Another Jacket given to Glam & her fam … !!! written by Big Virge …. 31/10/2012

Yes Yes peoples’

As I sit here drinking some Lemon Tea & being bitten by these dutty lil’ sand flies … !!! … Fukkas !!!!!

I am reminded of being suitably bitten by the talent that shone on Sunday night, over on the West Coast, at “D Arts Lime”, in conjunction with, “Chameleon Arts Promotions”, at Jagos Bar & Grill, a really cool spot to have …

A once a month, as it stands, Arts, Culture & Edutainment night !!!!!

Those of you who know Azman & Rebel Glam, know that Selena & her husband are a talented pair, plenty to say & plenty of passion & energy, when saying it !!!!!

Selena “Cupcake Queen”, and I, have had our heated ones, in recent times, but, I was welcomed & invited to perform at this opening event, which I am now, very glad that I accepted.

I’ve already given out one of my jackets to the Iron Mic Fraternity, especially when DJ Simmons had a birthday special, which, made me aware of how much work he puts into, not only his own art, but, the development & inspiration of others, outside of his day job.

Well, I can now say, having had a nice likkle platter of Bakes & Fish Cakes, that, Selena puts in work !!!!!

Good work !!!!!

Jagos is a very cool spot, bar upstairs & intimate performance area, with a sneaky lil’ balcony vibe.

NICE … !!!!!

…. as well as a couple sofas upon which you can catch performances from behind artists …..

….. then, ofcourse, the customary tables downstairs, which accommodate the dominoes players, who, were suitably well behaved when performances were going on, although I hear, long after many had left, the slamming & exuberance, that normally accompanies domino players, was to be heard and experienced into the early hours !!!

The performances were, in many cases, of a very high quality, with some lovely visual artwork by Katherine Felix, (The Featured artist of the night !) …. on display, for us all to take in as people performed.

I have been absent from performing for a while, as the idea of it, just hasn’t been rocking my boat, recently, however, I have to give everyone, from Robert “Passion” Gibson, to Serenity fletcher to Kerry-ann Waithe & others, maximum respect for their developments as performers, since I last saw them !!!!!

Keep pushing yourselves people … !!!!!!

I am one of the few who is down with Glam, on what I hear of the NCF & Nifca, however, as she has also stated, if their efforts, in any way, have motivated artists to UP THEIR GAME, then, that was evident to me on Sunday Night, which, again, is testament to Selena, for hosting an event, that, brought so many out to support, and more importantly, “Come Correct !!!”, with their performances.

It really was the … odd bod … who got themselves into a bit of state up there, and, considering I almost tripped up and fell on my ass, immediately after my performance … !!!!! … there was a very powerful energy running through the place, so, credit yourselves for getting up there people, it’s NEVER easy … !!!!!

…. no matter whether you had a good night, or, a slightly off one.

I have to mention Adaeze, who I had never seen before Sunday, Uh Huh …. if you don’t know her, get to know her … !!!

Check her out on Facebook or Youtube, as there are some interesting thoughts coming out of this young ladies mind ….

“No More Niggering”, is def worth a look, forget the lighting, just take in what she’s saying ….. !!!!!

It was great to see all the usual suspects out … Liming … well, Chillin’ for me, as I know it, catching up, having fun, running joke & indulging in some more serious conversation, as the night went on.

No performances from Selena or her hubby, at least when I was there, would of capped it for me, but, this is an event to showcase talent from all over, so, I once again give a massive shout out to Glam for getting this event to happen …..

Long may it continue …. !!!!!!

So, a Big Virge Jacket of Respect, is given to her, and all those involved in making it happen !!!!!

Well done y’all … don’t slip now, keep it moving !!!!!

So, having lumped enough praise her way, let me just say that, it’s a FREE event, at this point anyway, so, next month, which I believe revolves around Independence, should be, I hope, A Road Block … !!!!!

So, get down there people … !!!

It’s an intimate venue, it’s not, The Royal Albert Hall, so, don’t expect that you can just roll tru anytime & get a good seat !!!!!

D Arts Lime @ Jagos, in conjunction with Chameleon Promotions & Tours, Okay !!!!!

