A set of confusing conclusions … ??? … written by Big Virge … 28/8/2012

Okay folks, it’s been a while since posting, due to my recent interaction with Barbadian law enforcement, i’ve been in deep thought & meditation, about much that Barbados offers to individuals like myself.

I am at a point in my life where, the future holds little other than aging & assessing what I would like my name to be remembered for. I have no wish to become a martyr for anyone, but, as recent events have shown, I have no wish to be seen as a man who feared authority & stood for nothing.

However, this has me thinking about what Bajans stand for …. ???

….. being …. “The Best Slave” …. still …. !!???!!

…. being reticent in expressing their distaste, regarding much, that, clearly should have been addressed over the last 400 years or so …. but, does that really matter to Bajans … ??? …

….. or, are they happier to go along with the status quo, until that, “Status” … and that … ‘Quo”, become … Non Gratis & Whooooa ….. (no longer free & well, you know !!!!!)

Things are tightening in this island, on many levels, however, when looking at certain events & their premise, money can be found for things that have entertainment value, rather than edutainment value ……

Like our friends & the crowd of goaders, encouraging the cavorting, on Kadooment Day, of a couple of adults, with their young child …. !!!?!!!

Hardly … progressive entertainment … !!!!!

Hmmmm …. this has me wondering ….. why ….. ???

Well, having spent a few months here, yup, the heat at times, can definitely have you feeling like, beach life, a lil hustlin’ to get by, and some pussy, if you’re a man, can work longterm ….. but, can it ….. !???!

I am due to be on the Vyze Radio Show, on the 3rd of Sep, to discuss politics in Bim & beyond, with some young people, and there is a possibility, minute as it may be, that a government minister will be on the show as well.

Now, those of you here in Bim, who’ve spent time with me, know that I am no fan of the system makers & their affiliates, however, one thing I do have, is a great deal of respect for what they have achieved, in terms of their manipulation & control of the masses who live, in a great many ways, underneath the bridge that they & their friends drive across, without looking over the edge, until the bridge looks like it’s getting a lil’ shaky !!!!!!

The idea that Barbados is different to England, has been suggested by PC whatever …. and, I understand that, in certain institutions, by workers whose level of inept service has been challenged, like …. Banks here in Bim … !?!

So, why is that then eh … ???

Who do Bajans believe themselves to be in the grand scheme of things, huh … ???

World renowned influences, in the fields of industry & technology, or civil liberties … !!!???!!!

Hmmm …. not when being known as the, “Best Slaves of the West Indies”, seems to be a moniker, that, albeit, behind closed minds & mouths, is the sentiment that exists deep within certain Barbadian psyches ……..

A dangerous thing … !!! …

… especially when, even in the UK, as subservient as the people have proven themselves to be, there are definitive signs of rebellious attitudes being exhibited !!!!!

So, as much as I see that, at this point in England’s history, these movements are poorly organised & insignificant, in the grand scheme of things ….

…. that …. Guy Fawkes moment, may not be too far down the line in places like London ……

I can hear my conscience saying …..

“Virge, who the Fuk you kiddin’ man …. !!!?!!!”

My conscience, I think, in this instance, knows best …..

….. because the microcosm that is Barbados, has educated me so quickly, because of it’s minute size, in comparison to the UK & other countries i’ve been fortunate enough to have visited over the duration of my life, thus far.

Apathy is rife, crime is an undisclosed issue, that, has many connotations in an island like this, crimes that are highlighted as, “A BIG DEAL”, in other lands, are seemingly standard practices here, attitudes that, on international levels, are seen as unacceptable, are not only acceptable here, but, actually looked upon as the way to do things … !!!!!

All scary stuff for a man whose spent, far too much of his adult life in a country, that, I realistically had no business being in, due to it’s stuffy, hidden agenda driven, antics, and, culturally devoid pastimes.

Thus, the real reason for this post was just to air some views on things in Bim & further afield, to try to marry the place i’m from to the place where …. I’m From …. !!!?!!! …. due to my parentage …..

