“The Politics of Things” … Written & Performed by Big Virge

The Politics of Things

So folks, another week passes, and plenty is happening !

Boris “ BJ “ Johnson, finds himself in a two horse race to become Brit PM, against Jeremy Hunt, already under some suspicion of vote rigging, (Sound Familiar !?!) whilst apparently having a bit of a domestic at home, where a neighbour claims to have heard a female in some distress !!!

Well, If we are to believe the …

“ Get Off… “, screams, that may have been from his current partner, Carrie Symonds.

One could understand, it is Boris Johnson, after all !!!!!

Bad choice of man Carrie !

So, no sympathy here, especially as he’s going through a divorce, and apparently, has quite the wandering eye, when it comes to the ladies !!!

Further suggestions of Cocaine use, as well as comments coming out from his past, where we black folks are apparently, inferior, and just wards of white chiefs, suggest that his politics will fall perfectly in line with Donald, who figured he’d threaten Iran with military strikes, over a drone !

Tut Tut Donald, a hardened businessman should know, not to pull cards, that, you aren’t willing to play !!!

Dangerous times, when guys like these two, may prove to be the partnership from Hell, for Migrants, people of colour, and amazingly, women !!!

This of course, just goes to show that a fat, bank balance, quells some women’s need for a strong, good looking man, to lie down with. They literally, in the case of Boris, like a fat guy, who is as bigoted, as he is rude, as long as his bank balance is full !

Spoilt … ???

Well, it does seem so, a Bullingdon Club Boy Too !!!!!

A group with some shady tales, surrounding their movements, as well as being a group that David Cameron was also part of too !!!

Nothing good can come from a Johnson / Trump relationship, in my view, which leads me to the news that, Democrat front runner, Joe Biden, also has a history of affiliating himself with, blatant racists, who he claims, he chose to work with, because it makes sense to try to work with those, who you disagree with, and that his buddy, James Eastland, was not,

“That Bad A Guy.”

This same guy, who made these comments at a segregationist rally, not so long ago !

“In every stage of the bus boycott we have been oppressed and degraded because of black, slimy, juicy, unbearably stinking n*****s.” According to Robert Caro’s Master Of The Senate, Eastland went on to urge the crowd to “abolish the Negro race” with “guns, bows and arrows, slingshots, and knives.”

Oh and let’s not forget that Mr. Biden was Mr. Obama’s Vice President !

We are in very strange times, when neither he, nor Donald Trump, feel any need to apologise for embracing bigots, or, in the case of Trump, embracing, death penalty calls, for young black men, who were eventually proven to be innocent of crimes, that seem to have had confessions, coerced by police, in the case of the, Central Park Five, because he says, “ The boys pleaded guilty !”, even though, as said, their confessions were obtained under extreme circumstances and pressure, from the aforementioned, police officers !

It’s a crazy old time, politically, from The West to Africa, and even as far afield as Hong Kong !

Protest after protest, against what the title of this weeks piece affirms, as being the way that this world is run …..

A system that is as fractured, as it is biased, because of essentially ….

The Politics If Things ….

Take a listen …..

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As Ava has shown, we get this a little too much ! ” When They See Us ” …

So folks, as previously stated, I’ve been feasting my eyes on some incredible pieces of visual art, that have reflected some very disturbing truths, about the issues that black people face in the United States, care of Ava Duvernay, Jay Z and, of all people, Harvey Weinstein !

However, in the case of the story told, that of Kalief Browder, RIP.

This is visual art, that takes you into a life & death story, that is done tastefully, and respectfully, but in a brutally honest way, so, say & think what you like about Jay & Harvey, in this instance, one has to credit them with taking people into a world, too often dismissed as non-existent, by those whose privilege, allows them to be, so quick to question the injustices that the system they embrace and benefit from, dishes out to the not so privileged.

Much like the critics of these films, apparent ….

“ Anti-White Agenda “ …..

Like SERIOUSLY … !?!

DENIAL is also …

One HELLUVA’ Drug,

However, the movies, “ 13th “, about the US Prison & Judicial System, and the much talked about, “ When They See Us “, are outstanding pieces of real life stories, put to film.

Accurate, for the most part, from what is shown, and, wonderfully shot and acted, by the main cast.

It’s engaging, disturbing and, for many, a very hard watch, but, one that EVERYBODY, regardless of race, gender or status….

NEEDS TO WATCH, in my opinion, because as said, we darker folks and marginalised communities, have had this stuff twisted and misrepresented, for long enough !!!

It’s NOT Some ….

Chip on our shoulders,
Figment of our imagination, Bullpish’ … !!!!!

