Glam on a Rant … !!!

Annnnd a half ….. !!!!!

2 rass …. !!!!

Well, I have to put out my views on the lil’ I know bout the NCF in the next few ….

…. but, yup, this all sounds pretty much on point, in terms of what I am being told by artists, especially Poets/Spoken Word peoples’ … !!!!!

As for the Govt, well, anyone with half a brain can see that these people are indeed as their title suggests …

A multitude of … Blood Sucking Insects ….

I said it …. YES …. !!!

Anyway, I soon back in Bim …. and support of this talk is where … REAL CHANGE … Begins … !!!!!

I know it’s hard to believe, but, Barbadians ….

Try using that brain power wunnah love to use to hustle foreigners & each other …. and take a minute, do for the betterment of the communities of Bim …. take this in and think …. !!!!!

Fa Fuk’s sake !!!!!

Far Eastern Bizness … written by Big Virge 24/9/2012

Okay folks, the V’s touched Far Eastern Territories … !!!!!

I can’t actually believe it, it’s always been a dream of mine to touch soil where the practices of Buddhism & martial artistry, of the Bruce Lee variety, has it’s roots !!!!!

Not quite Japan or China, Proper … !!!!!

However, Hong Kong is where I have reached, and, Wow, what a shock to the system it has already been !!!

I’ve been to places where being black is a rarity, but damn, when you look around, and see that not only are you a rarity, but, also, that the majority of people are virtually, half your size, it’s a little strange, to say the least !!!

My arrival yesterday, had me thinking, thank the father, that, some of these people speak English, otherwise, what the Fook would I do … !?!

I’ve always seen Chinese people as being very curt & to the point, almost rude, in most western quarters, I guess, and, without any further ado, my first requests for assistance were treated with the disdain of a meerkat family, seeing a king cobra in their home.

Thus, finding my way to a taxi rank proved to be more challenging than it needed to be, had I just clocked the signs !!!

This was no biggie though, as I was mostly absorbed by the clean & highly developed airport, and ofcourse, the volumes of Asian women, who, i’ve grown to have a real penchant for, cruising around in very little, due to the humidity !!!!!

Not quite Bim heat, but, the humidity definitely licks ya … !!!!!

13 hours to get here from New York was more stressful than the humidity fa sure !!!!!

You’ve got to believe that journeys of such nature are generally preserved for business, as, who on earth does that kind of air travel by choice !!!!!

Anyway, massive shout out to Hannah & Martyn for inviting me to their wedding here, and to Veronica for taking time out to offer to show me around.

I have to say thanks again …… due to the fact that, when you hear Chinese being spoken around you, it’s only then, that you, truly realise how important it is to either, have learned some, or, to have a local with you, to keep you from feeling completely lost.

The taxi driver I had from the airport proved that, if you’re not careful, full advantage will be taken of you, dodgy fare pricing & then, a reluctance to give the correct change, definitely has me on my guard now, but, since then, it’s been rare that i’ve felt that curtness, that is inevitable, in a place where speaking English, although, a part of the culture, is surely frowned upon now …..

Understandable, considering the colonial ties, that, once again, are evident in a land, so far removed from ol’ England !!!!!

The island is indeed, a beautiful one, driving into Hong Kong central, was filled with beautiful sights, from the waters surrounding to the mountainous areas, that, have truly left me in awe, thinking about what & who lives up in those lush-looking green areas of hillside …..

Very beautiful, cannot wait to go up to The Peak, which is renowned as having some of the more breathtaking views of this island ……

….. having done, Times Square today, Imma’ leave it there fa now ….

Those of you who’ve been there, know what i’m talking about.

Yeah ….

Westfield might be cool, but, not like Times Square, just up and up, and everywhere you turn, there’s another shop to peruse, it’s enough to make, even the most avid female shopper, lose their freaking mind, or, husbands money, when their credit cards, involuntarily, keep jumping into cashiers hands ….

Crazy, but, a really cool experience, seeing the whole, BIG Shopping Experience, in a foreign land.

So much that people do, is deemed as being different from others, however, shopping is a universal attraction that has the materially driven, doing there thing like all the rest, wherever centers, or, malls of this kind, (be they less expansive) exist ….

Right, Chinese tea in hand, if poss, a quick 40 winks, then off to Mongkok … Yes that’s right … Mong Kok … Mo’ Fo’s ….. for a “Hot Pot” dinner …..

Nothing like, Bajan Pepperpot, i’m sure …. but …. who knows …. ???

Time will tell …..

The explorations continue ……

L8r folks ….

Stay blessed ….


Propaganda & Lies folks ….. Finally … !!! …with some Big V spiel as a prelude…. written by Big Virge 26/10/2006

Not as though this ain’t been heard, but …..

