!?

There are of course, those partnerships where compromises are made to try to keep sinking ships afloat, however, as jobs continue to go, and businesses continue to fold, pressures in homes rise, so, it’s no surprise that, all of a sudden cracks start to appear, when people have to spend more time in each other’s company !

So again, much like the now, famous song asked….

“ Where Is The Love “, people ?!?

It’s an interesting dynamic, that has far reaching effects, because what this virus has also done, is to separate minds, as opinions differ, on everything form wearing masks, to theories about vaccines, to thoughts about the seriousness of this situation.

There are those who are clearly keen to get to whatever new normal they foresee, while there are, of course, numerous people who are seemingly, unsure as to the validity of much that is being presented, as being the best way forward.

Personally, I have found that the stresses that are often underplayed by people, are affecting mind states in adverse ways, when certain things become apparent, like the lack of certainty, regarding certain policies, especially when, everyone from celebrities to politicians, seem to have no problem breaching what we are all being told are punishable movements, that breach the same rules that are being used to rule and clearly confuse, a great many people !

So, in truth, I have to say that it is quite reasonable for these separations to be an issue in such confusing times, be they, over social issues or those of a more intimate nature, the benefit of keeping ones thoughts and opinions to yourself, cannot simply be seen, as dipping ones head in the sand.

Sometimes, to separate yourself from the issues of the world, and more importantly, from peoples opinions, and underlying stresses and denials, is an act of self preservation, rather than those of disillusioned souls.

So, this piece, even though written, a long time before Corona brought it to the fore, speaks on the subject of divorce, due to those feelings that dictate a need to …..

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“A Marmite Night” … Written and performed by Big Virge

So folks, what a couple of weeks it’s been … !?!

I’ll start with this story of the sudden resignation from political duties, of Josef’ Szajer, the Hungarian, MEP Minister, found to be partying in the midst of Covid Restrictions …

Tut Tut TUT … !!!

However, more interestingly, considering he was allegedly at a gay sex party, where only men were present, some, who were naked upon the police entering, and the fact that he’s friendly with the Hungarian PM, as well as being one of the founders of the, Anti-LGBT, Fidesz party, whose leader, Viktor Orban, apparently stands firmly for family values !

Well, what a load of twisted perceptions and deceit, seem to be surrounding this dude, especially as it was claimed that he hurt himself, as he was caught trying to escape discovery, via an outside drainpipe !!!

Okay now, like, WTF … ???

I mean, some white folks really be on some, DIFFERENT Stuff, like the other deeply disturbing story of the, Swedish Mother, who it’s alleged, has kept her son, basically imprisoned in her apartment, for over 25 years, to the point where his body had sores, he’s toothless, and is now unable to speak !?!

Again like, WTF People ?

However, according to famous, European Historians and Scientists, we black folks have always been the savages of the human race ?

Yeah okay, well Sweden’s version of Norman Bates, was apparently living in a stench ridden apartment, where urine and god knows what else, was found inside !

Now this was all inside of a building, that from the outside, looks like a normal block of flats.

The interesting part is how one of the neighbours, beyond thinking things smelt a bit funny, didn’t clock that the son had, essentially, gone missing for over 28 years !!!

Just CRAZY, and a clear indication, that white folks aren’t quite as compassionate as they’d like the rest of the worlds races to believe, indeed, sometimes their behaviour is just, downright unbelievable !!!

Talking of white crazy, the sudden rolling out of this, TWO DOSE BioNTech/Pfizer Vaccine, should surely be raising some concerns in the folks who, aren’t quite so keen to take a vaccine that seems to have bypassed, the standard and previously necessary protocols, for such an incredibly serious proposition, as prescribing something to fight off the rise of this Corona Disease, that’s killing lots of peeps, and apparently filling hospital wards, especially as the recent lockdowns, seem to have reduced infection rates ?

Or have they … ???

One other thing that doesn’t seem to ring very true to this being an approved and safe vaccine, is the apparent need for ex-presidents and politicians to take their injections publicly ???

It all seems a little crazy to me, but hey, i’m no longer about anything that is government driven, by white guys whose crazy behaviour and deceit, as per …

Mr. Gay Party, Anti LGBT Hungary ……

…. whose disregard for, Corona Virus Restrictions, and honesty regarding his sexual behaviour, is indeed, pretty damned crazy !?!

I’ve had my days of being around crazy white peeps’, and have definitely been, privy to certain things that have shown me the things that go on, behind the closed doors of certain white folks, that are conveniently hidden, behind the false perceptions that they provide, especially in their working lives !

However, in the private lives of certain, MONEY Whites, I can honestly say that I have now seen some things, that are TRULY BEYOND BELIEF !!!

So this weeks spoken word piece is a TRUE STORY, about a day at a property on the West Coast of Barbados, that is essentially, built on the beach, with, such a grouping of white peoples … !!!

So, as said, this is a TRUE story, (EVERY LAST WORD !) …

…. that was my last experience of seeing, just how crazy and wild, certain white folks can prove to be, especially when they are those who’ve had a few drinks, and are around money guys !!!

Much like this piece, they can really act … FUNNY !!!

So this set of rhymes is about,


SMH/LOL… !!!

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