I’ve done my bit of online support now, so, back to me & my tings … !!!!!

One love y’all, and don’t get all uppity if me never mention your name personally, in this post, as u see, me gettin’ a likkle older now, the grey hairs on my face should have wunnah realizing, ya gotta give the old fella a break … !!!

As said, most people were, Really Good … !!!!!

… and I was really happy to see, so many people coming with strong content & performance quality.

Once again, nuff love y”all & long may the progression continue.




A Fashion Driven … couple of nights … written by Big Virge 30/10/12

Okay folks …. well, I have, as said, in my last post, been, quite the lil’, well Big, “Social Animal”, over the last few ….

Barbados Fashion Week, which has been running for a few years now, was held just behind the Kensington Oval, from the 25th …. to the 28th of October.

Through my meeting with Hugh Williams down there at Lanterns Mall, some months ago, I gratefully accepted the invitation to the Thursday Night, Pre-Show, Soiree, where a presentation was made regarding the show, and the development of interest in Caribbean Fashion Designers, most of which I missed, due to my making, a fashionably late, but, nonetheless, noticed entrance !!!

Togged up in some very nice, Bespoke Threads, that I have recently acquired, via my far eastern travels, I was suitably, in my view, overdressed, but, dressed to impress, not knowing what to expect, at this event ???

Well, let’s do the critical bits first, turnout was reasonable for an, “Invite only”, event, the venue was a warehouse, that, was rustic & suitable for an event of this type, in my eyes.

The issue with events of this type in Bim, is the heat, so, air con, or lots of fans are an absolute must, because, the one thing you don’t want, is people coming in their, glad rags, looking like sweaty hags, or, lads, by interval time … !!!!!

The bar was minimal & not suitably prepped to take money for the drinks, that, they were charging for … ???

Come on now people, come profesh…. , or, stay at home yes !!!!!

The energy for such a soiree, was suitably chilled, however, the fashion industry is full of very interesting characters huh …. !???!

The camp, yes, I said it …. “Camp Nature”, of the male fashionista fraternity, is not to be under-estimated, at times, it was if some guys just looked in my direction & were like …

“I’m not talking to that big brute !!!”

All, funny to me, as, no matter what the self-proclaimed, badman say, the gay fraternity are here to stay, and, have their fingers in more pies than these, ultra machismo guys, might find comfortable !!!

Anyhow …. The Ladies …. !!!!!

Well, suffice to say, being the straight, single guy, has it’s advantages in such arenas fellas, so, wunnah carry on …. !!!!!

Due to my singular movements, it took the ladies a while to assess whether I was cool to speak to, and I met a certain, mother of Levi, from Azman, Andrea King, who I now find out, has close affiliations with Stephen Lashley, due to her government position …. Hmmmmm …..

Interesting, as my understanding is that, the government have had, very little, if anything at all, to do with the development of this event !!!

So, is fashion not part of culture & youth … ???

….. obviously, not enough, to get government funding & support, that would avail more international interest in something, that, much like a lot of Bajan creativity, is kept insular & limited, until someone from the outside world says hey ….

“This Bajan has got some talent !!!!!”

More power to the event organizers & helpers, if, as i’ve been told, they’ve had to fund & find interest from outside quarters, they’ve done pretty well, thus far.

Apparently, British fashion media have attended previously, but, weren’t there this year, why … ???

…. was the only thing I had to say to Hugh, as repeat interest is what takes things to the next lev.. !!!

However, Clubfashion.TV, from Canada, were there in full effect, filming & interviewing, even me, regarding the event, so, I shall be looking out for my interview, provided I don’t end up on the cutting floor !!!!!

Thus, having met an incredibly hot chic, a young lady who explained that she also sings, as well as being a model, my Thursday night was suitably capped, as she had an uncanny likeness to Alesha Dixon, from the UK …..

Hmmmmmm …….

So, onto Friday, opening night, and again, the same ol’ issues here in Bim, poor organization & time management, delayed the scheduled start time of 8pm, the show did finally get under way, some 50 or so minutes later, and having been plonked in the front row by Mr. Williams, I was suitably placed to get an eyeful of outfits, colors, styles & beautiful ladies, for the next two and a half hours or so …… !!!!!