Finally, I get to give you all, a full, uninterrupted version of this personal fav of mine …..

Enjoy ……

Annnnnnnnddddddd afta Hicks I got to post Chris !!!!!

Love this …..

Y’all NYGZ know who you is … !!!!!

Simply ….. Bill Hicks …… !!!!

Just an incredible thinker & energy, in delivering, truly, POWERFUL messages about how simple life can be …. if we just stop for a second before acting and …..

THINK ….. !!!!!!!!

As he proves … FUN … comes from thinking too …. !!!!!

Take an hour out your day & take the ride …. and …. OPEN YOUR MIND …….

Enjoy … !!!

Annnddd … Now for some Sailing …. Conversating …. written by Big Virge 18/9/2012

Yes folks, what’s the word …. !?!

Well, as I sit here on the lappy, “HOT”, is the word of the day for me … !!!!!

“SERIOUSLY” ….. HOT …… !!!!!

This is the stuff that makes being in islands of this type, worth it … !!!!!

Weather that is perfect, for everything from walking, to beach bumming … to … sailing ….

Did I say sailing … !???!

Yes I did folks, because Sunday was that day, got out on a beautiful day, but, before I dive into that scenario, let me just come back to these things that this heat avails ….

I heard an English girl say to me upon arriving that, “Oh, it’s too hot to have sex here … !!!!! “.

Guess that was just for my benefit as I haven’t seen her ass again, since she met the fraternity of beach lovers here, but, to be honest, as i’m a man who loves to see womens’ legs in silk, I could see where she was coming from.

You’d better have that air con on, cos sex could truly lead to coronary issues, if you’re not fit. strong & careful !!!!!

Right, so Sunday peeps …..

Now, the radical/anarchist crazy-haired dude ….. going out sailing … !!!!!

“What’s that about then … !???!” ….

I hear the haters saying …. !!!!!

Well, when one doesn’t get invited to party with the locals, one has to indulge in the invitations, that are availed, that, fit the varied tastes of a man of my ilk … !!!!!

It all sounds very posh right ….

Well, carry wunnah Raaaaaassssshole HEAR … !!!!!

Life is for living, and, when it comes to getting inside places like …. “Port St Charles”, over there on the west coast, where 8 million dollar properties are apparently being built down the road, by English folks. Apparently, in this instance, by a single occupant, of such palatial grounds … !!!!! …

…… that, “Biggest Hypocrite you know”, moniker, has it’s benefits !!!!!

Thus, the again, apparently, scary, nutty-looking lankers … (Tall Being), arrived with Rasta Captain, MG, from the US, who is now somewhere in the UK, prepping to race across the Mediterranean !!!!

Good luck Mr. G …. !!!!!

Stay safe, be successful, and stay WARM … !!!

As he’s already advised me, having landed UK sides, that, “Dammmmmmnnnn it’s cold here bro !!!!!”.

I know dude … !!!!!

Why the fuk do you think i’m here, for the engaging, local conversation !!!?!!!

Hardly …… but, Sunday availed one of those rare situations where I was in the company of very nice people, at least, on face value, from very different backgrounds & walks of life.

An architect, A UWI professor/administrator, A Psychologist, An Ex-Paramedic, A Baker, A Massage Therapist & Sailor, strange pairing, but, it works for him, and some dude who claims that he spits that goodness through his artistic expression ….

Interetsing sounding cat, that last one ….

Oh yes, that would be me, blowing my own sail …. !!!!!

Anyway, the usual wary beginnings were in evidence, until we got away from the coastline, out & up towards St Lucy & not too distant from St. Peter.

This is where my English counterpart and I, began to engage in healthy conversation about architecture in Bim, the pros the cons, and, how to avoid termite infestation, due to condensation not being effectively guarded against, in terms of wall structure & foundations of properties, in an island that can become, incredibly uncomfortable in doors, if air con is not available, or, ideally, a fresh sea breeze, because you are that close to the coastline, that, you could literally dive in …. !!!!!

One day maybe … !?! ….

….. when i’ve got 8 million spare, I mean …. seriously …. WTF man, people can’t get a glass of coconut water to drink, yet, this is the life available, for some people !???!

Especially here …. where, impoverished living is not so difficult to see, within a ten … ah fuck it … 8 minute drive, you’ll see something that’ll have you thinking ….

Does someone actually live there … ???

Anyway, as drinks started to flow, as is the usual vibe, lips started to get loose, fortunately, without sinking our ship, well, 36 footer …..

So, eight people was just about perfect, the ladies who were with us, were suitably chilled, until the level of conversation got to the inevitable low point of Bajans & their behaviour.

