So … Trilogy complete … Shooting et al … written by Big Virge … 31/7/2012

Yes Yes y’all …. !!!

As a huge fan of any super hero who is ….

as Dark as the night, Batman rocks every time !!!!!

I have certainly had my reservations about this last movie of the trilogy, simply because the first two, especially the Joker performance in the second, has made it difficult to top, in my view.

After all, the third in the trilogy, is surely supposed to cap the previous two parts, as the big finish is coming …. a la … Return of the Jedi & Revenge of the Sith ….. Even the 3rd raiders film, pretty much topped the 1st two movies, so, I was intrigued to see how Christopher Nolan was gonna attempt to make this movie into something special … ???

Well, spoiler alert, so, if you haven’t seen & want to enjoy, then, don’t read on …..

Anyway, the movie most definitely is huge in terms of it’s sets, sound & visuals, however, the story does at points, seem a bit disjointed to me, however, having gone with comic book Dark Knight Fans, it was evident in listening to them afterwards, that, the efforts made to stick to the original story & link characters, Robin etc, was done pretty well.

However, as a man that likes to have stories told to me by the film maker, I somehow feel, like the Hollywood men, may well have scuppered the way that this story needed to be told ….

Jus my view, don’t shoot me for it … !!!

The twist is a pretty solid one, the story leading up to the twist is also pretty good, however, the time slot which was apportioned to Batman’s rise could of been lengthened, instead of filling the movie with the extra character of Catwoman ….

The Hath … had her way …… with the role, but, in all honesty, as much as i’d enjoy bending ova she backside, there hardly seems to be enough of it to fill the catsuit, let alone the shots of her on the Batbike, which has taken a whole new level of BADNESS in this film !!!!

Some of those scenes are truly amazing, upon first viewing. In fact, I really can’t wait to get a copy of film, so that, slow motion viewing of the effects can be availed !!!!!

Her best look is when she is in her seamed stockings, high kicking’ etc at the beginning, she also has some very interesting lines throughout the film, which Bane clearly could not be given, as they may well have been lost in his rather muffly growl, due to his mask.

Now, for all comic book fans, yeah cool, keep movies as close to the comic book as poss, but, as much as I hate to say it, Bane just ain’t gonna cut it after the Joker, Tom Hardy, in fact, comes off as a weak second to, Miranda “Talia Al Ghul” Tate, which is a shame, as she was played very well by Marion Cotillard.

In my case, so well, that it was a complete shock that she was going on so stink !!!

The story is a solid one, in point of fact, the whole interweaving of Ras Al Ghul, into the end of what, essentially he started …. was nicely done.

I just feel that somehow, the effects were used to appease the lack of story continuity & character development. Interestingly though, not enough to stop me wanting to see it again, because it truly is quite a visual spectacle on the big screen. This is definitely a cinematic experience to behold !!!

Bale was his usual, indifferent hero, broken, battered, bruised, seemingly abandoned by Alfred, only to rise from the depths to triumph !!!!!

Hmmmm ….. now, his fight scenes with Bane were, at best, interesting, the back breaker was fairly brutal, but not so much so, that I hated Bane for it, most of the Bane scenes seemed a bit loose, searching for some sense of direction ….

Much like Spidey & The Black Cat, surprisingly, the early exchanges between Bale & Hathaway in costume were quite impressive, and suitably engaging, i’d like to know how much of the scenes, she actually did herself, as they looked pretty good.

Tom hardy was just, a big man wearing a mask for me, eyes were always gonna be key with his character & other than his size, he didn’t instill huge amounts of fear into me, and, I always feel like villains of his ilk, big brutes, much like Spideys’ Rhino, just need a good beat down … !!!

… particularly in Bats case, as he is indeed, a dude with all the moves & equipment too !!!

So, to see them fighting like two cage fighters, with the cage being their city, didn’t work for me, neither did the riding off into the mushroom cloud sunset ……

…… that was Bats …. apparent ending ….

It was a lengthy ride, filled with heavy action sequences, massive explosions & slow bits too, even Morgan looks like he’s been, “phat katting”, (Belly look BIG !!!), from the last two movies, he wasn’t asked to do much at all for this flick, which was a bit of a shame in my view.

It is unfair to compare, but, it would be ridiculous not to at least look back, yes, Heath done smash up everything wid his performance, but, film for film, it was always gonna be a difficult task to complete this trilogy well, considering the work of what came before, but hey, that was the project, so, the Nolan brothers knew what they were getting into, and, after the second film, knew they had to come big, to at least get props for their film making interpretation of what is, a classic trilogy !!!

If I had to be overly critical, i’d give it a 6.5, but, as I find myself wanting to see it again, it gets a 7 for me !!!!!

I’m seeing crazy 9’s out of ten from people, well, that doesn’t wash for me, it really is a good action film, rather than a trilogy finale, beyond belief, but hey, I ain’t no comic book student !!!

