” The World is Fine ” … Written & Performed by Big Virge

So folks, as per the title of the post, let me just say that …

It REALLY IS Ya Know … !!!!!

I am not, and probably will never be a huge environmentalist, simply because of the ridiculous levels of hypocrisy that seem to follow those, claiming to be the biggest supporters of change, that would benefit this world that we live on.

I’m not even gonna waste time to start calling names, because there are far too many individuals, who are blatant hypocrites, and those who perhaps, are a little more careful in keeping their indiscretions hidden !

However, let’s just look at our good friends, the politicians who CLAIM to give a damn ……


Monetary factors begin to sway their visions of being,

” A TRUE Friend of The Earth ” …..

Who the people can believe in … !!!!!

Well, I think the first port of call should be their chauffeurs, and someone should ask them, just how environmentally friendly their employers are when it comes to their cars, and their fuel emissions, and that’s before we get to flights, jets. etcetera etcetera !!!

Pop Stars …. ?

Yeah RIGHT, like they aren’t professional liars and hypocrites, for the most part !!!

Then of course, The PROTESTORS, who stage these gatherings that, apparently, effect some degree of change in politicians, or ministers in the UK, who couldn’t manage to gain a double figure turn out for environmental debates, in parliament chambers, as was recently exposed in the UK … !?!

It’s all a lot of HOT AIR …. and that is NO PUN Folks !!!!!

It all looks good until you realise, that, like most things in this world, money dictates how things are dealt with, as has recently been shown in the Notre Dame situation !

It’s clear that the super rich have their specific causes that they REALLY Feel, are worthy of generous donations from them, which, if you apply it, in this case, could resolve INNUMERABLE Issues, linked to climate change …..

Well, couldn’t it …. ???

Just a thought folks, so, here’s my two cents on this subject, that caused such a stir in London recently, when the, Extinction Rebellion Demonstrations, which were in no small way, influenced by our younger generations, actually did disrupt how things functioned in London, well, for a few days eh … !!!

It’s back to the same ol same now then though, isn’t it … ?!?

So, not quite the same ol’ same from me, but a few thoughts on the environment, ecosystem, and the ecology that continues to damage, that which nurtures our very existence …. ?!?

Take a listen :

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And… For The Readers, “Thought” … A Poem written by Big Virge 18/5/2017

I Believe That Thought …
Should Be Used For MORE … !!!

Than Being …

I Import MORE Thoughts Than SEAS Do Shores … !!!!!!!!!

Because Thoughts I’ve Explored …
Have Ensured I’ve Walked
A Path That ABORTS Being Drawn To Pitfalls … !!!!!

So OF COURSE I Walk TALL And REJECT Being Caught …
Like The Saying Says … SHORT …

I’d Rather Go LONG Where Thinking BELONGS …
In A World Where KONG IS The One Who Lives Long … !!!

Because He Outthinks IGNORANCE That Links …

Thought Waves To …….. “shrink” …….. ?

Instead of Thinking …….. BIG ……… !!!

Like …
IGNORANT Racists Who Choose To RESIST …
Thoughts That Enlist Embracing Things …
Like … Different Skins … !!!!

When What Lies WITHIN …
Should … SUPERSEDE This … !!!!!

Such Thinking Links …
Itself To … TERRORISTS … !!!

Whose Thoughts Defend …

DIVISIVE Trends Time and AGAIN … !!!!!
When Will Such Thoughts Come To An END … ???

So Much PRETENCE And LIES That Lend …
Themselves To LIARS That Then Cause … FIRES … !!!!

Where Towers BURN DOWN In London Town … !!!
And The US … TOO … !!!
Where Thoughts Get Confused … ????
So Then Cause … ABUSE … !!!

Where Thought Is LOST To MORE Than Bombs … !!!!
Gunshots From Cops NOT SEEN As … Wrong … ?!!!?

Or ……..
A Form of ERROR That DO Cause TERROR … !!!!!
Take A Sec and THINK …………………………..

Aren’t These Things Linked … ???
Most Would Say NOT …
Cos’ Their Thoughts Are LOCKED … !!!

WITHOUT Sherlock To Unravel P LO T S …. !!!!!!
That As I’ve Said DESTROY TOWER BLOCKS … !!!

