” Too Easy ” … (Redux) … written & performed by Big Virge

Too Easy – written and performed by Big Virge

Recorded by The Dark Doktahz, London

Remixed at Shoestring Studios, Barbados

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The Total Package … (Redux) written & recorded by Big Virge

It makes sense to ask the question,
as it’s Pretty Clear now, the police are not … !!!

and, according to the woman who inspired this piece

I’m clearly not either …

Cheek !!!

but my lack of notoriety would seem to support her position ……

Recorded by The Dark Doktahz, London

Remixed at Shoestring Studios, Barbados

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” What Cause is it that they, REALLY, Stand For … ?!? ” … A Poem written by Big Virge 10/11/2013

Following on from my previous post, when it comes to police tactics in situations warranting use of their arrest powers …. a suitable question would be, Why Do They Do It ?

However ….

Now that Eric Garner & Mike Brown,
amongst others, have died,
due to police encounters,
and won’t be returning …

and now that ……..

Judiciary inquiries have produced,


So Many … Protests !!!
So Much … Rhetoric !!!
So Much … Media Talk !!!

Well, I have another question,
for everybody in truth,
from celebs, to looters,
but, specifically for,
smart-mouthed white folks ….

and that question is ….

So … what cause is it ?
that they REALLY … stand for ?!?

because nowadays …
i’m getting … Irate …
due to … ” Fancy Talk ” …
from those … NOT POOR … ?!?

About ….

” How they help,
and can’t do more … !!! ”

or … is that … WON’T … ?!?

when they come from
……. WEALTH ……..
and … Ignorant Hoards …

Families … “FILLED” …
with … ” Separatist Wills ” …

Talking of … ” WILLS ” … !!!

What’s left for them … ???

Monetary Problems … ???
or a cause … instilled …
to change … ” Their Ilk ” …
from … ” Lusting ” … for bills …

Yen … or … Pounds … ?!?

How does that sound … ?
if you’re … ” One of Them ” … !?!

Does your cause stem … ?
from a wish to … END …

… ” Elite Ignorance ” … !?!?!

The type that … ” Defends ” …
White Men who … ” Pretend ” …

to … Give A Damn …
about … Black man …

when the truth is … THIS … !!!

Their talk is … WEAK … !!!!!
cos’ they’re … “Human Sheep” …

who THINK … their skin …
gives them … the right …
to say … What They Like … !!!
about things in sight …

As if black minds …
are … Completely Blind … !?!
to the cause of things …
When … Pressure Liks’ … !!!!!!!!

Like … it is … NOW … !!!!!

Now that things are … FOUL …
They’re …. ” CRYING OUT ” …
for … ” THINGS TO CHANGE ” … !!!

Well okay …
That’s GREAT … !!!!!

But …
” Back in the day ” …
when … ” Momma had slaves ! ”


Were they … CRYING … back then … ???
for slaves …. BETTERMENT …. !?! ….

and … Educating them …
about … ” RACISM ” …

and ……
about … ” Daddy’s Boardroom ” … ?!?

I’m a bit … ” Confused ” … ???
as to …. ” The Cause ” ….

They seemed to …. ignore ….
that they now …. ” IMPLORE ” ….

as if it’s … NEW …
and should be … USED … !!!!!!!!!!!!!

coming from … White Lips …

Oh so …
That’s a … SOLUTION … !!!

Well …..
I’ve got to ask … THIS … !?!

When the Ku Klux Klan …
were hanging … Black Man … !!!

Were they and their fam’ … ?
Taking … THAT STAND … !!!?!!!

“Oh, that was the past !”

“Man, kiss my arse !”

Ignorance was … ” Bliss ” … !!!

Until the pinch … FLIPPED … !!!
and hit ….. ” New Skins ” …… !!!

… ” Financial Tricks ” …
” New Age ” …. Racists ….

” Politics ” … in the mix …
of … ” Corrupting Things ” … !!!

Isn’t this how … ???
it’s always been … ?!?!?