The thing that does ring very true to me is that, bearing in mind, the obvious monetary investment & payments, that must have been made to most folks involved in this picture, the relevance & underlying concepts of the story, to the world as we know it currently, is where, Nolan & the scriptwriters, get a thumbs up from me !!!!!

Stock market references, the challenges to the idea, that, wealthy folk can’t be touched by what goes on underneath them. The possible repercussions of their ignorance to what may be coming, all ring very true, in my view.

Shooting aside, there is much that the film presents, that is worth pondering, much like the vibe of Attack of The Clones ….

Are we merely watching a movie … ??? …

… or … are we indulging in social commentary about future possibilities & current trends ???

It’s light entertainment right … but it’s also ….

The Dark Knight …. right …. !?!

and …. Dark Times surround …. so, as the film frequently suggests …

“The night is darkest, just before the sun rises ….

On that premise, it is without doubt, a film i’d recommend seeing, whether you just wanna be entertained, or, whether you love the theme, and want to see where Nolan has taken it ….

It has many elements that make a good movie, a few star names, a few fresh ones, a few old faces, Cillian Murphy, as judge & jury, was a really nice touch, as his Scarecrow character to me, was just as disturbing, in many ways, as Heath’s Joker, the likes of some old British acting stalwarts, even, The Steelers’ Heinz Ward gets a bringing, for one of the visually impressive scenes in the film.

Visually, you know the deal, it is just filled with crazaaay effects & classic Bats’ gadgets & technological wonders that leave your mouth wide open, due to their presentation in the movie.

It is two & bit hours that you’re unlikely to find as enjoyable, in most movies today, i’d say, so, yup, essentially, a thumbs up for me … !!! …

I just feel that it could of done with a different villain to Bane & a different Catwoman, in fact, Catwoman could of been left out of it as far as am concerned …..

It was the perfect opportunity to cast, either, an old head, or, a young gun, to come with a raw performance, in a similar, but, different vein, to Heaths’ Joker.

Casting clearly didn’t avail such a person, which sadly, was to the detriment of the ending of this epic trilogy of films !!!!!

All in all, good work Mr. Nolan ……..

So, is it Robins’ turn … ???

… and if so, will Bats be back ….. !!!!?!!!!

I for one, definitely hope so …. and …. to be fair, Nolan should have another go ……

It’s gonna be hard, but, we all love to see the Joker & Bats go at it, but, can anyone attempt to fill the shoes of The Ledger man …. unlikely, but still, someone’s gonna have to try ….. ???

Go and get you some Dark Knight Rises people ….. !!!!!

That’s my word & it’s on the Virge …. !!!!!


Have a GOOD day y’all …. !!!!!!

Ohooo …. some more … “Ras Bash” … fa y’all ….

A Positive sumtin’ fa wunnah complaining bout …

Me nah appreciate positivity ….

Tek dis & ENJOY your day …. !!!!!!

Ras Bash y’all … Haters beware … !!!!!

Not gonna lie …. not necessarily my ting …. Rhydem Wise ….

But …. Bajan talent touch everyone different sceeennneee ….

My Man …. Ras Bash y’all ….

Show some love if you like it … RAAAaaassssta-Fari !!!!!

A Weekend of Dark & Different Knights … written by Big Virge 30/7/2012

Okay, so, this last weekend has been filled with late nights, dark knights, comedic knights, and has been filled with all sorts of entertainment !!!!!

Friday was the turn of two very, “Different Knights”, of the comedic realm ….

Nala & Mister ….. Dy Browne, whom I believe most Bajans know of, due to his soap opera days here, Nala, an actor, comedian & all around interesting dude, were at Thump Monkey, giving a small, but, attentive crowd, their many varieties of performance sketches, mime, improvs, & comedic routines.

Upon arrival, I spoke wid, a certain Mr. Wolf, about people seemingly, not appreciating … “Culture” … due to the low audience numbers, to which he stated that, “This is not culture to Bajans”.

Hmmmm …. so, wukking up, & deviating from anything too serious, or clever, is cultural to Bajans, and, more importantly, those who control the arts here …. NCF & NIFCA huh …. !!!!???!!!!

I’ll get to them in later postings …..

Anyway, the whole vibe of the show was low key, to say the least, and the usual, cowardly behavior of Bajans was evident when being asked to partake, I was volunteered to indulge in some improv, which proved to be a literal, crashing plane, as the scenario would have it … !!!

So, fellas, don’t be thinking, that, due to my poetic talents, I am an improv type of dude, your show will flatline …. REAL fast …. !!!!!

I’m far too straight up a man, to be able to, immerse myself into being sumthin’ i’m not, annndddd ……

I mean straight, as in ….

Me nah inna dis, lying to get truuu type ting … !!! …

….. Up so, down below, above or down der … dutty, kind of mudda skunting fukry …..