And Peoples Lives … Does That Seem Right … ?
Thought Waves That Ride To INCREASE The PRICE …
of Land That’s Now PRIZED By The Gentrified … ?!?

DON’T Even TRY To Say That I ….
Am The … “ Type of Guy “ …
Whose Thoughts … TERRORISE … !?!?!

I Think You’ll Find …
That I Just Write Rhymes That RECOGNISE …
That Thinking DIES When The Media LIES …

About Loss of Life …
And The Reasons WHY Smoke FILLS UP Skies … ?!?

While Firefighters FIGHT …
But In The End …. CRY …. !!!!!!!

Because They Couldn’t Save Children Who DIED … !!!
Long Before THEY Got To LIVE Their Lives … !!!
Like Government Guys Whose Thoughts … DENY ….

Doing … What’s RIGHT … !!!!!

The UK Should Be ASHAMED That Names Like … “ May “ …
Are Those Whose Thoughts Nowadays … DICTATE … !!!!!

That KEEPS Building Forts …
To Fight Terrorist Wars On Foreign Shores …

When They Should Think MORE About Making SURE … !!!

That Things In Zones That They Call … ” HOME ” …
Are SAFE And SOUND And … DON’T Burn Down … !!!!!

They Need To Export LESS IGNORANT Talk … !!!
That KEEPS Fuelling WARS And Should Maybe Import … ???
Thinking That ENSURES BETTER Lives For US ALL …. !!!!
But That Can Only Come …

From …


…….. ” Thought ” ………

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In A Week of Comebacks … written by Big Virge 18/4/2019

Yes Yes Folks, well, it’s been a few, but i’ve been busy doing my do, prepping a few jewels to now start sharing with you !

And I DO MEAN BUSY … !!!

And …..

This has a brought about a rather impressive level of creativity, from some of the older heads I have connected with, so, contrary to my own belief, all things being equal, there will be a couple of comeback tracks from Big Virge, which will be bringing me back to my TRUE Musical Preferences, of Soulful Music, with the odd snap of Boom Bap Hip Hop, and some other liks’ here and there, so, DON’T SLEEP, there is a LOT MORE music to come from Big Virge !

So, this connects me to the rather incredible comebacks of Tottenham, for one, Tut Tut Pep’, just make sure you continue to make those Mis-Steps, as it would be the comeback of all comebacks, for Liverpool to get to the place that has proven to be beyond them for far too long !

TOP SPOT in the Premiership Title Race, and they do look like a team, that, dare I say it, barring injuries or anything crazy happening, are a team worthy of completing what has been a fairly smooth season thus far, that has shown them to be resilient, and able to win the games that before, were literally proving to be the Banana Skins, denying them glory.

We shall soon see ………………..

Finally then, and by no means least, is the comeback of all, this past Sunday, when a certain, Eldrick ” TIGER ” Woods, returned to the Major Winners Golf Circle, with a literal, MASTERS’ Display, to ward off the young pups, who, for a while may have felt as if the game was theirs to take over.

Well fellas, THINK AGAIN … !!!

I have been, like many others, critical of Mr. Woods off course shenanigans, however, when it comes to his skills with clubs in hand, I could not have been more upset at the prospect of him never winning a major again, so, box ticked, props to ya Tiger … !!!

It was a truly, astonishing achievement, and may you go on and sneak past Mr. Nicklaus to become the indisputable, Greatest Golfer of All Time !!!!!

So, what do I return with … ???

Well, nothing quite as astounding as Tiger’s comeback, however, talking of astounding things, it would be remiss of me to not speak on Brexit’, and the crazy mess that Britain is proving itself to be becoming ….

Deadline Missed, Extensions and Cross Party Talks are supposed to do what exactly, make all this seem worthwhile ?

Well, Good Ol’ Theresa is soldiering on, I dunno bout comeback, but, there’s been a whole lot of Backtracking and Backstabbing going on, so it’s time for me to take a few pot shots at another issue that seems to have conveniently, stopped being so regularly spoken about, that being, the Grenfell Fire, and the farcical leadership, that no-one seems to be able to get rid off, like a bad case of well, something that ….

You REALLY Could Do WITHOUT … !!!

So folks, here we go, a little poetic flow from Big Virge, for the week, with MUCH More to come ….

BELIEVE ME … !!!!!

But for now, i’ll leave you with some Big Virge ….

…. Thought ….

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