“Well, that was then !
This is now !”

are the … ” Usual Sounds ” …
that come from mouths …
who act like … CLOWNS … !!!

but are quick to … “drown” …

The sounds of thoughts
coming from black minds
as if we’re inclined …

to run …. WEAK TALK … !!!
that is … ” Biased ” … Fa Sure … !!!!

when it seems … Our Cause …
is just … ” Talk That HAUNTS ” … !!!!!

See …
They’ve always got an answer … !!!

As if they are …. ” Smarter ” …. !!!!!!!

Than blacks who take time …
to … Dis-sect … their lives …

and all their … ” Charters ” …
that have made life … HARDER … !!!

Even under …. ” Obama ” …. !!?!!

” Hypocritical Types ” …..
who … THINK … they’re cool …
cos’ they know … Black Folks … !!!
Who Enjoy … ” Their Jokes ” …

Well …..

I Ain’t … THAT BLOKE … !!!!!

and Don’t … deal in quotes …
that hold ….. NO WEIGHT ….. !!!!!

which is why they’re … AFRAID …
of the things I … RELATE …
in my ….. wordplay …..

I’m sick of them … ” Hearing ” … !!!

But NOT ……. ” Listening ” …….. !!!!!

because they’re … ” Adhering ” …
to … “limited” … Thinking …

“Limited by …”
Historical Ties …
They’d rather … DENY … !!!

as being … ” The Cause ” …
for … ” Veteran Wars ” …
and … Humanitys’ fall …

It’s NEVER … their fault … !!!

It was actually …

” The Force ” … !!!!!

“Oh, it was down to Star Wars !
wait a minute now, pause !”

Man i’ve got to laugh …
otherwise i’ll … FROWN … !!!
and decide to … TAKE DOWN …

Them and … ” Their Crowd ” …
of ….. ” KNOW IT ALLS ” ….. !!!!!

Who … ” Choose to Hear ” …
What Suits … their ears … !!!!

They … REALLY DO … !!!!!

and then … ” Run Talk ” …
when the … ” Penny Drops ” … !!!

as if they … KNEW …
what was … said before … ?!?
in talks that … ROCKED …
Their lil’ … ” Cotton Socks ” … !!!

“At the time I was wrong !
and just being headstrong !”

Well …

When they come back …

They … ” Bought Into ” …
Fallacy Filled Views …
They’ve read in … ” Books ” …
or been fed … by the news …

It’s … CLEAR TO ME … !!!

We blacks should speak !!!
but … NOT ABOUT … ” Them ” … !!!!

or … ” The Cause ” …
They … DEFEND … ?!?

When they …

” Help The Poor ” …

by … doing stuff …
that’s a … ” Short-Term Fix ” …

So their … ” GUILT ” …
Can … ” Desist ” …

Well …..
Me and My … ” Chip ” …
now write … These Scripts …

that prove … ” My Cause ” …
Is NOT … about me … !!! …

for … EVERYBODY … !!!!!!!

Even if … i’m seen …
as the … ” Villain ” … of the piece

because it’s … CLEAR … !!!

I Really do … STAND TALL … !!!
and … DON’T MAKE … Dud calls … !!!

like those … whose actions …

” BETRAY ” … Thoughts …
that seem … ” Distracted ” …
from … This Question … Fa Sure … !!!!

” What Cause is it that they,
REALLY, Stand For … ?!? ”

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Why Do People Do It … ? written & performed by Big Virge (Remixed Vocal) …

As police and policing methods seem to be under the spotlight currently …..

Imma take y’all back to a time in London soon after 7/7 ….

Up to my lil’ rant at the end, this is a TOTALLY TRUE STORY … !!!!!

Thanks go out to Brian at Kite Studios for giving this a bit more vocal weight !!!

Recorded by The Dark Doktahz, London

Vocal Remix – Shoestring Studios, Barbados …

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The Road to Hana … written by Big Virge 27/11/2014

….. and my final blog post covering my trip to Maui, well, it has to speak on the AMAZING …….

” Road to Hana ! “ 

Okay so, to end my Hawaii journal, more good stuff now peoples’ ….

…. and I do mean … GOOD STUFF !!!

The road to Hana is a Maui excursion that actually has a T-Shirt named after it, which I am now proud to say I own … !!!