Ya hear me girls !!!!!

Alright den … Good … !!!!!

…… moving on, the continuity of the show seemed to be missing, but, small audiences can have that impact on performers, so, I can feel the difficulty, that, these types of shows can create, no excuses, just, fact.

However, I really enjoyed the parodies, reflecting on Bajan attitudes, customer service, direction giving, and, although, seeing it re-worked in various ways, the whole … Jesus Christ, going for a job interview vibe !!!!!

There genuinely, needed to be more peeps up in there to make certain sketches take off, but hey, tings REAL tight nuh people … !???! …

WUK UP time comin’, so, wunnah holding’ onto your cents & dollar, so ya can come pon’ road & Hollaaaaa ….. Right !!!!!

Anyhow, back to Thump Monkey ….

Well, me hear she der pon’next man, but, bwoy, a sweet browning had a few of we lookin’ hard at she, but hey, if she der pon a certain man, who am I to fuk wid da ….

Hope u get tru bredren, caw she def look like she can hold some Loooonnnngggg Doggie …. HEAR !!!!!

So, off we went to indulge in some early hours liming, chat & good times, if ya catch my drift, keep it clean people !!!!!

Conversation that always shows the power of strong minded black women, who have their man, fam’, whatever, but, still look for more than just drugs, money, foopin’ & kids as their primary reasons for thinking !!!!!

Ladies, dem ting der is wha’ grabs the attention of men of a certain ilk, ya get me … ???

Thugs of an articulated & thought-driven ethos, whose moves, defuse, rather than abuse, whilst dem get truuuu

Sceeeennnneee …..

Check the game, not tha playa …. !!!!!

So, sunrise saw my demise into sleep, but, Saturday night was a a big look 4ward ting … !!! … as it was, “Dark Knight Rising”, time …. literally fa me, cos my day was just that, me rising late as scunt for dee evening goodness …..

I will review fully later, but, suffice to say, if you’ve liked the first two movies, it is really, a must see … !!! … and a BIG screen, BIG sound see … !!!!!

Trust me, good job has been done, by the cast, crew & Mr. Nolan, def enjoyable to take in !!!!!

Then, off for more late night limin’ and six love bizness, that got me ketch, chuh … Alongside of some very interesting conversation, on that omnipresent subject of relationships, past, present & future …..

What a pollavvvvvvvvvaaaaaaaa …..

Single ….. def works fa me now, some foopin’ can work, but, hear wha ..?

Wid some strict rasshole parameters !!!!!

All I gine say is this, come wuk up fa dee fuk yes … but, when tings done & end, DEM END … !!!

No comebacks, no rasshole guilt trips or stalking yeah ….. !!!!!!

I done.

So, moving on ….

Once again, seeing the morning as I was yawning, I awoke to feel the “Busta Flipmode Vibe”, fa my Sunday afternoon/evening, which is still running in the background now …. before going for an evening of spoken words, and, in fact, sharing of much that the fassyholes can’t partake in, becaw, baring parts of yourself to peoples, who, in my case, barely know ya, is difficult & quite daunting, even for stronger heads … !!!!!

All was good, a night blessed wid’ some very powerful, and, well put together words, was had, even if, at points, somewhat heated exchanges, were occurring from time to time ….

All good in my view, creative heads need to vent … !!! …

Especially when, getting work …..

…. let alone those who pursue their art whilst running households, or, facing work and personal challenges !!!!!

More power & positivity to all those who partook, yes Kat, nuff respect due, you’re doing good tings wid the people, keep on … keepin’ on hear … !!!!!

I hope to have brought a bit of fire & creative input to the proceedings, my energies are connecting with Bajans, slowly but surely, but, wunnah must rasshole share man, don’t be pussycat shy, speak up people, whether on, or, off stage.

Interaction breeds connection, but, NOT …. Fake Interaction … !!!!!

….. some open, honest exchanges …..

….. Dee scum will expose dem skunt in dee end, and these days, you won’t have to wait long to find out who dee rasshole dikwads & punneeess is …. chuh …. !!!!!

Trust me …. !!!!!

Anyhow, more late night liming, dominoes play & discussions were then had by Four Knights of the round table !!!!!

Respek fellas ….. !!!!!

Dominoes & 6-0’s were floating about …. eh Brownie …. yuh Rasshole yuh …. !!!!!

Good fun & debate were had on a yet again, very uplifting level, I am learning huge amounts from the heads who I feel are REAL wid tings …. We are a variety of Dark Knights Rising ……

….. in various ways over the next few, so, don’t sleep pon’ we, movements may just be about to start mekkin’ … hear …

Anyway, my energies need some sustenance & I need some more Dexter in me skunt tonight !!!

So, peace y’all, bless up & take time wid dis ….

