“Difference” … A Poem written by Big Virge on the 18/03/2007

Enjoy your hols ppl … !!!

and … as this year ends ….

Try your best … as this piece suggests … to make a …

Hilarity from the animal kingdom …

I love me some pussy that got jokes !!!

Well, this fat cat has made me Laugh my ass off today !!!

Gr8 clip of this fat ass cat, doing a very bad Spider-cat act !!!!!

Hilarious !

Gotta luv em’ !

Enjoy folks …


Citrus Book & Poetry Night in Limegrove ……

Gotta Support & REP …. for the fellas ….

Sunrokk & Rhy Minister … !!!!!

A well shot & edited taste of what you can expect at this event … which …

I’m due to perform at tonight … I think …

So …. Take a look people ….

Limegrove … Looks very Pooooshhhh … up in der … !!!

Annnd … This is something NEW … I’m hungers to view …

Robert Downey … Iron Man 3

Oh … Yes Please …

Just let it be better than 2 !!!

Mandarin time … well alright then !!!

Let’s Go … !!!!!

In A … “Takin it Back Mood” … for a few …

Fa dee … Old Skool … Headnodders … !!!!!

Was at a Gas Station … waiting …
and this tune got played
on …. Repeat Rotation
fa the … ENTIRE time …
That I … ended up waiting !!!!!

An Old Skool THUMPER …
for the Month of …
ALL THIS … Xmas slumber !!!!!


So … Where they at Nowadays People … !?! … written by Big Virge 8/12/2012

This post starts with this …..

“WARNING” … This Bitch Bites !!!!!

A T-Shirt message, that was, presumably, being worn by a mother at a Primary School, here in Bim, this week ….

Now, I have also been advised of a mother/daughter pairing of porn stars, who have set up a website now, where, they apparently film together, but, do not interact with each other … they only indulge in physical interaction with the third party …..

Apparently, the daughter is very protective of her younger brother, who, she apparently, doesn’t want to get involved in …. THAT … which, she is doing for what, money presumably … ???

Also, this week, I have seen a post on a poetry website, by a woman, who claims to be a Therapist by trade, but, an Erotic Dancer by night, for the dough of course, which, she readily admits, that talks about a presumably, relatively early, sexual encounter, where, after peeping through her brothers’ bedroom, after he’d shaved himself, down below …..

Apparently, after seeing his memorabilia, she got so turned on by it, that, she ended up giving him a blowjob at 16, just before mum & dad got home …. !!!!!

Now, I hear people speaking about judging others, quite a lot these days, but, in all reality, don’t we all judge & end up being judged for things we say, wear, or do, in this lifetime ???

It is ridiculous to think that you shouldn’t have an opinion about things that you witness & may even have been, party to ….

…. isn’t that what our minds work with, “THAT”, which we observe … ???

However, there does seem to be a rather worrying trend of regression being set, by a being with the ability to walk pon’ it’s hind legs, manipulate & create with our other limbs & then speak & reason with the cognitive tool, that is, our Voice Box !!!!!

Yup, i’m talking bout’ “STANDARDS”, people, now, the topic that Glam speaks on in the below post of sex & what it means to people now, is a very interesting one, because prudish attitudes aren’t so easy to be expressive about now, with all this anal sex, strangulation, S & M … BDSM & whatever M’s, that, Eminem ain’t part of … !!!

…. although, much that he has spoken of in his Hip Hop expression, has shocked, rocked & probably, fueled, fired up debate, amongst many, about the, “Freedom of Expression”, he has been paid millions, for making public !!!!!

If a black man had come out talkin bout’ killing his mom or girlfriend, I wonder how that would of been received … ???

I love Em’s freedom of expression, however, is it a positive thing when the after effects of his words start to manifest themselves in his followers behavior & attitudes … as with most rappers of the modern era, from Snoop to Lil Wayne … ???

In the sexual realm of today, young men seem to feel no way … !!! … bout, as they say, giving the pussy a … Good BEAT right … ???