…. and the T-Shirt gives a very clear indication of just how extraordinary the journey is, and the reason is because the T-Shirt states, in no uncertain terms ….

” I survived the road to Hana !!! ” 

So, to give you a clue as to why it says that, well, if you’ve ever watched, Ice Truckers, or, any of those shows that give you visions of … The Most Dangerous roads in the World … !!!

Well, this is clearly, one of those roads !!!!

Blind spots and bends, as well as single lane bridges, and parts of this road, that two cars, simply, cannot pass !!!

However, it is a road filled with wonder, from black sand beaches, to caves where, figures from this islands past, allegedly hid, to avoid all sorts of horrific things !

One particular spot has a clear water pool that is basically, part of a cavern. So, it’s a fresh water pool. Extremely clear, as well as being, SERIOUSLY COLD !!!
Cold enough for me, from just looking at it, to keep my black ass out of it !!!

Anyway, this road happens to be, one of those roads, that, if you’re a little too cocky…. Well, bad things can happen to ya !!!!

This part of Maui, is filled with forests of green, hiking trails, and waterfalls galore, from smaller versions, to some breathtaking visions, that seem to just appear out of the side of these, precipitous hillsides, to cascade into pools of water, that are now used, through expansive irrigation, to feed the huge sugar cane cultivation, that is a massive part of Mauis’ economy, and sugar exports. 

There I was thinking the Caribbean had the lions’ share of sugar exports, until hearing of the massive crop of sugar cane that is grown and harvested in Maui, that can grow up to 18 ft or so, and requires, huge amounts of water to ensure a fruitful yield !!!

Anyway, I digress, the road to Hana is indeed, as picturesque, as it is dangerous !!!!

The plant life, which in many cases, has been brought into the island, is varied, colourful, and in some cases, has proven to be invasive, to the point where some plants have had to be removed due to their wish to overrun, their fellow, brothers and sisters, like the worst kind of corporate styled, takeover !

Anyways, the usage of the waterfalls, and, subsequent water flows by the East Maui Irrigation company, is indeed impressive, considering the terrain that they have to navigate the water through …. and it is when you see their trucks driving along this road, that you realise the dangers of driving through this area, with any level of irresponsibility !!!

Do it … At Your PERIL !!!!!!!

…. Especially, once you pass through the quaint area of Hana, which is home to a very small community, a very small school and NO HOSPITAL !!!

Airlift bizness be running, to help anyone who is in need of any SERIOUS ATTENTION, in a hurry !!!!

Pretty crazy, but, this is how remote this part of Maui is. I cannot define it in words, as hard as I might try, but, believe me when I say, you need to see it, and should probably let an expert drive you, before you play … “Billy Big Bollocks”, and hire a Mustang or some other fancy ride to prove to yourself, or your partner, how cool you are ….. as you may just find yourself looking, rather weak, when you are being tailgated by locals who treat this road, like a regular city road, even when, bends twist acutely, and then overlook, extreme drops, not all into water either !!!!!

Some of the drops are straight onto cliff faces, and, volcanic rocks sharp enough to cut you in a thousand places, very quickly i’m sure !!!!

However, there are some great food spots and a very cool winery, from which I can now, highly recommend, the … Maui Blanc, which soothed my palette, near to the end of the drive, which, with all the stops, took the best part of a day, which again confirms, the expansive nature of this road, which, even had some areas that are named after African Planes, of an apparently, similar vein.

A bit cheeky i’m thinking, as everything from the symbol used by locals, to basically say, ” Hang Loose “, called, ” The Shaka “, to the culture of this island, would, much like many other places on this globe, when you assess them, have directly connectable themes, to ancient African Culture and heritage.

It’s actually, quite hard to belief that they don’t, especially when observing how they are used !!!

The road to Hana, as with much of Maui, has this spiritual feel and energy to it, that emanates through its landscapes, and historical tales. However, from a religious perspective, there were visions of different religious variables, of course, Catholic and Christian influences, and, rather large crosses, in certain hillsides, betray a past that defines the invasive nature of foreign religions, even in places as remote as Hana.