My architect friend, explained how a job offer got him here, and 30 years later, guess what, he ain’t sounding like he’s about to leave anytime soon !!!!!

Thus, the living is good, once you have work, but, as a white Englishman, it’s always interesting to hear of the reverse racism, that presents itself to a white man, who is outside of his comfort zone.

Now, it’s clearly not the same as it probably was, for my pops, upon arrival in England, but, the connotations are the same, the whole ……

“Teefing our jobs”, rhetoric, amongst numerous other subtle variants of racist attitudes, are things we spoke about, which, with all due respect to Mark, I wouldn’t of expected from him, in assessing him on first appearances.

However, Bajans, and people of this mo’ funkin’ planet, need to recognise, that, pre-judgement is the act of an ass, as the word compartmentalized …

assume …….

ass – u – me !!!!!

Open your minds, ears & eyes, to the fact that, yes, certain subjects & topics cannot be denied, and yes, may cause disagreement, but, try agreeing to disagree, or better still, listening & accepting that, the differences you think, separate you, may actually not be so far apart, that, they define how an individual should be treated, who you know nothing about.

Try engaging first & judging later, or better still, not at all.

I exclude myself from that, because, as a social documentarian of some skill, I get to judge y’all more than you do I, at least, at this point anyway.

Anyway, to the hostess with the mostess, the lovely Priscilla, thanks again for having this rogue, “Black Sheep”, aboard your lovely boat !!!!!

Now, even though our convo’s were minimal, it was evident to me that this lady has a warmth about her, that made me, and i’m sure, anyone who gets to spend time with her on her boat, feel exceptionally relaxed & very welcome.

I said to the skipper after leaving that, those eyes of hers, captured me, as i’m sure they would of done to many a young man in her youth-filled years … !!!!!

Thus, not everyone who owns boats are up their asses people, in fact, i’m beginning to think that, those with less, seem to have more uppity inclinations than their paygrade warrants !!!!

Couldn’t think of a better expression, but, you catch my drift …..

Now, the couple who I will speak on last, were the psychologist & ex-paramedic, who was the only full Bajan, I believe, on board, everyone else had either come here young, and grown up here, or lived elsewhere, then, via some means, has found their way back, so, with all due respect to Roy, it was noticeable how little he engaged, but, how much attention he was paying to what was being said ….

However, when he did engage, he was sharp, witty, and very articulate, with regard to the things he spoke on. His wife, whose name escapes me now, was indeed, I guess, what many would determine as being, a Classic American woman.

A big woman now, no doubt there, but, a big character, lots to say, and, not shy in saying it, very tactile, and, as said, a highly-intelligent woman, psychologist and all.

I think my biggest memory of her will be smoking her menthol cigs & hearing her response to my request for a quick psycho-analysis on the boat, to which I was told,

‘You couldn’t afford me … !!!’.

All in good spirits, but, it epitomized, in my mind, how she was, very ebullient, but, actually, quite a big softy, when all’s said & done … !!! …

…. with a husband who, although, appearing quite willing to let her run her chops, i’d imagine when he has his say, she listens, when he’s ready … !!! …

…. and yup, I mean, the last say, which his wife eluded to, as the day came to an end.

It is lovely to be out at sea, when the sea is calm, to the point where, there was hardly enough breeze to get us up to 5 knots of speed, which perturbed our skipper somewhat ….

Well, Mr. G, it is unlikely that you’ll be having that problem much, in your travels through europe & it’s surrounds, so, don’t complain when you get what you want …. especially if, what comes with that wind, is inclement weather yeah !!!!!

Racing time is ….. Racing Time … !!!!!!

The last thing an apparently, radical dude like myself wants, or needs, in my view, is to find that I die at sea, because I happened to be out sailing when I should be at a laptop, safe & sound in dorrs, writing ….. when storms start ah licking !!!!!!

It was indeed, a beautiful day, the cruising in the ocean was something, that …..

I certainly hope to do again, but, more importantly, will NEVER forget !!!!!

It may seem silly, to be getting so gushy over this, but, when at 42 years of age, it’s the first time of doing it, in the manner & company that were there, these aren’t things that a writer forgets, or, dismisses easily.

Hence my sitting here, writing about it, before my mind cannot remember the events, as pictures are cool, but, to me, I have, as an emcee who I cannot think of now, the ability to write a ….

‘Blind man a photograph !!!”, when i’m ready.

Thus, a couple of hours into our trip, not far from the Sandy Lane, we dropped anchor & the swimmers dove in, without a seconds hesitation, Mark “The Man From Atlantis”, architect dude, was literally, the proverbial fish out of water …. in the water … !!!!!

You could see, that, this was a man who totally gets, that, away from work, enjoyment of these simple things, is to be maximized …. more power to ya man …. !!!!!