We ARE Demonised !
We ARE Vilified !
We ARE Hated !
We ARE Mistreated !
We Are WRONGLY Imprisoned !

And Then ….
After All This,

If we manage to survive,
We ARE then … Left to DIE !!!!

Yet, Even With All This …..

We’re still able to somehow find, the strength, resolve & determination, to find ways, and individuals, who are willing to face the harsh realities of our existence, and then, present them to the world, regardless of all the obstacles placed in front of them …..

I’ll leave it at that, because this all leads to the piece i’m sharing, as a result of watching these films …

Written long before seeing these movies, this piece is a very serious reflection on what, dark skin undoubtedly, does to a lot of people, upon first sight, before they even take the time to delve into what may lie beneath …..

So, as apt a title as …

“When They See Us “ … is …

The title of my piece, is as obscure as it is appropriate, for the, never ending trials that go ….


The name calling, and Truly IGNORANT levels of hatred !!!

These are the issues that are not so easily confronted, and overcome !

Systemic, Institutional Racism, via policies, laws, and those enforcing those laws, that, as the movies and this piece, will explain …..


STILL involve people of colour, YES BLACK PEOPLE, from prison guards, to judges, to district attorneys, and, dare I say it, those in hierarchies, way above these puppets, who are truly, poor excuses for people !!!!

Be you white or black, or somewhere in between, I make NO APOLOGIES, for any offence caused by what you have read or hear, if you choose to ….

Because …..

Regardless of our …

“ Apparent Progress “ …..

The TRUTH is CLEAR …..

….. When you choose to wipe the sleep from your eyes, and state of mind …..

We darker skinned folks are STILL..


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“Murder Murder Murder Kill Kill Kill” … written & performed by Big Virge

So folks, as time moves on, the manner of apparent, human development, does not separate itself from the ways in which people choose to Murder & Kill …

So, just to pick a couple of things out, that caught my eye over the last couple of days, whilst most get caught up in D-Day whatever, and Trump reaching the UK …..

Pffff …

The Sudanese are being given marching orders by the African Union, after allegedly having protestors shot dead in the capital, Khartoum.

Apparently, over a hundred people !!!

All this, over these political factions, whose desire for power, seems to have them forgetting, that, killing those who oppose you, may not in the end, result in you having so many to control ….

The irrational nature of these actions, and where they stem from, truly baffle and disturb, as does the case of the Fentanyl Doctor, Dr. William Husel … !!!

Fentanyl Folks, which I keep seeing and hearing, popping up in TV Shows i’ve perused of recent, so be aware !!!

Well, whatever he was, he decided, again allegedly, to overdose patients, without any authorisation, or consultation, in Ohio !

Again, the volume of people he has allegedly killed, murdered, or, put to sleep, as it were, is truly, just ridiculous, and a disgrace !

So, whilst he awaits whatever due process, to establish his guilt, it seems we really aren’t learning, regarding the maintenance of the highest protocols, when it comes to taking care of our elderly people, or, the usage of force by military groups, against the populous, who in many cases now, are merely showing their lack of faith in the political processes of the world, as we’ve seen from France to Africa, respect for life is in a disturbing place, from state perspectives, globally.

Meanwhile, The Trumpster’, has been trying to woo the queen, and those who seem to have very little issue with welcoming, such a vilified character, into their country, homes, and of course, private discussions, about the future, while the likes of Piers Morgan, praise his ability to stave of military conflict … ???

Well, if all this doesn’t disturb you enough, the youth are as ever, causing more and more injuries and fatalities, while the politicians bicker amongst themselves.

So, just once more, I preach to the youth here, more than anyone else ….

THINK, and COMMUNICATE, before getting irate and resorting to sealing someone’s fate ….


and STOP All This Murder & Killing !!!

Take a listen ….

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“Murder Murder Murder… Kill Kill Kill !!!” … Written & Performed by Big Virge

Well, folks, certain posts require very little to explain or define their purpose ….

Well, from the recent news of the Japan, Zurich and Virginia shootings …..

All that needs to be said is that this poem was written over 10 years ago, and for all the wondrous technological advancements, and apparent advancements in race relations, that we’ve made …..

One thing that continues to advance that could do with stopping, is the regularity of such senseless acts of violence and TERRORISM, which reminds me of the Hate driven killings in New Zealand … !!!

So simply folks ….

DON’T let the title mislead you …..

This is a piece that calls for people to …..


Production handled by Chris Peden, from the forthcoming,

” On The Virge ” … album, due to be released, later this year.

This is not one to enjoy, it’s one to take in, and think on……

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