There was one church that is defined as being, ” Congregational “, which, seems to indicate an all accepting nature, but, once I see, Protestant or Christian faiths, being mentioned, seems to be quite the paradox, as neither denomination, defines all encompassing, or, inclusive, to me.

However, as the story of this particular church was related to us by our driver, Dave, it became apparent that this church, indeed, has the blessings of the …

” Most High ” …

as, many years before, it was the ONLY building, to survive a Tsunami, that hit the area, and demolished, pretty much everything else !!!!!

Pretty Incredible, and seemingly ….

Divinely Holy !

… having entered, it felt very eerie, if somewhat, awe inspiring, to imagine that, such a building withstood one of the most destructive forces of nature, and trust me, the waters surrounding this area, crash into the shore, with enormous power, at the best of times, let alone what would of been, the worst of times !!!

Okay so, moving on, this is one of those remote places in the world where the super rich, in some cases, have bought land, and, built secluded properties, for personal retreats, Oprah, being one of those people, apparently, for one of her dogs, she built a home for her dog trainer to take care of her dog/s, as there is some issue with bringing animals in and out of Maui !!!

Well, that’s when you know you are wealthy, when you can buy a home, in the hills, to avoid not having to have a pet being held in quarantine, when you fly in … ?!?

…. and, on that note, I will leave you with the thought of picturesque visions of sunsets from hilltops and mountainous regions, that truly define what, ” The Road to Hana “, exhibits.

It is a day excursion, that leaves you with some, stunning visual and culinary tastes.

I shouldn’t say apparently, but, one of those sights, was watching one of the drivers, basically, cliff dive off one of the sides of a waterfall, into a pool of water, that isn’t even that deep !!!!!

A memory that i’ll always keep.

“The Road to Hana”, people ….

NOT …. for the faint hearted, but, if you really want to take in what Maui has to offer, visually, it’s one you’ve, ABSOLUTELY, got to see … !!!!!

Aloha from me …

The Brother … Big V …


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Some Virge opinions of Mauis’ People, and it’s Visitors … written by Big Virge … 29/11/2014

Okay, so, so many things that I wanted to do, but hey, it was a form of holiday for me, so, fuck it, over the last few days, I mostly, kicked back, suffered a bit, due to jet lag and fatigue in the old creaky bones, setting in, and HELL YEAH, some Maui Woweeeeeeee …. !!!!!

So, here’s some thoughts on Maui, it’s people and vibe, as ….

I sit here typing, whilst overlooking the sea, and the outline of one of the neighbouring islands, it would be remiss of me, having been here for thanksgiving, to not, make mention of the issues of race relations, that the Darren Wilson verdict, has brought to the fore.

Maui is indeed, still part of the US of A, and as such, has an abundance of what I would call, ” Apparently “, cool peoples …….

….. and, in this instance,

Yes, I mean Caucasians, who still seem to find a black man with a free and easy afro, and a big physical presence, disturbing to their chi, at best, not unlike the claims of say, a Darren Wilson, type of white guy … ?!?

They clearly, still believe themselves to be, for the most part, a law unto themselves, playing ignorant when they see me, and, just being, typically rude, in how they stare, but, show their guilt, when caught doing so.

I guess the fact that separate protests are occurring across America, in light of the grand jury verdict, not to indict Mr. Wilson.

I think some of the white folk here in Maui, are feeling as though, I might just decide to throttle or shoot a few of them … !!!

” Like “, in a Maui hotel, yeah alright white folks, calm down, I mean SERIOUSLY …

Calm the FUCK, down … !!!!!

I am as disturbed by this ridiculous verdict, as the next person, but, when I see the likes of Wendy Williams, talking bout’ who she’d have round her famous people table, for, ” Thanksgiving Dinner “, it hardly strikes me that, those who’ve, ” Gone Clear !!! “, as it were, REALLY GIVE A DAMN, as Paris Hilton strolls onto her show, and they then start discussing her now, not so blonde, blonde locks … !!!!!

I mean, this, while the stories of incompetence, and nonsensical procedures, continue to surface about, much that surrounds the case against Darren Wilson, which somehow, seemed to be a non-existent case !!!!!