Due to a current shoulder issue …. I was a lil’ slower to get in, but, once I did, it was the best feeling …. !!!!!

I am not as strong a swimmer as I used to be, but, damn, the ocean is a thing of incredible beauty, and, i’d hate to feel that my only interaction with it, would only ever be, where my feet can touch the bottom.

No fun in that, and def, no test of your ability to swim, know when to hold on to something, or when to relax, lie back & let your body embrace the buoyancy that surrounds, chill, and look up into the sky as if you were on your own water bed …. !!!!!!

Total Mo’ Funkin’ Bliss …… TOTAL …….. !!!!!

Poor skipper, had to be most observant, so, never got to get in, testament to his professionalism, even in a relaxed sail, like the one we had on Sunday … !!!!!

So, as folks got back on, more drinks, food, chat, and the eventual wind down as we watched the blue skies diminish and transform into red skies, before darkness availed itself for the stars to shine, even though relatively close to shore, it was still an incredible vision, lying on deck, eyes to the sky, observing the energies of the, sea starlight & night, mesh, intertwine & envelope us, as the darkness eventually did ….

Then, by this time, due to my getting on about social issues throughout the day, I was summoned to, grace the deck with a poetic sumthin’, for the peeps …..

Thus, I gave a rendition of a piece that reflected on our being in the not so deep waters of the coastline of Bim, simply called, “DEEP”.

Well, that’s a new one, lying on deck under the stars, reciting words that speak of much, that, had little place on the boat, under the evening starlight, but, thankfully, it was well received, and, I very much enjoyed doing the piece, for everyone aboard.

Sadly, as we chugged our way back into the marina, it became apparent how cool it must be to go out at 8-8.30, and spend the evening and early hours out at sea, that’s gonna be my next request ….. Priscilla ….. !!!!!

…… nah, but, what a beautiful day, in really cool company, who, hopefully, by the end of our trip together, felt a sense of connection …..

…. by this, I mean, a connection of minds, a connection that cannot be defined by friendship, as none of us were, or, are friends yet, and may never be, but, hopefully, will remember the day with the same fondness, that I now have of my first, proper, sail off the coast of Barbados, where I wasn’t one of a 50 or a hundred people.

As we steered into the dock, with two huge boats either side of us, as much as I would LOVE to go out on one of those, I can see why, even though, they have the power, size & whatever else about them, that intimacy & closeness that is availed on a smaller boat with fewer people, is probably something that all the glamour & glitz of being on such machines, cannot be replicated or bettered.

It’s all relative right … ???

I mean, there was talk of Oprah having a property in Port St. Charles, so, who knows what drives, motivates & inspires the likes of people, who either, live in such a complex, or those, who own some of those big power boats, that go from 50 feet, onwards & upwards …..

There is a lot of money up in Port St. Charles, gated off, with security guards at the front gate 24/7.

I can see how this may be shocking to people, but, let me tell all you this, there are those who are happy to fleece tourists, offer sex or racist attitudes, to those who don’t fit with their ideals of respect & morality, especially us immigrants !!!!!

However, for those of us who are trying our hardest to stop all this pre-judgment & separatism, on the basis of color, financial status, or some other bullcrap …..

People here & everywhere, need to think about what makes you, so self-important, embrace that which you do not know, until you have clearcut evidence, that it isn’t for you …..

…… because …….

…. not only may you learn something of value, but, you may actually enjoy the experience of being outside of your comfort zone, whilst, not pandering to others tastes, being yourself, and then, at the end of it all, hopefully, being respected for it …..

Once again. nuff love to Priscilla, and everyone who was on the boat Sunday, and most importantly, to our very efficient & studious guide for the day …..

I think the competition in the Med have got some problems … !!!!!

All the best MG ……

Catch ya on the port side …..

Or should that be Starboard side ….. ?????

Annnddd my final piece of evidence that you learn something new, by having such experiences …..

If you think of it like this ….
for those who need to ….

Left is shorter than Right in terms of it’s letters …

Thus, when on a boat, when facing the Bow of the boat (i.e. The Front)

On your left is …… Port
On your right is …… Starboard

The shorter word, refers to the description of the side of the boat, that has, fewer letters …. !!!!!

Phew …. !!! ….

…. but as our skipper aptly affirmed …..

It’s best just to know which one is which …. !!!!!

Anyhow, it’s been a beautiful day today, and if I can, i’m gone hit the beach for that early evening swim, hope the water is as warm as it was, on Sunday …. !!!!!

Peace, Blessings & Guidance y’all …..

Annnnndddddd …. Try doing more of those things, that are outside of your comfort zone, you never know who you may meet, or, what you’ll find out about yourself …..