“Wuk Up Ting” … ya know … dee ting dat ting say did gune be deee Ting pon dee wknd & ting ….

…. where many a Dark Type, will, i’m sure, be risING …..


Technology & it’s ability to control …. written by Big Virge 30/7/2012

Whoaaaaaaaaaa …..

Quite the technological breakdown, already got a hard drive dat dead from arriving in Bimshire, now, my laptop hard drive, turn back & say, “Wha you tek dis ting fa V, pornography, music & movies ya scunt … !?!”

Not that I need to be watching dem tings of course …… although, it would seem that, dealing wid my hand, might be a lot safer & stress free, than dealing wid Sunnah women in Barbados & around the globe, right about now !!!!!

Anyhow, having lost movies, and heaven knows what else, my energies & patience were severely tested last week !!!!!

Why … ??? … Well, not because I had someone threaten my existence, or, because I have been told I have days to live, no, because my hard drive dead … !?!?!?!?!

I mean …. seriously …. WTF !???!

In a lot of ways, I am glad that I have run from the epicenter of technological living, it’s bad enough that I have chosen to up sticks & live in unfamiliar territory, but, the idea of not having the choice that modern technology avails, choice to watch what you want, pretty much, when you want, listen to music, that again, you choose, rather than, have the marketing driven radio, “bull…ish”, that has dumbed down & blinkered so many people from recognizing the masses of incredibly talented artists, outside of that realm, whose work gets thrown in the trash by music buyers, because ….

“Oh, dey ain’t pretty enough, curvaceous enough, white enough, soft enough, young enough, black enough …. etcetera …
I mean, technology, for all it’s damaging effects, avails some sense of personal freedom …..

Thus, losing it has shown me why I was so reluctant to embrace it in the first place !!!

However, I find myself choosing to make Skype calls to tech man in London, who are only now using it … ??? … and having now used it, are showing this, Pandoras Box type vibe, like wow, this is a cool toy !!?!!

The weirdest part is that, I was the one who didn’t want to use it at all … !!! … but, have been doing so, for some time now, especially since leaving London.

Techy bods are mos def …. out there ……..

So, e-mail pon’ phone, not the way forward for a man with diminishing eye sight, or, a wish to express what’s in my mind, without having to then, proof read my every word, because my big fingers when typing quickly, end up touching half the phone keyboard !!!!!

I don’t do Bajan TV, and from what I am hearing, that was a smart decision, thus, my TV needs my lappy, fully functional, to be able to watch the volume of movies that, I made sure were kept on disc, before leaving the UK !!!!!

Thank the stars for the lil’ common sense that the father has blessed me wid !!!!!

However, my music is now on a very nice looking, external drive, that is now going to need to be re-connected to my laptops memory, which, guess what, I don’t know how to do !!!!!

This is where the tech headz hold the keys to mans’ freedoms, that, aren’t actually freedoms, they seem to be more like shackles, especially when you can’t just take a spin up the road, drop the laptop off, and get the restore/backup move, actioned.

Yeah …..

LEARN YOURSELF Virge … !!!!!

I hear you smart-alleks shouting … !!!!!

Well, when a man is as motivated by creativity that does not require technology to deliver it, do you really think i’m trying to clutter up, my already, overflowing mind of thoughts & words, with details about programs, drives & all that drives them !!!!!

Nope … !!!

Not for me, but, my need to be able to use the tools of modern society, is a very REAL one, that, has now been clearly pointed out to me by the failing drives of various types, that, provide my downtime, wid the things that feed my creativity, my need to be entertained, edu-tained and, filled with the visions of the women i’d like to foop, but, not necessarily talk to, for too long !!!!!

This is the technological age, an age where, even in a film like Batman, Blackberry lights were constantly flashing in the audience, proving that, the controls that technology have over people of the world today, is actually, pretty scary.

I mean, the movie is filled with incredible effects, but hey, having paid good money to see the flick, certain peeps cannot detach themselves from their own, hi-tech gadgets, for a couple of hours !!!!!

Is this really, where we’re at … ???

Well … in speaking for myself, it would seem that I have become that way, and, having left the safe haven of solid internet provision in London …

(Lime … fix ur chit the FUCK UP yeah !!!)

… and the safety of having man around me, that I know I can trust wid my chit, the reality of the loss of all that fills many of my hours of chillin’, has brought the level of control that technology now has, back to the forefront of my mind.

The beautiful beaches, women & countryside of Barbados, can only fill so much of my time, and when I have that alone time, my laptop & the web have become my best friends !!!!!?!!!!!!

Such controls are not positive ones in my view, but, when you see & hear the fukry that people are going on with these days, they are becoming closer friends than I would wish.

Now, I can’t finish this without talking a lil’ bit about Facebook, the new domain of gyalist, pictures being posted up, for themselves apparently … ???