If that makes any sense at all ….. ???

I see today, that there are serious concerns about funding for UWI …. (University of west Indies) … here in Bim.

Now, I’m pretty sure that, the same, Sir Hilary Beckles, was quick to speak on the achievements of Barbados, in terms of the education systems’ upliftment of peoples’ standards of living …. and i’m presuming …. thinking, over the last, however many years …..

Hmmmm …. yet, government funding for the future educational opportunities of the next generation of Bajan youth, has not been secured in this period ???

Warning … !!!

The riotous behavior in recent times, in London, was started by whom … ???

Well, depending on what you believe, it was by students who were unhappy to find out that, oh, you know what, this free education thing, we gotta change that, so, we’re gonna triple the fees for students who wish to get educated to that, degree, “Upper Echelon Standard”, that will avail employment opportunities in the highest paid circles, in the UK & further afield ….

Hmmmmm …. well, unless it’s, “Apple”, whom you’re planning to work for, don’t be expecting welcome mats at companies across the globe, over the next few, kids …. !!!

The working populous, from what i’m seeing, here in Bim, aren’t loving their working environments, right about now, it’s rough & tough out there, execs are getting pushed, in some cases, a lot quicker than the indians these days …. !!!!!

As cool for some, as that may seem, it’s not a good sign people ….. !!!!!

This is a time where finding your back against a wall, may prove to be the breaking of you, and our young people aren’t so well equipped to figure out ways to keep afloat while much around them is sinking.

The ethos of …. “I’m alright Jack !!!”, needs to end.

…. as i’m seeing, seems to be the case for Jeff Broomes, the principal of the, Alexandra School, here in Bim.

Now, accusations of not respecting women & making decisions without consultation with his senior management, indicates an antiquated level of thinking & execution of duties, that should be in the, “Dark Ages”, however, Bajans who’ve managed to read this far, should take note of this statement ….

These are my observations, nothing more, nothing less …. so, don’t get all, “Rasshole foreigner should shut up bout how we do tings !!!!”

Well, let me pass this lil’ gem on, with regard to that pish … !!!

I spoke recently, with a young black lady whose parentage is not Bajan, but, whose family have raised her here, having managed to make good for themselves, in terms of having a business that has availed the ability to stay in the island.

The young lady told me that, to this day, due to the manner in which her mother had been labelled, “A Foreigner”, by Bajans, over the years, she takes the kind of offence to hearing the word used, that would be associated with hearing the word, “Nigger”, in many other countries ….

…. well, up until black people started to make money from it !!!!!

…. is that the legacy Bajan people want to leave … ?

The island, that, loves to privately hate the people who they serve daily to get money, however, those of us who have made that effort to share our experiences & wealth of varying degrees with all you, are just some, “Dutty Foreigners”,

(NB : Remembering the word that I suggested this expression & aforementioned ladies reaction, as being associated to ….)

Hmmmm …. so, what white people have done to all you, warrants a black pride, that isn’t even shown to your own peoples … ??? … even if their only difference, is being raised in a different place, or, in my case, being born in a different place, as if I had a choice in the matter !!?!!

Come on now ….. don’t you think it’s time to rectify that colonial programming people … !!???!!

Well … Don’t YA …. ????!!?!!????

Well, it is clear for a great many, that, this is something that is unlikely to ever change, unless, as I said earlier, people start to pay more attention to those who are the real oppressors ….

I’ll let all you decide who they are … but they tend to fit with the concept of this analogy ….

Poly = Many
Tics = Bloodsucking Insects …..

Thus, as I sit here thinking that i’m glad to have the opportunity to speak on the … “Politricking” … that is going on globally, next week, it appears to me, that, as little as I know about the history of politics in Barbados, having been born & raised in the cradle of …. political manipulation of peoples’ lives & thinking …..

I see the idea of Bim being an independent entity, in the grand scheme of things as being …..

A Lil’ bit …. Confusing …. ???

All things being well …. 98.1 …. the 10th of September folks ….. call in & speak up !!!!!