Truth be told, I no longer study these cases, or, white folks, as I once did, because as the Michael Brown case exhibits, things may have changed, but essentially, remain the same, in the minds and beliefs, and value systems of White America.

In the Wailea region of Maui, in driving around, it seems quite apparent, who has the wealth, and who seem to be holding the keys, to the best of the Real Estate, houses on hilltops, with stunning views, and lots of very expensive cars in drives.

The lack of a serious police presence, is a sure sign that, well, these areas don’t suffer from having the likes of me, frequent their comfort zone, but, for a few days, every so often ….

Well, that zone has been blown for a couple of weeks, due to my being here, i’m glad to say !!!

The Polynesian locals, for the most part, have been GREAT, ” IN THE HOTEL ” !!!

Outside of the hotel realm, well, they’ve not been, quite so welcoming, although, I was advised that they are apparently, not so keen on tourist overload, from wishing to retain, the cool surf spots, for themselves, to general dealings with tourists, which I have found interesting.

There are a lot of mainland, white americans, living and working in Maui, from serving you food, to running tour boats and other tours, from Helicopter Tours down, as it were.

As with most tour guides, they put the … ” BIG SMILE ” … on, and do their, “Whatever you need sir”, bit.

Hmmmm, well, it’s hard to question, or judge, their integrity with it, but, due to the protests across America, regarding the Wilson/Brown case, I can’t help but feel that, some were making extra efforts, to appear, non-prejudicial, while others have been helpful, just because it’s their job, to do so.

The most amazing attitudes i’ve seen, have come from asians, and by this I mean, what appear to be Indians, NOT, Native American, and, what I believe to have been, Muslims.

My recent dealing with Muslims, form the states, has left me in no doubt, that their distaste for us black folks, runs deeper than they want people to believe, so, there have been no shocks when I have seen certain, asian heads, look at me like the dirt of their, Salwar Kameez !!!!!

Bwoy, do they show their disgust, and contempt, in their eyes, for a black person, who, according to their idiotic perceptions, could not possibly look like I do, and afford to be where they are, or, worse still, get treated with the same level of respect by staff, as them.

The less said about them, the better, I think ….

All i’ll say is that, they really need to check themselves, with all their judgemental vibes, and, glares, because as much as they think, them and the white folks be cool, they probably aren’t quite as cool, as they think.

Okay, that aside, the amount of asians, as in oriental and polynesian women with white guys, well, once again, no surprises there, i’ve seen enough of that scenario, but, not one of these women, have I seen, be as indulgent in some black dicky, as Bajans like to say !!!

It’s all good though, as I get older, the more I see why such relationships seem more likely to work, than those where black guys are with these women.

So, in conclusion to this brief post, I will say that i’ve enjoyed my time here, have been looked after by the majority of staff, be they, white or polynesian, but, cannot say with any surety, that, it’s all good in the hood, regardless of your skin tone here.

The whiter you are, the more likely you are, to get, i’m gonna say, ” Reasonable Treatment.

Although, a young lady from Alaska, of all places, originally … !!! … who was my personal masseuse, for one afternoon, was quick to point out the non-receptive vibe from locals to tourists, or those who’ve moved from mainland America, to live there, as being quite normal, and something you have to adjust to.

She was also explaining how she and her boyfriend, live up in the hills, no running water, as the waterways where she lives provide fresh water which is use by locals to ways etcetera, basically full on outdoor, country living !!!!!

Cane spiders as big as your hand running around and jumping … !!!!!


…. but she also explained that, until the locals had recognised that they ere not there to invade, but to live and share with them, they had actually destroyed a pipe her boyfriend had built to funnel water to their home !!!!!

So, as she said, unless you were born and raised there, the locals can be quite stand-offish and protective of their land.

However, not in a UKIP or F’ing KKK, type of way, I cruised around a huge shopping mall, and found that local people would look at me, but hey, it’s till part of the US, so, I am no big deal to them, as said, it would mostly be the white folks, who’d exude a level beyond just acknowledging a taller than average black dude, being in their presence.