So … “BEAT” … be it literal or not, may lead to strangulation, for many, it would seem nowadays, and if not, you ain’t any good in bed … !!! …

… is what i’m sure, some fellas are hearing …. right about now.

The wearing of a T-Shirt declaring that, “This Bitch Bites !!!”, is enough to signify to astute men, that …..

A … “Great Many” … womens’ standards have changed, to the point where, as one comedian stated on Def Comedy Jam, some years back, girls who be speaking on having … “THAT” … “TERMINATOR”, Pussy !!!

Well, as he said, “That’s some Pussy They Can KEEP !!!”

It is what it is right, the right of passage to sexual exhilaration, but, not for a ticket to the slammer when you accidentally squeeze … that lil’ bit … TOO HARD !!!!!

…. or, smack your chica too hard on the neck whilst she’s there, gobblin’ some cock … like a good lil’ chicken !!!!!

Ya might just … Choke she Rasshole … so, careful with that fellas … !!!!!

The fact that young minds are now privy to information at very young ages, that, some people as adults, still don’t have the first clue about, is, at best, a lil’ disturbing, wouldn’t you say folks … ???

…. or …. am I just getting old & prudish … ???

Well, I ain’t no strangulator, but, barring, shitting & pissing on me & asshole play, there isn’t much that makes me go eeeeuuugggghhhhhh anymore …. but, these days, I really wonder where peoples’ boundaries, have now extended too … !?!

… because we all know the drill, for pussy, most men will do a great deal, that, at the first time of asking, may be beyond their comfort zone, but, if the puss is looking good, and, dey wood hard … !!!

… there ain’t much that is gonna stop most man from getting his wood wet right ???

… and … ladies will, unashamedly, in many cases, do things to PLEASE their man, because of self-esteem issues, or, an abusive, domineering male, who knows that he can get this, insecure, woman/girl to do, almost anything, because of that need that so many women have, to FEEL … Needed & Appreciated.

Hmmmmm … is this what being appreciated boils down to, being, violated physically, in the name of pleasure, or, doing that, which you feel uncomfortable with, to prove that you can satisfy your partners’ needs, even if you don’t agree with the practice being demanded … ???

Really … ???

… Well, my single status has been maintained because of a woman who showed me a lot of great qualities, that, I now know to be qualities that I want in a future partner, however, the standards that she & I built our relationship on, would, i’m quite sure, be deemed to be, “Old-Fashioned”, and, maybe by some, as boring, but, ya know, the girls who I have slept with, who have been, “Wild Little Minxes”, have tended to be the most F’kd up, lost, lil’ souls !!!!!

I am not suggesting that people shouldn’t follow what rocks their boat, but, the standard of privacy & discretion, in where you present your attitudes, deviant behavior or views, people should be mindful of now.

I mean Schools … ???

Really … ???

…. as someone said, the same woman would probably be the first to be cussin’ if a man called her … “A Bitch” … in front of her child, or, siblings ….

…. but …. if she didn’t give a damn, then, where are we really heading people !?!?!

I am sure that, as each generational progression comes, these discussions have been had over the years, however, with so much in this world becoming, seemingly, out of control ….

One has to surely wonder, is this a progression in freedom of expression … ?

… or …

A straight forward REGRESSION in Standards … ?!?

So much can be said, in a multitude of areas, on this subject, but, for now, I think i’ll leave it there & once again, ask the question ….

Is this a progression in,

“Freedom of Expression … ?

… or …

A straight … Up and Down

REGRESSION in Standards … !?!

Blessings & Guidance y’all


Ohooo … Glam talkin bout Sex & Dickeee !!!!! What dee france !!?!!

A VERY …. Interesting Vlog …. on sex getting boring ….

Go RBG …. Jokes …. but Serious Talk Tooooo !!!!!

“Art” … a poem written by Big Virge 27/12/2006


Recorded at Shoestring Studios, Barbados

20 Bucks … Well Spent … !!! … written by Big Virge 2/12/2012

So, what’s good people … ???