So, Big V pon CBC …. written by Big Virge 12/09/2012

Yes Yes folks, figure that some of you want to get my take on the events of Monday night, where the V, thanks to Mr. Corey Sandiford, was sat next to one of that breed of individual, whom I have virtually no love for whatsoever, a politician … !!!!!

Dammmmmmnnnnnn …. I thought I liked to talk … !!!!!!!!!!!

…. but, you know what they say, those who talk for the world, or, in this case, Barbados, rarely have the interests of the world, or, as said, in this case, Barbados, at heart.

Their own interests, or, protection, is what all the talk tends to be for, as, the less they allow others to speak, or, question ….. ???

….. the less they have to reveal about themselves right ….

Think about it folks ……..

Thus, as I stated to everyone who spoke with me about being on air with Minister “Nuff Talk” Lashley, (Stephen, NOT Michael !), it was nothing fa me to sit and keep quiet for a change, as this was indeed a learning experience, to be so close to the type of individual, who, under any other circumstance, I’d choose to quickly separate from !!!

So, where were the voices & opinions of Bajans who claim to want to tell these individuals to …. “Carry dey skunt huh !!!”

Monday night at 8.00, what were all yuh doin’ huh, foopin’ bout or some other tomfoolery !?!

Well, suffice to say, Teneille, from, “Rock The Vote”, showed me the koo, after the show, once someone else engages in challenging individuals like this, then y’all want to jump pon’ dat wagon !!!!!

Come on Bajans, you do have a voice don’t ya … !?! … and have no reason to fear authority in this day and age, seriously, talk behind closed doors, or, worse still, closed mouths, is … NO talk at all, and therefore, breeds …..


I know ya got nuff talk when it comes to dismissing each other & foreigners like myself, especially when we choose to criticize Barbados, for the apathetic attitudes to pretty much everything, except foopin’ ofcourse … !!! …

….and running after tourists for money !!!!!

Anyway, the vibe of Mr Lashley was indeed, very pleasant, although, it was evident upon seeing the fact that I towered over his short-ass, that, the hair & everything else, was well, i’m gonna say, shocking to him, and, not in a good way folks …. Not at all …. !!!!!

Hence, his reaction to me being insolent enough to think that I could address & question him about things, that ….

“If I’d listened to him, I’d already know …. !!!!!”

…. confirmed to me, that, as I was told, the “THIN SKIN”, Bajans are renowned for, is in full effect, where politicians are concerned !!!!!

This bodes of not liking, to not only, be challenged, but, more importantly, exposed, in terms of having to answer someone’s question, rather than spout a lot of garbled statistics, in the case of …. Mr. …”Nuff Talk” … Lashley,

…. but, the fact, that, in an hour show, which, from what I saw, had some level of promotion, for people to have had, plenty of advance warning, to prep their questions, or call in, we had one caller … !!! …

…. actually confirms that, as per the title of the show, “Why should you care about politics”, there is a distinct lack of interest in the political arena, except for block & rum shop politics.

Damnnnnnn … the more time I spend here, the more that the tag of Lil’ England fits, and, not in good ways people, not Tha Fuck, at all, trust !!!!!

However, let’s swiftly, depart from this subject, before I fall foul of what I understand to be, somewhat, confusing laws, surrounding libel & defamation of character.

The best part of my time at CBC on Monday, was spent in the lounge, chatting to Tony Thompson, a broadcaster, actor & writer, who seemed to be fully aware of who I was, before we engaged in conversation, not sure how good or bad that is, but, no publicity is bad publicity right.

Anyway, as we engaged in conversation, we immediately got to this thing, that he defined as being, “The Culture of Silence”, in Barbados.

Ring any bells people … ??? …

… was it you he was talking about … ???

Are you one of those whisperers in the shadows, who indulges in whispering, because you don’t have, “The Kahunessssss”, to let the world/island know, what’s up !!!?!!!

Tony then went on to explain that he feels the world today is fully indulgent in slavery, as opposed to being held, “Captive”, as so many of our forefathers were.

A most interesting concept & a logical one, in many ways, a slave is ofcourse held captive, but, in terms of the slavery that has become existent in this time & age, the mental enslavement of peoples’ thinking & psyches, and the ripple effect this is creating, in terms of our basic, day to day lives, is actually quite frightening now !!!!!

The trinkets of nice cars, a few jewels, and materialistic living, seem to have become the very things we have pursued, to the extent that, many people are now suggesting these things, to be the REAL … “Weapons of Mass Destruction”.

I found our conversation highly stimulating, because of a dinner party I attended here recently, where, some White Bajans, who have a bit of change, let’s say, were speaking of societies issues, regarding materialism & what people REALLY need.