…. it should be interesting & get it clear … !!! …

As much as I shall be speaking on things, it is from a humble place of learning, that my thoughts & expressions come from, because, neither am I, nor, at this point in my life, do I wish to be in politics.

Neither do I ever, want to think that my limited knowledge of what goes on behind the corridors of power, makes me any the wiser or more aware than anybody else, in this time, or, in the times ahead …..

However, don’t wait until your back hits the wall, to watch & become more aware of political agendas and movements, that, seem to be for the benefit of the people …. (when votes are needed !)

…. because i’m pretty sure that when the policies of these political groups come into effect …..

What you see & feel, will leave you with more than …..

A Set of … Confusing … Conclusions … !???!



Dark Knight followers … Follow dis … !!! … written by Big Virge on the 9/8/2012

As Animekon here in Bim, didn’t want him ….

I figure my homepage could use him ….

Enjoy people ….

…. annnndddd …. take note of what’s being said, it ain’t all fa show … !!!!!

“Art” …. some views …. and …. A poem, written by Big Virge 27/12/2006

Time for this piece to see the light of my Homepage ….

For artists all ova …….

Zingha & An X-Man … Well … Woman … Storm from the 90’s cartoon series … !!!!!

A very interesting & informative interview …..

Alison Sealy-Smith = One interesting lady ……….


Hmmm …. Barbados Tourist Treatment … written by Big Virge … 19/8/2012


Ya know …..

I’ve heard this so many times before, from not only black folks, but asians too ….

“I would go back home, but, the local people hold so much envy & bitterness towards nationals who left & built something for themselves, that, when they attempt to come back to their place of origin, they feel like some kind of illegal aliens … !!!”

Now, Barbados is not my place of birth, but, my current residence is fully legal, and I have that, dual nationality thing, going on, so, when I deal with authority here, I would like to think that a level of courtesy, rather than condescension & intimidation, would be availed to me.

If I was in … “The Pine”, and got mouthy, around individuals who have it hard here, i’d expect to get that name check, like ….

“Yo, remember where you are brah !!!!!”

However, the idea that my first issue of, what I deem to be, uncomfortable proportions, would be with, not one, but, TWO … Policemen …

…. is indeed, not only disturbing, but, really, quite laughable ….

So, here’s the scenario, i’m parked in a parking area, waiting for some coconut water, near to The Pirates Inn, on Browne’s Gap ….

Officer Magoo, pulls up, parks & has a woman with him, wife, or maybe, mistress, who knows … ???

After a couple of minutes, he gets back in his car with, said female, and proceeds to reverse slowly, but surely, into my parked vehicle, as if it was just some crash test sight for his rear bumper !!!!!

Upon the impact, which, you know, I watched, but, in that slow motion moment, where, stopping it was possible, but, my instincts just didn’t see that, ol’ fool Magoo, clearly needs to be tested for his peripheral vision, and, driving abilities …. AGAIN …. !!!!!

Thus, the problems grow …..

I then, understandably, am upset, even though the damage is minimal, but, due to the complete lack of care that he showed, I let him hear it in, no uncertain terms, as he exits the car, apologizing, but, quickly, running to assess the damage.

He then starts to act sheepish, as if my angst towards his action is uncalled for …. Hmmmm ………

So, now, I obviously, ask for details, which, he seemed to take offense to, having asked if I would just let it go, as there appeared to be no serious damage ….

“Oh, if that’s the way you want to do it, I’ll call the police !!!”, which he immediately did, before any discussion could be had …… !???!

This just increases my angst, as I am now seeing the implications of what this mans’, lack of attention has created, an interaction with police, that, does not need to happen !!!!

So, obviously, waiting for anything Bajan …… is a test of anyone’s patience, but waiting for, one of the ….

“Agents of Corruption”, when I didn’t call for them, is, where my blood starts to boil, especially when, upon expressing my problem with the likely timescale of waiting …………………………………..

….. for Barbados police, to Mr. Magoo, he enlightens me with ….

“I am Barbadian police !!!!!”