As I said to the guys from Canada, I saw nothing that blew me away, in terms of designs, but, as per the colourful nature of the Caribbean, as the night went on, it was evident that using colourful is an area that caribbean designers feel comfortable expressing, through their designs.

Some nicely styled dinner wear & nice uses of Black & White were on display, as were, some rather well worn Bikinis ….

As a man, I guess, the design of Bikinis is a bit beyond me, as they just seem to have less & less material in them, as time moves on …. !!!!!

Anyway, sexy long legs & some cleavage, in certain cases, were a pleasant sight, as were the final few, lingerie type, stockings numbers ……

The models, for the most part, were on point, and thankfully, were not all size zero !!!!

There were a couple of nervy, high heel stumbles early on, but, once the girls got into the groove, there were numerous, attitude filled faces, worn down the makeshift catwalk, which were befitting of Naomi or whomever you want to pick, out of, “The Supermods”, who have become famous for … NOT SMILING … and pouting, but hey, this is fashion right ???

Lots of egos, lots of extra extra, in terms of behaviour & luvviness, but, as we all know now, it goes with the territory !

More female attention was aimed my way on Friday, which was nice to receive, especially, as there were very few unattractive ladies running around, in my eyes anyway.

It’s an interesting concept, as I say, in an island where, clearly, the wealth would seem to firmly be in the hands of … “White Barbados” … I saw very few of them, if any at all, on the two days that I attended, I presume that, they do have some interest in Caribbean designers, but, if they do, maybe that’s just for store purchase.

Unfortunately, they would seem to hold some of the keys to the success of this event, alongside of effective marketing & transparency, beyond Barbados & the Caribbean !!!!!

However, much like anything that starts from small beginnings, the possibilities are endless & growth would appear to have, thus far, been gradual, so, all I can say is thank you to Hugh for inviting me & all in all, I had a really cool time, and met some hot chicas … !!!

…. need a single guy ask for more, plus, I got to style it out for a change, as anyone who knows me well would tell you, in recent times, big baggy tracksuits & Hip Hop type attire, is what I generally have been wearing for the last …. however many years …. !!!!!

Keep pushing those designs out there Bajans …. !!!!!

However, as per one of the US designers, market yourselves effectively … !!!!!

…. have your business cards available, and if you’re smart, have them placed on peoples’ seats at events like this, promote YOURSELF … !!! … as this is the world we live in, don’t rely on event organisers, or, as is clearly the case here, government, to help you get through …..

Speak up about what you do, shout it from the rafters if you have to, but get peoples attention, that’s the only way your position will strengthen !!!!!

One love & blessings & congratulations to all who participated & exhibited their designs, and finally, to all those who supported, because as we know, without support, nobody gets anywhere !

Think about it Bajans …..



Okay so … as promised … written by Big Virge 29/10/2012

Yes peoples !!!!!

I have been quite the little social animal over the last few, hence the delay in continuing my thoughts on the stresses of life & how they seem to be affecting peeps nowadays !!!

The funny thing is that, when I see these things in white folks, it is, invariably, the stuff we black folks, have had to endure, on so many levels, for years, and, as much as I recognize the issues that black folks have created for themselves, let’s not get this confused folks, the same rules apply for a lot of white folks, be they, from wealthy backgrounds or not !!!!!

Dealing with things that are stressful, yup, we black folks hold the Gold Medal for that pish !!!!!

Well, maybe not actually … ???

The phrase, “White Mans’ Burden”, would seem to have left a distinctly, long-lasting, and very painful mark on lots of white girls/women !!!

Now, how does this all relate to dealing with stress ???

Okay, well, as times are getting tougher, what i’m seeing & hearing is … a lot of …

“I’ve had enough & will not put up with this pish anymore !!!”, type talk ….

Hmmm … the interesting part about this is, that, in some cases, these words have come from individuals, who are of the, “Ultra Positive Type … !!!”, makes you wonder doesn’t it … ???

Where does the positivity disappear to, when pressure starts lickin’ … huh … the glass, all of a sudden, becomes half empty ???