However, ex-gyal, and or, future/current gyal, monitoring your movements, for what purpose, who the fuck knows … ??? … cos i’m pretty sure that they baggie, getting’ wet, helps & motivates, much of their Facebook movements ….

I know that a man or woman, putting up a photo, may well be for posterity & memories, but hey, that’s why you buy phones that have camera abilities, so you can keep them for yourself, yes, YOURSELF … !!!!!

Facebook is not for yourself, it is for you, your friends, ex’s you’ve blocked, who, for some reason, you’ve unblocked …. Hmmmmmmm ….. Reality Check yourselves please people !!!!!

If you have things/people, who you are trying to leave in the past, then leave them there, don’t play that you’re over this person/thing …. but leave avenues/lines of communication available, where chit can come on top, because you may just find yourself in a mire of your own making, where, blame cannot be apportioned to your pursuant.

Desperate people do desperate things, and modern technological gadgets do not avail those controls, you avail, and hold the keys to those controls !!!

When you don’t like what you see on TV, you change channel, but, having changed channel, you don’t keep returning to the channel that disturbed your chi now do ya …. ???

I avoided Facebook for years, because, like myspace, they seemed to me, to be places where people claimed that networking was/is their motive for being there …..

…. Errrrrrrrrrrmmmmmmm …. I’m not buying that Mother Funksta’s …. !!!!!

It’s a … “Non-seedy” … Dating Zone ….

A place for ego-driven individuals to attempt to impress upon those who know them, and those that don’t, that,

“Hey, look how many friends I have, how popular I am, how amazingly deep I am !!!” …..

Etcet-fucking-cetera !!!!!

Be careful where your motivations are when posting things people, don’t put others into the firing line of personal dealings/matters …..

As said, i recognize that a picture may just be that, but, if there are ulterior motives, it’s probably best to hold fire, before involving other folks, because, some of us … REALLY … DON’T WANT to be associated with matters that we have no business being involved in, asked about, or then, made to feel like we are over-reacting to, when, we’ve seen it all before !!!!!!!!

“Oh we’re cool, it ain’t nuthin so’ …. what you getting uptight about …???”

“Okay, I hear ya partner, but, just remember, what you see is not what I see, because i’m in the privileged position of watching you, sumthin’ that, everyone knows, an individual can’t do themselves, thus, the camera has to be, more often than not, in someone else’s hands ….. ”

It is what it is, and is part of life, the dealings of others that can all of a sudden, have you discussing & engaging in things that are out of your control & essentially, not your bizness … !!!!!

I don’t keep many friends because of this stuff, I like my privacy, my usage of Facebook is to avail a form of contact with my peoples’ …. MY PEOPLES’ !!!!

I have no time or wish to be friends wid every rasshole pon’ Facebook … !!!!!

… and am a big believer in, having met you … !!! … before accepting friend requests, or, even posting on peoples’ pictures or pages.

Some people don’t recognize that they should know their place.

It’s not all over peoples’ interactions online, some things are literally for the fellas, as girls damn well know, that, what they don’t want men to see, we never get to see, until it’s generally revealed in volatile situations.

The internet & technology, imposes too many controls on people, in my opinion, and I for one, from this point on, shall be much more mindful, of ensuring that, what I need cannot just disappear, because of the inevitable failure of technology, that, clearly, is not designed to last forever, otherwise, that essential control, the re-emergence of money from your wallet, cannot maintain the lifestyles of those who, yes, utilize these technological wonders, but, something tells me, aren’t controlled by them in quite the same manner, that, the masses, myself included, have become.

Control yourselves people, don’t let other people or technology, especially …..


The Timing of …. a Batman Shooter …. written by Big Virge 23/7/2012

As the rain pelts down here in Bim, i’m sitting down, feeling that my age is definitely affecting my ability to stay the course wid da youngsta’s !!!!!

But, let me quickly deal with the title of this post, the timing I speak of is the rather large blemish on my face, which I can only presume, is the work of one of the numerous bugs that seem to be frequenting my bedroom, looking for a meal !!!!!

Lil’ Fuckers !!!!!

All yuh better watch wunnah self … !!! … cos me & BOP, gone get real friendly from now on …. I gone spray wunnah scunt, and make sure your bites don’t take no more flights !!!!!

In…..sight !!!!!!!

…. annnndddd NO folks, it’s not because I live like a pig either … !!!!!

I am hygiene conscious, not to the point where chit is ALWAYS spotless, but, when I clean, I do clean … !!! …..

So, the fact, that, upon receiving invitations to party wid my Bajan peoples’, finally … !!! … I looked like the … Big Black Brute I am ….

…. with a zit on my face, the size of a Batman Shoot !!!!!!