Now, this is not a criticism of the host of the party, but, this talk was being spoken, when he’s about to build a swimming pool in his garden ……

Hmmmmmm …. just something to think on …..

I did of course, advise the gents in the conversation, that, 10/15 years ago, what they have, in terms of their property etc, could have been deemed as excessive, by those who had much less than them, thus, the world we now live in, is as much down to what they’ve pursued & attained as being necessary for them to live, as is government policy & media influence.

A very difficult conundrum to work around, as hard work surely warrants a few trinkets to reward yourself for your endeavours, however, when others have nothing, or next to nothing, can it be reasonable to be flaunting your wealth in front of those, who, for whatever reason, have nothing like the freedom to use their money in that way.

As Tony & I discussed the youth, it really hit home that, the youth are being targeted by politicians now, because of their dumbed down education, in the hope that they can be easily swayed.

Well, they’ll need to start issuing free Iphones, Blackberrys & Ipads to the youth to get their votes, as the show indicated a lack of any interest being shown by the youth populous of Barbados !!!!!

As The Honorable Mr. Lashley, clicked & dragged on his iPad, to draw stats, that, had no relevance to the question I asked, it just becomes more & more clear to me, that, we have become slaves to technology, money & our own, “Silent Voices”, that keep saying to us, stand up & be counted, rather than the, “I’m alright Jack”, mentality, that has become so prevalent, globally.

Talking of which, I also found Mr Lashleys’, incessant speech on the youth being given the freedom to shape policy, quite incredible, are they paid to do that … ???

… and if so, as per a Charlie Brown cartoon from back in the day, it’s one thing to have student representatives, but, when bedtime is 8.00pm and policy meetings need to be held in the middle of the night, who then, becomes accountable huh ???

What a joke, these politicians are supposed to be paid for, yes, listening to the populous, old & young, in order to formulate their policies, however, that’s it !!!

I don’t want, as i’d like to think, the majority of us elders, would agree, to see policies for 15 -20 year olds, education & so on, being drafted & constructed by them, otherwise, it would be Ipads for everyone, no school, and just a whole heap of tomfoolery going on, that, would not provide the grounding that an elder, who has seen it and done it, has, to draw upon to provide & formulate, sound & well thought out policies, from the ideas that young people bring to the table.

The young leading the young, today, is indeed, in my view, a recipe for disaster !!!!!

This all leads me to the avoidance of being accountable, by Bajans, en masse, however, if Mr. Lashley’s rather, curt attitude, to being questioned, is anything to go by, well, it’s clear where it comes from.

The good ol’ Big Bro, that England is, because, the avoidance of accountability is something, that, English Politicians have become extraordinarily good at, even when the evidence is totally damning.

They either make a rather swift exit before chit comes on top, or, they seem to find the loopholes in the law, and carry on as per usual.

The laws of colonialism, dictate that, there is one rule for them, and, a thousand other different ones for the rest of us.

I received an e-mail from a buddy of mine in London, who listened in to the show,

It said this ……

Q: Why would politics not matter to you ?

A: Because I like to stay clear of people who lie and cheat. Don’t need that in my life.

Hmmmm …….

And then … in a later mail … I then read this about the show …

“This minister doesn’t stop talking, it’s like a party political broadcast. He’s just reeling off a list of government programmes !

So, dear Mr. Lashley, if I appeared, not to be listening, and asked a question I shouldn’t of ….

Maybe it’s because you spouted so much about policy & programs, that, it became difficult to remember if this was a show about the youth, or you, your party’s policies & statistics about the previous government, or simply, the sound of your own voice ….. ???

Even for an artist who recognizes what it is to have your ego stroked from time to time, there’s a time and place for it.

I guess you felt that the VYZE show was that time for you.

I tend to differ, but, as I regularly say now, I give Maximum Respect to politicians, because, you truly are experts in controlling the populous, and actually, denying them a voice.

However, the world is a bigger place than newspapers & cabinet offices now, so, it really wasn’t an issue for me to sit & listen to your rhetoric, because I have my own forum & may not have the following that your party has, but, trust in this …….

My freedom of expression on this page, will never be compromised by the, colonially politicized, words & attitudes of the people who are connected to the political arena, which clearly, doesn’t like to be challenged by those of us who are a ….. a ….. a …..

“Bit slow” ….. ya know ….. !!!!!

Thus, the sad part, is that the best parts of my evening at CBC were the pre-show & after show, car park conversations, when the “Honourable Minister”, had long gone.

Bajans, pay attention … !!!!!

Don’t let these people feel that they can speak for you, speak up for yourselves, before your right to do so, becomes, “A Calypsonian Only”, pastime.

You have been warned … !!!!!