The best way to define it, I think, is by looking at the personal lives of some of the greatest, wackiest comedians, invariably, alcoholism, self abuse & domestic violence, seem to have been a major facet of the private person, who takes pride in making others smile publicly … !!!

… but rarely, it seems, can they find things that make them smile, in their own world … ???

It’s a fine line between, happiness & misery, hell or heaven, or whichever scenario you choose to use.

Suffice to say, every day is not a bright & beautiful day, thus, everything in your life will not & cannot, ever be positive, all the time !!!

The reactions of people these days, betrays deep-rooted unhappiness, and, in many cases, self-loathing & angst, that isn’t being released, due to fear of loss, be it human or material, fear of being seen as weak, or, even worse, just for fear of being judged, for images sake !?!

Stop it folks … !!!

We … ALL … have Dark Sides, why allow them to build to the point where, when they come out, they overpower the rational soul that we also, ALL POSSESS !!!!

… it isn’t a bad thing to cuss someone out, (Who is deserving of it !!!), if they’re f’king wid your shit !!!!!

….. from Facebook to work, to the beach, to being at home …..

If you’re trying to please everyone … fa fuks sake … Stop That Chit …. !!!!!

Please yourself …. and i don’t mean in that selfish way … !!!!!

I mean, in terms of maintaining balance in your inner being, because that’s where positivity, can emanate from … !!!!!

Eminem is as good an example of this as you’ll find, to be honest, dude always appeared to have a few hinges loose right, but, it has been his ability to deal with these things, in his artistry & public expression, that, has got him through, what would appear to have been some, Incredibly … Dark Times … in his life !!!!!

PMA (Positive Mental Attitude) … might work in Wonderland … !!!!!

….. but, ladies, we don’t live there … !!!!!

….. never have, and probably, never will … !!!

….. it’s just an illusion girls, that, has been granted to the privileged few, but, once the recognition, that, “All that glitters ….”, is not what it seems, there has to be a coming down to the planet, where the rest of us, ” More Grounded “, heads, battle to keep our ethos to living this life without fear of what, the rest deem to be negative, working !!!

….. especially when … !!! …

… pretty much everyone, is trying to pull at you & draw you into their world of fantasy & fallacy, by suggesting that …..

Oooohhh, you’re too negative !!!
Oooohhh, you’re so intense !!!
Oooohhh, you’re always moaning !!!
Oooohhh, you’re never happy !!!

Well, to all you likkle fassies, who think you’re being slick with your rhetoric of subtle attacks …

Step tha Fuck back & mind yourselves … !!! … because, when you are pissed at the world & wanna run under a rock to hide, guess who’ll be holding the rock, yup, it’ll probably be me, or someone like me, saying …..

Ohhhh …. you want to hide behind this … !?!

Well, there’s the cup half full version or the cup half empty version …. which would you prefer ???

Don’t put yourselves in these positions people … !!!!!

Do what rests comfortably with you ….

NOT … !!! … what makes you, “SEEM”, all loving, and, holier than thou, because nobody is truly capable of such balance when dealing in what is becoming a more & more, visibly, corrupted world !!!!!

Many have bought into the corruption, from all creeds, colours & ages ……

The problem is not, “The Now !!!”, whilst it’s all good on the superficial, because you don’t want to be seen as missing out on, being …..

“Down with the crowd !!!”

The problem is … when the crowd you’ve run with, prove to be empty shelled individuals, who,


…… to USE & ABUSE ….. You, in the name of some Bullpish, that, you damn well knew was that, but, settled for, because of your fear of wanting to be, alone if you like …..

I prefer, “FREE”, Happy & able to live ” Positively “, without craving acceptance & ego stroking.

As we grow older, that, which we claimed to have cherished in our youth, may well end up being the things that haunt us, cause us ill health & most importantly ….

….. Imbalanced thoughts, behavioural traits & reactions to things, that, if we’d just accept them for what they REALLY are/were …. AT THE TIME ….

….. Wouldn’t become, so difficult to handle ….

Anyway …. got to get to the more, “Positive Things” …. but people, I suggest you take this stuff in ….

If not for your own, then for my F’ing sake !!!!!

Cos’ …. some of us have got to deal with y’all from time to time … and y’all can be very draining certain times !!!!!