Ahaaaaa …… So, these kinds of careless, inattentive, individuals, are the law enforcers of the island !!!!!

Hmmm …. I ain’t a member of NWA, but, I have no love for police, and don’t expect that, in my time of need, they’re gonna be my salvation, not one iota !!!!!!

Thus, then enters officer – SC470ELLIS – or, as i’m going to call him, officer insignificant, because, as I sit back writing this today …..

I keep thinking of Krs One’s words …..

“I ain’t never run from the Ku Klux Klan …
So, I shouldn’t have to run from a black man … !!!”

The insignificance of being black, in a police uniform, has proven itself to me, through this officer’s demeanor, attitude & basic levels of attempted, INTIMIDATION ….. that were aimed in my direction yesterday afternoon, at approximately, 5.20pm.

Thus, some 45 mins after the incident, the scooter arrives, sunglasses on & ….. here, the lesson began …..

Obviously, the cohorts of the, “agency of corruption”, joined forces to share Magoo’s telling of events first, before Officer SC470ELLIS, decided to avail the courtesy, of letting the victim, and innocent party of this misfortune, explain, my version of what occurred …..

Long story short, I got to explain my position …..

…… but, insignificant dealt with me, as if the hitting of his car by some, “Magoo-sighted Jonny”, WOULDN’T … upset him …

He proceeded to TELL ME … to … “TAKE A CHILL PILL & RELAX”, as if waiting for 45 mins for him to cruise along, was gonna make me relax ….

Thus, the details aren’t as important, with regard to his recording of the incident, as his commentary was …..

….. having, basically, logged the accident details, and, in a somewhat smarmy way, letting his cohort from, “The Agency of Corruption”, drive away, without any real level of seriousness, about his causing this whole scenario to arise.

I now …..

….. was about to get the dressing down, that clearly, he had been waiting to give me, as he patrols the boardwalk I now frequent ….

I was told a variety things like …

1) “I have noticed your attitude & apparent anger, when seeing police on the boardwalk & do not appreciate it !!!!”

2) I don’t know how long you’ve been living here, but, you are in Barbados now, and have to follow, our, what may seem to you to be, backward practices, but, YOU ARE NOT IN ENGLAND NOW !!!!!”

He then further proceeded to advise me of the fact that he was …

3) “Waiting for me to say the wrong thing, so he could really get up in my face, to make me know what & clearly, who, I was dealing’ with !!!!”

Hmmmmmm …..

He also tried to dare me to complain about him, almost as if doing so, would be ill advised …. Hmmm …. (Was that intimidation officer ???)

I do hope not, because folks, the reason for this post, is for me to gain some sense of closure to this, but, more importantly, to let my family & friends know, that, if anything happens to me in my time here, that is unseemly ………

I want y’all to know, where I would like the investigation to start ….

It should be at Hastings Police Station, opposite the Garrison, and should start with these digits ….

SC470ELLIS ….. !!!!!

This may seem as though i’m goading the police …

Let me make this clear ….

This is NOT what i’m doing … !!!!!

I have police in my family, who work in “The Met”, in the UK, and they know my view of the system of policing in the UK, which, cannot be that far from the laws adhered to here, as I explained to Officer Insignificant, yesterday.

So, let me just address his statements ….

His first statement indicates that, he has already handpicked me for, “special”, treatment.

Clearly … NOT … in a good way, PERSECUTION & JUDGEMENT, without proper cause, as my angst when approaching him, is probably, in his mind, as The Boardwalk is a place of tranquility, and I very much enjoy taking walks along it … !!!

Also, if I am looking angered, maybe it’s because of someone, or, something else, which, with, as he said, the many backwards practices that still remain in this island, when the Internet & so many other advancements, avail awareness of the greater world at large, does take some getting used to, and can be frustrating ….

Hmmm … so, guilty of anything … ???
Moi …. Not Yet Starsky …. !!!!!

Ahhh, so, “I’m in Barbados now !!!!”, gee, thanks for the heads up officer !!!!!

However, the deeper issue with that statement is ….