Blessings & Guidance to all y’all Bajans … !!!

The Youth, Elderly & Politricksters, alike …. cos it truly looks like y’all need it !!!!!

Now you can lambast me for speaking out of turn, but, just remember, i’m not a man responsible for policies, that seem to be leaving the majority of people, feeling like the future in this paradise, is far from rosy …..


God Bless Us All … !!! … written by Big Virge 4/9/2012

Yes Yes y’all ….. !!!!!

Been properly on the chillin’ vibes of recent, which avails, some calm & appropriate thinking time to balance the energies, that, certain individuals seem to take pride in knocking.

Stop that pish ppl … !!!!!

A lil’ love & respect for others is not a sign of weakness you fuks …. try putting the shoe on the other foot, mentally, for a change … !!!!!

How would you like to go somewhere & find that people treated ya, like they just want to tear down any walls of fortitude, that you have built over the years of your trials & tribulations, through this lifetime ….

Huh …. well …. ?????

How would you like it …. SERIOUSLY …. !!?!!

Now, don’t get the God reference in the title of this post wrong, but, “God save a lot of you Fukwits”, and yup, I do mean that … !!!!!

As I sit here contemplating my radio appearance with Bim’s Youth/Education minister on Vyze Barbados next Monday, it has left me feeling somewhat, flat, as the essence of speaking about the world as it stands today, is indeed a less than appealing prospect, when, it is clear that, so many people are willing to indulge, in that which, does everything but, uplift spirits, and above all, raise the consciousness of people, especially our youth !!!!!

The reason I am posting in this fashion, (especially the God reference) …. is because I have just seen, Bobcat Goldthait’s …. “God Bless America” …. movie.

Now, this flick is, clearly, not gonna be for everyone, in fact, the majority of people will immediately feel their conscience, whisper words like …..

“You’re one of them aren’t ya … !?!”

“I have a whole part of your psyche available to uplift your mind state, that, you’re refusing to use you FUK !!!”

annnnnnddddddddd ……

The proverbial ……

“Don’t complain if your ignorance slaps you upside your head for being just that … an Ignoramus !!!!!”

Bobcat Goldthwait was a very different stand up comedian, who shot to further fame, for his role as the crazy criminal who eventually joined with the boys in blue … in the, “Police Academy franchise”, Zed.

Now, as with most satirists who push boundaries, this movie, which he wrote & directed, is a darkly comic, satirical look, at the age of ignorance that we now seem to be caught up in …..

Subjects that I regularly enjoy cussing off are major players in the film ….

F’ing X Crapper, Reality shows, and ofcourse, the youth of todays’, behavioural tendencies.

Thus, this film has some hilariously entertaining parts, as well as some, seriously disturbing elements to it !!!!!

This is not for faint hearts, or PC Correctness Pussies.

This embroils itself in everything from pedophilia, to, submissive acceptance of peoples’ cruelty to others today !!!

Yes, there have been films reflecting on this throughout history, however, as with Luc Besson’s, “Leon”, with Nat Portman, Jean Reno & Gary Oldman, it does not shy away from issues that make many, uncomfortable to watch, let alone, believe, to have some basis in truth.

Bonnie & Clyde for the 2010’s, well, i’d say it’s quite a bit more than that … !!! …

The story evolves around Frank & Roxy, a middle-aged man, whose divorce has had an adverse effect on his relationship with his daughter. He is basically, a man whose reached his, “Falling Down”, moment, a la, Michael Douglas’s performance, a few years ago.

Now, Roxy is the young girl, in terms of her age in this movie, apparently 16, but, to be fair, she looks a lot younger …. who is apparently 19 now … phew … !!! … b’cos watching their relationship begin, is distinctly creepy, because, although she looks very young, skinny & scrawny, as with a lot of the younger generation of actresses, her cute looks & somewhat seductive nature, is undeniable.

Anyway, the two actors in these roles, in my opinion, do a fantastic job, Joel Murray & Tara Lynne Barr, watch out for her, she clearly has a lot of hopefully, great performances in her … !!!

Without getting to detailed about the story, the vibe is one that reflects on matters, that, to me, are so understated & underplayed in our world as we know it, so much so, that, the movie is highly engaging & draws you in, not only if you’re a thinker, but, also, more importantly, “A Feeler” …..

….. by this, I mean, an individual who doesn’t accept that, peoples’ ignorance, is just an acceptable part of life, and that, peoples’ rudeness is just a part of our evolution into becoming, human beings of a free spirit.

….. and, most importantly, if you have gotten to the point where, what you feel, when interacting with most people is, the wish to find the biggest gun, knife, or bomb kit, and start getting all Dirty Harry, or, Dexter on these fools …..