Yes i’m being a lil’ Sarcy !!!!!

…. but …. it comes from a place of … LOVE … !!!

Y’all have a Blessed week !!!!!


Dark & Light … I think you’ll find … actually intertwine … ?!? written by Big Virge 25/10/2012

Okay folks, so, here’s the thing ….. !!?!!

Issues …. are on the rise in peoples’ personal lives, it would seem ….

So, let me just get this out before I get to what i’m seeing & hearing in peeps ….

Take this story as you will, but, Jason Roberts & Mr. Rio Ferdinand, were notables, who were not trying to wear these T-Shirts, which, I agree, are merely costume effects for a cause, that has had no serious destination, because the race train has been off the rails for so long now, that, much like, the, “Jimmy Sav Sitch”, it’ll probably bring down all sorts of people, who claim to be on the side of …. errr emmmm … “Kicking Racism” … out of football … Yawn Yawn …

Let us not forget that it is a reputed fact, that, Olympic officials of the Tommy Smith … (yeah look him up if ya nah know him !), era, were affiliated to various groups of fascist origins !!!

Thus, a separate organization to combat, that, which this campaign has been working for quite a few years now to make strides with … ???

REALLY … ???

Who they kidding, what’s the phrase … A White Elephant, Red Herring, or, just, “A Black Myth”, like the idea of black unity amongst our communities, yeah, i’m on that again, because i’m sick of seeing, how, even in todays’ rapidly changing world, this issue seems to be rarely spoken about with full transparency.

“The Interruptors”, movie, which I watched recently, exhibits just how far we have to go in learning how to agree to disagree & stop, black on black violence, and, the interesting part to me, was the fact that, female or male, it always seems to be individuals, who were gang members, or, were very naughty people, who turn the corner & then want to help stop that, which, they were an integral part of previously.

I’m not criticizing them, but, what is interesting, is that those of us who have a view of life, that avails a let’s say, more rounded & informed vision of what can be achieved, from discipline, hard work, and, a relatively sound family background, rarely seem to be the ones who our wayward youth, listen to …..

However, if it’s Fifty or the “Niggas in Paris”, fraternity, who are the individuals, a great many of our disenfranchised youth look up to …..

I’ve heard it in conversations here, about who would draw the young populous’s attention, it would seem that, a man who has worked hard & has a level of knowledge & experiences which could be very beneficial for young people to be exposed to, are not the ones who our street & “ghetto” youth, want to listen to … ???

Really … !???!

….. but, a …”Nigga”, who’s, “Made It”, from a lot of illicit practices & social commentary, that, in many ways, glamorizes, the very life, that we are looking for many of our young people, to reject, would easily draw an audience of these young people ???

Much like the football issue, it all seems a bit backwards to me ???

It must be me, but, I don’t think so folks …..

Many people do it in their own lives, live the lie that they know they need to change or walk away from, or, deal with …..

Is it hot shot lawyers, like, Peter Herbert, that the football fraternity needs … ???

Hmmm …. I don’t know, “The Black players’ Association ???” ….

Really …. ??? ….

A group that will separate themselves, from the very body, that, they’re going to be appealing to ….

…. to make changes, that affect, the general attitude towards race issues in football, that they’ve been previously, party to, have been paid by, and shook hands with, for the bulk of their pro careers ….. ???

Hope it works … but as said, seems a bit cart before the horse, in all honesty …. but, time will tell I guess, whether things, as they normally do, with regard to race issues in England especially, change, but, somehow, “Stay The Same !!!”.

Let’s not forget that Rio’s bro, wasn’t exactly, Gung Ho with his attitude towards John Terry’s verbal diarrhoea, yet, now he & his bro ain’t down with wearing a T-Shirt that affirms the thing, that needs to happen & would, i’m presuming, be the moniker of any group that is now formed, separate to the already, active group.

As i’ve always said, ” THE MOMENT … !!! “, anything racist happens, be it behind closed doors, or, in front of a crowd, these matters should be …. Immediately and Fully exposed to the world … !!!!!