Interestingly though, one of the Restaurant Managers at the Hotel, said to me, after I expressed to him, that, some of his staff have treated me, especially well.

His comment, which is the one I guess, most folks would like to hear when venturing abroad, was …

“Well Virge, that’s because you’re a nice person !”

Gotta shout out Jenna, Mel & Tom !!!!!!

If only he knew what I was really like …. Ha Ha …

and on that note, a couple more days here, and then, the lengthy trip back to Barbados.

Damn, I never thought that, having lived in England for so long, that, i’d ever be saying, i’m leaving one paradise type location, having been there for a vacation, to be heading home, to essentially, another one !!!!!

I guess, good things do eventually happen to … GOOD PEOPLE … !?!

Once again, my thanks and blessings go out to Tom, Mel, Jenna & Brian, and all those who have made my time, enjoyable at the hotel.

They have provided proof to me, that, Maui has it’s selection of cool peoples …. and cool vibes ….

Peace out, time for a final drive ……



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Opinions … A Poem written and performed by Big Virge


Recorded & Mixed @ Triple E Studios, Barbados

[audio:Opinions Recorded at Triple E Studios Barbados.mp3]

Fun Times in Pacific Waters … written by Big Virge 6/12/2014

Okay peoples’, well, as I chill here in Maui, typing out my thoughts and memories of my experiences in this part of Hawaii, the Trade Winds are in full effect !

It’s hot in the sun, but, the winds are a cooling, if a little gusty at times, element of coastline living for West Maui residents.

I have to be honest and say, due to my now being used to the ultimately, clear waters of the Caribbean Sea, residing as I currently do in Barbados, the waters of the coastline here in maui, had not encouraged my diving in for a dip, due to their somewhat, murky appearance. I have been assured by various heads here, that due to recent rains, that the waters are not as clear as they may have been earlier in the year, and for the most part, how they normally are ….

I guess that just goes to show you, how quickly your standards can change, having come from the Thames in London ….. Complete YUK !!!!

…. to the beautiful waters, off Barbados, to the water off West Maui, how ones perspective on things can change !

However, a few days back, it was time for me to, at the very least, venture out, onto the Pacific Waters, that surround this island, and wow, did I pick a good day to do it !!!

Early start, as per these types of excursions, and a sweet little beach was where we awaited the 60 foot Catamaran, that was to take us out to Molokini.

Once gain, Wikipedia people, for the full details on this crescent shaped, partially submerged, volcanic crater.

The nature of the islands and the volcanoes, that encompass this region of the world, do everything but, cease to amaze !!!

Every island has stories of incredible forces of nature, that have left behind these spots, where, in this instance, I was about to snorkel for the first time in my life … !!!

However, before I even get to that, let me firstly state that, I feel very fortunate to have seen, for the first time, on our way out there, a Humpback Whale !!!!!

Errrr like YEAH … A Freaking Whale … !!!!

Up he or she came, ably spotted by one of our vigilant crew, for a quick surface for air, a flap of it’s tail and disappearance, a fair ways away, but hey, i’d rather not be too close to one of the oceans biggest and most powerful, mammalian wonders, that apparently, are increasing in the numbers that visit these shores, for mating and breeding, at this time of year !

So, had I not entered the waters, as planned, the experience of knowing we were that close to one of the earths most amazing creatures in size and connection to our own human species, would have surely been enough for me to have been suitably pleased with my choice, to at least, get out onto the seas surrounding Maui !!!

This though, was to merely be the start of an amazing experience for me, I am a fair to middling swimmer these days, so, have no fear of water, but, snorkelling, as an asthmatic, has never appealed to me so much, so, having had the speech from our captain for the day, Cary Shewmaker, about, first timer snorkelling, I was already getting my water legs ready for action.

The whale sighting had left many of us, speechless, and, the short cruise over to Molokini, gave many, little time to catch their breath, before we were being given flippers, masks, and a quick education on how to snorkel wisely, in this region, where, if you are not careful, and start playing that you are some kind of Man From Atlantis, undercurrents can pull you away from the crater, into waters, where the fish may not be quite so friendly !!!!!