Well, this has been a week of much reflection for me, for various reasons, but, especially as it’s been the first time i’ve been in Barbados when, “Independence”, has been celebrated ……

“Independent” ….. from whom … ??? … one may ask ….

….. but, my recent post speaks very clearly on that, however, Fridays’ Bank Holiday, availed a much better sense of … Independence … for me !!!

I was happily, gonna chill & keep away from any bullchit celebration, or chatter, surrounding this momentous occasion …

Momentous … ??? … Yeah RIGHT !!!!!

…. but, something drove me to get in the car & get up to Thump Monkey, where, “Iron Mic”, was being held …..

….. to observe how the likes of the LXP (League of Xtraordinary Poets), and the likes of James Lovell, would be celebrating Bajan Independence ……

Well, instinct & intuition being what it is, I walked into this, “Iron Mic”, the first i’ve been to for some months now, only to see cameras mounted, a good turnout, sofas at the front & Adrian Green doing his thing as the, “Host with the Most !!!”

Surprises galore & then I was approached by Adrian for yet another, nice surprise, his request for me to end the Open Mic section of the evening …….

Now, Adrian knew that I have been struggling with the whole, performing & persisting with my art, conundrum, this week, but, he got me out to Lester Vaughn School on Thursday & clearly was not in the mood to have me just watch from the sidelines on Friday Night, so, he rather smoothly, persuaded me to get up & share, which, I did, immediately after seeing one of my favourite young Bajan Talents, Lamarr Coward, rock the mic with a couple of fresh pieces that he’s obviously worked hard on, one of which included the line, “My tongue is the Scythe !!!”, in reference to his usage of the artform, to, counter the issues, that, we as artists in the world, seem to face continually.

He is indeed, a highly talented writer & is growing as a performer, all the time, so remember people, if you get to see him people, this young man isn’t even 18 yet … !!!!!

Scary …. !!!

…. so, I had the difficult task of following him, which I did, in sharing a piece of art that defines me as being, “A Dark knight of a Different Type”, which again, characterizes me, in many ways, as being a soldier of a singular nature, who wishes to eliminate criminals of all types, in pursuit of the righteous path, to a unified, crime free society, artistically & socially.

A piece that I have grown to love & enjoyed performing, as it has only been performed once, and, did not go down as well as I had hoped previously.

On this occasion, being filmed & all by CBC & Banja Nation, I shall at least get to see how it went down, but, the immediate requests by both parties who filmed the event, to interview me, I guess, indicates a level of success in how my performance had been received !!!!!

So, the intermission came & then the interviews were done, Big Thanks to Mark Simmons, for getting us all comfortable for our interview, so, keep em’ peeled for that one on Banja Nations’, Youtube Channel !

I then, had the CBC crew interview me briefly before the show resumed.

Now, this is where the 20 bucks I had spent on entry, all of a sudden, started to gain it’s worth, as the performances just kept getting, better & better … !!! … in the sense that, they were diverse, original, free, and dare I say it, “Independent of”, any mirages, or, figments of peoples’ imaginations.

This was a night of … True Independent Talents, standing up to be counted on subjects like emancipation, independence, truth & rights, and positivity, of many types.

Everything built up to James Lovell’s group, being featured at the end of the night, but, let me tell ya, everyone from Mia Cumberbatch & Adaeze, to Damian Reid, Adrian himself & ofcourse the dynamic duo of Rhy Minister Mallet & Sunrokk, graced the stage with poise, passion & exceptional performances, pretty much, across the board.

I have to give special mentions to Damian, Mia & Sunrokk, who all appeared to be, somewhere close to, the heights of their games respectively !!!!!

Adaeze & Mia, let alone Adaeze on her own … !!! … grabbed the stage by the scruff of the neck & said, “Hey, we here to play & sing our hearts out !!!”, which they did, with soul, a lil’ funk & some, groovy blues thrown in, they were fantastic !!!!

We then had the likes of Damian, who is yet another young lyricist, who has intensity, lyrical dexterity & content out the whazzzooooo that gets deep in you, his collab piece with Adrian, where Adrian merely leads him in … is tuneful, meaningful & was performed in a manner that defines them both as, what they are in my view ….