….. NOT to the FA, NOT to UEFA, because it’s clear that they, refuse to publicly accept that they need to take responsibility for the actions of it’s members, be they players, fans, or bodies of countries where this bullshit still goes on … !!!!!

The sad part is that people actually believe the f’ing hype … ???!???

I remember having a net convo with a girl from Croatia, who was adamant that, things are so much better, and that Mr. Obama’s presidency, was a HUGE STEP forward for race relations …..

Unfortunately for her, this was right before the Croatia vs England game, where the monkey chants caused a … “bit of a stir !!!”, in her backyard !

Stop seeing what you want to see people, and see what’s right in front of you & in fact, surrounds you …… !!!!!

Cheeesus people … !!! …

I hear that a PMA … “Positive Mental Attitude” …. is a good thing to have … but, when positivity is evident yeah, not just for the sake of convincing yourself of your own delusional nonsense …. !!!!!

Right, as i’ve been advised that my posts can be a bit too long for you … “Short Attention Spanned Mother Fukkas” …..

I shall continue this part of this post … in my next one ….

But please, before all the tears & fragility in you, come out to play, get your head straight, about what & who you need in your lives, discard the crap, and in that, I also mean, the fake positivity pish ….

…. and work towards a fruitful future, which enables you to deal with the ups & downs … EQUALLY … rather than jumping on the bandwagon of Love Peace & all that other, Hippified madness …. !!!!!!

Get REAL with yourselves & get REAL about your lives & the time we are now in …..

It ain’t all bad … but … It ain’t all good either !!!!!

Come on now people ….. !!!!!!!

There is no YING without YANG !!!!!!



Looks like I ain’t the only one wid … “Darkness Within” … written by Big Virge 23/10/2012

Lets simply start here folks ….

So, for all you, “England Lovers”, let’s get this nice & clear yeah !

Mr. Jimmy, “Jim’ll Fix It”, Saville, was employed by the BBC to host a show, that, more often than not, provided, the granting of wishes for young people !!!!!

I bet some wish they could take them back NOW … !!!!!

Hmmm …. The BBC no less, now, the advent in more recent years of closet doors being open to avail more public freedom for the gay fraternity, would seem to now have been broadened to paedophiles !!!!!

Just kidding …. (I hope !), but, this is so far from being funny, it’s sickening !!!!!

This is no surprise to me, because upon his death, a friend and I sat & reasoned about the lack of any female of a mature age, having anything to say about dude’s personal life, apart from, how wonderful an individual he was & how great it was to have known him …. !!!!!!???????!!!!!!!!

What tha Fuck … I mean … REALLY … !???!

Ya know, it amazes me when I write something that is deemed to be, seemingly, less than positive about this world, how people jump on the …..

“Oh, but Virge, you don’t care bout’ people & bwoyyyy …. U too deep & dark & serious !!!!!”

Hmmmm … well, upon seeing the levels of possible, collusion & knowledge of such acts being perpetrated by such an individual, within the BBC hierarchy, I wonder … ???

….. are people gonna dip their heads in the sand regarding this issue, because Jimmy Saville was essentially, a pillar of the white community in England.

Some are already dropping the, “Ahh but he’s dead & there’s no evidence”, or, as Esther Rantzen tried to pull, the old’, “Ahhh but, he’s not here to defend himself”, tripe, like he would of EVER admitted to these alleged acts !!!

The question really is …..

Who now, is gonna tear down the very walls of the BBC to strip down this clearly, highly secretive, and, corruption-filled organization, that, let’s not forget, has been charging people for a TV license, for god knows how long, for what, to finance paedophile day trips across the country, to abuse young boys & girls … !!!!!

Get that clear in your minds people …. “YOUNG BOYS & GIRLS !!!!!”

….. and to finance a lifestyle, in Mr. Saville’s case, that would seem to have been pretty far away from … impoverished !!!!!

Then, let’s not forget his presence on the airwaves, I mean, how many people worked with this man & never heard the rumours huh … How F’ing many … !!?!!

The sad thing is that, the likes of Ms … “I stand firmly against child abuse”, Esther Rantzen, is now talking & shedding tears about the things that, seemingly, she felt & had heard rumours about, that, ” SHE DID NOTHING ABOUT”, when it was probably going on right next to her, in dressing rooms, studios & parties, i’m figuring …. ???