Now, before all the PC (Politically Correct) peeps get on their high horse ….my reference has, “Double Entendre”, qualities, as the Batman shoot perpetrated last week has indeed, created the type of furore that my bite blemish, or, BIG FAT ZIT, created, in my mind anyway, but, my words could also be referring to the size of some of the sets, and clearly, some of the scenes, where huge amounts of extras & finance behind some of the technological props, could also avail some idea of how bad this bite looked, especially as the fucker was right next to my mouth.

The timing could not have been worse, as the vibes of both parties this weekend, were really good, and, had some Bajan hotness around, that, if I were on the hunt, might have got troubled … !!!!

Anyhow, my lack of vanity made me get out my yard & enjoy the vibes, conversation & energy of Bajan peeps, doing their thing, Happy B’day Kat … !!! … and once again, thanks for your invite & your hospitality, even when my bwoy, Wesu, was getting a 6-0 in he ass, upon my first foray into the world of cut-throat dominoes over here, which I have been missing, since leaving London !!!!!

All in good fun ofcourse, Madame Anneka, The … Rhy Minister … and I, were some of the last to leave, at the ungodly hour of 4 am.

My nocturnal disposition had me awake, watching, some scunt, til’ 5 a.m., or thereabouts, only to be awoken by facebook bleeps & messages from my old neighbours in London !!!!!

It’s always the way, when you are sitting at home, feeling like it would be nice to have a chat with someone, no fucker calls … !!!

… but, once you’ve been out enjoying yourself & need some chill time, you, not only get that call, but, it becomes a long ting, discussing chit that, could wait …..

……. but, in this instance, due to my distance from, said callers, they want to know what’s going on, who ya fooping & why you haven’t been, in my case !!!!!

I mean, WTF ….. !!!!?!!!!

Thus, my Sunday, became a semi-sleep day, a slowly but surely, rescinding ZIT day, and, a party day/eve, which had connotations of networking time !!!!!

All a bit too much for me, so, it became an evening of fun, jokes, conversation about much that revolves around movies, music and the world at large !!!!!

Thanks to Sheena Rose, for indulging the mass of people, who, throughout Sunday evening, rolled through, ate food, danced to tune & then, made their move.

A very welcoming household, ova there in St.Philip, and, a clearly, very artistic one, visual imagery, from canvass to big screen, on show, and, lots of creative headz, from writers to painters, to film-makers !!!!

Now that’s what i’m talking about people … !!! … get that welcoming vibe on wid a brother who has travelled across the water to connect, connect with my roots, things that I hope, my parents would have done as young Bajan Heads, and, to feel at home, in what has become, an all too distant one !!!!!

Lots of fun, lots of photos, hopefully, profile shots, without my zit in full vision ppl !!!!!

Don’t be having my zit become a Facebook phenom y’all !!!!! Ha Ha ….

Evidently, there were, either jokes dropped, away from my earshot, or, people were being extremely polite … ha ha ….

Well, I had to run joke with the photo snappers & the girls who I was sitting on the front lawn with, running my mout, as per usual, except that, the whole feeling of being on a front lawn on a Sunday evening, enjoying the weather & vibe, is not something that England has ever really provided, in the way that Barbados does !!!

A Trini artist, who’d recently arrived, spoke of the things he had been told before arriving, Bim being … EXPENSIVE … !!!

Yes, IT IS PPL, don’t get fooled …… !!!!!

As Mr. Trinidad, went on to say, Barbados does indeed have some of the most beautiful beaches on the planet, but, unless you plan on sleeping on them, make sure your money is right before coming yeah !!!!!

So, all in all, my wish to be around the local people is beginning to come together, and, it would seem that I may have become an honorary member of the group that is, “LXP”.

“The League of Xtraordinary Poets” …..

Original … ??? …

Well, with a lil’ plagiarism, but, a nonetheless, cool moniker !!!

I have yet to be assigned my own T-shirt, that, the Majority of members, were sporting last night, but, I was reliably informed, that, these things are to be re-vamped shortly, so, I shall humbly await my full inclusion in this group, which has ambitious ideals, that I hope to help bring to some sense of fruition.

Anyhow, zit on the retreat, I have been chillin’ today, having had a lengthy conversation did da, “Rhy Minister”, gr8 name by the way Keoma before I dropped him off last night/this morning, at the end of this weekend, of drink, other tings, dominoes & convo …..

All in all, a very enjoyable, pleasant & at points, highly entertaining & edifying couple of nights !!!!!

No guns, big sets, or violence in view ……

Nothing like a …. Batman Shoot ….. !!!!!

Booooooooooooo ….. !!!!!

However, I shall be timing my assaults on these, sand flies, roaches & multi-legged biters, from now on …. !!!!!

Schmurrrrkkkkk ….. !!!!!!


Have a Blessed week people.

Virge …. & that’s my rather, fatigued ….. word !!!!!!

Deserves a listen, to the end, after Colorado’s Dark Night …..

Please folks, pay attention to what you’re hearing, espesh, near the end …..