Ohhhh …. so, if I can see that there is genuine, ineptitude, being shown, I should just accept it, or go back to England …. !!!!!

Hmmmm …. okay, so, as I post this up, i’ll be sure to advise the Barbados Tourism Authority, that, members of the …. Oh So Important, Bajan Diaspora …. YEAH RIGHT …. !!!!! …. should be … WARY … of coming to enjoy the welcome that is given to tourists, or, offspring of Barbadian Nationals …. !!!!!!

Ohhh, but that’s for everyone, EXCEPT, those who look like me, who apparently, fit all the pre-judgments & stereotypes that officers like, Magoo & Insignificant, seem happy to make.

Well, in four months of being here, I have neither been, stopped or searched, or questioned by police for any reason other than …..

OH YES …. !!!! ….

An off-duty policeman reversing into my stationary vehicle !!!!!

Call the FBI & CIA …. !!!!!!

Actually, how about we call, INFERNAL Affairs, and talk about the levels of bias shown to a colleague, who, admitted that my retelling of how the accident happened was … TRUE …

… get it Insignificant …

TRUE … !!!!!!

So, tourism on the wane here, hmmmm, maybe it’s because, Bajans are happy to turn men like me away, because hey, who am I to come here and relax huh … ???

Who am I to drive a car … ???
I should be pon’ bus, begging sumting … right … !!!

Sorry to disappoint, Insignificant, but, hey, I have earned what I have & am gonna enjoy it while I can, before an individual like you makes it all seem worthless, when my ability to enjoy it, is basically, “threatened”, by the likes of you & your cohorts !!!!!

Now, thirdly, let me make this clear, “Waiting for me to say the wrong thing !!!” …. “Waiting” ……


So, your being called was not for you to record the details of the incident as an … independent witness …

Magoo must have advised you of my angst, so you came, looking to arrest me for some other infraction, by form of a pre-meditated motive …. ???

There goes that, “VICTIMIZATION”, again, careful now, unless i’m mistaken, if such things are proven, that could be a dismissible offense, surely ???

Even with the increasing efforts to impose, martial law, globally ……

Looks to me like you’ve been watching … TOO MUCH … Training Day & The Wire brah …..

I am a legitimate, law abiding citizen of this island now, who has been made to feel uncomfortable, why, because I have done ….. “NOTHING” ……

…. except, show a lil’ frustration because of idiotic & error ridden actions of, once again, let me remind y’all ….

A Barbados Policeman.

In a time where any money coming to Barbados, has to be a good thing …. I find it quite amazing that, apparently, jealousy, envy & essentially, complexes of an inferior variety, are inherent, within, not just poor people, but, people employed, who furthermore, are employed in one of the fields that is, charged with, ensuring that tourists are made to feel SAFE, WELCOME & PROTECTED ….

Neither of which were the result of my first interaction, with, my local police …. !!!!!!!

Hmmmm …. it is what it is right, but, now I have had my first warning of how foreigners are actually treated when things come on top ….

As a FOREIGNER, even when my passport says, dual nationality or not …..

Barbadian …..

…. now that Barbados is seemingly, suffering, economic woes, reflective of decreased tourism numbers, well, hear what ….

Train the people to SERVE, and serve PROPERLY !!!!!

These …. “Backward Styles” …. may not be something I can do anything about ….. Insignificant ….. but, now the world will have a record of what i’ve been through, which, I do hope for your sake, never gets to the tourism authorities outside of Bim, because, if I worked for any of them, i’d now be putting a BIG BLACK mark against Barbados !

White folk can come & go as they please, with smiles & nice greetings from the likes of Magoo & Insignificant, I guess … ???

…. but, this is for … ANYONE … who comes here, MIND THE POLICE, because it’s clear that, as backward as the system may be, they have their fair share of …. Bad Lieutenant’s ….

I hold no grudge whatsoever, against, Insignificant ….

If I make you feel all these things man, i’m sorry ….. !!!!!!

Why don’t you take a … “Chill Pill”, and remember, your gun don’t make you bad man …. YOU DO ….