REALLY Esther … !?!?!?!

Complicit … ??? …

Well, it all depends on how you see & define, “Complicit”, but, if having any knowledge of his alleged actions, at the time, was something she had, then she’s as complicit as the executives, who, all of a sudden … ???

… are exposing this level of Nastiness & Wickedness, that was running within the corridors of the BBC, for something that possibly stretched for … over 40 years ….

YES ….. FOURTY YEARS people … !!!!!

Now, ya know, we black folks have always had a hard time in England …

Allegedly …. we are robbing, stealing, drug dealing, irresponsible scum, in a lot of English folks eyes.

Me, well, ohhhh, “Cut your hair, tidy yourself up, you’re too aggressive etc etcetera etcetera …

However, Mr. Fat Cigar, and jewelry, that ……

….. put Mr. T to shame at times, could be & probably, was getting away with all these crimes as somewhat of a … “National Treasure” … !!!!!

All seems a bit topsy turvy to me ….. !??!???!

I’ve always found the sites & sounds of black people wearing & supporting England, as deeply offensive to my psyche, because of how we are seen, deemed & treated, even in the very basic sense, of how we speak on the country & it’s practices.

I for one, have been made … at times, to feel as though my opinions were beyond ridiculous, and extremely, “Chip on the shoulder !”, type ish …. and, more importantly, highly offensive to English folks, well, let me tell you this, the level of this scandal is not just, OFFENSIVE to me, but, in fact, leaves me feeling like … FUCK ENGLAND & it’s people, with a royal … Two Finger Salute … !!!!!!!

How many actors & performers, sat with this man, shaking hands, without an idea where they had been & then spoke of him reverently, huh … !?!

How many huh … !?!

The likes of good ol’, Lenny Henry, and the rest of the new age comics, who, let me stress, may well have a few closets of their own, that need opening … I mean … SERIOUSLY … !!! …

These people, much like in the Dave Chappele, actors studio, revelations, are in a private club, where backs are protected, in this case, until death, so, the Mother Fuckers involved, cannot be held accountable …. !!!!!

Ya know, from the moment I joined the artists fraternity in London, the whole vibe of the arts, especially in the poetic arena, not Hip Hop, just POETRY, has been, overtly gay, at times, not that that’s an issue, long as nobody try push themselves on me with that pish, but, more importantly, very seedy, in terms of the characters who’d be doing it, and more importantly, running it.

The gay populous always hate to be linked to the paedophile ring, but are quick to relate themselves to black people and our struggles … !???!

Well, I hate that … !!! … just as much, but, can tell you this …

A guy I knows’ uncle is gay, but, upon being quizzed about what made him deal in that arena, he said that, essentially, he was not truly forced, but, was definitely coerced into a sexual act with a male, and ….. THAT …… he said ………..

….. is what set him on he yellow brick road to Gaydom, yeah, I digress, but, only slightly, for those who don’t want to see the link ….

Suffice to say, if, even now, programmes, such as Newsnight, cannot just run a show that investigates abuse of children, like that, when one of their own, even when he’s dead, is the subject.

What & who the fuck else are they hiding & protecting !!???!!

The BBC’s biggest ever scandal …???

How about England’s BIGGEST EVER Scandal !!!???!!!

The shenanigans of what goes on behind the upper echelons of English Society, can no longer be allowed, to be swept under the carpet. Transparency is indeed, a much needed pre-requisite, for matters, such as the Stephen Lawrence murder, and the issue of, “Institutional Racism”, to matters pertaining to child abuse in schools, by members of the teaching fraternity, the clergy, and clearly, TV dressing rooms … !!!

These matters now need to be seriously addressed, eradicated & looked upon and dealt with, in the manner, that they should be !!!

Heavy punitive measures & public vilification, in the judicial, media & education systems.

Individuals who deal in truth & rights, need to be embraced, rather than ostracized, for being honest & forthright.

I’ve heard it so much here already …

“Oh, you are too serious & negative & blah di blah blaaaarrrrr !!!”, from white folks, that, certain times, you have to wonder, what they are running from, is the truth of things & stark REALITY, oh so painful ???