We were on a boat called Kai Kanani II, and of course, only I could be on a boat where an Aussie crewman, by the name of Dan, was an avid sports fan, and cricket lover !?!

Well, as anyone who knows me well, knows, I was a pretty handy cricketer myself, who has played the game to a pretty good standard, over the years, and in, some pretty decent company, so, that started Dan and I talking and, had he not had work to do, i’m sure, we could of chatted for hours about our love for Cricket, Rugby, and the easy, simple life.

It actually got to the point, where, as per usual, a certain individual, felt the need to comment on our rapport, as if it was amazing that two such different people, could actually have some common ground on which to form a level of engagement, which, as per usual, the snooty white folks, wouldn’t of dared to embark upon with me, due to my appearance and even cooler vibe, as a lone, dark wolf, amongst all these white sheep … LOL … !!!!!

Jus kiddin’ folks, well, a lil’ bit ….

…. but, having arrived at Molokini, I was already past my wish to chill on the boat, and couldn’t wait to try snorkelling, and, to my pleasant surprise, having got into the water and struggling for a few, with the slow, but, steady breathing style, that is required, through your mouth I was completely blown away by the 150 to so, feet of perfect visibility !!!!!

THIS … is a place, to do your first snorkel, fa sure … !!!

…. and the day was perfect, the sun shining, whilst I watched these fish, watching me, and just doing their thing, as if I was just another piece of debris from the crater, that they had to navigate around.

The colours of these black & yellow fish, were stunning, and the grace and calm that they exhibited around so many people, had me gasping for air a couple of times, as I found myself swimming amongst pretty big shoals of fish !!!

As we were warned, once seeing the submerged crater rock, it was noticeable, just from looking, how sharp those rocks must be, if you get too fresh with yourself, you may lose more than some skin if the undercurrents catch you wrong !!!

The flotation belts we were given, are great for weaker swimmers, but, at one point, someone had lost their mask, and mum went down to the bottom, as if she were some kind of fish to collect, said mask, and cruise back up to the surface, just one of the visions of the short stay we had over there, which had me just wanting to remove my belt and delve under the water, however, the better part of my judgement, just enjoyed the moment, as my breathing skills improved.

I just loved being in such clear water, surrounded by these fish, and then, out of the corner of my eye, I saw a beautifully camouflaged, Octopus, chilling on the crater rock !!!

I mean, how f’ing cool was it to be seeing these things, that, when watching on TV, you kind of sit there saying to yourself, wow, but, to see something like an octopus in the flesh, in it’s environment, totally sold me on snorkelling, and I would do it again, in a heartbeat !!!

I cannot again, stress the level of visibility enough, and for anyone whose never done it, find your way to a place where, sea water is clear, and DO IT !!!!!

It’s so peaceful, even if like me, you can hear your Darth Vader breaths, as you cruise in the water, I am just incredibly thankful, to have had my first experience, in such an incredible spot as the Molokini crater !!!!!

So, back on board, and off to another submerged crater of sorts, in the hope of seeing, the endangered, Green Sea Turtles of Maui.

Open ocean now, and a good old swim from the boat to the spot we were all guided to, by Fred, another one of our crewmen !

Well, my excitement, for a moment, got the better of me, as I could feel my leg muscles tighten when kicking with my rather huge, obviously, flippers, for the second time within an hour … !!!

So, in acknowledging my need to take it easy, I followed the already gathered people, around Fred, who had stationed himself, very close to this black rock under the water.

In the middle of the ocean, this rock was big enough to house quite a few varieties of marine life, and as I approached, I heard Fred shout, “Look here one comes !”

Now, he had previously advised us not to get too close, and that 10 feet is the required distance, well, this … HUGE Turtle … was on a mission for air, and before I knew it, this sea giant, was right next to me, which indeed, freaked me out a bit, and I immediately thrashed to give him room, but, he or she, wasn’t studying me, well, not after the initial … ” Get out of my way big fella “, type vibe he came up with !

He/She had come up and was on his/her way down, in the blink of an eye !!!

The thing that shocked me was, it’s size, I really can’t honestly say with any clarity, what size it was, but, it was BIG, is all i’ll say !!!