So, if your intention was to intimidate me … ?

It may have worked …?

However, anyone walking with a weapon, who seems to feel that his uniform & gun, empowers him ….. intimidates a wise man brah ….

…. because as the saying basically goes ….

Guns don’t kill people, “Bad-Minded People”, who carry guns & like the idea of being part of a Klan ….

Sorry, of course I mean, “Clan”, Kill People … !!!

I’m trying to LIVE here, for a while at least, that’s all, nothing more, nothing less ….

However, if that’s an issue for you and yours, let me spread that word for you …..

Black people, especially Bajans, comin’ back here just to recharge, party & holiday ….

I see why ….. You got Goooooodddd reason … NoooooTTTTTT to show some love to those who seem to take … REAL ISSUE … with your being able to return & live your life, happily & comfortably … !!!!!

Don’t let the Tourism board fool ya folks …

As the saying goes ….

If your white your alright ….

If your black … WATCH YOUR BACK … !!!!!

As said, this is just part of my journal of being in Barbados … nothin’ more … nothin’ less …

But, it’s also a record for me & my peoples to know ….

How tings …. REALLY …. roll !!!!

So, once again, save that, “Black Love Talk”

There are pockets of it ….

But, they are very small, and essentially, the evidence is clear, in todays times’, check yoself & READ THE SIGNS … !!!!!

cos that clearly is …. much like my experience yesterday ….

A lot of …. CRAP …. !!!!!

So, once again, as he was insistent on advising me of where to complain ….

My complaint is indeed, now logged … for THE WORLD … to see …

against ….

Officer …. SC470ELLIS ….

Intimidated …. maybe …. ???

But scared …. well, you decide ….

I’m out.

“Leroy” … parents … Pay ATTENTION … !!!!!

As a fan of Pastor Stewart …..

Gotta share this ……

Nice1 Rico …. !!!!!!!

Annnd … “Ode to Mosquito” … written by Marc Gentilin … 8/2/2009

Man, i’d have some words fa’ these little terrors … !!!!! …

… but …

Marc does a more than adequate job of defining the issues of dealing wid’ them …. when you haven’t been raised with em’ …..

Oh Mosquito Mosquito
I hate you Mosquito
I wish you would go away

I hate you mosquito
With passion mosquito
I hate you in a serious way

Oh mosquito mosquito
you sneaky mosquito
you keep buzzing in my ear

I’ve stalked and chased you
I really want to kill you
And still you show no fear

You’ve invaded my house
You’re worse than a mouse
At least one of you drown in my beer

From whence have you flown
I wish I had known
I would come and pay you a call

I’d bring coils and spray
And Oh would I play
I would have myself a ball

Oh mosquito mosquito
I hate you mosquito
I wish you never existed at all

A piece of “Olympic Art” …. “Different Eyes” … written by Typhanie Albert 13/8/2012 ….

As I have had nothin’ to say bout’ the Olympics in London …..

Here’s a young Bajan girls view of Olympic endeavours ……

Enjoy ….. !!!!!

Adrenalin, blood, sweat, tears,laughs, anticipation, people holding onto a string.

The Olympics,

Many have dreamt of it for years,

A dream to one day,

Prove your talent to be the best,

Adrenalin never takes a rest.

Legacies last a lifetime,

Records continuously broken in a short space of time.

Heart held doubts and fears,

Money strangled by the betting of millionaires,

People sure of their win,

Competitors come there by force or the desire to claim.

Torches lit,

Mascots skip around,

The crowds get thicker,

As the show dawns.

Some have no choice but to win,

Or be killed by their hometown;

Brutally stoned,



For years.

Others pressured tremendously by their households,

If they don’t make it,

They’d be a disgrace to their own.

Many spirits determined with high motivation,

From role models to parents;

Coaches whom remain as guardians to guide you through success and perseverance,

Eliminating doubt and fears.

They know you have the potential so, “I can’t” is not in your vocabularly.