…… because their behaviour seems to emanate from a premise of not giving a damn about anyone, or, anything else, that has these fukwits, thinking that, they can get away with whatever they want !!!!!

Really …. I mean …. REALLY …. !!!?????!!!

I have heard, and had, things happen in recent weeks weeks, that, have left me feeling, not just sad, but, VERY F’ing MAD !!!!!!

However, due to my wish to retain some sense of discipline & personal control, as well as, respect for not only my life, but others, I have done the swallowing of pride thing, to allow certain people to get away wid what, to all intensive purposes, is … Total Fukry … that, would have had, many a hotter head, reacting in ways that could be construed as unreasonable.

Hmmm … ???

…. but ….

Who dishes out punishment to these cocksuckers & liberty takers, male & female, who don’t offer anything of themselves, except smart rhetoric, which, essentially confirms their … IDIOT STATUS … !!!?!!! …

Specific detes of these fuks, not required, because they know who they are fa sure !!!!!

Thus, this movie challenges the viewer to establish which side of the fence they feel comfortable sitting on ….

The Ignorance is bliss side …. or the ….

You know what, I’m a nice guy/girl …. whose had enough of these fuks vibe …. ???

The fuks are always the first to turn around, talkin’ bout’, “Chill out man, you need to relax !!!”, when all they do is create the stresses, that, eventually, encourage men with the patience of … Job … to succumb to ignorant, irrational acts !!!

I see it in workplaces & I see it in relationships, fa sure today !!!

Thankfully, not mine, but, too many people are caught up in that … pish … !!!

…. just for the sex, rather than because they truly want to learn about & spend, as much time as possible with their partner.

This belies so much more that, God Bless America, attempts to not only address, but, dissect & distress, in it’s, “Over The Top”, graphic depictions & dialogue, which is very impressively delivered by Murray & Barr.

The dialogue, at times, is incredibly witty, but, at times is increasingly disturbing, in it’s analysis of the mental states of the people of the world, as we now know the majority to be.

No apologies there folks … !!!!!!!!

There are far too many, smart-mouthed pricks, walking about preaching their fukry now, who have millions of followers on twitter, or, on f’ing Facecrook, playing that they righteous, when all they can really claim, is to be righteous Asswipes !!!!!

I don’t even want to use the word Hypocrites, in terms of defining them, as I don’t think it’s fair to hypocrites, as they aren’t even worthy of hypocrite status !!!

Particularly, as I still stand by my newest moniker of being, “The Biggest Hypocrite You Know”, take from that, what you will, but, I know what i’m meaning, and have no problem with it.

However, I do have a problem with individuals using terms like, you’re not a real revolutionary, because you won’t pick up a gun when the fight begins !!!!!”.

Hmmmm, so, guns & murder define a revolution eh ….

Not for me, the revolution begins without weapons, anarchy, chaos & genocides, which will, more than likely, be the result of militant actions, which I am not averse to, but, as I was not born with a gun in my hand, i’d like to think i’m not meant to die with on in my hand.

“God Bless America”, is very violent, but, in an almost, slapstick kind of way, which should not detract from the fact that, violent acts ruin lives, not just the direct victims, but, through the many ripples that touch the extended circles of family & friends, which, are not always handled, in the most rational ways by everyone !!!

Some are strong enough to separate & move on, but, as per this movie, there are some who reach breaking point & there is no coming back for them, it is, “Doomsday time for them”.

This film is indeed a very insight-filled, dissection of American Culture, from a mass media perspective, which, to my mind, has far-reaching relevance, as so much of the world has absorbed much that is American, from X Crapper to Hip Hop, to the whole Hollywood, “Fakery Culture”.

Fake Tits, Fake Ass, Fake Stars & Fake Class …..

Much like the movie …. A lot of Farce ….. !!!!!!

However, as farcical as God Bless America may appear …..

One has to wonder where, in truth, we are guiding our youth to ….. ???

A place of self-realisation, or a domain where, everything that they aspire to be is party to simply joining some kind of clone factory, where, the only way that they value themselves, is when, much like Saw, they have the very thing that they claim to cherish so much, being their lives …..

Flashed & then denied, before their very eyes, by the guy/girl, who they never thought had it in em …..

Careful now folks … !!!

… because BAD, as many are claiming to be, filled with bravado, as many have become …..

What ya gonna do when God comes …. or worse still, when darkness comes for ya, in the guise of the guy or girl next door whose reached breaking point …….. huh …….. ???

As I listen to … “b4 U die (The burial)” … by Joe Buddah & Terrafirma via DJ Skully

May ………………………….

“God Bless Us All !!!”

Peace ….

& May ……

Michael Clarke Duncan ……. RIP.