Again, the visibility was great all around this rock, and bwoy, did I enjoy being out there !!!!!

My Aussie buddy, Dan, continued to engage me in convo’, for a few, in the ocean, and then I went off, exploring through my goggles, the world beneath our world, that these ocean dwellers roam in.

The nature of being in the ocean, has always held fear for me, to some degree, because of the incredible wildlife that resides in it, and I still hold divers in the highest regard, even when interfering with marine life, but, there I was in their environment, indulging in watching them, and it was F’inG AWESOME, as the Yankee Doodles, love to say !!!

It’s my view, that we, like every other animal on the planet, have a right to be free from interference from others, but man, when you can share the environment of creatures, that look and behave so differently to humans, it is an incredible feeling, that, I can now say !

However, from a conservationists point of view, I do think we need to be careful with overloading waters with tours, and, crazy tourists and their families.

Respect for these animals domain is paramount, as is respect for them, even if our need to feed, has us killing species, for our own selfish wants.

I am around more rastaman, than I have ever been now, and, give nothing but huge respect to those, who are true to the ideal of not eating flesh, and living of the vegetation, that our earth provides, so, seeing these fish and this turtle, doing their thing, happily, without invading land, to feed off us humans, does indeed, leave me with, excuse the term, much food for thought ……

This though, does not and has not affected my wish to eat flesh, so, hypocrite that I am, was soon diving into some tuna salad on the Cat.

So, it didn’t take long for my belly to tell my brain to forget such things, when hunger set it in, so, it was Mai Tai time, and conversation time with the guys, and the ladies, who now of course, upon hearing my accent, and seeing how Dan and I were engaging, plucked up the courage to find out who the lanky, black dude was ….

I met a woman from Pennsylvania who had studied in England, whilst playing rugby … I mean Rugby, for crying out loud !!!!!

A cool enough chick, but, before others could collar me, Dan had me up at the wheel, and introduced me to the captain, Cary, personally.

We got into conversation quickly, and he was explaining to me, that, he’d been to numerous places in the world, and somehow, from his Dallas beginnings, ended up captaining a 60 ft Catamaran, doing tours in Maui.

Talk about an interesting guy …. as were his shipmates Dan and Fred.

There was also a lady crew member on board, who, had previously worked for the now, infamous, Lehmann Brothers, when things got hot, and, she was like, ” Well, I said to myself, fuck it !”, travelled a bit, found herself in Maui, and that as that.

Such tales of how, a great many, mainland Americans, have come to live in Maui, are as common as seeing volcanic rock here !

A lot of people seem to have come here on a break, or a needed hiatus from the pressures of fast living, saw the slow, chilled out vibe here, and never left !!!

Yes people, Maui has those kinds of vibes, running through it’s very core, a great vibe to be around, if, sometimes, not unlike Barbados, a lil’ frustrating, but hey, if you can’t get used to it, then get back to the rats in those traps, of fast living mishaps !!!

So, there you have it, my day out on the Pacific Ocean, snorkelling, swimming, fish watching and drinking the good stuff til’ the moment we had to leave, only for Dan to hit me with one more, alcohol heavy, Mai Tai, which his colleague, when I attempted to leave the boat, quickly grabbed and was like,

“I can’t let you take that man, it’s actually illegal to take alcohol onto beaches here !”.

So, I took as large a swig as I could and disembarked, still smiling, due to the really great time, all the crew gave us on board, and my visions and unforgettable memories of snorkelling in some of the waters that surround Maui.

One of those, ” Special Days “, where I met some really cool heads, and the vibes were just right …. even if I didn’t quite get to finish my last Mai Tai Fred !!!!!!

However, rules are rules, and not all of them need to be broken !!!!!

Bless up y’all …. as I have now put the finishing touches on this post, having returned to Barbados……

Ahhhh well, sometimes, you just gotta take the rough with the smooth eh folks !!!!!!

Yes i’m GRINNING … !!!!

…. at least until the Mosquitos realise, that, their foreign blood supply is back !!!!!

Peace, Love and Guidance Y’all …..


The Virge

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