You take that chance,

Ego so big,

You know the win is in your hands;

You succeed,

Crawl on your knees,

Jump to the heavens,

Give hugs and squeezes,

Lightening bolt poses,

Back flips,

Cries of achievement run down your face, never ending.

Then there’s the others,

Who have nothing left,

But a mere dream,

Of gold being placed round their necks.

Drug test,

You better keep clean,

Or else failure will be the only thing left.

You’ll get sent home before the test results even come back.

Coaches watch intensely,

To the hard work they’ve put in,

Make a mistake some of them will trip,

You can’t put your team in jeopardy.

Cries so strong,

Connected to the desire to win,

Lustful eyes gaze at the finish line in sin.

Every chant from the crowd,

Plays with emotions far and near,

The music doesn’t help,

So you focus on the voice within.

Your feelings are tampered with,

Favouritism is surrounding you greatly,

There’s strength to prove that you have what it takes.

Adrenalin, blood, sweat, tears,laughs, anticipation, people holding onto a string.

Some of them,

Never knew,

A dream had so many consequences,

Sprained ankles,

Torn limbs,

Self-neglect lasting for years.

While others remain as legacies in the eyes of the future generations,

Faces on the front of magazines and daily newspapers,

Posters on bedroom walls,

Capturing your greatness;

Hometowns proud of you,

Your country worships you,

Statues and monuments are in remembrance of you.

You’re in the history books,

As the first person in your land to succeed;

And until you meet the world again,

You set the path for those in your land who dream of going places,

But their minds are limited by those who say they can’t make it;

And being able to see the failures, success, tries and people whom are man enough to accept defeat,

They know better,

So they try even harder.

Yes indeed people … Big V will be there …. !!!!!

Should be a lot of fun … !!!!!

Okay … New Levels of Convo … written by Big Virge 15/8/2012

Wow … !!!!!

As the skies darken, after having produced a morning & early afternoon of beautiful sunshine & heat, I am now chillin’, listening to some of dat Tribe Called Quest … GOODNESS … “Game Day feat Rodney Hampton” … !!!

It has been my conversations of recent times, that have proved to be very revealing, and thankfully, artistically, as well as culturally driven !!!!!

The talents that reside here in Bim, are few & far between, but … There is talent here, beyond the Calypsonians … !!!!!

I am surrounded mostly, by younger talents, who are expressing & developing, slowly but surely, but, then there are those who have ventured here from foreign lands, like myself, who, upon having convo’s with, clearly have experiences & interests, that, go beyond the realms of the written arts !!!

I remember being told, in my darker times, that, one day, I would be sitting on a beach chillin’ …. “CHECK !”

I also remember this same friend of mine, saying to me that …

“England & it’s people, are not the only people on the planet, and that there are good people further afield V ….. you just need to go, meet, greet & explore the mindstates of these people … !!!”

Well, Mr. B …

I can thankfully say that you were right. “Check !!”

When you hear of men sailing the Caribbean, and their experiences of doing so …. it just leaves you somewhat amazed & a lil’ bit jealous, that, you haven’t done it yourself !!!!!

However, everything is not for everyone right … !?! …

…. but, meeting people who can relay such tales, is indeed, a privilege of learning, not to be treated lightly !!!

I have experienced, what I believe to be, a multitude of things in this life, that, have rounded my persona & thinking, however, there are those people who make you realize that, you ain’t really done chit !!!!!

Ofcourse I have, but, you get my point … !!!

Certain conversations, especially when it comes to your art, and your passion for it, your experiences, learning & crafting of it, and the environments in which you were raised, are highly interesting things !!!!

Could you imagine being raised in Woodstock, yes, Woodstock … !!!!!

…. around so much creativity, whilst living next to, some of the most ignorant, rednecks on the planet, especially when you’re half white & black …. !?!

Well …. could you …. ?????

No you can’t … Right … !!!!!

Well, that’s the sort of man i’ve been connecting with in recent times ….

…. and Marc, let me just say, it’s been a pleasure, thus far ….

Long may it continue … !!!!!

The different energies that people have & share, can be enlightening, educational & spiritual.