…. Two …. Very SERIOUS artists, with serious talents & SERIOUS things to say, just Great !!!!!

There were a couple of surprise performances in between, that, were equally as impressive and meaningful, one, from an individual whose name escapes now, but, when we spoke briefly afterwards, my man was like, “Don’t watch nuthin, there’s more to come !!!!!”.

So, then we get to the freestyle expressionists, Mallet & The Rokk, whose intense gaze in my direction, as he glided from, cricket, to this & that in his raps, had me suitably moving & very impressed, as his Ministerial rhyme partner felt no need to over extend himself, having heard Justin get jiggy with it, over Adaeze’s guitar rifts, for what seemed to be an eternity !!!!!

The Minister confirmed after the performance that, it wasn’t as though he didn’t have anything just as HARD, to come back with, but, having seen Justin get up in it, it was a more than adequate, “Tag Team Effort”, that required nothing more than a succinct flow from him to end their part of the show.

So, from this, let me not forget to mention, that, The Bannister man, had his time on stage, as did both, Inity Fyah & “The Passion”, that is, Robert Gibson.

Ofcourse, conversation at the bar, at times has me missing people who I do enjoy hearing, so don’t take it personal people, but, you know, i’m still the new boy in town, so sometimes get drowned in conversation, especially as Graham B, later said, because of my infrequent appearances at this events, which I hope to change come 2013.

So, to James Lovell, who i’d heard good things about, well, to my surprise, he came in via marching drum procession, with the likes of Jason Watson, a percussionist, who I understand, is a “Tuk”, specialist.

I met Jason briefly at the Parkinson School rendition of spoken word by Adrian & Inity on Thursday, and was pleasantly surprised to see him at Iron Mic, anyway, Mr Lovell plays what I like, funky ass grooves with rhydems that, most Hip Hoppers would happily ride vocally, let alone true muso’s, who appreciate true “Rhythm 7 Blues”, music !!!!!

“Neo Soul” … ??? … At points, but, phat baselines, groovy keys & percussion …..

….. well, as I said, check the origins of … “TUK”, and you’ll get an idea of how these drum rhydems are not only infectious, but, very difficult, i’d suggest, to play.

His female drummer was most interesting, but, when James himself, got to get jiggy with sticks in hand, taking us from Hi Hat to Kick to Snare, the rhythm’s had me nodding my head happily, and the finale of giving out everything from Congos to Shakers, to the audience, and getting them involved to send them off into the car park, in a similar vein to how they came in, was a Very Very …. Nice Touch !!!!!

Thankfully for me, an Independence night that was not filled with Government Ceremony & pomp, just REALNESS, creative expression of the highest order, a good enough crowd, and footage of the event, that can be used to hopefully get people to realize, that, wuk up wuk up, ain’t the only stuff that entertains.

I would say this was a night of Enter & EDU …. tainment …. !!!!!

The only thing that was missing was a really good comedian … !!! … to tick every box, for genres put on display, although, as I say & said to him, it’s Great to see Mr. Green doing what he does and ENJOYING it !!!!!

… which was clear in some of his storytelling & comic interludes.

He was also, a very interesting addition to one of James Lovell’s numbers, which, in incorporating spoken word, exhibited the type of collaboration, that, all these upptiy, fearful artists here, need to get past !!!

The more places you’re heard & the more people you work with, the more likely you’re gonna be to have your work be heard & hopefully, get work from it.

This was a night celebrating Independence, but, as I have said already this week, it’s time for us as people, to become as … “Independent” … as we can be, from those who continue to separate, divide, and contrive to make REAL artistry die.

Not on my watch … !!!!!!

… and … On the basis of this event …..

Not on the Iron Mic fraternitys’ … either … !!!!!!!!

Bring on 2013 … and more shows of this type … !!!!!!!!

I’m sure it’s gonna be a tight year for many people next year, so spend your money wisely, and put 20 bucks aside for one night & take an Iron Mic ride ….. !!!!!

Peace & Blessings y’all …..