I hate to have my words prove to be so prophetic …..

But, in this case, could they be … ???

Be careful out there … !!!

A Shit-Storm … If ever there was one …. written by Big Virge … 20/7/2012

Okay people, well, firstly, whoaaaaa ….. !!!!!!

Condolences to those who have, sadly, been touched by the Colorado shooting … !!!!!

Articles are springing up all over the place regarding this crazy incident !!!!!

Here are a couple :

The second one is particularly, poignant, as the woman who is the subject of the article, had literally just avoided being caught up in a mass shooting incident in Toronto !!!!!

It’s amazing to me, that, this could of happened, so soon after a conversation I had with people on Tuesday night, where, the subject of conversation was relating to art, creativity & it’s reflections on the very world we live in.

I spoke of watching a movie recently, called, “Puncture”, which I highly recommend, again … !!! …

…. On the basis of it’s reflections on, an apparently, true story of corporate greed & corruption, which, has hindered the safety of medical professionals & may well have had some influence on the spread of the AIDS/HIV, virus.

Well, it would seem that, “The Dark Knight Rises”, or, as I think would be more appropriate, the idea of what the Dark Knight Characters, represent, may well have been the deciding factor in the shooting, allegedly, by, James Holmes, who is originally from San Diego.

I am a big believer in the ideal, that, what is represented in movies, is a reflection of reality, be they, fantasy based, or, what we deem to be …. REALITY based …..

In many cases, it is a reflection of the future, in movies of recent times.

Animated series & movies, continually distinguish human traits within their superhero representations, but, hey, it’s all in peoples imaginations right …. errr …. WRONG …. !!!!!

Stan Lee’s characters are incredibly fragile, yet, constantly show the resilience that, we humans, take so much pride in claiming.

I have really enjoyed the first two parts of Chris Nolan’s trilogy, simply because they are reflective of the times, in my opinion, dark, yet, driven towards a light at the end of the tunnel, that may well indeed, just be train lights, as per, Phontes song, “The Good Fight”,

…. but, A LIGHT, nonetheless …..

The original movie, “Batman Begins”, seemed to be a look into the heart & soul of the dark, avenging angel, that is Batman, nothing too disturbing there, apart from the idea of peoples’ fears becoming the only things they see ….

An interesting concept, as all I hear & see from people, is this constant wish to view everything as being positive, when they, Damn Well KNOW, that, for the past few …..

Things have been far from positive … !!!

9/11 & 7/7, respectively, changed the world forever, in my view, and may well be defining moments in human history … !?!

Sad as it is, the shooting in Colorado, should not be deemed as such, as this cannot be seen as an attack on the people of the world. It is a clear indication of some of the issues of the world today, but, their needs to be caution applied to how people react to this !!!

Shootings, as we all know, happen everyday, in …… Cold, Dark Places & in apparent, Paradise like locations, here in Barbados, for one, where, within the last couple of weeks, minutes from my very secluded & private location, on the South Coast, gun point hold ups & shootings have occurred !!!

Heath Ledgers’……”Joker” …..

….. will go down in history as being, one of those things that, millions of people will never forget, but, to me, it’s not just his performance, but, it’s the story he was given to work with. I tried to get into another of Nolans’ works this week, “Memento”, but, not for the first time, fell asleep, as the idea of not knowing ones’ memories, just seemed to drag on, rather than, have a definitive point to make.

The Dark Knight brought a much deeper, straight forward issue, to the fore, peoples’ propensity for self-preservation, be it Batman’s wish, to remain an anonymous hero, whose mask is his power & strength, or, the apparently,

“Good People” …. of THE WORLD vs THE SCUMBAGS & DREGS ….. of Society …..

….. who deserve nothing more, than to be removed from existence, so that the, “Good Citizens”, could continue to follow the orders, guidelines, or, maybe, restrictive existence, imposed upon them, by the powers that be ……

Corrupt powers ….. ?????

Well, the vibe of what has happened, is indeed, as one reporter wrote, Very Hollywood … !!!!!

Yeah, Soooooo Hollywood, that, without getting all conspiracy theorist about it, has … Definitive Tinges of … “Set-up”, running through my mind.

As controversial & painful as this may be to the family members who are suffering, this is a very REAL possibility, no-one, other than the perpetrators of these crimes, TRULY knows why they are perpetrated ???

Jack Holmes has allegedly stated to police, that, “He is the Joker !!!!!”

No surprises there ……

So, the … Insanity Plea … begins, but, maybe, as per Michael Caines’ story, in the 2nd film, he just wants to see the world burn for no other reason, than …..

…. because that’s what he wants to see,

….. and i’d venture the opinion, that, right about now, he’s not alone !!!!!

There are so many people who are feeling low, feeling as though the people of the world are completely lost & in a state of turmoil, that, demands very serious action, or straight up DENIAL, of that, which surrounds ……….