The latter, being what feeds & keeps me moving, and, willing to engage with more people. Something that London was draining from me over the last few years.

I guess … A change is indeed, as good as a rest !!!!!

Conversations have ranged from poetic inspiration, writings that are not based on masses of thought, but, instinctive bursts of free expression !!!

Things that are denied to the majority of people, by the regimented programming of western societies !!!

Issues surrounding Afrocentrism, (whatever that actually is ???), which, too many, in my view, are now becoming dangerously obsessed with, when, in essence, whatever claims these individuals make today ….

…. Their sources of information, have to at least, have been tainted, twisted, or manipulated, to some degree …..

I speak about the past from my perspective, but, am a pragmatist, I hope, in how I reflect & then express, particularly on subjects, that are closely linked to slavery, race & unity.

It is rare to have conversations with people, where, that level of pragmatism is coming from both sides of the conversation, but, it is a great place to reach with an individual, who is getting to know you.

It is interesting, that, amongst all the Bajans that i’ve met, thus far, the conversations, that avail, what I deem to be higher levels of reasoning, are coming from Non-Bajans, who are now living here.

Hmmmmm ….. well, beaches, food, women & the weather, are things that have me thinking, that, leaving isn’t such a good idea, especially having just arrived really, even if the people here, can sometimes, drive you up the wall, due to their small island mentalities & behaviour …..

YES … I f’ing said it …. !!!!!

Pretty much, ALWAYS on some PROVING themselves pish ….

Testosterone levels, Ridiculously High … !!!!! ….

…. in male company, especially when in large groups, and, as discussed in recent posts, women ACTING all shy, when they are ones who love to be spreading dey thighs wid all & sundry, as recently discussed, for money ….

Hmmmm … once again, a not so attractive quality, but, in these convo’s that i’m having, there are so many favorable things said of Bajans, that, they themselves, seem reluctant and unwilling, to embrace in themselves ???

Yet, in conversation, they can be far from shy in expressing themselves, when they should perhaps, reign in their need to be heard & LISTEN … !!!!!

As a born & raised Englishman, I come from Big Brother, literally, so, barring the street moves & levels of skulduggery, that, is of course, gonna be somewhat different to the UK, much that Bajans get amped about, they speak on from a limited view, in many cases.

There are Bajans who have travelled & come back & therefore, see things from a bigger, broader perspective, for sure.

….. but …..

Those of us who connect, who are from foreign shores, can see much that Bajans choose to claim as being defined, as being, anything but, that straightforward.

Living & more importantly, working in environments filled with folks of multiple nationalities, reveals much that this island, beautiful as it is, still has to see, first hand.

As my man, Marc & I have discussed, to some extent over recent evenings, there is much to love about being here.

The fact that, in my case, i’m now surrounded by a majority who look like me, is a very pleasing feeling … !!!!!

Regardless of the ignorance, arrogance & cowardice, that is in evidence, on so many levels, it still feels more like home, than my home of the last 40 years or so … !!!!!!!!

As I await a visit from one of my newly acquainted, Rasta bredrin, who has been a revelation, in terms of being an exceptional Bajan, in terms of his mentality, values & movements, it strikes me more & more, that, my friend who I spoke about at the beginning of this post, who has travelled to much of the world, but, has yet to reach here, was right about meeting people outside of Pussyclaat … St-Engnk-land … !!!

…. Get yoself ova here Mr. Bhups !!!!!!

I’ll be interested to see what your assessment of the people of Bim will be ….. ???

Annnddd … all I cans say is …. be they with Bajans or Non-Bajans ….

May conversations of the type, that i’ve had, over the last few nights ….

Long continue ….. !!!!!

Peace y’all …. and don’t forget, the Iron Mic / Animekon event, on Friday, at ….

Elements on The Bay, Carlisle Bay, St. Michael ….

…. where I shall be unveiling, an altar ego of mine, you superhero & anime fans, will, I GUARANTEE …. ENJOY …. !!!!!

Peace y’all and watch out for some other artists words to be posted up shortly …..