… and if so … WHY … ???

Well, I guess it is, as it is for the majority of people, regardless of race, on this planet, it would, now seem ….

However, as England has been touted and still is, in a lot of quarters, as the ….

“B … all” & “End … all” ….

….. this time round, as many are now saying, “The Empire is now tumbling down … !!!!!”

It’s time for people to see the country for what it is, don’t give it the whole …

“Ahhh but it’s not all of us crap !!!”

What, like the old, “You’re alright, it’s the rest we don’t like”, line.

I see now, why Barbados has such a bully culture & corrupted … “Modus Operandi” …

Lil’ England huh ….

There’s a part of that tag, that, Bajans need to start rejecting, because if that’s the case, whose doing & covering up this kind of vile nastiness here ….. huh ….. ???

On that note, I’ll leave it there, and remember, my darkness within, is what rests in my mind & visions of the world ….

NOT …. I repeat …. ” NOT ” ….. in my actions … !!!!!

When people read my words & artistic expression, before getting all panicky, frightened and finger pointy, they should remember, what REALLY goes on … !!!!!

…. and acknowledge, that, some of us, actually KNOW, what we speak on ……

Blessings & guidance, especially for those who have been made a victim of Mr. Saville, and his fraternity of deceitful guardians …..

Unf’ingbelievable …. !!!!!

Good ol’ Jim ….

What Jim was fixing … would seem to have been … “SICKENING” … !!!!!

An issue not to be ignored people ….. !!!

Incredibly disturbing ….. !!!!!

A Forum Thread Inspired, piece of RAW poetic expression ….”The Darkness … “YES” … Within” …. written by Big Virge 18/10/2012

My soul wishes to sin
and embrace this ….
at a whim

A wish to kill all things !!!

Kill the human race … !!!
and all of it’s … false grace
all of it’s … false heads
who couldn’t care much less

about … their lies
about … what they deny
about … this thing
that we call … life …

This life of strife
and ignorant types
who feel no shame
in dishing out pain

I take from their souls
and enjoy the blood-drain
as if I were able
to send Cain insane

Yes … once again … !!!!!

Leaving them whole
with no no place to erase ….

The vision of …. their livelihoods
rotting down the drain … !!!!

Pulling insides out ….
and outsides …. into flames

Who thought that hell ?
would be this thing
someone could sell
as …. “FAME” …

I sell it all the same ….
because my souls ashamed …
to be a part …
of the … human race ….

that’s become so ….
….. “Inhumane” …..
bloodsuckers hunting veins
on which to pray & claim

the lives of those they never loved
but claimed to … all the same …

“We want to see the best for you !!!”

A lie they sold as truth …

just do as you are told …
don’t get too bold …
and you’ll retain your youth ….

Well … here’s the truth …

My wish for you
to … SUFFER …

has now ….
become the glue
that fuels my mood
to do what’s crude
and choose to …….

just abuse …..

all the rules
that prove how cruel
our actions are … in truth

How low we stoop
to fill the coop
of dirty loops
we eat as food

The lies, abuse,
vileness, untruths
denial & trials
we keep on file …..

to …… file away ….. !???!
and …… nurture hate ……
and keep … unity …
locked behind … gates … !?!

It is these things
that make me think
of living life to sin ….

Sins designed ….
for the genocide ….
& death …. of all mankind ….

An end … that now begins
as my light …
Slowly ……… Dims …

The Darkness … “YES” … Within

Oh … The Memories …

Simply ….

“Your mad … cos my style you be admiring …
Don’t be mad … UPS is hiring !!!!!”

As 4 da rhydem … Forget it … it’s over with ….

Fav’s day right about now … !!!!!

Artifacts baby ….. !!!!!

Annnd … talking of Emcees ….

Had to post These Two pon’ dis rhydem !!!!!

…. cos’ it’s a personal fav of mine !!!!!

The Ultimate … Yeah bwoooyyyy !!!!!

Enjoy … !!!!!

Talking of Energies … Check These Emcees !!!!!

Crooklyn Baby ….

Classic … !!!!!

Fa my headz who know & remember !!!!!