One of those sentiments was posted in a comment strand I saw, where someone suggested that the level of violent crime is no higher now, than it was 50 years ago ……

According to whose statistics smart ass … !???!

The same mass media, who, choose to celebrate, or, TARNISH, who THEY WANT, to gain favour with, their Government Pals, who, most people now, accept to be the, “Scum of the Earth, who, NOBODY, can trust !???!”

I’ve even heard this from a man who I have lived with, who, has lived a very lavish life at points, VERY far away from the pressurised cookers of London Estates & Ghettos, across the globe.

It is amazing, how, basic common sense goes out the window, when things like this happen …..

Why is there talk of the film being pulled, to increase ticket sales over the next few weeks … ???

What are the odds that this movie will now become one of the biggest grossing movies of all time … ???

Why … ??? … because the film’s good ???

Well, I for one, certainly hope so, but, this conversation I had on Tuesday, confirmed to me, that, what Heath Ledger did in his performance, could be the best thing to have happened for the trilogy, but, it could also have been the WORST thing that happened …

Again … why … ???

Well, the obvious reason being, that, having been made to wait for this instalment, as the public has, knowing that, the reprisal of, The Jokers’ character, is never gonna return, in the persona of Heath Ledger ….

How does this film earn the type of plaudits that warrant it’s HUGE budget, in a time where, so many people are struggling to make ends meet huh … !?!

How do Nolan & Warner brothers, ensure, that their investors are happy & receive the types of returns that would make his efforts worth while …..

A shooting in the week of it’s release, fit that bill !!!!!

I am here, writing about it, which means that a few people will check this & start to think & talk about this, but, as an artist myself, I don’t really see my thoughts as being a contributory factor to such agendas, as I do not have the power of ABC, The Telegraph, or the numerous powerhouses, including the Whitehouse, in bringing this incident, to the attention of the worlds’ masses !!!!!

Already, the UK has got the increased security measures vibe, rocking & rolling, bag checks etc, in Leicester Square cinemas … !!! … as if this is the work of some Al Qaeda, “Nutta”, who’ll use this as their vehicle to further their fight against western oppression ….

Come on y’all ….. !!!!!

A host at an event I once used to perform at, once said, “Don’t ever apologise for something that you’ve written & are about to say !!!!!”.

Now, this is why I feel more than comfortable in saying what I have said, prior to this statement.

Why are Warner Brothers making public apologies & why is there talk of pulling the film …. !?????!

Seriously now …. WHY …. ???

Did they send Mr. Holmes to this theatre in Denver … ???

Well, did they … ???

If so, don’t just apologise, put the cuffs on & go sit on death row … !!!!! …

Otherwise …. get on with your marketing & promotion, express your sympathies to the parties affected by this young mans’ actions & let’s celebrate the artistry that, should be the focus of, “The Dark Knight Rises”.

If this is a ploy to create revenue, it is the, “Darkest of Nights”, for reeeeaaaaaalllll !!!!!!!

…. but, if this is the action of a … “Disturbed Individual”, let’s leave it at that, get him the help that is available, and keep him safe & sound, locked away from access to any, visual, or, physical tools, that could motivate him to damage the lives of others, ever again !!!

I think that it is important to also add, that, in all honesty, the Gun Lobbyists, The NRA, and the Charlton, “pusssyclaat”, Heston wannabes of today, and, all their investors, need to be the ones apologising !!!!!

America still cherishes the … “Right to Bear Arms !!!”

So, explain to me where the exact problem is here !???!

Is it in the bedroom of this young man, or, is it in the boardrooms of Washington & beyond, I hear no-one in the media, crying for a guns crackdown, in the sense of a lobby for the destruction of munitions of all types !!!

…. but, especially in London, unsurprisingly, the need for MORE SECURITY measures, ahead of the Olympics, where, the army, with plenty of munitions to hand, will apparently, now be, patrolling the streets, in the name of keeping the days & nights of the Olympics in London ….. ” Bright ” ……..

Hmmmm …… ??? …….

Well, this film may be called ….. The Dark Knight Rises …….

But …. is it not true to say that ……

“The night is darkest, before the sunrise !!?!!” …..

Darkness reigns in much of the world today …..

Let’s do the right thing now …… annnnddddd ……

Leave munitions on film tapes …… !!!!!

annnndddd …….. do the RIGHT THING, for a change ………

In this world, that, we are supposed to be able to live in …… FREELY …… !!!?!!!

“Put The Guns …….. AWAY !!!!!!”

For them to, NEVER AGAIN, see ….. the RISE of ……

The LIGHT of Day ….. !!!!!!

Peace, Blessings & Guidance, & Once again …..

Condolences to those affected by this night of madness !!!!!


I guess … WOW … is about the only appropriate word here !!!!!

A Dark Night … has INDEED riSEN … !!!!!

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